The Independent Times Is A Proud Supporter of The Wellness Show

The Independent Times Is A Proud Supporter of The Wellness Show

COVERSTORY“Be Happy” continued from page 3(Monday is our day off) that are designedto last us for the week. That way if wehave food in the fridge we eat well for theweek and don’t grab that fast food thatslows you down,” Della advises.“During the spring and summer we usuallyhike the Grouse Grind once a weekwith friends,” Della states. “It never getseasier! Still a very tough workout - I don’tever get faster than 55 minutes. Andre cando it in 45 minutes, so he slows down towait for me, or waits at the top!”INFOFIT has teamed up the AmericanAcademy of Health and Fitness (AAHF),a professional association whose overallmission is to instill quality of life throughthe gamut of aging by providing advancedtraining and continuing education forcertified personal trainers, athletic trainersand certified nurses aides, offering avarietyt of senior fitness specialty certifications,some approved for continuingeducation credits.There will be products and ideas to answer every health concern among theexhibitors at this year’s Wellness Show. (Photos by the MAP Group)“Our SrFit is the only senior fitnesscertification approved by all major personaltraining, sports nutrition, group fitnesscertification organizations and BOCfor athletic training,” states Andre.The Wellness Show is the largest tradeshow in Western Canada dedicated tohelping you to live a more balanced andInformative&EntertainingINFORMATIVE&ENTERTAININGOnly $ 20.00GOES WELL WITH COFFEEOnly $20.00INFORMATIVE&ENTERTAININGGOESFOr PLUSWELLa year’s GSTWITHsubscriptiOnCOFFEEFOR A YEAR'S send SUBSCRIPTION subscriptiOns tO:Only $20.00SEND SUBSCRIPTIONS TO:#104 - 333 EAST FIRST ST.All you have to do#104is fill out- 333the formeast FirstNORTHst.VANCOUVER, BC V7L 4W9and drop it in the PLUS mail—we GST do the rest CALL TODAY: 604-639-5495nOrth VancOuVer, bc V7l 4w9SEND SUBSCRIPTIONSFOR A YEAR'S SUBSCRIPTIONTO:callBILLINGtOday:INFORMATION604-639-5495#104 - 333 EAST FIRST ST.All you have to do is fill out the form NORTHYOUR NAME __________________________________________________VANCOUVER, BC V7L 4W9and drop it in the mail—we do the rest CALL TODAY: 604-639-5495ADDRESS ____________________________________________________CITY _______________________ PROV. ___________________________BILLING INFORMATIONPOSTAL CODE _______________ PHONE __________________________YOUR CHARGE NAME MY ACCOUNT __________________________________________________VISA MASTERCARD CHEQUE ENCLOSEDADDRESS ____________________________________________________CITY ACCOUNT _______________________ NO. _________________________________________________PROV. POSTAL SIGNATURE CODE ________________________________ PHONE __________________________EXP. DATE CHARGEThe IndependentMY ACCOUNTTimes nowVISAoffers onlineMASTERCARDbilling. If you wishCHEQUEto pay usingENCLOSEDVisa orMastercard please provide your email address and we will invoice you electronically.We use NO. PayPal _________________________________________________for all of our online billing, ensuring the process is bothACCOUNTSIGNATURE simple and secure. ________________________________ EXP. DATE _________The Email Independent ______________________________________________________Times now offers online billing. If you wish to pay using Visa orMastercard please provide your email address and we will invoice you electronically.We use PayPal for all of our online billing, ensuring the process is bothsimple and secure.4 The Independent Times | February 2012Email ______________________________________________________

holistic lifestyle. In addition to the twosessions by Andre and Della, The WellnessShow includes exhibitors, speakers,workshops, fitness and cooking demonstrations,lots of yummy food samples,and amazing contests, all on a variety ofwellness topics, all under one roof.This year’s show includes:Celebrity Cooking Stage: Pino Posteraro,Cioppino’s; Ken Nakamo, The RosewoodHotel Georgia; Ned Bell, The FourSeasons; Jennifer Peters, Raincity Grill;Robert Erikson, Central Bistro; AntonioCerullo, Choices Markets; Kris Kabush,Hart House Restaurant; Hidekazu Tojo,Tojo’s; and special guest, Julie VanRosendaal, best-selling author, Spillingthe Beans.Demonstration Stage: Square Dancing,Sufi Whirling, Speedmonton (SpeedBadminton), Pliates, Pole Walking, andthe ever-popular Shimak’s BollywoodWorkout.Living Well Stage: “Brainology” by NivHarris, “Health, Fitness and Aging” byInfofit, “The Path to Phenomenal Health,High Energy and Improved Well-Being”by Sam Graci, “Humor for Health” byMonique Hurteau and Lorne Cardinal(Corner Gas) and much, much more,including Master Zhi Gang Sha.Women and Wellness Stage: “EverythingYou Need to Know about Hormones,”by Lorna VanderHaegen,“Mastering Menopause,” by Bev Mayaand Gilly Thomas, and “Healing Depressionand Anxiety Holistically,” by DrDivi Chandna.Workshop Stage: “Fat Loss for the21 st Century,” by Infofit, “MeditationMade Easy,” by Kiana Holland, “PainManagement,” by Dr. Heidi Rootes, and“Practical Tools to Manage Stress,” byDr. Divi Chandna.Tea Garden: NEW this year! Teatastingsessions with experts, as well asinformation and tastings of medicinaland Roibos teas, a Morocan tea ceremony,and a workshop to learn how tocreate your own tea blend.The Show also features Pet Wellness,Cheese Tastings from The Dairy Farmersof Canada, massage, shiatsu andreflexology, and a kids play area set upby Gymnastics BC.The Wellness Show runs Friday, February17 (noon to 8 p.m.), Saturday,February 18 (10 a.m. to 7 p.m.), andSunday, February 19 (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.),at the Vancouver Convention Centre,East Building Exhibit Hall B & C, 999Canada Place.Tickets at the door are: $16.00 (GeneralAdmission), $14.00 (Seniors &Students), $6.00 (Children 6-15), FREE(Children 5 Years & Under), and 3 DayPasses are available for $30.Wellness Show details and discountedtickets are available online at www.thewellnessshow.comLearn more about INFOFIT at www.infofit.caWANTEDCARING ADOPTIVEPARENTSThe War AmpsFrom Generation to GenerationChloe is a member of The War AmpsCHAMP Program for child amputees.A philosophy ofamputeeshelpingamputeeshas been the hallmarkof The War Ampssince it was foundedin 1918.The War Amps continues to meet the needs of itswar amputee members, and also operates programs suchas the CHAMP Program for child amputees.CHAMP provides amputee children across Canada with financialassistance for artificial limbs, regional seminars, peer support,resources and so much more.Through CHAMP, the Association’s tradition of amputeeshelping amputees continues.For more information about leaving abequest to The War Amps, please contact:The War Amps1 800 363-4067 • • waramps.caCharitable Registration No. 13196 9628 RR0001The War Amps is funded solely through donations to its Key Tag andAddress Label Service, and does not receive government grants.February 2012 | The Independent Times 5

HEALTH&WELLNESSStay Safe & Fall-Free This WinterWith more snow before winter’s end a distinct possibility, keep in mind some basic rules to prevent falls.Snow season arrived with a vengancethis winter, and may well linger, along withicy conditions that can lead to an unexpectedslip or trip.Falls are the most common cause ofinjury among British Columbia seniorsand are the main reason why older adultslose their independence. Each year, one inthree seniors over the age of 65 experienceat least one fall and nearly 40 per cent offall-related hospitalizations involve a hipfracture - which greatly impacts the healthand well-being of the senior as well as theB.C. health-care system.Winter conditions, such as snow and ice,are known to increase the likelihood ofexperiencing a fall.Last year, 319 B.C. seniors aged 65 andover experienced fall-related hospitalizationsdue to ice and snow. According toCanadian Institute of Health Informationdata, over 70 percent occurred betweenJanuary and March.This information is often referred to asthe tip of the iceberg, as many more fallinjuries are treated in clinics, emergencydepartments and doctors’ offices. Fallsusually happen due to factors that canbe prevented. Identifying fall risk andtaking the appropriate action to preventfalls can help seniors to stay independentand increase their overall health and wellbeing.Top ten tips to help seniors stay fallfreethis winter:1: Check your traction - wearing appropriateshoes and boots for slippery sidewalksand stairs can help to avoid a fall. Researchhas shown that wearing an anti-slip shoedevice can reduce the risk of a fall in icyconditions.2: Slow down - ‘tis the season for manyexciting events... Falls often occur whenyou’re in a rush.3: Stay connected - letting people knowyour plans and taking a cell phone with youwhen you leave the house are great ways tokeep in touch with friends and family.4: Vitamin D and calcium - research hasshown that Vitamin D and calcium play animportant role for muscular strength andbone health. During the winter months, itis especially important to eat foods high inVitamin D and calcium and/or take supplementsto get the recommended daily intake.5: Stay active - strong muscles and bonesare important in preventing falls and gettingaround safely. If winter conditionsmake it unsafe to exercise outdoors, stayactive with an indoor routine that includesstrengthening and balance exercises.6: Bring in the salt - keep your salt andshovel indoors to avoid slipping while onyour way to the garage or storage shed toget it.7: Shovel the walkway - keep your stepsand pathways clear. Check your railingsand ensure they are sturdy, as they maysave you from an unexpected slip or trip.8: Ask for help - ‘tis the season to lend ahelping hand. Most people are happy tohelp an older person navigate across a slipperysidewalk or parking lot.9: Have a plan - if you experienced a fall,what would you do? Being prepared in theevent of a fall can assist in getting help asquickly as possible, and may even saveyour life.10: Ask yourself if you are at risk - checkyour risk for falling with the Staying Independentfall risk assessment tool at The Independent Times | February 2012

FINANCEPros And Cons Of Leverage Loansnettyvogelson themoneyRichard, my husband, and I took out a leverageloan in 2001. We had been managing ourinvestment portfolios since the early 80’s so werecomfortable borrowing to increase our investmentbase. The investment markets were stillrising, we had time on our side and financiallywe could afford the loan payments, so it seemedlike a good idea at the time.2002 was the first market meltdown of thiscentury. The Tech bubble burst. Needless to sayour portfolio quickly dropped below the loanbalance. It took four years, basically to 2006,before we were back into positive territory. Themarket value of the investment portfolio wasgreater than the outstanding loan and the aggregatecost of borrowing (the interest payments wemade on the loan during that five-year period).Today, even with this current downturn thatstarted in 2008, the second meltdown, we have asubstantial gain in this portfolio. Why?Three reasons:1: We held on to the portfolio and did not“panic sell” at the bottom;2: We were there for the recovery and wereable to take advantage of the substantial gainsthat often follow a severe downturn (bearmarket) and;3: We were able to financially carry the loan.Unfortunately, with the combination of thelow interest rate environment and the risinginvestment markets many investors, that werenot suited to go into this program, were introducedto leveraged loan concept in 2006, alongwith the Smith Maneuver that also promotedusing debt payments to ultimately increase yournet worth.Here is the rational (sales pitch) behind theleveraging concept: Why invest $300 a monthwhen you can have $115,000 invested andworking for you immediately? At 3 percent (sayprime + 1 percent) you could borrow $115,000today. The $285 monthly interest only paymentsfalls within your budget. Given time, and saya modest 6 percent return on your $115,000investment you will increase your net worth inthe long term.The second benefit is that you can deduct theinterest payments on your tax return.These claims are true and there is a benefit tousing a leverage loan as a means to ultimatelyincrease your net worth, but only if all three ofthe factors that I listed above are followed. Youhave to have some investment knowledge; thefinancial means and the discipline not to panicsell.There are individuals and circumstances whereborrowing may be a sound strategy for enhancingnet worth: positive cash flow and sufficientnet worth. Examples are:• RRSP contributions are maximized: A leverageloan increases the investment base, whileproviding a tax write-off for the interest paid onthe loan;• 10+ years to retirement: Mortgage is paidoff, kids are gone and there is now excess cashflow. Leveraging could potentially increase theretirement nest egg;• Established high-income earners: Discretionarycash flow is directed towards growing theirfuture wealth through leveraged investing.Even in these scenarios, where there is positivecash flow available to carry the loan, there mustbe a commitment to the program and a clearunderstanding that there will be another one ortwo meltdowns along the way. It has to be partof a long-term plan.Leveraged investing can increase the net gainsbut it can also exaggerate the net losses. Theinterest clock keeps running and the paymentshave to be made whether your portfolio is up ordown. This is what often leads to the panic selling.“I am paying $300 a month on interest andmy portfolio is going down. It is a lose, lose”.Clients and circumstances that are not suitablefor leveraged loans:• Young individuals/couples who are startingout: If they have not bought their home orstarted their family they are not candidates.A leveraged loan is counted when applyingfor a mortgage and can affect the qualifyingamount. A family means extra expenses as wellas potentially a drop in income while mom is athome. This has forced individuals to sell theirportfolios at a loss to qualify for the mortgageneeded to buy their new home. The long-termstrategy of 2006-7 is not possible because reallife, a home and a family, have got in the way.In some cases the anticipated “down payment”from the leveraged portfolio is also gone.• Retirees with RRIF income: Seniors, withexcess cash flow, redirected their RRIF paymentsto a leveraged investment program. Thetaxable RRIF income is offset by the deductibleloan interest. Unfortunately they have watchedtheir RRIF and their new non-registered port-“On the Money” continued on page 8February 2012 | The Independent Times 7

FINANCE“On the Money” continued from page 7folio values drop while the loan interestpayments continue. If they were makingexcess draws to fund this program (usuallydriven by an effort to ultimatelysave tax) they are in fact depleting theirRRIF’s at an accelerated pace in a downmarket. This is not a win win strategy.Again you need time and the ability tocarry the loan from other resources ifyou go into leveraged investing.• Stretching: There really is no extra cashflow to carry this program over the longrun.I recently received a call from a 75-year-oldgentleman who was concerned about someinvestment decisions he had recently enteredinto. Part of the program did involve a leveragedloan. His liquidity, access to cash, waslimited and hence he was now very nervous.Understandably so, he is not the right candidatefor leveraging and should never havebeen put into the program.Leveraging was, and I believe will again,be strongly promoted by the financial institutions.The marketing material will stressthe continued low interest rates and a stockThere are two times wheninvestment loans are promoted:when the investment marketsare going up and when theinvestment markets havegone recovery. One may be true in the shortterm and the other in the long term but thereality is no one knows.Leveraged loans can have terms similar toa mortgage. One to twenty year terms withfixed or variable interest rates. You can choseinterest only or pay both principal and interest.Richard and I chose P&I and doubled upon our payments to take advantage of the lowinterest rates. Our goal is to enhance our networth not just to save taxes.There are two times when investment loansare promoted: when the investment marketsare going up and when the investment marketshave gone down.If you are entertaining leveraged investingread the fine print closely. Know the termsof the contract, watch for margin calls andhidden payment clauses that redirect yourfixed monthly payments from principal tointerest as rates rise, and most importantlybe honest with yourself. Can you emotionallyweather the inevitable downturn that willhappen once, twice and maybe even threetimes during this long term plan?Netty Vogels, CGA, CFP, EPC of VogelsFinancial Services offers full planning andfinancial management services to her clients.604.685.6844.“ Poor kids on the Downtown Eastside can’tbe helped; their parents are too messed up.THERE’S NO HOPE.”Vancouver, Burnaby and Surrey Central AreasAt Union Gospel Mission, we hear thesekinds of stereotypes all the time. Like you,we believe every person has a story, and alldeserve to be treated with dignity.The proven continuum of programs atUGM helps ease the burden of the mostvulnerable and gives them the support theyneed to build bright • www.chelseaparkbc.comA gift through your estate is thebest way to give families hope forgenerations to come. Please considerleaving a charitable bequest in your Will.Your gift can create a legacy of hopefor our community.For more informationon leaving a bequest,contact Carey Bornnat 604.215.5441 orcbornn@ugm.caThe Independent Times wants to hearfrom you! Send us your story ideas,suggestions and criticisms. This isyour 55-plus lifestyle journal, and yourfeedback will help make it work for you.Hear from you soon!feedback@theindependenttimes.com8 The Independent Times | February

IN MEMORIAMA Beloved Journalist & BroadcasterWe said farewell this past December to apioneer of Vancouver “talk radio”, a globeroamingjournalist, and Independent Timestravel columnist David Abbott, whose liltingIrish voice entertained, amused andinformed audiences on four continents formore than forty years.As a radio and television host, broadcastcolumnist, journalist, travel writer andpublic speaker, he mined a lifetime of worldtravel and adventure to bring his many fansfirst-hand stories from around the globe.Born in Dublin and educated at TrinityCollege, Dublin, David moved to Canada in1960 as an educator at St. George’s Schoolin Vancouver and Brentwood College inMill Bay.Four years later he entered the city’s livelytalk show scene, thanks to his great mentorsPat Burns and Jack Webster, quickly buildingsubstantial radio and television audiencesfor CJOR, and CKNW in Vancouverand CJVI in Victoria.Overseas he worked for RTE (Ireland);SABC (South Africa) and BBC (UnitedKingdom) and The Canadian BroadcastingCorporation (1965 -1985.)The world was David’s beat. As a foreigncorrespondent he reported from the globe’smost fascinating locales and hot spots, fromthe Six Day War in Israel to the PhilippineRevolution.Whenever history was being made, inNorthern Ireland, South Africa, China,Hong Kong or Vietnam, David was coveringthe story.A man of all media, he had a wide range ofhigh-profile face-to-face interview subjectsto his credit, including Philippine presidentFerdinand and Imelda Marcos, Hong Kong“Taipan” Li Ka-shing, Baroness MargaretThatcher, Golda Mier, Sir Peter Ustinov,Mitzi Gaynor and Bob Hope.In the 1980s he wrote and produced theeight-week series “Dave Abbott’s Asia” andwon the TV Viewers Award as Best CurrentAffairs Host for “Abbott” his daily onehourtalk show on CKVU.In recent years his “Travel Diary” columnand radio commentaries were syndicated in52 weekly papers and on 32 radio stations,and the Independent Times.An international-level athlete in his youth,David Abbott (March 20, 1937 - December 18, 2011)he maintained a life-long involvement insports, and in Vancouver was a co-founderof both track and field’s Harry Jerome Classicand the Canadian International DragonBoat Festival.David’s community service earned himthe Salvation Army Community Award in1972, 1987, and 1993, and the NeighborhoodCommunity Award in 1986, and he frequentlyserved as auctioneer for local charityfundraising events, including his wife DianeForsythe Abbott’s annual YWCA CrabtreeCorner Luncheon.For many years an active member of TheSociety of American Travel Writers (SATW-Active) and the International Food, Wine& Travel Writers Association, he was representedby the National Speakers Bureauof Canada (Perry Goldsmith) and was apopular Enrichment Lecturer with HollandAmerica Line.In 2010 David was inducted into the B.C.Entertainment Hall of Fame at the OrpheumTheatre in Vancouver and awarded a star onthe Granville Street Starwalk.David Abbott is survived by his wife of 11years, Diane Forsythe-Abbott, his daughterIngrid Abbott, stepson Nicholas Dimitri,and grandchildren Nicholas and HilaryBiden.February 2012 | The Independent Times 9

HEARTH&HOMETime To Talk Of Seeds & SeasonsRemembering bounties past will encourage your interest today as the new seed cataloguesfor 2012 start to appear in your favourite gardening shops.Peter WilliamGribblePots &PlantsIn the middle of holiday season at the gardencentre, amid all the festive trees, wreaths and ornaments,what to my wondering eyes should appearbut a supplier erecting a full-sized seed rack!It was from a reputable company and hadevery standard annual and vegetable seed packettypically available for spring planting. “It’s themiddle of December, for goodness sake!” I saidto the vendor. “Who’s going to plant tomatoseeds now?” He assured me it was the usual timeto bring in the seeds.When I thought back on my own experience, Ihad once planted some tomato seeds, albeit notin December but in January – as if that excusesme. Even though my twelve heritage tomatoseeds were seduced into germinating under fullspectrum lights at room temperature, I endedup with twelve spindly things that within threeweeks of sprouting were listing groundwardsfrom the lack of a single ray of summer sun.Little shop of horrors it was not and I had tostart all over again. Until global warming shiftsour seasons, which it may at some point, I curbmy natural enthusiasm and postpone plantingtomato seeds until March.Yet I’m not immune to making a few pur-10 The Independent Times | February 2012

chases at this time to plump up the Springdowry for each year’s garden. Usually it’sthe same varieties I’ve used before, witha few curiosities I’ve never tried or seenbefore. It’s too early to plant them nowbut it’s nice to know they’re waiting in mybotanical hope chest. You meet interestingpeople at the seed racks, but behind thetypical purchasers is a quiet, little demographicI wonder if seed companies knowexists. These seed gathers buy wheneverthey can, be it at the height of summer orthe depths of winter. They’re sending themback home or to friends in faraway landswith invariably warmer climes. It’s surprisinghow far seeds disperse. Most travelto places in Asia, though some end up inEurope, the south Pacific, the Caribbeanand even Africa.I find winter an ideal season to (re)readgardening books and enjoy the range ofthe seed catalogues that start arriving inthe mail as early as mid-December. It islovely to dream of extended acreage filedwith bountiful, beautiful blooms – andall, except for the turning of pages, withoutburning a single calorie. It’s gardeningat its most leisurely. Yet despite winter’senforced cessation of labour I’ve alreadyhad to weed three audacious dandelionsblooming in the lawn. On this subject –don’t wait for spring!One of the first catalogues to arrive is anold favourite, Richters Herb & VegetableCatalogue (website:, a long established+Canadian company located in Goodwood,Ontario has an international reputationfor seeds and starter plants coveringmedicinal, culinary and utilitarian varietiesfrom around the world including manyused in Traditional Chinese Medicine.They have the usual herbal standbys, ofcourse, but in such numbers: forty-sixbasils, twenty-eight sages, twenty-one garlics,sixteen oreganos and a partridge in a… sorry, wrong catalogue. One of Richtersmore intriguing plants I might try this yearis the African medicinal plant for panicattacks, Solenostemon monostachyus soldunder Richter’s trademark name of ‘Rescueherb.’I hope it comes by spring, whichis when I have my first panic attack of thegardening season: “Yikes! Where am Igoing to plant all this stuff?!”The local favourite seed catalogue isWest Coast Seeds. Available in the gardencentres since January, it’s a superb referenceof over 600 vegetable, herb and flowervarieties. Just scanning the fifteen varietiesof peas made me want to grow them all,which would wreck my carefully managedcrop rotation system built up over the lastsix years. Then there are the thirty-nine lettuces(not counting the other mescluns andsalad greens), the twenty-one varieties ofpeppers and – never forgetting – the fortyfivevarieties of tomatoes!With a wintry sigh, I’ll winnow mychoices as I always do. I may dream ofacres but a backyard is work enough.There’s a cornucopia of online seedresources if you don’t mind staring at acomputer screen for hours at a time. MckenzieSeeds ( a Canadian standard (since 1896) andavailable at every garden centre. Thompson& Morgan “Quality English SeedsSince 1855” has a good website and willsend you a catalogue upon request ( Fothergills doesn’thave a North American website nor doestheir UK site ( sending their catalogues beyonda UK postal code. A seed company I likefor its quality information on the packageand the viability of their seeds is Renee’sGarden. Her website is low key but sensible( Nature’sGarden Seed Co. Inc. has a catalogue fordownload in a pdf format at www.naturesgardenseed.comand offers tree and wildflowerseeds indigenous to Canada. Theirsmall seed display at Mandeville/Garden-Works is particularly popular with foreignvisitors who dream of growing their ownmaple syrup or cedar totem poles.Seed catalogues’ generous informationmakes for an informed gardener, even ifyou only purchase a single mature tomatoplant in mid-summer for the sunny side ofthe balcony.Outdoor Grilling For Winter Too!Barbecuing isn’t just for the lazy days ofsummer. Delicious grilled meals are easy toprepare year-round. Here are a few tips forwinter barbecuing that are important toremember before you get the snow shovelout.• Always pre-heat your barbecue. Preheatto 400º f – 450º f at minimum,and adjust the temperature from there.Remember, if food doesn’t sizzle whenyou put it on the grill, your barbecue isnot hot enough.• If you are grilling with charcoal, includemore charcoal for increased pre-heatingtime and extra heat while grilling.• Cooking times may change withextreme cold; always use an instant readthermometer to ensure that foods arecooked thoroughly.• Grill with the lid down – heat loss on acold day is significantly greater than awarm summer day – keeping your barbecueat a consistent temperature will bevery difficult with the lid open.• When grilling on a windy day, try toreduce your exposure to the wind – ifgrilling at lower temperatures, keep aneye on your barbecue to ensure that itdoes not blow out. If you do need tomove your barbecue out of the wind,keep minimum clearances in mind toavoid damaging your deck or home.• Clear a work area around your barbecue– this won’t impact cooking time,but having enough room to work withoutfilling your boots with snow makes fora much more enjoyable barbecue experienceand avoids any untimely slips or falls.• Lighting – several lighting options areavailable – some barbecues have builtin lighting, and add-on handle lightsare available so you’re not grilling inthe dark. Broil King offers a variety oflighting options for their barbecues.• Never use your barbecue indoors, in yourgarage, or in an enclosed area. CarbonMonoxide accumulation, accidental firedamage, and smoke damage are all possible– it’s not worth the risk.More information on grilling and greatrecipe ideas is available at www.broilkingbbq.comClear off that barbecue and get grilling!—News CanadaFebruary 2012 | The Independent Times 11

OURTOWNA Season of Losses & CelebrationsjoyMETCALFEjoy’sjournalScoop! Scoop! Scoop! The award-winning directorand former star as Opie Taylor on the AndyGriffiths Show and Richie Cunningham in HappyDays, Ron Howard and his wife of 37 years, Cheryl,dined recently in Jack Evrensel’s highly rated BlueWater Cafe and Raw Bar in Yaletown. The fatherof three daughters and one son, Ron Howard alsodirected Cocoon with Don Ameche, Apollo 13 withTom Hanks, Angels and Demons again with TomHanks and won an Academy Award for directing ABeauiful Mind with Russell Crowe. His latest film isThe Dilemma ...Dal RichardsAmuch more local scoop is the fact that thattall, debonair former Fairmont hotelierMichael Kaile and his attractive wife Dianareceived the very best Christmas present ever thisyear.After eons of traveling about the world managingposh hotels, Michael is now the Managing Directorof the Terminal City Club in downtown Vancouver.The scoop is that they just became first-time grandparentswhen their son Rupert, who is a helicopterpilot with London Air, and his wife, Mandy, presentedthem with their seven-pound daughter, EllaLouise, who was born just before Christmas. As Ihave always said, Diana and Michael, the best partof being a parent is becoming a grandparent! Congratulations!...Speaking of Fairmont hotels, 12 of their propertiesthroughout the world have made thethe Gold List of the prestigious Conde NastTraveler Magazine including the newest FairmontPacific Rim, under the stewardship of Fairmont VPand General Manager Phil Barnes. Nice way to startthe new year ...And another way to celebrate the beginningof 2012 was Tourism Vancouver’s 10thannual Dine Out Vancouver with some 231restaurants taking part offering three course menusfor $18, 28 and $38 and select media foodies wereinvited to a fun preview.Our evening began at Bacchus in Eleni Skalbania’sso attractive Wedgewood Hotel, an added plus tokick off this special 10th anniversary. We were welcomedby Eleni’s sister, the lovely Joanna Tsaparasand General Manager Philip Meyer, the gentlemanbehind the Grand Prix bike races. An extra treat wasto have the talented Bryant Olender back at theJoanna Tsaparis and WedgewoodGM Philip MeyerDuncan Holmes and Sev MorinFairmont VP and GM Phil Barnesand wife Heidi12 The Independent Times | February 2012

TRAVELUtterly Lost (& Loving It) In IrelandA boat on Lake Innisfree, inspiration for W.B. Yeats’ poem.christinepotteron theroadLate colleague and friend David Abbottinspired my trip to Ireland last year. Davehadn’t kissed the Blarney Stone – too touristy– but it seemed as if it had kissed him, manytimes over, and when he died this past Decemberwe lost a great raconteur and entertainer.His stories about an Irish childhood made mewant to visit.“I’ll be happy,” I thought, “if I have just oneexperience as entertaining as David makes thatcountry sound,” I wasn’t happy. I was ecstatic.And I dedicate this column to the man wholoved to talk about his homeland – and anythingelse – in such an entertaining way. WeeDavey, we’ll miss you.Driving in the land of BlarneyThe sales clerk moved a pile of hand-knittedsweaters and leaned across the counterconspiratorially.“Our road signs are terrible,” she agreed,after hearing my tales of getting lost. “It datesto the British occupation, you see. We only hadtwo weapons -- our language, and our knowledgeof the terrain. So we liked to confuse themby changing the signs or taking them down. Westill hate road signs, but we love telling peoplehow to get to places. We’ll take an hour to do it,mind, and we’ll find out where you came from,where you’re going, and how many childrenyou have.”She, and others like her, turned our 10-day,self-drive Irish vacation into a rich, laughter-14 The Independent Times | February 2012

TRAVELLincoln City Is Spring Break Magic!Comic Matt Baker helps bring themagic to Lincoln City in March.It’s no Illusion – Lincoln City Is magic atSpring Break!Visit Lincoln City on the Central OregonCoast and enjoy four nights of live magicperformances and trickery. Performersinclude Matt Baker and Steve Hamilton,Hart Keene, Joe Black and Heather Pearl.Each evening, Wednesday through Saturday,March 28 - 31, features a different professionalmagician or illusionist. Performerswill roam through the crowd teaching gueststricks and illusions.Matt Baker, a Guinness World Recordholder, was voted Seattle’s Funniest PropComic and has performed his comedy stuntshow in over 14 countries. He’s appearedon numerous television shows includingLast Comic Standing and America’s GotTalent. Steve Hamiltonhas been performinghis comedy magic show around the worldfor almost 20 years. Audiences from ShanghaiChina to Valparasio Indiana have ravedabout his spontaneous humor and originalroutines. Joe Black has starred as a Magician,Stage Hypnotist and Hypnotherapistfor fifteen years and has built up an amazingreputation and always holds himself to thehighest levels of excellence!Featured on NBC’s “America’s GotTalent!” in 2010, Hart Keene has been performinghis unique blend of magic, mentalism,and comedy all over the Northwest forover 12 years. Hart has also performed andheadlined at both The Mill Casino in CoosBay, OR as well as 3 Rivers Casino in Florence,OR. For the past 15 years, HeatherPearl has been entertaining small and largeaudiences in theaters and at County Fairs,Festivals, corporate events, libraries, grandmother’sbirthday parties and just aboutevery type of wild event you could imagine.She has trained in physical theatre and clownMatt Baker, a Guinness WorldRecord holder, was voted Seattle’sFunniest Prop Comic and hasperformed his comedy stunt showin over 14 Dell’Arte International School of PhysicalTheatre and at the SF School of Circus Arts.Audience participation is encouraged!Each performance will be held at the LincolnCity Cultural Center, beginning at 6:30PMwith intermission at 7:15PM. Ticket price:$5 adults, $4 age 6-18; 5 & under free.Aspiring magicians are encouraged to participatein Magic Camp: Tuesday – SaturdayMarch 27-31, 2012 • 9am-11am each day.Learn from a pro for just $15 per personper day including props, ages 8 and up arewelcome! Contact the Cultural Center 541-994-9994 to register. For information on thewhole festival, visit www.oregoncoast.orgor call 800-452-2151, 541-996-1274.16 The Independent Times | February 2012

ARTS&ENTERTAINMENT“Centre Stage” continued from page 17it gives to people who have suffered aloss and find the courage to reach outto others.8 p.m. Jan. 26 – Feb. 26 at StanleyIndustrial Alliance Providence: The first Britishsettlers to arrive in Newfoundlandfound the climate too harsh and headedsouth to Virginia. It took sterner stuffin the form of London-born nurse,The first British settlers toarrive in Newfoundlandfound the climate too harshand headed south to Virginia.It took sterner stuff in the formof London-born nurse, MyraBennett, to endure the region’sbleak weather and conquer itsstubborn inhabitants. NurseBennett traveled by foot,horse, dogsled, and boat todeliver babies, set bones, andextract teeth on an isolated320-kilometer stretch of acoast without roads.Myra Bennett, to endure the region’sbleak weather and conquer its stubborninhabitants. Nurse Bennett traveled byfoot, horse, dogsled, and boat to deliverbabies, set bones, and extract teethon an isolated 320-kilometer stretchof a coast without roads. Here is anintriguingly staged story of courage andstrength based on the remarkable life ofthe nurse who became known as “theFlorence Nightingale of the North.”8 p.m. Feb. 2 to 18 at Gateway Theatre.gatewaytheatre.comRulan Dance will be among the offerings at this year’s Talking Stick Festival.Drusalka: Romantic and ethereal,Antonin Dvor ̌ák’s dramatic musicsoars with melody, romance, and longingin the opera based on the story ofThe Little Mermaid, directed by NancyHermiston; conducted by NorbertBaxa. In Czech with English surtitles,presented by UBC Opera.7:30 p.m. Feb. 9, 10 and 11 and 2 p.m.Feb. 12 at the Chan Centre UBCmusic.ubc.caChutzpah! Festival: Innovative theatre,comprehensive music and thoughtprovokingdance -- the 2012 Chutzpah!18 The Independent Times | February 2012

Monique Mojica in “Chocolate Woman Dreams the Milky Way” at the Talking Stick Festival (Ric Knowles Photo)Festival has it all. This year’s music runsfrom folkloric to cutting edge. Kickingit off is the world premiere of a musicaland theatrical adaptation of JosephSkibell’s acclaimed novel, “A Blessingon the Moon.” The production featuresPoland’s multi-instrumental “WarsawVillage Band.” Festival performancesthis year at the Electric Owl, 928 MainStreet, Commodore Ballroom and theNorman and Annette Rothstein Theatre,Oak and 41 st .Feb. 11 to March 4chutzpahfestival.comJoyce Yang Piano: Upcoming megastarJoyce Yang plays Rachmaninoff’sRhapsody on a Theme of Paganini in thetour-de-force performance. The VSOalso performs Richard Strauss’ Suitefrom Der Rosenkavalier (and I challengeanyone NOT to want to dance tothis one!) and Maurice Ravel’s La Valsebeckons with more danceable music.8 p.m. Feb. 11 and 13 at the Orpheumvancouversymphony.caTalking Stick Festival: This vibrantfestival provides a stage for extraordinaryAboriginal artists, establishedand emerging, featuring diverse andvaried performances by some of the toplocal, national and international FirstNations arts. Celebrating its 11 th yearwith award winning theatre pieces, livemusic, dance, slam poetry, storytellingand performance art, the artists of FirstNations are truly in full voice in venuesin Yaletown and along CommercialDrive.Feb. 20 – March 4 at various venues.www.fullcircle.caJann Arden: Jann’s singing has alwaysbeen wonderfully musical. Onstage, shecan do more for a song by a mere rollingof her eyes or with a quick smile than“Centre Stage” continued on page 20February 2012 | The Independent Times 19

ARTS&ENTERTAINMENT“Centre Stage” continued from page 19most pop singers can with all the vocaldiction training in the world. Jann doesnot so much carry a tune; she elegantlyfollows it—with an intonation, phrasing,sense of dynamics, and sense ofholding onto a line that we associatewith the great pop masters.Feb. 21 at Queen Elizabeth Theatrejannarden.comConfessions of the Other Woman:What would you do if you met yoursoul mate and he was married? Eve, a40-something Asian-Canadian beginsto question her existence at the endof a passionate affair. Her search foranswers launchers on a journey throughmemory, fantasy and recurring encounterswith a mysterious being whosemotives aren’t always clear. Written byValerie Sing Turner, winner of the 2011Enbridge Award for Emerging CanadianPlaywrights, and presented byUrban Ink.8 p.m. Feb. 22 -25 at Shadbolt Centrefor the Arts, BurnabyFeb. 29 – March 11 at PerformanceWorks, Granville IslandMarch 13 – 17 at Evergreen CulturalCentre, Coquitlamwww.urbanink.caof the brightest stars in Giacomo Puccini’srepertoire. A musical masterpiece-- a timeless tale of love, loss, deceptionand heartbreak, with glorious musicas only Puccini could write. This everpopularopera is presented by BurnabyLyric Opera, which brings the best ofBC’s top young professional opera singersto the stage, giving you the opportunityto say you saw them here first.8 p.m. Feb. 23 and 24 at James CowanTheatre - Shadbolt Centre for the Artsshadboltcentre.comBuddies in Bad Times Theatre: TheSilicone Diaries by Nina ArsenaultTranssexual Nina Arsenault may beperceived as “fake”, but the sixty cosmeticsurgeries that transformed herfrom an awkward man into a 36D-26-40 bombshell are anything but. Hereis a full, frank and fierce explorationof the contradictions associated withLa Boheme: This beloved classic is one the quest for beauty, balanced by an11.CTInvestmentAdvisoryAd1 6/24/11 9:45 AM Page 1intimate and spiritual account of Arsenault’sadventures in plastic surgery.According to Arsenault, “Beauty issomething some women are lucky tobe born with. Beauty is supposed to benatural, but if you weren’t lucky enoughto be born with it then you’re calledTranssexual Nina Arsenault may be perceived as “fake”, but the sixtycosmetic surgeries that transformed her from an awkward man into a36D-26-40 bombshell are anything but.superficial for pursuing it.” This is thestory of her exploration, as she seeks todefine the perceived difference between“inner and outer beauty, realness andfakeness.” Post-show talkbacks: Feb 15,16, 21, 228:00 p.m.February 14 to 19; Feb 21-25Historic Theatre – The Cultchthecultch.comTea and Trumpets: Christopher Gazeis the genial host of these VSO matineeconcerts at the historic Orpheum. Thistime he invites you to “Come Fly WithMe” with classical music that will makeyou want to take wing and fly. Strauss’odlumbrown.comChris Tidd, Investment AdvisorMember-Canadian Investor Protection FundTrusted Investment AdviceWith over 70 years of investment industry experience, our team offers anextensive scope of knowledge, superior service and objective investmentadvice to our clients.Keep informed about the markets withthese publications:The Investment Advisory — This quarterlypublication offers useful commentary andforecasts on our top stock and mutual fundchoices.Investing for Income — This timely reportfocuses on income-producing alternativessuch as preferred shares, bonds, bond ladders,REIT's and high-yield, high-quality • vision • investment integritySign up for a complimentarythree-year subscription(12 issues) to thesepublications by calling604 844 5380 or visitingwww.christidd.comFor all of your investmentneeds, call us today.• Chris Tidd• Andy Eisenbock• Stephen Herold• Kim DewarTel 604 844 5380 orToll free 1 800 663 070620 The Independent Times | February 2012

FUNNYBONEDid You Hear TheOne About …The elderly aunt whose family thought was a merry old soulbecause she always sings as she goes about her daily routine?One day neice took the time to listen to the words of her songs,only to hear, “Now let me see, where did I put my keys?” and“I’ve got to remember to turn off the oven.”The neice asked why she sang about such trivial things.“Annie,” she answered, “if people hear me singing, they thinkI’m a happy old buzzard. If they hear me talking to myself,they’ll think I’m daft and send me off to a rest home.”EXPERIENCEEVERYTHING24/7 ACTIONEXPERIENCEACTION(866) 383-0777I-5 Exit 260 • 4 Min. West • Haxton Way at Slater RoadManagement reserves all rights. ©2011 Silver Reef CasinoSlots • Table GamesLive EntertainmentSilverReefCasino.comFebruary 2012 | The Independent Times 23

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