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Uses Field and Technical Data to helpdesign and evaluate irrigation systems Requires in input of several variablesincluding well flow rate, crown elevations,row lengths, and poly pipe dimensions Leads to more efficient irrigation bysuggesting to irrigators what size holes topunch in their poly pipe

Data collection is the main hurdle to overcomewith the programFlow Rates and Side Slope Determinations arethe most difficult to obtainLIDAR used in place of data gathered withsurvey equipment

5 Sites previously designed andimplemented using on the groundsurvey dataOriginal equipment was TOPCONsurvey grade GPS system accurate to+/- .1’Elevation data for each point wasobtained from LIDAR and entered intoPhaucet in place of the survey data

LIDAR derived data is adequate forPhaucet design Potential time savings by using elevationsgenerated from LIDAR Data are great There is a need to create a user friendlyweb based elevation tool for irrigators toaccessQuestions?

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