November-December 2009 - The Journey Magazine

November-December 2009 - The Journey Magazine

Issue 49 | November.December | 2009HEALTH & WELLNESS | YOGA | HOROSCOPES | PERSONAL ENLIGHTENMENTtheJOURNEYthejourneymag.comA Mind, Body and Soul ConnectionTHE MASK


Download the Journey at www.thejourneymag.comFrom the PublisherIsn’t it funny how we spend alifetime searching for the nextthing that makes us happy? Welook for people, places andthings to bring validation to our being.When I was a young boy I dreamt ofbeing a professional baseball player. Iwanted to be the next Babe Ruth. Iwould eat, sleep and dream baseball.For Christmas I would always ask forsome type of baseball gear. I felt safebehind my “baseball mask”.As I got older, I traded in thebaseball mask and donned my “hippiemask”. Grew my hair long, wore thejeans with the holes and went barefootas much as possible. And of course didthe drug thing like all my fellow hippiebrothers and sisters.Soon after, the drug thing becamethe “alcohol and party thing”. That wasa mask I wore for a number of years. Itseemed to serve me well. It covered upnasty feelings and insecurities andgave me courage to pretend to bewhoever I wanted to be. Only problemwas that it quit working. The mask ofalcohol started to strangle me and I lostconsciousness to what I was truly herefor.I eventually was able to drop thatmask, though I have put on severalothers since. Each time though themask starts to slip and more of who Iam gets revealed.The mask is an illusion we create tohide the unknown parts we fear. Thereare many parts to the whole. Perhapsaccepting the whole is the first step inshedding our masks.May we identify, understand andrelease our masks and accept who wetruly are.—Namaste’ ClydeNovember.December.2009 | Issue 49Trapped Behind My Mask | 6By Beth BracaleWhen a Lost Love Tries to Connect | 8By Laura LeeHonoring the Masks We Try On, and Taking Them Off | 10By Kimmie Rose ZapfDream Lovers & the Understanding of Our Passionate Selves | 12By Liaya Aneb NuaHOROSCOPES | Inner Views | 14-15By Kimmie Rose ZapfHealth & Nutrition | 17-21The Simple Truth About Overeating...And How To End It | 17By Janee Kuta-IllianoThe Yoga Pages | 23-26Releasing Tension from the Mask We Wear | 23By Bob RosenbaumPublisher Clyde ChaferEditor Bob RosenbaumProofreader Katie KrancevicAdvertising Manager Clyde Chafer | 440.223.1392Advertising Sales Margo Gemperline | 216.509.2184Layout Bill Wahl | 760.918.0121Feature WritersBeth BracaleJanee Kuta IllianoLaura LeeLiaya Aneb NuaBob RosenbaumKimmie Rose ZapfOn The Cover: “Celestial Vision”A Celestial Vision of Heaven and Earth becoming one reality is unfolding before us – By Aaron Pyne ofPortland, Oregon. Aaron is available for graphic design, web design, and online marketing for spiritual,holistic and green businesses. See his ad on page 7 and visit his website at to see hisart gallery and learn about his services. You can reach him at 513-703-0495, e-mail amp@spiritap.comNovember.December Theme: The ShadowThe Journey is a free bi-monthly publication. We do not necessarily endorse the views expressed in the articles andadvertisements, nor are we responsible for the products and services advertised.PAGE FOUR©2009 God’s Partnership Inc.No portion of this publication may be reproduced without written consent from the publisher.NOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2009THE JOURNEY

ContributorsBeth BracaleFor most of her life, first-time contributor BethBracale, operations director for Shadybrook Inc. inConneaut, Ohio, lived behind a mask. She first putit on as a child to help her fit in with others. Overtime, the mask became harder and harder toremove, until she could no longer tell where themask ended and the real person began. The resultwas failed relationships, dead-end jobs and angerat the world.Laura LeeA dream of an old friend starts a search to reestablishcontact. As the fruitless search continues,Medium Laura Lee comes to suspect what she islater able to confirm: The dream is not simply therecollection of a missing connection in her life. It’s amessage, a personal lesson, and an instructionalguide for the rest of us to be open to understandingthe importance of what our dreams are really tryingto tell us.Janee Kuta-IlianoOvereating appears to be a uniquely Americanprivilege and curse. But health coach and holisticeducator Janee Kuta-Iliano also recognizes it as anemotional mask: a substitute for confronting realfeelings and real conflicts. By recognizing this, andby finding other, more healthful, ways of dealingwith the stress and disappointment of day-to-daylife, she suggests that anyone can once again putfood into its healthy role: not therapy, but fuel.Bob RosenbaumMarketing consultant and occasional yogi BobRosenbaum relishes in the act of identifying andeasing tension from each muscle group of the body.But when he gets to the face, he can’t even identifywhen the jaw is tense vs. relaxed. That’s becausethe face is our mask – doing the work of coveringfor all the little lies and indignities the human soulfaces each day.“From your verychildhoodyou havebeen taughtto wear masks, beautifulmasks. There is no needto have a beautiful face,just a beautiful mask willdo; and the mask ischeap. To transform yourface is arduous. To paintyour face is very simple.“Now suddenly to exposeyour real face gives you ashivering in the deepestcore of your being. Atrembling arises: Willpeople like it? Will peopleaccept you? Will peoplestill love you, respectyou? Who knows –because they have lovedyour mask, they haverespected yourcharacter, they haveglorified your garments.Now the fear arises: ‘If Isuddenly become naked,are they still going tolove me, respect me,appreciate me, or willthey all escape away fromme? They may turn theirbacks, I may be leftalone.’”– OshoTHE JOURNEYNOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2009PAGE FIVE

RISHIS INSTITUTETE OF METAPHYSICSWhat is Metaphysics?Rishis Institute of Metaphysics was originatedfor the purpose of helping individualsto understand the laws that govern all of life.It is an outgrowth of years of experience andresearch in human relationship. Man is afour-fold being governed by physical,mental, emotional and spiritual laws. Thesemetaphysical Laws of Living are as exact asthe laws of mathematics. When you learn tolive and apply these teachings, you can learnto solve many human problems. When youhelp yourself; you can, in turn, help others.Traveling the path of light is the safe road toGod. Metaphysics is the study of the Laws ofLife for the achievement of the greatestphysical, mental, motional and spiritualadvancement for the attainment of thehighest goal on earth: SELF-MASTERY. It isthe New Age Philosophy which will show youthe way to a happier and more abundant Life.A NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION CHARTERED BYTHlE STATE OF OHlO SINCE 194721933 Euclid Ave. Euclid, OhioTWO BEGINNING COURSES IN METAPHYSICS1) An 8 Week Introductory Course2) A Course that continues indefinitelyOne hour classes one night each week. No fees;contributions only. For details, for class schedule, andfor further information, please call 216-486-7240THIS COURSE WILL TEACH YOU:I. Who you are and your relationship to the Cosmos.II. How to get the greatest use of the SubconsciousMind III. The practice of the Silence and Meditation toreach your subconscious mind and yourSuperconscious Mind. IV. The way to attain greaterhealth & energy. V. The laws governing financialsuccess. Vl. The way to develop greater poise &personality. Vll. How to have a happy & peacefuldomestic, personal & business lifeFor more information about Rishis Institute of Metaphysics,visit us at our web site at: www.rishisinstitute.comTHE JOURNEYNOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2009PAGE SEVEN

When a Lost Love Tries to ConnectBy Laura Leethere,” he pointed to the sign, “Aura.” Hegrinned. Not just any ordinary smile. But, one of“Lookthose big, white-toothed, Hollywood grins. “Andso?” I replied, as I could feel the warmth of his hand in mine.“And so, aura is in Laura!”“No, it’s the other way around,” I laughed, “Laura is inher aura!”He stopped and pulled me heart sang....Then I woke up. A dream. I moaned as I felt a deepache of regret in the pit of my stomach. It was sill dark whilemy eyes focused in on my surroundings, realizing I wasn’tat home, but in a cold hotel room somewhere outside Cleveland.My thoughts stirred to recapture the warm feelingsfrom my dream. All kinds of emotions emerged as I reflectedof how I had abandoned him when he needed memost.“It’s really not a good time for me to talk,” he said. “I’mangry that he wouldn’t listen. I’m a doctor, too, for God’ssake, you’d think he’d have some sense.”“You couldn’t have saved your brother, Kent.” I said, inattempt to comfort.“He just gave up,” his voice filled with frustration. “Really,don’t you think if you had cancer you’d try everythingto survive.”“Well you and I might, but, Will, he was different.”“He literally just took the word of what other doctorstold him. Then rolled over and died!” he exclaimed.“It doesn’t matter that you’re the best doctor in the world;it still wouldn’t have saved him,” I consoled. “He surrenderedbecause he could.”“Hmmm,” he continued, “I don’t think I can bear thethought anymore.”“Sure.” I replied, “When you’re ready, I’ll be here.”“Thanks.” He said softly.“Good night.”When we hung up from that phone conversation, Ithought that it might be awhile before I heard from him. ButI knew he’d reach out when he was ready, because he alwaysdid. That was 6 years ago. My clock read 4 a.m. It’sonly 1 a.m. back on the Coast.Maybe I’ll try calling him, again ... or maybe not.I fluffed up my pillow, rolled over and drifted back to sleep.It took me nearly 45 minutes to drive back to the hotelfrom Cleveland, where I did a morning interview for the conference.My day was filled with appointments, which usuallymakes me feel good with productivity. Yet I didn’t feelgood – rather, more anxious to get back and try contactinghim back in California while it was still early. Thoughts ofhim were driving me crazy, again, as they came frequently.The crisp air blew through my windows returning myPAGE EIGHTNOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2009thoughts to one of our earliest meetings.Lying on his examining table, I trembled while hescanned me for lumps. Tests had already confirmed thatmy diagnosis was cancer. I just needed a second opinion.After meeting Kent at a health conference in L.A., he encouragedme to get more tests. I felt alone, scared, andconfused. Especially since all my family was back Eastduring this difficult time. His presence, however, assuredme that somehow everything was going to be OK. It waslike he was already healing me with his touch. Even so, Iwept, quietly. Too embarrassed by my display of emotion, Iturned my head so he wouldn’t see the tears. He didn’t addressit, but just allowed me the space to cry.The memory fueled my drive to reach out to him again.Surely, by now, he had to come out from cover. But back inmy room, the search in California seemed futile.“Sorry miss,” The operator said, “there isn’t a Dr. KentBeane in Santa Monica.”“How about Encinitas, California?”Maybe he relocated to a surrounding area?“No Dr. Beane. Sorry.”“Wait!” I exclaimed, “Can I try another?”“Sure.”“Try Malibu!”“Again, I’m sorry miss.”I fell back on my bed exasperated. Why am I doing thisto myself? I’m desperately clinging on what appears to be aghost. Maybe he took off to some island? Or maybe he wentinto practice with another doctor? With my eyes closed, Iwaited to see if I could receive any insights. Nope. I justhope that he didn’t go into practice with a woman!My heart warmed as his image came clearly to mindagain. The one with his big white-toothed Hollywood grin. Adeep inhale, I exhaled seeing my heart open to the possibilitiesof making contact. We always had that telepathicthing going on whenever we were together.If he’d only call to say ‘hello.’ I think I’d be okay withthat message.Days later, I busted through my front door with still noword. I kicked off my shoes, dropped my bags and headedfor my sofa. My daughter ran past me to her room, excitedbecause she’s home too for the first time in a week. It wasquiet for a few minutes, before I felt a small hand placedover my forehead.“Are you sick mommy?”“Oh, no, honey” I squinted my eyes open, “Just tiredfrom traveling.”I take her in my arms for a big squeeze. “Did I tell youthat I missed you?”“Yes....” She squealed.“Look in my bag.” I said, “There’s a surprise waitingTHE JOURNEY

‘When we hung up fromthat phone conversation,I thought that it might beawhile before I heard fromhim. But I knew he’d reachout when he was ready,because he always did.That was 6 years ago.’for you.”“Yay!” She giggles, while digging in deep and pulls outthe package. “Mommy! I wuv it!”She tore the package apart within seconds. “Cindiwewa!”She started twirling with the doll singing her princesssong. “La, Laaaa, Le, La!”The girl has never seen Cinderella, yet she is well versedon princess mania.Watching her dance around the room made me happythat we had each other.Then it felt like a light bulb went on: Facebook. Whydidn’t I think of that before?I jumped toward my laptop, opened its cover andscrambled to key in the words: Doctor Kent Beane,Facebook. It gave me hope to see that the search enginewas working on retrieving information. When Google ac-tually listed his name, I felt peace, especially when I sawhis picture. Then I read the page.Kent passed away on January 8, 2007. This page wascreated in August of 2009 as a tribute to him from friendsand family. For more information, click on the above tabs.So I clicked on more links. This is what I read:Kent died of cancer. He had a malignant tumor in hisneck that was misdiagnosed. He used everything in hisarsenal to fight this cancer, but in the end, the cancer won.He died peacefully with his friends and family at his side.I know that he is alive and well in the astral plane, lookingdown at us right now....Tears fell so hard that I couldn’t read the page anymore.He’d been trying to connect all along. Guiding meto this point; certainly to demonstrate he had heard mycall, but doing his best to reach me over the last few years.My heart, masked by hurt, regret, guilt, dismissed the opportunityto reconnect with his spirit. In the end, I was theone who lost.It’s easier to push aside the pain. To not feel, buryingthe self in mundane tasks, convincing the heart it’s OK toremain closed and protected. But, if the images of a lovedone from the past come to mind, know that it is a callingfor the heart. If you are fortunate enough to hear the call,reach out to say hello.Medium, Laura Lee is regularly heard on Magic in theMorning on 100.7 FM. She has also appeared on TLC, PBS,NBC, FOX, Discovery Channel and Game Show Network.Laura is performing at the Majestic Theatre on October 30; Mentor Ave. ~ Mentor, OH 44060US 20 & Route 615 (Exit #195 off I-90)Mentor's Premier Boutique HotelA place to relax...50 Spacious Guest Rooms including:Microwave & Refrigerator in King SuitesComplimentary Upscale Continental BreakfastFitness Center ~ Meeting RoomsOutdoor Heated Pool ~ Honor BarSmoke Free(440) 205-7378Toll Free (866)205-7378Fax (440) 205-8436www.lawnfield.comTHE JOURNEYNOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2009PAGE NINE

Honoring the Masks We Try On,and Taking Them OffBy Kimmie Rose ZapfFor centuries, masks have been used in celebra-tionof religious holidays, rituals and to dress up. Eachtime a person places a mask on their face, they aremoving themselves into a deep place of trying to see themselvesthrough their own eyes – but from a different perspective.Several Halloweens ago, a friend of mine who is quietand doesn’t like to put herself in the middle of intense conversationdressed up as Richard Nixon. It was intriguing thatwhen she had her mask on she laughed, told jokes and actuallymustered up the voice to share her opinion about topicswe were sharing.Usually, she would sit in the corner quietly and latershare her thoughts with me on our way home. I could seethat it was the act of taking on another role that helped herfeel comfortable enough to express herself. It was interestingthat she picked Richard Nixon, and later I asked herwhy she had chosen him. Her reply was that she felt he wasa person who tried to do the right thing even though he sooften failed. She saw him as a person who learned to sufferthrough his choices, but still had a voice. I let her know howmuch I enjoyed hearing her share with the others at the partyand felt they did too. She looked at me in a startled way andsaid, “For some reason, I felt more comfortable.”I went home that evening wondering how many times Ifelt more comfortable stepping outside of myself in certainsituations, and why I would feel the need to mask the realme. The more I thought about it, the more I found excusesfor not being the authentic me and the harder it was to figureout who I really was.I realized that I masked myself in the thoughts and perceptionsof people I admired – like my mother, my brotherand a teacher. When I found myself in uncomfortable situations,I sometimes wore these masks. They allowed me tocope with things the way I felt someone I respected woulddeal with the situation.As I observed this behavior, I realized that I felt tiredafterwards and felt the absence of myself. Although I honoredthese people because of the way they handled things,I realized I was not being truthful to myself. As a result, Ibegan to feel resentment and fear. I realized that because Iwas not acting on what I really felt, I never knew if the rightfeelings were mine or theirs. In that moment, I realized anPAGE TENNOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2009important truth. I needed to still see things through the eyesof others, but also learn to know my own inner voice. Ineeded to remove the mask that kept me from experiencingmyself authentically, and know that whatever I chosewas right if it felt right to me.‘I masked myself in thethoughts and perceptionsof people I admired– like my mother,my brother and ateacher. When I foundmyself in uncomfortablesituations, I sometimeswore these masks. Theyallowed me to cope withthings the way I feltsomeone I respectedwould deal with thesituation.’At another time in my life, a few friends made the observationthat I needed to get away for one night; just mewith my thoughts and feelings. So, I went to a girlfriend’shouse without my cell phone, computer or radio. I broughtnothing with me but paper and a few books. I wrote questionsabout situations in my life, and counted how manytimes I put on a mask to see the situation through someoneelse’s eyes. With one question, I had done this eight times.I honored these impressions and wrote down what eachperson might feel. Then I wrote my name down and asked,“What do you feel?” I found myself whirling in circles, hear-THE JOURNEY

Easy Answers Are Not EnoughThis experience has shown both Lisa and myselfthat sometimes mystical experiences go much deeper thanreadily apparent answers can give. The unconscious masksthat we wear are sometimes there to protect us — they arefilters through which we may safely live our experience. Aswe grow in our spiritual understanding these filters are nolonger necessary and fall away revealing the truth of whowe are.Lisa’s experiences continue even now – the differencebeing that she is embracing this new dimensional shift asshe is taken by her dream lover on exploratory journeys inconsciousness, safely and in full loving presence. She saysthat forgiveness of herself and even her understanding ofthe Creator has been important on this healing journey aswell. She now believes we carry unconscious walls aroundour heart spaces and love truly is the only way through them.She is grounded and aware, not flighty and unfocused. I’veasked her if her and her dream lover have plans to reincarnatetogether again and she says that they might, but willprobably take off for worlds unknown between lifetimes asshe feels her current Earth cycle is complete.Liaya is an alkhemikal yoga teacher, astrologer (usingvarious systems), spiritual mentor, seer and lineage holderfor ancient spiritual culture. She is available for consultations,workshops, seminars, and her new Kama Sutra Eleganceretreats and playshops. Her book “Kiss of the ShaktiSerpent” and her CD “Restoring Feminine Balance” will beavailable in 2010. Email:; phone641-715-3900 ext. 31015; Blog: www.shaktifire.blogspot.comT-F 12:00-7:00 pmS&S 12:00-6:00 777-7211GODDESS ELITE23140 Lorain Ave. North Olmsted OH• Natural Earth Crystal • Tumbled Stones • Candles• Jewelry • CDs for relaxation, meditation and upliftingthe spirit • Mineral Carvings • Buddhas and KuanYins & Statuary• Ernesto – reading every Friday and on the 1 st and 3 rdSaturday of the month• Elizabeth – 2 nd and 4 th Saturday of the monthNEW - Aura Photography - Aura Photographs on the1st Sunday of every month from 1:00 to 5:00visit us online...www.thejourneymag.comTHE JOURNEYNOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2009PAGE THIRTEEN

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THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETYOF GREATER CLEVELANDBESANT BRANCH2215 BROOKPARK ROADPARMA, OHIO 44134 (1-216-741-2082)3 objects of the Society:1) to form a nucleus of Universal Brotherhood withoutdistinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color.2) To encourage the study of comparative religion,philosophy and science.3) To investigate the unexplained laws of nature andthe powers latent in man.Established in 1875We will be having classes in: Steiner, Cayce, EsotericChristianity, Goldsmith, The Mahatma Letters (basicTheosophy) and meditations – starting in the fall.Please check our website for updates & information:www.clevelandtheosophy.orgContinued from page 17ing to help us. We decide to throw in the towel and mask ourpain with food or some other fleeting pleasure as if it is somethingwe deserve or need. Isn’t it amazing how much wecan justify in our minds? I just love what I can convincemyself of.I know as the years have rolled on, I have found myselfsearching for support systems other than food. No matterwhat support system it is, it is essential that we all haveone. My spiritual support system is slowly but surely convertingme to rely more on that then on the food I eat. Relyingon a higher source for guidance and strength has allowedme to have a deeper respect for my body, simplybecause I seek to live for the will of God and not for mybody and flesh.I no longer wish to idolize food but my higher source.Continued on page 20PAGE EIGHTEENNOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2009THE JOURNEY

Rosanna O. Zavarella, Ph.DWholistic PsychologistBODY, MIND and SPIRITChange Your Life With OurEthical Massage PractitionerCertification Program• 4 months long • 1 day per week• Instructors have over 30 years experiencewww.clevelandschoolofmassage.net6557 A Cochran RoadSolon, Ohio 44139(330) 405-1933Registered and Authorized by The State Board of Colleges andSchools 03-11-1692THypnosis • Energy HealingCeremony • Chronic IllnessStress ManagementWomens Health IssuesLife TransitionsHealth and Wellness Classesand Workshops3951 Erie St.Willoughby , OH 44094(440) 602-997714055 Cedar Road #207South Euclid, Ohio 44118(216) 321-3025THE JOURNEYNOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2009PAGE NINETEEN

Continued from page 18Having faith has given me a desire to listen to what is right formy body, and that of course is balance. What a great feelingit is to know what is proper for the body and live it out. Whatpower we can feel as the destructive chains of food are loosedand we are able to walk away from something we know is notgood for us.I once heard Joyce Meyer say that real freedom is not‘What a great feeling itis to know what isproper for the bodyand live it out. Whatpower we can feel asthe destructive chainsof food are loosed andwe are able to walkaway from somethingwe know is not goodfor us.’Subscribe toOnly $25 Per Year!Please fill out and send yourcheck or money order tothe Journey1395 West 10th St #120Cleveland OH 44113Name_________________________________Address______________________________City_________________ State___________Zip___________going out and doing or eating anything we want, but decidingnot to eat or do something because we know it is no longerany good for us. That kind of freedom does not happen onsheer will-power alone. Simply making the decision to stop adestructive behavior is not enough in my opinion. Cold turkeydoesn’t work for most of us.Of course a determined heart is essential but help isneeded and for me, a higher power has been that help. Otherswill choose to get involved in organizations like Overeater’sAnonymous, which I have heard has helped people tremendously.Some choose to work out or do yoga, but I wouldencourage all of us to create a healthier place to shift thefocus towards instead of food. It will take effort and time tofind that place of peace, but it’s well worth it. It really is amatter of how badly we desire to change.Our lives are not all about what we eat or how we eat.What we focus on we become.We have to find other healthier ways to deal with our stressand not mask it through food or destructive habits. Are thereways we can simplify our life to make it a little easier and lesshectic? The busier we are, the harder it becomes to take careof the basic necessities of our health. When time gets tight,convenient foods become the norm and before we know it,we are dealing with the ill effects of poor eating. Fatigue andillness can set in and we get caught in a vicious cycle.E-mail (optional)______________________PAGE TWENTYPlease make check or money orderpayable to God’s Partnership Inc.NOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2009We are all beautiful and destined for great things if wedon’t let food and other distractions get in the way. Addictioncan feel like an uphill battle, but aren’t we much bigger thanfood? We can break away from anything with the right mindsetand proper vision. Do not downplay the power of vision. If wecan visualize a healthier way of living, we can have it. We canContinued on page 21THE JOURNEY

have anything we want as long as our hearts are pure and ourintentions are right.Let’s put down that mask and show the world who we reallyare. We are not alone in our struggles; we need one anotherfor support and love. When we really want to change, help willarrive. Have faith and trust that we can be delivered from anymess we found our way into, and before we know it, overeatingand food addictions will be a thing of the past.Janee Kuta-Iliano is the owner of ALiVE ONE, a healthcoaching business that focuses on teaching others the benefitsof internal cleansing and purification of the body. Sheis a holistic health educator, offering Internal Cleansing &Detoxification Programs, Juice Plus+ Nutritional Productsand instruction on Raw & Living Foods. Visit her website For more information contact Janee at440-478-9802 or janee@aliveone.netTHE JOURNEYNOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2009PAGE TWENTY ONE

Psychic FairFriday, November 20 • 1-9 pmCourtyard By Marriott35103 Maplegrove Rd.,Willoughby OH 44094Call 440-223-1392 for more informationIntuitives • AstrologyPalmistry • TarotClairvoyantsFREE ADMISSION!Crystals • CandlesBooks • JewelryMassageReiki TreatmentsPresented by God’s PartnershipAnnouncingMIND • BODY • SOUL EXPODETROIT 2010April 23, 24 & 25 2010Stay tuned to the Journey magazine for updates, or visit www.thejourneymag.comInterested vendors please call 440-223-1392PAGE TWENTY TWONOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2009THE JOURNEY

Releasing Tension from the Mask We WearAt the beginning of each Yoga practice, I begin inSavasana, quietly running through a routine I’ve heard dozensof times.I relax, close my eyes and come to my breath. Then Islowly scan up my body, isolating each muscle group in mymind, releasing hidden tension. Feet, calves, thighs, glutes,lower back, upper back, hands, arms, neck...But the face is tough: Tension in the eyebrows, templesand especially around the corners of the mouth. That’s wherethe stress of the day likes to hide and, when found, tries tocrawl deeper still – avoiding the probing reach of my mindand the quiet exhortation to lighten up and calm down.This is one of the reasons I began practicing Yoga. Itwas such a revelation in that first, free-sample class for beginners,when the instructor had us lie still and discover allthat tension stored in the body.It was so basic, but I’d lost touch with the ability to beaware of my body’s individual parts and systems.I’m sure at one stage of life everybody possesses theskill of knowingly isolating parts of the body and checkingout how they feel. Could you learn to walk without this skill?Or learn to tie knots in shoe laces? But besides guitar playersand tightrope walkers, who actually stays in touch withthis power? We are busy, almost from the beginning, at turningevery little action into a memorized and sub-consciousroutine. So by the time I started my Yoga practice in mymid-40s, it all felt new.It’s easy to root out tension from the body at the beginningof a Yoga practice. It only takes one practice to learnthis.Easing it out of the face? That’s a different project.The face is our mask. It’s job is to communicate, to sellthe socially expected reactions to all the little untruths andcompromises of daily life.The face learns to push a smile when the mind getsTHE JOURNEYBy Bob RosenbaumNOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2009interrupted – just to be congenial. It learns to laugh at jokesthat aren’t funny – to be polite.We learn to put on a game face at serious moments,and a sad face at unhappy moments – even when the momentfor one reason or another doesn’t really elicit realemotion. The face pays the price for our being social creatures;it is called on to automatically project the most appropriateexpression – even when it’s not authentic. Andthen, as individuals, we make the face do more. We dial thefeelings up or down, like the volume on a radio, dependingon our relationship to the other people surrounding us.Routinely, while inSavasana at the beginningof a practice, mytrouble isn’t that I’munable to relax thecorners of my mouth;it’s that can’t tell ifI’m feeling tension orlooseness. I don’teven know what my realface feels like.My job has occasionally called on me to help peoplelearn how to negotiate effectively. I’m not an expert at it –just well-read, somewhat practiced and the most availablePAGE TWENTY THREE

Earth – Jan. 22, 23, 24, 29, 30, 31and Feb. 5, 6Fire – Feb. 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28 andMarch 5, 6Water – March 19, 20, 21, 26, 27, 28& April 9, 10Air – April 16, 17, 18PAGE TWENTY FOURNOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2009THE JOURNEY

person with any level of knowledge on the subject. One ofthe most difficult negotiating skills for people to learn is toshow genuine surprise when confronted with a price that’stoo high or a bid that’s too low. It’s called “the flinch” andit’s a powerful tool. By letting the other person know you’resurprised by his or her negotiating position, you provide afirst nudge to change that position. It’s not a trick; all that’srequired is unfiltered honesty.But it’s amazing how hard that is for most people. Thenatural tendency is to hide the surprise, to mask the emotionin order to avoid seeming naive, ignorant or insensitive.It’s one example of how we program our faces to lie.Sure, these lies may be harmless; they may even have importantsocial value. But teaching people to flinch is simplytelling them to let their faces tell the truth. At that, it’s athree-step process: an explanation, then concerted effort,then practice.The face is a mask, and we use it to hide the truth ofwhat we know or feel. That may often be for good reason,but nonetheless, the face works so hard that we forget howto let it rest.THE JOURNEY‘Teaching people toflinch is simply tellingthem to let their facestell the truth. At that,it’s a three-step process:an explanation,then concerted effort,then practice.’Routinely, while in Savasana at the beginning of a practice,my trouble isn’t that I’m unable to relax the corners ofmy mouth; it’s that I can’t tell if I’m feeling tension or looseness.I don’t even know what my real face feels like.On those days I like to try a headstand at the beginningof a practice; if I can feel my face sag, I know it’s relaxed.How odd it all seems. By practicing Yoga, I’ve regainedmy ability to balance readily on one foot. I just had to relearnhow to do it – how to focus on the foot that’s on theground rather than the one that’s in the air.By practicing Yoga, I’ve learned to breathe again – notjust that desperate panting for oxygen that we do all daylong, but slow, controlled, intentional breaths that fill andempty the lungs, providing therapy on demand for whateverbothers me at any time of the day.By practicing Yoga, I’ve learned again how to live in themoment – if not consistently and easily, at least by workingat it on those occasions when I remember to think about it.But practicing Yoga has not helped me rediscover myface unmasked, driven purely by authentic emotion.Maybe I just need more practice.Bob Rosenbaum is just an ordinary guy who doesn’tget in as much Yoga practice as he’d like, but knows thatany amount is better than none.NOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2009NCTMB TraditionalThai Massage BasicRoutine 40 HoursAs presented by The Traditional Medicine Hospital,Chiang Mai, ThailandThe Basic Certification Course will cover the principlesof the ancient art of Traditional Thai massage, anancient form of interactive massage,energy meridian work, and yoga therapy.November 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 15, 2009Fridays 5:30p-9:30, Sat & Sun 9:00a- 6:00p$599, NCTMB Certificate AwardedSarah Cheiky, LMT, NCTMB Provider #450534-07Additional Class: Sign up before or after arrival; heldin conjunction with the above seminar.Saturday & Sunday- 9:00am – 10am, Wai Khru &Metta Bhavana Meditation SittingSuggested donation $10.The course will be located at:Karma Yoga Cleveland1395 W 10th St.Cleveland, Ohio 44114216.621.7085www.karmayogacleveland.comFor course registration and appointment information,please call Sarah Cheiky 216.210.2805email: s.cheiky@massagetherapy.comwww.mettabodywork.massagetherapy.comPAGE TWENTY FIVE

Yoga StudiosGreen Tara Yoga & Healing Arts - 2450 Fairmount Blvd.,Cleveland Heights. Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructors KarenAllgire and Shaw-Jiun Chalitsios-Wang. Restorative yoga withColleen Clark. Precise alignment, individualized instruction.Student discounts. 216-382-0592 www.greentarayoga.comKarma Yoga - 1395 West 10th Street, #120 Cleveland WarehouseDistrict - 216-621-7085. Downtown’s only dedicatedYoga Studio. new boutique now open...the KarmaKleanse - detox and cleanse to enhance your yoga practiceNamaste’ Yoga Studio and Shoppe - Practice in our newstudio in Sagamore Hills. 367 West Aurora Road, SagamoreHills, Oh - 330-908-0700. Yoga clothing, accessories jewelryPrana Yoga and Dance Studio -8051 Broadview Road,Broadview Hts.-Yoga: All levels. Classes ongoing. Drop ins welcome.Workshops, Reiki, Meditation, Adult Dance includingBelly dancing. Check us out at www.pranayogaanddance.com216-346-1246Yoga Now - Serving Mentor, Painesville, Concord Twp.,Madison and beyond. Please check our schedule and contactinfo at or call Amber at 440-796-7810.Family Karate - 8901 Mentor Ave. Unit E, Mentor - Adultfitness program includes Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, andcardioKarate for one low price and class times 6 days a week.For more information and class times check out our Or call 440-255-7300Fairport Dance Academy’s Branches of Wellness - 411High St., Fairport Harbor - Yoga Alliance Certified instructorsoffering tailored classes for all ages and levels. Reiki treatmentsand classes available. Visit our website for all ourwellness class offerings.;(440) 639-8181The Yoga Loft in the Village - 5445 Detroit Road SheffieldVillage, Ohio 44054. Certified Iyengar Yoga Instructor VickyElwell. Precise alignment, poses modified to meet individualneeds. Restorative yoga once a month. www.bhumiyoga.comKARMAKLEANSEKarma Yoga’s 30 Day cleanse and detoxprogram starts January 2, 2010.Please call Clyde at 216-621-7085 for details.Yoga TeachersVirginia Collins - RYT, CYT In-the-Now Yoga at SwedenborgChapel, 4815 Broadview Rd. Cleveland. Body-Mind-Spirit Integrative.Accommodating all needs and or 216-398-7743. Yoga as a wayof life!Cat Donovan E-RYT, CYT/Yoga West Studio - 1458 WoodwardAve., Lakewood. Beginner/gentle, sivananda, vinyasaand pilates mat work. Corporate, private and parties. Moreinfo or call 216-226-1512Yoga Events/WorkshopsYoga Teachers Training - T.R.Y. 4 Life 200 & 500 Yoga AllianceRegistry - Weekday or Weekend Training - 440-356-5991 or 330-995-4104EFWA - Karma Yoga’s unique, comprehensive opportunityto deepen your practice and spark the teacher within. Pleasevisit for more detailsBhumi’s Yoga Teacher Trainings - First in Midwest nationallyrecognized Yoga Alliance. Voted “Best Yoga Experience”Cleveland Magazine. CitySearch Best 2007/2008. Next TrainingSeptember, 2009. Comprehensive. Individualized attention.Retreat setting. 440-236-6366. www.bhumiyoga.comTheJourney Mind, Body & Soul Expo in Detroit - The firstDetroit expo will be on April 23, 24 & 25, 2010. Stay tuned tothe Journey magazine for updates, or Interested vendors can call 440-223-1392visit us online...www.thejourneymag.comYOGA NOWLake County’s (Painesville, Mentor, ConcordTwp. area) newest yoga studio is expanding!We are looking for teachers and substituteteachers dedicated to the true Yoga practice.Please call Amber at 440-796-7810PAGE TWENTY SIXYoga teachers, studio and workshop listings are availablefor this section. Cost is only $ $3030 per listing for each issue.Please keep each listing to 35 words or less.Call 440-223-1392 for more details.NOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2009THE JOURNEY

CONSTANTINO’S MARKET1278 West 9 th StreetCleveland, Ohio216.344.0501DOWNTOWNCLEVELAND’SLARGESTSELECTION OFORGANIC FOODS!The DeliThe Bakery• Full-service deli & prepared foods section, including hotfoods, sandwiches, salads, soups, pastas, entrees• Made-to-order sushi• International beer & wine selection• Fresh-baked breads and pastries• Organic options• Unique gift ideas• The stuff you can’t live without – dairy, frozen foods,produce, paper goods, snack foods and sodas• We also provide catering services from corporate lunches towedding dinners, and anything in betweenHours: Monday – Friday 7am – 10pm • Saturday 9am – 10pm • Sunday 9am – 6pmIn The Warehouse District • Free ParkingTHE JOURNEYNOVEMBER • DECEMBER 2009PAGE TWENTY SEVEN

Downtown Cleveland’s Only Yoga StudioNow in a new location at 1395 West 10th Street, First Floor216.621.7085216.261.7085 | karmayogacleveland.comIntroductorySpecial$9960 days ofunlimited YogaSpecial good on a one time only basis.A limited number issued.Classes 7 days a week...early morning, lunchtime,early afternoon, eveningand weekendsBasic and beginnersRestorativeVinyasaPower YogaHot YogaYoga ExpressMeditationYoga studiesVegetarian potluck movienights and much moreYoga teacher trainingand certificationMassage andReiki Treatments available

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