Simple Elegance: Your Application Guide

Simple Elegance: Your Application Guide

Simple Elegance: Your Application Guide

PREPARATIONTime spent preparing your nails will result in a stronger bondbetween Elegance products and your natural nail, and ensureprofessional results.Pre-prep: Install your UV bulbs in your curing lamp. Washand dry your hands. Gently push your cuticle back with acuticle stick (small remnants of cuticle will cause prematurelifting of the application). Remove excess cuticles witha file or buffer block.Place your brushes and files in a jar and have your toolsready for easy access. Keep open gel pots and brushesaway from the UV lamp to prevent curing. Before using,gently stir the gel pots you have chosen with a cuticlestick for even color distribution. Now follow the prep-stepson the opposite page.2

Step 1: Buff or FileGently dull the natural shine of your nailbed with a coarser buffing block or finefile. Do not use a lot of pressure whenfiling the surface of your nail bed. Theresult is a slightly etched nail plate thatwill help Clear Base Builder Gel (CBBG)to bond to the nail. This is also the timeto shape your natural nail or add nail tipextensions or forms.Step 2: WipeBe sure to wipe away any nail dust resultingfrom buffing or filing with a lint-free wipesaturated with Finishing Wipe Solution.Step 3: Base CoatTake the Oval Gel Brush and scoop asmall amount of CBBG out of the pot andevenly work onto the nail plate using downwardcrossing stokes and circular motions.Make sure gel is applied to entire nail bedand does not touch the cuticle and skinsurrounding the nail bed. Cure in UV lampfor 30 seconds.Helpful Tip: Use Finishing Wipe solution to clean upmistakes by dipping a clean brush into the solution andbrushing the gel off of the skin and around the cuticles.3Maintenance Tip: Clean Oval Gel Brush with FinishingWipe before applying color.

BASIC COLOR APPLICATIONChoose your color and create a look that dazzles.Before you begin, follow the nail preparation steps outlinedon pages 2–3 to ensure the best results.4

Step 1: Color CoatLightly brush a thin, even coat of yourdesired color from cuticle to free edge, justas you would do with any nail polish. Curefor 3 minutes under the UV lamp.Helpful Tip: If your first coat of color creeps back slightlyfrom the edges, lightly brush the edges again before curingrather than applying more color gel.Note: UV Gels can only be cured by using the UV Lamp.Step 2: Second CoatRepeat with a second coat and cure for 3minutes. Darker gels may need more coatsto achieve desired color.Helpful Tip: The second coat will not creep back fromthe edges, and applying too thick a coat can result in animproper cure. Use Finishing Wipe to clean up mistakesby dipping a clean brush into the solution and brushing thegel off of skin and around cuticles.Step 3: Top CoatSaturate Lint-Free Wipes with FinishingWipe Solution and remove the sticky layerleft on the cured color coat by gently pullingthe wipe along the nail from top to bottom.Use a fresh wipe for each nail. Applya thin, even layer of Top Coat and air dryfor 60-90 seconds.Helpful Tip: Using a fresh wipe for each nail removes thesticky induction layer. If you use the same wipe on anothernail, that induction layer may be transferred and the nextnail may lose its shine; uncured pigment from the previousnail may remain on the wipe.5

FRENCH MANICUREThe simple refinement of the French manicure conveys classicgrace and beauty for a perfectly timeless look.Before you begin, follow the nail preparation steps outlinedon pages 2–3 to ensure the best results.6

Step 1: Pink LayerApply a layer of Pink Gel and cure under theUV lamp for three minutes. Clean the brushwith Finishing Wipe solution.Maintenance Tip: As the nail grows, you can maintainyour French manicure by backfilling over the new nailgrowth. First, push back and remove all cuticles. Gently fileto remove the natural shine from the new nail growth. Fileover the existing gel to thin it down a layer. Apply CBBGto the growth area only. Cure 30 seconds. Apply Pink Gelto the growth area only. Cure 3 minutes. Apply a coat ofCBBG to the entire nail. Cure 3 minutes. Follow Step 2 inthe Basic Color Application instructions.Step 2: Smile LineApply the French smile line to the tip ofthe nail with White Gel and cure for threeminutes under the UV lamp. Use FinishingWipe solution on a clean brush to contourthe smile line after applying the White Gel.Helpful Tip: You can use a clean brush dipped in FinishingWipe solution to even out the smile line prior to curingwithout damaging the pink layer beneath.Step 3: Clear Gel and Top CoatApply a layer of CBBG to the entire nailto cap the French manicure without tintingthe smile line. Cure in UV lamp for threeminutes. Complete Step 2 of the BasicColor Application technique. (If you areapplying the French manicure to yournatural nails this is the process: pink,white, and one coat of clear. If you areapplying the French manicure to tipextensions or forms you would need toapply two coats of clear over the pinkand white, file, and apply a third gel coat.)7

ENHANCEMENT APPLICATIONSNail Tip ExtensionsCreate the length and shape you want. Change as often asyou like. It’s delicious fashion in a flash.8

Step 1: Size and GlueFind the proper size of nail tip for eachfinger. This is done by fitting the groove onthe underside rim of the tip extension tothe free edge of the nail and aligning thesides of the tip extension with the sides ofthe natural nail. After sizing, apply a smallamount of nail glue along the groovedunderside of the tip. Beginning at a 90°angle, press firmly on to the nail bed for5–10 seconds.Step 2: Clip and FileUse your Professional Nail Clippers toshorten the tips to the desired length. Filethe nail tip for the desired shape. Using afine file, blend the joining line of the tip andyour natural nail.Step 3: Wipe and Base CoatRepeat steps 2–3 outlined in the Preparationsection on page 3.Helpful Tip: Avoid filing the natural nail; rather, focus onblending the tip into your natural nail bed.9(Continued on next page)

ENHANCEMENT APPLICATIONSNail Tip Extensions (Continued)10

Step 4: Shape and ProtectApply a thin layer of CBBG over the entirenatural nail and tip. Cure 3 minutes. Applya second, thicker layer of CBBG over theentire nail. Cure 3 minutes. If you have anyimperfections due to uneven application,you can correct them now.Step 5: Clean and Fine-TuneRemove the sticky layer using a Lint-FreeWipe saturated in the Finishing Wipe Solution.Lightly file any imperfections (do notuse much pressure). Remove dust withFinishing Wipe soaked in solution.Step 6: Finish and BuildApply a layer of CBBG and cure 3 minutes.Then, apply as many coats of coloras you wish curing 3 minutes after eachlayer.Note: Remember: UV Gels can only be cured by usingthe UV Lamp.11

ADVANCED APPLICATIONSSculpted Nail TipsMake each nail a work of art; a sculpture that creates a lookthat is uniquely beautiful and undeniably you.12

Step 1: SculptPlace a foil nail form snugly under the freeedge of the natural nail. This will leave thenatural nail bed accessible through theopening in the form. Apply CBBG to theentire nail and out onto the foil form to thedesired length. Cure 3 minutes.Helpful Tip: You will need to sculpt with a multiple layersto achieve the ideal thickness and shape. Just be sureto cure for 3 minutes between each layer. If you haven’tdone sculpted nails before, don’t worry if you need a littlepractice before you achieve the look you want.Step 2: StrengthenApply a small amount of CBBG to a brushand use it to lightly pick up a pre-cut patchof silk. Place the silk over the line wherethe natural nail meets the sculpted nail.Gently pat the silk into place until it becomestransparent and apply a thin layer ofCBBG or Pink Gel. Cure 3 minutes.Helpful Tip: The patch of silk should easily cling to thebrush moistened with CBBG, and should release from thebrush when it comes in contact with the nail.Step 3: ShapeRemove the foil nail form. Shape thesculpted nail with a file to achieve the desiredstyle. Follow steps 1 (optional) and 2of the Basic Color Application instructionson page 5.13

A HEALTHY SOAKNail Treatments Off in MinutesElegance gel products give you gorgeous, resilient nails that areeasier to remove than acrylic nails and gentler on the nail bed!Before you remove your nail treatments, make sure you havethe following equipment:• Cuticle stick• Nail file• Soak Off Solution• Foil strips ** Foil strips can be purchased at your local beauty store.14

Step 1: Score & FileUsing a file, score and lightly file thesurface of the nail to break the seal of thetop coat. This will allow the polish removerto penetrate through all layers of the geltreatment.Step 2: SoakSaturate a Lint-Free Wipe with Soak OffSolution. Fold the soaked wipe to fit andplace on nail bed.Step 3: Foil Wrap & SoakCarefully wrap and secure a strip of foiltightly around the finger and flatten the end.Fold behind the finger. Mold wrap aroundthe nail and soak for 10 minutes.Helpful Tip: Remember, don’t press too hard as you file;just enough to break the seal of the top coat.15 (Continued on next page)

A HEALTHY SOAK (Continued)Step 4: Unwrap and RemoveRemove the wrap, and scrape off the gel. Ifnail requires more soaking, re-saturate yourwipe and repeat the foil-soak process.You’ll know you’ve soaked long enoughwhen you notice the gel starting to shrinkand wrinkle. Rather than dissolving, gelcolors will simply release from the nail bed.Step 5: CleanseUse a cuticle stick to gently scrape anyexcess gel from your nails. Cleanse yourhands, and then moisturize them with SiselHand & Body Lotion.Helpful Tip: Do not apply aggressive pressure whenscraping. Also, taking the time to moisturize is important formaintaining supple, healthy-looking skin around your nails.Helpful Tip: If you have applied your gel in thicker layers,you may need a few extra minutes to soak.16

COMPONENTSOur Elegance nail product line includes thefollowing components:ExtensionFoil NailFormsSoakingTrayProfessionalNail ClipperWhiteBuffer BlockYellowTeflon FileBlack FileOval GelBrushCuticleStickElegance UV Lamp17(Continued on next page)

COMPONENTS (Continued)Lint-FreeNail WipesNatural TipsRevelationWhite TipsDeep SmileNail Kit BagNatural SilkFinishingWipeSoak OffSolutionNail GlueSemi-Permanent PolishSealer Top Coat18

UV Gel Colors(See swatcheson the right)*Diamond GlitterMidnight SkyDusty RoseSoft Pink CoralPink IridescenceViolet ShimmerHot Sisel RedDeep PurplePink MauveChili RedDark PlumRed VelvetUV Pink Gel*(2 sizes)Passion PinkRose BouquetPlum CrazyBronze GlimmerUV Clear BaseBuilder Gel*(2 sizes)Oyster PearlHot LavaOrange TartFrosty Snow19Red Wine* UV Gels can only be cured by using the UV Lamp.

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