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Patrick Ketwaru Department of Chemistry University of ... - Corrente

• Most of the population live on a narrow coastalbelt below sea level• This requires that we have extensive sea defenseand drainage structures• Beyond this coastal belt is very diverse forest• As a result a fair amount of forestry is done• There are now many regulation and protocols toensure sustainable harvesting• There are many small or medium scale sawmillsalong the cost and main forest roads to process thelogs

• Mr. Ramdeo Autar a mechanical engineer has beenin the forestry sector for approximately 30 years• He is the Managing Director of Linear WoodsProducts which has been in business forapproximately 18 years• Linear Woods Products is a privately ownedcommercial venture• It is located on the Demerara River aapproximately 15 miles from Georgetown and hasdirect access to the main East Bank Highway• They are mainly saw millers with an interest indeveloping value added lumber products

Patrick Ketwaru is a chemist by training (MSc)• Spent approximately 15 years in the private sectorbefore joining the University of Guyana• Has experience in both manufacturing and energysectors• Has experience in project development andimplementation• Was local manager for the developer (SynergyHoldings Inc.) of the Amila Falls Hydropower Project• He has been working collaboratively with both privateand other agencies in developing renewable energyand sustainable development projects in Guyana• He is now in his 7 th year in the employ of theuniversity

• This project is a pilot for the utilization of woody biomass waste inGuyana• The small scale saw mills generate rather large amount of wasteon site• However they are scattered along the coast, rivers and hinterlandroads• Since their scale of operation is relatively small no one millproduces enough waste to power a steam turbine unit• This waste is usually not beneficially utilized and becomes anenvironmental problem• Also it would not be economically viable to transport the waste toa central plant for large scale power generation• As such a small scale utilization of the waste has to be found• Small scale gasification electricity generation units are suggestedfor onsite power generation

• Preliminary investigation has revealed that there are anumber of small scale gasification based generatorsavailable commercially from various manufacturers inmany countries• The project intents to match the technology with thewaste being produced at Linear Woods Products witha reliable gasification generator• This entails evaluation and quantification of the woodwaste produced at Linear Woods Products• This will be done by inputs from both themanufacturers and the Developers• The appropriate will be identified via this process• The fuel characteristics for this units will be ascertained

• Based on the nature of the fuel required (pellets,chips, etc.) any additional fuel preparationequipment will be identified• Space of the installation of the equipment will beidentified at the saw mill site• The technical investigation will be executed by theUniversity of Guyana’s team• It is envisaged that the team will bemultidisciplinary and cross Faculty• The plant will also be available for training of UG’sstudents

• The equipment will be owned by Linear Woods which willtake all financial responsibilities for the project• A full project document will be developed to enableshopping for project finance• It is hoped that initial financial assistance can be obtained todevelop the project to the production of the final projectdocument• At this stage of development the project cost is US$113,500• This does not include other costs such as interest, legal, etc.• Since this project is a pilot which can be replicatedthroughout Guyana and used for other woody biomassfeedstock it is hoped that low cost or grant funds would bemade available

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