DPT 311


DPT 311

Know the Equipment Touchpanel:• Used for system control.Laptop Connections:• Video, audio, & networkconnections.DVD Player/RecorderWireless Microphone

Operating the System

Touch Panel Layout • Sources are listed at thetop of the touch panel.• Upon start-up, the systemwill start with the PC as theselected source.• The main area of the pagedisplays any controls for theselected source.• System Power Off Button.• Adjust the volume UP,DOWN, or MUTE for themicrophones and sourcevolume.

• AUTO ADJUST is used tocorrect the PC image on theprojector.Podium PC Source

• AUTO ADJUST is used tocorrect the Laptop image onthe projector.Laptop Source

Camera Control • Image Zoom• Presets:1. Table View2. Screen3. Podium• Directional Controls

DVD Player & Recorder • Basic Control Buttons• Record Button• Directional Controls

Recording a Session • Step 1:• Insert a Blank DVD-R into the Recorder.

Recording a Session • Step 2:• Set the camera to the desired position.Presets:1. Table View2. Screen3. Podium

Recording a Session • Step 3:• Select the DVD and press record.• When the session is over, press theSTOP button.• Maximum recording time is 120minutes at SP• The camera may be repositionedduring the recording by selecting thecamera source and adjusting to thedesired position.

Please Shut Down the System when Complete 1. Press the POWER OFFbutton.2. Press the YES button toconfirm shut down.

For questions on how to operate the podium orto schedule a training session, please contactEducational Technology:Phone: 404.778.4304 (x84304)Email: somedtk@emory.eduWebsite: med.emory.edu/help

Thank you for your time!Questions?

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