ILA Berlin Air Show – Brochure - ILA Berlin Air Show 2014

ILA Berlin Air Show – Brochure - ILA Berlin Air Show 2014

The focalpoint of aerospaceMay 20–25, 2014Berlin ExpoCenter

ILA Berlin Air Show 2014Innovative powerfor the industry of thefuture: Aerospace→ The ILA Berlin Air Show on May 20–25,2014 is the marketplace and meeting placefor the global aerospace industry, suppliers,service providers and internationalcustomers. Today’s diversified aerospacemarket is characterized by tighter defenseand security budgets along with a boomingCivil Aviation industry offering a widerange of new products. Against this background,the ILA clearly demonstrates itsstrengths as a unique global trade show.Its market-oriented focus reflects theentire spectrum of the industry while systematicallypresenting an in-depth lookat all relevant fields of activity. The ILABerlin Air Show creates unique synergiesand facilitates the transfer of knowledgefor exhibitors, trade visitors, politicaland military decision makers, and journalists.Located in Berlin, at the heart ofEurope and the European Union, the tradeshow effectively taps into the economicand innovative strength of one the world’smost productive regions. And when itcomes to cultural and culinary aspectsBerlin and Potsdam are in the ChampionsLeague of international European cities.Germany’s capital city has a solid reputationas an attractive metropolis that offersgreat value for money.ILA concept impresses exhibitorsand visitors alikeIn 2012 the ILA Berlin Air Show made itspremiere at the new Berlin ExpoCenterAirport, the site of the future BerlinBrandenburg International Airport BER.The show and its new infrastructurewere well received by all participants.Surveys of 1,243 participating exhibitorsfrom 46 countries revealed the following:• 89 percent gave the ILA a positive rating• 85 percent were satisfied with the qua l-ity of the trade visitors• 79 percent achieved or exceeded theirbusiness targets and expect good posttradeshow resultsThe success of the ILA Berlin Air Showconcept speaks for itself: More than 86percent of the exhibitors plan to returnfor ILA 2014.ILA 2012 was regarded as highly successfulfor the 125,000 trade visitors, includingmore than 22 percent from outside Germany.The vast majority of trade visitorsat the event are directly involved inmaking procurement decisions in theircompanies. They gave ILA the highestmarks and said they planned to return tothe ILA Berlin Air Show to take advantageof the trade show’s excellent businessopportunities.More than 3,600 media representativesfrom 65 countries attending ILA 2012 providedcomprehensive coverage in nearly7,000 print articles, 300 TV broadcasts, and50 hours of radio reporting. Over 105,000visitors came to the new exhibition site onthe public days. They also had an opportunityto test the connections to the locationvia car and public transportation.Mirroring the industryNot only does the ILA have the world’slargest space segment, it also covers allcivil and military industry sectors. In additionto the “integrated specialty tradeshows,” numerous high-level internationalconferences, seminars, and workshopsheld on the trade visitor days set the ILAapart from other events. The unique characterof the ILA is reflected in the displaysof engines, equipment and materials, aswell as in the International SuppliersCenter ISC, the ultimate business platformfor OEMs, first tier suppliers, and the componentindustry. Highly valued by industryprofessionals, these features are continuouslyrefined to better address the needsof ILA exhibitors and trade visitors.The Berlin location tapsinto the strengths ofone the world’s mostpro ductive regions.

3,600media representatives from65 countries presented impressivecoverage of ILA 2012 in Germanyand abroad.83percent of trade visitorsreported excellent commercialresults.46nations were represented by1,243 exhibitors on 50,000square meters of indoorexhibition space and morethan 100,000 square metersof outdoor space.125,000trade visitors profitedfrom the synergies offeredby the trade show.230,000visitors came to the newexhibition site on the tradevisitor and public days.89percent of the exhibitors gave theILA Berlin Air Show a positive rating.

ILA Berlin Air Show 2014The value-added air showLive networkingAs the world’s oldest aerospace tradeshow, ILA sets the pace with an inter nationalreputation as a main hub anddriving force behind the entire industry.At the same time, it provides a forum forkey decision makers from around theglobe and for members of internationalorganizations who shape the future ofaerospace. The ILA Berlin Air Show in 2012attracted more than 150 high-level political,military, and business delegationsfrom 20 of the world’s leading industrialnations. Compact, comprehensive, andconvenient thanks to state-of-the-artinfrastructure, the ILA concept guaranteesa direct dialog between contractors, customersand users. The cooperation andOnline registration:www.ila-berlin.com10% early-bird discount on bookingsreceived by October 31, 201312 13 14 15 16 17 1819 20 21 22 23 24 2526 27 28 29 30MAYexchange of information between expertsalso promotes the industry profile of thefair’s selected Partner Country. ILA offersspecially designed tours for VIPs andpo litical, scientific, ad ministrative, andbusiness delegations. These tours facilitateface-to-face contact and promotepartnerships and joint ventures.Opened in 2012, the Berlin ExpoCenterAirport is one of the most modern aerospaceexhibition centers. It offers 50,000square meters of space for large exhibitionhalls, chalets for VIPs, an outdoorarea covering more than 100,000 squaremeters for aircraft and other exhibits,and nearly the same amount of space forspectators. A dedicated press center, conventioncenter, and numerous cateringfacilities complete the infrastructure.City, regional, and long-distance rail serviceand bus lines provide convenientaccess to the exhibition site. 14,000parking spaces within walking distanceof the ExpoCenter are available forex hi bitors, visitors, and media representativesarriving by car from downtownBerlin or via the autobahn ring.ILA 2.0 with ILA Advertising Box,ILA Virtual Market Place ® and ILA AppMesse Berlin offers the ILA 2014 AdvertisingBox to give exhibitors a set of highimpactmarketing tools to facilitate theoptimum design of their trade showappearance and market presence. The ILAAdvertising Box includes an exhibitor listingin the ILA Virtual Market Place ® , the24/7 communications platform for exhibitorsand trade visitors. This platform canbe used to schedule appointments andcoordinate requests and product informationprior to the event. Exhibitorscan also use the official ILA App – the ILAMobile Guide – as well as the standardprint catalog.It pays to book early!Exhibitors who register by October 31,2013 will receive a 10% early-bird discount.Booking early also ensures a betterchoice of stand locations.

ILA Engines, Equipment,MaterialsILA General AviationILA HelicopterEnhancing the aerospacesupply chainWelcome to generalaviationSolutions for anymission→ The steady demand for innovative, ecologicallycompatible, and economicallyefficient aircraft forces system manufacturersand their suppliers to streamlinethe process chain in the development,manufacture, and servicing of aircraftand ground systems.InternationalSuppliers Center ISC→ The ILA’s International Suppliers CenterISC offers the supplier industry an idealmarketplace for establishing business contactswith OEMs and first tier suppliers.The International Buyers’ Days offer ISCexhibitors opportunities to hold B2B meetingswith purchasers and developmentmanagers.→ Like commercial air carriers, the privateand business aviation sectors are facingnew demands when it comes to sustainability,ecological compatibility, and economicefficiency. These demands arere flected in both the aircraft presented atthe ILA as well as ground systems and airportmanagement. From ultralight to sport,training, passenger, business and corporateaircraft, General Aviation is ready fortakeoff at ILA 2014. This is especially trueduring the ILA weekend, when the showis open to the public and General Aviationplays a key role in the spectacular flightprogram.→ From transporting passengers andcargo, to offshore and rescue operations,the helicopter market faces new challenges.The ILA is a well-established, centrallylocated European marketing platformfor the helicopter industry. This iswhere everything literally revolves aroundthe world of rotor aircraft. A completerange of civil and military helicopters ison display in Berlin with all sorts of hardwareand applications. The new developmentsin aircraft, equipment, andcomponents presented at the ILA alongwith the latest research and developmentfindings will be of special interestto manufacturers and users.

ILA UnmannedAircraft SystemsILA CareerCenterILA ConferencesUAS: New dimensionsin diversityNext Flight:Your CareerILA: The number one inaerospace conferences→ The fastest growing industry segment,unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) is justbeginning to demonstrate its versatilityin Europe. Integration of these systemsinto controlled airspace is a key prerequisitefor the development of unmannedflight. Successfully introduced in 2012, theUAS Plaza will be developed further forthe ILA Berlin Air Show 2014. An adjacentexhibition hall for UAS exhibits reflectsthe growing importance of this technology.This is where vehicle system, groundstation, sensor technology and flight controlsystems will be presented along withexhibits focusing on civil and militaryapplications for unmanned aircraft. Theseexhibits will be accompanied by conferenceson current UAS topics.→ As a highly innovative, key industrywith tremendous economic significance,aerospace – more than any other sector –requires a steadily-increasing flow ofhighly qualified specialists, engineers andscientists. Although these are high-profileprofessions, the sustainability and competitivenessof the aerospace industryrelies on suitable employees, as well ason the quality of education and training.The ILA CareerCenter is the aerospaceindustry’s largest recruitment center.Qua lified trainees, students, and youngpro fessionals are already in the perfectplace to be matched with industry andinstitutions: the ILA.→ The conference program at the ILABerlin Air Show is an industry leader. Withits top-quality symposiums, seminars,congresses, and conferences, the ILAoffers the world’s largest industry-specificprogram for the aerospace sector. The ILAconference program reflects industrypolicy and covers advanced topics of currentinterest in all fields. The events offerexcellent opportunities for in-depthnetworking along with valuable industrycontacts.

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