The search for the world's best soccer player - English at Bar-Lev
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The search for the world's best soccer player - English at Bar-Lev

Our school has been chosen by FIFA(international football association) along with30 other schools around the world, to help intheir search for the WBFP (world’s bestfootball player).Each school is being sent to a differentcountry with the same goal – finding the bestfootball player there. Then each schoolpresents its best player and Fifa decides onthe winner!Ghana is the country that has been chosenfor us. We must learn some generalinformation and plan our trip carefully.Make sure you search and answer all thetasks, as only 5 of you, will join the school’sdelegation.

Checklist task 2Learning about GhanayesnoI wrote capital letters whenneeded.I read about Ghana and filled therelevant information.I know new facts about Ghanathat I didn’t know before.I found Ghana’s flag.I found Ghana’s map.

Task 3Booking a FlightThere isn’t any direct flight from Israel to Ghana. Therefore weshould look for a connection flight.We can fly through Ethiopia or Europe (France, Germany, England) andour destination is Accra (Ghana’s capital city)Departure: July, 4 th 2011Return: July, 24 th 20111) Book a round trip flight from Tel Aviv to one of the connectioncities.2) Book a round trip flight (pay attention to time, airports, gatesetc) from the connection city to Accra.El-AlArkia (only to/from France or Germany)Ethiopia airlineBritish airwaysLufthansa

Fill in the information on your departure airfare ticketName of airlineName of passengerfrom_______todateFill in the information on your return airfare ticketName of airlineName of passengerfrom_______todate

Checklist task 3Booking a flightyesnoI search the airlines for relevantflights according to the dataprovided.I filled the tickets with thecorrect information.I wrote the passenger’s name.I used capital letters.I filled the information:Gate numberDateBoarding timeName of airlineSeatFlight number

Task4AccommodationWe are going to be the guests of the Accra Hearts of OakFootball Club.They are located in the capital city of Ghana and play in theOhene Djan Staduim.We should look for a hotel/hostel near by.Here are some sites you can use in order to book a room.Don’t forget we will be arriving July 4 th and leave July 24 th .We have a budget of 45$ a day per person. Search wisely.Cheap hostelsCrystal hostelFrancophilhotelSee a map of the area and also hotels near by

Checklist task 4Hotel ReservationyesnoI looked for a hotel/hostelsuitable for our group, taking inmind:PriceLocationdatesI filled the reservation form withmy details.I used capital letters.

The StadiumThe Ohene Gyan Stadium in Accra used to becalled the Accra sports Stadium. It is located inthe heart of the city centre of Accra. It isaround the Independence Square and by theMinistries. The sports stadium is the homeground for local football clubs like the AccraHearts of Oak Sporting Club and the Accra GreatOlympics Football Club .Task 5Fill in the information about Ohene Djan StaduimOther names: _____________________________________________Opening hours: ____________________________________________website:Email:_____________________________________________________________________________________________Telephone: _______________________________________________Fax:_______________________________________________Other information _________________________________________________________________________________________________What happened on May 9, 2001? Read and Learn____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Checklist task 5The StadiumyesnoI read about Ohene Djan StadiumI learn about the stadium andfilled the facts requested.I read about the tragedy on May9, 2001.I wrote my answers using thegrammar rules learned in class:Sentence structureCapital lettersPeriod at the end of the sentence.

transportationThere are many different kinds of transportation wecan use in Accra.There are buses, taxis, ships, trains and airplanes.We are going to use the bus, taxi or train services.What should you know?Taxi- In Ghana taxi drivers (and in fact all businesspeople) have this unwritten and unspoken agreementthat the buyer must always bargain with the seller.So you either ask for a reduction or tell him howmuch you are willing to pay. If he accepts you get onboard if not you look for the next taxi.Buses - Buses are the newest edition to Accra'stransit system. They were introduced on October27, 2002 and run on five different routesthroughout the city. However, there are manyproblems involved in the introduction of buses intoAccra.Train - There are rail links between Accra, Takoradiand Kumasi. The train is very slow and it travels atnight so you won't see much, but with the Ghanatrain system currently undertaking rehabilitation itwill be vastly improved with new stations and fastermore frequent trains.Task 6Ghana by taxiBuses inGhanaOut and aboutGhana RailwayCorporation

Compare between the various transport servicesKind oftransportfaresecuritylevelcomfortgettingto thestadiumbustaxitrainWhich is the best for our needs? Why?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________With the data and links I had provided to youon Accra’s transportation, fill in the chart anddecide which transportation we should usewhile visiting Accra.

Checklist task 6TransportationyesnoI read the information aboutGhana’s transportation.I compared between the bus, taxiand train system.I thought and decided whichtransportation is best for ourgroup.I wrote my using the grammarrules learned in class:Sentence structureCapital lettersPeriod at the end of the sentence.

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