Only nature cOmpares - May Collection - Shadescapes Americas

Only nature cOmpares - May Collection - Shadescapes Americas

TheMaY Collectionsophisticated beautyDacapoMezzoDacapoSchattelloFiliusThis exceptional brand of umbrellas features seven European-styled designs—theMezzo, Dacapo, Filius, Schattello, Rialto, Padoa, and Albatros. Each eye-catchingFor more product details, please visitstyle offers expansive shelter, with more than 100 options spanning up to 33 feet.www.shadescapesamericas.comEngineered in Germany with precision, the May Collection offers the strength andRialto4 MezzoDAcapowide-area coverage for a safe, comfortable, and protected outdoor environment. Filius SChaTtello PadoaAlbatros5

TheWoodline Collectionartistic beautySafariPapillonPicolloSwiftPicolloSt. JamesThe Woodline Collection showcases a complete spectrum of artistic beauty engineeredand hand-crafted for timeless elegance. Designed by South African marine engineer andPicollo and PendulumFor more product details,entrepreneur Fritz Walter, this extraordinary collection features eight innovative andalso available inplease visitwood/aluminum blend.architectural shade designs including the Picollo, Pendulum, Vitino, Swift, Safari, Bravura,VitinoVitinoPapillonPapillonwww.shadescapesamericas.com6 PicolloPendulumAluminumWood Swift Safari Bravura StormStorm, and Papillon, each offering a unique blend of materials designed to last.StainlessWood / Stainless7CantileverMarketSpecialty

MultiflexIcarusMonoflexTheUMBROSA Collectionversatile beautyEclipseParaflex WallflexRimbou VenusNature is an amazing source of inspiration; plants and trees create shade in a uniqueway, for themselves and for their environment. This is why nature is the startingFor more product details, please visitpoint for the versatile Umbrosa Collection. Manufactured in Belgium, this ingenious,www.shadescapesamericas.comfirst-rate line offers five artful shade solutions—Paraflex ® , Rimbou ® , Ingenua ® , Eclipse ® ,Lotus Venus Icarus8 WALLFLEXMONOFLEXDUOFlexMultiFlexand Spectra ® —each ensuring protection from the sun in a sleek and stylish way.9Paraflex ®Rimbou ®Eclipse ®

The UMBROSA CollectioncontinuedSpectraIngenua Shade Sails970.527.7070www.shadescapesamericas.comSpectra ®For more product details, please visitwww.shadescapesamericas.comIngenua ®10 Square Triangle RectanglePENTA11 11

www.shadescapesamericas.comCanadaShadeScapes Canada416.763.7118UNITED STATES AND CARIBBEANShadeScapes USA970.527.7070Latin AmericaShadeScapes Mexico52.477.718.207512© 2011 ShadeScapes Americas

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