Hutchinson/Andrew Trio with the Lily String Quartet ... - Yardbird Suite

Hutchinson/Andrew Trio with the Lily String Quartet ... - Yardbird Suite

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THE BEST OF ALBERTA JAZZ SERIESHutchinson / Andrew Triowith the Lily String QuartetThe Hutchinson Andrew Trio is a unique voiceon the Canadian jazz scene. Over the past eightyears, this acoustic piano-based trio has beenbringing their own Western Canadian sound,mixing contemporary swing, latin, and acousticgroove, to the Canadian jazz landscape.Comprised of bassist Kodi Hutchinson, CBCGalaxie Rising Star pianist Chris Andrew, andCanadian jazz star Karl Schwonik on drums,the trio is a two-time Western CanadianMusic Awards nominee for Outstanding JazzRecording.The Hutchinson Andrew Trio is excited torelease their third album ‘Prairie Modern’. Thealbum consists of 13 original tracks that area reflection of the vast array of musical andpersonal influences growing up in Canada’sPrairies. Featuring special guests Grammynominatedsaxophonist Donny McCaslin andpercussion master Rogério Boccato, ‘PrairieModern’ represents the harmony, beauty, energyand excitement of the modern Canadian West.For the release of their new album, the trio isjoined by Calgary’s award-winning Lily StringQuartet. The music for this event will be amixture of arrangements of music from ‘PrairieModern’ and new works composed by ChrisAndrew for jazz trio and strings. The trio isexcited to debut the new music as supportedby the Alberta Foundation for the Arts!when...Hutchinson / Andrew Triowith the Lily String QuartetFrom Calgary/EdmontonFRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $18, GUESTS $22DOORS 8 PM - SHOW 9 PMKodi Hutchinson - bassChris Andrew - pianoKarl Schwonik - drumsElisa Milner - violinDiane Lane - violinPatricia Higgins - violaAndrea Case - celloArtist website:kodihutchinson.comchrisandrewmusic.comwww. 3

INTERNATIONAL JAZZ SERIESMaciej Sikala/Piotr Lemanczyk/Tyler Hornby TrioThe Sikala/Lemanczyk/Hornby project is aunique acoustic trio, fusing elements from thecontemporary jazz worlds of both Europe andNorth America.It was a fortunate set of circumstances thatbrought this international trio of world classmusicians together. Based in Canada, drummerTyler Hornby had a friend drop a CD to a clubowner in Poland. The club owner was so impressedwith what he heard that he passed the albumalong to a musician in Poland. In turn, the Polishmusician liked his playing so much, the next thinghe knew, Tyler was on a plane to Europe. Enter topPolish saxophonist Maciej Sikala and bassist PiotrLemanczyk, and the rest is history. Put togetheronstage in Europe, this trio of musicians foundan instant musical connection that has enduredsince. Bringing their spirited playing, virtuosicmusicianship, and beautiful composition together,the trio has been in high demand in Europe.Having played various festivals and concertsin Northern Europe including the Krakow JazzFestival, they are extremely pleased to bring theirnew album ‘Able to Fly’ across the Atlantic Oceanto audiences in North America.when...Maciej Sikala/Piotr Lemanczyk/Tyler Hornby TrioFrom Poland/CalgarySATURDAY, MARCH 23, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $18, GUESTS $22DOORS 8 PM - SHOW 9 PMMaciej Sikala - tenor saxophonePiotr Lemanczyk - bassTyler Hornby - drumsArtist website:www.maciejsikala.plwww.piotrlemanczyk.comwww.tylerhornby.com4 Spring 2013

INTERNATIONAL JAZZ SERIESPascal Schumacher QuartetPascal Schumacher has been described as a“Goldsmith” in his art, a boundary-pushingmusician, a resourceful improviser and animaginative composer. Keen to explore the linksthat exist between many musical genres, it isdifficult to pigeonhole his talent, his taste or hismusical influences. One thing is certain: he is avibraphone player with a unique aptitude andsensitivity who manages to inject panache andflamboyance into every performance. His flair forimprovisation is married to a lucid inventivenesswhich together create an original sound asvisionary as it is melodic.The Pascal Schumacher Quartet has a potenthook-laden feel that produces a contemporarysound that is beautiful, melodic and effortlesslyarticulated.Pascal Schumacher has released “Bang My Can”, hisfifth album for PSQ and his third project for EnjaRecords since signing with them in 2008.The Pascal Schumacher Quartet was formed in2002 at the legendary Sounds Jazz Club in Brussels.In addition to Schumacher on vibraphone, thegroup includes the strongly talented Germanpiano player Franz von Chossy (living and workingin Amsterdam), the Belgian double bass playerChristophe Devisscher and the German drummerJens Düppe.when...Pascal Schumacher QuartetFrom Luxemburg/Germany/BelgiumSUNDAY, MARCH 24, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $20, GUESTS $24DOORS 7:30 PM - SHOW 8 PMPascal Schumacher - vibraphoneFranz von Chossy - pianoChristophe Devisscher - bassJens Duppe - drumsArtist website:www.pascalschumacher.comwww. 5

CANADIAN JAZZ SERIESAndrea Superstein QuartetSultry and sublime, Andrea Superstein embodies smokyblues and sassy swing, guiding you through a fantasticalworld of dimly-lit speakeasies and lavish nightclubs. Hersound is both hauntingly familiar yet compellingly new. She’sSarah Vaughan meets Blossom Dearie meets your favouritemartini. It’s no wonder they call her Super.Super’s debut at the 2010 Vancouver International JazzFestival was met with great acclaim and a Galaxie Awardnomination for emerging talent. Three standing room onlyperformances had fans mesmerized with her take on thestandards and her edgy rendition of Radiohead’s KarmaPolice brought the house down. Her first album “One Night”,recently released, is a triumph. Her blend of musicianshipand performance sets her apart from her contemporaries.Hailing from Montreal, Super now calls Vancouver her homeand spins melodies that are rooted deeply in her experiencesof these cities. Super’s soulful style combines a masterfulblend of jazz, Latin and blues.Although on the scene for but a short while, Super hasalready had the pleasure of studying with legends NancyKing and Kate Hammett-Vaughn as well as new generationjazz superstars Sara Gazarek, Sachal Vasandani and GretchenParlato.when...Andrea Superstein QuartetFrom VancouverFRIDAY, MARCH 29, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $18, GUESTS $22DOORS 8 PM - SHOW 9 PMAndrea Superstein - vocalsSharon Minemoto - pianoRene Worst - bassJulian MacDonough - drumsArtist Website:www.andreasuperstein.com6 Spring 2013

INTERNATIONAL JAZZ SERIESLynne ArrialeLynne Arriale’s remarkable career is graced by arare commitment to authenticity and vulnerabilitydefined by careful craft and high artistic standards. Itis precisely this willingness to remain so emotionallyexposed that makes her performances so accessibleto music lovers of all kinds.If the nature of jazz is “reinvention,” then pianist/composer Lynne Arriale has truly led the jazzlife, following a personal and musical journeythroughout which she has reinvented herself, hercraft and her artistic direction. The consummatestoryteller, Arriale immediately connects withher audience through emotionally chargedperformances. Her compelling compositions,refreshing melodies, and reinterpretations of popand rock classics not only bring accolades fromcritics but help create new audiences of listenerspreviously unfamiliar with jazz.At the core of Arriale’s appeal are her warmth,humor and ability to communicate withher audiences. “She achieves a special, deepconnection with her audience, and the energyflows both ways. Arriale’s emotional authenticityallows her audience to feel and think along withher” (Jazz Times). One ingredient to her successhas been Lynne’s focus on the melody regardlessof where spontaneous improvisation takes her. “Isearch for the ‘heart’ of the song, find what makesit special to me and use it as musical inspiration,”says Lynne.After having released a dozen trio and quartetrecordings, Lynne’s musical explorations continuewith her first solo piano recording, entitled “Solo,”which was released on Motema Music in 2012.Her two previous visits to the Yardbird Suite werewith her trio. This will be our first opportunity tohear her in a solo context.More information on this event isavailable at join us for‘Meet the Artist’ event prior tothe show at 8:30 PMwhen...Lynne ArrialeFrom Jacksonville, FloridaSATURDAY, MARCH 30, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $20, GUESTS $24DOORS 8 PM - SHOW 9 PMLynne Arriale - solo pianoArtist Website:lynnearriale.comwww. 7

CROSS-BORDER JAZZ SERIESWalt Weiskopf/Peter Zak QuartetSaxophonist, composer and author Walt Weiskopfbegan his New York career performing with theBuddy Rich Big Band in 1981 at the age of 21.Two years later, he joined the Toshiko Akioshi JazzOrchestra and also formed his own quartet. Hehas made an impressive mark as both a leaderand sideman with at least fifteen criticallyacclaimedCDs and countless sideman credits,including performing and recording with FrankSinatra, Steely Dan, Donald Fagen and SteveSmith’s Jazz Legacy.A dynamic player firmly in the tradition ofJohn Coltrane and Sonny Rollins, he possessesenormous technical prowess. Walt is equallywell-regarded as a composer and his CDs containpredominantly original work. He has also writtenfive books on advanced topics in improvisationwhich are among the most respected in the field.Peter Zak has come to be recognized as one ofthe finest pianists on the New York jazz scene. Hehas recorded and performed with such artists asJunior Cook, George Coleman, Jimmy Cobb, BillyHart, Ryan Kisor, Etta Jones, Scott Hamilton, CurtisStigers, Al Foster, Eric Alexander, Jim Snidero, andJon Hendricks, among many others.Joining Walt and Peter for this weekend ofhard-charging, straight ahead jazz will be Calgarybassist Kodi Hutchinson and drummer QuincyDavis from the University of Manitoba.when...Walt Weiskopf / Peter Zak QuartetFrom New York/Winnipeg/CalgaryFRIDAY-SATURDAY, APRIL 5-6, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $18, GUESTS $22DOORS 8 PM - SHOW 9 PMWalt Weiskopf - saxophonePeter Zak - pianoKodi Hutchinson - bassQuincy Davis - drumsArtist website:www.waltweiskopf.comwww.peterzakmusic.com8 Spring 2013

CANADIAN JAZZ SERIESThe Worst Pop Band EverWith influences ranging from Wayne Shorter toDeerhoof to J Dilla, The Worst Pop Band Ever is aToronto based group that tries to combine a loveof improvisational jazz and indie pop. Individually,the members of the WPBE have worked witha Who’s Who of Canadian and internationalmusicians, including Feist, Blue Rodeo, ElizabethShepherd and the Shuffle Demons. Together,whether it be blending acoustic bass withturntables or analog synths with the saxophone,the WPBE sets out to twist and bend bothoriginals and covers, straddling genres andbutting heads with described their latest album,“Sometimes Things Go Wrong (and other songswe shouldn’t play)” recorded live at the Cellarin Vancouver in 2011, as “…music for people,whether they dig jazz or not. The group deliversa set that cares less about genres… just a tightband playing with substance and feeling for anappreciative audience.” (Mark Turner, July 2012).They have played festivals and clubs throughoutNorth America. They were recently called“highlights of the festival” at the 2012 TD CanadaTrust Toronto Jazz Festival. Their music has alsobeen used for film and videos for the UnitedNations, Teletoon, CBC and the National FilmBoard.when...The Worst Pop Band EverFrom TorontoFRIDAY, APRIL 12, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $18, GUESTS $22DOORS 8 PM - SHOW 9 PMChris Gale - saxophoneLEO37 - turntablesAdrean Farrugia - pianoDrew Birston - bassTim Shia - drumsArtist 9

CANADIAN JAZZ SERIESDeJong/Fisk Collectivefeaturing David BraidThe DeJong/Fisk Collective is a musical initiativecreated by Simon Fisk and Mark DeJong thatexplores improvised music in harmonicallyflexible and rhythmically diverse instrumentalsettings. They have performed in Shanghaiand across western Canada and have featurednumerous musicians including master drummerJerry Granelli, (Halifax), guitarist Gord Grdina(Vancouver) percussionists Liam MacDonald(Vancouver), Jon May (Calgary) and Hal Schrenk(Saskatoon), guitarist Aaron Young (Calgary) anddrummer Jerome Jennings (New York)Having performed in another setting with DavidBraid in 2010, Fisk and DeJong wanted to findother opportunities to harness their musicalchemistry with Braid. The result is “Soundscapes”,when...DeJong/Fisk Collectivefeaturing David BraidFrom Calgary/TorontoSATURDAY, APRIL 13, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $16, GUESTS $20DOORS 8 PM - SHOW 9 PMdeveloped during a10-day tour of Alberta andSaskatchewan in the spring of 2012. The musicreflects the uninhibited interplay between threemusicians who choose to create soundscapesusing melody, rhythm, musical form and timbre aspoints of departure. Tone color and textures areevoked to create moods that shift dramatically,drawing the listener towards an ever-expandingsonic palette. The resulting soundscapes areexploratory and dynamic, yet accessible becausethey are firmly rooted in standard musicalstructures.The instrumentation is primarily acoustic, yetthe range of tone colors is substantial and richlyvaried. Bassist/cellist Fisk utilizes traditionalwalking bass lines combined with bowing(arco), strumming, percussive finger tapping,harmonics, and rhythmically distinct soloflourishes. Saxophonist DeJong combines thebold and brash possibilities of the saxophonewith soft lyrical phrases, exploring the inherentextremes in dynamics yet deftly changing to theorganic tones and textures of the bass clarinet.Braid utilizes a prodigious traditional techniquecombined with percussive tones and preparedpiano timbres. His instantaneous harmonic andmelodic command flow effortlessly to surprisingmusical conclusions.Mark De Jong - saxophoneDavid Braid - pianoSimon Fisk - bassArtist Spring 2013

CROSS-BORDER JAZZ SERIESJoe La Barbera/Jon Mayer TrioJoe La Barbera has enjoyed a long and variedcareer in music, a career that has taken him all overthe world with some of the finest names in jazz.He is regarded by his peers as a musical drummerand a supportive accompanist. A member of amusical jazz family including saxophonist Pat andarranger/composer John, after his official musicaleducation, Joe began his professional career withWoody Herman and the Thundering Herd, thenthe Chuck Mangione Quartet and on to New Yorkfor freelance gigs with the likes of Jim Hall, PhilWoods, Art Farmer, Gary Burton, Art Pepper, JohnScofield, Bob Brookmeyer and Toots Thielemans toname just a few.In 1978 Joe was asked to join Bill Evans in whatwas to become a landmark trio. Along with bassistMarc Johnson, the trio grew over a two-yearperiod to become one of Evans’ finest. After Bill’suntimely death in 1980, Joe joined pop singerTony Bennett.internationally. On the local scene he is busy withhis own quintet as well as sideman duties withmany well-known jazz artists. In 1999, along withTom Warrington, Larry Koonse and Clay Jenkins,Joe created Jazz Compass, an independentrecording company dedicated to the kind ofcreative music that has always been close to hisheart. His most recent release on the label is “SilverStreams”.Since 1993, Joe has been on the faculty ofCalifornia Institute for the Arts in Valencia,California. He is also a visiting artist at UNLV (LasVegas), and a faculty member of the Bud ShankJazz Workshop.Currently residing in Los Angeles, Joe is involvedin a wide range of music locally, nationally andwww. 11

Taking up the piano near the end of high school,New York native Jon Mayer’s passion for jazz hasbeen all-consuming. In the late 1950s, he becamea regularly-appearing member of the thriving NYCmusic scene playing with Kenny Dorham, TonyScott, Pete LaRoca and Ray Draper. Eventually herecorded with two of the greatest saxophonistsever: Jackie McLean on “Strange Blues” (Prestige/OJC) and John Coltrane on a session known as thelegendary “I Talk With The Trees” date and finallyissued in 1990 as part of Coltrane’s “Like Sonny”(Roulette). He had a chance to hear, meet and playwith some of the foremost musicians working inNew York in this formative period.In the ‘60s and ‘70s, Mayer remained active, playingin both New York and Europe with the likes ofthe Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra, DionneWarwick, Sarah Vaughan and the ManhattanTransfer, and writing songs recorded by LesMcCann, Nancy Wilson and others.when...Joe La Barbera / Jon Mayer TrioFrom Los Angeles/CalgaryFRIDAY-SATURDAY, APRIL 19-20, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $18, GUESTS $22DOORS 8 PM - SHOW 9 PMJon Mayer - pianoKodi Hutchinson - bassJoe La Barbera - drumsArtist or less off the scene for a number of years,he resurfaced in the early 1990s in Los Angeles.People who heard him were readily impressedwith his artistry, characterized by a suppleand relaxed rhythmic feel and a keen sense ofmelodicism in his solos. Here was an authenticjazz musician, an artist who desired, as did CharlieParker when stating his own personal goal, to playfast and clean and go for the pretty notes.He has released a number of excellent mainstreamrecordings since 1996 starting with “Round upthe Usual Suspects” (Pullen Music) featuringtwo genuine jazz giants - bassist Ron Carter anddrummer Billy Higgins. Most of his recent discshave been piano trios on the Reservoir labelMayer’s philosophy toward playing and really,his playing itself is deceptively simple. “I’m tryingto convey the emotional range and feeling thatI perceived in the people that I admired when Istarted,” says Mayer, who goes on to name manyof the very best jazz pianists: Bud Powell, Bill Evans,Red Garland, Wynton Kelly, Carl Perkins, HoraceSilver. “Those are the guys who got my endorphinskicking, who opened up rooms in my psyche andmade me say, ‘I want to do that.’ I think I’ve takeninspiration from them and come up with my ownvoice.”12 Spring 2013

CROSS-BORDER JAZZ SERIESAdkins/Froman/Turcotte/Vivian QuartetSaxophonist Michael Adkins was born inSarnia, Ontario and has made New Yorkhis home for over a decade. He has beena working member of two of the late PaulMotian’s bands with numerous performancesat New York’s celebrated Village Vanguard. Thesaxophonist has recorded two albums withthe drum great Paul Motian. Michael’s quartetrelease for HatHut with Paul Motian on drumswas chosen by Britain’s Wire Magazine as Jazz& Improv Album of the Year in 2008. PenguinEncyclopedia of Jazz’s author Brian Mortonwriting in Wire Magazine, called the album “thebest hour of contemporary jazz I’ve heard thisyear.” Another solo recording, also released byHatHut features the saxophonist with LarryGrenadier, Russ Lossing, and Paul Motian.The Michael Adkins Quartet features two timeJuno Award winning drummer Ian Fromanwith two of Canada’s premier jazz artists, JimVivian on bass, and Kevin Turcotte on trumpet.The critically-acclaimed and award-winningensemble’s members bring to audiences apowerful experience of group exploration byCanadian musicians who are simultaneouslyprofoundly accomplished on their instrumentsand consistently seeking to explore the uniquepotential of jazz music.when...Adkins/Froman/Turcotte/Vivian QuartetFrom New York/TorontoFRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $20, GUESTS $24DOORS 8 PM - SHOW 9 PMMichael Adkins - tenor saxophoneKevin Turcotte - trumpetJim Vivian - bassIan Froman - drumswww. 13

INTERNATIONAL JAZZ SERIESRené Marie’s“Experiment In Truth” QuartetRené Marie, the award winning singer whosestyle incorporates elements of jazz, soul,blues and gospel, has quickly become aheroine to many, a woman of great strengthexuding stamina and compassion. Waitinguntil she was forty years old to begin herprofessional singing career, she has evolvedinto one of the greatest and most sensuousvocalists of our time in less than twenty years.Unmistakably honest and unpretentiouswhile transforming audiences worldwidewith her powerful interpretations, electrifyingdeliveries and impassioned vocals, René Mariehas drawn a legion of fans and music criticswho find themselves not only entertained,but encouraged and even changed by herperformances.Her latest recording on Motema is “BlackLace Freudian Slip”. It is a jazz-oriented vocalalbum that is dominated by the singer’sown compositions. Co-produced by pianistBruce Barth, her writing is as strong as hersinging. Jazz vocalists, of course, have a longhistory of using other artists’ songs to expressthemselves emotionally; but on this album herown songs are the main focus. The jazz worldis full of artists who have little or no interest inanything having to do with rock, folk, or R&B;Marie, however, clearly is not one of them.The jazz-oriented (though not jazz-exclusive)singer has kept an open mind, and that openmindednesscontinues to serve her well on“Black Lace Freudian Slip”.when...René Marie’s “Experiment InTruth” QuartetFrom New YorkSATURDAY, APRIL 27, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $22, GUESTS $26DOORS 8 PM - SHOW 9 PMRené Marie - vocalsKevin Bales - pianoElias Bailey - bassQuentin Baker - drumsArtist Websites:renemarie.com14 Spring 2013

www. 15

CROSS-BORDER JAZZ SERIESTunnel SixTunnel Six is a sextet comprised of some of themost notable up and coming jazz musicians fromvarious cities in Canada and the U.S. The groupwas formed when its members were attendingthe International Workshop in Jazz and CreativeMusic at the Banff Centre in Alberta in May 2009.Though the band was formed by chance meeting,the unique musical chemistry between the bandmembers was immediately evident from thefirst notes they played. Recognizing this uniqueand effortless chemistry, the band unanimouslyagreed that the group should pursue as manyfuture performance and recording opportunitiesas possible. Within the span of the three-weekworkshop, the band members felt as thoughthey had already been playing together for years.The efforts of Tunnel Six during the workshopculminated in several performances and anextensive recording session in the facilities at theBanff Centre.Since its inception, Tunnel Six has composed asubstantial amount of new music and performedit across Canada and the U.S. The group hascompleted three cross-continental tours acrossCanada and the U.S. including many urbancenters and rural communities. Their debut album“Lake Superior” was released in the spring of 2011on Seattle-based Origin Records and distributedwithin Canada, the U.S. and Europe. A new livealbum recorded in Canada and the U.S. will bereleased in the spring of 2013.when...Tunnel SixFrom Toronto/Halifax/Portland/New York/SeattleFRIDAY, MAY 3, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $18, GUESTS $22DOORS 8 PM - SHOW 9 PMChad McCullough - trumpetBen Dietschi - saxophonesBrian Seligman - guitarAndrew Oliver - pianoRonald Hynes - bassTyson Stubelek - drumsArtist website: www.tunnelsix.com16 Spring 2013

SPECIAL EVENTLittlebirds Big Band25th AnniversaryThe Littlebirds Big Band has turned 25 yearsold! Started in 1988 by saxophonist GordonTowell, the Littlebirds started as part of a jazzeducation program run by the Edmonton JazzSociety. The band recruited high school agedmusicians from the Edmonton area to rehearseeach week and present several performanceseach year.Towell’s tenure was short-lived as he returnedto school to start a doctoral degree. DeanMcNeill was the next director of the Littlebirdsand perhaps best known for establishing theband as one of western Canada’s finest groups.Dean also heard the call of school and leftthe band to Jerrold Dubyk who directed it fortwo years. Craig Brenan became director inthe fall of 1998. Joel Gray became director in2004 and the Littlebirds continue to flourishand develop, sustaining their high level ofmusicianship.To celebrate the 25th anniversary of theLittlebirds, the EJS is proud to present an allstaralumni band made up of some of thosemembers who have gone on to professionalmusic careers. Many of the alumni will befamiliar to local jazz fans as award-winningperformers, composers, and band leaders.The Littlebirds 25th Anniversary AlumniBand will be performing a wide variety of bigband music, from the swing era to modernjazz, featuring some of Canada’s finest jazzmusicians.when...Littlebirds Big Band25th AnniversaryFrom Edmonton/CalgarySATURDAY, MAY 4, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $20, GUESTS $24DOORS 8 PM - SHOW 9 PMDirector: Joel GrayJim Brenan, Jerrold Dubyk, Jeff Hendrick,Dan Davis, Bryan Qu - saxophonesCraig Brenan, Marty Majorowicz, Alden Lowry,Hannah Gray - trombonesDoug Berner, Matt Michielin, Jeremy Maitland,Chris Hodge - trumpetsPaul Richey - pianoStephane Krimms - bassEfa Etoroma - drumswww. 17

CANADIAN JAZZ SERIESJeri Brown:The First Ladies of JazzOriginally from St. Louis, Jeri Brown has been based in Montrealfor many years where she also teaches at Concordia Universityand the Jongleur Vocal Arts Performance School. Jeri has enjoyedan illustrious career as an award-winning jazz vocalist with elevenCDs to her credit for Justin Time Records and for her own label,Jongleur Productions.In February of this year, Jeri recorded her first live album as a partof her “First Ladies of Jazz” series.Ms. Brown’s voice can be described as three-dimensional. Tothe up and down (a fouroctave range), she adds an in and out,a plasticity of dynamics stretched and deepened by changes ofvowel and tonal color, from breathy contralto to high flute-liketones. Like Sarah Vaughan, Brown has a rich complex voice thatis always on pitch. Such talent has afforded Jeri Brown a lifetimeof vocal experiences from jazz, pop and spiritual to avant garde,classical and musical theatre. Like Betty Carter, Brown approachesa song as an instrument and makes her own musical path. “Itake a song and work it in my own way. I love the challenge of amusical moment, the immediacy of it.”More information on this event is available Brown: The First Ladies of JazzFrom Montreal/Las Vegas/EdmontonFRIDAY-SATURDAY, MAY 10-11, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $18, GUESTS $22DOORS 8 PM - SHOW 9 PMJeri Brown - vocalsWoody Woods - pianoJohn Taylor - bassJamie Cooper – drums18 Spring 2013Artist

CANADIAN JAZZ SERIESPaul Rushka QuintetAward-winning bassist and composer PaulRushka is thrilled to bring his compellingquintet to the Yardbird Suite as part of anational tour. Since 1997, Paul has engagedaudiences throughout North America, Europe,and Asia with his sonorous tone, assuredconfident pulse, and eloquent melodic soloing.All About Jazz describes him as “a postmodernMilt Hinton” with a “sense of gravitas, melodicflair, rich timbre and unshakable time”. He isfeatured on over a dozen recordings, and hasaccompanied jazz greats such as guitarist JohnTaylor, Joe La Barbera, Julian Priester, JimmyGreene, Jeremy Pelt, Danny Grissett, BradTurner, Ross Taggart, Kirk MacDonald, KevinDean, and many more.Since its formation in 2008, Paul’s interactive,exploratory quintet has developed anincredible rapport, seamlessly meldingensemble passages and formidable, intricateimprovisations into a vivid group sound. Thisis music that strikes at the mind, the heart,and the soul. The group’s conceptual unity isclearly displayed on Rushka’s debut albumas a leader “As It Happens” which features hislyrical original compositions. Communicationis at the centre of this music - individual voicesentwine and textures unfurl, creating a shiftingembroidery of contemporary jazz.when...Paul Rushka QuintetFrom Vancouver/MontrealFRIDAY, MAY 17, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $18, GUESTS $22DOORS 8 PM - SHOW 9 PMPaul Rushka - bassJames Danderfer - clarinet, bass clarinetDave Sikula - guitarJillian Lebeck - pianoJoe Poole - drumsArtist website:www.paulrushka.comwww. 19

THE BEST OF ALBERTA JAZZ SERIESEfa EtoromaQuartetEfa Etoroma grew up in a musical familyin Edmonton. He showed talent and driveearly on, studying piano for five years, thenswitching to drums and joining his high schoolband. He was not yet 23 and still a musicstudent at McGill University when he hadalready released three discs “Before and After”(2010) and, with his group Ruckus Fo’tet “1-2-3-Fo’” (2010), and “Round One” (2011). Etoromaconsiders Tony Williams, Elvin Jones, SteveJordan, and Chris Dave among the artists thathave influenced him.when...Efa Etoroma QuartetFrom EdmontonSATURDAY, MAY 18, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $14, GUESTS $18DOORS 8 PM - SHOW 9 PMJerrol Dubyk - tenor saxophoneChris Andrew - pianoJeff Johnson - bassEfa Jr. Etoroma - drumsArtist website:www.efajrmusic.com20 Spring 2013

INTERNATIONAL JAZZ SERIESThe ThingMixing jazz with noise, avant-rock and punk,the music of The Thing has been described as‘garage-jazz’ and ‘impro-punk’. The band wasestablished in the spring of 2000 when thethree musicians met to play several concertsand to record their first CD.Since then, The Thing has grown into one ofthe most successful and hardest working freejazz trios around, traveling all over the world.They have performed with guests like JoeMcPhee, Ken Vandermark, Thurston Moore,Peter Evans and Neneh Cherry.When the trio started out, their repertoirecontained mainly tunes by Don Cherry,hence the group’s name. Since Joe McPhee’sparticipation, The Thing’s repertoire hasincluded other free jazz standards by DavidMurray, Frank Lowe and Norman Howard. Also,the group’s enthusiasm towards rock musicis heard when they play “To Bring You MyLove” by PJ Harvey on their second CD. Today,the book has expanded to include tunes byThe White Stripes, The Sonics and Yeah YeahYeahs. These are just examples to show howclose musical styles are today and how similarthe energy can be. The group is influencedby different traditions of free music derivedfrom Germany, England and the United Statesalthough these influences are to be felt – notnecessarily heard.Mats Gustafsson is Sweden’s and one ofEurope’s biggest names on the free musicscene. Through groups like Gush, AALY trioand Peter Brötzmann`s Chicago Tentet, he hasestablished himself as a very powerful player,and has somewhat reinvented the way ofplaying the saxophone. In 2011 he received theNordic Council Music Price: the biggest pricefor a musician in the Nordic countries.Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and Paal Nilssen-Lovehave become known as Norway`s heaviestrhythm section. Since 1992, they have workedtogether in several groups including SchoolDays with Ken Vandermark, Scorch Triowith Raoul Björkenheim, and the Swedish/Norwegian jazz group Atomic.when...The ThingFrom Sweden/NorwaySUNDAY, MAY 19, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $20, GUESTS $24DOORS 7:30 PM - SHOW 8 PMMats Gustafsson - tenor andbaritone saxophoneIngebrigt Håker Flaten - bassPaal Nilssen-Love - drumsArtist website:www.thethingjazz.comwww. 21

INTERNATIONAL JAZZ SERIESOran Etkin QuartetOran Etkin has been described as a “greatclarinet player” and “an excellent improviser”by the New York Times music critic Ben Ratliffand a “composer of eminent individuality” byhis mentor and teacher, the legendary YusefLateef. Etkin’s music has been recognizedwith a Grammy Award (for the compilationAll About Bullies which includes 2 of Oran’stracks) and two Independent Music Awards(“Best World Beat Album” for Kelenia and “BestChildren’s Album” for Wake Up, Clarinet). He hasperformed around the world with musiciansranging from guitarist Mike Stern and pianistGonzalo Rubalcaba to rapper Wyclef Jean.Through years of experience in a myriadof musical cultures, Etkin has developed aunique sound on the clarinet, bass-clarinet andsaxophone that draws on ancient traditionsfrom Africa, Israel, New Orleans and beyond,yet resonates with the driving energy of thecurrent New York jazz scene.Oran Etkin’s debut album “Kelenia” (MotemaMusic), fuses traditional Malian and Jewishmusic with modern jazz creating what theBoston Globe dubbed a “hypnotic balancebetween straight-ahead jazz and world music”.“Kelenia” won “Best World Beat Album” at theIndependent Music Awards. The sound is areflection of Oran’s musical personality rootedin jazz but shaped by the many musical worldsthat Oran is a part of in New York, includingAfrican, Jewish, Haitian and New Orleans music.For his Yardbird Suite gig, Oran has puttogether an outstanding quartet including thehighly-regarded guitarist Lionel Loueke (whohas recorded and toured with Herbie Hancock),2012 Downbeat Critics Poll Number 1 RisingStar bassist Linda Oh, and one of the mostinnovative and entertaining drummers in jazz,Matt Wilson.when...Oran Etkin QuartetFrom New YorkTHURSDAY, MAY 23, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $22, GUESTS $26DOORS 7:30 PM - SHOW 8 PMOran Etkin - saxophone, bass clarinetLionel Loueke - guitarLinda Oh - bassMatt Wilson - drumsArtist website:www.oranetkin.com22 Spring 2013

CANADIAN JAZZ SERIESDean McNeill/David BraidBrass Sextet/Jazz Quartet‘Touching Both Sides’: Featuring pianist/composer David Braid: Music for 1) Brassquintet and jazz piano and 2) jazz comboHailed in the Canadian press as “a jazz geniusto call our own” (MacLean’s Magazine),two-time Juno Award winning pianist andcomposer David Braid has a style described byParis Transatlantic Magazine as “refreshinglyuncategorizable.” Braid has performedacross the United States, Canada, WesternEurope, Scandinavia, Asia, Australia, and Brazil.Combining harmonic intricacies fundamentalto European classical music, the spontaneityof American jazz, and the cultural openmindednessof Canada, Braid’s original musicwhen...Dean McNeill / David BraidBrass Sextet/Jazz QuartetFrom Saskatoon/Toronto/Calgary/EdmontonFRIDAY-SATURDAY, MAY 24-25, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $18, GUESTS $22DOORS 8 PM - SHOW 9 PMimpresses audiences with its originality,melodic lyricism, and compositional logic.David is joined by top-notch Edmontonbasedbrass player Joel Gray, ScottWhetham (Edmonton Symphony),Allene Hackleman (EdmontonSymphony), and DeanMcNeill (U of Sask. & SaskatoonSymphony) with acclaimedCanadian drummerJon McCaslin andbassist John Taylorjoining McNeill andBraid in thejazz combo.More information on this event isavailable at McNeill - trumpetDavid Braid - pianoJoel Gray - trumpetCraig Brenan - tromboneAlene Hackleman - French hornScott Whetham - tubaDean McNeill - trumpetDavid Braid - pianoJohn Taylor - bassJon McCaslin – drumsArtist website:www.deanmcneill.comwww.davidbraid.comwww. 23

YARDBIRD SUITE BLUESBig Dave McLeanBig Dave McLean is finally getting hisrecognition, at an age when the rest of us aregetting around to contemplating retirement.Based in Winnipeg, Big Dave has been a majorforce in the Canadian blues scene for morethan 30 years. A masterful guitarist and topnotch harpist, McLean’s raw and gravelly vocalsbespeak of a life lived to the fullest, and acareer spent performing in and around thosecountless small towns that dot the Canadianprairies.Lifetime Achievement award in 2007. Amongthe many artists he has influenced are WideMouth Mason and Colin James.‘Big Dave McLean has been stalwartly keepingup the blues tradition for years,’ says ColinJames. ‘I first heard him when I was nine, andhe blew me away then, and he still does today.He’s one of the great undiscovered bluesmen,and people ought to hear him.’When it comes to the blues, McLean’s heartfirmly beats to the ghosts of the Delta greats- especially Muddy Waters, with whom hetoured over two decades ago. Big Dave haswon many awards including a Maple BluesAward in 2008 for his lifetime contributionto the blues, and the Toronto Blues Societywhen...Big Dave McLeanFrom Winnipeg/EdmontonFRIDAY-SATURDAY, MAY 31-JUNE 1, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $16, GUESTS $20DOORS 8 PM - SHOW 9 PMBig Dave McLean - guitar, harmonica, vocalsJim Guiboche - guitarChris Brzezicki - bassGrant Stovel - drumsArtist Spring 2013

CANADIAN JAZZ SERIESTribute to Blossom Deariefeaturing Johanna Sillanpaa and the John Gray TrioMusic has always played a major part in the life of JohannaSillanpaa, as she carries with her a strong and sultry voice, andcontinues to make her mark on the international music scene.For every style of music that Johanna Sillanpaa explores, be itjazz, groove, R&B or soul, there’s a vibrant color in her voice tomatch. Described as “a bluesy Erykah Badu with a marvelousvoice that begins in the smoky lows of Norah Jones andeffortlessly climbs into the powerful, confident ranges of LisaStansfield”, Johanna performs slick soul, funk and jazz to digyour heels into and her velveteen voice and eclectic soundslides over the air carrying with it a sensual, deep groove.Sillanpaa’s sound has also drawn its fair share ofaccolades and award nominations including twoWestern Canadian Music Award nods in the Urbanmusic category (2007 & 2012).John Gray is one of Canada’s most talented andoriginal bassists. Since beginning his career in1969, John has performed with some of theworld’s greatest musicians.More information on this event isavailable at to Blossom DearieFrom CalgaryFRIDAY, JUNE 7, 2013TICKETS - MEMBERS $14, GUESTS $18DOORS 8 PM - SHOW 9 PMJohanna Sillanpaa - vocalJohn Gray - basstba - pianoTyler Hornby - drumsArtist website:www.johannamusic.comwww. 25

jammin’Tuesday Night Sessions...Every Tuesday night during our season, Edmonton’s bestjazz players and up-and-coming musicians arrive to playtogether on our stage. The evening begins with a one hourset from the featured band, followed by a jam session withselected musicians from the audience sitting in or takingthe place of a member of the feature band.Our Tuesday Sessions are a weekly event for local jazzmusicians to play together and network, and provide anopportunity to mentor the younger musicians wanting togain experience as they grow their own careers.Join us for our Tuesday Sessions - a terrific opportunity tohear some live jazz in a relaxed concert environment.March 19A/B TrioDan Davis - saxophone,Keith Rempel - bassThom Bennett- drumsMarch 26Remi NoelApril 2Dan Davis QuintetApril 9Andrew Glover QuartetAndrew Glover - pianoKent Sangster - saxophoneJohn Taylor - bassSandro Dominelli - drumsApril 16Thom Golub QuartetJeremiah McDade- saxophoneBrennan Cameron - pianoThom Golub - bassGord Graber- drums26 Spring 2013

April 23Doug Organ TrioDoug Organ - pianoPeter Belec - guitarJamie Cooper - drumsApril 30Dave Morgan QuintetDave Morgan - trumpetCraig Brenan - trombonePeter Belec - guitarJosh McHan - bassJamie Cooper - drumsMay 7Lindsay WoolgarBryan Qu - saxphoneStefan Kijek - pianoLindsay Woolgar - bassEfa Etoroma - drumsMay 14Rhonda WithnellMay 21Stefan Kijek TrioStefan Kijek - pianoJosh McHan - bassThom Bennett - drumsMay 28Marty Majorowicz QuartetJune 4Dave Babcock QuintetTICKETS ATTHE DOORMEMBERS &GUESTS $5DOORS 7:30 PMSHOW 8 PMwww. 27

At a Glance...Friday & Saturday Shows: Doors at 8pm • Show 9pm unless otherwise stated.Visit www. yardbirdsuite.comMarch...March 22Hutchinson / Andrew Trio withthe Lily String QuartetMembers $18, Guests $22March 23Maciej Sikala/Piotr Lemanczyk/Tyler Hornby TrioMembers $18, Guests $22March 24 (Sunday)Pascal Schumacher QuartetMEMBERS $20, GUESTS $24Doors: 7:30pm Show: 8pmMarch 29Andrea Superstein QuartetMEMBERS $18, GUESTS $22March 30Lynne ArrialeMEMBERS $20, GUESTS $24April...April 5-6Walt Weiskopf/Peter ZakQuartetMEMBERS $18, GUESTS $22April 12The Worst Pop Band EverMEMBERS $18, GUESTS $22April 13DeJong/Fisk Collectivefeaturing David BraidMEMBERS $16, GUESTS $20April 19-20Joe La Barbera/Jon Mayer TrioMEMBERS $18, GUESTS $22April 26Adkins/Froman/Turcotte/Vivian QuartetMEMBERS $20, GUESTS $24April 27René Marie’s “Experiment InTruth” QuartetMEMBERS $22, GUESTS $26Doors: 7:30pm Show: 8pmMay...May 3Tunnel SixMEMBERS $18, GUESTS $22May 4Littlebirds Big Band25th AnniversaryMEMBERS $20, GUESTS $24May 10-11Jeri BrownThe First Ladies of JazzMEMBERS $18, GUESTS $22May 17Paul Rushka QuintetMEMBERS $18, GUESTS $22May 18Efa Etoroma QuartetMEMBERS $14, GUESTS $18May 19 (Sunday)The ThingMEMBERS $20, GUESTS $24Doors: 7:30pm Show: 8pmMay 23 (Thursday)Oran Etkin QuartetMEMBERS $22, GUESTS $26Doors: 7:30pm Show: 8pmMay 24-25Dean McNeill/David BraidBrass Sextet/Jazz QuartetMEMBERS $18, GUESTS $22May 31-June 1YARDBIRD SUITE BLUESBig Dave McLeanMEMBERS $16, GUESTS $20June...June 7Tribute to Blossom Deariefeaturing Johanna Sillanpaaand the John Gray TrioMEMBERS $14, GUESTS $18EDMONTON JAZZ SOCIETY11 TOMMY BANKS WAY(Corner of 102 St & 86 Ave)EDMONTON AB T6E 2M2PM40047729

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