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Book News - Robinsons Bookshop

BookNewsMarch 2012 New ReleasesDr Seuss...Fiction $29.99 Non-Fiction $32.99 Kids $24.95 DVD $54.95 CD $29.99BOX SETS $49.99, INDIVIDUAL TITLES $18.99 EACH,WORLD OF HUNGER GAMES $23.95, OFFICIAL MOVIE GUIDE $24.99,TRIBUTE GUIDE $14.50, HUNGER GAMES COOKBOOK $33.95NEW GREENSBOROUGHSTORE OPENS MARCH 1STGreensborough SpecialSign up FREE to our loyalty program at GreensboroughPlaza during March and receive a $5 voucher for every $25spent on books during the month of March.PLUS: Check in store for lots of prizes andgiveaways during the monthrobinsons bookshopFor orders over $70 postage is FREE3/11 Station Street, Frankston, Victoria, Vic 3199Shop T308 Greensborough Plaza, Greensborough, Vic 3088tel: 03 9783 6488 fax: 03 9781’s Oldest General Independent Bookshop

Best SellersFiction1. SONG OF ICE AND FIRE #2George R R MartinPB $16.99Non Fiction1. HEAT AND SMOKEBob Hart & Dean CambrayPB $24.952. VISIT FROM THE GOONSQUADJennifer EganPB $19.993. DANCE WITH DRAGONS #5George R R MartinHB $39.994. SENSE OF AN ENDINGJulian BarnesHB $29.955. THE CHEMISTRY OF TEARSPeter CareyHB $39.95Children’s/Teens1. HUNGER GAMES TRILOGYSuzanne CollinsPB $18.99 each2. FAULT IN OUR STARSJohn GreenPB $19.953. INVENTION OF HUGO CABRETBrian SelznickHB $29.994. WAR HORSEMichael MorpurgoPB $19.954. CLOCKWORK PRINCECassandra ClarePB $24.952. GO THE F**K TO SLEEPAdam MansbachHB $17.95 (Humour)3. AFL PROSPECTUS 2012PB $39.954. DUKAN DIETPierre DukanPB $19.995. HAPPIEST REFUGEEAnh DoHB $49.95Music/DVD1. MACCAS TOP 100 5CDSCD $49.952. ELEGANT CLASSICS FORHIGH TEACD $9.953. JAMES MAY TOY STORIES 2DVD $24.954. MINISCULE VOL.3DVD $19.955. WIDE OPEN ROADDVD $29.95Buy a “Dummies” book in March & go in the running to win a “Dummies” HamperRobinsons Bookshop is celebrating Dummies Month by giving away 2 “Dummies” hampers(includes 5 “Dummies” books of your choice)One hamper per store to be won.Competition closes March 31stWith over 1,000 topics covered, “For Dummies” is the world’s bestselling reference series!

BiographyFishing the Riverof TimeTony TaylorHB $29.95At age 80, Tony Taylor journeysfrom Sydney to British Columbiato fish the Cowichan River withhis 8yr old grandson, Ned. AsTony teaches Ned the patient art of fly-fishing, alifetime of memories, thoughts and stories unspoolin peaceful reflections by the water’s edge.Rules of InheritanceClaire Bidwell SmithPB $29.95As a child Claire learns that bothher parents have cancer. WhenClaire is alone in the world, sheis inconsolable at the revelationthat suddenly she is no one’sspecial person. It is only later, when Claire fallsin love, marries and becomes a mother, that sheemerges from the fog of grief.Perfect StrangerKay SchubachPB $29.95Simon Lowe sought out andhunted down vulnerable women,usually women who had moneyand who craved the exhilarationof romantic love and the sex thatgoes with it. He told them what they wanted to hear.This is Kay Schubach’s story of what happenedwhen she took the plunge with Simon. What shecouldn’t have foreseen was that Simon Lowe wasa violent narcissist with a criminal history, who haddone time for previous crimes against women.Meet SebastianVettelAndrea CremonesiPB $36.99In 2008 Sebastian Vettel becamethe youngest ever winner of aFormula 1 race when he wonthe Italian Grand Prix. He is nowthe youngest ever Formula 1 champion. It containscontributions from Vettel himself, his team-mate,Mark Webber, as well as other members.Abu Dhabi Days DubaiNightsJillian SchedneckPB $32.99When Jillian Schedneck takesup a position teaching Englishto a classroom of UAE studentsin Abu Dhabi, she is young,idealistic, in love, and ready to take on the world.But it is not exactly what she anticipated: her mostlyfemale students are only attending university as atoken distraction from what will become a life spentattending to domestic duties, and Jillian struggleswith the limitations to their futures that they seem toso readily accept.A Dangerous MethodJohn KerrPB $22.99In 1907, Sigmund Freud andCarl Jung began what promisedto be both a momentous collaborationand the deepest friendshipof each man’s life. Between themstood a young woman named Sabina Spielrein,who had been both patient and lover to Jung andcolleague and confidante to Freud before going onto become an innovative psychoanalyst herself.HistoryThe Art of the FirstFleetLisa Di TommasoHB $29.95In 1788, nearly 1,500 people on 11sailing ships came ashore at PortJackson in Australia from England. The artists’ drawingsof the people and culture of the Eora people, thelocal indigenous population of the area, provide theonly lasting visual record of their lives.The First Fleet TheReal StoryAlan FrostPB $24.95In 1787 a convoy of 11 ships,carrying about 1400 people, setout from England for Botany Bay,on the east coast of New SouthWales. According to the conventional account, it wasa shambolic affair: underprepared, poorly equippedand ill-disciplined.The Lost Historyof 1914Jack BeattyHB $45.00Jack Beatty offers a highly originalview of World War I, testingagainst fresh evidence the longdominantassumption that it wasinevitable. These stories open out into epiphanies ofnational character, and offer dramatic portraits of theyear’s major actors Kaiser Wilhelm, Tsar Nicholas II,Wilson, Churchill, Emperor Francis Joseph, along withforgotten or overlooked characters like Pancho Villa,Rasputin, Sir Edward Carson, and Hoover.MilitaryThe Diggers’Menagerie MatesMascots and MarvelsBarry StonePB $35.00Barry Stone documents, throughletters, journals, photographs andfirst-hand accounts, the storiesof the myriad creatures who went off to various warswith Australian soldiers adding a poignant layer to ourmilitary history.Fighting to the FinishAshley EkinsHB $100.00Telling the story of the AustralianArmy during the peak years of theAustralian military commitment toVietnam War, this final volume inthe official history of the Vietnamconflict throws light on the experience of Australiansoldiers in a way that has not been possible before.Current AffairsWarriors of theRainbow: A Chronicleof the GreenpeaceMovement from 1971to 1979Robert HunterPB $29.95This is the story of early Greenpeacerssailing around the Pacific, bickering overinternal politics, risking their lives and staving offbankruptcy while somehow managing to start a globalmovement.Non FictionThe AustralianMomentGeorge MegalogenisPB $32.95There’s no better place to be duringeconomic turbulence than Australia.Although the Great Recession continuesto rumble around the globe,we successfully negotiated the Asian financial crisisand the GFC. Despite a lingering inability to acknowledgeour achievements at home, the rest of the worldnow asks: How did we get it right?Behind the BeautifulForeversKatherine BooPB $27.95Abdul, a reflective and enterprisingMuslim teenager, is falselyaccused in a shocking tragedyand suppressed tensions overreligion, caste, sex, power, andeconomic envy turn brutal. As the tenderest individualhopes intersect with the greatest global truths, the truecontours of a competitive age are revealed. And so,too, are the imaginations and courage of the people ofAnnawadi.Spills And SpinTom BerginPB $19.95Tom Bergin, a former oil brokerturned oil-industry reporter forReuters, has been following BP’sfortunes for almost two decadesand he reported daily on the unfoldingevents of the 2010 spill. He has unique accessto key players within BP including former CEO TonyHayward who has enabled him to piece together thestory of a corporation in crisis.SciencePhysics on the FringeHB $35.00For the past 15 years, sciencewriter Margaret Wertheim has beencollecting the works of outsiderphysicists. Jim Carter, the Einsteinof outsiders, has developed hisown complete theory of matter andenergy and gravity that he demonstrates with experimentsin his backyard‚-with garbage cans and a discofog machine he makes smoke rings to test his ideasabout atoms.Seventeen Equationsthat Changed theWorldIan StewartPB $29.99From Newton’s Law of Gravity tothe Black-Scholes model used bybankers to predict the markets,equations, are everywhere and they are fundamentalto everyday life. In Seventeen Equations that Changedthe World, acclaimed mathematician Ian Stewart setsout seventeen groundbreaking equations that havealtered the course of human history.True CrimeThe StingNick McKenziePB $29.99Crime Incorporated traces the smallteam of investigators from Australia’smost secretive and powerfullaw enforcement agency as theyfought the new face of organisedcrime. This globalised, tech-savvy, multi-national,billion-dollar business empire had tentacles in law andgovernment agencies across the world.

Non FictionAustralian MurdersJim MainPB $32.95Shootings, stabbings, stranglings,poisonings and even axekillings. There are more than 100murders in this chilling accountof Australia’s most celebratedcases, from infamous 19th century baby farming toMelbourne’s recent society murder - the killing ofMargaret Wales-King.Victoria PoliceCorruption 2Raymond HoserPB $33.00The second volume detailingthe author’s enquiries intoalleged corruption within theVictorian Police force. Much ofthe material in this book has been tabled in variousAustralian Parliaments, and some is now the subjectof official inquiries and investigations.Gardeningshape.Roses Care ManualHB $19.99Roses A Care Manual is tailoredto meet the needs of both thefirst time owner and the moreexperienced grower by explainingin detail all the techniquesneeded to keep a rose in goodRHS Pruning &TrainingMitchell BeazleyHB $29.99This comprehensive guide topruning and training includesdetailed instructions on all thekey techniques for tackling roses,fruit trees & bushes, shrubs, hedges, ornamentaltrees, climbers and even perennials. It features aPruning Directory of more than 160 common plantsfor quick reference and is fully illustrated throughout.30 Minute GardeningKindersley DorlingHB $24.95Packed full of shamelessshortcuts and practical tips andideas that have instant impact,all the know-how is broken downinto simple steps and picture sequences including122 projects on creating beautiful borders, perfectpatio pots and how to keep your salad growing allsummer.Starting out withBulbsDavid L JonesPB $24.95Bulbs are one of the most versatileand easy to grow plants,and this handbook gives lots ofpractical advice and tips to planting,feeding and pruning them.SportSteve Cooper’s AustralianFishing GuideCooper StevePB $34.95Respected fishing writer SteveCooper lists his top fishing spotsaround Australia in this title forkeen anglers. Cooper offersdetailed information on each of his favourite fishingspots, highlights fish species in the area, recommendedmethods for each region and featuresmany great anecdotes from Steve’s own fishingadventures.AFL RECORD SEASONGUIDE 2012PB $19.95The 17th edition of the statisticalbible of the AFL. It contains morethan 1000 pages crammed withstatistics, history & information & athorough review of the 2011 season,& a comprehensive preview of the 2012 season.PetsRin Tin TinSusan OrleanPB $29.99Rin Tin Tin’s improbable introductionto Hollywood leads tothe dog’s first blockbuster filmand over time, the many radioprograms, movies, and televisionshows that follow. The canine hero’s legacy iscemented by a small group of others who devote theirlives to keeping him and his descendants alive.Thunder DogMichael HingsonPB $24.95Follow Michael & his guide dog,Roselle, as their lives are changedforever by 2 explosions and 1,463stairs. When the first plane struckTower One, an enormous boom,frightening sounds,and muffled voices swept throughMichaels office while shards of glass fell..TravelSicily It’s Not QuiteTuscanyShamus SillarPB $24.99Shamus & Gill’s apartment inCatania was located in a grimneighbourhood opposite a triple-Xcinema & a shop selling coffins,a mystery ailment left Shamus in a neck brace, theycrashed a Vespa and had regular dealings with atleast one Mafioso.Pole to PolePat FarmerPB $32.99Pat Farmer did what no humanhas ever done: run from the NorthPole to South Pole. Setting outfrom the North Pole in April 2011,Farmer ran 21,000 kilometresthrough 14 countries including Canada, the UnitedStates, Mexico, El Salvador, Colombia and Chile. Inthe run, he averaged an incredible 85 km a day - twomarathons every day, with no days off.FinancesInside AppleAdam LashinskyPB $32.99This book reveals exclusive newinformation about how Appleinnovates, deals with its suppliers,and is handling the transition intothe Post Jobs Era.Smart TrustStephen CoveyPB $29.99Smart Trust shows how to developoptimal trust relationships, revealinghow this approach has beensuccessfully used already for bothorganizations and on a personallevel, and offering targeted advice on how to maketrust relationships work in your business and your life.Get Your BusinessOnline Now!Todd AlexanderPB $24.99This is a comprehensive guide tothe online market place. Coveringhow to design and build an effectivewebsite, the best marketing andadvertising strategies, logistics &payment solutions & online customer service.ParentingThe Girl With TheButterfly TattooDanniell MillerPB $19.95Encourages girls to question thelimiting messages advertisers,the media and our culture keeppushing: that a girl’s greatest worthis her looks, and beauty comes in only one size andshape. It empowers girls to find their strength and betrue to themselves.Diet & FitnessBig Fat LiesDavid GillespiePB $29.95For decades we’ve been told toeat less, exercise more and takevitamin and omega-3 fatty acidsupplements. Gillespie analysesthe latest scientific evidence, heshows us why the outlines a plan to avoid them bothwithout missing out or ‘dieting’.7 Weeks to 200 Sit-upsBrett StewartPB $19.99The ultimate program to train anyoneto go from doing just one sit-upto performing 200 consecutive repsin under 2 months. Starting withinstructions on how to perform aproper sit-up and maximize its benefit, the book breaksdown the core strengthening effects muscle by muscle.ReligionRe-Claiming the BibleJohn Shelby SpongPB $32.99Spong frees readers from aliteral view of the Bible. He opensthe possibility that some of thecharacters in the New Testamentare imaginary composites or evenliterary creations and presents the Bible as an everchangingand always growing story.ComputersFrom Gutenberg toZuckerbergJohn NaughtonPB $29.99In the process of taking the internetfor granted, we’ve been incuriousabout its meaning, significance orcultural implications. Most people have no idea howthe network works & few can explain why it has beenso disruptive in social, economic & cultural contexts.New Agegrounding.The Greek MythsRobin WaterfieldHB $39.99This book discusses the purelyfictional myths, fairy-tales and folktales.These are the sagas andlegends which have some historical

Wishes FulfilledDr Wayne DyerPB $19.95Wishes Fulfilled is designed totake you on a voyage of discovery,wherein you can begin totap into the amazing manifestingpowers that you possess withinyou and create a life in which all that you imaginefor yourself becomes a present fact.Celtic VisionsCaitlin MatthewsHB $19.99Through prayers, chants, andpractical exercises, Celtic Visionsteaches how to tap into innerspiritual power, enabling one toexperience heightened perceptionand open portals to other realms of existence.PersonalDevelopmentInspiration Storiesfor Aussie WomenVariousPB $14.95The Aussie women who sharetheir stories in this book haveheard the precious whispersfrom God. In cold, frosty morningsand the joy of romance. This engaging collectionof stories will help you to open your ears to thepresence of God in your own life.Down to EarthRhonda HetzelHB $39.95Rhonda Hetzel encouragesreaders to find the pleasure andmeaning in a simpler life, sharingall the information she hasgathered on her own journey.Learn how to grow tomatoes, bake bread, and makeyour own soap.ArtFar From A Still LifeMeg StewartPB $29.95Margaret Olley’s story unfoldsto tell of her life-long love affairwith painting. At boarding school,Margaret found a mentor in artteacher Caroline Barker, andshe went on to blossom as an art student at EastSydney Technical College.DecoratingStep By Step HomeDesign & DecoratingKindersley DorlingHB $49.95A guide to creating your dreamhome. From the planning stagesright through to the finishingtouches, it is suitable for thosewho want to restyle their home. It helps you to designlayouts, plan flooring and lighting options andselect the perfect colour scheme for your pad.From Stuffed toSortedPB $24.95This is the system for quick andeasy organisation for even themost chaotic household. Byworking through 8 simple steps,readers learn to completelyreframe their relationships with their stuff, overcomeprocrastination, find the will to decide what staysand what goes, and efficiently store what remainsso that it’s readily available when they need it.The Big YearMark ObmascikPB $19.95Each year, hundreds of peopleset out across North Americadetermined to set a new record ina spectacularly competitive event;a bird-watching. It is a gruelling,expensive 365-day marathon to identify the mostspecies and this is the chronicle of the 275,000-mileodyssey of 3 unlikely adventurers.CraftComplete Photo GuideTo Perfect FittingS VeblenPB $29.99This is a comprehensive how-tobook about altering commercialpatterns to customise the fit toone’s own body before cutting out fabric and sewingthe garment including marking the adjustments andthen transferring those alterations to the commercialpattern.Sew Serendipity BagsK WhittSP $34.99Kay Whitt is known in the industryfor her easy-to-use and attractivebag designs and patterns. HereKay introduces all the techniquesand tricks needed to make great,professional looking bags. This titleincludes 7 bag patterns, each with variations to makea total of 16 projects, graded by difficulty.Tildas Winter IdeasT FinnangerPB $16.99A seasonal collection of projectsusing the latest Tilda fabrics andembellishments including a stunningvariety of sewing and papercraftdesigns for bags, decorations,gifts, cards and soft toys.Cooking200 Tagines &Moroccan DishesHamlynPB $12.99With over 200 recipes infused withthe deep and enticing flavours ofMorocco, you can make everythingfrom authentic recipes on how tomake preserved lemons to entire chapters on pastillas,kebabs and couscous.Irish TraditionalCookingDarina AllenHB $45.00Ireland’s rich culinary heritage isbrought to life with 300 traditionaldishes, where each recipeis complemented by tips, tales,historical insights and common Irish customs, many ofwhich have been passed down from one generationto the next.Merle’s KitchenMerle ParrishPB $39.95Merle, 78 years old, has won justabout every prize there is in thecompetitive baking world. Here aresome of Merle’s secrets sharedincluding her famous Peach BlossomCake, her prize-winning Chocolate Cake, herscones, tarts, slices, biscuits and sponges.Non FictionMargaret FultonSlow CookingMargaret FultonHB $35.00Margaret Fulton, shares herfavourite collection of slow cookerrecipes including classic and heartystews and casseroles, as well assoups, beef, chicken, pork, fish and of course, delectabledesserts, bread, cakes and jams.Turkish FlavoursSevtap YucePB $34.95Drawing on Sevtap Yu¨ce’s richheritage, this book contains over80 delicious Turkish recipes fromclassics to more modern interpretations.Turkish Flavours containsall the favourite Turkish dishes, including hummus,dukkah, lamb koftes and smoked eggplant, as well asdelectable sweets.Cooking with theWorld’s BestPB $49.99Since its debut in 1993, theMelbourne Food and Wine Festivalhas grown from humble beginningsto one of the world’s premier foodand wine events, attracting 400,000visitors and the most talented Australian and internationalchefs each year. Cooking with the World’s Bestcelebrates the continuing success of the festival, nowin its 20th year, with a unique collection of recipes,photographs, quotes and memories.Maggie’s VerjuiceCookbookMaggie BeerPB $39.95Maggie Beer is one of Australia’sbest-known food personalities. Aswell as writing books, she devotesher time to her export kitchen in theBarossa Valley, which produces a wide range of pantryitems for domestic and international markets. Theseinclude her famous pâté, verjuice, quince paste and anice-cream range.The World’s BestStreet FoodLonely PlanetPB $29.99100 street foods profiled, from thebackstreets of Delhi to the marketsof London; From Indian Masala Dosa to BrazilianAcaraje, from Russian Bliny to Moroccan Sfi nge, thisis a discovery of some of the best street dishes theworld has to offer.Junior MasterChefPB $29.99This colourful cookbook takesyoung cooks around the globe toexplore different cuisines throughsimple, achievable recipes. Eachchapter - Australia, China, England,France, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco,Spain and Thailand - features step-by-step recipeswith tips, tricks and shopping information.Popular CultureDigital Painting Tricks& TechniquesG TongePB $29.99This title provides all the advice artistsneed to transform their digitalpainting from brush, lighting andcolour basics through to specialeffects, working with layers and speed and mattepainting. It provides beginner through to advancedtricks and techniques to ensure progression.

FictionGeneral FictionThe ThiefClive & Scott Justin CusslerPB $29.95On the ocean liner Mauretania,two European scientists witha dramatic new invention arebarely rescued from abduction bythe Van Dorn Detective Agency’sintrepid chief investigator, Isaac Bell. Unfortunately,they are not so lucky the second time. The thugs attackagain - and this time one of the scientists dies.What are they holding that is so precious?The Boy Who Fell ToEarthKathy LettePB $32.95Meet Merlin. He’s Julia’s brightson who just happens to beautistic. Since Merlin’s fatherleft them shortly after Merlin’sdiagnosis, Julia has made Merlin the centre of herworld. She finally resolves to dip a toe back into theworld of dating. Things don’t go quite to plan.Memoirs Of AnImaginary FriendMatthew GreenPB $24.99Budo is Max’s imaginary friend.Budo has lasted a lot longer thanmost imaginary friends becauseMax needs him more. His parentsargue about sending him to a special school.Something out of the ordinary is going to happenand then he’ll need Budo more than ever...The Virgin CureAmi McKayPB $29.99Betrayed as a child, Moth is ledto the world of the Bowery, whereshe meets Miss Everett. Mothlearns to question and observethe world around her, where hernew friends are falling prey to the myth of the ‘virgincure’ - that deflowering a maid can heal the incurableand tainted.Between a Motherand her ChildElizabeth NoblePB $29.95One impulsive wedding, andthe arrival of 3 children - Jake,Aly and Stan - the Barrett familyseem to have it all. When Jakedies suddenly, they’re swept away on a tide of grief.Enter Kate. She’s here to pick up the pieces and fixeverything. But can Maggie trust Kate?Various Pets Aliveand DeadMarina LewyckaPB $29.95Marcus and Doro were partof a left wing commune. Theirchildren have grown up ratherdifferent from them each withtheir own secrets and dreams.The PatchworkMarriageJane GreenPB $29.95When Andi married Ethan, shenot only got the man she lovedbut also his daughters Emilyand Sophia. If only it were thatsimple. Emily’s conflicted feelings towards her stepmotherdrives Andi and Ethan further apart. ThenEmily comes home with some shocking news. Newsthat will change their lives forever.The MistakeWendy JamesPB $29.95Jodie Garrow is a teenager fromthe wrong side of the tracks whenshe falls pregnant. She adopts outthe baby illegally and tells nobody.Twenty-five years on, Jodie hasbuilt a new life and a new family. But when a chancemeeting brings the adoption to the notice of the authorities,Jodie becomes caught in a nationwide policeinvestigation, and the centre of a media witch hunt.The Younger ManZoe FosterPB $29.95Abby runs her own agency, providingbeautiful girls for promotionalevents. When she calls in the webcontractors, none other than thegorgeous, sexy, young Marcusturns up. It’s just that she’s 33 and he’s 22 but Marcusis determined and sets out to prove to Abby that he iswise beyond his years and knows what he wants.The DetourGerbrand BakkerPB $27.95A woman abandons her home inthe Netherlands without a word.Across the sea in Britain, shearrives at an isolated cottage in theshadow of a mountain. She settlesthere, alone in the ancient landscape, her only contactcoming from a handful of wary locals, and her poetrybooks. But what is she fleeing?The Sins of theFather #2Jeffrey ArcherHB $45.00On arrival in America, Harry Cliftonis arrested for first degree murder,for killing Bill Bradshaw. MeanwhileEmma goes to London to give birth to Sebastian,Harry’s child. On visiting Maisie to introduce her toher grandson, she becomes convinced that Harry isstill alive.Winter PalaceEva StachniakPB $32.95Vavara is brought to serve atEmpress Elizabeth’s court and isschooled in skills from lock-pickingto love-making. Then Sophie arrivesfrom Prussia as a prospectivebride for Elizabeth’s heir. But Sophie’s destiny is tobecome the notorious Catherine the Great.The Memory TreeTess EvansPB $27.99When Paulina dies mid-dance,the family decides to plant a treein her memory. This tree growsapace with the children. As theseasons pass, Sealie blossomsinto a lovely young woman; Zav, marries young andhas a daughter. And the voices continue to murmurpoisonous words to Hal until he is persuaded into themost tragic of acts.Sweet Old WorldDebor RobertsonPB $32.95Seventeen-year-old Esther Bradleyhas come from Fremantle. Onharsh Inishmore, where peoplehave always struggled to survive,she is battling the landscape of herown mind. David Quinn is reluctant to catch Estherwhen she tumbles dangerously into his life, but happinessis about to burst upon him, and every simplething he’s wanted will soon be close enough to touch.The Lucky One (Tie-in)Nicholas SparksPB $19.99Ex-soldier Logan Thibault ishaunted by memories of the friendshe lost in Iraq. He believes that aphotograph he carried with him,a picture of a smiling woman he’snever met, kept him safe. Even though he knows nothingabout this woman, he hopes she might hold thekey to his destiny.THE HOUSE ONWILLOW STREETCathy KellyPB $32.99Tess used to be happy with her lot:she lives in the idyllic Irish coastalvillage, Avalon, with her teenageson, Zach, and 9-year-old Kitty, andworks in the local antiques shop. Her only regret isthat everything went horribly wrong with her first love.Then her marriage falls apart & her first love returnsto Avalon.Literary/Book ClubJthe Sea on FireHoward CunnellPB $27.99JJWhen they were young men, Kimand his best friend, the charismaticwaterman Garland Rain, travelledall year round, working as diveguides. When Garland asks forhis help on a 3-week trip to the southern Red Sea, itsounds like the perfect job. However, Kim finds himselfincreasingly drawn to the dark side of the boat’stemptations.The Book of SummersEmylia HallPB $29.99Beth Lowe has been sent a parcel.Inside is a letter informing her thather long-estranged mother hasdied, and a scrapbook Beth hasnever seen before. Entitled TheBook of Summers, it’s stuffed with photographs andmementos complied by her mother to record the sevenglorious childhood summers Beth spent in rural Hungary.And it was a time that came to the most brutal ofends the year Beth turned sixteen.The BellwetherRevivalsBenjamin WoodPB $29.99When bright, bookish OscarLowe meets and falls in love withIris Bellwether, a beautiful andenigmatic medical student at King’sCollege, Oscar is drawn into her world. Iris’s brother,Eden, draws his sister and closed circle of friends intoa series of disturbing experiments to prove himselfright, Oscar realizes the extent of the danger facingthem all...Crime/SuspenseThe English MonsterLloyd ShepherdPB $29.99London, 1811. Two families havefallen victim to foul murder, and aterrified populace calls for justice.John Harriott, magistrate of the newThames River Police Office, mustdeliver revenge up to them and his only hope of doingso is Charles Horton, Harriot’s senior officer. Harriottonly recently came up with a word to describe what itis that Horton does. It is detection.

11th HourJames PattersonPB $32.95Millionaire Chaz Smith is mercilesslygunned down and DetectiveLindsay Boxer discoversthat the murder weapon is linkedto the deaths of four of SanFrancisco’s most untouchable criminals. And it wastaken from an SFPD evidence locker. Anyone couldbe the killer - even her closest friends on the force.The ShepherdEthan CrossPB $19.95A sadistic serial killer, FrancisAckerman Jr. picks his victimsat random and challenges themto escape from his torturousclutches. When they fail, hebrutally murders them. Marcus Williams, a troubledformer New York cop, is not prepared to play byAckerman’s rules. Let the games begin.VictimsJonathan KellermanPB $32.99One look at her apartment isenough for hard-bitten LAPDdetective Milo Sturgis to summonhis go-to expert in huntinghomicidal maniacs. The only clueleft behind, a blank page bearing a question mark,seems to be both a menacing taunt and a cry forhelp from a killer baffled by his own lethal urges.The Gods of GothamLyndsay FayePB $29.99One night while Timothy Wilde,NYPD, is making his rounds, heruns into a little slip of a girl coveredhead to toe in blood. Whenshe claims she knows wheredozens of bodies are buried, Timothy finds himselftracking down a brutal serial killer seemingly hellbent on fanning the flames of anti-Irish immigrantsentiment...Waiting for SunriseWilliam BoydPB $29.99Vienna. 1913. It is a fine dayin August when Lysander Riefwalks through the city to his firstappointment with the eminentpsychiatrist, Dr. Bensimon.Sitting in the waiting room he is anxiously ponderingthe nature of his problem when an extraordinarywoman enters. Unable to resist her electric charm,they begin a passionate love affair.The ShipStefan ManiPB $29.99The ship is the Per Se, a merchantvessel bound for exoticSuriname, a world away from thebitter rain and treacherous seasof Iceland. Each of the 9 crewmembers carries a secret, some even have bloodon their hands, but none realises that this may betheir final voyage.The Black Rose ofFlorenceMichele GiuttariPB $29.99A beautiful young woman isfound dead in her apartment.She has been left naked onher bed, a black rose on herbody. Chief Superindendent Michele Ferrara is upagainst a mysterious, powerful enemy who would doanything to hide his identity and manages to controlevents at every turn.The EnemyTom WoodPB $29.99Victor is given a hit list by the CIA– three names, three targets. Whatpromised to be a simple assignmentplunges him into an internationalconspiracy where no onecan be trusted, especially the people he works for.The ExpatsChris PavonePB $29.99Kate Moore thinks she is leavingher topsecret life in the CIA behind.But when Kate and her husband,Dexter, are befriended by anotherAmerican couple, Kate can’t helpbut sense that they may not be who they say they are.She begins to monitor them to see what loose endshe may have left undone...The Limpopo AcademyOf Private DetectionAlexander McCall SmithHB $34.99When Mr Andersen visits Botswanaon holiday, he is delightedto stumble across a roadside signthat reveals the existence of theNo.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency. Meanwhile, MmaMakutsi and Phuti Radiphuti are building a new housebut especially hazardous when the name of the contractoris the Joy and Light Building Company.The Pleasures of MenKate WilliamsPB $29.95Catherine Sorgeiul lives with herUncle in a rambling house in London’sEast End. Then a murdererstrikes, ripping open the chests ofyoung girls and stuffing hair intotheir mouths to resemble a beak, leading him to beknown as The Man of Crows. And as Catherine hungrilydevours the news of his exploits, she believesshe can almost hear the voices of the dead.HorrorThe Walking DeadJay BonansingaPB $19.99Set in the world created by RobertKirkman, this standalone trilogy isabout the lengths some men willgo to survive. With new characters,new storylines and with the sameplotting that has made the television series such animmediate hit, this trilogy of novels is sure to be a hitwith those who love zombies and those who haveloved the TV series and comic books.Fevre DreamGeorge R.R MartinPB $22.99Abner Marsh has had his dearestwish come true - he has built theFevre Dream, the finest steamshipever to sail the Mississippi. JoshuaYork put up the money for the FevreDream, but now rumours have started about thecompany he keeps, his odd eating habits and strangehours. As the Dream sails the great river, it leaves inits wake one too many dark tales.Unbroken Outcastseason book 4Rachel CainePB $19.95For millennia, Cassiel was apowerful Djinn-until she was exiledto live among mortals. Now thethreat of an apocalypse looms,and Cassiel is in danger of losing everything she hascome to hold dear...FictionSci-fi/FantasyFatedBenedict JackaPB $19.99In the heart of Camden, whererail meets road meets leyline, youmight find the Arcana Emporium,run by one Alex Verus. He won’tsell you a wand or mix you a potion,but if you know what you’re looking for, he mightjust be able to help. That’s if he’s not too busy avoidinghis apprentice, foiling the Dark, outwitting the Light andinvestigating a highly toxic Relic that has just turned upat the British Museum.Elves Rise of theTaiGethen #2James BarclayPB $32.99The Elves have been driven outof their capital. The remaining freeElves have gathered, under theleadership of the Taigethan warriorAuum, in the jungles around the city and have beguna hopeless guerilla war to harass the invading forces.But for every man killed dozens of captured Elves areslaughtered. There seems to be no hope.City of DragonsRobin HobbPB $29.99The dragons and their keepershave discovered Kelsingra but sofar only Heeby has succeeded inflying over the river to enter thefabled city. But wondrous thingsawait in Kelsingra, a city built for dragons and their Elderlingkeepers. Alise, overwhelmed by the treasuresshe finds there, records her finds for posterity. Oncethe rest of the world knows about the riches the citycontains, nothing will ever be the same again.In the Mouth ofthe WhalePaul McAuleyPB $32.99Fomalhaut was first colonised bythe posthuman Quick and wasswiftly conquered by a band of ruthless,aggressive, unreconstructedhumans who call themselves the True. A century before,the True beat back an advance party of Ghosts, aposthuman cult which colonised the nearby system ofBeta Hydri after being driven from the Solar System athousand years ago.A CROWN IMPERILLEDRaymond E FeistHB $39.99War rages in Midkemia but behindthe chaos there is disquietingevidence of dark forces at work.Jim Dasher′s usually infallibleintelligence network has beencleverly dismantled; nowhere is safe. He feels that theworld is coming apart at the seams and is helpless toprotect his nation. An unknown player appears to beorchestrating conflicts. Can Pug and the Conclave ofShadows track down this source before Midkemia isdestroyed?The Return ManV.M ZitoPB $24.99The outbreak tore the USA in two.The east remains a safe haven.The west has become a ravagedwilderness. They call it the EvacuatedStates. It is here that HenryMarco makes his living. Hired by grieving relatives, hetracks down the dead to deliver peace. Now HomelandSecurity wants Marco, for a mission unlike any other.

ChildrensPre-SchoolHello Friends JumpOver the PuddleEmma QuayBB $6.99Close your eyes and jump withOwl, Panda and Sheep!Hello Friends GoodNight Sleep TightEmma QuayBB $6.99Close your eyes and jump withOwl, Panda and Sheep!The Very HungryCaterpillar’s SoundBookEric CarleBB $16.95Listen to the Very Hungry Caterpillar walking andeating his way through this delightful sound bookbased on Eric Carle’s classic tale of a little caterpillar’stransformation into a beautiful butterfly. Pressthe sound button to hear a playful walking tune withthe subtle sound of chewing. In a sturdy board bookformat tough enough for toddlers!The ABC Book ofLullabiesVariousBB $14.99Rock-a-bye baby, in the treetop... A wonderful treasury ofchildren’s lullabies, beautifully illustrated by thirteenof Australia’s top illustrators, including StephenMichael King, Alison Lester and Emma Quay.Kick It To MeNeridah McMullinHB $24.99This picture book is a fictionalhistorical reconstruction of TomWills life story. Tom learned to play Aussie Rulesfootball with the Djabwurung tribe who lived nearhis parents station, Lexington, in the VictorianGrampians.ForeverAnna PignataroHB $15.99Out in the fields with Mamma oneday, Oli finds a cocoon. Oli askswhat it is and what it will become,which leads to questions aboutthe way things change every day in the world.Through their journey, Mamma and Oli experiencemany wonderful changes and witness the cocoonturn into a butterfly.All Monkeys LoveBananasSean AveryHB $24.95All monkeys love bananas! Forbreakfast for dinner for snacks and for lunch theyall crave bananas, munch, munch, munch. Well,maybe not all monkeys...Fancy Nancy and theMermaid BalletJane O’ConnorHB $19.99Fancy Nancy and her best friend,Bree, couldn’t be more excitedabout their upcoming danceshow. After all, it’s all about mermaids and whoknows how to be a fancy, glamorous mermaid betterthan Fancy Nancy herself? But when another ballerinawins the coveted role of the mermaid, Nancyis stuck playing a dreary, dull tree.Do Not ForgetAustraliaSally MurphyHB $29.95Henri lives in the French village ofVillers-Bretonneux. Billy lives in Melbourne, Australia.These two little boys, who live thousands of milesaway from each other, share one story that unitesVillers-Bretonneux and Melbourne in history.Harry & theDinosaurs Go onHolidayIan WhybrowPB $12.99Harry and the dinosaurs aregoing on their first holiday ever toAustralia! Nan has given them a surprise present toopen, and it’s a camera. Harry and his dinosaurs arebusy taking photos of all their adventures.Dance TogetherDinosaursJane ClarkePB $14.95Each type of dinosaur has its owndance style, from tapping raptorsto body popping triceratops. Butwhy do the judges keep disappearing? Come on!Dance with the dinosaurs. You could be a winner. It’stons of fun for everyone, until it’s time for...JuniorsThe Tender Momentsof Saffron Silk #6Glenda MillardPB $14.99Flame-haired Saffron is theyoungest of the five Silk sisters. Her family know thatshe has a talent for becoming Anne of Green Gablesor Cleopatra, and that she loves reading myths andlegends. But they don’t know about the firebirds thatcome to warn her of terrible headaches. And Saffrondoesn’t know how to tell them.The LoraxDr SeussPB & CD $14.99Mister! He said with a sawdustysneeze, I am the Lorax. I speak forthe trees. The Lorax is the originaleco warrior and his message ringsloud today. In this fable about thedangers of destroying our forests, he tries to save theTruffula trees from the greedy once-ler’s axe.Splat the Cat and theDuck with No QuackRob ScottonPB $7.99Splat is on an ordinary bike trip toschool when suddenly - SPLAT!Splat’s bike crashes and he findshimself nose to beak with a duck.Although a crash of this caliber should certainly meritsome alarm from this duck, Splat hears no suchquack. What’s a cat to do? Off to Cat School the pairgoes - to find out what will put the quack back in ourfeathered friend.SeriesOlympia the GamesFairyDaisy MeadowsPB $12.99Kirsty and Rachel are on an excitingday out to watch a triathlon.But when the competitors startswimming round in circles, it’sclear that all is not well. Jack Frost has stolen the3 magical items which she needs to make sure theFairyland Games run smoothly. Without them, boththe human and fairyland games are doomed to chaos!Beast QuestBeast Quest ReleasesPB $14.99#55 Noctila the Death Owl#56 Shamani the Raging Flame#57 Lustor the Acid Dart#58 Voltrex the Two-headed Octopus#59 Tecton the Armoured Giant#60 Doomskull the King of FearActivitiesThe Pirate CreativityBookAndrea PinningtonPB $19.95This activity book has the lot: picturesto colour in, stickers to stick,games to play, ideas for things tomake and do. The Pirate Creativity Book includes twosticker sheets plus a large gatefold sticker scene, stencilsfor drawing and beautiful decorated craft paper.Find the FootyPB $19.95Travel around the world and youwill find 100s of footys in famousplaces. Can you spot the footballshidden among a host of famouslandmarks and locations aroundthe world? From Sydney’s OperaHouse to the Great Wall of China, and the Grand Canyonin America to Tower Bridge in London, each imagefeatures up to 12 balls - all you need to do is find them.EducationSounds of theWild - ForestMaurice PledgerHB $24.95Every page of this pop-up bookbursts with life, colour and sound.Each scene is accompanied byfascinating information about forests so you can look,listen and learnSurviving Year 12A Sanity Kit forStudents & ParentsGregg Michael CarrPB $24.99Dr Carr-Gregg gives advice on thesecrets of studying smarter, overcominganxiety and stress, settinggoals, dealing with procrastination and how to copewith the exams themselves. He also offers humorousencouragement to both students and their parentson how to maintain perspective and keep their sanityintact during this important year.Mid Level FictionThe Ingo ChroniclesStormsweptHelen DunmorePB $19.99Morveren lives with her parentsand twin sister Jenna on an islandoff the coast of Cornwall. Now, asMorveren and Jenna’s relationshipshifts and changes, Morveren finds a beautiful teenageboy in a rock pool after a storm. Going to his rescue,she is shocked to see that he is not human but a Merboy.

Not Bog Standardand Other PeculiarStoriesMark PardoePB $15.99Be honest: are you really suretheres nothing living in yourtoilet? Really, really sure? Positive?What about that stuffed cat? Pretty sure it wontcome alive in the night and completely freak youout? Well, you have a lot to learn, because not onlyis your toilet full of creatures that enjoy making yourmum yell at you, but also there are all sorts of weirdand crazy possibilities out there.The Clumsies Make aMess of the SchoolSorrel AndersonPB $12.99The Clumsies are back in theirfifth and most hilarious bookyet! Full of surreal invention andsparkling wit, this latest installmentwill have everyone checking under their desksfor talking mice! More sparklingly funny adventuresabout the much-loved talking mice that live underHoward’s desk, eat his biscuits, try and help himout, but only ever end up making a mess.Pirates! Band ofMisfitsGideon DefoePB $17.99It is 1837, and for the luxuriantlybearded Pirate Captain and hisrag-tag piratecrew, life on thehigh seas has gotten a little dull.A surprisingly successful boat raid leads them to theyoung Charles Darwin, in desperate need of theirhelp. And so the pirates set forth for London in a bidto save the scientist from the evil machinations of adiabolical Bishop.Forget Me NotSue LawsonPB $16.95Evelyn Gilmore does not shareher brother Thomas’s excitementabout travelling on the maidenvoyage of the luxurious Titanic.For Evelyn the ship is taking heraway from everything she knows and loves. ForThomas it is taking him to his new life. How couldthey know what the trip would bring?WonderR J PalacioPB $21.95Auggie Pullman was born witha terrible facial deformity, andhas been home-schooled by hisparents for his whole life, in anattempt to protect him from thestares and cruelty of the outside world. Now, forthe first time, Auggie is being sent to a real school- and he’s dreading it. The thing is, Auggie’s justan ordinary kid, with an extraordinary face. But canhe convince his new classmates that he’s just likethem, underneath it all?Floods 11DisasterchefColin ThompsonPB $14.95Betty and her friend FFiona lovecooking. The trouble is, they areboth so useless at it that theirfamilies make themselves ill justto avoid their meals, because their meals wouldmake them even more ill. It isn’t that their familiesare too kind to tell the girls how bad their cookingis - they actually tell them all the time. But Bettyand Ffiona don’t believe them, and now the girlsare planning to open Transylvania Waters’s firstgourmet restaurant.Young AdultPandemonium #2Lauren OliverPB $22.99Lena has escaped, and now mustpiece herself back together as shefinds herself having to live withoutAlex and love. She becomes involvedin the fight against the cure,the Rebellion, and then suddenly finds happinessagain or does she?BalthazarClaudia GrayPB $19.99When Balthazar emerges fromhis isolation to help Skye Tierney,he has no idea how dangerous itwill be. Skye’s newfound psychicpowers have caught the attentionof Redgrave, the vampire responsible for murderingBalthazar and his family. Redgrave realizes that hecan destroy Balthazar once and for all...BZRKMichael GrantHB $24.95Noah and Sadie newly initiated toan underground cell so covert thatthey don’t even know each other’snames. Here they will learn whatit means to fight on a nano level.Soon they will become the deadliest warriors theworld has ever seen. Vincent: feels nothing, cares forno one; fighting his own personal battle with Bug Man,the greatest nano warrior alive.BunheadsSophie FlackPB $17.99As a dancer at the ManhattanBallet Company, 19yr old HannahWard juggles intense rehearsals,performances and complicatedbackstage relationships. Up untilnow, Hannah has happily devotedher entire life to ballet. But when she meets a handsomemusician named Jacob, Hannah’s universebegins to change and she must decide if she wants tostay in the company or strike out on her own.Three SummersJudith ClarkePB $19.99When Ruth and Fee finish school,they each must make a choice.Ruth’s grandmother wants her togo to university and to see everymarvellous place in the world.Fee wants to stay and be a mother. But for Ruth,leaving town means leaving Tam Finn, the elusive yetentrancing boy so unlike any other she has ever met.Ruins #2Orson Scott CardHB $24.99Rigg has the power to change thepast. But nothing can prepare himfor the future...Out of Sight Out ofTimeAlly CarterPB $16.99The last thing Cammie Morgan remembersis leaving the GallagherAcademy to protect her friendsand family an ancient terroristorganisation that has been hunting her. Then Cammiewakes up in an Alpine convent and discovers thatmonths have passed. Her memory is a black hole,and the only traces of Cammie s summer holiday arethe bruises on her body and dirt under her nails.Young AdultThe Fault in Our StarsJohn GreenPB $19.95Despite the tumour-shrinking medicalmiracle that has bought her afew years, Hazel has never beenanything but terminal, her finalchapter inscribed upon diagnosis.But when a gorgeous plot twist named Augustus Waterssuddenly appears at Cancer Kid Support Group,Hazel’s story is about to be completely rewritten.The ReluctantHallelujahGabrielle WilliamsPB $19.95When Dodie’s parents go missingjust as final year exams are aboutto start, she convinces herselfthey’re fine. But when the leastlikely boy in class holds the key, quite literally, to thehuge secret her parents have been hiding all theseyears, it’s up to Dodie, her sister, the guy from school,and two guys she’s never met before, to take on thechallenge of a lifetime.TornCat ClarkePB $16.99Alice is an ordinary girl dealing withthe ordinary world of school. Whenher school brings the girls on a tripto an outdoor adventure centre inScotland, Alice and her friend Cassare stuck sharing a room with Tara, the queen of meanwho rules the school, Polly and Rae. Cass decidesthat it’s time Tara was taught a lesson and so beginsa series of events that will change the lives of theseordinary schoolgirls forever.The Vampire DiariesThe HuntersMoonsongL. J. SmithPB $19.99After escaping the horrors of theDark Dimension, Elena can’t waitto attend Dalcrest College. Life withStefan is better than ever, and even Damon seemsgenuinely changed and is getting along with everyone.When students start to disappear from campus, suddenlyevery new acquaintance is a potential enemy.Then Elena uncovers a long-hidden secret, one thatshocks her to the core, and realizes tragedy may beunavoidable.Someone Else’s LifeKatie DalePB $16.99When Rosie Kenning’s mother,Trudie, dies from Huntingdon’s disease,her whole world falls apart.Now she has to face the fact thatshe could have inherited the fatalillness herself. Until she discovers that Trudie wasn’ther biological mother at all ... Rosie is stunned. Is shegrieving for a mother who wasn’t even hers to lose?And if Trudie wasn’t her mother, who is?Hunger PainsLampoon HarvardPB $14.99When Kantkiss Nevercleanreplaces her sister as a contestantin The Hunger Games, the secondhighest rated reality TV show inPeaceland, right after ExtremeHome Makeover, she has no idea what to expect. Havinglived her entire life in the telemarketing district’sworst neighborhood, the Crack, she feels unpreparedto fight to the death while simultaneously winking andlooking adorable for the cameras.

DVDs & AudioDOC MARTIN S5DVD $39.95GAME OFTHRONES S1DVD $54.95SINGLE FATHERDVD $29.99OUTNUMBERED S4DVD $29.95ARCTIC WITHBRUCE PARRYDVD $29.95DR WHO 2011X-MAS SPECIALDVD $29.95GRUEN PLANETS1DVD $29.99MONTY PYTHON:AT LAST & DO NOTADJUST YOURSELFDVD $44.95SHERLOCK S2DVD $34.95ANNE OF GREENGABLES (RE-RELEASE)DVD $59.99MusicSARAH VAUGHAN -GOLDCD $ 27.99ALFIE BOECD $26.99LEONARD COHENCD $27.99Robinsons Bookshop Order FormPlease sign me up for (newsletters are free):Booknews (monthly)Romance Review (monthly)TWIGGYROMANTICALLY YOURSCD $29.99HOOKED ON CLASSICS30TH ANNIVERSARYCD $29.99THE SOPRANOS - VARIOUS2CD $27.99snail mail or emailx $x $x $x $x $Postage$(add $7 if order is less than $70)TOTALName:Address:Phone:Email:Card No.AudioGruffalo’sChild Songand OthersJulia Donaldson$24.99Book & CDThis volumecontains 9 of herbest-loved songs, including The Gruffalo’sChild, Nut Tree and The WorldInside a Book, as well as a number ofother fun-filled action songs.The Sins ofthe FatherJeffrey Archer$45.00New York, 1939and a man calledTom Bradshawis arrested for first degree murder. Hestands accused of killing his brother.In a cruel twist of fortune, Tom is tried,found guilty and sentenced. But the onlyway to prove his innocence would be toreveal his true identity something that hehas sworn never to do in order to protecthis loved ones.Post all orders to: Robinsons BookshopShop 3/11 Station St, Frankston, Vic, 3199Please send to the following:P/codeOrder No.Payment enclosed or please charge my:VisaMCardExpiry / SignaturePOSTAGE RATES: BOOKS: $7 Postage to all areas for orders under $70; For orders over $70 postage is FREE.Sense of anEndingJulian Barnes$34.99Tony Webster andhis clique first metAdrian Finn at school. Sex-hungry andbook-hungry, they would navigate thegirl-less sixth form together. Now Tonyis in middle age. He’s had a career anda single marriage, a calm divorce. He’scertainly never tried to hurt anybody.MacbethWilliamShakespeare$29.99Macbeth’s temptationand descentinto evil, his wife’sruthlessness andsubsequent madness, and the overarchingpresence of the supernatural.Over theRainbowE Y Harburg$16.99Book & CDEric Puybarets breathtaking artwork willlead readers on a magical journey...STORE HOURS:Mon - Wed: 9 - 5:30Thurs: 9am - 8pmFri: 9am - 9pmSat: 9am - 5pmSun: 10am - 5pmFRANKSTONCAFE HOURS:Mon - Sat: 9 - 4pmSun: CLOSED (Mar)

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