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2LIVE1EXPECT TO GET INVOLVEDPlay baseball. Join a Winter Carnival Team. Direct your own iMovie. Perform at a national music festivalLEARNin New York City. Make a new best friend from across the world. Boredom is not an option in adynamic, caring community where every day brings new interests to explore and new adventures to discover.2DISCOVER A SPECTACULAR LOCATIONLive and learn in Wolfeboro—a town the whole world loves to visit. Swim, sail, or simply toss a Frisbee aroundand soak in the glorious sunshine during warm weather. Go ice fishing or cross-country skiing in thewinter. Be inspired by astonishing views of Lake Winnipesaukee and the mountains, year-round.And find all the essentials—from new sneakers to pizza—downtown, a stroll away!3RAISE THE BARExpect to travel way beyond your comfort zone. To step up—in the classroom, in your dorm, on the playingfield—in all the activities you are involved in. At Brewster, you’ll find all the support, opportunities, andresources you need to challenge yourself, to be the best you can be in everything you do.4LEADBE RECOGNIZEDIt’s true we have great expectations of our students. And our unique recognition system allows us to rewardyou with special privileges—and provide constant and meaningful feedback—as you make the right choicesand responsible decisions no matter how difficult they may seem.5EXPECT TO DISCOVER WHO YOU REALLY AR EIt’s what it all boils down to: an educational experience that enables you to develop greathabits for life. To discover who you really are. And to expect more.Of yourself. Of the world around you. Of tomorrow.

A beautiful campus. A fun community.A safe campus. A supportive community.Not just a school I can fit into but one that fits me.Not just a school they can fit into but one that fits them.Where I can make my own decisions and take responsibility for them.Where they may pursue their every interest, but LIVE responsibly.LIVE life with integrity and be true to myself.Make friends who share their interests but respect those who don’t.Make new friends who respect me for who I am.Challenge themselves in every way but LEARN to make good choices.LEARN to persevere. So I can master everything that interests me.Persevere until they have mastered everything they need.So I can be compassionate and make a real difference in the world.To succeed in college. To live a life of meaning.LEAD and take the initiative and make things happen.To LEAD with compassion and integrity.That’s what I want high school to be.That’s what we want their future to be.That’s the kind of future I have in mind.That’s the kind of education we have in mind.

18As a Brewster student, you can expect every class to be a highlyinteractive experience. Our project-based learning initiative allowsyou to take on greater responsibility—designing a project that youfind exciting that provides practical learning experience, not just goodgrades. You will collaborate closely with your teacher. Learn with—and from—classmates from around the world. Challenge yourselfintellectually. Discover your individual academic strengths andtalents and use the latest technologies from your very own laptop toexpress yourself effectively and creatively.Brewster’s team-based approach allows all your teachers to meetregularly, discuss your individual progress, and develop learningstrategies that specifically work for you.Brewster features one ofthe most technologicallysophisticated learningenvironments of any secondary3school campus in the nation.State-of-the-art science labs.A well-equipped multimedialab that invites your creativespirit to soar throughphotography, web design,filmmaking, the Brewster NewsTeam, and always evolvingprograms. You will be preparedto succeed in this increasinglyhigh-tech world.4Explore your creativity and discovernew talents through our excitingprograms in music, theatre,dance, and the visual arts.5Building character is a fundamental part of a Brewstereducation. Our unique recognition program rewards yourgrowth in such key areas as respect, integrity, and service,whether it is within the classroom, on the playing field, or in your

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1with half a mile of water frontage along lake Winnipesaukee’s 1834Every season brings new reasons and exciting new outdooradventures to celebrate when you’re a student on a campusmiles of shoreline. And given the crew shells and fleet of 420 racingsailboats housed in our million-dollar Pinckney Boathouse, it’s nosurprise that sailing is an especially popular activity.Student leadership is a key part of life in our residence halls.Students conduct regular group meetings—on their own—to resolve house issues and plan future activities.From theCommunityDinner tothe brunchon Sundays,every mealat Estabrook3Dining Hall isan experiencethat offerscreative,healthy, andtasty choices.4Downtown Wolfeboro — a two-minuteskateboard-ride away from campus—offers pizza, cafes, concerts,street fairs, and so much more.5The 50,000-sq. ft. Smith Center is one of the finest athleticfacilities among independent schools nationwide. And theonly one with a convertible turf floor—for such sports asbaseball, lacrosse, soccer, and tennis—which rolls out in under 20

6LEARN1EXPECT AN EDUCATION THAT’S ALL ABOUT YOUEngaging, discussion-based classes. An extraordinary curriculum. Accomplished and demanding teachers.Innovative technologies. At Brewster, they all come together in powerful ways to do one thing: help you discover the powerof your own potential. It’s your education—we believe it should be all about you.LEAD2BE INSPIRED BY YOUR TEACHERSAt Brewster, you’ll learn from highly qualified teachers who constantly expect you to excel. And know exactly whatstrategies to use to get the best from you—as a mentor, a guide, a coach, a dorm parent. Best of all, they hold themselvesto the same high standards they set for you, whether it means spending time in the summer improving their professionalexpertise (The Brewster Summer Institute) or regularly asking for your feedback on their teaching skills.3EXPRESS YOURSELF IN THE CLASSROOMA Brewster classroom is not about lectures. It’s about expressing yourself through passionate discussions, real-worldexamples, project-based initiatives, intelligent debates, as well as highly interactive technologies. It’s about learning to be anindependent thinker as well as a good team player, whether sharing your expertise in U.S. history or benefitingfrom a classmate’s knowledge in physics. You apply what you learn every day.4LIVEBE SUPPORTED BY AN OUTSTANDING TEAMWith an entire team of faculty to offer you constant support, you can expect your Brewster education to be incrediblywell-balanced and highly effective. Here, you’ll find all of your teachers meeting regularly—to share insights on yourindividual strengths and weaknesses; to bring together all of the different aspects of your Brewster experience andensure that you graduate with all the skills, talents, achievements, and experiences colleges seek.5EXPECT TO LEAR N AT YOUR PACE, ON YOUR TER MSWhether it is freshwater ecology or music, your academic interests and goals are not the same as anyone else. This is whyBrewster’s mastery-based curriculum zeroes in on your specific strengths and weaknesses. Good at math? You’ll tackle morecomplex equations to get even better. Find writing a struggle? You’ll have a chance to improve without beingoverwhelmed with expectations. The result: a highly individualized education where you are continuously challenged.

To hear from other Brewster students, head to r e a t e x p e c t a t i o n sAs a freshman who had never attendedprivate school, I was nervous, but the teachersand curriculum here really push you to learnmore, and strive for better grades.I am always comfortableapproaching teachers with questions, and theacademic support I receive helps me advancein my classes. I have gained a lotof confidence inside andoutside the classroom.I am…A day student from Wolfeboro.My Brewster experience has been…Unforgettable. As an individual I havelearned many things about myself,discovered many strengths, andovercome some weaknesses.A big part of life at Brewster is…Community. Even as a day student I stillhang out on campus until study hoursbecause I love being here and there isso much happening.I would recommend Brewsterto others because…Faculty care about youraccomplishments in life; they want toassist in any way they can to help youreach your dream.9

10LEAD1EXPECT AN EDUCATION OF REAL VALUEWhether it’s a curriculum that integrates different learning strategies for different learners—or academic supportdesigned to maximize every student’s potential—at Brewster, we’ve been redefining education for almost two centuries.Today, as leaders in our field, we continue to build upon our rich history of achievement andexcellence and prepare students for rewarding and meaningful lives.2TAKE ADVANTAGE OF EXCITING NEW TECHNOLOGIESLIVEYes, we were the nation’s first independent school to fully integrate laptops into our program. Sure, at Brewster,you can catch up on a class you’ve missed through a podcast, blog online with your parents, or take the latest media artscourses. But what really sets us apart are the intentional and strategic ways in which we use new technologies—to help youinterpret information in ethical ways, think critically and analytically, and communicate effectively.3PR EPAR E FOR SUCCESS AFTER BREWSTERBrewster graduates overwhelmingly report being admitted to the college of their choice and rate Brewster highly as apreparatory school. In fact some 70 percent stated they were more prepared than, and academically ahead of, their classmates incollege—and 80 percent said that they were socially better equipped—because of Brewster.4LEARNBECOME A LEADER WHO CAN MAKE A DIFFER ENCELeadership isn’t something we just talk about—at Brewster, it’s a commitment that comes from our mission to educatethe whole person—mind, body, and spirit. You will live in a community that develops character, celebratesself-awareness, and provides you with the life skills to become a responsible, adaptable, and conscientious citizen.5EXPECT A COMMUNITY THAT EXCEEDS YOUR EXPECTATIONSVisit us and discover the Brewster story—a story we’re confident you will want to be a part of. It’s the story of a diverse,talented, truly extraordinary community of learners who have great expectations of themselves and of each other.And of a school that empowers them to exceed their greatest expectations.

112A Brewster education holds you to the highest academicstandards. But we are also a national leader in providingyou with all the assistance you need to exceed those expectations—including a faculty passionate about mentoring students one-on-one;highly individualized instructional support programs that enhanceyour reading, writing, organizational, time management, and studyskills; and our English as a Second Language program (ESL).Leading competitors within the Lakes Region League, the BrewsterBobcats have won 11 league championships and earned 16 bids toNew England tournaments over the past five years.Leadership isnot an abstractconcept atBrewster. It’ssomethingstudentsdepend on oneanother for,and practice,3everyday—asa proctor orpeer counseloror studentgovernmentleader.4It’s also something you learn byobserving leaders in action allaround you, like at a dinner withthe Head of School!5The extensive resources, services, and assistancestudents receive through our College CounselingOffice is one reason why they graduate uncommonlywell-prepared for admission to, and are successful at, some ofthe most prestigious colleges and universities in the

To hear from other Brewster students, head to r e a t e x p e c t a t i o n sNaadirTharpeFrom first stepping on campus,I knew Brewster was the right choice.From academics to leadership skills, Brewster hasprepared me for the next step: college.Academics was where I needed to be pushed toreach my goals. Athletically, I havebeen challenged by strong competition and guidedby great coaching support. I’ve attained my goalto play at a top Division 1 college program…where I know I will be successfulin the classroom and on the court.I am…A boarding student fromMassachusetts.My most memorable Brewstermoments include…Winning not just the NEPSAC leaguechampionship but the nationalchampionship, too .The teachers at Brewster are…What you call “Clutch.” They will bethere for you every time—for help inyour classes or problems in your dorm,the teachers at Brewster will be rightby your side.I would describe Brewster as…My second home, a place where I canalways come back and there will be openarms and friends that I will have for therest of my life.13

Contact us today to arrange avisit to our beautiful campus.Learn more about the Brewster story.It’s the story of a diverse, talented,truly extraordinary community oflearners who have great expectationsof themselves and of each other. Andof a school that empowers them toexceed their greatest expectations.We’re confident it is a story you willwant to be a part of.Brewster Academy80 Academy DriveWolfeboro, New Hampshire 03894(603) 569–7200(800) 842–9961Fax: (603) 569–

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