"Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)" Policy - Bell County Home Page


"Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)" Policy - Bell County Home Page

4. All personal devices attempting to connect to the County’s networkthrough the Internet will be inspected using security technology centrallymanaged by Bell County’s Technology Services department. Devices thathave not been previously approved by Technology Services, are not incompliance with Technology Services security policies, or represent anythreat to the County’s network or data will not be allowed to connect.Devices may only access the County’s network and data through theInternet using a secure internet protocol (e.g. IPSec or SSL VPN)connection. Smart mobile devices like smartphones and tablets willaccess the County’s network and data using mobile client softwareinstalled on the device by Technology Services.SecurityEmployees using personally-owned devices and related software for network anddata access will, without exception, use secure data management proceduresand allow installation of a mobile security client application. All devices that areable to store data must be protected by a strong password. All data stored onthe device must be encrypted using strong encryption. Employees agree never todisclose their passwords to anyone, including family members, or storepasswords on personally-owned devices if government work is conducted fromthe device.1. All users of personally-owned devices must agree to the installation ofa County provided mobile security client and employ reasonablephysical security measures. End users are expected to secure all suchdevices whether or not they are actually in use and/or being carried.This includes, but is not limited to, passwords, encryption, and physicalcontrol of such devices whenever they contain enterprise data.2. Any non-business computers used to synchronize with these devicesmust have installed up-to-date anti-virus and anti-malware software.3. Passwords and other confidential data as defined by Bell CountyTechnology Services department are not to be stored unencrypted onmobile devices.4. Any device that is being used to store Bell County data must adhere tothe authentication requirements of Bell County Technology Servicesdepartment. In addition, all hardware security configurations andmobile security clients must be pre-approved and installed by BellCounty Technology Services department before any enterprise datacarryingdevice can be connected to the County’s network.5. Technology Services will manage security policies, network,application, and data access centrally using whatever technologysolutions it deems suitable. Any attempt to contravene or bypass thatsecurity implementation will be deemed an intrusion attempt andaccess to County networks will be immediately terminated.4

6. Technology Services reserves the right, through policy enforcementand any other means it deems necessary, to limit the ability of endusers to transfer data to and from specific resources on the County’snetwork.7. Technology Services will remotely wipe all County specific data, nopersonal data will be affected, from such devices once its use is nolonger required.8. In the event of a lost or stolen device, it is incumbent on the user toreport the incident to Technology Services immediately. The device willbe remotely wiped of all County data and locked to prevent access byanyone other than Technology Services. If the device is recovered, itcan be submitted to Technology Services for re-provisioning.Appropriate steps will be taken to ensure that County data on oraccessible from the device is secured - including remote wiping of thedevice where appropriate. The remote wipe will destroy all County dataon the device and leave personal data untouched.Help & Support1. Employees who opt in to the BYOD program are not eligible forsupport for device-specific hardware or software from Bell CountyTechnology Services department. If the employee-owned devicerequires maintenance, the employee is responsible for themaintenance, to include phone updates2. Bell County Technology Services department will triage support calls todetermine if the issue is software or hardware related. If the issue ishardware related, the employee will be responsible for maintenance. Ifthe issue is software related to County provided applications, BellCounty Technology Services department will perform maintenancespecific to that application.3. Employees, contractors, and temporary staff will make nomodifications to the hardware or software that change the nature of thedevice in a significant way (e.g. replacing or overriding the operatingsystem or "jail-breaking"). The County’s mobile device managementsoftware can detect changes to the mobile device. If any hardware orsoftware modification is detected, access to County networks will beimmediately terminated.Organizational Protocol1. Technology Services can and will establish audit trails, which will beaccessed, published, and used without notice. Such trails will be ableto track the attachment of an external device to the County’s network,and the resulting reports may be used for investigation of possible5

eaches and/or misuse. The end user agrees to and accepts that hisor her access and/or connection to Bell County’s networks may bemonitored to record dates, times, duration of access, etc., in order toidentify unusual usage patterns or other suspicious activity. Theemployee consents that there is no right to privacy related to use ofCounty’s networks, resources, or data. This monitoring is necessary inorder to identify accounts/computers that may have been compromisedby external parties.2. The end user agrees to immediately report to his/her manager and BellCounty Technology Services department any incident or suspectedincidents of unauthorized data access, data loss, and/or disclosure ofcompany resources, databases, networks, etc.3. Users will not be allowed to expense mobile network usage costs.4. While a personally-owned device user will not be granted access toCounty resources without accepting the terms and conditions of thispolicy, employees are entitled to decline signing this policy if they donot understand the policy or are uncomfortable with its contents. Bysigning this policy, employees acknowledge that they fully understandthe risks and responsibilities of the BYOD program.5. The mobile security software does have the capability to trackmovement of each individual device. The feature can be used to helplocate a lost or stolen device if the feature is activated. Each user willhave the option to either enable or disable this feature on personal“BYOD” devices.6. The mobile security client software residing on “BYOD” devices willadd a very small increase to individual user monthly data plans. Thisdata increase to existing data plans to support the mobile securityclient residing on individual devices is expected to be less than < 10KB per month.7. Any questions relating to this policy should be directed to theTechnology Services Department Help Desk at 254-933-5278. A copyof this policy, and related policies and procedures, can be found athttp://www.bellcountytx.com/employee_portal/county_policies.php.Policy Non-ComplianceFailure to comply with the BYOD Acceptable Use Policy may, at the fulldiscretion of the County, result in the suspension of any or all technology use and6

connectivity privileges, disciplinary action, possible termination of employment,as well as possible criminal charges.The County Judge, Director of Technology Services and BYOD SecurityManager will be advised of breaches of this policy and will be responsible forappropriate remedial action.Employee DeclarationI, [employee name], have read and understand the above BYOD Acceptable UsePolicy, and consent to adhere to the rules outlined therein.____________________________________Employee Signature_____________________________________Supervisor Signature_____________________________________Director/IT Administrator Signature_______________Date_______________Date_______________DateDevice Information & Tracker OptionManufacturer Name ____________________Model _______________________________Tracker Feature Enabled: YesNo7

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