Volume 4 Issue 2 - Automobile Association Philippines


Volume 4 Issue 2 - Automobile Association Philippines

Bangkok Show Stoppers Road Safety Tips Beware of Driver FatigueTHE QUARTERLY MAGAZINE OF THE AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION PHILIPPINESVOLUME 4 • ISSUE 2A JOURNEYTO PARADISEWITH KIASAFEDriving the 2013Mazda6 SkyActiv-G 2.5LTRAVELSCar and Truckof the YearAward WinnersAAPTravelinvadesNegrosOccidental

MAKING MOTORING FUNGus LagmanAAP PRESIDENTHorns arerarely used in themore developedcountries. But inthe Philippines… it’s a defensemechanismCommunicatingwith other driversIwas driving along a Californiafreeway back in the 1980swhen I noticed something thatI initially couldn’t understand.Cruising within the speedlimit, I overtook several trucksand semis and then just a fewminutes later, the same vehiclesall passed me. When it happened asecond time, I noticed one other thing.Right after I passed them, I spotted ahighway patrol car along the way. Ithought, “How come they all sloweddown in anticipation of the presence ofa cop?” Then I realized they were usingCB radio! When a truck driver spots acop, he’d announce its location on theradio. It happened a few more timesbefore I left the pack and off-ramped tomy destination.Drivers communicate with eachother even as they drive. In the case oftruck drivers who regularly ply a certainroute, they do talk to each other toavoid being caught for speeding—and toescape boredom.But drivers do communicate withothers, as they drive, even without thebenefit of CB radios or cell phones. AFilipino-Canadian friend told me thatwhen he drives out of their neighborhoodand an oncoming car flicks his headlightsat him, that means that his neighbor justpassed a parked police patrol car andfor him to be careful. In the Philippines,flicking one’s lights means he wants toget ahead; in other countries, it meanshe’s giving way to you.Of course, the most commondevice in calling the attention ofanother driver is the horn. A short tootof the horn might alert the driver onanother lane whose car seems to beslowly veering towards you. Or, a longloud toot, if a vehicle suddenly swervesinto your lane. (That’s just to tell himthat what he did is wrong; you stillhave to slow down.) I sometimes use ashort toot as I pass a vehicle to thankthe driver who politely gave way to me.Of course, as most of us know, hornsare rarely used in the more developedcountries. But in the Philippines … it’sa defense mechanism.Another common device is the signallight. This one though has a very specificuse — to tell other drivers that you’regoing left or right. or when changinglanes. It’s always safer to use the signallights so drivers around you are alertedto your intention. This, however, doesnot give you the immediate right to makethe maneuver. You still have to check(your side mirrors, for instance) if theother vehicles are giving way to you.A less common technique tocommunicate your intention to anoncoming vehicle which is turning to hisleft and will therefore cross your path,is to turn your wheel a bit to the left —or right, as the case may be. Turning ita bit to the left would mean that you’regiving way to him, while the oppositewould mean that you’d like him to waituntil you’ve passed. This situation canbe used when traffic is moving slowlyand there’s time and space for this kindof maneuver.For safer driving, communicate yourintentions to the drivers around you.And always, drive courteously. Happymotoring!AQ MAGAZINE 1

ROAD SAVVYMakes Cars SaferNCAP SeriesWorldwideAida Sevilla MendozaEDITOR-IN-CHIEFRoad safetyadvocates like theAAP can only wishthat our Departmentof Transportation andCommunications wouldalso build a full-scalecrash test laboratorylike MIROS.GOOD news for safety-consciousconsumers: the NCAP (NewCar Assessment Program) is inSoutheast Asia! Last January 31,the results of the first phase of theASEAN NCAP were announced inMalaysia after seven popular carmodels had undergone the offsetfrontal collision test. MIROS (Malaysian Instituteof Road Safety Research), an agency under theMinistry of Transport that conducted the crash testsin coordination with the FIA Foundation and GlobalNCAP, held that same day a “NCAP Viewing” – theterm used in other NCAPs around the world for thepublic and related professionals to have a closer lookat the tested vehicles.ASEAN NCAP is also supported by themembership of Automobile Association Malaysia(AAM), Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) andAutomobile Association Singapore. The Malaysiangovernment applied the United Nations’ regulation forfrontal impact to new passenger cars in line with therecommendations on vehicle safety included in theGlobal Plan of the Decade of Action for Road Safety2011-2020.ASEAN NCAP is a new addition to the NCAPSeries around the world that aims to enhancesafety standards, raise consumer awareness andthus encourage a market for safer vehicles in theSoutheast Asian region. Global NCAP is a nonprofitorganization registered in the United Kingdomwhich aims to encourage the worldwide availability ofindependent consumer information about the safety ofmotor vehicles.Global NCAP and the FIAFoundation funded the firstphase of ASEAN NCAP andwill also probably supportthe second phase which willbe the lateral impact or sideimpact crash test similar toUNECE Regulation 95 withtest dummies especially madefor the side impact test. Amoveable side impact trolleywill smash a stationary car atthe speed of 50 kilometers perhour.Road safety advocates likethe AAP can only wish that ourDepartment of Transportation and Communications,the Philippine counterpart of Malaysia’s Ministry ofTransport, would also build a full-scale crash testlaboratory like MIROS. Construction of the latter wascompleted in April 2012 and a demonstration wasconducted during Automotive Safety Week in May2012 by having a Toyota Vios subjected to the frontalimpact crash test at a closing speed of 64 kph.The NCAP Series began when Euro NCAP startedtesting cars in 1996 to encourage car manufacturersto offer levels of safety that exceed the minimumstandards set by law. In the early 1990s, when theEuropean Experimental Vehicle Committee (EEVC),a body supported by governments and researchorganizations across Europe, proposed frontal and sideimpact crash tests to assess car occupant protectiontogether with a series of component tests to assessinjury risk to vulnerable road users hit by the front ofcars, the car industry strongly resisted it.The idea of a New Car Assessment Programbased on the EEVC test and assessment protocolswas first proposed by the Department for Transportin the United Kingdom in 1994. Euro NCAP is totallyindependent of the automotive industry and politicalcontrol. It is an international association under Belgianlaw and is based in Brussels. The tests are carriedout in approved test labs across Europe, funded bypartners/ sponsors including the FIA Foundation andseven European governments: UK Department forTransport, France, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden,Catalonia and Luxembourg.In South America, the Latin NCAP is anindependent pilot effort that has run initial tests ofBrazil’s most popular car models. The results were sobleak that one carmaker alleged that the difference inthe results obtained in Europe and Latin America wasdue to variations in the NCAP tests applied in differentparts of the world.This was rebutted by the technical director for theGlobal NCAP crash test programs who said that theyperformed the frontal crash test exactly in the sameway as the Euro NCAP in the same lab, with the sametype of crash test dummies, under the same conditionswith the same people running the laboratory.By the way, out of the seven car models testedin the ASEAN NCAP, only four are sold in thePhilippines. The Ford Fiesta and Honda City toppedthe adult occupant protection rating with five starseach, followed by the Toyota Vios with four stars andthe Hyundai i10 with two.4 AQ MAGAZINE

CLUBNEWSAAP Motor Sports Operations Manager MarkDesales and AAP Advocacies ExecutiveAssistant Cynthia Reyes teamed up to emceethe meeting.AAP members register before the start of the program.AAP holds 82nd GeneralMembership MeetingAAP Corporate Secretary Atty. Nestor Mejia, AAP President GusLagman, MMDA General Manager Corazon Jimenez, AAP VicePresident Johnny Angeles and AAP Treasurer Jacinto Mantaring Jr.MMDA General Manager CorazonJimenez addresses the 82 AAP annualgeneral membership meeting as AAPdirectors listen.The 82nd AAP GeneralMembership Meetingat the Ang Bahay ngAlumni of the Universityof the Philippines.THE Automobile Association Philippines (AAP) held its annual general membership meeting on April24, 2012 at the Ang Bahay ng Alumni of the University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City withthe theme “Driving Forward to Safer and Greener Motoring.”Skyway O&M Corp. (SOMCO)ADAAP President Gus Lagman presentsthe lifetime membership award tolong-time AAP member Patria Beltran.AAP Membership Manager NecitasZornosa (center) with the first andsecond prize winners of the raffle draw.6 AQ MAGAZINEThe event was attended by about 170 AAPmembers with some coming from as far as Batangasand Cavite. The annual meeting started at around3 p.m. with an invocation and the singing of theNational Anthem followed by the welcome addressgiven by AAP Director concurrent AAP TravelPresident Mina Gabor.Department of Transportation andCommunications (DOTC) Undersecretary CorazonJimenez, who is concurrently the MetropolitanManila Development Authority (MMDA) GeneralManager, was introduced by Director Gabor asthe guest speaker. Jimenez congratulated AAPfor successfully representing the interests of themotoring public for 82 years and proposed thatAAP and the MMDA team up to improve road safetyand traffic flow. Undersecretary Jimenez alsospoke on the importance of implementing efficientsystems to govern road and pedestrian safety, thepublic transportation system, vehicle emissionsmanagement and environmental measures onPhilippine roads and highways.After the meeting was called to order by AAPPresident Augusto Lagman and the verification ofa quorum by Corporate Secretary Nestor Mejia,the reading of the minutes of last year’s generalmembership meeting was dispensed with via amotion from a member of the audience that wassubsequently seconded and approved.For the club’s annual report, President Lagmansummarized the accomplishments of the past yearand gave a sneak peek of what to expect fromthe National Auto Club this year.The report alsoincluded the membership figures for 2011-2012and the state of the National Auto Club’s businessassets and operations, advocacies and motorsports projects.After the annual report, an open forum washeld whereby members asked questions and voicedtheir concerns. The open forum was followed bythe canvassing of votes and the proclamation of theboard members for the year 2013-2014, where allincumbent officers were reelected to continue officefor another one-year term.Another highlight of the event was thepresentation of the prestigious lifetime membershipaward, given to AAP members whose combinedage and length of membership (in years) equals orexceeds a period of 100 years. The awards weregiven by President Lagman to AAP members PatriaBeltran, Iona Quejada and Juan QuejadaThe General Membership Meeting culminatedin the much-awaited raffle draw wherein lucky AAPmembers won various prizes including an iPhone 5,Nokia cell phones, Acer netbooks, gift certificatesfor Motolite batteries and Goodyear tires.

CLUBNEWSMARLON STOCKINGER SUPPORTS SPEED LIMITS ON SKYWAYNO less than the Philippines’ racing pride, Marlon Stockinger,the first Filipino Formula One junior driver, endorses safedriving on the Skyway System by stating that even he obeysspeed limits as should all other drivers. The maximum speed limitfor cars and jeeps is 100 kph and 80 kph for buses and trucks.When roads are wet from rain, all motorists are advised not toexceed 80 kph.The Skyway operator, Skyway O&M Corporation (SOMCO),started to intensify its speed limit campaign in March 2012 after itacquired laser speed guns and put in place 73 CCTV cameras linkedto its Operation Command Center that is managed 24/7. SOMCOmaintains that the blatant violation of the speed limit, especially bydrivers of flashy sports cars, causes injury and even death oftenvictimizing careful drivers and their passengers.The continuing intensified operation of SOMCO against violatorsof the speed limit on the 29.6-km. Skyway System’s elevated andat-grade sections from Magallanes to Alabang is paying off.Comparing the March-April 2012 number of apprehensionsat 1,499 against the March-April 2013 figure of 450, it can besaid that the 70% reduction in the number of speedsters hassignificantly improved safety and comfort for those traveling on theSkyway System.The enhanced safety and comfort of Skyway motorists remainsto be the paramount concern and goal of SOMCO and it will continueto strictly enforce all tollway rules to achieve this.DRIVESAFELYAAP Set to Begin Constructionof New 10-Storey TowerAAP has moved forwardwith the plan to constructa new 10-storey buildingon its Aurora Boulevard,Quezon City property.In his annual reportduring the 82nd GeneralMembership Meeting lastApril 24, AAP President GusLagman revealed that AAPexpects the building to becompleted in 2014.According to AAPDirector and TreasurerJacinto Mantaring Jr.,AAP will benefit from theadditional office space andfrom the rental incomewhen it is finished.Mantaring added thatthe construction of the newA perspective view of the proposed AAPbuilding.building was intended to take advantage of the rising propertyvalues in the area brought about by the development of a nearbyshopping complex and other projects.Upon completion, some employees of AAP Lingkod, AAP’ssubsidiary and provider of its Emergency Roadside Service, willmove to the new building. It will also house the AAP clubhouse,a clinic, a library, archives and a state-of-the-art function room.wheels gallery ad8 AQ MAGAZINE

CLUBNEWSFIA Institute’s 2013 Outreach ProgramFocuses on Motor Sport Safety InitiativesTHE FIA Institute continued its 2013Outreach Programme in Bangkok,Thailand on April 19-20 with a seriesof presentations and workshops attendedby National Sporting Authority (ASNs)representatives from 15 countries acrossthe Asia Pacific region.The sessions, which formed part of theFIA Asia-Pacific Region Forum provided anopportunity for a number of fund recipientsto discuss the wide range of projects in theregion that have been supported by the FIAInstitute’s Motor Sport Safety DevelopmentFund. The Automobile AssociationPhilippines (AAP), as one of the recipientsof the fund, sent Motorsport OperationsManager Mark Desales and Consultant JunEspino to attend the two-day program.Morrie Chandler, FIA Vice President(Sport), who chaired the event, said it“was a strong opportunity to identify thedevelopment possibilities for motor sport inour region and further with the safety andsustainability initiatives being undertakenby the FIA family.”In his presentation during the meeting,FIA Institute Secretary General QuentinCrombie outlined the progress achieved bythe Motor Sport Safety Development Fundin the Asia-Pacific region and explained theinstitute’s main priorities for the year ahead.This year, the institute will be embarkingupon the enhancement of its accreditationmodel to encourage more ASNs to applyfor accreditation by expanding the range ofbenefits offered to them.This was followed by a presentationfrom Michael Smith of Australia’s CAMS,who will be leading the Asia-Pacificselection event for the FIA Institute YoungAAP’s Mark Sales (2nd row,3rd from right) and JunEspino (seated, 3rd fromright) were among the ASNrepresentatives from 15countries who attended theFIA Institute’s Asia-PacificForum in Bangkok. Theother ASNs representedwere Malaysia, Australia,Sri Lanka, Chinese Taipei,China, France (NewCaledonia), India, HongKong, Indonesia, SouthKorea, New Zealand, Nepal,Thailand and Singapore.Driver Excellence Academy later this year.The FIA Institute has expanded the selectionprocess for its Academy, with up to fivequalifying events set to take place acrossthe world. The new format will provide theopportunity for many more young drivers toapply for the Academy, which offers a fullyfundedtraining program to help developtheir motor sport careers whilst increasingsafety skills and promoting fairness andresponsibility on and off track.The program session ended with apresentation by FIA Institute Director ofEducation Gus Glover who outlined theInstitute’s work in the field of sustainabilitybefore leading delegates through apractical workshop designed to help themunderstand the requirements and conceptsbehind best practices in environmentalmanagement.BEWARE OF DRIVER FATIGUEBEING an alert driver is an essential part of being a safe driver. If you drive when fatigued—tired, weary,exhausted or jetlagged—you increase your chances of having a crash. That’s because fatigue slowsyour reflexes and affects your ability to concentrate and make good decisions, like decisions about thespeed you’re traveling. Fatigued drivers tend to crash at full speed—and statistics show that the higherthe speed, the higher the risk of death or injury in a crash.WARNING SIGNSRestlessness Blinking frequently Yawning Excessive speed changes Braking too late Forgetting last KMs Drowsiness Centre-line driftFATIGUEMost people need a minimum ofEach nightHOW IT AFFECTS YOUWe feel most sleepy betweenand betweenIf you’re feeling drowsy youmay drift in and outCOMMON MYTHSIn a short 3 second sleep at 100Km you can travel the length of a rugby fieldROADSAFETY12345Top 10 Road Safety TipsDon’t use your mobile phone while driving. Makingor receiving a call, even using a ‘hands free’phone, can distract your attention from driving andcould lead to an accident.Belt up in the back. In a collision, an unbelted rearpassenger can kill or seriously injure the driver ora front seat passenger.Don’t drink and drive. Any alcohol, even a smallamount, can impair your driving so be a safe driverdon’t drink and drive.Slow down. At 60kph you are twice as likely to killa pedestrian than at 50kph.Children often act impulsively. Take extra careoutside schools, near buses and ice cream vanswhen they might be around.678910Take a break. Tiredness is thought to be a major factorin more than 10% of road accidents. Plan to stop for atleast a 15 minute break every 2 hours on a long journey.Walk safely. When crossing a road always use apedestrian crossing if there is one nearby. Help othersto see you by wearing fluorescent or reflective clothingin poor light conditions.Anticipate. Observe and anticipate other road users anduse your mirrors regularly.Use car seats. Child and baby seats should be fittedproperly and checked every trip.Keep your distance. Always keep a two second gapbetween you and the car in front.Source: Southend-on-Sea Borough CouncilSlower reactionsDifficulty concentrating Poor risk judgement Coffee Fresh Air MusicCOMBAT FATIGUEMake sure you get enough Choose light, fresh food. Take a break from driving at For no more than 20 minutes Drive during the times that Drinking water helps keep Be sure they won’t affect your Any alcohol at all willSource: New Zealand Transport Agency10 AQ MAGAZINE

MOTORSPORTSTHE Philippine Touring Car Championship Series awardees (from left): Dennis Uy represents his brotherDominic Uy, Leo San Juan, Dondon Portugal, William Tan, Enzo Pastor, Joey Pery, Jeff Borja, Alan Arguelles,and Jon Mark Ong claim their awards at the Motorsports Awards Night on April 5, 2013 at the Philippine TradeTraining Center in Pasay City with AAP treasurer Jacinto Mantaring (second from left) anddirector David Arcenas (far right).AAP also awarded JessGarcia as the OverallChampion for BACRallycross Series whocame all the way fromCebu to attend theawards night. With himare AAP vice presidentJohnny Angeles (left)and Motor Sports chairMandy Eduque (right).18th Annual Motorsports Awards awardees:2012 Driver of the YearCircuit - William TanKarting - Vencer Jon SubaDrag - Jonathan TiuHillclimb - Carlos AntonSlalom - Peewee Mendiola2012 Philippine Touring CarChampionship Series (PTCC)Division 1 (200hp) Champion - William Tan1st Runner-up - Joey Pery2nd Runner-up - Enzo PastorDivision 2 (150hp) Champion - Leo San Juan1st Runner-up - Jeff Borja2nd Runner-up - Jon Mark OngDivision 3 (100hp) Champion - Alan Arguelles1st Runner-up - Paul Aris Anguluan2nd Runner-up - Dominic UyRookie of the Year - Dondon Portugal2012 GT Series Class championsGT 100 Class champion - Allen MacaraigGT 130 Class champion - Dondon PortugalGT 200 Class champion - Arnel CarlosGT 300 Class champion - Jody Coseteng2012 National karting Class championsCadet Novice - Luigi LachicaCadet Expert - Tai ZulbertiMini ROK - Flynn JackesFormula SL Novice - Carl LuigFormula SL Expert - Justin MonzonesROK Junior - Estefano RiveraROK Senior - Vencer Jon Suba2012 BAC RAllyCRoss seRiesOver-all Champion - Jess Garciahonors the bestrace drivers of 2012(Reprinted from Philippine Daily Inquirer supplement February 18, 2013)THE Automobile Association Philippines(AAP) awarded the best race driversof 2012 at the 18th Annual MotorSports Awards Night on April 5, 2013 atthe Philippine Trade Training Center inPasay City. The awards night was part ofthe country’s biggest car show, the ManilaInternational Auto Show (MIAS) scheduledfrom April 4 to 7 at the World Trade CenterManila.Due to its membership in the FederationInternationale de l’Automobile (FIA), theParis-based organization that governs allfour-wheel motor sports worldwide, AAP isthe only auto club authorized to organize,supervise and sanction four-wheel motorsport events in the Philippines.AAP awarded championship trophies tothe best drivers in 2012 in five FIA-sanctionedmotor sport disciplines: circuit, slalom,THE GT Series ClassChampions (from left): AllenMacaraig, Jody Coseteng,Arnel Carlos, and DondonPortugal receive their awardwith (far left) AAP vicepresident Johnny Angelesand Motor Sports Committeechair Mandy Eduque.THE 2012 Driver of the Year (from left): Peewee Mendiola, WilliamTan, Carlos Anton, and Vencer Jon Suba claim their awards as thisyear’s top drivers in each motorsport discipline that they represent.Standing with them are AAP vice president Johnny Angeles (far left)and motor sports committee chair Mandy Eduque (far right). Not inphoto is Jonathan Tiu for drag racing.karting, hill climb and drag racing. No 4x4off-road awardee was nominated for 2012.AAP also gave recognition to thedifferent Class champions such as thePhilippine Touring Car Championship,National Karting, GT Series and the rallycross, which was revived last year.AAP Director Mandy Eduque, whochairs the AAP Motor Sports Committee,expressed his appreciation to all therace organizers and competitors foraccomplishing another racing season.“The races were well-organized and safe,”Eduque noted. “All the drivers went outof their way to be more competitive andshared camaraderie in the sport whilemaking safety their number one concern.”Eduque congratulated everyone whomade it to the top and thanked all whosupported motor sport events in 2012.NATIONAL KARTING CLASSCHAMPIONS show off theirtrophies beside AAP PresidentGus Lagman (far left) and AAPMotor Sports Committee ChairMandy Eduque (far right.) Leftto right, they are: Tai Zulberti,Carl Luig, Luigi Lachica,Vencer Jon Suba, EstefanoRivera and Justin Monzones.Veterans Bank:Sharing our War Heroes Legacy TodayUNLIKE other companies that regard a net loss as anerosion of capital, a net loss for Philippine VeteransBank will mean our surviving World War II veteransand their families will have lesser medical check-ups,services, and medicines.That’s because part of its charter requires VeteransBank to set aside 20% of its annual income for the benefitof war veterans and their families in the form of medicaland livelihood programs. Therefore, it is the mission ofthe bank to remain profitable year-on-year to be able tosustain its mandate of service to our World War II heroes.Beyond medical missions and livelihood programshowever, another mission of Veterans Bank is to uplift,share, and make relevant to today’s generation the legacyof our World War II heroes, most especially to the youthwhose concept of World War II is limited to what little iswritten in books, taught in school, or shown on TV. Thebank believes that the values and traits exhibited by ourveterans who fought for freedom more than 70 yearsago -– courage, determination, and love for country -–continue to be relevant today and it has embarked onand has supported special projects through the years tosustain this mission.WAR OF OUR FATHERS TRAVELING EXHIBITNow on its 8th year, the Veterans Bank World War IITraveling Exhibit entitled “War of Our Fathers” remains animportant corporate social responsibility vehicle for the bankto impart to Filipinos of all ages the lessons of World War II.Consisting of panels of World War II photographsand images, memorabilia, and war artifacts, the TravelingExhibit fascinates and awes exhibit-goers all over thecountry and gives a glimpse onto how life was in thecountry during those tumultuous times. It also highlightsthe vital role that Filipino resistance movements played inthe fight for liberty as well as pays tribute to the bravery,patriotism, and determination of Filipinos – men andwomen – who fought and died for our country’s freedomduring the war.WORLD WAR II HEROES TRIBUTE WALLTo complement is mobile exhibit, Veterans Bankembarked on a new CSR project in 2011 which soughtto raise awareness of local World War II history in areaswhere the bank has a branch.The result is the World War II Heroes Tribute Wall,a spin-off of the Traveling Exhibit but unlike the mobilepanels of the exhibit, the tribute wall is envisioned tobe permanent. A Veterans Bank branch is chosen forthe richness of its World War II history and after beingidentified, one area or wall of the branch is transformedinto a photo mural depicting local scenes from World WarII interspersed with select photos taken from the travelingexhibit panels.Currently the bank has mounted two Tribute Walls –one in its Baguio City branch and the other tribute wall isin the bank’s Main Office Branch in Makati. This year andin years to come, Veterans Bank will put up more tributewalls in its branches to further uplift interest in local WW2history among the local populace.DUGONG BAYANI WEBSITEAny Filipino interested to know if his or her Lolo orLola was a World War II veteran simply has to go online,and type www.dugongbayani.org to find out the answer.“Dugong Bayanikaba?” (Do you have hero’s blood?)is the foremost question that the DugongBayani websiteasks its visitors upon reaching the website.DugongBayani.org was soft-launched last year withthe aim to be the online channel for news, information,and events on all things relating to Filipino World WarII veterans. It is a special project of Veterans Bankemployees; specifically the members of the Sons andDaughters Association, Inc. (SDAI) PVB Special District.The website’s foremost feature however is itssearch facility allowing visitors to determine whether theyare related to a World War II veteran by keying in vitalinformation such as veteran’s name, home province,veteran’s unit assignment and rank.The information willthen be checked against available records and whetherthere is a match or not, the inquirer receives a responsefrom Dugong Bayani anywhere from 24 to 48 hours.

COVER STORYBARRAISINGTHEDriving the 2013 Mazda6 SkyActiv-G 2.5LFOR the better part of a decade, one car in theexecutive/midsize category has always stood outfrom the rest: and that’s the Mazda6.Mazda’s flagship model, to be honest,stands out not because it sold in greatnumbers, but instead offered a muchmore exciting drive than the many of itscompetitors at the time. Now there’s a newmodel, and it’s time to see how it stacksup against the previous, distinguishedgenerations of the Mazda6 nameplate.A DIFFERENT TAKEThe Mazda6 traces its roots to theMazda Capella, a line that started way backin 1970. International markets know it asthe 626, as the Capella was the car’s namefor the Japan Domestic Market (JDM).Mazda ceased using the 626/Capella namesin 2002, making way for the first generation“6,” though the JDM name was different, asit was known as the Mazda Atenza.When Mazda launched the firstgeneration6, it quickly racked up awardsand accolades around the world for offeringa great drive in a class of car that was knownfor comfort and refinement. So good wasthe car (and the MZR engine that poweredit) that Car and Driver magazine named it toits Ten Best List in 2003.The second generation was anevolution of what made the Mazda6 great,though many found it to be a bit tamecompared with the driving characteristicsof the original. Nevertheless, the designmoved the flagship midsize sedan of thebrand forward.This latest generation was launchedearlier this year, and continues to be madein Mazda’s plant in Hiroshima.DISTINGUISHED STYLEThe all new Mazda6 features a designstatement that was first showcased in aproduction car with the CX-5 crossover,though the design cues have been incontinuous development with Mazda’sText and photos by Vince Pornelosconcept cars like the Furai, Taiki and others.The design is most prominent in thefront of the car with a long, snouted lookto the updated 5-point grille. A chrome barruns from the leading edge of the headlampsaround the bottom rim of the grille and tothe other side, while the lower bumper’sbars taper outward and down, giving the caran undeniably sporty and aggressive look.When the car is in gear, the LEDs on theheadlamps light up, further highlighting thestrong statement that the Mazda6 presents.Towards the side, the sedan profile isunmistakable. The 19-inch alloy wheelsare well chosen to match the sportingcredentials of the Mazda6. Of particularinterest are a trio of lines on the side,accenting the aggressive styling.The back end does look good,something that many current models don’tseem to do well. The tail-lights are small,but do well to match the overall look.UPSCALE INTERIORThe second-generation model’sinterior—while well designed—does seemtoo plasticky for its price range that issupposed to be above the standard compactfamily car. Not so in this third generation.Step inside the cabin and there’s adefinitive premium feel and look to it.It’s on the conservative side, but thedashboard appears to have taken a pageout of the BMW 3-Series design book, notto mention in terms of quality (e.g. softtouch materials).The layout of the buttons is logicaland easy to understand, and again, there’sa good quality feel about each press of abutton. The gauges are typical of Mazda; alarge speedometer takes the center, flankedby the RPM gauge and a pair of multiinformationdisplays. The shifter is the gatetypeaffair, though it is complemented bypaddles on the steering wheel. We’ll get achance to play with them later on.All the seats are wrapped in leather, andare accented by red stitching at the seams.There’s plenty of room in the back for threewith the accompanying legroom expectedof the category the Mazda6 is competingin. Pop the center armrest down and youget even better room for two, making theMazda6 just as fun to drive as it is to ridein, but we’ll sort through that later.THE EQUIPMENT TO LEADThe Mazda6 comes with some greatnew features. Since there’s only one variant,all Mazda6 customers get the same greatpackage.Apart from the standard powerfeatures like windows, mirrors, locks andelectric power steering, the Mazda6 gets asunroof, cruise control, steering wheel audiocontrols, automatic climate control, and adedicated AM/FM/CD/MP3 audio systemwith Bluetooth, iPod connectivity, USBand aux-in ports. The front seats are poweradjustable, while the LCD on the audio unitis actually a touchscreen.For safety and security, you get aconvenient comfort access smart key,traction control, stability control and sixairbags. A reverse camera is also standard,along with the active bi-xenon headlampswhich will follow the curves of the road asyou drive, perfect for driving up a windingmountain road.THE POWER AND EFFICIENCYTO ACHIEVEAt the heart of the all-new Mazda6is an all-new engine: a 2.5-liter twin cam,16-valve inline-4 engine that produces185 horsepower and 250 Newton-metersof torque. That engine is matched with a6-speed automatic transmission and drivesthe front wheels.The engine is no longer the awardwinningMZR, as it now specced as theSKYACTIV-G engine. The long list of techfor the powertrain includes the i-STOP(automatic start/stop for the engine whenstopped at an intersection, for instance),i-ELOOP (kinetic energy capture systemduring braking; similar to Formula One cars)and Variable Valve Timing.In the city, the SKYACTIV-G systemworks wonders. While typical 2.5-literengines in the competition usually deliveraround 6.5-7.5 kilometers per liter inthe city, the 2013 Mazda6 returns 8.5kilometers to the liter in moderate traffic.With a concerted effort to be efficient, 9.3kilometers to the liter was achievable in thesame driving conditions.On the highway, the Mazda6 simplyexcels. By limiting revs and with a steadyfoot, at around 100 km/h, expect fueleconomy figures to reach 14.8 kilometersto the liter.THE DRIVE TO ENJOYWhere to take a Mazda6? Pastexperience would tell us to drive the caron a winding mountain road, but somewould prefer to just stretch its legs on theexpressway.What’s great about a Mazda is that it’s supposedto be a great driving machine... all from a brand ofgreat driving machines.RAISING THE BARWhy not both? Yeah, Baguio it is then.On the expressway, the Mazda6exhibited the qualities it has always beenknown for; stable, quick, and makesovertaking easy. Keep an eye on the speed,as the popwerplant will quickly breach 100km/h without a sweat. Cruise control isstandard, so we put it to good use and stickto 100.Off of the tollways and onto provincialhighways, the Mazda worked well tosuppress the hard stuff on the road such ascorrugated tarmac (caused by heavily ladentrucks), potholes, bumps and everything inbetween; even with 19-inch wheels. Theexcellent characteristics of the suspension—both in terms of comfort and handling—allow for quick overtaking maneuvers.On to Kennon Road, we finally stretchthe suspension’s capabilities. Body controlis good and inspires confidence, allowingfor the car to be pushed to its limits. Onething I did realize is that the power andtorque, while ample, isn’t located early onin the rev range; most of the good stuff isfound north of 3,000 rpm. And at nightwith pouring rain, the adaptive/active HIDheadlamps make driving so much easier upto Baguio.AIM HIGHMany have asked why motoringjournalists have a soft spot for the previoustwo generations of the Mazda6.We can answer that because theMazda6 has more than enough features,a fun drive, exceptional efficiency anda balanced, comfortable ride... all for aP1.709-million price tag. Factor in thatMazda (under the Berjaya group) offers freepreventive maintenance (parts and labor) forall their models under the YOJIN3 program,it’s a steal.The Mazda6 raises the bar so highover the previous version and over many ofthe competition, but really, those are justdetails.In reality, the answer is simple: welove cars that love to be driven as much aswe enjoy driving them. What’s great abouta Mazda is that it will never forget that it’ssupposed to be a great driving machine... allfrom a brand of great driving machines.SPECIFICATIONSCAR: 2013 Mazda6 SkyActiv-G 2.5LENGINE: 2.5L DOHC 16-valve Inline-4 VVTMAX POWER: 185 PS @ 5700 rpmMAX TORQUE: 250 Nm @ 3250 rpmTRANSMISSION: 6-speed A/TPRICE: P 1,705,00014 AQ MAGAZINE AQ MAGAZINE 15

FEATUREAAP TRAVEL INVADES NEGROS OCCIDENTALFEATUREThe neo-Romanesquecolumns at the ruins inTalisay make the skeletonof an ancient ancestralhome reminiscent of abeautiful and splendidhalf-forgotten dream.The group in front of theTana Dicang ancestralhome (left photo) andthe Hofelenia House(bottom photo), two ofthe oldest ancestralhouses in Silay.Caltex ensured that the participants enjoyed their journey in Negros Occidentalby providing clean, efficient fuelThe colorful and vibrant Kadalag-an Festival dancers welcomedthe caravan with their ethnic dancing at Peñalosa Farm.AAPTravelTravel showcased to itsmembers the beauty andgrandeur of the province of NegrosOccidental. Last May 16 - 19, 2013AAP Travel organized its first Fly andDrive Caravan in Negros Occidentalwith the theme “Negros Occidental Fly-Drive Caravan: A food expedition, awalk through heritage sites and a farmtourism experience.”SOME PHOTOS TAKEN USING ‘NIKON COOLPIX A’FROM NIKON PHILIPPINESInvadesNegros OccidentalSupported by the ProvincialGovernment of Negros Occidental, this tripfeatured the multi-faceted destination ofNegros Occidental. From food, history andculture to organic farms, eco-parks andsugar mills, Negros Occidental is truly adestination to behold.On the first day, participants weregiven a glimpse of its history by touringThe Ruins in Talisay. It is a must-see site inNegros Occidental showcasing architecturein 1938 and the largest mansion ever builtduring its heyday. It was recognized byoddee.com, a blog with 5 million visitors amonth, as one of the 12 World’s FascinatingRuins. On the second day, the participantsexperienced traveling back in time as they16 AQ MAGAZINEAQ MAGAZINE 17The lushvegetation andgreen landscapeof Peñalosa Farm.Bacolod City MayorEvelio Leonardiahosts dinner at NewGovernment Center

FEATUREAAP TRAVEL INVADES NEGROS OCCIDENTALOrganic food is served in clay pots at Rapha ValleyOne of the highlights of the 4-day tour was a ride in Silay aboard one of the remainingsteam locomotive trains in the world.The group touredthe organic farmof Rapha Valleyin Don SalvadorBenedicto,NegrosOccidental.toured the various heritage houses and enjoyeda rustic journey around the city aside fromriding a pre-World War II steam locomotive, afavorite of steam transport enthusiasts. Thethird day was devoted to farm tourism wherebyparticipants admired the spectacular landscapesof the province and learned how to develop andbenefit from sustainable agriculture. On the lastday, Moung. Kanlaon’s natural wonders wereexplored via a visit to the Mambukal Resort. Itoffers seven cascading waterfalls, a trail througha virgin forest, a canopy walk and a sulfur springbasin. All throughout the trip, participantswere able to enjoy the sumptuous cuisine of theNegrenses, one of the finest culinary traditionsof the Philippines.Organic food is served atthe gazebo of Rapha ValleyFrom food, history and culture to organic farms,eco-parks and sugar mills, Negros Occidental is trulya destination to behold.Ricky Grantos of the Organization for Industrial, Spiritual and Cultural AdvancementInternational (OISCA) shows how silk is produced from silk wormsDr. Albert Jo of Rapha Valley gives a lecture about organic farmingBuffet Dinner at May’s Organic Garden.(From left to right) Christine Mansinares, Tourism Head of theProvincial office of Negros Occidental presenting a travelbrochure to Ruwani Cooray of the Sri Lankan Embassy, and AAPVarious native products made from silk cocoon at OISCA - PhilippinesTravel President Mina Gabor. (third from left).The Mambukal Resort showcases the different types of mudand their uses.The Uy, So and Lee family enjoying a sumptuousbreakfast at Mambukal Resort. (from left to right:Jameson Uy, Audrey Uy, Lorraine Uy, Maria Luisa So,Alfred So, Elena Lee (standing) and Henry Lee Jr.18 AQ MAGAZINE AQ MAGAZINE 19

FEATUREA JOURNEY TO PARADISE WITH KIAIhave heard many stories about this island Paradise. It is one of thefew remaining places on earth where time seems to move at a muchslower pace. Batanes is an island unmolested by commercialism,and where people still practice old school values, with the localtownsfolk always courteous with a welcome smile. Upon touchdownat the airport, our group of urban young professionals was greeted by themajestic sight of Mt. Iraya and a welcome salute from Palermo “Boying”Soriano Jr., Columbian Autocar’s Marketing Service Manager, whoexclaimed, “Welcome to paradise everybody!”Ajourney to paradisewithKIAFrom there, we proceeded toFundacion Pacita, a hill top hotel whichformerly functioned as a rest house ofrenowned artist Pacita Abad. It was inthis beautiful hotel where Pacita spenther last remaining years while battlingwith cancer. The Abad family renovatedand converted it into a hotel with acommanding view of the coastlines andthe South China Sea.Most of us who are city slickers werebreathless with the amazing view, whichreminded me of Scotland, as the coldbreeze brushed through my hair. It was aprelude of things to come.Day 2 of our Batanes sojourn startedearly to maximize our working tour ofthe island. With a theme “Kia beats inBatanes,” the event aims to highlight thefeatures of its full line up of vehicles. Eventorganizers gave each participating teamkeys to a Kia variant. I was assigned to“Team Valugan” with me as the designateddriver, Kris Lim of the BusinessMirror asmy navigator, plus the husband-and-wifetandem of Popong and Tet Andolong,section editors at the BusinessMirror,acting as team leaders. Our goal was to goaround Batanes, amazing race style withpit stops in strategic and scenic locationsText and photos by Dino Ray V. Directo III20 AQ MAGAZINE AQ MAGAZINE 21

FEATUREA JOURNEY TO PARADISE WITH KIABENTLEY ARRIVES IN MANILAFEATUREthroughout a pre-planned route. The trick is to clock in at each pit stop in aspecified order and take photos of our Kia Sorento vehicle with the assignedlocation as back drop.From the entrance of Fundacion Pacita, our first pit stop was at the BascoLighthouse in Naidi Hills, Barangay San Antonio. This six-storey structure isfunctional and is one of the island’s best tourist attractions. Kia allotted 10 pitstops for the driving event, with the 10 media teams crisscrossing the islandrushing from one stop to another. The roads were generally paved, with bitsof off road driving getting to Rolling and Marlboro Hills which were postcardperfect destinations. Both of these locations offer a breath taking view of theopen sea and lush greeneries with cattle grazing all around. It was simply anamazing place to visit for city folks who often see concrete buildings.Throughout the journey, the Kia Sorento proved its mettle as we drovethrough gravel roads and steep uphill climbs with relative ease. The ride iscomfortable enough for our rear passengers to catch a wink or two and hasenough excitement under the hood during straight line cruising.Kia really pulled out all the stops for this event. We not only enjoyed theirvehicles, Kia provided us with an opportunity to experience the beauty of thisisland Paradise. It is really more fun in the Philippines with Kia!Throughout thejourney, the KiaSorento proved itsmettle as we drovethrough gravelroads and steepuphill climbs withrelative ease.Bentleyarrives in ManilaBentley Motors officers (from left to right) Robin Peel - Head of Marketing and Communications, Asia-Pacific DaveJackson - Regional Sales Manager, Asia-Pacific Alistair McCallum - Commercial Training Manager Geoff Dowding –Regional Director for Asia-Pacific and Middle East Dave Hayter - Operations Director, Middle East and Asia,Derrick Fraesdorf - Franchise Development ManagerText and photosby Kap Maceda AguilaYOU could probablyspell “dichotomy”with a B—a winged B,that is.Luxurious and sporty, reserved yetoutgoing, conservative yet contemporary:these traits are among polar opposites thatcome together in the storied automobilemarque of Bentley (and its iconic “wingedB” logo).Closing in on 95 years since WalterOwen (WO) Bentley founded the UKcarmaker, its engineers continue to reverethe tenets that make a Bentley a, well,Bentley. For instance, the so-called “BentleyBoys” of the 1920s were known for not justfor their extravagant cars and lifestyles,but the five race victories they had in theequally iconic Le Mans proving ground forspeed and reliability.The same passion is what drives theBentleys made today, highlighted by a sixthLe Mans win in 2003. But that is not allthat drives, or flies, the winged B.22 AQ MAGAZINE AQ MAGAZINE 23

FEATUREBENTLEY ARRIVES IN MANILABANGKOK SHOW STOPPERSFEATURESaid Geoff Dowding, regional directorof Bentley Motors Limited for the UK,Middle East, and Asia: “You could buy manysports cars that go very fast and give youan amazing driving experience. You couldalso buy cars that are very luxurious, havethe best interiors, and give you the bestexperience as a passenger. What you can’tdo is bring those things together—unlessyou do it with a Bentley.”Speaking at the opening of the country’sfirst Bentley showroom on the second floorof the PGA building on 201 EDSA in QuezonCity, Dowding shared that Bentley Manilais the 183rd shop in 52 countries. Yetdespite the strengthening, widening breadthof distribution, the number of vehiclessold remains very exclusive. Nonetheless,Bentley moved a total of 8,510 units lastyear—reflecting a hefty 22-percent uptickfor such a premium brand. Also, it mustbe mentioned that almost nine of 10 cars(all made in Crewe) are exported to foreignmarkets.For his part, PGA Automobile chairmanRobert Coyiuto Jr. described the entryof the luxury brand “a new adventure”—surely another impressive feather in the hatfor an already formidable portfolio of carbrands PGA makes available to well-heeled,discriminating buyers.Coyiuto was on hand to witness thehistoric two-tiered launch (one with themedia, and one with PGA friends anddealers), along with UK AmbassadorStephen Lillie, Bentley operations directorfor Middle East and Asia Dave Hayter,Bentley marketing and communicationshead for Asia-Pacific Robin Peel, BentleyAsia-Pacific regional sales manager DaveJackson, Bentley commercial trainingmanager Alistair McCallum, and Bentleyfranchise development manager DerrickFraesdorf.Said Robin Peel: “There is no otherbrand that combines supercar performancewith hand-built luxury comfort.”Pointing to the ultra-luxurious, fourdoorMulsanne on the showroom floor,Peel said there are an impressive 17 hidesused total furnish its interiors, and thatthe wood featured in the car is only wood;there is no substrate. Metal is metal—andnot plastic made to look like metal. That’spart of the Bentley ethos, he maintained.“Attention to detail is above and beyondany other manufacturer’s,” he continued,and the same Bentley commitment holdstrue for any car in the stable—all of whichwill be made available for customers here.Chris Chan, Bentley Manila marketingmanager, said each Bentley can be highlycustomized to the exacting preferences ofits buyer.Peel also reassured customers whomay be anxious about how the Bentleyshold up to the infamous Manila heat, traffic,and less-than-pristine fuel quality.“We test our cars to both extremitiesof temperature,” he explained. “We docold-weather testing in the Arctic Cirlcle.We do hot-weather testing at the DeathValley [which, incidentally, has a recordhigh of 57 degrees Centigrade], andthe Middle East. As for the traffic, webuild cars that are designed to cocoonand hide the customer from horrendoustraffic conditions. They can relax andenjoy what in any other car would be avery unpleasant situation. Our chassisand suspension engineers are second tonone.”Peel pointed out that Bentleys “arebuilt to manage fuel conditions prevalentaround the world… the tolerances ofengine make allow them to manage evenwhen fuels are not ideal.”Dowding, after his speech, said:“Probably the single biggest thing thathas impacted the brand in the last 10years was the launch of the ContinentalGT—a car that opened up a completelyAt the end of the day, we’re a luxurybrand, and we’re offering somethingthat is the best of both worlds.new segment within in the marketplace.(It’s) a luxury, high-performance coupéthat attracted buyers… it basically gaveus a new generation of customers.”Indeed, the Continental GT family(comprised of the V8, Convertible V8,GT Convertible W12, GT W12, and theGT Speed) have veritably brought the“winged B” into more rarefied yet robustperformance—drawing in a set that lovesto drive rather than just ride.“He had a mantra and quote,”declared Dowding of WO Bentley. “Themission of the company is to build a goodcar, a fast car, the best in its class.”These terms are obviously notmutually exclusive terms for the brandhandpicked by Queen Elizabeth, forwhich Bentley makes the one-off StateLimousine. The English monarch choseto stay with Bentley over long-time royalcarrier Rolls-Royce when the Volkswagengroup acquired Bentley in 1998.“At the end of the day, we’re a luxurybrand, and we’re offering something thatis the best of both worlds,” Dowding said.“Our job is to get people to understandthat. Once you’ve experienced the car,you’ll understand.”N its bid to becomea major player in theglobal automotive Iindustry, Thailand swung itsdoors open once again for theannual staging of the BangkokInternational Motorshow. Held atthe massive Impact ChallengerHall in Muang Thong Thani, the12-day automotive spectacle sawthe participation of 36 automotivemanufacturers, seven motorcyclecompanies and 230 automotiveaccessories firms. PrachinEamlumnow, Chairman of GrandPrix International Company Ltd.,event organizers of the annualmotorshow, said the event aimis to establish Thailand as forceto reckon with in the SoutheastAsian region as an automotivemanufacturing hub.Bangkok STOPPERSSHOWText and photos by Dino Ray V. Directo III24 AQ MAGAZINE AQ AQ MAGAZINE 25 25

FEATUREBANGKOK SHOW STOPPERStransmission,” the company said. Thetechnology powering Ford’s mini Sports Uteis a twin independent variable camshafttiming (Ti-VCT) technology which allowsextremely precise, variable control of “valveoverlap”—the window of time in which boththe intake and exhaust vales in an engineare open at the same time. For the driver,this means improved low-speed torque andincreased fuel economy.The Ford EcoSport will be built at thecompany’s new $450M state-of-the-artmanufacturing facility in Rayong, which willsupply the entire ASEAN region as well asother export markets. The stylish SUV willbe available in about 100 markets aroundthe world.Aside from the Blue Oval, the mostanticipated launch during the Motorshowwas that of Toyota, which took the coversoff the remodeled Toyota Vios. Toyota’ssub compact juggernaut had a totally newexterior and interior but with the same1500cc 1NZ-FE engine. Toyota Thailandintroduced seven versions of the new Viosand even displayed a TRD version alongsidea TRD version FT-86 as well.Other highly anticipated reveals werethe 9th Generation Honda Accord, thefast and fierce looking Hyundai Veloster, acustomized Isuzu D-Max, the sporty LexusIS300h, and a modified Nissan Almerawhich drew in a lot attention. Hoggingthe limelight alongside the manufacturersdisplays were the big names in theaftermarket industry Carlsson and Kellenerssport, which had a massive display of ubercars from Mercedes Benz and BMW.The biggest news during the Bangkok showwere the unveiling of the redesigned Ford Fiestaand Ecosport, whose launch was personally ledby Ford’s charismatic president Allan Mullaly.“Ford has been on a roll in the ASEAN region withoverall 2012 retail sales rising 27 percent yearoveryear to 87,623 units, its best-ever annualperformance. Last year, Ford Thailand’s retailsales rose 88 percent from 2011 to 54,865units. Such extraordinary growth is being drivenby the continuous introduction of high-qualityand segment-leading vehicles from Ford’s globalproduct portfolio.The introduction of the all-new Ecosport andredesigned Fiesta is expected to further boostthe sales momentum in the region even further.We have been going from strength to strengthin ASEAN with our segment-leading One Fordvehicles,” said Mullaly.Ford will introduce the Ecosport with its global1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine, whichdelivers 108 PS of power and peak torque of 138Nm. “Depending on the market it can be mated toeither the fuel-efficient six-speed Ford PowerShiftautomatic transmission or the five-speed manual26 AQ MAGAZINE AQ MAGAZINE 27

FEATURESTOCKINGER, LOTUS F1 TAKE MANILA BY STORMStockinger,Lotus F1take Manilaby stormIT was a bit of motoring history ontwo accounts.This was the country’s firsteverFormula One showcase—a chance for everydayspeed junkies, car aficionados and even mall goers toget up close and really personal with motoring sport’spinnacle machines.The second, perhaps even more significant, aspect of the recentManila Speed Show (staged by Globe Tattoo) was that this was apersonal showcase of the Philippines’ very own Marlon Stockinger.Text and photos by Kap Maceda AguilaStockinger washandpicked by theLotus F1 Team to bepart of its group ofseven elite “juniordrivers” to train, testand compete for theteam.28 AQ MAGAZINE AQ MAGAZINE 29

FEATURESTOCKINGER, LOTUS F1 TAKE MANILA BY STORMIT’S A JEEP THINGFEATUREFormany, the ManilaSpeed Showafforded a closerlook not justat Stockingerand his car, butat the innardsof the topmotorsport.The 22-year-old Fil-Swiss Stockingeris the country’s strongest bet yet to securea much-coveted driver slot for an F1 team.On the strength of a stellar internationalmotorsport and karting career, Stockingerwas handpicked by the Lotus F1 Team to bepart of its group of seven elite “junior drivers”to train, test and compete for the team. Thismeans that Stockinger is but a breath away, iffate cooperates, from becoming an F1 driverhimself — the very first Filipino to be one.If but for a weekend, the SM Mall ofAsia Grounds and the Quirino Grandstandwere transformed into cathedrals for speedwhere devout fans were rewarded with thesight, sounds, and smell of everything F1—and everything fast.The Manila Speed Show saw morepeople warming up to Stockinger. He isclearly someone easy to root for—softspoken,good looking, humble and alwaysready to smile to his growing legion of fanswho whooped it up as he zoomed past themin the extremely loud and powerful Lotus F1car. He coaxed the vehicle at speed aroundthe makeshift “circuit” at the mall complex’sinternal roads.The Lotus F1 team is owned by GeniiCapita, and derives its name from brandingpartner Group Lotus. It was known asRenault until last year, and today banners2007 world champion Kimi Räikkönen asits main driver. For many, the Manila SpeedShow afforded a closer look not just atStockinger and his car, but at the innards ofthe sport.At the venue, a makeshift paddockshowed the sort of precision teamwork andspecialized equipment that makes the F1such a highly developed sports of engineers,designers, mechanics, and everyone whomakes it a sport of decided by milliseconddecisions and maneuvers.Donned in the Lotus livery’s black withgold highlights, the pit crew was constantlychecking and tooling about the threefeatured cars that alternately zipped throughthe makeshift course. Marlon was constantlywaving to the crowd, gamely smiling andacknowledging their adulation despite whatmust have been an arduously hot tracksuitand cockpit.VIPs were in attendance, and someof them had the rare chance to hop aboarda two-seat racer to be driven around the“track.”Meanwhile, I had a chance to participatein the “Pit Stop Challenge,” where pairs weretasked to complete a quick tire change onMarlon’s Lotus car. We came away with abetter appreciation for the kind of training apit crew go through to be on top of the game.At the media tent, Marlon and hismother Egin took the time to thank the pressfor their constant support leading up tothe event. Egin was particularly emotional,shedding tears while she acknowledged themainly positive coverage.Marlon delivered a short but heartfeltremark: “I’ve been part of the junior teamand they [Lotus F1 team bosses] gave methis wonderful opportunity to bring a FormulaOne car to the streets of Manila. It’s been along hard road. I’ve been in this sport for12 years, ever since I was about nine. [Inthe media, people] normally see highlights,but behind those highlights, there’s a lot ofsacrifice. I had to leave the Philippines topursue my career in Europe, and it’s beena long journey. You always have to befocused and grounded, and always believein yourself.”Marlon hied off to Europe after theManila Speed Show to resume the FormulaRenault 3.5 series campaign, which ends inOctober.It’s aJEEP THINGText and photos by Dino Ray V. Directo IIITHE words “Since 1941”engraved on the dash board gotme thinking. Is this the sameJeep that used by Gen. DouglasMacArthur, Supreme Allied Commanderof the Armed Forces during World WarII? The thought crossed my mind as thesmall group of media men prepared fora two-hour trail drive through Laiban,Sierra Madre. It gave me assurance aboutthe Jeep’s capability and prowess intackling the roads less travelled. We wereonboard two Jeep variants, the muscularRubicon and the sleek new Cherokee.30 AQ MAGAZINEAQ MAGAZINE 31

FEATUREOff road guru and Land Craft Inc. presidentBeeboy Bargas rode shotgun with me in theRubicon, as he called the shots to guide usthrough the terrain. “Some SUVs are fast,but unlike Jeeps, they can’t get anywhere,anytime,” he says.The day-long trail ride and drive wasin preparation for Camp Jeep 2013, athree-month long program which startsin April and runs up to June. The eventencourages Jeep owners to drive theirprecious metals across rough terrains andenjoy the experience. “This vehicle was builtfor this purpose, hence the ride height andoff road technology that comes with everyJeep variant. Our motto is go anywhere,”explains Nenuka Guba, Brand Manager forthe Jeep Division of CATS Motors, the localdistributors of the brand.I drove the 4x4 Rubicon, while mycolleague Ron Delos Reyes of MalayaBusiness Insight, was behind the wheelof the Cherokee. Powered by a 2.8-literturbo CRDi diesel engine with 200 bhp ontap, this Rubicon is amazingly agile on itsfeet, considering its dry weight and sheerheft. Driving this behemoth up the windingroads of Baras and Tanay enroute to ourdestination in Sierra Madre proved to be anengaging and comfortable experience. Thedashboard layout is spartan, yet swathedwith stitched leather.IT’S A JEEP THINGThis vehicle was builtfor this purpose, hencethe ride height andoff-road technologythat comes withevery Jeep variant.Our motto is goanywhere.With a long wheelbase, the 2013Jeep Wrangler comes in Sport, Sahara orRubicon trim. All variants have standardfour wheel drive and have a list of innovativetechnology like electronic stability controlwith roll traction, brake assist and hill holdcontrol. As the Terrain progressed frombad to “hell what am I doing here,” theRubicon’s heavy duty axles, front and rearelectronic locking differentials allowed usto wade through waist deep river beds andclimb muddy hills with relative ease. WithBeeboy guiding me throughout the two-houroff road trek and a tough vehicle as my ride,I knew deep down that I will live to trailanother day.The first Willy’s Jeep came into fore in1941, making its debut in the Battlefields ofthe Pacific, African and European theaterswith G.I.’s driving and riding it everywhere.It came in many configurations as acommand vehicle for field officers, scoutcars, and for special service units like theBritish S.A.S, who reconfigured the Willy’sJeep with a .50-caliber machine gun or abazooka for hit-and-run missions againstthe forces of General Erwin Rommel whoheaded the Afrika Korps of Hitler. The Jeepwould eventually become the template forother light utility jeeps like the Land Rover,which is the second oldest four-wheel drivebrand—next to the Jeep.2012-2013 CAR OF THE YEAR AWARDFEATURE2012-2013 CAR OF THE YEAR AWARDMitsubishi Mirage Bags2012-2013 Car of the Year awardTHE Car Awards Group, Inc.(CAGI) recently awardedthe 2012-2013 Car of theYear-Philippines (COTY-P) titleto Mitsubishi Mirage.THE 2012-2013 CAR OF THE YEAR-PHILIPPINESAWARDS ROSTER2012-2013Car Of The Year-PhilippinesMITSUBISHI MIRAGE2012-2013Truck Of The Year-PhilippinesMAZDA BT50 4X4The culmination of a year’s testing, preparations anddeliberations by the CAGI, the 2012-2013 COTY-P seasonsaw a field of 81 new cars, crossovers, SUVs, trucks, sportscars and vans that competed in 19 different categories, aswell as the coveted title of Car Of The Year-Philippines.“The 2012-2013 Car of The Year Philippines seasonwas a tough one,” said Ferman Lao, CAGI president. “Itwasn’t just in terms of the sheer number of cars that hadto be tested, but the continually increasing improvements,value and competitiveness each new model brought to theirrespective classes.”Mazda BT50 4x432 AQ MAGAZINE AQ MAGAZINE 33

FEATURE2012-2013 CAR OF THE YEAR AWARD2012-2013 CAR OF THE YEAR AWARDCATEGORY WINNERSBASIC SUBCOMPACT CAR Mitsubishi Mirage GLS MTSUBCOMPACT CAR Hyundai Accent Hatch CRDiCOMPACT CAR Ford Focus Titanium (Sedan)MIDSIZE CAR Toyota Camry 2.5VPREMIUM MIDSIZE CAR Volvo S60 D3RWD SPORTS CAR Hyundai Genesis 2.0T w/ Brembo BrakesFWD SPORTS CAR MINI Coupe Cooper SCOMPACT CROSSOVER 2WD Mazda CX5COMPACT CROSSOVER AWD Honda CR-V 2.4 EX AWDMIDSIZE CROSSOVER Hyundai Santa Fe 2WDLARGE CROSSOVER Ford Explorer FWD 2.0THyundai Accent Hatch CRDiVolvo S60Hyundai GenesisFord FocusThe Mitsubishi Mirage GLS MT was given top honors afterscoring highly in the subjective testing conducted at Eton Centrisin Quezon City as well as in the instrumented and track testsconducted at the Clark International Speedway in Pampanga byCAGI’s team of technical experts.New to the 2012-2013 term is the choosing of the Truck Of TheYear-Philippines.The winner of the new title category was determined by anumber of factors more specific to pick-ups such as approach,departure, breakover angles and other aspects that matter in a pickuptruck. After the testing was completed and tabulated, the MazdaBT50 4X4 AT took the win, besting out all the vehicles in the class.“Congratulations to Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. andBerjaya Auto Philippines, Inc. for bagging the top titles in this year’sawards season, and congratulations to the 19 winners in theirrespective categories, they are this year’s best cars that you can buy.”said Lao. “Thank you to all who have supported and took part inthis year’s awards season.LUXURY COMPACT CROSSOVERRange Rover EvoqueSUVPREMIUM SUVMitsubishi Montero Sport 3.0 V6 GLSJeep Grand CherokeeFord RangerCOMPACT VAN and MPV Toyota Avanza 1.3EVAN and MPV Peugeot 5008LUXURY VAN and MPVHonda OdysseyPICK-UP 4x2Ford Ranger 2.2 MTPICK-UP 4x4Mazda BT50 4x4 ATJeep Grand CherokeeMazda CX5Honda CR-VMitsubishi MonteroSport 3.0 V6 GLSPeugeot 5008Hyundai Santa FeToyota CamryMINI Coupe Cooper S34 AQ MAGAZINEAQ MAGAZINE 35

CLUBNEWSFEATUREThe 2012 - 2013 Car of TheYear-Philippines awards are presentedby the Manila International AutoShow and is supported by the ClarkInternational Speedway, Caltex withTechron, Eton Centris Walk, StandardInsurance, BOSCH, RCBC Savings& Auto Loans, Victoria Court, DoleJuice Drinks, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts& Coffee, MG Madrid & Co., WinnerGraphics, Automobile AssociationPhilippines and SpeedLab.The Car Awards Group, Inc. is anorganization composed of motoringjournalists from the country’stop print, broadcast and onlineentities, and is supported by mediapartners Philippine Daily Inquirer,The Philippine Star, BusinessWorld,The Manila Bulletin,The DailyTribune, BusinessMirror, The ManilaTimes, THE Malaya FIA Institute Business continued Insight, its 2013Manila Outreach Standard Programme Today, SunshineBangkok,Television, Thailand AutoReview, on April 19-20 StoplightTV, with a seriesAutoIndustriya.com,of presentations and workshops Kotse. attendedcom, by National Interaksyon.com, Sporting Authority Top Gear (ASNs)Philippines, representatives AQ from Magazine, 15 countries Speed acrossMagazine, the Asia Pacific PowerWheels region. Magazine,Jam 88.3, The sessions, C! Magazine, which Wave formed 89.1, part of theGadgets FIA Asia-Pacific Magazine, Region Motioncars.com,Forum provided anMotorcycle opportunity Magazine, for a number World of fund News recipientsand to discuss Sprocket.ph. the wide range of projects in theregion that have been supported by the FIAInstitute’s Motor Sport Safety DevelopmentFund. The Automobile AssociationSPECIAL AWARDSPhilippines (AAP), as one of the recipientsof the fund, sent Motorsport OperationsCLARK INTERNATIONAL SPEEDWAYManager Mark Desales and Consultant JunMOTORSPORTS AWARDEspino to attend the two-day program.Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc.Morrie Chandler, FIA Vice President(Sport), who chaired the event, said itSPEEDLAB TUNER’S AWARDToyota 86BOSCH TECHNICALADVANCEMENT AWARDFoton ThunderAAP ROAD SAFETY AWARDFord Focus Don’t with Active use your City mobile Stop phone while driving. Making1or receiving a call, even using a ‘hands free’ETON CENTRIS phone, URBAN can distract your attention from driving andWARRIOR AWARD could lead to an accident.Subaru XVBelt up in the back. In a collision, an unbelted rear2STANDARD passenger INSURANCE can AWARD kill or seriously injure the driver orChevrolet Trailblazer a front seat passenger.Don’t drink and drive. Any alcohol, even a smallCALTEX 3WITH TECHRONamount, can impair your driving so be a safe driverGREEN AWARDdon’t drink and drive.Toyota Prius C4 Slow down. At 60kph you are twice as likely to killRCBC SAVINGS a pedestrian & AUTO LOANS than at 50kph.BEST VALUE FOR MONEY AWARD5Children often act impulsively. Take extra careKia Rio 1.2 outside LX schools, near buses and ice Chevrolet cream Trailblazer vanswhen they might be around.2012-2013 CAR OF THE YEAR AWARDFord Focus with Active City Stop“was a strong opportunity to identify thedevelopment possibilities for motor sport inour region and further with the safety andsustainability initiatives being undertakenby the FIA family.”Subaru XVIn his presentation during the meeting,FIA Institute Secretary General QuentinCrombie outlined the progress achieved byFoton the Thunder Motor Sport Safety Development Fundin the Asia-Pacific region and explained theinstitute’s main priorities for the year ahead.This year, the institute will be embarkingupon the enhancement of its accreditationmodel to encourage more ASNs to applyfor accreditation by expanding the range ofbenefits offered to them.This was followed by a presentationfrom Michael Smith of Australia’s CAMS,who will be leading the Asia-Pacificselection event for the FIA Institute Young2012-2013 CAR OF THE YEAR AWARDAAP’s Mark Sales (2nd row,3rd from right) and JunEspino (seated, 3rd fromright) were among the ASNrepresentatives from 15countries who attended theFIA Institute’s Asia-PacificForum in Bangkok. Theother ASNs representedwere Malaysia, Australia,Sri Lanka, Chinese Taipei,China, France (NewCaledonia), India, HongKong, Indonesia, SouthKorea, New Zealand, Nepal,Thailand and Singapore.Toyota Prius CFIA Institute’s 2013 Outreach ProgramFocuses on Motor Sport Safety InitiativesROADSAFETYTop 10 Road Safety Tips678910Driver Excellence Academy later this year.The FIA Institute has expanded the selectionprocess for its Academy, with up to fivequalifying events set to take place acrossthe world. The new format will provide theopportunity for many more young drivers toKia Rio 1.2 LXapply for the Academy, which offers a fullyfundedtraining program to help developtheir motor sport careers whilst increasingsafety skills and promoting fairness andresponsibility on and off track.The program session ended with apresentation by FIA Institute Director ofEducation Gus Glover who outlined theInstitute’s work in the field of sustainabilitybefore leading delegates through apractical workshop designed to help themunderstand the requirements and conceptsbehind best practices in environmentalToyota 86management.Take a break. Tiredness is thought to be a major factorin more than 10% of road accidents. Plan to stop for atleast a 15 minute break every 2 hours on a long journey.Walk safely. When crossing a road always use apedestrian crossing if there is one nearby. Help othersto see you by wearing fluorescent or reflective clothingin poor light conditions.Anticipate. Observe and anticipate other road users anduse your mirrors regularly.Use car seats. Child and baby seats should be fittedproperly and checked every trip.Keep your distance. Always keep a two second gapbetween you and the car in front.Source: Southend-on-Sea Borough CouncilBEWARE OF DRIVER FATIGUEBEING an alert driver is an essential part of being a safe driver. If you drive when fatigued—tired, weary,exhausted or jetlagged—you increase your chances of having a crash. That’s because fatigue slowsyour reflexes and affects your ability to concentrate and make good decisions, like decisions about thespeed you’re traveling. Fatigued drivers tend to crash at full speed—and statistics show that the higherthe speed, the higher the risk of death or injury in a crash.WARNING SIGNSRestlessness Blinking frequently Yawning Excessive speed changes Braking too late Forgetting last KMs Drowsiness Centre-line driftFATIGUEMost people need a minimum ofEach nightHOW IT AFFECTS YOUSlower reactionsCOMBAT FATIGUEWe feel most sleepy betweenand betweenIf you’re feeling drowsy youmay drift in and outCOMMON MYTHSIn a short 3 second sleep at 100Km you can travel the length of a rugby fieldDifficulty concentrating Poor risk judgement Coffee Fresh Air MusicMake sure you get enough Choose light, fresh food. Take a break from driving at For no more than 20 minutes Drive during the times that Drinking water helps keep Be sure they won’t affect your Any alcohol at all willSource: New Zealand Transport Agency10 36 AQ MAGAZINE

FEATUREAMAZING ALMERAAmazingText and photosby Dino Ray V. Directo IIIALMERA“Bringing the Almera to the Philippinesis a milestone for us. It is our testament toour commitment to deliver the best Nissanproducts possible to the local market. Withthe Almera, we are giving the target marketmore than what they pay for, and that is justwhat they deserve,” explains Allen Chen,President and CEO of NMPI.After a buffet breakfast at Nissan’sNorth EDSA dealership, participantswere provided keys to brand-new Almeraunits. The media were divided into twogroups, one was going to conduct thefuel efficiency test, while the other will gothrough a series of fun challenges whichembodies the brand’s ‘Nissan-ness.” Withradio jock Charlie Cruz as my designateddriver, I acted as the navigator of Almeracar No. 2 which would go through the fuelefficiency test. Our goal was to replicatethe 23.81-kilometer per liter benchmarkfuel consumption ratingachieved by the Almera,as conducted by a teamof Nissan technicalexperts.From the TotalNLEX-Apalit stationwere the participantsfilled up the tanks, weimmediately noticed whythe Almera is Nissan’sbest sedan by far. The1500cc HR15DE engineis zippy, yet fuel efficientand the handling is superb thanks in partto the McPherson strut suspension andtorsion beam suspension. With the taleof the tape reflecting measurements of4,425mm long, 1,695mm wide, 1,505 talland a wheelbase of 2,600mm, the Almerais the biggest and spacious sedan in itsclass. It also absorbed the road ruts withease which allowed me to doze off halfwaythrough the trip to Bataan.“Design, styling, comfort, safety andperformance-no doubt the new Almeradelivers beyond what customers expectfrom a compact car. It is at the forefrontof redefining the standards of a B-segmentcar,” adds Lee Junia, marketing and mediacommunications chief of NMPI. For a carwith compact dimensions, the Almera’ssafety and power features reads like agrocery list.After a day of driving and evenmaking our own television commercialversion of the all new Almera, the daywrapped up in typical Nissan fashion,buffet dinner with drinks overflowing bythe beach of Anvaya Cove.NMPI retails the Almera at P710,000for the 1500 cc base model to as high asP830,000 for the premium 1500cc versionwith a rear cooling system.NISSAN Motors PhilippinesInc. (NMPI) spared noexpense to highlightthe features of its newcompact sedan, the Almera, inan exclusive driving event for themotoring media held in March.With the theme “Experience More:The Nissan Almera Media Rideand Drive,” motoring pen pushersgeared up for various challengesthat tested the car’s fuel efficiency,spaciousness and design amid theluxurious back drop of the AnvayaCove resort in Morong, Bataan.38 AQ MAGAZINE AQ MAGAZINE 39

MOTORING NEWSMOTORING NEWSClass-leadingVolvo V40THE All-New Volvo V40, distributed in the Philippinesby Viking Cars Inc., features a luxury look and feelthat emphasizes the aura of a compact car with largecarcontent and characteristics. The driver-centricapproach is enhanced with a new, fully graphic instrument clusterthat allows the driver to personalize instrument layout and theinformation provided.The All-New Volvo V40 also boasts class-leading drivingdynamics thanks to focused attention to a number of vital areas.Adding several new high-tech features to a full deck of safetyand support systems from larger models makes the V40 the mostIntelliSafe car in the segment.The classic V-shaped bonnet is further enhanced by bolderexpressive lines. The high-gloss grille is low and wide in order tocreate a sporty, close-to-the-ground feel. The lower opening issurrounded at the corners by sculpted bodywork, stretching fromone wheel arch to the other. The sculptured corners not only addcharacter, they also direct the airflow to improve aerodynamics.Daytime Running Lights are set into the lower corners of the frontend, sweeping upward from direct front view. The “blade design”of the front headlights creates an attractive light pattern in the dark.The wide shoulder line stretches back from the headlamp witha sharp line to echo the rising beltline. As it reaches the end of therear door it sweeps up into an integrated “hook,” inherited from thelegendary P1800. The highlight continues rearward into a very fullpowerful section that resolves into the tail lamps. The roof silhouettecontributes to the impression of a car leaning forward - eager to takeoff. The car is finished with a dynamically sculpted rear to furtheremphasize its width and muscular stance and with the lower area“blacked out” it further creates an athletic, low and wide look.The All-New Volvo V40 is available with a fixed panorama glassroof that stretches from the front windscreen to the backrest of therear seats.The wide instrument panel, together with the fluidity of thedoor design, creates a spacious, “large-car” feeling. The interior isdesigned to offer the driver and passengers a spacious and relaxingatmosphere with a true Scandinavian flavor. The choice of materials andcolors emphasizes the luxurious feeling of quality and craftsmanship.The V40 is available with a new, fully graphic instrument clusterthat expresses emotional functionality, always displaying the mostimportant information in any given situation right in front of the driver.The driver can choose between three graphic themes: Elegance, Ecoand Performance.With Volvo Sensus, all information is presented on a five-inch orseven-inch color screen in the upper part of the instrument panel. Theintegrated screen makes it easy for the driver to keep his or her eyes onthe road. All the functions can be operated from the steering wheel orvia controls located directly below the color screen.The Volvo V40 can be equipped with Bluetooth technology thatenables wireless communication. The Bluetooth connection allows notonly hands-free phone conversations but also music streaming fromyour preferred Bluetooth enabled portable music player.The Dynamic chassis is standard. The rigid body and low center ofgravity promote an alert, quick-responding character that focuses onthe driving experience, yet without compromising ride comfort.The steering column’s thick tubing and stiff insulator increasetorsional rigidity. This also contributes to the enhanced feeling ofdirect contact with the wheels and the road. The Electrical Power AssistSteering uses an electrical motor to support the steering rack and thedriver can choose between three levels of power assistance.The All-New Volvo V40 will be available locally with a four cylinder,1.6-liter GTDi T4 engine with 180 horsepower and a maximum torqueof 270Nm, including a 30Nm overboost.SAFETY FEATURES OF THE V40 INCLUDE:Park Assist Pilot - making parallel parking easyThe new Park Assist Pilot makes parallel parking easy and precise bytaking over and operating the steering wheel while the driver handles thegearbox and controls the car’s speed.Lane Keeping Aid - active help to stay on courseLane Keeping Aid helps the driver stay in the lane. This feature appliesextra steering torque to the steering column when the car gets close to alane marking and is about to leave the lane. The system is active at speedsbetween 65km/h and 200km/h.Enhanced Blind Spot Information System - for better visibilityThe All-New V40 is the first Volvo to offer the enhanced Blind SportInformation System (BLIS), which is radar-based. The technology can nowalso monitor and alert the driver to rapidly approaching vehicles up to70m behind the car. Of course it still informs the driver about vehicles inthe blind spots on both sides of the car.Cross Traffic Alert - covering your backCross Traffic Alert uses the radar sensors at the rear end of the carto alert the driver to crossing traffic from the sides when reversing out of aparking space. This is especially helpful in tight and crowded areas wherethe side view might be limited due to infrastructure, vegetation or otherparked cars.Road Sign Information - an extra “eye” on the traffic environmentRoad Sign Information supports the driver by displaying road signs inthe instrument display. Road Sign Information can be combined with theSpeed Alert function, which provides the driver with a visual warning in thespeedometer if the speed limit is exceeded.Petron Lakbay AlalayBacks Paoay Tourism CampaignFOR the whole month of May, Petron’s landmark motorist assistanceprogram, Lakbay Alalay, helped the Provincial Government ofIlocos Norte’s tourism campaign, billed as Paoay Kumaway!—now onits second year of implementation.Displayed in key Petron stations on North Luzon Expressway,South Luzon Expressway and EDSA Cubao area are road safety bannersand streamers.The campaign, which ran for the whole month of May, aims tocommunicate the importance of motorists’ safety awareness whilefeaturing iconic destinations and activities in Ilocos Norte. This is inresponse to an upsurge in domestic movement due to several LakbayAlalay activities and corporate functions by various groups from acrossthe country that have lined the roads to Ilocos Norte with north andsouth bound motorists.“While the province is handling numerous tourism-relatedaccounts, the tourist surge is mainly due to free independent travelerswho came in individually, as peers or families vacationing with a selfbookeditinerary,” said Xavier Ruiz of the Provincial Tourism Office.This innovative motorist assistance program is expected toinspire more exciting campaigns and to make traveling convenient andstress-free for motorists coming to visit popular tourist destinationsin the province such as the Kapurpurawan Rock Formation in Burgos,the Malacañang of the North in Paoay and the newly refurbishedFerdinand E. Marcos Presidential Center in Batac City.TAKING PROPER CARE OF YOUR TIRESCAN SAVE YOUR LIFEBy Sam LiusonManaging Director of Concept One WheelsTIRES play a very major role in safe motoring. Tires and wheelsin poor condition due to neglect or improper care constitute anaccident waiting to happen. Below are what you should keep inmind if you drive regularly and want to stay alive:11. INFLATION – The most important thing you should always remember other thanto have fuel in your tank, is to have the proper amount of air in your tires. Tiresare what make your car roll, and if it runs efficiently or not, depends on how youtake care of the tires. Almost all tire problems stem out of under-inflation. Theless air pressure you have, the more rolling resistance. When that happens, themore fuel consumption since it takes more effort to move your car forward.Releasing air from tires to get a more comfortable ride is probably the worstthing you can do to your tires. Under-inflation advances tire wear. Without enough airin your tires, rolling resistance creates a lot of unnecessary friction and heat. Whenthis happens, the tires wear out faster than they should.Sidewall damage (or bulging) also arises when a tire is under-inflated and ithits a pothole or sidewalk. What happens is that the sidewall ply gets cut and oneremaining ply is left supporting the sidewall.We do not recommend tire pressure below 30psi for passenger cars or on SUV’s.2. ALIGNMENT – check your tires, if they are not wearing out evenly, especially if theyare worn out only in one side of the tire, chances are, your suspension is not aligned.Your suspension system can only be aligned properly if the steering and suspensionparts (ball joints, tie rod, shock absorbers) are in good shape. Improper alignmentalso causes pulling to one side of the road if you are driving straight.3. TIRE SHELF LIFE – Tires are like your favourite shoes, if you keep them too longand wear them only in important occasions because they have sentimentalvalue or are too expensive to throw away, they might fail you when you leastexpect it. Like any rubber product, tires deteriorate in time. In our experience,tires are not meant to be kept longer than 7 years or so from production date.(Even if you have barely used them.)4. FILLING UP TIRES WITH NITROGEN – There are mixed reviews about this, butunless you are sure that the station has 99.6% pure nitrogen and that you arealways willing to check your tires and maintain them regularly, using regularair might be more practical since you can find them in almost any gas station.I have seen many tires that were neglected because the owner didn’t find timeto maintain their tires due to the location or availabilityof the nitrogen outlets.Having said that, I have heard some people swear they have a better ridingcomfort since they switched to nitrogen.5. CLEANING YOUR WHEELS/RIMS – The same rules apply to cleaning your carsurface paint. Do not use laundry detergent. Car shampoo or dishwashing soapwill work fine. Waxing them won’t hurt too.6. WHEEL BALANCING – if your steering wheel is shaking at a certain speedand steadies at lower or higher speeds, chances are your wheels need to bebalanced.234562008 Mercedes-Benz SLK on 19”Carlsson 1/5 wheelswith Nitto INVO tires.40 AQ MAGAZINE AQ MAGAZINE 41

MOTORING NEWSLEADING oil company PetronCorporation marked another milestonein fuels technology with the recent launchof the first Euro 4 premium plus gasoline inthe country that meets European fuel qualitystandards. Another first from Petron, thenew Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4 is speciallyformulated to meet the more stringent andenvironment-friendly Euro 4 standard.Euro 4 is a globally-accepted Europeanemission standard for vehicles, whichrequire fuel with significantly low amountsof sulfur (0.005% or 50 parts per million)and benzene (maximum of 1% by volume).Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4 meets the fuelquality requirements of Euro 4 technologyvehicles. Currently, the Philippine standardfor automotive gasoline allows up to 0.05%sulfur or 500 parts per million and up to 2%benzene.The company’s new Euro 4 premiumplus gasoline is being launched two-and-ahalfyears ahead of the government mandatefor this global fuel standard which is setto take effect by 2016. This underscoresPetron’s commitment to launch fuel productsrelevant to consumers while reducing itsenvironmental footprint.A revolutionary fuel formulated tounleash the full potential of high performancevehicles, Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4 has thefollowing benefits:1. Powerful performance due to its extremelyhigh octane and exceptional enginecleaning capability.2. Fuel efficient operation due to its organicPETRONLaunchesfirst EURO 4 Standard PremiumPlus Gasoline In The Philippinescombustion enhancer and custom frictionmodifier.3. Enviro-clean because it meets Europeanspecifications for cleaner, moreenvironment-friendly fuel.With 100 RON, Petron Blaze 100 Euro4 has exceptional resistance to “engineknocking” which damages car enginesquite quickly. Engine knocking also resultsin uneven fuel burn and greater fuelconsumption.While Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4is recommended for high-end, highperformancevehicles (e.g. Lamborghini,McLaren, Audi, Maserati, etc.), other carswill get the same performance benefitsbecause of its very high octane rating andperformance enhancing additives.“As the market leader in the local oilsector, it is our responsibility to be at theforefront of producing more environmentfriendlyfuels,” Petron Chairman and CEORamon S. Ang said. “This new product,Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4, is proudly Philippinemade.”“This is an all-in-one fuel. It providessuperior engine power and improved fueleconomy, and can be considered the mostenvironment-friendly fuel in the Philippinemarket,” Mr. Ang added.The Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4 will beinitially available in 24 service stations inLuzon along major thoroughfares in MegaManila. Petron Blaze 100 Euro 4 will beavailable in Visayas and Mindanao in thecoming months.GEELY CARS OPENS DEALERSHIPS IN CEBU AND DAVAOAUTO China Inc. the exclusive importer anddistributor of Geely cars in the Philippines isall set to gain ground and expand market in Cebuand Davao provinces.The partnership was officiallysealed in a contract signing that took place in LuxentHotel. Present were (from left) Regan Rex King,general manager of D’Limitless Vehicle VenturesCorp. of Cebu, Dino Santos, Sales Manager of NISMotors Corporation of Davao with Ruben Alidea, NISpresident, together with key representatives of AutoChina, Inc. spearheaded by the chairman Joseph A.Lim, director Christopher James L. Tan, and generalmanager Glenn P. Tacardon. Both dealerships aregeared to provide full-cycle operations from vehicleacquisition to maintenance, spare parts and salesof standard and optional accessoriesHyundaiJet ServicePremium ShinesHYUNDAI Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) introduced the HyundaiJet Service Premium, the global brand’s speediest and morecutting-edge Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) ever. Thelaunch of the new and improved Jet Service Premium was held lastApril 29, 2013 at Hyundai North EDSA and Hyundai Alabang.HARI’s team of automotive expertsdrove that extra mile to develop thealready-popular Hyundai Jet Service andmake it ever more in-step with today’sbrisk customer lifestyle.Jet Service Premium is now availableat the following Hyundai dealerships:Abad Santos, Alabang Muntinlupa,Balintawak, Biñan Laguna, Cabanatuan,Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Central EDSA,Commonwealth Avenue, Dagupan,Global City, Greenhills, Las Piñas, MarcosHighway, North EDSA, Pasig City, QuezonAvenue, Santiago City, Shaw Boulevard,Southern Mindanao, and Sucat Road. Itwill soon be available at all 41 Hyundaidealerships nationwide.Said HARI President and CEO Ma. FePerez-Agudo at the Jet Service Premiumlaunch, “Hyundai’s one-stop car clinicassures you of a stress- and worryfreedrive. You get the best quality carcare possible in 60 minutes, max! YourHyundai car comes out in tiptop shape,like the first time you drove it home.What’s even better is, while we pamperyour car, we pamper you as well, becauseHyundai values your time.”As the newest service offering inHARI’s portfolio of industry firsts andcustomer satisfaction innovations,including the 5-Year Warranty, OneHyundai Club, and Hyundai MasterCard,Hyundai Jet Service Premium offersmotorists speedier and more efficient PMSwith a bold guarantee of 60-minutes’ leadtime for PMS work, or it’s free.“We are proud to say that our highlytrainedtechnicians observe standardHyundai procedures in the inspectionand/or replacement of original Hyundaiparts,” beamed HARI Assistant SeniorVice President for Quality Assurance andProcess Enhancement Engr. Alfredo S.Jose. “With Jet Service Premium, you canleave your car in the hands of experts,do your pending jobs, and return for itat the designated time. No time wasted,more time to enjoy, and less waiting time.Come over to our designated dealershipsand see how Jet Service Premium worksfor you!”MOTORING NEWSHyundai and GK Aimfor ‘Green’ PhilippinesHYUNDAI Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) through HARIFoundation, Inc. (HFI) and Gawad Kalinga (GK) celebratedthe inauguration of the Hyundai Center for Green Innovation(HCGI), located at the GK Enchanted Farm in Bgy. Encanto,Angat, Bulacan. The state-of-the-art green innovation center,built by architects and engineers commissioned by HFI, fusesthe ethnicity of the “bahay kubo” and the Hyundai designphilosophy of “Fluidic Sculpture.” It is envisioned to be theepicenter of ideas, talents, and resources committed togrowing a sustainable green economy and community for theFilipino and stands as a symbol of the evolution and progressof Hyundai and GK’s enduring partnership to build empowered,self-sustaining Filipino communities from the grassroots.HFI President and HARI President and CEO Ma.Fe Perez-Agudo, said: “After seven months of dedicatedwork, finally, the instrument to fulfill our aspirations for thecommunity and the environment is up! The architecturalelements incorporated in this building symbolize the greatdreams we have for our country: stone symbolizes the strengthand stability of our advocacy for Green Innovation; bamboosymbolizes our resilience and unity with the community; andglass, the goal of HCGI to be the guide and light in the mindsand hearts of our people, especially the youth, to becomeenvironmental innovators and stewards of the environment intheir communities.”In response, GK Founder Antonio Meloto thankedHyundai for “persevering to achieve our common dream forour country. When you bring goodness to a place, you driveaway bad habits. Talking about enduring partnerships,Hyundai and GK build for enduring solidarity, for bringing notonly compassion, but competence to the people whose liveswe touch.”Invoking the spirit of bayanihan in bringing aboutsustainable green enterprises, HFI has invited other CSRpartners, like HARIBON Foundation and the Department ofScience and Technology to hold at the HCGI training modulesand activities on environmental stewardship and innovationfor students as well as corporate entities.At the HCGI inauguration and blessing were: (from left)HARI Board Chairman Edward S. Go, HFI Chairman and HARIChairman Emeritus Richard L. Lee, HFI President and HARIPresident and CEO Ma. Fe Perez-Agudo, Gawad KalingaFounder Antonio Meloto, and GK Executive Director JoseLuis Oquiñena.42 AQ MAGAZINE AQ MAGAZINE 43GEELY CARS OPENS DEALERSHIPS IN CEBU AND DAVAO

MOTORING NEWSMitsubishi Motors Philippinescelebrates 30 th year of the PajeroIN celebration of the Pajero’s 30 years’anniversary, Mitsubishi Motors PhilippinesCorp. (MMPC) is introducing the Pajero30th Anniversary Limited Edition. With only200 units to be sold in this market, the Pajero30th Anniversary Limited Edition exudes asportier and yet distinct look making it standout among full size SUVs in the market.Exclusive accessories have been addedto truly bring pride and stance in owning anddriving this limited edition of the MitsubishiPajero. The new spare tire case is nowaccentuated with chrome garnish. Otheradditional accessories are the side stepillumination, side window deflector and thescuff plate flaunting the Pajero logo. ThePajero Limited Edition also gets a unique prenumbered30th Anniversary Edition emblemon the glove box, which validates the privilegeof ownership.Every drive and road trip will truly be anexciting and enjoyable one not only with thecomfort and smooth ride and performance ofthis SUV but also because of its dealer optionMultimedia Entertainment System with 6.5-inch Touchscreen LCD monitor. The PajeroLimited Edition’s Multimedia System comeswith GPS Navigation. With this user-friendlymodule, it is easy to find your way throughvarious urban and rural roads. It also hasa Bluetooth connectivity function with mobilephones or devices that enables a hands-freetelephone conversation for a much saferdrive along the way.Safety features of the Pajero LimitedEdition are top of its class. Major features arethe Mitsubishi Active Skid and Traction Control(M-ASTC) which controls engine power andbrakes to prevent understeer or oversteer andits ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distributionacting on the 4-pot front disc brakes and reardisc brakes. The monocoque body framehas been developed under the ReinforcedImpact Safety Evolution (RISE) body frametechnology helping the occupants withstandvarious kinds of collisions. Also the Pajerohas an electro chromic rear view mirror thatautomatically dims the mirror to prevent glarefrom the headlamps of ensuing vehicles.Perfected through its Dakar Rally historyby achieving 12 overall wins over 25 years,Pajero’s performance is undeniably oneof the best in the SUV segment. The Pajero30th Anniversary Limited Edition is availablewith the Turbocharged and Intercooled 3.2liter 4M41 16-valve Direct Injection DieselCommon Rail engine. This 3.2 liter dieselengine is fitted with a new Common RailInjection system which produces 165 PS @3,500 rpm and provides superior torque of38.1 kg-m @ 2,000 rpm. This 4M41 dieselengine transfer power through a 5-speedINVECS-II with Sportronic plus it is mated toa high tech four wheel drive system calledthe Super Select II. The Super Select II systemallows the driver to shift from 2 wheel driveto 4 wheel drive and vice versa even withoutstopping. A refined version of the 4-wheelindependent suspension is adopted fromthe previous model to provide excellent roadholding capability and ride comfort.The Pajero 30th Anniversary LimitedEdition which is completely imported fromJapan and is available in the following colors:Rio Grande White, Sapporo Silver, QuartzBrown Metallic and Midnight Graphite.The suggested retail price of the 3.2 D-IDCommon Rail Diesel variant is P2.7 million.Vehicle warranty is 3 years or 100,000kilometers, whichever comes first.Legend Hotel Palawanprepares for tourism boomTHE Legend Hotel Palawan has been gearing up to serve thegrowing demand for accommodations and business facilities bythe unprecedented number of tourists arriving for leisure andbusiness in Puerto Princesa City.Anne Mariano, general manager of the hotel, said the city’sprojection of more than 800,000 tourist arrivals this year translate toopportunities to make good impressions of quality tourism services.Official statistics by the Department of Tourism set the numberof tourist arrivals from January to December last year at more than620,000.Rebecca Labit said because many tourists are first-timevacationers, a good first impression means a potential for returnvisits and favorable travel reviews that endorse the city as an exoticdestination.Tourism analysts have explained that major drivers of thetourism growth include improved access due to the operation of aninternational airport (only about a kilometer away from Legend) andlow fares, rising net discretionary incomes of the middle class, Englishproficiency and welcoming attitude of residents, and heightenedawareness of the Underground River as a banner tourism destination.The number of flights have gone up from only three flights twoyears ago to 22 last year. Flights came form Manila, Clark, Cebu,Caticlan, Davao, Iloilo, Flights now arrive at 6.30 am. The last flightleaves at 9 pm.The hotel, Mariano said, had targeted an occupancy rate of65 per cent later for this year but had already attained that rate inJanuary 2013. In reviews in tripadvisor.com, guests commend thehotel for their good experiences during their stay at the hotel.Tourists stay in Puerto Princesa for three or or four days onthe average. They are young people, mostly in the 25 to 34 agebracket and within 35 to 44 years old who are either traveling withfamilies, friends or co-workers. Around 68 percent of these touriststravel for pleasure or vacation and some 15 percent go to the cityVolvo Car Group Launches World-First Injection TechnologyVOLVO Car Group’s new engine family VEA (Volvo EngineArchitecture) will be launched this autumn with worldfirsti-ART technology that helps to cut fuel consumption inthe new diesel engines.By featuring pressure feedback from each fuelinjector instead of using a traditional single pressure sensorin the common rail, i-ART makes it possible to continuouslymonitor and adapt fuel injection per combustion in each ofthe four cylinders.“Increasing the rail pressure to an exceptionallyhigh 2,500 Bar, while adding the i-ART technology, canbe described as the second step in the diesel revolution.It is a breakthrough comparable to when we invented thegroundbreaking lambda sensor for the catalytic converter in1976. It’s another world-first for Volvo,” says Derek Crabb,Vice President for Powertrain Engineering at Volvo Car Group.He adds: “Each injector has a small computer on top,which monitors injection pressure. Using this information,the self-adapting i-ART system makes sure that the idealamount of fuel is injected during each combustion cycle.”The combination of higher injection pressure andi-ART technology gives the customer an engine withimproved fuel economy, considerably lower emissionsand high performance output as well as a powerful soundcharacter.Volvo Car Group will launch the Volvo EngineArchitecture in autumn 2013. With VEA, Volvo will alsointroduce a new 8-speed automatic gearbox that contributesto a refined drive and excellent fuel economy.Diesel common rail and petrol direct injection arestandard in the upcoming modular range of diesel and petrolengines.Several levels of turbo charging open up for theflexibility to cover the whole range from fuel-efficientderivatives through to high power and torque variants. Inorder to cover all customer requirements, certain engineswill also gain added performance via electrification or otherspearhead technology.“The new powertrains will boost driving pleasurethrough their agile, yet smooth, responsiveness and theseamless character of the new 8-speed automatic,” saysDerek Crabb.MOTORING NEWSfor business, professional work or investment.The hotel has 100 rooms, two restaurants, wi-fi facilities atthe lobby, a business center, swimming pool, meeting rooms andconference center. Legend Hotel at Malvar Street is at the heart ofthe city and a kilometer away from the airport.Its 100 rooms are kept comfortable and clean, and the staff iscontinuously under skills-training to maintain quality hotel services.The hotel also has its own tour agency that offers tour packagesnot only for the Underground River but for other exotic places inPuerto Princesa,.Labit said the fame of the Underground River and the city willeven spread widely as the city becomes a regular stop of major cruiseliners.In early March 2013, the Legend of the Seas docked in PuertoPrincesa’s port with more than 2,000 cruise passengers.Mariano said that the tourism industry, a labor-intensive industry,is expected d to benefit from longer stay by tourists with the jointaction of the private sector and the the city government to developnew tourism destinations in the city.Legend Hotel is also among the private companies that assistlocal communities with tourism spots by training workers in skills frompreparing and serving food to bookkeeeping.“We will create smaller, more intelligent engineswith so much power that they will turn V8s into dinosaurs.Our four-cylinder engines will offer higher performancethan today’s six-cylinder units and lower fuel consumptionthan the current four-cylinder generation. On top of that,electrification will bring us up into power figures in today’sV8-territory,” says Crabb.The engines will be built at Volvo Car Group’s hightechengine plant in Skövde, Sweden.44 AQ MAGAZINE AQ MAGAZINE 45

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