FMP_38 uk

FMP_38 uk

FMP038SERIESFilter Symbolwithout by-passFilter Symbolwith by-passFMP 038 series filters are designed for pressure lineapplications and are suitable for in-line installation. Thisseries of filters has been developed to satisfy the lowmediumworking pressure sector of the pressure filtermarket. Continued research and development on boththe filter bodies and the filter elements has resulted inaproduct line with excellent technical characteristics.Specifically in terms of mechanical reliability, reducedpressure drop, Beta 200 rating and dirt holding capaci t y .FMP 038 series filters within this range are suitable forflow rates to 85 l/min.Electrical IndicatorCast Aluminium HeadVisual - Electrical IndicatorSealsCast Aluminium BowlVisual IndicatorFilter element2 CTC FMP B 0303 UK

FMP038SERIESGeneral - Filter selectionFor a quick reference guide, refer to page 5Filter assembly pressure drop:∆p Total = ∆p filter housing + ∆p filter element• Housing pressure drop:The ∆p is proportional to the fluid density.• Filter element pressure drop:The ∆p is proportional to the kinematic viscosity.The pressure drop data for filter elements which islisted in the brochure is based on mineral oil withkinematics viscosity of 30 mm 2 /s.Filter assembly sizing example∆p Total∆pc Filter housing∆pe Filter elementY FactorQ l/min = Flow rateV1 = Reference viscosity 30 mm 2 /sV2 = Working viscosity in mm 2 /s∆p Total = ∆pc + ∆pe∆pe = Y x Q x ( V2/V1 )For application with kinematic viscosity’s other than30 mm 2 /s - see belowTechnical data“Y” factor for the pressure drop of the individualfilter elementsThe curves were obtained using a mineral oil with a densityof 0,86 Kg/dm 3 according to ISO 3968.The ∆p is proportional to the fluid density.FilterelementA03YFactorFilter ElementN - M series0,070666BowllengthsA060,0532001,50A10A160,0257780,0205711A250,0146771,00M250,006526∆p bar0,50*A03A06A10A160,0365710,0322850,0180000,01338450,000 30 60 90 120 150Flow rate l/minA25M25A03A060,0080000,0002860,0265710,023273A10A160,0124610,0098822Bypass valve pressure dropA25M250,0055790,00028615Sizing Example∆p bar105Q = 45 l/minV 2 = 46 mm 2 /sPmax = 80 barFiltration = 10 µm absolute∆p Total max = 1,5 bar (recommendation)∆pc = 0,47 bar00 30 60 90 120 150∆pe = 0,012461 x 45 x (230/150) = 0,86 bar∆p Total = 0,47 + 0,86 = 1,33 barFlow rate l/minFilter selectedFMP 038 length 2 with A10 filter element4

DimensionsFMP038SERIESIndicator options35Led3543,56767A/F 30 A/F 32A/F 30A/F 3035414376A/F 32ZVNKE76Filter selection-quick reference guideAAThe flow rate data that is listed in the table is basedon mineral oil with kinematics viscosity of 30 mm 2 /sand a maximum filter assembly (housing + element)pressure drop of 1,5 bar.6850FilterelementtypeFlow ratel/minN - M SeriesFilterLengthHA0318A0623H17A10A1640451147A2555Indicator port andbypass valve may beinterchangedØ 55M25A03A06703034A/F 22A10A16A255056685191M2580120A03A064043A10A1658642234Bypass valvestandard option side B64A/F 30A25M257285Ø 6,59147ConnectionA1/2” BSP1/2” NPTSAE 8 - 3/4”- 16 UNFA/F 30T2 PlugBypass valvealternative option side C5

FMP038SERIESMultipass method for evaluatingFiltration performance according to ISO 16889.ISO MTD test dustMultipass method for evaluatingFiltration performanceaccording to ISO 4572.ACFTD test dustDimensions for ß values 2 10 75 100 200 1000 Dimensions for ß values 200Efficiency in % 50% 90% 98,70% 99% 99,50% 99,90% Efficiency in % 99,50%Elements media (µm ©) µmA03

Ordering informationFMP038SERIESFilter assemblyFMP 038Filter elementHP 0371 2 3 4 5 6 7a 8Example: FMP038 2 B A G1 A10 N P01 / V71 5 3 6Example: HP037 2 A10 A N P017b1 - Element / Housing length1 184 mm Filter length5 226 mm Filter length2 280 mm Filter length2 - Bypass valve5 - Filter elementsA03 Inorganic microfibre 3 µmA06 Inorganic microfibre 6 µmA10 Inorganic microfibre 10 µmA16 Inorganic microfibre 16 µmA25 Inorganic microfibre 25 µmßx (c) ≥ 1000See page 6BWith bypass (standard option)M25Square wire meshCDWith bypass (alternative option)Bypass hole tapped (standard option)6 - Filter elements collapse pressure seriesEBypass hole tapped (alternative option)N20 barF3 - SealsAVBypass (not machined)Buna-NViton7 - Optionsa) Filterplug)P01P02MP Filtri with indicator threaded hole only (no T2MP Filtri with plug T24 - ConnectionsG11/2” BSPP03PxxMP Filtri without indicator portCustomer requestG21/2” NPTb) Filter elementG3SAE 8 (3/4” - 16 UNF)P01MP Filtri labelPxxPrvate label8 - IndicatorsZ7Visual (pop-up) 5 barN8Electrical 7 barZ8Visual (pop-up) 7 barE7Visual-electrical 5 barV7Visual 5 barE8Visual-electrical 7 barV8N7Visual 7 barElectrical 5 barK7* Visual-electrical 5 barK8* Visual-electrical 7 bar1 - Voltage 24 Volt*{2 - Voltage 110 Volt3 - Voltage 220 VoltMP Filtri - Filtration products will only be guaranteed if original MP Filtrireplacement elements and spares are usedDate help in this publication is given only for indicative purposes. MP Filtri reserves to introducemodification to described items for technical or commercial reasons. Copyright reserved.7

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