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PDF Download - Sächsisches Institut für die Druckindustrie GmbH

Sächsisches Institutfür die DruckindustrieResearch. Development. Consulting.Services for the Printing Industry.

»The close affinity of SID to the press manufacturing andprinting industries has been a long-standing tradition.This is the reason why, in addition to our research anddevelopment activities, we also offer individual servicein the fields of measurement technology, consultingand certification.As an industry insider, we can help you not only withour expertise but also with the whole range of ourtesting laboratories – quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.Legally binding expert opinions belong to ourservices as well as technical inspections, which bringsyou peace of mind when making an investment in newor second-hand equipment, making repairs, maintainingyour equipment and making error diagnosis.Competently and reliably, we can provide you supportfor the certification of your quality or environmentalmanagement system or during the implementation ofProcess Standard Offset printing.What is your definition of success?What are your quality standards?SID offers you the parameters and the tools.SID advises and tests.Individual service for the printing industry.Expert Opinions, Press Inspections,Material Testsand Process Standard Offset(PSO)Customized MeasurementServices from Acousticsto ThermographyImplementation of ManagementSystems:Process and Quality Management1 2 3 4•ISO 12647-2•Consultancy Services forPrepress and PrintingHANDBUCH 2011DRUCK UND WERBUNGSACHSEN, THÜRINGEN, SACHSEN-ANHALTHANDBUCH 2012DRUCK UND WERBUNGSACHSEN, THÜRINGEN, SACHSEN-ANHALTHANDBUCH 2010DRUCK UND WERBUNGSACHSEN, THÜRINGEN, SACHSEN-ANHALTANHALTSID Handbook – Printing andAdvertisingFor 20 years, anindustry classic: Theannually updatedSID Handbook!The SID Handbook – Printing and Advertising hasdeveloped itself into being an indispensable directory.It is still the only regional directory for theindustry in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.Besides all the important addresses, you will finddetailed company profiles with information onproducts and services.SID offers tests and expert opinionsconcerning press and product qualityincluding inspection andapproval on the basis of the bvdmhandbook, material analyses, aswell as the certification according toProcess Standard Offset (PSO). Herean extract of our range of services:- Approval of CtP imagesetters- Approval of printing presses andfinishing machines- PSO conformity certificate- Material tests- Solution for printing problemsSID has a wide range of sensorsand measurement systems whichcan be used even in the developmentphase for meaningfulanalysis. Physical quantities aremeasured in various branches ofthe industry. Therefore, we offerour services to customers fromother industry sectors:- Measurement of noise emission,noise reduction and soundmapping of machines- Measurement of noise emissionat the workplace- Analysis of vibrations, forcesand torques- Thermographic investigations- Measurement of electrical powerand energy consumption parametersWhat rules do you follow in termsof orderliness, organisation, responsibilityand safety? When andwhere does your company have itsuneconomical periods?Decisive questions for manufacturingcompanies which can beanswered by clear internationalstandards. We guide you during theimplementation of:- Preparation for FSC and PEFCcertifications- Quality management accordingto ISO 9001:2008- Environmental managementaccording to ISO 14000 ffand EMAS- Hygiene management accordingto HACCPThe Print Media Technology TransferCentre and Test Laboratory for PrintQuality and Finishing are centres ofexpertise and experience enablingus to give optimum advice andsupport for the printing industry.Our service include:- Examination and evaluation ofyour RIP system and workflow- Assistance in solving problemsand the implementation of newtechnologies like CtP, UV printing,and waterless or IPA-less offsetprinting- Assistance in process optimizationto attain Process Standard Offsetprinting specificationsSID Platformwww.druckportal-sachsen.deHere we keep you up-to-date on industryinformation in Saxony, Germany and the world.1 Checking a sample sheet during a presstest.2 Acoustic measurements graphic arts machines.3 Consultation appointment for qualitymanagement topics.4 Inspection of incoming paper.SID-SERVICES

BerlinHalle14925Exit 25Leipzig-NordostLeipzigDresdenSächsisches Institutfür die DruckindustrieMünchen38Our website gives you detailedinformation on how to find us.Image engl., April 2012Sächsisches Institutfür die Druckindustrie GmbHInstitut des VereinsPOLYGRAPH Leipzig e.V.D-04329 LeipzigMommsenstraße 2Tel +49 (0) 3 41 . 2 59 42-0Fax +49 (0) 3 41 . 2 59 42-99info@sidleipzig.dewww.sidleipzig.deAmtsgericht Leipzig HRB 193USt-IdNr. DE 141501399Managing DirectorDr.-Ing. Jürgen StopporkaYour contact partnersDr.-Ing. Jürgen StopporkaManaging DirectorTel +49 (0) 3 41 . 2 59 42-0Fax +49 (0) 3 41 . 2 59 42-99stopporka@sidleipzig.deDipl.-Ing. Beatrix GenestAuthorized SignatoryTel +49 (0) 3 41 . 2 59 42-28Fax +49 (0) 3 41 . 2 59 42-99genest@sidleipzig.deFranziska GodauGraduate in BusinessManagement (VWA) /Management AssistantTel +49 (0) 3 41 . 2 59 42-0Fax +49 (0) 3 41 . 2 59 42-99godau@sidleipzig.de

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