MetroWest Day School Education brochure - Jewish Federation of ...

MetroWest Day School Education brochure - Jewish Federation of ...

JEWISH DAY SCHOOL EDUCATIONIN METROWEST NJLive Generously ®To l e a r n m o r e , v i s i t : w w w. u j c n j . o r g / e d u c a t i o nP R O D U C E D B YThis brochure was produced with a grant from the 973/929-3026. Many thanks to theMetroWest Community Day School Fund, supported Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Educationby The Herskowitz Society of the Jewish Community (PEJE) and the Jewish Day School Consortium ofFoundation of MetroWest NJ. The Herskowitz Society Southern New England for their inspiration andsupports the growth of day school education through guidance. The information contained in this bookletexcellence and affordability. For more information on is for informational purposes only.The Herskowitz Society, contact Kim Hirsh,A Diverse Community of Schools Committedto Academic Excellence and AffordabilityS O U R C E SSources used in this publication: Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education (PEJE); “What Difference Does Day School Make?: TheImpact of Day School: A Comparative Analysis of Jewish College Students,” a PEJE report by the Maurice and Marilyn Cohen Center forModern Jewish Studies, Brandeis University, May 2007; “The Impact of Childhood Jewish Education on Adult Jewish Identity,” Steven M.Cohen and Lawrence Kotler-Berkowitz, United Jewish Communities Report on the National Jewish Population Survey, 2000-01.Photos by Brad Hamilton, NYC,

1METROWESTAHEAD OF THE CURVEMetroWest (the Jewish communities ofEssex, Morris, Sussex and NorthernUnion Counties) is nationally recognizedas a leader in building endowments forJewish day school education.In the spring of 2007, eleven philanthropicfamilies joined together with the JewishCommunity Foundation of MetroWestN.J./United Jewish Communities ofMetroWest N.J. to commit millions of dollarsto launch a $50 million campaign aimed atbuilding significant long-term support foraffordability and academic excellence atMetroWestʼs three Jewish day schools.Through the MetroWest Day SchoolCampaign, our community seeks to build afoundation of support to provide the highestquality,affordable day school education togenerations of Jewish children—today and wellinto the future. Donors represent parents,grandparents, alumni parents, alumni andcommunity members committed to our Jewishfuture.The campaign is already infusing the schoolswith improvements today, includingaffordability grants for middle income families,enhancements to education, and variouscollaborative projects, including the creation ofthis brochure.THE HERSKOWITZ SOCIETYOF METROWESTThis society, created to recognize donorsmaking significant endowment commitmentsto our day schools, is named inmemory of members of the Gottesmanfamily. The Gottesmans are long-timeMetroWest community leaders, and thevisionaries and lead benefactors of thiscampaign.OUR JEWISH DAY SCHOOLSA TRADITION OF EXCELLENCEThe MetroWest community is extremely fortunate tohave three well-established, high-quality Jewish dayschools that span the denominational spectrum. Forgenerations, these schools have provided a superioreducation to thousands of children, enabling them tobecome successful members of American society andleaders of the Jewish community.Any Jewish family seeking a high-quality Jewish and seculareducation for their children will find a welcoming place in oneof these schools:• HEBREW ACADEMY OF MORRIS COUNTY,a non-denominational community day school• JOSEPH KUSHNER HEBREW ACADEMY/ RAE KUSHNERYESHIVA HIGH SCHOOL, a Modern Orthodox yeshiva• SOLOMON SCHECHTER DAY SCHOOL OF ESSEX ANDUNION, a Conservative day schoolA CULTURE OF ACHIEVEMENTJewish day schools offer a dual curriculum that integrates arigorous general studies program with Judaic studies. Our dayschools promote critical thinking and leadership and fosterJewish identity and spiritual growth. We create an environmentwhere all children experience the power of their ideas anddevelop the skills necessary to become life-long learners.Through study of Torah and our history, we nourish studentsʼunderstanding and connection to Jewish values, community andthe land of Israel. The day school experience is one of small classsizes, exceptional teachers and role models, and extensiveacademic and extracurricular programs in modern,technologically advanced facilities.A WARM, WELCOMING COMMUNITYOur Jewish day schools are more than places of education.They are communities that involve families in all aspects ofJewish life. Life-long friendships are forged among students aswell as parents. Our students obtain the knowledge andvalues needed to become productive members of our globalcommunity, in an environment that nurtures their personal,academic and social development. Our focus on ethics andmitzvot helps to educate the whole child and nurtures kind,thoughtful citizens of the world.2

NATHAN BOHRER-ABRAHAM KAUFMANHEBREW ACADEMY OF MORRIS COUNTYHEAD OF SCHOOL: Mr. Moshe VakninDEAN OF GENERAL STUDIES:Dr. Cheryl BaharOUR CAMPUS:146 Dover Chester RoadRandolph, New Jersey, 07869Phone: 973-584-5530Fax: 973-584-0602WEBSITE: www.hamc.orgESTABLISHED: 1967ACCREDITATION AND AFFILIATION:HAMC is accredited by the New JerseyAssociation of Independent Day Schools (NJAIS)and affiliated with RAVSAK, the JewishCommunity Day School Network.GRADES:Early Childhood Center,“Mommy and Me” (18 months)2-years old – Junior KindergartenKindergarten – Eighth GradeTOTAL ENROLLMENT: 230AVERAGE CLASS SIZE: 15-20M I S S I O N A N D V I S I O NThe Hebrew Academy of Morris County maintains highstandards of academic excellence and nurtures students inan environment infused with the richness of Jewish life. TheAcademy inspires intellectual curiosity, critical thinking andpersonal integrity to enable our students to emerge aslifelong learners, compassionate individuals and successfulmembers of society who are rooted in their heritage.A B O U T U S :The Hebrew Academy of Morris County provides achallenging integrated curriculum in general and Judaicstudies. In 2006, the school was awarded a National “BlueRibbon” award for academic excellence from the U.S.Department of Education. Parents choose to send theirchildren to HAMC for a variety of reasons, including:■A strong track record of preparing students to succeed atthe highest levels of achievement in high school, college andbeyond.■Our small class size and individual attention.■Our integrated technology program, enhanced bySMARTBoards as well as laptops for every middle schoolstudent.■Our warm environment in which each childʼs strengths andabilities are nurtured, challenged and developed.■The opportunity to learn a second language at a young age.■A strong sense of community that HAMC builds amongteachers, students, parents and society at large.HAMCʼs academic expectations are quite high and ourstudents work hard as we strive to ensure that they will besuccessful, responsible, educated Americans and proud,committed and knowledgeable Jews.HAMC is a school where Jewish values – such as Tzedakah(righteousness) and Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) – area fundamental part of school life. HAMC is a nurturingenvironment that provides students the tools and resourcesto develop their initiative, self-confidence and independence,the foundation for success in many facets of life.A W E L C O M I N G P L A C E F O RA B R O A D S P E C T R U M O FJ E W I S H FA M I L I E SA hallmark of our school is accessibility fora wide range of Jewish families from alldenominations and levels of observance.HAMC is a member of RAVSAK, TheJewish Community Day School Network,which supports pluralistic Jewish dayschool education. At HAMC, students fromvarious Jewish backgrounds learn torespect and celebrate the diversity of theAmerican Jewish community.S T U D E N T S E R V I C E S : HAMC values the social and emotional growthand success of each student. Under our Director of Guidance, a variety ofprograms ensure that students thrive from the moment they enter our schooland develop the skills and confidence that will help guide them well beyondgraduation. Programs include Individualized Transition for New Students, AfterSchool Friendship Club, Character Education Series, Middle School Advisors,Peer Leadership Program, and Personalized High School Transition Program.A F F O R D A B I L I T Y: E A S I N G T H E T U I T I O N B U R D E NAs a day school with a nationally recognized affordability program, weoffer:TUITION ASSISTANCE: HAMC offers a generous assistanceprogram for lower-income families. Applications are strictly confidentialand handled with great dignity and compassion.BASE GRANT TUITION FOR MIDDLE-INCOME FAMILIES:Thanks to the extraordinary support and vision of our leading benefactors,Paula and Jerry Gottesman, HAMC is one of the nationʼs pioneers in dayschool affordability. The endowed Base Tuition Grant program, which“caps” tuition at affordable levels for moderate-income families, isspecifically geared toward those who would not qualify for our tuitionassistance program, but for whom the cost of a day school education istoo great a financial burden.T R I P S :K-5: Day trips to museums, theater,State Capital and other areas of interestintegrated with the curriculum.6th Grade: Four-day JewishEnvironmental Studies program at theTEVA Learning Center in Connecticut.7th Grade: Trip to Statue of Liberty and EllisIsland, four-day trip to Washington D.C.8th Grade: As the culmination of ourstudentsʼ day school education, the classgoes to Israel on a two-week trip thatsolidifies a life-long love of Judaism and ofthe State of Israel.“While at HAMC, I learned aboutresponsibility and commitment anddeveloped the values of being sensitive,empathic and respectful towards others.These lessons have guided my growth asan individual and remain central in thechoices I make throughout my life.”P H I L I P J . R O S E N B A U MHAMC Class of 1996; MA CambridgeUniversity 2005; Ph.D. CandidateYeshiva University 2010AT H L E T I C S ,E X T R A C U R R I C U L A RA C T I V I T I E S :Middle school interscholastic sportsteams include soccer, basketball,volleyball, softball and baseball.HAMC also offers a Middle SchoolChoir. Through the “JCC at HAMC”and other partnerships, after schoolactivities include Kiddie Soccer,Dance Caravan, Mad-Science, art,music, Friendship ABCʼs andcooking. HAMC also sponsors aPost Graduate Learning Program(PGLP), an evening Judaicenrichment program for ourgraduates who are in highschool.7 8

SOLOMON SCHECHTER DAY SCHOOLOF ESSEX AND UNION9HEAD OF SCHOOL: Dr. Joyce RaynorOFFICE OF ADMISSIONS:Shara Lipson, Director of Admissions973-602-3601admissions@ssdseu.orgOUR CAMPUSES:(GRADES)Lower School (grades Pre-K – 5)Irving Laurie Building122 Gregory Avenue, West Orange, NJ 07052Phone: 973-602-3700Upper School (grades 6 – 12)(Middle School & High School)Eric F. Ross Campus1418 Pleasant Valley Way,West Orange, NJ 07052Phone: 973-602-3600WEBSITE: www.ssdseu.orgESTABLISHED: 1965ACCREDITATION AND AFFILIATION: SSDSEUis accredited by the New Jersey Association ofIndependent Schools (NJAIS) and is affiliated withthe Solomon Schechter Day School Association.TOTAL ENROLLMENT: Approximately 700W H O W E A R E :Solomon Schechter Day School of Essex and Union(SSDSEU) students are inspired to be lifelong learners andare guided to achieve their own unique, intellectual, creativeand social potential.Our dedicated faculty and administrators have provided ourstudents with the tools needed to become proud andmotivated American Jews for nearly half a century. Ourstudents develop a love of learning through our innovativeand rigorous dual curriculum of secular and Judaic studies.A C A D E M I C E X C E L L E N C E I S T H EH A L L M A R K O F O U R S C H O O L■With an emphasis on Jewish values and traditions, our Pre-K through 5th grade students thrive while studying socialstudies, science, language arts and math along with Hebrew,Torah, Jewish culture, Israel education, and traditions.■Our 6th-12th graders prepare for the best universities andcolleges through an intensive math, science, history, andEnglish curriculum.■We offer numerous AP and honors classes, a competitivesports program and a variety of extra-curricular activities,including music, art, and social activism.■Through more intensive and analytical study of Jewishtexts and traditions, our Upper School students not only gaina new perspective on secular studies but at the same timecontinue to learn about and cherish Jewish values, history,language and culture.■From Pre-K through 12th grade, we provide individualattention and differentiated instruction, state-of-the-artscience labs and technological resources (includingSMARTboards), in an environment that encourages everystudent to excel and thrive.S S D S E U I S A N E X C I T I N G , R E S P O N S I V EA N D E T H I C A L C O M M U N I T Y■Our students understand the concepts of derech eretz andmitzvah as demonstrated by their daily interactions with oneanother.■We foster an awareness of our own community, as well asthe world around us, through a vibrant program ofcommunity service and travel experiences, both locally andinternationally.■Our graduates become proud and motivated participants inboth the Jewish and secular communities. Jewish valuesand commitment to Israel are the foundation of everythingwe do.We are a Conservative Jewish day schoolwith families representing the spectrum ofJewish life. Our mission is to producegraduates who will take their place asdynamic, well educated leaders in thecommunity and whose commitment toIsrael and to Judaism will inform their livesand their actions.We are proud to educate our studentsin a place where values and excellenceare not just taught, but are truly lived.AT H L E T I C S A N D E X T R A -C U R R I C U L A R A C T I V I T I E SWe offer a vibrant sports program and a vast number of extracurricularactivities.■79% of Schechter Middle School students play on athletic teams.69% of Schechter High School students participate in at least oneJV or Varsity sports team. Teams include swimming, volleyball,soccer, cross-country, softball, baseball, tennis, cheerleading andbasketball.■90% of our students participate in at least one extra-curricularactivity, ranging from student government to student newspaper,from our award-winning literary magazine to Model UN, fromcomedy club to dance groups, from award-winning choir to ourannual musical.S U P P O R T S E R V I C E S A N D R E S O U R C E SGuidance counselors and learning specialists are available on afull-time basis to meet with students and/or parents aboutacademic issues, social concerns, and/or personal difficulties. Weprovide a comprehensive college counseling program. Careereducation is also offered to students in our High School.T U I T I O N S U B V E N T I O N & A F F O R D A B I L I T YWe strive to make our school financially accessible to families whoare unable to afford the full cost of tuition. SSDSEU has raisedmillions of dollars toward an Endowment for Affordability andExcellence in conjunction with the community-wide MetroWest DaySchool Campaign. Fundsraised, including the Och FamilyFund, support a new tuitionsubvention grant program formiddle class families. Moredetails about financing yourSchechter education can beobtained from our BusinessOffice, 973-602-3775.T R I P S A N DE X P E R I E N T I A LE D U C AT I O NN A A L EOur 9th graders participate in a 10-dayIsrael trip geared towards discovery ofIsrael and building class connections..N E S H A M AOur seniors have the option of spendingthe second semester of their senior year inIsrael and Eastern Europe, developing aneven greater sense of Jewish identity.Approximately 75% of our seniorsparticipate on Neshama each year.I N T E R N S H I P P R O G R A MOur seniors who do not participate onNeshama gain valuable work-studyopportunities in the field of their choice.CHILEAN EXCHANGEPROGRAMOur 10th graders have the opportunity toparticipate in a Chilean ExchangeProgram where they live and learn ineach othersʼ communities..ANNUAL KATRINARELIEF MISSION INNEW ORLEANSOur students work with Habitat forHumanity rebuilding homes forfamilies in need, spend a dayteaching and playing with youngerpublic school students, and visit withstudents involved with Hillel and thebroader Jewish community.CLASS TRIPSOur Lower School studentsparticipate in numerous fieldtrips, while our Upper Schoolstudents have class trips andparticipate in at least one offsiteShabbaton each year.10

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