VAALA is proud to present an exhibitfeaturing over 30 recent oil paintings byCao Bá Minh. Through his many-layeredpaintings, the artist explores the spaceof memory, landscape, and time. Theseaspects of space often flow fluidly intoeach other, within one painting andbetween paintings.Những Ngày Đã Qua | Bygone Days14” x 14”, oil on canvasĐường Nét | Lines & Strokes14” x 14”, oil on canvasCao Bá Minh was born in Hai Duong,Vietnam in 1942. Minh evacuated asa young boy to South Vietnam whenwarfare led to the partitioning of thecountry. In 1976, he began a careerin journalism in the city of Saigon. Hesubsequently developed an intenseinterest in the visual arts, and at theage of 27 followed his calling as apainter. Cao Bá Minh arrived in theUnited States as a refugee in 1991. Mostrecently, the artist has participatedin academic discussions sponsoredby the Rockefeller Institute on thecultural consequences of oppressionand violence, in the context of artisticexpression. Minh’s paintings are heldin collections worldwide, includingthe Vietnam Veteran Art Museum inChicago, the Institute Francais andthe German Institute, both in Saigon,Vietnam. The artist currently resides inOrange County, California.

Bản Nháp | Draft20” x 16”, oil on canvasThiên Thần Thời Đại | Angel of Our Times20” x 16”, oil on canvasVịnh | The Bay20” x 16”, oil on canvas

Cây | Tree24” x 18”, oil on canvasKhỏa Thân Xanh | Blue Nude24” x 18”, oil on canvasKẻ Lạ Mặt | Strangers24” x 18”, oil on canvas

Thoát Nhiên | Suddenly24” x 18”, oil on canvasNhánh Hoang | Wild Branch24” x 18”, oil on canvasVùng Ký Ức | Region of Reminiscence24” x 18”, oil on canvas

Mưa Sáng | Morning Rain24” x 18”, oil on canvasVùng Đất Thánh | Holy Land24” x 18”, oil on canvasThai Nhi | Fetus24” x 18”, oil on canvas

Những Mảnh Rời 1 – 8 | Fragments 1 - 824” x 18”, oil on canvas

Bóng Thời Gian | Shadows of Time30” x 24”, oil on canvasChiều Cao Nguyên | Evening in the Highlands40” x 30”, oil on canvas

Biển | Ocean40” x 30”, oil on canvasDưới Chân Đèo | At the Foot of the Mountain Pass40” x 30”, oil on canvas

Hoài Niệm Một Khoảng Đời | Nostalgia for a Period of One’s Life40” x 30”, oil on canvasBên Bờ Vực | On the Edge of the Abyss40” x 30”, oil on canvas

Cuối Tháng Tư | Last Days of April40” x 30”, oil on canvasHoa Tàn | Fading Flowers48” x 36”, oil on canvas

Thân Phận | Predicament40” x 30”, oil on canvas

Khỏa Thân Trên Phông Đỏ | Nude on Red36” x 24”, oil on canvas

Sương Sớm Trên Cao Nguyên | Early Mist in the Highlands48” x 36”, oil on canvas

Mùa Hè Trên Cao Nguyên | Summer in the Highlands48” x 36”, oil on canvas

Thời Thơ Ấu | Childhood60” x 72”, oil on canvas

Vô Hạn | Limitless72” x 60”, oil on canvas

Hồ Trên Núi | Lake Amongst Mountains72” x 60”, oil on canvas

Vùng Đất Hồi Sinh | Land of Resurrection72” x 60”, oil on canvas

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