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Government of NCT of Delhi - Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty ...

Government of NCT of Delhi27.05.20131

Persons per sq kms% change over last censusPopulation Growth in in Delhi Delhi25020015010050010080604020020000150001000050000Population in Lakhs91.0257.144.06 4.14 4.88 6.36 9.18 17.44 26.59 36.47230182138.511901 1911 1921 1931 1941 1951 1961 1971 1981 1991 2001 2011 20219044.330.317.9Population Growth Rate52.556.7 59.352.237.231.426.40 21901 1911 1921 1931 1941 1951 1961 1971 1981 1991 2001 2011 2021YearPopulation density934061383853274 279 329 429 619 1176 1793 245915509122721901 1911 1921 1931 1941 1951 1961 1971 1981 1991 2001 2011 20212 2

Delhi at a glance• Extent of area-1483 Sq kms• Population-18.5 million• Per capita income-Rs. 2.01 lakhs.• GSDP -Rs. 36,600 cr.• Growth target for 12 thPlan – 10.5%•Annual Plan-Rs 16,000 crore.

Slum Dwellings of DelhiNumber of slumsNumber of HouseholdsLand owning agency wise detailsLand OwningAgencyNo. OfJJClusters: 685 JJ Clusters: 4,18,000 Households% age of JJ Clusters in term of LOACantt. Board 12 2CPWD/L&DO 42 6Delhi Govt. 56 6DUSIB 98 15MCD 58 8NDMC 5 1Others 10 1Railway 52 8Grand Total 685 100

Low Cost Housing Projects under JNNURM1. Progress of existing Housing Projects Under JNNURM2. Constraints in implementation of Projects3. Way Forward5

Progress of Approved Projects Under JNNURM (BSUP):S.No Status of DUs DSIIDC DUSIB DDA NDMC Total1. Approved 44,600 18,204 4740 240 67,7842. Constructed 13,820 1024 Nil Nil 14,8443. UnderConstruction4. Tender to beinitiated27,180 17,180 3060 240 47,6603600 Nil Nil Nil 3,6005 Cases whereproblemscropped up3600 120 1680 Nil 54006 Total Projects 9 6 1 1 172

List of Completed ProjectsDSIIDCScheme Place DUsSanctionedApprovedCost (Crs)DUsConstructedRemarksIIIBawana (1184) 3868 113.28 3868 CompletedBhorgarh (1272)Narela (1412)Ghoga (3680) 7104 132.95 7104 CompletedBaprola (3424)IX Baprola 2144 98.45 2144 Completed.X Bawana 704 28.86 704 CompletedDUSIB13820 13820I Dwarka 288 7.99 288 CompletedII Dwarka 736 20.46 736 Completed1024 1024

Revised Guidelines of GNCTD for allotment of EWShouses to Slum dwellers- eligibility and procedure• Cut-off date of residing in the jhuggie is 4 th June, 2009• Name should be in the Electoral Roll on or before 4/6/2009 & atthe time of survey.• Should possess valid ID proof (Any one of 11 documents) at thetime of survey.• Allotment of Flat on lease hold basis for 15 years, to be convertedinto Free hold thereafter.• Allotment made in the joint name of husband and wife.• Nominal beneficiary contribution of 70,000/-approx.• 100% subsidy for SC J.J. dweller.• Authentication of Beneficiary through Aadhaar Card.

Status of relocation as on date• 90 Clusters have been prioritised for relocation of which33 are in Government of NCT of Delhi sites and 57 are insites under Government of India/agencies;• 65 Clusters have been surveyed• Eligibilities have been determined in case of 34 clustersand 1600 beneficiaries have been identified. It has beenfound that about 65% of people surveyed are eligible asper the guidelines.• Eligibility is being determined in camps.• Targeted to identify 5,000 slum dwellers for allotment byJuly and the balance 10,00 DUs are proposed to beallotted to Urban Poor .9

Draw of Lot of Eligible JJ Dwellers ofSurveyed Clusters10

Issue of Allotment Letters to Eligible JJDwellers by Hon’ble Chief Minister, Delhi11

Clearing of JJ Cluster & Shifting of EligibleJJ Families to Bawana12

A view of Flats in Bawana13

Physical Status of On Going Projects of DSIIDCSchemePlaceDU'sSanctionedAppdCost(Crs)Date ofFinalApprovalPHYSICAL STATUSAs on 27/05/2013Likelyprogress on31.3 2014IPooth KhurdPh-I6480 374.72 19.04.2011Present physical progress is35%(35% work front hindereddue to Nursery/Plantation/Trees) Approvalfrom forest departmentawaited..100%IIPooth KhurdPh-II (shiftedto Tikrikalan)4560 272.06 19.04.2011 14%. 100%IIIPooth KhurdPh-III7720 444.91 19.04.2011Present physical progress is22%. (25% Work fronthindered due to Nursery/Plantation/Trees). Approvalfrom forest departmentawaited..85%IVTikri KalanPh-I8420(6740)490.21 10.01.2012Work recently started80%

Financial Status of ongoing ProjectsDSIIDC(Rs. in Crs.)Scheme Place DUsSanctionedApprovedCostContractAmountCentreShareStateShareShare ReleasedCentralStateExpendItureupto31.3.13IPoothKhurd Ph-I6480 374.71 253.22 164.81 209.90 82.40(2 nd )26.28 94.33IIPoothKhurd Ph-II4560 272.06 173.29 115.52 156.5428.88(1 st )28.27 25.69IIIPoothKhurd Ph-III7720 444.96 298.17 195.76 249.2097.88(2 nd )47.86 84.61IVTikri KalanPh-I8420 490.21 301.81 219.96 270.2554.99(1 st )67.56 15.29TOTAL 27180 1511.67 1026.49 696.05 1055.90 264.15 169.97 219.9215

DUSIB, DDA, NDMC : Physical Status of Ongoing ProjectsS.No.Deptt.Name ofProjectProjectCost(Crs.)No. of DUsSanctionedDate ofStartPhysicalProgressLikely dateofcompletion1 DUSIB Bhalaswa,Jahangirpuri,366.84 7400 26.07.12 25% 31.03.142DUSIB Sec-16B, Ph-II, Dwarka50.69 980 10.3.12 60% 31.12.133.DUSIBSite No. A-3,Sultanpuri58.44 1180 13.3.12 58% 31.12.134 DUSIB5 DDASavadaGhevra,(Ph-III)Narela Ph-III(SiraspurVillage)407.69 7620 10.3.12 20% 31.03.14196.06 4760 21.06.1067% of thework frontavailable for2920 DU31.03.146 NDMC Bakarwala 21.89 240 01.06.13Workawarded30.06.14

DSIIDC : Physical Status of held up ProjectSchemePlaceDU'sSanctionedAppdCost(Crs)Date of FinalApprovalCURRENT STATUSI Kanjhawala 3600 229.83 5.10.2012(by SLSC)Preparation of DE, NIT inprogress.ISSUES1. 80-90 Acres of Gram Sabha land at Kanjhawala is in the processof allotment to UD department.2. Ministry of Expenditure has asked for a commitment from StateGovt to bear the cost of unreleased ACA beyond 31.3.201418

CONSTRAINTS1. Master Plan Provisions2. Multiplicity of Approvals3. Availability of Water Supply4. Availability of Land5. Cost of Peripheral Infrastructure6. Maintenance of completed Projects19

CONSTRAINTS1. Master Plan Provisions• No separate Development Control norms for EWS Housing areavailable in MPD 2021. In absence of DC norms approvals of Plansof the scheme by MCD is pending.• FAR permissible for Slum rehabilitation is 400 and Density allowed is600 +10% DUs per Hectare. It is possible when EWS houses areconstructed as multistoried structures (16 story or more). Cost ofconstruction per DU in multistoried is almost double as compared tofive storied structure which we are executing currently in all ourschemes because of which neither this FAR nor the density could neachieved.• Parking norms and other Social Infrastructure requirement availablein MPD 2021 is only for group housing which is too high thatdemands huge financial resources and not feasible for EWShousing.20

CONSTRAINTS2. Multiplicity of Approvals• For execution of the Projects following approvals are required from variousdepartments.• Approval of layout Plan from MCD/DDA.• Approval of scheme from DUAC.• Approval from Fire Deptt.• Environmental Clearance.• Approval of Water Supply, drainage & Sewerage scheme from DJB.• Electricity scheme to be taken from TPDDL/BSES.3. Supply of Potable Water• Adequate quantity of potable water supply not available due to supplyconstraints.• Permission for borewells for huge quantity of water is very difficult.• Even if the permission is received, treatment of water from bore well is verycostly affair.4. Non-availability of Land for relocation near the Slum, to be relocated.• Encroachment free land is not available near the slum to be relocated.• Available Land is at far off place from main city, whereas most of the slumsare located within main city area.• Most of the land is with DDA which is not under control of Delhi State.21

CONSTRAINTS5. Cost of Peripheral Infrastructure• High cost involved for laying water supply network, upto the tune ofRs 20,250/- per DU• High Cost of laying electricity network including setting of 66/11kvgrid, transformers etc.• Cost of Disposal of Drainage and Sewerage to long distances fromsite is also a matter of great concern and involves huge expenses.6. Maintenance of completed Projects.• Funding of maintenance charges of completed houses andInfrastructure like STP, Street light, RWH, roads, Parks, Drainage,sewerage, water supply, garbage disposal and cleaning of roads etc.from Slum dwellers is a difficult task. No RWA of these housingschemes will fund above mentioned maintenance activities.22

WAY FORWARD1. Rental Accommodation ( Accommodation for Transit Labour)2. Housing Projects under RAY3. In-situ development4. Accommodation for Urban Poor23

Rental Accommodation ( Accommodation for TransitLabour)• DSIIDC has prepared four Pilot Projects for TransitAccommodation on rental basis under Rajiv Avas Yojna (RAY).• SLSC has approved these projects on 5.10.2012S. No.IIIIIIIVProjectsApproved5 BededDormitory atKanjhawala10 BededDormitory atKanjhawala5 BededDormitory atSamastpur10 BededDormitory atSamastpurNo.personsofProject Cost(in crores)No. ofRooms/DormitoryDuration of theProject10500 201.20 2100 24 months9520 160.86 952 24 months12600 222.14 2520 24 months21000 322.10 2100 24 months14

Rajiv Awas Yojna - Slum Free Plan ofAction for Delhi• RAY envisages mapping of entire slum population, preparation ofslum free city action plan and projects.•DUSIB is the nodal agency for preparing Slum free city action plan• Socio-economic survey for enumeration of Slum Dwellerscompleted by March, 2013 and verification process started• 3,50,000 House holds have been surveyed.• Slum free city action plan and identification of pilot projects likelyto be completed by September, 2013.• UIDAI enrolment of 10 lakh+ JJ dwellers undertaken during thelast one and half years.

Rajiv Awas Yojna – Comprehensive SocioEconomic Survey of JJ Clusters in Delhi

DUSIB: EWS Housing Schemes under Rajiv Awas Yojna (RAY)S. No.Proposed Projects No. of DUs Project Cost(in crores)Cost per DUIEWS Housing for JJDwellers at SultanpuriNear F-Block2880268.70 9.33 LacsIIEWS Housing atKalyan Puri1472172.71 11.73 LacsIIIIn-situ Housing atHarinagar Ashram600 66.00 PPP Mode

Housing requirement for Delhi for next five years• As per Socio-Economy SurveyNo. of house hold : 3.50 lacs +• No. of flats under construction : 0.67 lacs• No. of DUs required in next 5 years : 3 lacs• Cost per DUs in multi storied : 10 lacs• Land reqd. for const. of 3 lacs houses : 500 Hectare• Total Cost of 3 lacs houses : Rs. 30,000 Crs.• Funding pattern ACA : 50%• State Govt. Share i/c beneficiary : 50%• Fund required per year : Rs. 6000 Crs.for 5 years

Issues for discussionS. No.1234PointThere are 17 BSUP projects in Delhifor construction of 67784 DUs withCentral Share of Rs. 1472.73 crores.(Against ACA allocation ofRs. 1481.28 crores)Out of 17 projects, 2 are non-starterprojectsLarge no. of Non-starter DUs(7200-11%)Out of 14844 DUs, completed, only585 DUs have been occupiedReplyFactually correctWork for const. of 240 DUs at Bakarwalahave been awarded by NDMC and workstarted. Decision on c/o 3600 DUs atKanjhawala is under process.Kanjhawala – 3600Bakarwala – 240 (work awarded)Siraspur, Narela – 1680Tikri – 1680 (likely to be resolved shortly)At present 1600 DUs allotted and target forJuly, 13 is for 5500 DUs. Balance DUsproposed to be allotted to Urban Poors.

Issues for discussionS. No.PointReply5678Kanjhawala project has beenapproved by FM, MoF with certainconditions for which assurance ispending from Govt. of NCT Delhi.In a meeting on 25.04.2013, therepresentative of State Govt.informed that Out of 44600 DUs beingexecuted by DSIIDC, 39320 DUs arelikely to be completed by 31.03.2014.Action plan for allocation of DUs isawaited.Time Barred UCs: (Last installmentwas released before 31.03.2012) – 9under BSUP may be expedited.Approval for assurance from GNCT Delhi isunder process and will be submitted shortly.Shortfall is for 5280 houses is as under:-Kanjhawala – 3600 (Assurance from Statereqd.)Tikri – 1680 ( likely to be resolved shortly)At present 1600 DUs allotted and target forJuly, 13 is for 5500 DUs. Balance DUsproposed to be allotted to Urban Poors.Details may please be furnished.

Issues for discussionS. No.PointReply9IPoMS status: Total sanctioned: 17, UnderExecution 15, Reported:5Once all the project created inIPoMS the status will be updatedregularly.10111% JNNURM Fund : UC for Grants-in-aid of Rs. 3.00lakh pending. The amount was sanctioned by theMinistry to the UT for capacity building on29.03.2007. Last reminder on 26.04.2013.Constitution of the District Level Review andMonitoring Committee (DLR&MC) under JNNURM-Ministry of Urban Development vide Order No. K-14012/101(18)/2010-NURM II dated 28 th November,2011 had requested the State Govt. to constitute theDLRM&C to review and monitor the progress ofimplementation of projects Sanctioned underJNNURM. The reply of the State Govt. is stillawaited. The standing committee on UrbanDevelopment in its 16 th Report has also reiteratedtheir recommendation for constitution of theDLRM&C expeditiously. Last reminder was sent tothe on 23.04.2013. No reply has been received fromthe State so far.This will be expedited.Being the special nature andcondition of Delhi, this may berelaxed in case of Delhi. Delhi willhave one monitoring Committee/or SLSC will do the needfull.

Thank You32

Agencies dealing with Housing in Delhi• DDA : For identifying residential areas and also constructionof LIG/MIG/HIG & EWS housing. Finalisation ofMaster Plan.• DUSIB : Rehabilitation of JJ dwellers.• GNCTD: Policy formulation for EWS housing & Slumrelocation.

Financial Summary of Completed ProjectsDSIIDC(Rs. in Crs.)SchemePlaceDUsSanctionedApprovedCostRevisedProjectCostCentreShareStateShareShare ReleasedCentralStateExpendItureupto31.3.13Bawana(1184) 3868 113.27 128.00 46.17 67.11 46.17 67.11 127.41IIIBhorgarh(1272)Narela (1412)Ghoga (3680) 7104 132.83 213.91 58.56 74.27 55.18 74.27 201.66Baprola(3424)IX Baprola 2144 98.46 98.46 40.96 57.50 40.96 57.50 60.45X Bawana 704 28.87 28.87 11.84 17.038.88(75%)17.03 15.4713820 373.43 469.24 157.53 215.91 151.19 215.91 404.9934

Annual Plan for ACA for Transit AccommodationS. No.ProjectsApprovedFundrequirementfor 2013-14Fundrequirementfor 2014-15Fundrequirementfor 2015-16Fundrequirement for2016-17IFour projects ofTransitAccommodation25 Crs175 Crs 175 Crs 78 Crs14

Creating transit accommodations at vacant piece ofland in squatter resettlement colonies/ resettlementcolonies in Delhi• Proposal of temporary accommodation on rental basis forhawkars, riksha pullers, household workers etc.• Identified vacant land in SRS/Resettlement/other colonies.• Transit Camp proposed to be with prefab/porta; purelytemporary.• PPP Model will be evolved.

Housing Projects under RAY37

Planning for Slum Rehabilitation• Improvement of slums planned using GIS andsocio-economic data about dwellers.• Comprehensive GIS of Delhi Govt with over 470layers, including utility services, socialinfrastructure, and data from socio-economicsurvey.• Socio-economic survey : detailed house holdsurvey, including multiple sources of identity.• Biometric survey – Aadhar /UIDAI.• Cluster level information integrated with GIS forcomprehensive analysis capabilities for planning.

Rajiv Awas Yojna – Workshop on CommunityParticipation at IHC on 12-09-2012

Rehabilitation portion for SlumDwellersSale portion developed bybuilderIn-situ development of JJ cluster on PPP basis

Accommodation for Urban PoorConstruction of 40,000 flats for Lower Income Group (LIG) atvacant land in Savdha Ghevra & Bhalswa - Jahangirpuri• 100 acres vacant land available for housing at Savda-Ghewravillage.• Approx. 102 acres un-utilized/vacant land available at BhalaswaJahangirpuri.• DUSIB approved to develop projects for 40,000 LIG Housing.

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