Queens print edition (PDF) - Caribbean Life


Queens print edition (PDF) - Caribbean Life

Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 2Updated daily at www.caribbeanlifenews.comCARIBBEAN ROUNDUPBAHAMASThe Bahamas government willsoon announce sweeping changesto the operations of the RoyalBahamas Defense Force to includean improved Coral Harbor Base,more resources and a link withthe police in crime-fighting initiatives.Prime MinisterPerry Christiesaid the Ministryof National Securitywould make “a significantcommunication” on the issuesthat are impacting the work ofthe Defense Force and the government’scommitment to improvingthis.“Our commitment to add toyour manpower, ships and resourcesthat you have, the ability to protectour borders and be able tointerdict all of the criminal activitiesthat are taking place whetherhuman smuggling, drugs, gunrunningor whatever it is to add toyour capacity over the next periodof time, as a result of the commitmentwe made to the people of theThe Bahamas to be of assistancein a specific way to the DefenseForce,” he said.Christie said improvementswould have to be made to theDefense Force Base to improve itsinfrastructure and make it suitablefor the next two decades.The Prime Minister said thegovernment would find a way, toput in policy for the country totake advantage of the abilities ofthe Defense Force marines anduse them for the greater good ofthe country.GUYANAThe Chinese-owned Bosai MineralsGroup Guyana Incorporatedsays it is losing millions of dollarsas it is unable to fulfill its internationalobligations as a result ofthe protest action that has virtuallyshut down the mining town ofLinden.“We are notproducing nothing,so we can’tship nothing, inother words we can’t sell anything,’the company’s communityrelations officer, Vanessa Davis toldthe Guyana Times newspaper.Linden has been hit by protestaction after residents theretook to the streets to demand thatthe Donald Ramoutar administrationreverse a decision to increaseelectricity rates and cut the estimatedthree-billion dollar subsidyto the Linden Electricity CompanyIncorporated by one third.In addition, the bauxite pensionerssay they no longer enjoy300 kilowatt-hours free electricityand have been told they haveto pay for the remainder of theexisting market rates for othercustomers.At least three protestors wereshot and killed during clashes withthe police on July 18. The Inter-American Commission on HumanRights has condemned the killingsand the government has promiseda Commission of Inquiry into thematter.Davis said that the company,which in March this yearannounced plans to inject US$200million into expanding its operations,was only able to ship bauxitetwo weeks ago.GUYANALinden, Guyana’s Mayor andcouncilor Winston Smith are predictinga national economic shutdownif the Government does notmeet with protestors to discussthe issues affecting them, suchTHE NEWS FROM BACK HOMEJamaica’s 50th Independence GalaAttendees dancing to the pulsating sounds of Fab 5 during Jamaica’s 50th Independence Galain New York. See page 14.Photo by Ajamu Photographyas the hike in electricity ratesand unemployment which havesparked weeks of unrest.The residents of the bauxitemining town have been protestingsince July 18 over the proposedhike in electricity rates. The protestsresulted in the death of threepeople.There wasanother standoffwith the policerecently whichresulted in tear gas being throwninto the crowd of people, includingchildren.The action triggered a riot withseven buildings being gutted byfire and several people injured.Smith said the Governmentneeded to involve the people ofLinden in stakeholder consultationsto resolve the problem.He said more than 70 percentof the people in Linden, Guyana’ssecond largest town, are unemployed.JAMAICAThe Jamaican Government ismonitoring the elections in Venezuelaas the fate of the country’spetroleum sector is tied up in theoutcome of the polls which are duein less than two months.Energy Minister Phillip Paulwellsays he is hopeful that PresidentHugo Chavez retains power asthe stability of Jamaica’s economydepends heavily on the electionresults.This is because Venezuela’sopposition leader, HenriqueCapriles, whois seeking tounseat Chavez,has expressedplans to scrapthe PetroCaribeagreement.Under the agreement, Jamaicaand other selected Caribbeancountries receive preferentialtreatment in buying oil from Venezuela.Paulwell says Jamaica is not in aposition to lose PetroCaribe.The Energy Minister said if thePetroCaribe deal should end, oneof the biggest impacts would besee in the amount of foreign currenciesthat Jamaica would haveto pay out to purchase oil.The elections in Venezuela arescheduled for October 7.JAMAICASouth African President JacobZuma has reached an agreementto strengthen ties with Jamaica.Zuma, who was in Jamaica toattend the celebrationsmarkingthe island’s50th anniversaryindependencefrom Britain,told reporters “we are committedto encouraging and facilitatingSouth African companies doingbusiness in Jamaica,”Speaking at a joint news conferencewith Jamaica’s Prime MinisterPortia Simpson-Miller, theSouth African leader said that anumber of other draft agreementsand memoranda of understandingbetween the two countries in theareas of sport, defense and security,public works, education andsocial development.“These agreements will serveto foster mutual cooperationexchanges and best practices inthe respective fields,” he said.Simpson-Miller said that someof the areas being looked at includescience and technology, tourism,the crafting of an air service agreementand increased trade betweenboth countries.TRINIDADHeavy rains and flood causedmore than TT$100 million in damagesto homes and infrastructurein the North Western peninsula ofTrinidad recently.Surrounding communities inthe Diego Martin area in WestTrinidad were hit by severe floodingover the August 11 week-end,leaving two residents dead andhundreds homeless.Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar who toured the floodstrickenarea declared a disasterzone.A total of 12 homes weredestroyed and appliances lost inclose to 1,000homes, chairmanof the Diego MartinRegional CorporationAnthonySammy told a news conference.He said that while the totalinitial assessment stood at morethan $109 million, the figure isexpected to climb.More than 1,100 people havebeen carrying out mopping upoperations.Compiled by Azad Ali

African women of the Muslim faith came together inprayer at Claremont Park in the Bronx on Sunday, aspart of Eid ul-Fitr, celebrating the end of Ramadan.Festive RamadanBy Tequila MinskyDressed in stunning festivegarb, Muslims enteredClaremont Park in the Mt.Ghana, but Nigeria, Togoand francophone Benin andMali were represented.Above the hubbub andEden section of the Bronx excitement, communitystarting early this past Sundayto celebrate the grandest,most historical, andmost important Muslimholiday of the year, Eid ul-Fitr.From sunrise to sunset,Ramadan’s fasting for 30days is an exercise in selfcontrol,sacrifice and obligation.The day after Ramadanis over is Eid ul-Fitr, theday that Muslims gather ingroup prayer, recognition oftheir religion’s obligationsand celebration.Bronx mosques Tajul-Huda and Yankasa reachedelders gave talks of inspirationand local politiciansgave good wishes.A full afternoon of familyday activities followed.Jallof-yellow fried rice,wachey-rice and black-eyedpeas, cooked vegetables withAfrican spices, and barbequedchicken filled the communalfood tables for any topartake.A horse took children fora ride.By the end of the day at7:30 p.m., more than 2000celebrants shared in thegood spirits of the day.out to the African Muslim Naaimat Muhammedcommunities, bringingcongregants from about 10local mosques. In the grassylarge open space in ClaremontPark, more than 1,000area African Muslims prayedtogether.The majority of the WestAfrican celebrants were fromwho prays at the Yankasamosque was on the organizingcommittee. “We did outreachto the African Muslimcommunities,” she said,“This was our second yearand we couldn’t have askedfor a better time. We’re lookingforward to next year.”This musician with his talking drum entertains duringthe Eid ul-Fitr celebration.Tequila MinskyThousands attend inaugural Vincy PicnicBy Nelson A. KingOrganizers were hoping for a largegathering, but they, clearly, did notanticipate such a massive turn-out, asmore than 5,000 nationals last Saturday,Aug. 18, converged on HeckscherState Park on Long Island for the inauguralVincentian Picnic.Vincentians flocked the picturesquesite in the afternoon after heavy overnightand morning thundershowersthreatened to dampen the historicoccasion.They came by bus and car loadsfrom all over New York, as well as fromfar away as Toronto, Boston, Philadelphiaand Washington, D.C.All, with whom Caribbean Lifespoke, said the convergence was longoverdue.“We wanted to be part of this,” saidAmelia Edwards, president of the St.Vincent and the Grenadines’ Associationof Massachusetts, Inc.“That’s why we left Boston (Massachusetts)in all the rain, and arrived inthe rain to be part of this,” she added,flanked by her vice president, MonicaLaBorde. “We always go to 1,000 Is.(in eastern Ontario, Canada, for theannual Vincy Unity Picnic),” continuedEdwards, whose group pooled five carsto be part of history. “We’re Vincentians,so we need to stick to our culture.”Sam DeBique – a Brooklyn residentand former defender for the defunctNotre Dames football (soccer) teamin St. Vincent and the Grenadines –said he was happy to link up with hisEmancipation Day Celebration for TrinidadiansThe Trinidad and Tobagoconsulate in New York,in collaboration with theTrinidad and Tobago InterfaithCouncil of New Yorkand the Committee for theCommemoration of EmancipationDay (Brooklyn) heldthe first Emancipation Daycelebrations at the verdantProspect Park in Brooklynon Saturday, August 4.The celebrations startedoutside the Park witha parade comprising Trinidadand Tobago nationalsin traditional African garbaccompanied by drummers.The occasion was consecratedwith prayers by EmancipationCommittee memberswith traditional Yorubarituals. Representing theTrinidad and Tobago InterfaithCouncil in New Yorkwere Dr. Glenville AshbyYoung members of Century Steel Orchestra, U.S.A. playing Vincy hits.Nelson A. Kingbrother Raymond DeBique, a nationalsoccer defender, from 1954-56, wholives in Uniondale, Long Is.“I think this is a great idea,” he saidabout the picnic, with his wife, AdelleDeBique and other relatives listeningin. “It’ll pick up (in future years). Thisis togetherness.”As Century, U.S.A. Steel Orchestra,headed by Raymond Ballantyne,another former national soccerdefender, beat out the latest hits fromVincy Mas and other soca rhythms, afamily group, dubbed the South RiversPossé, reveled in the merriment,feasting on local delicacies at thesame time.Consul General R.N. Ramgoolam with Vice Consul MatthewMurray (far right) and celebrants at the EmancipationDay 2012 event.and Bishop Allan Baxter.Consul General RudrawateeNan Ramgoolamaddressed the enthusiasticgathering and complimentedthem on their efforts tostart the Emancipation Daytraditions in New York. Shenoted that the event was alsoauspicious because it coincideswith the 50th anniversaryof Independence ofthe Republic of Trinidad andTobago. She also thanked“This is the first Vincentian picnic(in New York), and I love it,” exclaimedDaphne James, a registered nurse atSt. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital in UpperManhattan.“We hope this is going to be a yearlything,” she added, eating saltfish andcooked bananas. Other local delicaciesincluded roast breadfruit, pelau,barbecue pork, curry chicken, saltfishcake and potato pudding.“We all cooked,” James continued.“Everybody got together and made adish.“I’m having a blessed day,” chimedin cousin Terazin “Laverne” Lynch,“It’s a wonderful day.”sponsor Conrad Ifill of Conrad’sFamous Bakery for hisgenerous contribution tothe event.Other activities are beingorganized by the consulatefor the 50th anniversary.Follow activities on the consularwebsite: www.ttcgny.com, Facebook and Twitterand You-Tube for eventupdates, photos and videos.The New York consulateexercises jurisdiction inConnecticut, Maine, Massachusetts,New Hampshire,New Jersey, New York,Pennsylvania, Rhode Islandand Vermont, and is focusedon promoting Trinidad andTobago and providing servicesfor its Diaspora.Inquiries may be directedto consulate@ttcgny.comand (212) 682 7272 ext 1103or 1109.Page 3 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Aug. 24-30, 2012

Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 4Linden crisis deal signed:Residents remain mobilizedContinued from coveradministrators and residents trust governmentvery little when it comes tokeeping promises and implementingagreements telling Hinds and anyonewho would listen that residents “remainmobilized” for any such breach, callingthe post-agreement period as “a criticalphase” in the struggle by Lindeners.Linden is 65 miles southwest of Georgetown,the capital.“We trust this regime to implementthe agreement because the people willsee to it. The people of Linden/ RegionTen will hold this regime, the nationalleaders and the national assemblyaccountable for its delivery,” he said,noting that citizens remain concerned”about the PPP’s infamous track recordon implementing agreements. Thisagreement is a small step in our fightfor equal rights and justice and ofwhich the cornerstone of our strugglesis premised,” he said.The protests, the lock down ofthe town and closure of the interiorjungle roads, had put severe pressureon the economy as most of the localand foreign-owned gold and diamondmines, as well as timber concessionswere starved of food and fuel as supplyGuyanese Prime Minister SamuelHinds.(AP Photo/Ken Moore)trucks were stranded on both sides ofthe Demerara River bridge as hundredsof residents had camped out on it,demanding answers to the shooting.A commission of inquiry is to beginits work likely next month. The teamwill include three Caribbean jurists,retired Jamaican Chief Justice LeslieWolfe, former Jamaican national security,attorney general and attorney K.D. Knight and Trinidadian law professorDana Seetahal.Caribs urged to avoid deportationContinued from coverobtain employment authorizationand deferred action – whichprovides relief from removal orremoval proceedings.“I encourage anyone who isDREAM Act eligible to apply forthis program that will give somany young people an opportunityto participate in our civilsociety,” said Clarke, the daughterof Jamaican immigrants,who represents the 11th CongressionalDistrict in Brooklyn.“I hope employment authorizationwill be one of the manyother benefits that will begranted across the nation” sheadded.Clarke warned individualswho intend to apply for deferredaction to be “wary of scamsand lawyers who may chargeexorbitant fees to provide legalassistance.”On Sept. 7, Clarke said shewill host an appointment-onlylegal clinic in conjunctionwith the New York ImmigrationCoalition and several othernonprofit organizations.“It is critical that we getinformation out to our immigrantcommunities so that peoplewill know who is eligible fordeferred action and so that theycan avoid being scammed,”said New York State AssemblySpeaker Sheldon Silver.Silver said State grants willsupport clinics, workshops andlegal services across the state,where an estimated 80,000immigrants between the agesof 15 and 30 could currentlybenefit.The Assembly Speaker disclosedthat the grants also wentto Legal Services NYC and to anew state task force run by theNew York Immigration Coalitionand the New York StateImmigrant Action Fund.Officials at the U.S. Citizenshipand Immigration Services,the federal agency in chargeof the initiative, said eligibleyoung illegal immigrants canobtain valid Social Securitynumbers, and apply for driver’slicenses, professional certificatesand financial aid forcollege.The Washington-basedMigration Institute, a nonpartisanresearch group, said about1.2 million immigrants are eligibleto apply now for the program.It said another 500,000 childrenwill be able to apply whenthey reach the minimum eligibilityage of 15 in comingyears.U.S. officials said to be eligiblefor the reprieve, illegalimmigrants must have been inthe country and under age 31on Jun. 15.They must also have cometo the U.S. before they were 16years of age and have resided inthe country continuously for atleast five years.In addition, officials said theillegal immigrants must be inschool, or have graduated fromhigh school or honorably dischargedfrom the U.S. ArmedForces.Officials said immigrantsconvicted of a felony, a seriousmisdemeanor (including a sexualabuse or drug violation), orthree less serious misdemeanorswill be rejected.Anyone deemed to pose athreat to U.S. national securitywill also not be granted thereprieve, they said.Officials said immigrantswill not be allowed to appeal iftheir application is rejected, butthey may re-apply and pay theUS$465 fee again.$99 MOVE IN SPECIALBrand New Studios 1, 2 & 3 Bdrms, Furnished & Unfurnished, Short and Long Term LeasesQUEENS: 718-943-1150 or 718-291-3331 NASSAU: 516-292-6071Some with Free Gas, Gym, LaundromatBrand New Kitchens and Bathrooms24 Hr. 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Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 8DREAMers attend legal clinicBy Tequila MinskyThey began lining up at 6:00a.m. and the doors of St. Mary’sChurch on the Lower East Sideopened about 10:15 a.m., earlierthan planned.Aug. 15 was the first daythat DREAMers, undocumentedyouth, could apply for a temporarywork permit and deferredaction relief.On that day, a legal adviceclinic organized by New YorkImmigration Coalition offeredpreliminary consultations, apre-screening with volunteeremigration lawyers, to undocumentedyoung adults whoarrived in the United Statesbefore the age of 15 and wereyounger than 31.Flavia is now 23 and has acollege degree in merchandisemarketing. She arrived at theage of 11 from Bolivia but cannotwork, legally.One attendee, studying computertechnology, came fromPeru 11 years ago and another, a27-year-old young man from St.Lucia, works as a deliveryman.They were among the packedconsultation room with othersfrom China, Bangladesh, andFrom 10:15a.m. to 6:00p.m. at St. Mary’s Church, volunteer lawyersconsulted and fielded questions as a pre-screening for 1,000 undocumentedyoung adult New Yorkers. A first step for deferredaction.Tequila Minskyyou-name-the-country, seekinginformation at this initial prescreening.By mid-afternoon, the doorswere closed, the legal cliniccould not accommodate anymore.Forty lawyers screenedapproximately 1000 young peopleduring the day.Max Ahmed, a senior studyingchemical engineering atthe City College of New Yorkspoke to press as the day began,“Deferred Action will grantsome stability for me and overa million young people like me.This policy grants me morethan a permit to work or to livehere. It allows me to now pursuemy dream of contributingto the city and to the country. Iwant to work on today’s energyproblems through my degree inchemical engineering.City, state and national politiciansattended the launch.Death penalty moratoriumBy Azad AliThe Inter-American Commissionon Human Rights (IACHR)has called on several Caribbeancountries to impose a moratoriumin the application of thedeath penalty.In a statement to coincide withthe release of its latest publicationtitled “The Death Penaltyin the Inter-American HumanRights System: From Restrictionsto Abolition,” the IACHRsaid it had examined the deathpenalty situation in the ninememberstates during the last15 years.It said countries involvedare Barbados, Cuba, Guatemala,Guyana, Grenada, Jamaica,Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobagoand the United States.“Taking into account thesestandards and developments inthe region, and in light of theobjective of gradually eliminatingthe death penalty in the inter-American system, the Commissionurges the OAS (Organizationof American States) memberstates that still have the deathpenalty to abolish it or, at least,to impose a moratorium to itsapplication.“In addition, the report recommendsthe states to ratify theProtocol to the American Conventionto Abolish the Death Penalty;to refrain from any measure thatwould expand the application ofthe death penalty or reintroduceit ( and) to take any measuresnecessary to ensure compliancewith the strictest standards ofdue process in capital cases,”The IACHR is calling on statesto adopt any steps required toensure that domestic legal standardsconform to the heightenedlevel of review applicable in deathpenalty cases, and to ensure fullcompliance with decisions ofthe Inter American Commissionand Court, and specifically withdecisions concerning individualdeath penalty cases and precautionaryand provisional measures.In the report, the Commissionhighlights some advances relatedto the imposition of the deathpenalty in the region in recentyears. Of particular importancehave been the advances related tothe mandatory imposition of thedeath penalty, that, when this isimposed after a conviction fora crime without the opportunityfor presenting or consideringmitigating circumstances.LEUKEMIASUFFERERSHaveyouusedHYDROQUINONEcontainingskinbleachingcreamsorskindiscolorationfadecreams?Pleasecallforafreeconsultationtodiscussyourlegalrights.1-800-585-1190Lynch Daskal Emery LLP264 West 40th Street, New York, NY 10018LICENSED BY NEW YORK STATE EDUCATION DEPT. ESTABLISHED SINCE 1993UNIVERSALMEDICAL CAREERTRAINING CENTERC.N.A. Stateboard Testing OnsiteEmployment Opportunities In NursingHomes Hospitals & Medical OfficesCOME JOIN US TODAY FORCAREER TRAINING IN:Nurse Assistant/Aide (CNA)Patient Care Technician(Ekg+Phlebotomy)Medical Laboratory TechnicianMedical AssistantPhysical Therapy AideDAY, EVENING & WEEKEND CLASSES, EZ PAYMENT PLAN AVAILABLE718-739-6768718-739-3258718-739-9145

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Thumbs-down, even for nailing Osama bin LadenViewpointBy Les SlaterBy Les SlaterThe only explanation with evena whiff of plausibility, for that campaignnugget rolled out earlierabout President Obama hogging allthe credit for eliminating bin Laden,revolves around good old moola.Maybe the geniuses who hatchedthis one got kayoed real soon afterleaving the starting gate, dashinghopes of what they figured to be anice run, aping the 2004 numberdone on John Kerry. But that this2012 variant would actually get afanfare launching is the type ofabsurdity for which only the massiveanti-Obama cash overflow offerssome kind of twisted rationale.Trying to make George Bush aone-termer in ’04, Kerry, a decoratedVietnam veteran, was advised,or curiously advised himself, tonot respond with rapid-fire ferocitywhen the infamous Swift Boatcharacters made their distortion ofthe man’s service record a pieceof heavy pro-Bush artillery in thecampaign. This time around, someformer Navy SEALS and other militarytypes congregated in an ad hocoutfit -- whose intentions belie anynon-partisan flag they might fly-- are similarly fixated, like the ‘04bunch, on destroying the Democraticnominee by any means necessary.Their weapon of choice is avideo, reeking of smear and falsehoodsthat purport to dramatize anabundance of dirty pool engagedin by Obama in the run-up to binLaden’s capture and execution, andto draw attention to the presidenttaking sole credit for the operation’ssuccess.If nothing else, such villainy isindicative of the brainless limitsto which zealots are prepared totake their passion for vitriol. Notprepared to rest their case aftersome vague, unfounded claim thatthe president had leaked sensitiveinformation as intelligence andmilitary personnel intensified thebin Laden hunt, these self-styledguardians of the military’s interestscouldn’t resist tossing into the brewthe charge that Obama wanted allattention focused on himself whenhe announced to the world thatthe despicable paragon of evil hadbeen put out of business. They justcouldn’t resist going where theirperfidy would instantly expose itself.No-brainer!On MSNBC’s Hardball programa few days ago, a representative ofthe evidently desperate former NavySEALS, one Gabriel Gomez, facedoff against a former Army captainwho served in Iraq. Hewing to thecompany line, the ex-SEAL insistedthat the president, although heacknowledged the contribution ofthe military, was all about promotinghimself as the true hero of thebin Laden takedown. Subbing forChris Matthews, Michael Smerconishallowed that it was uncomfortablefor him as host to disagreewith what this former military manwas saying, but he couldn’t helpthe (relatively mild) rebuke thatGomez and his organization’s offensivevideo were merchandising “amischaracterization” of the president’sconduct “I have a transcriptright here,” Smerconish said as hewaved a copy of Obama’s statementthat fateful Sunday evening at thissap, so obviously enveloped in blindfury toward the president as to belacking any capacity for fair-mindedobservation.By contrast, the former Armycaptain, Jon Soltz, praised the presidentfor making a courageous callfor the raid on the bin Laden compoundto proceed, and affirmed,as everyone knows, that Obamaprofusely credited the military andcounter-terrorism personnel whosejoint efforts had been responsible forwhat went down in Pakistan. Soltz,who is involved in an organizationcalled VoteVets, dismissed Gomezand his confederates as a “fringegroup” that was “spreading lies.”And he charged that “a lot of rightwing neo-conservative activists”were part of the group.Just as surely as Mitt Romneywill get nowhere championing himselfand Paul Ryan as Medicare’sbest friends, so too is foreign policy,military action and the like, consideredby many to be the provinceof the GOP side of the nationalpolitical divide. Quite improbably,if we care to be honest, PresidentObama has proven to be one heckof an exception to that general rule.So much so, in fact, that his policieson the foreign front have runafoul of some progressives who sawhim as being too reminiscent of theRepublican he succeeded. Upshotof this is that there isn’t much inthe way of low-hanging fruit in theforeign policy area for Republicansto reach for. Thinking that the biggestObama administration foreignpolicy achievement, the bin Ladenmission, could be mined for possiblyproducing some bonanza, is a tacticso preposterous, it’s scary to thinkthere’s money enough on the otherside to fund even stuff like this.What perhaps is most valuableabout this 2012 reprise of the SwiftBoat blindsiding maneuver is thecautionary tale aspect. Betweennow and November, what else islikely to jump out of the woodworkthat speaks to what constitutesthe other side’s state of battlereadiness? And what of inscrutableKarl Rove? What devious stratagem,maybe straight out of where bottomfeeders dwell, might he be fixing tounleash? There is evidently moremoney than they need to deluge theelectorate with advertising. Dare wespeculate that the hordes of cash areso obscene as to literally buy voteswhere this might seem desirable?It’s clear we have arrived at wherenothing is sacred.Oh, incidentally, that shamefulObama/bin Laden video was toutedas getting 800,000 YouTube hits. Thebetting here is that the only thumbsupvotes reside with those alreadyconvinced Obama is bad news.Page 11 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Aug. 24-30, 2012NYLOTTERY.ORG

Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 12OP-EDSRomney may have made a fatal errorContinued from Page 10Congressional Budget Office,Social Security and Medicareare projected to account forover 40 percent of the federalbudget by 2020 — they’re at37 percent now — and willcontinue to grow, consuminghalf the budget in 2030. Today,program benefits exceed revenues.(Until recently the programsproduced surpluses,which the politicians spent.)Their alleged trust funds containTreasury IOUs that willhave to be repaid with moreborrowed money and interestpayments — the full debtalready surpasses GDP. The75-year unfunded liability ofthe programs now stands conservativelyat over $30 trillion( PDF).In other words, this can’t goon forever, and as economistHerb Stein said, anything thatcan’t go on forever will stop.No politician can be happywith that prospect. A budgetspent entirely on interest payments,Social Security, andMedicare would leave nothingfor war, occupation, and theother elements of an imperialforeign policy. Nor wouldthere be money to buy off constituenciesat election time. Apolitician with no discretionaryfunds at his disposal isan unhappy politician, indeed.Hence the desperation to dosomething.The politicians’ problem isthat there is not a lot theycan do. The public appetite fordeep budget cuts is nonexistent.Even tea partiers say don’ttouch Medicare and SocialSecurity. Conservatives don’tlike cuts in military spending.Mitt Romney’s choice of Ryanas running mate implies thathe thinks people are ready fora seeming budget hawk (eventhough Ryan really isn’t one),but that may turn out to be afatal error.Nor can the governmentget out of its mess by raisingtaxes. Not only are highertaxes a bad idea in a flounderingeconomy (and any othertime), revenues as a percentageof GDP have been steadysince World War II (not countingrecessions), regardless oftax rates. That means higherrates merely stimulate avoidance,evasion, and leisure overincome-producing activity.Now we can see what Ryanstands for. At its most optimistic,his budget plan wouldmerely stabilize the government’sfiscal condition athigher levels of spendingwithout making any significantchange in the welfare/warfare state.Our freedom and prosperity,however, require that governmentbe radically shrunk— which demands liquidationof the empire, respect forcivil liberties, and conversionof entitlements to mutual-aidand other private organizations.Sheldon Richman is seniorfellow at The Future ofFreedom Foundation (www.fff.org) and editor of The Freemanmagazine.Older women fared the worseContinued from Page 10incentive for employers to hire thelong-term unemployed. Under theNew York program, unemploymentbenefits would be converted into temporarywage subsidies for permanenthires.The report examines the 2009-2011recovery period and unemploymentamong different demographic groupsin the city. Data used in the reportcomes from the U.S. Department ofLabor Bureau of Labor Statistics’ CurrentPopulation Survey (CPS). Duringthis period, the unemployment ratein the city declined – from 9.6 percentto 9.0 percent. At the same time,however, the city’s labor force actuallycontracted, with the number of bothemployed and unemployed New Yorkersdecreasing.In terms of gender, the unemploymentrate for women rose duringthe period while the overall unemploymentrate for men went down.A partial explanation for this can beattributed to the drop in the laborparticipation rate for men, primarilyyounger and older men. Latinasand Asian women, along with womenwith mid-level educational attainment,experienced increases in theirunemployment rates between one andtwo percent. Black women comprisedhalf of newly discouraged workers.The report also found a substantialdecline in the labor participation ratefor Asian women.“The most telling aspect of thefindings is that women seem to besticking it out despite the torpid jobenvironment while some men havechosen to leave the labor market,”said Michelle Holder, author of thereport and CSS Senior Labor MarketAnalyst. “Now that the private sectoris rebounding the city’s workforceis feeling the effect of a contractinggovernment sector, and that effecthas mostly been borne by women whocomprise the majority of public sectorworkers. Women, on average, havefewer resources then men, and if theyare out of work for six months to ayear, their children are also affected.”The Community Service Society ofNew York (CSS) draws on a 169-yearhistory of excellence in addressing theroot causes of economic disparity.We respond to urgent, contemporarychallenges through applied research,advocacy, litigation, and innovativeprogram models that strengthen andbenefit all New Yorkers.NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTIONPursuant to provisions of Section 25(b)(1) of the Charter of the Cityof New York, notice is hereby given that a special election will beheld in the Borough of the Bronx, County of Bronx, on Tuesday,November 6, 2012, between the hours of 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM forthe purpose of electing a candidate for the 12th Councilmanic District.Only registered voters in this district are eligible to vote.For any information on whether you are eligible to vote or where yourpoll site is located, please call (212) V-0-T-E-N-Y-C. TDD for the hearingimpairedis (212) 487-5496.The City Clerk of the City of New YorkStar Relax StationOpen 7 Daysa Week10:30am - 10:00pmTable Shower isAlso AvailableBODY & FOOTRUB SERVICESSPECIALPRICEStar Relax Station. Must present this coupon.$45perhour

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. PASS IT ON.Still mailing your Con Edisonbill? Online payment is simpleand convenient.Con Edison e*bill isan easy, fast and secureway to pay. And for everycustomer who enrolls,Con Edison donates a dollarto plant trees in New York.Page 13 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Aug. 24-30, 2012Go to conEd.com/ebill©2012 Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc. Ad: Arnell GroupLEARN MOREfacebook.com/powerofgreen

Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 14From left, Grand Marshall Sam Wright, Jamaica Independence Celebration FoundationInc. Chair Paulette Willoughby, Consul General Herman G. LaMont and PrimeMinister of Jamaica, Portia Simpson-Miller during the singing of the USA and Jamaicanational anthems.Photos by Ajamu PhotographyJamaica PM joins Jamaicansat 50th Independence Galayears of independence.The officially mandatedJamaica 50 celebratoryevent held at theNew York Hilton & Towershosted more than 1400guests, including guest ofhonor, The Most Hon. PortiaSimpson-Miller, primeminister of Jamaica.The culturally enrichinggala celebrating Jamaica’s50th Independence, cohostedby The JamaicanIndependence CelebrationFoundation Inc. andthe Consulate General ofJamaica celebrated Jamaica’smusical and theatricalhistory spanning its 50FridaysJust Got BetterCaribbean Life is now distributed every FridayGreat Local CoverageGreat Coverage of the CaribbeanGreat ColumnsGreat Sports CoverageAt the event, AmbassadorDr. Basil Bryan, formerconsul general in New Yorkand Dr. Una S. T. Clarke,former New York CityCouncilwoman, were honoredfor their long timecontribution to the JamaicanCommunity in the NewYork area.Include immuniuzations onyour back-to-school checklistBy Susan Beane, MDIt’s back-to-school time,when parents are busymaking sure that theirchildren have everythingthey need to start theschool year on the rightfoot.If you’re like manyother parents, you probablyhave a checklist ofthings you need to do orpurchase before your childreturns to school. But onething parents often neglectto check is whether theirchildren are up-to-datewith their immunizations.In addition to buyingpencils, pens, books, backpacks,and new clothes,you should also make sureyour child is up-to-date onimmunizations. Vaccinesare the best way to keepkids healthy and protectthem against life-threateningillnesses, includingmumps, measles, rubella,influenza, and many others.A large population ofunvaccinated people –many of them childrenand teens – has causedsome of these diseases tobecome a growing threat.For example, measles outbreakswere four timesgreater in 2011 than inprevious years.1 And, pertussis(whooping cough)has been on the rise in2012. The Centers for DiseaseControl and Prevention(CDC) states that asof July 5, 2012, 37 stateshave reported increases inpertussis compared withthe same time period in2011. 2By neglecting to schedulean immunization, youcould be putting yourchild at risk for a serioushealth problem. BecauseSusan Beane, MD.the diseases requiringimmunizations tend to behighly infectious, leavingyour child unvaccinatedalso puts other childrenat school and in your communityat risk.Fortunately, there’sa simple solution to takingthe guesswork out ofdetermining whether yourchild’s immunizations areup to date: contact yourpediatrician. If you don’thave a pediatrician, besure to visit a health clinicin your community anddiscuss childhood immunizationswith a doctorthere. You should alsocheck with your school tosee if it requires your childto have any immunizationsbefore returning tothe classroom.Making sure that yourchild has all the necessaryimmunizations may be themost important item youneed to check off on yourback-to-school checklist.Dr. Beane is vice presidentand medical directorat Healthfirst. For moretips on leading a healthierlifestyle, visit the HealthfirstHealthy Living websiteat www.hfhealthyliving.com.References1. WebMD. Children’sVaccines HealthCenter. http://children.webmd.com/vaccines/news/20120419/us-measles-cases-outbreaksquadruple-in-20112. Centers for DiseaseControl and Prevention(CDC). Pertussis (WhoopingCough) Outbreaks.http://www.cdc.gov/pertussis/outbreaks.html/.More Weekend CoverageMore Entertainment Storiesand Now Just in Time for the Weekendwww.caribbeanlifenews.com

ATTORNEYACCIDENT VICTIMS Home, Office or Hospital Visits Available PERSONAL INJURYA Se habla español2352 80th St., Brooklyn, NY 11214Tel: 718-996-5600 Fax: 718-996-5800Page 15 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Aug. 24-30, 2012UROLOGYSMPATIENTS’CHOICERATED & AWARDED BY PATIENTS

Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 16Zanetta Leavelle, patient navigator for the Diabetes Program at Mount VernonNeighborhood Health Center, performs a glucose screening on Kathleen Chambersof Mount Vernon.Health centers mark national weekThe Mount Vernon NeighborhoodHealth Center(MTVNHC) and the GreenburghHealth Center (GHC)located in Mount Vernon andGreenburgh/White Plains,respectively,held healthfairs during National HealthCenter Week, Aug. 5 - 11,and provided blood pressure,height, weight, pregnancy,glucose, rapid HIV tests,vision, emergency contraception,nutrition, prostate,breast, colorectal and cervicalcancer health screeningsand family planning all freeof charge to the public.Representatives from variousagencies, service organizations,businesses andhealth organizations wereon hand during both eventsdistributing free information,education and literatureto visitors. Refreshments,giveaways and entertainmentwere also part ofthe events.Though rain fell duringthe Greenburgh healthfair held on Aug. 10, festivitiescontinued in theGHC rear parking area asthe large crowd of visitorsgathered under a massiveblue tent provided by theHealth Center. Much of thecrowd did not seem botheredby the rainy weatheras they took advantage ofvarious health screenings,enjoyed music played by aDJ, food, refreshments andice cream. The now annualGHC health fair held itsmark as a favorite event forlocals and patients.Hydrate children with healthy drinksBy George HulseDid you know that oneout of every six children inthe U.S. is overweight, andthat sweetened drinks tendto be a major factor in whythey have weight problems?*In summertime, it’s especiallytempting for kids to turn tosoda and other sugary drinksfor relief from the heat. Butthese beverages are not onlyfattening; they can also rotkids’ teeth and lead to serioushealth problems like diabetes.Recently Mayor Bloombergproposed that New YorkCity restrict sales of sugarysoft drinks to no more than16 ounces a cup in city restaurants,movie theaters, stadiumsand arenas. My boss,Healthfirst CEO Pat Wang,appeared at a press conferencewith him to show her supportfor the measure. Regardlessof how you may feel about themayor’s proposal, we can allagree that it’s better for kidsto beat the heat with healthy,naturally refreshing drinksrather than weigh themselvesdown with artificially flavoredand colored beverages loadedwith sugar.HEALTHHere are a few ways youcan help your child steer clearof sugary drinks:·Substitute natural fruitjuices (especially those mixedwith vegetable juice) for sodaand powered beverages highin sugar.·Stock bottled water in thefridge so kids have easy accessto them and can take one onthe go.·If you want to save moneyon store-bought purifiedwater, use a water filter.·Treat your family to chilledpitchers of fresh lemonade ordecaffeinated ice tea (but goeasy on the sugar).Another important pointto consider: If your childdrinks lots of milk, you maywant to switch to the low-fatkind. It’s still rich in calciumand Vitamin D, but it doesn’tcontain all the fat of regularmilk. Low-fat milk has fewercalories, too, so it’s a healthydrink option that can helpkeep kids slim and fit.During the summer, particularlyin August when theGeorge Hulse.temperatures tend to go especiallyhigh, kids crave drinksthat will cool them off. Whynot quench their summerthirst with healthy beverages?They’ll feel better, and youwill too knowing that they’restaying hydrated the healthyway.George Hulse is vice presidentof External Affairs atHealthfirst. For more tips onleading a healthier lifestyle,visit the Healthfirst HealthyLiving website at www.hfhealthyliving.com.Feuer Nursing ReviewCelebrating 41 Years of Helping NursingStudents Pass the RN/LPN NCLEXMention “Caribbean” – Get $40 off TuitionMust mention code during registrationLive Review Schedule:New York: September 29-October 4, 2012New York: January 26-31, 2013New York: March 30-April 4, 2013BrooklynQueensBronxLong IslandManhattan$1,800$1,700$1,800$1,600$1,400One-DayPharmacologyCourse andRN/LPN HomeStudies AvailableCall us today!800-Feuer-RN or800-338-3776www.f-n-r.netGroup DiscountsAvailable!Go towww.CaribbeanLifeNews.comfor the latest inCaribbean news,entertainment,sports, business,viewpoints, and more.North America’s Largest Caribbean Newspaper

Silvana Magda in Association with The Brasilians Newspaper and TV Brasil Int’l. presentPage 17 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Aug. 24-30, 2012PARADE: 11am to 1pm, START: Times Square & 46th St., END: 46th St. & Madison, FESTIVAL: 1pm to 4pm, 46th St. bet. 5th & MadisonContact the producer/General Director Silvana Magda at 917-528-8151 www.lavagemdarua46ny.com

Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 18By Donna LambThere’s hardly a betterway to show thankfulness forone’s own budding successthan to use it to help otherssucceed as well. That’s whatentrepreneur Tracy Bomani,founder of Bomani Jewels,feels, leading her to host aBeauty Showcase and FashionShow in mid-August tohighlight several other upand coming new vendors.The event was held at TheVenue ENY (718.649.2015),a charming little indoor/outdoor private cateringspace at 762 Schenk Ave.(corner of Linden Blvd).The Venue is often calledEast New York’s best keptsecret because of its off-thebeaten-pathlocation, but,as attendees at the eventcan attest, there’s nothingoff about the “sophisticatedsoul food,” served up byowner Valerie Hunter.After people had time tobegin perusing the vendors’diverse offerings, BomaniJewel’s business manager,the extremely likable CyrilSilva, kicked off the fashionshow and introducedMs. Bomani. She thankedElias Rivera, Bomani’sgraphic artist, and him fortheir hard work, declaring,“Without these two men, Iwould not have been able topull this off.”THE CARIBBEAN BUSINESS REPORTBomani Jewels’ Beauty Showcase & Fashion Show a big hitLaTisha Dyann Graham shows herincredibly realistic ice cream sundaearomatherapy candle.Ms. Bomani then providedall the necessary informationabout each completeoutfit as the models struttedtheir stuff on the runway.The clothing was fromSophisticated Sister’s Boutique(718.884.9967), whichmade good its promise thatwoman of all shapes, curvesand sizes from XS to 3XLcan look fabulous in its eyecatching,beautiful apparel,offered at amazingly affordableprices.The clothing was accessorizedwith uniqueand stylish jewelryfrom the BomaniJewels collection,along withsleek, gorgeoushandbags providedby independentBeijo fashionconsultant,Sarah Hudson(718.757.6439). Ayoung model alsorocked one ofShamel’s MalayHair ponytails(917.685.1060)while otherslooked stunningin make-upapplied by MaryKay cosmeticsrepresentativeAnn Harkless,(718.909.3025).Ms. Bomaniherself styled each outfit,coordinating just the rightdress, jewelry and handbagfor a well put togethertrendy look, many of whichelicited oohs and aahs whenthey hit the runway.Along with all the productsto enhance a woman’souter beauty, there werevendors looking after awoman’s inner peace andbeauty. Nutritionist andwellness coach, Beverly SapphireWilson (718.930.8841),an independent distributorfor Soul Purpose, had productsto promote harmonywithin all aspects of self– body, mind, and spirit –addressing a woman’s entirelifestyle. “Knowing the elementsof wellness helps youtake where you are in yourlife and go to the next level,”Ms. Wilson explained.Perhaps the most imaginativeproducts on sale werethe “unique gel candles thatmystify the eyes, tantalizethe senses, and calm thesoul.” These aromatherapycandles, fashioned to resembleenticing cocktails andmouthwatering ice creamsundaes, were the mainproduct of Effervest Scents,founded by LaTisha DyannGraham (947.998.6053).“Most people are astonishedwhen they see these areactually candles,” Ms. Grahamstated. “Their real purposeis to be lit, but somecustomers choose to justkeep them for visual effect.”Upon arrival, each personhad been given a raffleticket, and toward the endof the event the winner gotto select an item from theBomani Jewel display table.Then, all the vendors joinedin and pulled six additionalwinning tickets so that sixmore shoppers walked awaywith free gifts. Bomani Jewelsalso provided a “thankMiss Lucky lights up the runway in a Sophisticated Sister’sdress.Photos by Donna Lambyou for coming” basket foreveryone on their way out.The event, which wastotally packed by earlyevening, got so many hitson Facebook that The Venueasked Bomani Jewels to holdanother one on September8. For more informationcall Cyril Silva at (917)755-4510, Bomani Jewelscustomer service at (347)760-9431 or email bomanijewels@yahoo.com.SMALL BUSINESSSmall Business Energy |SmallBusinessEnergy.comwww.smallbusinessenergy.com/NewYorkSave on Small Business Energy Bills andCompare Rates. Get a Quote Now!NYC Small Business ResourceCenter | The New York PublicLibrarysmallbiz.nypl.orgSmall Business Services -Empire State DevelopmentNew Yorkwww.esd.ny.gov/smallbusiness.htmlSmall Business - BusinessFirst - New York Statewww.nyfirst.ny.gov/ResourceCenter/SmallBizMenu.htmlRESOURCES2012 New York, NY SmallBusiness Resourcewww.sba.gov/sites/default/files/files/resourceguide_3135.pdfBusiness Resources: InternetBibliographies: New YorkState Librarywww.nysl.nysed.gov/reference/busref.htmSelected business-related web sitescompiled by staff at the New York StateLibrary for use in response to referencequestions.Start a Business in New York— Resources for New YorkSmall Businessesmanhattan.about.com/od/careersjobs/a/nysmallbusiness.htmFind resources and advice on starting abusiness in New York City. Get informationon New York business licenses andincorporation, free NYC resources forstarting a business.Your Money New York - Helpand Resources for SmallBusinesseswww.yourmoneynewyork.com/helpresource/smallbusiness/index.phpThis section of Your Money New York isdesigned to help small business owners –and New Yorkers interested in starting asmall business.Small Business Resources -The Business Council of NewYorkwww.bcnys.org/inside/smallbusiness.htmCapital Business Blog - Read about theissues.Visit www.nyfirst.ny.gov to learn whatNew York State can do for businesses.Resources for Businesses inNew York City - bfandapc.comwww.bfandapc.com/...businessresource.../resources-for-businesses-iIf you operate a business in New YorkCity, you are especially fortunate. Thecity has pulled together a wealth ofresources for small business owners.Small Business ResourceGuide - New York - HUDwww.hud.gov/offices/osdbu/resource/guide/local/newyork.cfm100+ items – to assist the small businesscommunity in the State of New York.Empire State DevelopmentStrategic Business DivisionMinority and Women’sBusiness DevelopmentNew York Regional Office 26 FederalPlaza, Suite 3108. New York, NY 10278

DEBT PROBLEMS?Get a Fresh Start!Bankruptcy Law Center New York(718) 625-1888Former Judicial Law Clerk to Bankruptcy Judge25 years of bankruptcy law experienceClover Barrett & Associates, P.C. Stop foreclosure& keep your home! FREE Consultation$199AMERICANDJ LASER LIGHT$49NUMARK NDX900$299MACKIE THUMP$219GLI 3-WAY$ 79CROSSOVERBEHRINGER1400WPOWEREDSUBDBXDRIVE RACKCOBY MIC$9$399 99$249BEHRINGERAMP2800WDENON$469 99DND4500NUMARKMIXTRAK(after rebate)NUMARK4 TRAK$699STARTER DJ SET$299$79$129AMERICAN DJPOWERED SPEAKER$249GLI EQ –15 BANDSGEM CORDLESS MIC$39AuthorizedDealerRaneBehringerPioneerBBESound Inc.PeaveyNumarkGeminiAKGSeleniumDBXADJMackieDenon DJShureCrestAudioJBLProfessionalPage 19 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Aug. 24-30, 2012CELESTION 4000WSUB WOOFER$199NUMARKM4$69QSCEVElectro-VoiceALL ITEMS FROM HOT BEAT ELECTRONICS ARE RETURNABLE FOR EXCHANGE ONLY WITHIN 7 DAYS. NO REFUNDS. PRICES EXPIRE AUGUST 15, 2012. NYC CONSUMER AFFAIRSN.Y.C.D.C.A.#1238341. NYC CONSUMER AFFAIRS N.Y.C.D.C.A.#1238330. HOT BEAT ELECTRONICS IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS. PICTURES ARE FOR IL-LUSTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY. ACTUAL ITEMS MAY DIFFER IN APPEARANCE.

Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 20 CLEAR SKINDr. C. Hammoud, Master Herbalist, PhD,guarantees satisfaction. Helps to maintain healthy skinfrom the inside simply by cleansing the blood, instead of attacking theskin from the outside with creams or washes. * This makes sense.Usually you can see how it benefits your skin within days. * Manypeople wrote they were surprised how fast it worked. Lots of testimonialsfrom pleased users on our Bell website. There is absolutely norisk for trying Dr. Hammoud’s product.Last couple of years I tried everything. Results with Bell Skin Disorders#60 were unbelievable. I have beautiful skin again. Thanks forgiving back my selfesteem. Nelisa Royer, 28, Doral, FL My mombought Bell #60. I was skeptical. It did work quickly and better thananything else. Christopher Seraphin, 14, Brooklyn, NY. It worked. Ino longer have to hide at home, because I was ashamed to be seen.Agnes Casillas, 60, New York, NY Can wear again dresses thatare backless. My skin looks fantastic. Thank you from the bottom ofmy heart. Yvette Maclean, 40, Lodi, CA I was trying everything foryears and nothing worked. I felt physical and emotional pain having tohide. Finally I found your Bell #60. I’m so grateful and impressed about #60how fast it worked with amazing results. Eulalia Isabel Sanchez Martin,30, Brampton, ON Skeptics can call everybody. All are real people like you or your friends.SNORING?As recommended by Dr. Gifford-Jones M.D.Here is proof that snoring can be corrupting your health and yourmarriage. Three out of 10 couples are considering divorce becauseof snoring says a major magazine article. You are not alone! An officialsurvey says 48% of all people snore. 75% are affected, if youadd non-snoring husbands that have snoring wives or vice versa.Snoring is caused by slack muscles in the throat. A common complaintis that people feel that they are not well rested in the morning.Many people wrote they are now sleeping like a babies. Theirpartners are delighted. This natural health product Sound Sleep #23usually helps the first night. No side effects. College professor had lack of good sleeps with many interruptionsfor last 8 years that made her tired during the day. Within3 days taking Bell Sound Sleep #23 the terrible snoring stopped. Iwake up feeling refreshed and energized. I can concentrate in afocused, happy manner. I feel delighted with this natural product.Dr. Anele E. Heiges, 77, New York, NY A life changing product.The very first night I took the capsules and every night after I had arestful and wonderful sleep. It has been a God send and blessing. Iam by nature a skeptic. The money-back guarantee convinced me#23to try it. Jimmy Pay, 53, Gardendale, AC 3 Years on Bell SoundSleep #23. My wife and I are entirely satisfied. Snoring episodeshave completely disappeared. This has improved our lives enormously. Leo Fortin, 60, St-Georges, QC Basically you saved my husband’s life. For the last 5 years my husband had very bad nights. Bell#23 was nothing short of a miracle. I have my husband back. No more snoring. No more napping duringthe day. I am telling all our friends. Bonnie Johnson, 64, Wichita, KS My life changed. Sleep now 7-8hours. I am a retired college professor and author of books. I have no more need to nap during the day.Nothing I tried helped until I started Bell Sound Sleep. I am so delighted with this product I would like tomake motivational speeches to help others. Carmen V. Caruso, 66, Ann Arbor, MI On the Bell Website welist phone numbers or email addresses of actual users of this product and all other Bell products. Mostare delighted to talk about their relief.

BACK TO SCHOOLFALL 2012Our PicksBut our little Democrat wasall smiles when he sized-upthis classic NPR T-shirt. ($26at Area Kids in Park Slope).Mom and dad thought Vincewould look like a handsomeyoung Republican in this longsleevedjersey with appliqued tie($38 at Pink Olive in Park Slope).He just rolled his eyes.Vince said “domo arigato”for these robot-os,a jumbo eraser andwalking pencil sharpene($4.99 and $5.99 atArea Kids in Park Slope).Page 21 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Aug. 24–30, 2012 • BACK TO SCHOOLVince promised that hewould always get up on timefor school if he had this IronMan alarm clock ($25 at GiftMan in Park Slope). It wasalso available in Spider-Man,Incredible Hulk, and Wolverineincarnations.Buy, buy babyWe shop before our kindergartener heads off to schoolVince thought this EcoKidssandwich keeper would helphim learn about the solarsystem at lunchtime. Hecan’t wait to show it off tohis new friends! ($6 at AreaKids in Park Slope).By Lisa J. CurtisArmed with the publicelementary school’sextensive list of suppliesneeded for our son’s firstday of kindergarten, ourfamily went to Park Slopein search of clothes, lunchboxes, arts-and-crafts essentials,and anything elsehe might need to help himhappily transition frompre-K to the Big K in just acouple of short weeks. (Althoughwe suspect it’s goingto be hardest on Momwhen it comes to separatingfor a “full” day.) So wethrew ourselves into retailtherapy, trekking up anddown the avenues in searchof jeans and lightweightjerseys to layer under hisfavorite tees (see above).We came to a consensusover unexpected objects,like a sandwich holder thatappealed to Mom, becauseit meant not discarding aplastic sandwich bag everyday, and thrilled our 5-yearoldwith its solar system diagram.Now that our shopping’sdone, it’s up to hisparents to practice gettinghim to school on time!Vince loved this shark-and-whalethemedthermos by Beatrix NewYork that promises to keep colddrinks extra cold. ($16 at Area Kidsin Park Slope).Photos by Vince DiMiceli

BACK TO SCHOOL • Aug. 24–30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 22Backto SchoolValues!Pick up your MoneySaving Offers Booktoday at theCustomer ServiceDesk by Chase andApplebees.Ends 9/30/12. While supplies last.Backto SchoolValues!Money SavingOffers Inside!VALID AUGUST 13 – SEPTEMBER 30, 2012Tyler - Class of ’14English & Philosophy Double MajorNCAA Div I Swimming & Water Polo TeamsSmall College. Big Dreams.More than $13 million in scholarships and financial aid forstudents with impressive academic records, outstandingSAT scores and potential for academic excellence.FALL SEMESTER: Begins Sept.5 th - ENROLL TODAY!SFC.eduMichael G. Davidson D.M.D.866 PROSPECT PLACEBrooklyn, NY 11216(Nostrand & New York Avenues)Tel: 718-778-2287 Fax: 718-493-9177“We Cater To Cowards”General Dentistry Cosmetics PediatricsOPEN:Tuesday, Friday & SaturdayMostCredit Cards Accepted2034 Sunrise Highway, Valley Stream, NY MostInsurance AcceptedPayment & Financing PlansBACK TO SCHOOL SPECIAL WITH THIS ADGeneral Cleaning, Exam, X-Rays & FluorideExpires 9/28/12$ 125

BACK TO SCHOOLSpot the warning signs ofpotential teen violenceRoutine news reports of teensand young adults lashing outat school or of violent streaksat home have become all the morecommon. While this frequency maycause some people to become desensitizedto the issue, others may wantto take heed of potential warningsigns of teenage violence to help preventdire results.Experts say that there isn’t aclear-cut reason why teens engagein aggressive behavior.“There are many reasons and situationswe feel contribute to violentbehaviors in teens, and these are beingwatched and studied carefully,”says Arnold Goldstein, PhD, a professorat the Center for Research onAggression at Syracuse University.There are some sociological andenvironmental factors that can putteens at risk for violence.• Experts from the National CriminalJustice Reference Service saythat a neighborhood that is sociallydisorganized with a high turnoverrate could increase potential forteen violence, and so can living inclose proximity with very mixedcultures.• Lack of economic opportunitiesor economic insecurity at home canbe another factor.• A family that moves frequentlyor one in which there is routine unrestat home could trigger aggressivefeelings in teens.• Access to and use of drugs andalcohol greatly increase the risk ofviolent behavior.• Violence is sometimes a way forteenagers to earn respect from peergroups or to serve as retaliationto others who have wronged closefriends. Teens who are members ofsocial groups that glorify violenceare very high risk for their own violentbehaviors.Often, teens who lash out violentlyhave strong emotional feelingsthey do not know how to expressotherwise. Here are some warningsigns that teen violence can becomea problem with a particular individual.• Frequent physical fighting.• Risk-taking behavior increases.• Frequent loss of temper.• Talking about or carrying aweapon.• Vandalism of property.• Hurting animals.• Increase drug or alcohol use.• Frequent run-ins with authority.• Having a strong desire to join agang.• Threatening others, bullying orverbal taunting.• Acting out, like punching wallsor throwing things.Not every case of violent potentialcan be stopped or prevented, butteens will often follow adults’ leadsto work through feelings. Setting agood example and listening to whatteens have to say — even when it isdifficult — can go a long way. Parentsshould resist arguing over whatis right or who is right. Getting teensto talk can be a good first start.How parents can getinvolved at schoolResearch indicatesthat children whoseparents get involvedwith their education aremore likely to earn bettergrades and less likely tohave behavior problems inthe classroom.The concept of parentsworking in conjunctionwith schools is nothing new.A 1987 study by Paul G. Fehrmannand colleagues documentedthe importanceof parental involvement ontheir child’s grades. Publishedin the Journal of EducationResearch, the studyfound that when parentsstayed directly involvedin their child’s studiesthroughout high school, thechild’s grades improved.There are many differentways for parents to getinvolved with their child’sschool.Here are just a few:Work with the teacherTeachers are increasinglyfacing obstacles withregards to time and funding.Many must presideover large classes and areresponsible for outfittingtheir classrooms with certainsupplies. This presentsideal opportunities for parentsto step up and pitch in.Volunteering in yourchild’s classroom is a goodway for you to help histeacher and get a firsthandaccount of what your childis doing in class. You may beasked to prepare and packagehomework assignmentsor put together materials forcraft projects. Some teacherswelcome parents whocome in to read books to theclass or even give spellingtests. Think about chaperoninga field trip or helpingwith the set-up and clean-upof class parties.Attend meetingsParent-teacher associationsor organizationsare often instrumentalin helping a school to runsmoothly. They are the peoplebehind fundraisers andspecial activities outside ofthe classroom. The PTA isalso privy to informationon upcoming events beforethe rest of the school community.Attending monthlymeetings can keep you upto speed on the goings-onat your child’s school. Itwill also ensure your voiceis heard with regards toschool policy.Attend special eventsNot every parent canserve on the PTAor be presentin the daily activitiesof the classroom. However,you can show your supportby attending special eventshosted by the school — suchas fund-raisers or field-dayactivities.Volunteer your timewith the setup of teacherappreciationlunches andbake sales, serve as a tourguide for the school whennew parents are invited,or build sets or make costumesfor a school play.Page 23 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Aug. 24–30, 2012 • BACK TO SCHOOLParents can volunteer their skills in the classroom to help improvetheir child’s learning experience.

BACK TO SCHOOL • Aug. 24–30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 24BACK TO SCHOOLWhen school beginsanew, studentsare often excitedabout seeing their friendsagain and spending timewith classmates they willbe learning alongside allyear. Who a student sitsnext to in class is importantto students for one reason,but teachers have differentmotives behind classroomseating arrangements.Classroom layout plays arole in how students learn,concentrate, and behave.Before the school year begins,teachers may establisha seating and learningenvironment unique fromother classes. Throughoutthe school year, adjustmentsmay be made in the best interestin children.According to Scholastic,often, elementary schoolagedchildren learn bestwhen they’re allowed tomove throughout the classroom.Learning stationsClassroom layout can affect learningCould an eco-friendly, technologically heavy, environment-inclusivedesign be the classroom of the future? Australian-based architecturefirm LAVA thinks so.Courtesy LAVAthat allow such movementhave become more popularin classrooms. One stationmay cater to auditorylearning, while anothermay feature manipulativesAnnouncing An Exciting ProgramIn The Bronx At Kennedy CampusThat Will Help You Graduate HS!YABC Located at John F. Kennedy CampusWalk in to enroll!!!!Dates/Time:Documents Needed:(Lease Or Utility Bill)(If Applicable)Parent Or Guardian Must Be Present W/Student.Requirements:17 1 / 2 Minimum Of 17 CreditsBenefits:School Hours:Monday–Thursday 4pm–8:30pmContact: Mr. Barron AP Of YABC at jbarron4@schools.nyc.govor Greg Lucas, FEGS at (718) 817-7679YABC at John F. Kennedy Campusthat is ideal for studentswho thrive by learningwith tangible items. Computerstations are also common,and this variety ofstations breaks up the monotonyof one type of learningby keeping students interestedand engaged.Some teachers prefer toarrange desks in differentfashions depending on theteachers’ teaching styles.The design of long rows ofdesks all facing the front ofthe classroom is not alwayspractical for students orteachers. It can be difficultfor teachers to see studentsin the middle or the back ofthe room, while studentsmay find it difficult to concentrateon learning ifthey’re staring at the backsof other classmates’ heads.Common desk layoutsinclude grouping a fewdesks together to face oneanother for collaborativelessons. Some teachers prefera “U” or circle layout toencourage discussions.Students prefer differentenvironments in whichto learn, and teachers maybe wise to create differentscenarios inside of theclassroom. An isolated cubicleor desk shielded bybookcases can be a goodretreat spot for a child whoBack-to-school seasonis on the horizon,and many studentsand parents are either lovingor loathing the idea ofstarting a new school year.For some, a party to commemoratethe new schoolyear and the end of summeris customary. Hosting a funevent for the soon-to-be studentsis one way to makethe most of vacation time.• Go with a theme.Maybe the theme is rulersand text books, ABCs, or science,and it can run throughthe decorations used, thegames played, the foodserved, and many other aspectsof the event. Consider ascience experiment-inspiredvolcano cake that is oozingstrawberry jam.• Include some educationalgames. Some studentsexperience educationalbacksliding duringlikes quiet for personalstudy. Other students liketo study and work together,so a round group tablemay be the ideal place forthem to gather. The classroomneed not always bebrightly lit for learning,either. Teachers can thinkabout using different typesof lights to set up nooks inthe classroom to facilitatelearning.Hard seats, hard desks,and the same location overand over can sometimesbe uncomfortable. Teacherswith novel educatingstyles may prefer to switchenvironments from timeto time to keep students’minds engaged. For example,they may take sciencelessons outside for childrento learn first-hand aboutnature or animals. A tripto the school’s theater orall-purpose room may bebetter for a language artsassignment, such as actingout a play. Students from thesame grade may swap classroomswith another class sothey benefit from a differentteaching style and environment.Sometimes teachersput all students together fora group lesson to exchangenew viewpoints.Some designers and architectsalso have viewson how classrooms shouldbe designed. In 2011, theLaboratory for VisionaryArchitecture, with officesin Sydney, Stuttgart, andShanghai, designed a conceptfor the “classroom of thefuture.” It’s a prefabricatedand portable classroom unitthat integrates into the landscapewhile enhancing thelearning environment. Thematerials are cost-effectiveand sustainable.Classroom environmentsmay once have beenabout rigid rows of deskswhere all eyes were focusedon the blackboard. But today,teachers and innovatorshave realized the benefitsof switching things upto tap students’ learningpotential. From the use ofsmartboards and computersto the rearrangement ofseats, variety in the classroomis often advantageousto students.Back-to-school party ideassummer vacation. That iswhy many schools havesummer reading lists thateducators feel promote lessonreinforcement for thecoming school year. Withthis in mind, plan activitiesaround concepts childrenlearned in school. Thinkabout math problem relayraces, art projects, readinga story and reenacting it ina play form, or science experiments.• Host a campout readingmarathon. Encourageguests to bring sleepingbags and favorite booksto a campout under thestars. Most of the time canbe spent reading, whilebreaks can be devoted to exercising,making campoutsnacks, or telling campfirestories.• Plan a group eventat the beach. Spendingtime seaside can be educationaland enjoyable at thesame time. Enlist the helpof a few chaperones andset up an area on the beachwhere kids can play and explorethe wonders of naturearound them. Pack picnictypesnacks or ask attendeesto bring items.• Plan a trip to theschool. First-time studentsmay be anxious about whatto expect during their firstdays of school. Havingfriends who are slightlyolder accompany youngerkids to school to give a tourand show them the ropesmakes the experience lessfrightening.• Host a classic poolparty. Of course, some kidswant to commemorate theend of summer vacation byenjoying the pool one lasttime. Have a classic poolparty and barbecue in theyard for everyone to enjoy.

BACK TO SCHOOLPrepping for kindergarten makes an easier transitionKindergarten used tobe a time when kidsgrabbed a nap in betweenfingerpainting andplaying outside, but today’scoursework is much morerigorous and kindergartenersare now introducedto concepts that were oncetaught in later years of elementaryschool. Preparingchildren who have never attendedschool for their firstday could take a little timeprior to the start of school.Signing upEach school district hasits own requirements to beginkindergarten, so parentsshould familiarize themselveswith their district assoon as possible. Kids generallyhave to meet an agerequirement (usually age5), meaning their birthdayshave to take place prior to orby a cut-off date.Public schools will alsorequire proof of residence.They often require utilitybills with the student’saddress on them. Privateschools typically have morelenient residence requirements.Most entering studentsalso will need to have receivedall the necessary vaccinations.Getting preparedSome children are anxiousto be “big kids” andbegin school. Others maybe nervous about what’s instore. The best way to preparechildren is to thinkabout enrolling them in somesort of social program. Preschoolis the avenue manyparents choose, but simplyspending time with otherkids in a structured settingis enough for many kids toget acclimated.Talking about what to expectat school can also easejitters. Parents can establisha school-like structureat home to illustrate theirpoints. Have set times formeals and snacks, requiresmall chores be done on time,and set additional rules andlimits. Bed time and waketimes should be the sameeach day as well.Parents should inquireabout touring the school tohelp calm kids’ nerves. Thisway children will see exactlywhat environment they willbe working in each day.Honing skillsChildren will partake ina variety of activities duringkindergarten. They’llbegin learning to write andperform other activities thatrequire fine-motor skills.Parents can introduce theirchildren to pencils, crayons,markers, and safety scissorsso they can learn the propergrip and how to maneuverthese tools.It’s also never too early toread with children. Studiesindicate that kids who frequentlyread with their parentsor others tend to havegreater success in school.The National Education Associationsays that childrenwho were read to frequentlyare more likely to:• Count to 20, or higherangelfacethan those who were not• Write their own names• Read or pretend to readKindergarten is a child’sinitial foray into the worldof academia. Much haschanged in the curriculum,and parents can expect theirkids to be learning muchmore in kindergarten thanthey once did.Page 25 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Aug. 24–30, 2012 • BACK TO SCHOOLRegister NowAtBay Ridge Ave.Child Care Center Infants, Toddlers & PreschoolersSix Weeks Up To 6 Years Old Open All Year Full and Part-Time Sessions Extended Hours:6:30 AM to 6:00 PM Fully Licensed by NYCDOHMH& The Bureau of Day Care Pre-K Curriculum High Adult To Child Ratio Professional, Experienced Staff First Aid / CPR Certifi ed Age-Appropriate ActivitiesACD Vouchers & HRA Accepted(718) 680-35441206 Bay Ridge Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11219Executive Director: Denise A. Guzzone, BA, MSEdFinancial Director: Anthony J. Guzzone, BSATTo Fidelis Care, every child is an angel.That's why we cover kids with quality, affordablehealth insurance through Child Health Plus,a New York State-sponsored health insurance program offered by Fidelis Care.• If your child needs health insurance, Fidelis Care can help.• Almost every child up to age 19 in New York State is eligible!• And, we help members keep their health insurance each year.Quality Health Coverage. It’s Our Mission.Some children who had employer-based health insurance coverage within the past six months may be subject to a waiting period before theycan enroll in Child Health Plus. This will depend on your household income and the reason your children lost employer-based coverage.1-888-FIDELIS (1-888-343-3547)(TTY: 1-800-421-1220) • fideliscare.org

BACK TO SCHOOL • Aug. 24–30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 26College of Health Related ProfessionsContinuing EducationThe Office of Continuing Medical Education at Downstateis offering a Medical Billing and Coding certificateprogram to assist individuals entering the field of medicalcoding.This program provides the foundation information andskill development necessary for those seeking careeropportunities as a certified coder in physician’s offices,hospitals, insurance companies, medical billing servicedepartments and other health related facilities.Visit us online at www.downstate.edu/cmeCall Today For More Information at(718) 270-2422Or send us an e-mail at ocme@downstate.edu Registernow!Class StartsOctober2012 ! Dual-income families are relying on after-care programs more and more.In a perfect world, school and workhours would run concurrently. But theaverage school day begins at 9 am andcontinues until 3 pm, while the averagework day lasts from 9 am to 5 pm. As a result,parents must arrange for child careduring those hours when school is out, butthey are still at work.The two-income family is more commonthan ever before. Today, roughly 80 percentof families in North America have bothparents working.Dual-income families often have tomake difficult choices about child care. Accordingto the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2010,48 percent of children ages 0 to 4 with employedmothers were primarily cared forby a relative. Twenty-four percent spent themajority of their time in a center-based arrangement.As children grow and attendelementary school, traditional day care isusually not an option.School-based careMany schools offer programs both beforeand after school, many of which arereasonably priced. This helps dual-incomefamilies, but may not be practical duringearly-release days, during teacher planningdays, or holiday breaks.Programs that help parents beforeschool typically allow them to drop off theirchildren before they head to work. The studentsare kept in the gym or cafeteria untilthe regular school day begins. At dismissal,after-care students will return to the designatedlocation to work on homework orengage in some activities with others untiltheir parents arrive to take them home.Family and friendsParents frequently turn to friends orfamily members to bridge the gap betweenPhoto by Colin McGuireAfter-school care optionsfor dual-income familiesschool and work. Students who carpool maybe dropped off early at the driver’s homeand stay there after school until their parentsget home.In addition, many families have welcomedolder relatives into their homes inlight of the struggling economy. In suchinstances, grandparents or aunts and unclescan look after the kids once school hasended for the day.After-school programsSome children are enrolled in care centersthat watch them before school, busthem to school, and then return in the afternoonto pick up the children again. Thisis one of the more costly options in childcare. However, it may be more educationallystructured than the care programsprovided at school.When the decision is made, there aresome questions parents should ask beforeenrollment:• What is the ratio of caregivers to students?• What is the cost of the program?• How are delayed opening days andearly dismissal days handled? Holidays andbreaks?• What happens if I arrive late?• What activities will take place?• Are caregivers teachers or volunteers?• Are background checks conducted?• Is financial assistance available?• Is there a nurse available?• How are emergencies handled?• If my child is absent, do I receive a refundfor that day?• How long is the waiting list?These are just some of the questions toask, and parents are encouraged to come upwith their own to find the best program fortheir children.

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Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 28Smartphoneson AT&T.Here inNew York City.$99 99New 2-yr agreement with qualifyingvoice and data plans required.HTC ONE XTake high-resolution photosright from video1.866.MOBILITY | ATT.COM/NETWORK | VISIT A STORELimited 4G LTE availability in select markets. LTE is a trademark of ETSI.Get all the coverage you need!Replace, support, and locate your device with AT&T Mobile Protection Pack.Claim based on a comparison of average download speeds of Android smartphones operating on the 4G LTE networks of U.S. national carriers. 4G speeds not available everywhere. Limited-time offer. HTC One X requires a new 2-yr wireless agreement with voice(min $39.99/mo.) and monthly data plans (min $20/mo.). Subject to Wireless Customer Agrmt. Credit approval req’d. Activ fee $36/line. Geographic, usage, and other terms, conditions, and restrictions apply and may result in svc termination. Coverage and svcs not availeverywhere. Taxes and other charges apply. Data (att.com/dataplans): If usage exceeds your monthly data allowance, you will automatically be charged overage for additional data provided. Early Termination Fee (att.com/equipmentETF): After 30 days, ETF upto $325. Restocking fee up to $35. Other Monthly Charges: Line may include a Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge (up to $1.25), a gross receipts surcharge, federal and state universal svc charges, and fees and charges for other gov’t assessments. These are not taxes orgov’t req’d charges. Visit a store or att.com/wireless to learn more about wireless devices and services from AT&T. For more information, please visit att.com/mobileprotectionpack, ask a sales representative, or call 1-866-MOBILITY. Screen images simulated.©2012 AT&T Intellectual Property. Service provided by AT&T Mobility. All rights reserved. AT&T and the AT&T logo are trademarks of AT&T Intellectual Property. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners.

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CAR DEALS • Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 300% APR †YOU PAY WHAT WE PAYfor 60 months* *Security$0 $0Down,EMPLOYEE*PRICING0% APR † for 60 monthson every 2012 Volkswagen gasmodel, including the Passat.JETTA PASSAT BEETLE$159 $189 $199LEASE LEASE LEASE*PER*PER*PERMO.MO.MO.2012 Jetta SLease for only $159*/Month orBUY FOR $14,99936 month term. Manual. A/C, ABS, PWR W/L, CD. $0 Down,$0 Security, MSRP: $17,415, Total Payments: $5,724, Residual:$9,404. Plus title, tax, options and dealer fees. Excludes TDIModels. Offer expires 8/31/12. Deal # 1045322012 Passat SLease for only $189*/Month orBUY FOR $18,99936 month term. Manual. A/C, PWR W/L, CD, ABS, Bluetooth.$0 Down, $0 Security, MSRP: $23,460, Total Payments: $6,804,Residual: $11,358. Plus title, tax, options and dealer fees. ExcludesTDI Models. Offer expires 8/31/12. Deal # 1045342012 Beetle 2.5LLease for only $199 * /Month orBUY FOR $17,99936 month term. Manual, A/C, PWR W/L, CD, ABS, Bluetooth.$0 Down, $0 Security, MSRP: $20,565, Total Payments: $7,164,Residual: $11,105. Plus title, tax, options and dealer fees. ExcludesTDI Models. Offer expires 8/31/12. Deal # 104537(866) 483-8441208-12 NORTHERN BLVD. • BAYSIDE, NY 11361BAYSIDEVW.COM†Excludes TDI models. *Financing with approval through dealer primary lender. Leases based on 10K miles/year. Lessee responsible for excess mileage/wear/tear at lease end.All offers: Excludes tax, title and dealer fees. Offers can not be combined. Not responsible for typographical errors. See dealer for details. Expires 8/31/12.

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CAR DEALS • Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 32On road trips, bring along a friend so that you can share driving responsibilities and fend off fatigue.Tips for a successful road tripAgood road trip can be the ultimatespring or summer experience.With the open road ahead,life’s troubles seem to melt andthere’s just the oneness of the driver andthe road.For a road trip to be successful, it’s notjust a matter of taking to the road and puttingthe pedal to the metal. There are ahost of considerations to make, which canensure safety and peace of mind when beginningyour excursion. The hot sun thatcan bake the roadway — and your body —can also take its toll on your car, contributingto breakdowns. And there are otherfactors to be aware of.Maintenance should never be overlookedwhen it comes to prepping for aroad trip. At the least, The National HighwayTraffic Safety Administration recommendsthat drivers have their tires,battery, belts, fluids, and air conditionerchecked by a qualified mechanic prior tostarting any long trip. But the list does notstop there. There are many other precautionsto heed before taking to the road.Have all documents on handNothing can stall a road trip fasterthan getting pulled over by a police officerand being without your license, registration,and proof of insurance. These arerequired documents to operate a vehicle,and it’s definitely worth a second check inyour wallet and glove compartment to besure they are where they should be.Get an oil changeDriving long intervals can be taxingon a car engine, as can the start-and-stopsassociated with getting stuck in road triptraffic. Do yourself and your car a favor bygetting an oil change to ensure there willbe proper lubrication of the engine andthat thick, old motor oil won’t contributeto a breakdown.Update navigation systemIf you will be using one of these devicesas your primary tool for navigation,update the device’s maps before departure.Roadways are always being changed, andwithout downloading the proper updates,you could end up driving in circles insteadof moving on to your destination.In addition, many navigation systemmodels come equipped with pinpointingpoints of interest, such as restaurants,tourist areas, hotels, and rest stops, whichshould be update before beginning thetrip. Follow the guidelines spelled out inthe owner’s manual that comes with yourunit.Consumer Reports also advises knowingthe local ordinances regarding navigationdevice use. For example, a windshieldmountedunit is not allowed while drivingin Minnesota.Plan who will drive whenA long road trip — one that will be doneprimarily in one day — could necessitatesplitting up the trip between two or moredrivers. Not only does this banish boredom,it also reduces the risk of driver fatigue.The administration estimates thatapproximately 100,000 police-reportedcrashes in the United States each year involvedrowsiness and fatigue.Protect your eyesThe weather and the position of the suncould change depending on where you aredriving. If you wear glasses or contacts fordriving, be sure you have them with you.Keep a few pairs of sunglasses in your carto shield your eyes from sun glare. If thesun proves problematic, pull over for a littlewhile or try an alternate route that preventsoncoming sun on the windshield.While you are packing sunglasses, alsobe sure to bring along — and wear — sunscreen,as the sun’s rays can be magnifiedthrough the window glass.Bring along refreshmentsFrequent stops for bathroom breaksand simply to stretch your legs are adviseable,but limit rest-stop fare whenever possible.Not only do these foods tend to beunhealthy, they are often expensive. Keepyour road trip budget down by packinghealthy food and drinks that you can enjoyon the go.Know your car’s fuel levelPlay it safe when gassing up the car. Onrural roads or stretches of country withwhich you are unfamiliar, you never knowhow far away filling stations might befrom one another. That means you shouldtake the opportunity to top off the gas tankwhenever you get the chance. This way youalways will be confident you have enoughgas to get to the next station. Don’t riskcoasting into your destination on fumes,unless you want to arrive at your destinationhitched to a tow truck.Be wary of hitchhikersAlthough hitchhikers are few and farbetween nowadays, there is still the possibilityof coming across someone thumbingfor a ride on the side of the road. Donot pick up a stranger who is hitchhiking,no matter how reputable the person mayseem. If you come across someone who hasbroken down, offer to call for help insteadof allowing the person into the car.Use bathroom at each stopYou never know how few and far betweenrestrooms will be. Unless the ideaContinued on Page 37

2012 Nissan Sentra 2.0SAS LOW AS0% FINANCING *UP TO 36 MONTHSAuto, ABS, Keyless, 4-Way Adj. FrontSeats, 140 HP 2L, Side Crtn Airbags, TirePressure Monitoring SystemGET THE BEST DEALS UNDER THE SUN$119 $13,995PER MO.LEASE FOR39 MOS.ORBUYFORINCLUDES $500 CAPTIVE CASH & $2,000 FACTORY REBATE. PROGRAM REQUIRES $995 DOWN, $1,114 DUE@SIGNING,MSRP: $18,870, TT PYMTS/RES: $4,641/$11,888. 10 AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE. MODEL: 12112, VIN: 735203.2012 Nissan Rogue S AWDAS LOW AS0.9% FINANCING *UP TO 60 MONTHS$179 $18,995PER MO.LEASE FOR39 MOS.ORBUYFORAuto, ABS, 4 CYL, A/C, AM/FM/CD,CC, PW, PL, PM, Tilt Steering, TractionControl & Side Curtain AirbagsINCLUDES $500 CAPTIVE CASH & $1,000 FACTORY REBATE. PROGRAM REQUIRES $995 DOWN, $1,174 DUE@SIGNING,TOTAL PAYMENTS/RES: $6,981/$14,957, MSRP: $22,530. 22 AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE. MODEL: 22212, VIN: 399818AS LOW AS0.9% FINANCING *UP TO 60 MONTHSThe 2012 Nissan Frontier Crew Cab SVThe All-New 2013 Nissan Altima 2.5 S$179 $19,995PER MO.LEASE FOR42 MOS.ORBUYFOR$199PER MO.LEASE FOR39 MOS.Auto, V6, 4 door, WP/PL, CDPROGRAM REQUIRES $1,495 DOWN ($1,694 DUE AT SIGNING), MSRP: $28,835, TT PYMTS/RES: $7,761/$17,301. 1 AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE, MODEL: 32412, VIN: 466571.STARNISSANOFBAYSIDE.COM2012 Nissan Pathfinder S 4x4$269 $25,595PER MO.LEASE FOR39 MOS.ORBUYFORAuto, A/C, AM/FM/CD, 3rd RowSeat, PW, PL, PM, AlloysINCLUDES $250 CAPTIVE CASH, $500 AUGUST CASH & $2,000 FACTORY REBATE. PROGRAM REQUIRES $995 DOWN, $1,264 DUE@SIGNING, MSRP: $31,810, TT PYMTS/RES: $10,491/$15,587. 10 AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE. MODEL: 25012, VIN: 601979.4X4Toll-Free: 888-445-1693206-02 Northern Blvd. Bayside, NY • Corner of Clearview Expwy. & Northern Blvd.LIMITED TIMELOW FINANCING *AVAILABLEAuto, PM, PL, PB, Tilt Steering, A/SRadials, Halogen Headlights, CC,A/C, CD 2.5L 182HPPROGRAM REQUIRES $995 DOWN, $1,174 DUE AT SIGNING, MSRP: $23,410, TT PYMTS/RES: $7,518/$14,446. 2AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE, MODEL: 13113, VIN: 113740.2012 Nissan Murano S†With scheduled maintenance. *0% financing available in lieu of rebates. All offers subject to dealer primary lender approval. Must present ad to receive special financing. No prior deals applicable. Closed end lease. Leaseincludes 10k miles/year. Lessee responsible for excess wear/tear/maintenance and mileage ($0.15/addtl mile). All offers: Prices include all costs except tax, tags & DMV fees. All rebates/incentives to dealer and subject to tax.Must present this ad to receive special offer. Advertised offers cannot be combined with any other discount/special. Offers expire 8/27/12. Consumer Affairs Lic.: 884799 FID: 7054638.AS LOW AS0.9% FINANCING *UP TO 60 MONTHS$259 $23,995PER MO.LEASE FOR39 MOS.ORBUYFORAuto, 6 CYL, Dual Air Bags,A/C, Alloys, PW, PL, ABS, CDINCLUDES $500 CAPTIVE CASH & $1,500 FACTORY REBATE. PROGRAM REQUIRES $995 DOWN, $1,254 DUE@SIGNING, TTPYMTS/RES: $10,101/$16,400, MSRP: $29,610. 2 AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE, MODEL: 23112, VIN: 1031472012 Nissan Maxima SVAS LOW AS0.9% FINANCING *UP TO 60 MONTHS$279 $27,995PER MO.LEASE FOR39 MOS.ORBUYFORAuto, 290 HP 3.5L V6, 18” Alloys, ABS,Sunroof, Bose Stereo, Leather, IntelligentKey, Dual Zone A/C, Push Button IgnitionINCLUDES $500 CAPTIVE CASH, $500 AUGUST CASH AND $3,000 FACTORY REBATE. PROGRAM REQUIRES $995 DOWN, $1,274DUE@SIGNING, TT PYMTS/RES: $10,881/$18,409, MSRP: $33,025. 10 AVAILABLE AT THIS PRICE. MODEL: 16212, VIN: 851343.LIFETIME OIL CHANGESWITH EVERY NEW CAR PURCHASE! †STARNISSANOFBAYSIDE.COMQRCODESCANiPage 33 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Aug. 24-30, 2012 • CAR DEALS

CAR DEALS • Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 34NEW 2012 TOYOTAPRIUS PLUG INAuto, Air, Power Windows,Power Locks, $269AM/FM, Keyless Lease Per Mo36 mo. lease, $2399 due at inception, plus tax, title,registration and $650 bank fee. No securitydeposit required. With excellent credit (720 score). 12k mi. per year, 15¢ each additional mi.$500ToyotaCustomer Cash1.9%Up toOn new 2012 Tundra, Prius Plug-in & $ 500 on new 2012 Venza, RAV4 & CamryComplimentary maintenance plan with roadsideassistance with every vehicle delivered.Covers normal factory scheduled service for 2 years or 25K miles,whichever comes first. The new vehicle cannot be part of a rental orcommercial fleet. See participating dealer for complete plan details.Valid only in the continental United States and Alaska.TOYOTANew 2012 Toyota COROLLAAuto, Air, Dual Airbags, AM/FM/CD$15,888BuyForAPRFINANCING$19,688Buy anL forNew 2012 Toyota RAV4$20,488APRAuto, Air, P/W/L, AM/FM, Keyless EntryBuy$22,498ForNew 2012 Toyota HIGHLANDERUp to 60 months with 60 monthly payments of$16.69 per $1000 borrowed. $0 down w/excellentcredit (tier1). May affect final selling price.$750ToyotaCustomer Cash$750ToyotaCustomer Cash$750ToyotaCustomer CashTOYOTA LEASEBONUS CASH$1000New 2012 Toyota CAMRY LEAuto Air, Dual Airbags, AM/FM, Split Fold Rear SeatsBuy a new2011 for$26,998BuyForNew 2012 Toyota SIENNAAuto, 4 Cyl., Air, P/W/L, AM/FM, Bluetooth, Keyless$25,998BuyForWinner of the 2011President’s AwardIt’s Here... The All New2012 TOYOTAPRIUS C53/46City/Hwy MPG!$149*Lease an LE36 mo. lease, $1999 due at inception, plus tax, title,registration and $650 bank fee. No securitydeposit required. With excellent credit (720 score). 12k mi. per year, 15¢ each additional mi.$189 *$1000 Toyota Lease Loyalty Rebate36 mo. lease, $1999 due at inception, plus tax, title,registration and $650 bank fee. No securitydeposit required. With excellent credit (720 score). 12k mi. per year, 15¢ each additional mi.Up to 36 mos. on new 2012 Camry, Corolla, Avalon & Sienna 60 mos. on new 2012 Venza, Prius Plug-in, Rav4, Highlander & Tundra. $ 0 down w/excellent credit (tier1).New 2012 Toyota PRIUS TWO HYBRID $239*Lease for36 mo. lease, $2399 due at inception, plus tax, title,registration and $650 bank fee. No securitydeposit required. With excellent credit (720 score). 12k mi. per year, 15¢ each additional mi.FWD, 4 Cyl., Auto, Air, P/W/L, AM/FM, KeylessELIGIBLE COLLEGEGRADS CAN SAVE4x4, 6 Cylinder36 mo. lease, $2999 due at inception, plus tax, title,registration and $650 bank fee. No securitydeposit required. With excellent credit (720 score). 12k mi. per year, 15¢ each additional mi.$279*Lease an LE for36 mo. lease, $2999 due at inception, plus tax, title,registration and $650 bank fee. No securitydeposit required. With excellent credit (720 score). 12k mi. per year, 15¢ each additional mi.$2000Up toOn New 2012 Corolla & RAV4 leases only. $1000 rebate with new Toyota Corolla purchase or lease from now til 1/2/13. Plus additional $1000 lease bonus cash provided by NewYork region between now and 8/31/12. Must have graduated within the past 2 years or will within next 6 mos. Cannot combine with Toyota lease cash. Exp. 8/31/12MillenniumToyota.com257 N. Franklin St, Hempstead, NY 11550 TOYOTA 1-888-385-8435Rebates are taxable & tax is paid by consumer, then assigned to dealer. Lease loyalty: must currently lease a Toyota. Offers can not be combined. Lessee responsible for maintenance, repair & excess wear & tear & excess mile charges. Must take same daydelivery from dealer stock. Must lease thru Toyota Financial Services to qualify for lease bonus cash. All prices exclude tax, tag & title & include dealer fees.* Exp. 8/31/12Lease forFWD, Auto, 4 Cyl., Air, PW/L, AM/FM, Keyless $189*Lease a 4WD for36 mo. lease, $2599 due at inception, plus tax, title,registration and $650 bank fee. No securitydeposit required. With excellent credit (720 score). 12k mi. per year, 15¢ each additional mi.0 % FINANCING ON 9 MODELS!$249 *Lease for

OTHER MAKES & MODELSAuto, Air, Alloys, Spoiler, 68k mi, #UT38754TAuto, Air, Leather, 36k mi, #UT38782TAuto, Air, 38k mi, #UT38912TAuto, Air, 50k mi, #UT39067TAuto, Air, 59k mi, #UT38743TAuto, Air, CD, 49k mi, #UT39018TAuto, Air, Alloys, CD, 45k mi, #UT38821TAuto, Air, PW/PL, 53k mi, #UT38804TBuyFor2006 NISSANSENTRA$7,9882004 FORDMUSTANGCONVERTIBLEBuyFor$8,9882008 HYUNDAIBuyForBuyForBuyForACCENT$8,9882003 TOYOTACAMRY LE$9,9882008 SCIONXB$10,9882007 MAZDA3$11,988BuyFor2007 KIASPORTAGEBuyForBuyFor$11,9882009 NISSANALTIMA$13,988TOYOTA PRE-OWNED2 .9% FINANCINGAPRUp to 60 mos. on all certified vehicles. $0 down available w/excellent credit (720) score.Auto, Air, 50k mi, #UT38960TAuto, Air, PW/PL, 26k mi, #UT38652OAuto, Air, All Pwr, 48k mi, #UT38908T4x4, Auto, Air, 43k mi, #UT38943TV6, Auto, Air, 3rd Row, 28k mi, #UT38726O2008 TOYOTAYARIS$9,9882010 TOYOTACOROLLA LE$12,9882008 TOYOTACAMRY$13,9882007 TOYOTATUNDRADOUBLE CABBuyFor$18,9882010 TOYOTAHIGHLANDER$20,988Auto, Air, 58k mi, 3UT38728TAuto, Air, PW/PL, 66k mi, #UT38635IV6, Auto, Air, Alloys, S/R, 24k mi, #UT38626IV6, 4x4, Auto, Air, 3rd Row, 70k mi, #UT38928TAuto, Air, PW/PL, 27k mi, #UT38686OMinutes from Queens!Se habla espanol1 .9% FINANCINGAPRUp to 60 mos. on all certified RAV4s, $ 15,000 max to finance w/excellent credit (720) score.7 Year/100,000 Mi. Limited Powertrain WarrantyBuyForBuyFor34 MPG HWYBuyFor31 MPG HWYBuyFor*2007 TOYOTAPRIUSIndoor Pre-owned Showroom MillenniumToyota.com1-888-385-8435257 N. Franklin St. Hempstead, NYMonday- Friday 9-9 • Saturday 9-6 • Sunday 11-6*Based on 2011 year to date. Must present ad at time of purchase to receive advertised specials. As of submission, all cars are in stock. Prices exclude tax, tags, title andinclude dealer fees. Must take same day delivery from dealer stock. All ad vehicles sold cosmetically as is. Advertised specials cannot be combined. Exp. 8/31/12*$12,988BuyFor48 MPG HWYBuyFor2007 TOYOTAPRIUS$13,9882009 TOYOTARAV SPORTBuyFor$18,9882008 TOYOTAHIGHLANDERBuyForBuyFor$18,9882009 TOYOTAVENZA$21,988MANY MORE TO CHOOSE!**Page 35 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Aug. 24-30, 2012 • CAR DEALS

CAR DEALS • Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 36Anchor Audi of LynbrookYou’re just minutes away from a great Audi deal.2013 Audi A4 2.0 T quattro Premium SedanLease for only$359/mo., 39 mos.*MSRP - $38,5357 availableLeather, sunroof, heated seats, Bluetooth, iPod interface, wheel locks,polished exhaust tips, tire pressure monitoring system, all weather mats,trunk liner & more. Stk #7135First payment and securitydeposit waived.Convenient to Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island Only 10 minutes east of JFK Airport Just 5 minutes east of Green Acres Mall*Leases include 10K miles per year. 25 cents/mi over. Lessee responsible for maintenance and excess wear. Due at signing:A4, A5, A6 - $2,995 cap cost reduction, $695 bank fee, tax & tags. First payment and security deposit on A5. Waived on A4 and A6. Total ofpayments - A4-$14,001, A5 - $19,278, A6 - $19,461. All rebates and incentives applied. Subject to credit approval through Audi FinancialServices. Must present ad at time of purchase to receive offers. Offers cannot be combined. Prior sales excluded. Must take delivery fromdealer stock by August 31, 2012.2013 Audi A5 2.0T quattroPremium CoupeLease for only$459/mo., 42 mos.*MSRP - $42,5352 availableLeather, sunroof, heated seats, Bluetooth, iPod interface,18” wheels, wheel locks, polished exhaust tips, tirepressure monitoringsystem & more. Stk #7136Anchor Audi Anchor Solid1-888-869-7519843 Sunrise Highway, Lynbrook, NYHours: Mon.-Thurs. 9A-8P,Fri. & Sat. 9A-6P, Sun. 12P-5PThink Audi. Think AnchorAudiOfLynbrook.com2013 Audi A6 2.0T quattroPremium SedanLease for only$499/mo., 39 mos.*2010 Audi Q5 3.2 quattro –Auto, Meteor Gray/Black,Premium Package, Bluetooth, iPod, Heated Seats,Panoramic Roof, 36k miles.Stock #658A$30,4952010 Audi A4 quattro Sedan –Ice Silver/Black, Automatic, Premium Pkg.,Heated Seats, iPod, 27k miles.Stock #644A$27,195MSRP - $46,3951 availableLeather, sunroof, heated seats, Bluetooth,iPod interface, 3-zone climate control, cold weatherpackage, Audi side assist, all weather mats & more.Stk #7150VerrazanoBridgeBelt ParkwayJFKAirportFirst payment and securitydeposit waived.Save on every Audi Certifiedpre-owned vehicle.Cross Island ParkwaySunrise HighwayGreen Anchor AudiAcresMallMileaSubaru.comNew 2012 SubaruImpreza 2.0iAWD, 4dr, CVT trans, pwr steer/ABS/wind/locks/mirr, A/C, AM/FM/CD, tilt, all weatherfloor mats, MSRP $19,747. Stk#4257S.Dark Gray Metallic, Due at signing: $4500down+1st payment+tax+DMV & bank fee.2.9% APRAvail on sel. mdls for qualif. buyers§New 2012 SubaruForester 2.5x$145 *LeasePer Mo42 MosAWD, 5dr, 4 cyl, CVT transmission, power steering/ABS/windows/mirrors/locks, A/C, AM/FMStereo/CD, till wheel, cruise control, all weather mats, MSRP $23,849. Stk#4092S. Dark GrayMetallic, Due at signing: $4500 down+1st payment+tax+DMV & bank fee.888 293 79513201 E.Tremont Ave. Bronx, NYMon-Thurs: 9-8 • Friday: 9-7 • Saturday: 9-5 • Se Habla Español$85 *LeasePer Mo42 MosNew 13’ SubaruBRZ in stockStk #5000. Call for pricing.Nav.New 2012 SubaruOutback 2.5i$195 * LeasePer Mo42 MosPremium, AWD, 5dr, 4 cyl, CVT trans, pwr steer/ABS/ wind/mirr/locks/seat, A/C, AM/FM Stereo/CD,tilt wheel, cruise control, all weather mats, MSRP $25,529. Stk#4237S. Crystal BlackSilica, Due at signing: $4500 down+1st payment+tax+DMV & bank fee.Service & PartsNow OpenSaturday!Your ExclusiveBronx SubaruDealer!THE SUBARUA LOT TOLOVEEVENT*Offers cannot be combined w/prior ads and are subject to change without notice. Payments includes all incentives. Total Payments/Purchase Option = Impreza: $3570/$11,058; Forester: $6090/$13,355 ; Outback:$8190/$13,020; Above leases based on 10k per year/15 cents overage. Lessee resp for excess wear and tear. All lease prices must be financed by dealer to qualify. Must take delivery from dealers stock by 08/28/12. Pricesinclude all costs to be paid by a consumer except lic, reg, & taxes. §See dealer for details. Photos are for illus. purposes only. Not responsible for typographical errors. NYC DCA #0927744. DMV FAC #7070432.

Stocking a vehicleroadside repair kitRegardless of a vehicle’s age, a roadsideemergency can occur at anytime. Drivers should be preparedwith a basic kit of tools and equipmentto get the car back on the road as soonas possible.At the very least, a roadside emergency canbe an a minor inconvenience. At the worst, itcan compromise the safety of the driver andpassengers. Anything from a blown-out tireto an overheated engine can necessitate pullingover for a quick fix. Having the right toolscan make the process go far more smoothlyand help drivers avoid the seemingly endlesswait for service personnel to arrive.Stocking a roadside repair kit requiressome necessities. It’s also a good idea to routinelycheck the stock of the kit to be sure everythingis in working order. Here are theitems to keep on hand.First aid kit: Handling major or minoremergencies may require a first aid kit tomend scratches, abrasions or minor burns.Become familiar with the kit before it isneeded.Cellphone: It’s never a good idea to talkon a cellphone while driving. However, amobile phone can prove invaluable if thereis an emergency. Simply call for assistanceinstead of having to seek out a phone or flagdown a motorist.Flares or warning light: A breakdownat night or when visibility is poor can bedangerous. Keep a warning light, cautiontriangle, or flares in the trunk to illuminatethe location of the vehicle.Inflated spare tire: Always keep aspare tire on hand, as tire blowouts or leakstend to be one of the most common causesof breakdowns. Be sure to have a tire iron,jack, and lug wrench.Spare fuses: A burnt-out fuse may beresponsible for an electrical problem. Replacingthe fuse is an easy fix.Jumper cables: A dead battery can berevived with jumper cables, provided anothercar is available to offer the jump. ARoad tripContinued from Page 32of a road-side pit stop is high on your listof road trip excitement, play it safe anduse the restroom whenever stopping. Fewthings can make a stretch of road seemmore interminable than the pressure of afull bladder.Plan for sightseeingPart of the enjoyment of a road trip isA portable jumper cable is a handy toolto have in case there are no other cars torecharge the battery.portable battery booster is another handytool in case there are no other cars to rechargethe battery.Flashlight: This simple tool can be invaluableat night, especially if keys or toolsare dropped.Gloves, cleaner, and rags: Cars arefull of oils, fluids, and grease. That meanseven a simple repair can get a person dirty.Pen and paper: Ideal for leaving a noteor taking down information in the eventof an accident. A disposable camera canalso be handy to take photos of an accidentscene.Money: When traveling, always carrycash for emergencies. Not every place takescredit or debit cards.Snacks and water: A roadside emergencymay mean some time spent stranded.Keep a stash of non-perishable items in thecar to alleviate hunger pangs and keep ridersquenched.to actually take the scenic route and enjoyroads that you may have never traveled before.This is not a race and no awards will begiven out at the end for making good time.Therefore, slow down and enjoy the scenery.Isn’t that why you’re driving, after all?Road trips seem to be an essential partof the spring and summer season. They canbe all the more fun and safe when you heeda few road trip rules of the road.To advertise in this section, call Jennifer at(718) 260–8302 or e-mail jstern@cnglocal.com Page 37 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Aug. 24-30, 2012 • CAR DEALS

CAR DEALS • Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 38Maintenance applies toyour vehicle’s interior, tooRecent studies haveestimated thatmany Americansspend as much asthree hours a day in theircars. Over the course of atypical week, that’s almostone entire day behind thewheel. That not only translatesto lots of face timewith your vehicle’s interior,but it also providesample opportunities forthe buildup of dirt, grime,coffee, and food stains thatcan leave a car’s interiorappearing haggard andworn.In addition to robbinga car’s interior of its aestheticappeal, the buildupof dirt and grease can alsocause the vehicle to degradeover time.It’s common to associatevehicle maintenance withwhat’s under the hood, butdrivers should also makemaintenance a priorityfor the vehicle’s interior.When cleaning a car’s interior,address each and everynook and cranny.Clean consolesPerhaps no part of a vehicle’sinterior is more susceptibleto dirt and greasebuildup than the centerconsole, which is typicallyhome to a vehicle’s cupholders.Spilled coffee or sodais something every drivercan relate to, and cleaningsuch spills is harderthan it sounds. Make sureto clean up spills as soon asthey occur.Sweep under carpetParticularly after along winter, a vehicle’scarpets can be a majoreyesore. Remove the floormats and thoroughly vacuumany dirt buildup thatmight have multipliedwith each winter snowstormor spring shower.Your carpets will lookbetter and last longer.When cleaninga car’s interior,address everynook and cranny.Wipe dashboardIn order to drive a vehicle,motorists mustlook out over the dashboard.Despite that, dashboardsare often overlookedwhen it comes tocleaning a car’s interior.Make sure to keep thisarea clutter free.Address upholsteryWhen buying a newcar, many buyers are concernedabout the car’spotential resale value.That’s a genuine concern,as resale value is ofteninfluenced by more thanjust the number of mileson the odometer.Dirty upholstery is aninstant turnoff for mostused car buyers, so driversshould be diligent andclean their upholsteryregularly, including immediatelyafter any spills.Be careful when usingwater to clean the upholstery,as you don’t wantany water getting intoplaces that can damamgeelectrical components orcreate a moldy smell.Preventive careMuch like humans, acar is susceptible to UVrays. Whereas a humanwould apply sunscreen tohis skin to protect againstsunburn, drivers can applya UV-protectant productto their vehicle’s interiorto guard againstproblems that often resultfrom overexposure tothe sun.EarlyTermination:We make the last 12 paymentson your lease on purchase:Any Make, Any ModelHundreds of Certified Pre-OwnedNissans Plus We Carry ManyOther Brands Starting at $ 4,9958 Year or 120,000 Mile Warranty on All Certified VehiclesMinimum$4,000Trade-InWe Offer More $$$Than Other Dealers.FreeLoaner CarsCar Wash &VacuumWith EveryServiceDavid Ricardo Steve CraigNEW 2012 NISSANALTIMA 2.5Model#13012,VIN#255769,Auto, 4 cyl, p/str/b/l/w, a/c,MSRP $21,350, Only $895due at signing.$99LEASE FOR$0$0$0Per Mo. 24 mos †12k miles per year includedOne or More at This PriceSecurityDepositDownPaymentFirstMonth$159NEW 2012 NISSAN LEASE FORROGUE SModel#22212,VIN#408949,Auto, 4 cyl, p/str/b/l/w, a/c, AWD, MSRP$22,775, Only $895due at signing.$0$0$0SecurityDepositDownPaymentFirstMonthPer Mo. 39 mos †12k miles per year includedOne or More at This Price$229LEASE FOR$0$0$0Per Mo. 39 mos †12k miles per year includedOne or More at This PriceNEW 2012 NISSANMAXIMA SModel#16112,VIN#808065,Auto, 6 cyl, p/str/b/l/w, a/c, MSRP$30,430, Only $895due at signing.SecurityDepositDownPaymentFirstMonth$239LEASE FOR$0$0$0Per Mo. 39 mos †12k miles per year includedOne or More at This PriceNEW 2012 NISSANMURANOModel#23112,VIN#108467,Auto, 6 cyl, p/str/b/l/w, a/c, FWD, MSRP$30,430, Only $895due at signing.SecurityDepositDownPaymentFirstMonth0 % APR0 % APR0 % APR0 % APR$17,995BuyForPlus Receive an Additional$1000 Instant Dealer RebateLIMITEDTIME$20,499BuyForPlus Receive an Additional$1000 Instant Dealer RebateLIMITEDTIME$27,995BuyForPlus Receive an Additional$1000 Instant Dealer RebateLIMITEDTIME$25,699BuyForPlus Receive an Additional$1000 Instant Dealer RebateLIMITEDTIMEBayRidgeNissan.com888.801.91075th Ave. and 65th St., BrooklynDMV#7076824 NYCDCA Lic. #698282Offers exp 3 days after pub. Price incl dlr prep & any cost except tax, tags, DMV fees & reg fees. Leases incl 12k mi per yr, add’l mi at 18¢ per mi. Lessee resp. for maint. excess wear. Prices refl ect all avail incentives to dlr. Mustbe approv. by prim lender Tier 0. Tier 1 Sign & Drive. Total paymts/Due at Sign: Altima=$2277/$895; Maxima=$8702/$895; Rogue=$6042/$895; Murano=$9082/$895. Due at signing=$0 1st mo. paymt+$0 Down pymt+$0Security Dep+$895 Acq fee. Closed end leases. Must be from dlr stock. Offers can’t be combined with other offers. ‡Restrictions apply. See dlr for details. Not resp for typos. Prices and availability subject to change from time of pub.

$229LEASE*per month for 24 Mos2013 FORDESCAPE SFWD, CD PLAYER W/6 SPEAKERS,SYNC, ALL WHEATER MATS, 2.5L 4CYLSTK: 9209, MSRP: $23,665, $2,495 down pymt,$3,319 due at signing, $8,815 total pymts.Security deposit waived. Plus tax, title, license & $595 bank fee.2012 FORD EXPLORER XLTSTK: 8205, FWD, AUTOFWD, MSRP: $36,510,$2,495 down pymt, $3,389 due at signing, $10,266 total pymts.Security deposit waived. Plus tax, title, license & $595 bank fee.2004 FORD EXPLORER XLT$9,845 *SKT#32801T, 4X4, GREEN, V-6, 65K MILES2005 MERCURY MARINER LUXURY$12,682 *SKT#32771T, SILVER, 4X4, V-6, 61K MILES2008 FORD RANGER XL$12,996 *SKT#32745O, WHITE, PICK UP, 33K MILES2005 CHRYSLER 300 TOURING$13,729 *SKT#32804T, SEDAN, 59K MILES, AUTO, BLACK$299LEASE*per monthfor 24 Mos2007 FORD E-250 CARGO VAN$14,686 *SKT#32752T, DARK BLUE, 54K MILES2005 FORD EXPEDITION XLT$14,865 *SKT#32808T, 4X4, BLACK, 57K MILES2005 MERCURY MARINER$16,885 *SKT#32514T, 4X4, RED, SUN ROOF, 44K MILES2008 MERCURY MOUNTAINEER AWD$16,996 *SKT#32632T, WHITE, V6, 76K MILES$99 *per monthfor 24 Mos*PLUS TAX, TITLE AND DEALER FEES. LEASE MILEAGE IS FOR 10,500 MI/YR (ADDITIONAL MILEAGE 20¢/MI.) IMAGES FOR ILLUSTRATIVE PURPOSES ONLY. NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR TYPOS. SEE DEALER FOR DETAILS. OFFER ENDS 8/31/12.LEASEThese deals won’t last long.Call or come in today!(877) 929-08802009 LINCOLN MKZ AWD$20,686 *SKT#32293A, 36K MILES, BLACK2009 TOYOTA RAV4 LTD$21,876 *SKT#32695O, V6, SILVER, 35K MILES, AUTO2011 FORD MUSTANG CONV.$23,996 *SKT#32588A, AUTO, 6CYCLE, 34K MILES, RED2010 FORD EXPLORER EDDIE BAUR$24,996 *SKT#32401T, 4X4, RED, V-6, 37K MILES2012 FORD FUSION SESTK: 7158, FWD, AUTO, MSRP: $24,695,$1,999 down pymt, $3,043 due at signing, $12,220 total pymts.Security deposit waived. Plus tax, title, license & $595 bank fee.Hempstead Ford Lincoln Pre-Owned Vehicle Inventory2010 MERCEDESS C-300 4-MATIC$26,996 *SKT#32763O, AUTO, 21K MILES, RED2010 FORD EDGE LTD$28,786 *SKT#32707F, WHITE, 31K MILES, AUTO2010 AUDI Q5 PREMIUM$31,875 *SKT#32734O, WHITE, 27K MILES, AUTO2009 FORD F-150 PLATINUM$35,889 *SKT#32565T, AUTO, 30K MILES, DARK GRAYHEMPSTEADLINCOLN.COM301 NORTH FRANKLIN ST. HEMPSTEAD, NY 11550 TOLL-FREE: (877) 929-0880MON-THURS: 8:30AM-8:30PM | FRI: 8:30AM-7PM, SAT: 9AM-5PM | OPEN SUNDAYS: 11AM-5PMPage 39 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Aug. 24-30, 2012 • CAR DEALS

CAR DEALS • Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 40GUARANTEEDCREDITAPPROVALWE WILL GET YOURCREDITAPPROVED!OR WE PAY YOU$ §300"We Finance Your FUTURE...Not your Past."If You’ve Been Turned Down Or Had ProblemsAt Any Car Dealership In The Past...WE CAN HELP!• Prior Repossessions and DischargedChapter 7, 11 & 13 Bankruptcies• Divorce • First-Time Buyer• New In This Country • Tax IDs• Late Payments • Past Medical Billing Problems• YOU ARE APPROVED!FREECREDIT REPAIR& IDENTITYTHEFT GUARD *FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR LOANRebuild your creditwhile you DRIVE.Even if you don't qualifyfor the vehicle you prefer,we will still get you on theroad to credit worthiness..NO PURCHASENECESSARY!*1 YEAR CREDIT PROTECTION FREEWITH NO PURCHASE NECESSARYWe Have A Nationwide Network Of LendersWho Will Work To Find You The Lowest RateAnd Down Payment Possible.Just call us1-866-7-CREDITToll-Free:§Approval guarantee based on verifiable income of $1200 per month & Area residency of 12 months. Must have valid drivers license.SE HABLAESPAÑOL

CLEAR SKINDr. C. Hammoud, Master Herbalist, PhD,guarantees satisfaction. Helps to maintain healthy skinfrom the inside simply by cleansing the blood, instead of attacking theskin from the outside with creams or washes. * This makes sense.Usually you can see how it benefits your skin within days. * Manypeople wrote they were surprised how fast it worked. Lots of testimonialsfrom pleased users on our Bell website. There is absolutely norisk for trying Dr. Hammoud’s product.Last couple of years I tried everything. Results with Bell Skin Disorders#60 were unbelievable. I have beautiful skin again. Thanks forgiving back my selfesteem. Nelisa Royer, 28, Doral, FL My mombought Bell #60. I was skeptical. It did work quickly and better thananything else. Christopher Seraphin, 14, Brooklyn, NY. It worked. Ino longer have to hide at home, because I was ashamed to be seen.Agnes Casillas, 60, New York, NY Can wear again dresses thatare backless. My skin looks fantastic. Thank you from the bottom ofmy heart. Yvette Maclean, 40, Lodi, CA I was trying everything foryears and nothing worked. I felt physical and emotional pain having tohide. Finally I found your Bell #60. I’m so grateful and impressed about #60how fast it worked with amazing results. Eulalia Isabel Sanchez Martin,30, Brampton, ON Skeptics can call everybody. All are real people like you or your friends.SNORING?As recommended by Dr. Gifford-Jones M.D.Here is proof that snoring can be corrupting your health and yourmarriage. Three out of 10 couples are considering divorce becauseof snoring says a major magazine article. You are not alone! An officialsurvey says 48% of all people snore. 75% are affected, if youadd non-snoring husbands that have snoring wives or vice versa.Snoring is caused by slack muscles in the throat. A common complaintis that people feel that they are not well rested in the morning.Many people wrote they are now sleeping like a babies. Theirpartners are delighted. This natural health product Sound Sleep #23usually helps the first night. No side effects. College professor had lack of good sleeps with many interruptionsfor last 8 years that made her tired during the day. Within3 days taking Bell Sound Sleep #23 the terrible snoring stopped. Iwake up feeling refreshed and energized. I can concentrate in afocused, happy manner. I feel delighted with this natural product.Dr. Anele E. Heiges, 77, New York, NY A life changing product.The very first night I took the capsules and every night after I had arestful and wonderful sleep. It has been a God send and blessing. Iam by nature a skeptic. The money-back guarantee convinced me#23to try it. Jimmy Pay, 53, Gardendale, AC 3 Years on Bell SoundSleep #23. My wife and I are entirely satisfied. Snoring episodeshave completely disappeared. This has improved our lives enormously. Leo Fortin, 60, St-Georges, QC Basically you saved my husband’s life. For the last 5 years my husband had very bad nights. Bell#23 was nothing short of a miracle. I have my husband back. No more snoring. No more napping duringthe day. I am telling all our friends. Bonnie Johnson, 64, Wichita, KS My life changed. Sleep now 7-8hours. I am a retired college professor and author of books. I have no more need to nap during the day.Nothing I tried helped until I started Bell Sound Sleep. I am so delighted with this product I would like tomake motivational speeches to help others. Carmen V. Caruso, 66, Ann Arbor, MI On the Bell Website welist phone numbers or email addresses of actual users of this product and all other Bell products. Mostare delighted to talk about their relief.Page 41 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Aug. 24-30, 2012

Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 42President Obama: No Usain Bolt raceOlympics entered theards will team up with currentworld rated number one Wow and Hanson.rewards honor you, thereBoys, Cody Simpson, Bow “Keshorn, each of thesepolitical, campaigndialogue recentlywith PresidentUS Open Champion Novak begins on Aug. 27 and con-glory you have brought toInside Life rated Roger Federer, reigning Tennis at the stadium is nothing greater than theBarack Obama injecting athleticcontext to his presiden-men’s singles player Johnexpression ever than theBy Vinette K. PryceDjokovic, U.S. number one tinues thru Sept. 9.this nation and no greatertial race.Isner, three-time US Open MORE GOLD FOR pride and gratitude everyWhile speaking at a fundraisingcontest in November with acting performance in the Champion Kim Clijsters T&T OLYMPIAN citizen feels,” Prime Ministerevent in the HydePark, Chicago, neighborhood,Republicans Mitt Romneyand Paul Ryan.film which also stars the lateWhitney Houston.and Mardy Fish for a threehourlive, tennis exhibitionTrinidad & Tobago rolledout a red, black and whiteKamla Persad Bissessar said.She said the gifts repre-home he lived beforeCeeLo Green and Mike match.carpet to welcome teensentedgratitude for “bring-moving to the White House, SPARKS FOREpps also co-stars in the last Kids 12-and-under with aged, javelin Olympic championKeshorn Walcott who the nation of Trinidad anding pride and recognition tothe president said:ARTHUR ASHE film Houston made before stadium show tickets will“This is not going to be QUEENS FEST her untimely passing earlier receive a free Arthur Ashe brought gold and glory to the Tobago.”a race like Usain Bolt where Singer/actress Jordin this year.Kids’ Day hat from the USTA republic.One day after declaringwe’re like 40 yards ahead andwe can just kind of start jogging10 feet before the finishline.”“We’re going to have toSparks is among the celebratedentertainers billedfor the 17th annual ArthurAshe Kids’ Day in Flushing,Queens on Aug. 25.In the film Sparks is featuredin a duet singing withHouston that will be releasedas the official single fromthe soundtrack of the film,and Hess on a first-come,first-served basis.“The event holds a longstandinghistory of providinga day of fun-filled familyAt Piarco Airport in thetwin-island capital of Port-Of-Spain, thousands greetedthe only athlete from theEnglish Caribbean to win thea national holiday to celebratethe victory, the leaderaddressed a crowd gatheredat the airport to welcome theathletes saying:”A Caribbeanrun through the tape. But Television’s “American “Sparkle: Music from the activities as attendees celebrateevent in 60 years.Airlines aircraft will be commissionedwe’re really well positionedto not just win but to keepAmerica moving forward.”Idol” winner and star of themovie “Sparkle” will co-host-- with Quddus -- entertainmentMotion Picture.”“We are thrilled to kickoff the 2012 US Open withthe life of Arthur Asheand his mission to empowerchildren of all ages throughHis victory also markedthe first Olympic gold for therepublic in 36 years.to bear the proudname of Keshorn Walcott.”The athlete gushed withAttended by approximatelyby pop-vocal sensation the 17th annual Arthur tennis.”For his triumph, the pride and appeared emotion-100 people who paidUS$40,000 a head for theexclusive invitation, the presidentreferenced the Jamaicanlegend who recentlywon the 100 metres and 200metres sprint double at theLondon Olympics.He predicted a toughThe Wanted, chart-toppingsinger Carly Rae Jepsen, specialguest performer Owl City,teen quartet Mindless Behaviorand X-Factor star RachelCrow at the Billie Jean KingNational Tennis Center.Spark’s appearance willfollow her premiere debutAshe Kids’ Day presentedby Hess featuring the mostpopular names in sports andentertainment today,” GordonSmith, USTA ExecutiveDirector and Chief OperatingOfficer said.At 1 p.m., New York Rangers’center, star Brad Rich-Throughout the years,Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day hasfeatured many of music’sbiggest acts including JustinBieber, Rihanna, JonasBrothers, Demi Lovato, SeanKingston, Britney Spears,Ne-Yo, Gavin DeGraw, JessicaSimpson, Backstreet19-year-old was promised twoand a half million TT dollars(US$390,000), a luxury home,acres of land, scholarship touniversity, a lighthouse andhis name inscribed on oneof the planes flown by CaribbeanAirlines, the nation’snational carrier.al when the leader of therepublic added that “Thelighthouse a historical site,will now be known as theKeshorn Walcott Lighthousestanding as a beacon to guideus all towards what it takesto get to our dreams.”Catch You On The Inside!Go to www.Caribbeanlifenews.com for the latest in Caribbean news, entertainment,sports, business, viewpoints and more.

Top names inentertainment slatedBy Nelson A. KingLeading expatriate andlocal entertainers fromSt.Vincent and the Grenadineswill converge atthe Mahalia Jackson HighSchool in Brooklyn Saturday,Aug. 25, when Club St. Vincentconvenes its biannualcultural exhibition in NewYork.At 6:00 p.m., the entertainmentsegment whichwraps up the day’s activitieswill feature a host ofwell-known individualsand groups, includingthe incomparable musicalarranger extraordinaireFrankie McIntosh andhis uncle, Harold McIntosh;Becket; Scorcher; therevived band, Clymax (backjust for the exposition);the award-winning StarliftSteel Orchestra, WinstonSoso and Cauldric Forbesare expected to bring muchnostalgia to Vincentians andother Caribbean nationals.Other performersinclude: the United VincieBy Tangerine ClarkeGuyana-born celebrityInternet host, Audrey Johnson,of the Audrey JohnsonShow, who has broughtstar-studded entertainmentto her site by interviewingfive-time GrammyAward artist, Janet Jackson,legendary performer MelbaMoore, and movie and TVactor Steven Baldwin, willlaunch “Go Guyana” - aculture and lifestyle showhighlighting the beauty ofContinued on Page 44ENTERTAINMENTFOR MORE ENTERTAINMENT, GO TO CARIBBEANLIFENEWS.COM/ENTERTAINMENTCultural Group of Brooklyn;Abena Amory (daughter ofErlene Williams-King andVance Amory, former premierof Nevis); Chico Ellisand Omari Neverson (withpoems in tribute to the lateShake Keane); Red Tiger JiuJitsu Academy; Organizationof Eastern Caribbean States(OECS) national dress andslide presentations (nationaldress worn by nationals oftheir respective countries);Fayola and a flag ceremony.The sound system isfurnished by calypsonianGroovy D, formerly DreadCondition, whose real nameis Vincent Kennedy.Arthur said the performanceof perennial panoramachampions, Starlift SteelOrchestra, will be the highpointof the evening.“We have raised the bar alittle higher,” she said. “Thisis an historic moment forStarlift – the first time everto perform in the UnitedStates. They promised tomake us proud.”Audrey Johnson Showcomes to BrooklynAudrey Johnson.Tangerine ClarkeCALYPSO‘N SOCAComedian Susan Kennedy.All-star Caribbean cast to perform in Revue TentBy Michelle EdwardsAs part of Brooklyn’s Carnival,the 2012 Calypso & Soca Revue-Tentwill open on Sunday, Aug. 26 and endon Saturday, Sept. 1. All sevennightsof tantalizing soca and calypso willbe held at Tropical Paradise Ballroom,1367 Utica Ave. Count Robin,the Revue-Tent manager says, “Wecall it The Independence Calypso& Soca Revue-Tent in celebrationof Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago50th anniversaries of independence.More than 20 artistes from Becketof St. Vincent to Swallow of Antigua,Dance Master of Jamaica, Shadowand Duane O’Conner, the 2012National Calypso Monarch of Trinidad& Tobago, are part of the all-starcast. Two icons, The Mighty Sparrowand Calypso Rose, will performat Opening Night. Rose and Sparrowand other Trinbagonian-Americanswill be honored for enhancing theimage of Trinidad & Tobago duringthe nation’s first 50 years. A VIPContinued on Page 44Page 43 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Aug. 24-30, 2012

Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 44TOP 10SINGLESLights1Ellie GouldingWide Awake2Katy PerryPayphone3Maroon 5 Fea.t Wiz KhalifaWhere Have You Been4RihannaCall Me Maybe5Carly Rae Jepsen6Gotye Feat. KimbraSomebody That I Used to KnowTitanium7David Guetta Feat. SiaLet’s Go8NewsScream9UsherBlow Me (One Last Kiss)10PinkTOP 10ALBUMSNothing But The Best1Frank SinatraGod Forgives, I Don’t2Rick RossNow 433Various ArtistsPerfectly Imperfect4Elle VarnerThe Complete 20125John MayerSome Nights6Fun.The Lumineers7The LumineersDeclaration of Independence8Colt FordMy Head Is An Animal9Of Monsters And MenOverexposed10Maroon 5Calypso and Soca in BklynBecket of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.Continued from page 43Gala Reception for the recipientsof Independence Awards will beginbefore the Revue opens.WORLD SOCA MONARCHThe World Soca Monarch competitionhas been added to the Revue-Tent. Soca artistes across the Caribbeanand from England have enteredthe semifinals on Tuesday, Aug. 28when 10 will be selected by thejudges to compete for the BacardiWorld Soca Monarch title on Thursday,Aug. 30.Artistes who have competed inprevious World Soca Monarchsinclude Iwer George, Edwin Yearwoodand Ronnie McIntosh.CALYPSO & SOCAARTISTESArtistes at the seven nights ofcalypso and soca include SugarAloes, Singing Sandra, Sexy Suzie,Count Robin, The Mighty Sparrow,Calypso Rose, Shadow, Brown Boy,Becket of St. Vincent, King Swallowof Antigua, Duane O’Conner,Sugar Aloes. Photo by Sharon BennettDance Master, Lord Nelson, Poser,Susan Kennedy, Fatman Georgefrom Grenada, Edwin Yearwood andStatement from Barbados, Pick andDaddy Chess from Dominica.“The Calypso & Soca Revue-Tentis not a physical tent,” explains HermanHall, a producer of the Tent.“The air conditioned and luxuriousTropical Paradise Ballroom is thevenue.”Here is the schedule:Sunday, Aug. 26: VIP AwardsReception toasting Trinidad & Tobagoon its 50th anniversary of independenceand debut of Tent. Artistesperforming include The MightySparrow, Calypso Rose and Becket.Sparrow will take the audience backto 1962 by singing his famous Independencesong.Trinidad & Tobago will always liveon A nation is born let me tell youMonday, Aug. 27 is Ladies Nite.Two ladies enter on one ticket. Performersinclude Sugar Aloes, SingingSandra, Sexy Suzie, Dance Masterand Fatman George.Tuesday, Aug. 28 is the WorldSoca Monarch Semifinals. The judgeswill select 10 to participate in thefinals.Wednesday, Aug. 29 is the Icons ofCalypso Night and a special tributeto Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobagoon their 50th anniversary of independence.Performers include LordNelson, Poser, Susan Kennedy andKing Swallow.Thursday, Aug. 30 is the BacardiWorld Soca Monarch Finals when10 artistes will compete for the titleand first prize of $3,000 to $5,000. Afamous soca superstar will make aguest appearance.Friday, Aug. 31, the 50th independenceanniversary of Trinidad& Tobago and the best place inN.Y. to celebrate is at the Revue-Tent when Shadow, Calypso Rose,Singing Sandra, Swallow, DuaneO’Conner and other superstars willperform.Saturday, Sept. 1 is IndependenceFete Nite and the grand endingof the 2012 Revue-Tent. Shadow,Duane O’Conner, Sexy Suzie, Becket,Sugar Aloes and other stars plusNew York’s top soca DJs will entertain.VaShawn Mitchell releases ‘Created 4 This’Six-time Stellar Award winner andGRAMMY nominated recording artistVaShawn Mitchell will release his newproject, “Created 4” on, Aug. 28. Thenew album was recorded live in hishometown of Harvey, IL. “Created 4This” will also be released as a DeluxeEdition CD + DVD, which features 13songs, three live performance videos,and exclusive behind-the-scene footage.The first single, “Turning AroundFor Me,” enters at #5 this week onBillboard’s Top Singles chart. At Wal-Mart, the exclusive single contains aunique QR Code. By scanning the codeusing an Android or Iphone compatibledevice, fans are granted access toexclusive video streams and more.Mitchell’s promo tour kicks off inNew York at Donnie McClurkin’s NewYork Call on Saturday, Aug. 25. Therewill also be a series of album releaseevents including the Official ReleaseDay Celebration at the Baptist WorshipCenter in Philadelphia (Tuesday, Aug.28), Windsor Village United MethodistChurch in Houston (Thursday, Aug.30), Union Temple Baptist Church inWashington, DC (Friday, Aug. 31), andthe Back II School Album ReleaseSkate Party in Charlotte (Monday,Sept. 3). Mitchell will also co-hostVerizon’s How Sweet The Sound eventin Detroit (Saturday, Sept. 15) and LosAngeles (Friday, Sept. 21).AudreyJohnsonContinued from page 43her native land.The Audrey Show thathas also featured stirringinterviews with musicalgreat Dianne Warwickand TV hosts, Montel Williamsand Carson Kressley,plans a loud debut of “GoGuyana” on Sunday, Sept.2 at the Annual GuyanaFolk Festival, as part of theshow’s artistic concept.The entertainmentinterview segment willhighlight the multiculturalevent of music, song anddance, at the jamboree,scheduled to take placeat the Prospect HeightsSchool Campus, locatedat 883 Classon Ave., nearPresident Street.The Audrey JohnsonShow, which burst ontothe California scene justtwo years ago, has takenthe East Coast by stormwith streaming live presentationsfrom the richand famous playgroundof the Hamptons to NewYork Fashion Week and theOscars Gala highlights inManhattan.“Go Guyana” was conceptualizedin the Republicin 2008, said creator,Johnson who reflected onher youth while growingup in Guyana and the joyshe experienced while visitingthe Stabroek Market,a landmark that she comparedto Disneyworld.“Stabroek Market iswhere the people cometogether to negotiate andshare the beauty of theriches that Guyana has tooffer. It is also a communityplace where many shareexperiences,” said JohnsonThe Audrey JohnsonShow whose tagline states“Being Interviewed by aThird Party Gives You StarPower” is aimed at showcasinginteresting people,exciting events and hiddentreasures in the community.The show is producedby Glenn Scheper andcould be found by loggingon to www.theaudreyjohnsonshow.com.To become a guest ofthe Audrey Johnson show,please call 805-795-3350,or email. Audrey@goGuyana.com

Spike Lee directs disappointing drama“Red Hook Summer”So, when his single-momdecides the two should getacter-driven drama set in asweltering Brooklyn.gamut from ghetto gangstasto church ladies. ThirdFair (1 star)acquainted over the summer,Unfortunately, that’s the film fails to generateUnratedRunning time: 120 it means the boy willhave to live in the projectswhere any similarities startand end. This is a movieany palpable tension.The director makes aminutesin Red Hook, an area ofthat might earn high cameo appearance as pizzaDistributor: VarianceFilmsBy Kam WilliamsNew York City teeming withdangers and temptationshe hasn’t been exposed tobefore. Still, she figureshe’ll be okay, since her dad,marks were it the work ofa first time director. However,coming from a twotimeOscar-nominee (for4 Little Girls and Do thedeliveryman Mookie, reprisingthe role he played as theprotagonist of Do the RightThing. Sadly, that distractionmerely serves as a sadFlik Royale (Jules Enoch (Clarke Peters), happensRight Thing), it can only be reminder of how muchBrown) is 13 by the timehis mother (De’Adre Aziza)is finally ready to introduceto be the pastor of theLil’ Peace of Heaven BaptistChurch.described as a bitter disappointment.The primary problem isSpike’s skills have erodedsince his glory days.Picture a two-hour episodeof Amos ‘n’ Andy onhim to his grandfather Flik grudgingly agreesthat the acting is mediocre.(Clarke Peters). Trouble is to stay with the Biblethumpingbishop, and theirtered with the sort of bufphire!Flik Royale (Jules Brown) and Enoch (Clarke Peters),Secondly, the screen is lit-crack. Holy mackerel, Sap-pastor of the Lil' Peache of Heaven Baptist Church, in athe bourgie mamma’s boyscene from Red Hook Summer.was brought up in suburbanstrained relationship suppliesfoonish stereotypes Spike To see a trailer forAtlanta where he’s beenraised vegetarian and beenattending private school.the raison d’etre of RedHook Summer. Directed bySpike Lee, the movie mightsuperficially resemble someof his classic films like Dothe Right Thing and She’sGotta Have It, being a char-has been criticizing TylerPerry for, one-dimensionalcaricatures running theRed Hook Summer, visit:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9CX9xKczh4wPage 45 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Aug. 24-30, 2012Independent & Foreign FilmsDeath by China (Unrated)Outsourcing expose’ explainingwhy America has been ineconomic decline since thePeoples’ Republic joined theWorld Trade Organization in2001 at the behest of Congressand multinational corporations.General Education (PG-13for sexuality and a drug reference)Teen comedy abouta high school senior (ChrisSheffield) who has to hidefrom his parents (JaneaneGarofalo and Larry Miller)that he still has to complete ascience course over the summerin order to graduate andenter college in the fall ona tennis scholarship. WithBobby Campo,Elaine Hendrixand Maiara Walsh.Hermano (Unrated) Overcoming-the-oddssaga abouta couple of siblings (FernandoMoreno and Eliu Armas)from the slums of Caracaswho make the most of theopportunity of a lifetime whenthey are offered a tryout withtheir hometown’s pro soccerteam. Featuring Beto Benites,Gonzalo Cubero and MarcelaGiron. (In Spanish with subtitles)Knight Knight (Unrated)Medieval comedy about acouple of knights in training(Tom Eykelhof and DavidWayman) who embark on azany adventure in search ofcash and comfortable underwear.With Jonathan Hansler,Christina Bucher and MingusJohnston.Little White Lies (Unrated)Ensemble dramedy about aParisian restaurateur (FrancoisCluzet) whose annualsummer getaway to Bordeauxwith his wife (Valerie Bonneton)and friends turns confessionalafter one of the guests(Jean Dujardin) is left neardeath by an auto accident.Cast includes Marion Cotillard,Benoit Magimel andGilles Lellouche. (In Frenchwith subtitles)The Revenant (R for graphicviolence, pervasive profanity,drug use, sexuality andgraphic nudity) Horror comedyabout a recently-deceasedIraq War vet (David Anders)who comes back to life asa bloodthirsty zombie. WithAnnie Abbott, Senyo Amoakuand Amy Correa.Samsara (PG-13 for sexualityand disturbing images)Non-narrative meditationexploring assorted wonders ofthe world from the mundaneKam’s KapsulesBy Kam Williamsto the miraculous while delvinginto the unfathomabledepths of humanity’s spirituality.Somewhere Between(Unrated) Roots documentaryabout the struggle of fourteenagers to make sense oftheir lives after being adoptedin China and raised in theU.S. from infancy.Teddy Bear (Unrated) Asianbride drama about a lonely,38 year-old bodybuilder (KimKold) desperate for true lovewho travels from Copenhagento Thailand to find the girl ofhis dreams (Lamaiporn Hougaard).With David Winters,Elsebeth Steentoft and BarbaraZatler. (In Danish, Thaiand English with subtitles)The Victim (R for profanity,drug use, graphic sexualityand gruesome violence)Psychological thriller about awoman (Jennifer Blanc) whocomes to rely on help from ahermit (Michael Biehn) shemeets in the middle of thewoods while being chased bythe perpetrators (Ryan Honeyand Denny Kirkwood) of amurder she’s just witnessed.Go to www.Caribbeanlifenews.com for the latest in Caribbean news,entertainment, sports, business, viewpoints and more.

Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 46FRIDAY, AUGUST 24POTLUCK SOCIAL: Radical Women ishosting Women’s Rights Day Potluck Social,celebrating the 92nd anniversary of women’ssuffrage, 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. at the officeand garden of Black Women’s Blueprint, 279Empire Blvd., between Rogers and Nostrandavenues, Brooklyn. Bring a dish! Admissionfree. For information, call (212) 222-0633.COMEDY/VARIETY: No Name & A Bag O’Chips comedy/variety show host/producer, EricVetter, celebrates his 50th birthday with comicLiz Miele, comedic actress Marilyn Torres,illusionist Lee Alan Barrett and a few surprisesalong with the funky sounds of The SummerReplacements, at 7:00 p.m. at Otto’s ShrunkenHead, 538 E 14th St., between avenues A andB, Manhattan. No cover, no minimum. Formore information, call (212) 228-2240.SATURDAY, AUGUST 25SUN KULCHACOMMUNITY EVENTSHEALTH DAY: The Bethany Seventh-DayAdventist Church, 962 Prospect Ave., Westbury,N.Y. is holding its Annual Health Day featuringVernon L. Dawson, founder of The Voice inthe Wilderness Mission. Event will offer DivineService at 11:00 a.m., lunch in Fellowship Hallat 1:30 p.m. and a health seminar at 3:30 p.m.focusing on information on child, youth, senior& family health topics. For information, visitwww.bethanysda.com or contact Mr. Augustin,Health Ministry Leader at (516) 997-4758.TASTE OF BROOKLYN: The BrooklynChildren’s Museum, 145 Brooklyn Ave., atSt. Marks Ave., is holding its annual Tasteof Brooklyn foodie celebration, Sat., 8/25 &Sun. 8/26, where you can sample ice cream,pretzels, cheese cake, yogurt and sweettreats, some available in vegan and kosher,and offering workshops run by local Brooklyncooks and restaurants. All programs andseating is available on first-come, first servedbasis. All ages. For information and eventtimes, call (718) 735-4400 or visit www.brooklynkids.org.ZUMBA: The Eastern Queens Alliance isoffering a free Zumba fitness class with acontagious blend of upbeat Latin and internationalrhythms with easy-to-follow choreographythat provide a fun and effective workoutwith no prior experience necessary, 9:15 a.m.- 10:30 a.m. at Idlewild Cricket Field in IdlewildPark Preserve, 223 St. and 148 Ave., SpringfieldGardens. For information and directions,call (347) 824-2301.KIDS DAY: Jordin Sparks and Quddus arehosting the Arthur Ashe Kids Day 17thAnnual Music and Tennis Spectacular featuringa full day of tennis and music for childrenand family including interactive games, musicalentertainment and grounds acitivities atthe USTA Billie Jean King National TennisCenter in Flushing, Queens, 9:30 a.m. - 4:00p.m. Tickets available thru Ticketmaster at(866) OPEN-TIX, usopen.org or at the TennisCenter box office. For information, visit www.arthurashekidsday.com.FINANCIAL COACHING: The NHS ofEast Flatbush is offering The FinancialCapabilities and Coaching Programfocusing on helping you reach yourgoals such as paying off bills, savingfor a home, improving credit scores andmore. For more information, call (718)469-4679.FOOD STAMP OUTREACH: Find out ifyou are eligible to receive Food Stampbenefits! A representative from the NYCHuman Resources Administration willbe available to assist you with eligibilitypre-screening and to answer any questionsevery Tuesday and Wednesday,10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. at CommunityBoard 12, 4101 White Plains Road at 229St., Bronx. For more information, call(718) 881-4455.TAI CHI: Stop. Breath. Relax. Join TaiChi Easy, a wellness practice combiningTai-chi, Qigong, meditation and Chinesehealing, taught by Daniel Weicher, certifiedteacher in Integral Qigong and TaiChi, every Sunday, 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.at the Moore Street Market, 110 MooreSt., entrance on Humbolt St., Brooklyn.Donations are appreciated. Call (914)673-6016 for information.LIBRARY PERFORMANCES: A Momentof LOUD presents Get Gong’d w/Rashu Atenbringing his sacred instrument for an interactiveworkshop where patrons will create theirown healing sound vibrations using gongs,2:00 p.m. at the George Bruce Library, 518West 125 St., at Amsterdam Ave., N.Y. Forevent details, visit www.nypl.org of call thelibrary at (212) 662-9727.CARIB GOLD: Carib Gold presents Taste theCaribbean, a salute to Trinidad & Tobago’s50th Independence featuring food, fun andmusic by the City South Steel Orchestra onthe New Rochelle Library Greens, Lawton St.,New Rochelle, N.Y., 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. Freetastings; free admission. For information, callMr. Boone at (914) 513-9087 or Ms. Pitcan at(718) 655-5369.CONCERT: Red House Records presents PaulGeremia in Concert, featuring the release of hisnew album, “Love My Stuff,” offering rare andclassic live blues performances that were recordedat theaters and clubs from California to NewYork, 7:00 p.m. at The Gas Light, 400 West 14St., N.Y. For information, call (212) 807-8444.SICKLE CELL FORUM: The Sickle Cell ThalassemiaPatients Network presents a wellnessprogram public forum, A Healthy Guide to Livingwith Sickle Cell, featuring topics on healthmaintenance, knowing your rights, why youneed to be empowered, and more, 10:30 a.m.- 3:30 p.m. Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. atthe Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Bldg.1263 West 125 St., Room 215, Harlem. Forinformation, visit http://sctph.org or call tollfree (877) 812-4216.BACK-TO-SCHOOL: The Kings Church ofChrist, 1371 Rogers Ave., Brooklyn, will beholding its annual “Back-to-School Rally &Cultural Extravaganza,” providing free schoolsupplies to needy/low-income families alongwith free clothing and food as well as games,rides, face painting and more. For information,visit www.kingschurchof christ.org/backtoschoolrally or call (718) 859-8683.MONDAY, AUGUST 27JAZZY MONDAYS: Jazzy Mondays presentsThe Jeff King Band for one night only at ForMy Sweet, 1103 Fulton St., between ClassonAve. and Claver Pl., Brooklyn. Doors open at6:00 p.m. Performances at 7:15 p.m. and 9:15p.m. Cover price, food and drinks available.RSVP to jazzymondays@gmail.com or call(718) 857-1427, (917) 757-0170 or (718) 753-3302 for more information.WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 29HARLEM SUMMER: The New York HistoricalSociety, Dimenna Children’s History Museum,170 Central Park West, N.Y. presents August Readinginto History Book Wrap and Meet the AuthorEvent featuring “Harlem Summer” by WalterDean Myers. Share reactions, see cool museumobjects and documents related to the story andmeet other historical fiction fans, 4:30 p.m. - 6:00p.m. For ages 9-12 years. For information call(212) 485-9293 and to RSVP for this educationprogram, e-mail familyprograms@nyhistory.org.FRIDAY, AUGUST 31BACK TO SCHOOL JAM: The Brooklyn Children’sMuseum, 145 Brooklyn Ave., at St. MarksAve., is holding a Back to School Jam whereyoungsters are invited to a party in their honor,especially those going to school for the first time,at a hands-on party filled with crafts, music,fashion show sponsored by STORK and includingstreet games, indoors or outdoors, rain or shine.All ages. For information and event times call(718) 735-4400 or visit www.brooklynkids.org.ONGOINGSOCCER REGISTRATION: Registrationis now open for Mayor Dwayne D. Warren’sFirst Annual Caribbean Cup 7 vs. 7 One-DaySoccer Tournament, Saturday, 9/8, 9:00 a.m.at Monte Irvin Orange Park Soccer Complex,N.J. For complete requirements, rules andinformation call Slim at (973) 868-1444 or Mr.Romano at (973) 489-7700. For online registrationvisit https://www.gotsport.com/form/app/?EventID=27191.J’OUVERT: Roy Pierre and Associatespresents “Harlequins and Pierrots,” opennightly, 6:00 p.m. - 1:00 a.m. at mas campCharl-Ena Chateau, 3820 Church Ave., cornerE. 39 St., Brooklyn. Pictures and costumeson display. Register and play mas with us forJ’ouvert 2012. For information, call (718) 282-1229 or (718) 462-5164.FARMERS MARKET: The Hattie Carthan“After Church” Farmers Market featuringlocally grown fresh fruits, veggies, herbs andeggs and offering sessions on growing foodand herbs and how to prepare healthy food isopen every Sunday, 1:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. untilNovember at 49 Van Buren St. off TompkinsAve., Brooklyn. We accept WIC/Senior FMNPChecks, EBT, Health Bucks and cash. Forinformation, call (718) 638-3566 or email hattiecarthangarden@yahoo.com.QUEENS SICKLE CELL: The Queens SickleCell Advocacy Network, 207-08 Hollis Ave.,Queens Village, N.Y., presents a Parentto Parent Support Group meeting everyfirst Monday of every month, 7:00 p.m. Fordirections and registration, call (718) 712-0873 or email Qscanorg@verizon.net.COMPILED BY IDA EISENSTEIN

U.S. Openkick offPop-vocal sensation The Wanted, charttoppingsinger Carly Rae Jepsen, specialguest performer Owl City and from Nickelodeon’sHow to Rock, Cymphonique Millerand Max Schneider, will team up withreigning U.S. Open Champion Novak Djokovic,U.S. No. 1 men’s singles player JohnIsner, three-time U.S. Open ChampionKim Clijsters and Mardy Fish at the 17thAnnual Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day presentedby Hess Saturday, Aug. 25 at the USTA BillieJean King National Tennis Center inFlushing, N.Y., from 9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.Hosted by AAKD alumnus Jordin Sparksand TV personality Quddus, the popularfull-day tennis and music festival for childrenand adults alike features interactivegames, musical entertainment and tennisactivities. Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day presentedby Hess will kick off the 2012 U.S. Open,which runs from Aug. 27 – Sept. 9.From 9:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., kidsand their families can enjoy an excitingschedule of free tennis games, liveContinued on Page 48Gayle back withSydney ThunderBy Azad AliWest Indies superstar batsman ChrisGayle has once more signed with SydneyThunder for another season of Australia’sglitzy Twenty20 Big Bash. The 32-year-oldleft-hander played for the Thunder lastseason and was a hit at the ANZ Stadium,smashing 252 runs at an average of 42.“I am really happy to have signed withthe Thunder,” Gayle said.“After my experience last year, I alwayswanted to return. I love Sydney so I cannotwait to get amongst the guys again. TheThunder squad is looking good with a solidmix of youth and experience.”Gayle was only recently recalled to theWest Indies side following a 15-month hiatus,owing to an impasse with the WestIndies Cricket Board (WICB).Continued on Page 48SPORTSFOR MORE SPORTS, GO TO CARIBBEANLIFENEWS.COM/SPORTSSTRANGLEHOLDBROKENU.S Michael Orozco, front, celebrates after scoring during a friendly soccer game against Mexico in Mexico City, Wednesday,Aug. 15, 2012.AP Photo/Eduardo VerdugoU.S. defeats host MexicoBy Patrick HorneWhen the U.S. came away with an historic1-0 win over host Mexico in an internationalfriendly at the Azteca Stadiumin Mexico City on Wednesday, Aug. 15, itsevered a 75-year-old psychological strangleholdthat Mexico held over its mostfierce CONCACAF rival. It may possiblysignal a new era in this very competitiverivalry – one that could lead to more U. S.wins south of the border.Before the historic win at Azteca, theU.S had failed in its quest for victorythere in its previous 24 tries, managingonly a 0-0 draw against 23 defeats since1937. Also significant is the fact that newU.S. coach Jurgen Klinsmann has not lostContinued on Page 48Page 47 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Aug. 24-30, 2012

Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 48U.S. OpenContinued from page 47music and attractions takingplace throughout the groundsof the USTA Billie Jean KingNational Tennis Center. InsideArthur Ashe Stadium from1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m., the livetennis and music show willfeature fun exhibition matchesand skills competitionswith Novak Djokovic, JohnIsner, Kim Clijsters, MardyFish and other top playersand celebrities with musicalperformances by The Wanted,Carly Rae Jepsen, Owl City,Cymphonique Miller, MaxSchneider and other talent tobe announced.Stadium show tickets are onsale now through Ticketmaster(1-866-OPEN-TIX), usopen.org and at the USTA Billie JeanKing National Tennis Centerbox office. American Expressis the official card of ArthurAshe Kids’ Day. Arthur AsheKids’ Day will be broadcastnationally by CBS on Sunday,Aug. 26, from 12 noon – 1:30p.m (ET). Kids 12-and-underwith stadium show ticketswill receive a free Arthur AsheKids’ Day hat from the USTAand Hess on a first-come, firstservedbasis.“We are thrilled to kick offthe 2012 U.S. Open with the17th annual Arthur Ashe Kids’Day presented by Hess featuringthe most popular namesin sports and entertainmenttoday,” said Gordon Smith,USTA executive director andchief operating officer. “Theevent holds a long-standinghistory of providing a day offun-filled family activities asattendees celebrate the life ofArthur Ashe and his missionto empower children of allages through tennis.”West Indies batsman Chris GayleOne of the many youths enjoying free tennis games at the USTA BillieJean King National Tennis Center in Flushing, N.Y. Photo courtesy of USTAAP Photo/Lynne SladkyChris GayleContinued from page 47During his time away from internationalcricket, he increased his Twenty20stocks significantly with successful stintsin Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and the cashrichIndian Premier Leagues.Gayle is one of the four West Indiesplayers already confirmed for the Dec. 7to Jan. 19 showpiece.Mystery off-spinner Sunil Narine willdebut for the Sydney Sixers, batsmanKieron Pollard will play for the AdelaideStrikers, while fast bowler Kemar Roachhas signed for Brisbane Heat.U.S. defeats MexicoThe Caribbean Cup is intoits semifinal stage after quarterfinalresults were completedlast Sunday at Jefferson HighSchool Field on Shepherd andFlatlands avenues in Flatlands,Brooklyn. Last Sunday, NigelCodrington scored in the 60thminute to give Guyana a 1-0victory over St. Vincent andthe Grenadines in one of twoquarterfinal games; in the otherquarterfinal, defending championJamaica beat Panama.In the previous quarterfinalmatch ups the week before, St.Lucia won by forfeit over Antiguaand Barbuda, and GrenadaContinued from page 47to Mexico in his two matchesagainst the Tri-colors, since takingover from Bob Bradley lastsummer. The U.S. tied Mexico inKlinsmann’s only other encounter,but this time, two substitutescombined to get the win:defender Michael Orozco Fiscal,of Mexican descent, scored in the80th minute off an assist fromforward Terrence Boyd during agoalmouth scramble.The victory does much forthe Americans’ psyche, especiallyconsidering the way it wasachieved. The untried U.S. team- with only four regular startersin goalkeeper Tim Howard,Maurice Edu, Landon Donovanand Jermaine Jones – were outplayedin midfield but preservedthe shutout. The victory couldsignal the start of a new generationof players with fearlessintent when playing south of theborder.There are those who won’tgive much credence to the U.S.win because the game was afriendly, but they underestimatethe psychological significance atstake. The U.S. considers Mexicoits staunchest opponent in theregion and the only team thatprevents it carrying the label of‘best in CONCACAF’ a longstandingU.S. ambition and one thatis expected to be realized withKlinsmann at the helm. Beingthe best in CONCACAF is part ofthe campaign to take the ‘U.S. tothe next level’ or, in other words,beyond CONCACAF and be considereda serious contender towin the World Cup.The rivalry makes these teamsbetter; beyond the U.S. and Mexico,the rivalry also strengthensthe Confederation as the othernational teams such as Honduras,Jamaica, Costa Rica, Panama,Guatemala and others in theregion constantly try to close thegap between them and the CON-CACAF big two.In Mexico City on the historicnight, Howard got his 28thinternational shutout and confirmedhis status as one of thebest, if not the best, goalkeeperin the world; he exhibited tremendousleadership. “It took alot of grit and determination,”Howard said. “We went outthere and played our hearts outtonight. It’s not lost on any ofus that we made history. We’rejust so proud of those guys. Weworked hard. We played welland we had to weather theirstorm most of the game and wedid that.”Midfielder Edu played at centraldefense with young GeoffCameron, and in helping to preservethe shutout, showed hisversatility; Jones and Donovanwere steady as usual and FabianJohnson, moved from his customaryleft defensive position tothe right, was also model in versatility.“We were well aware that we’venever won here at Azteca andthis is an amazing experience forall the players,” Klinsmann said.“We told them before the game,‘This moment is for you, go andgrab it.’ We are aware that is wasa lot of work. Tim Howard keptus in the game I don’t know howmany times. It was an absolutelyfantastic performance by Tim.Also, the back line was holdingtheir strength for the whole 90minutes. It was a fantastic teamperformance. We know we stillhave to improve in many elements.We have to keep the balllonger, we have to create morechances and we have to do a lotof work still, but I think this givesus a lot of confidence.”Carib Cup heads into semifinalspummeled Trinidad and Tobago,6-0. On Sunday, Aug. 26, startingat 3:00 p.m., St. Lucia playsJamaica in the first semifinalwhile Grenada takes on Guyanain the other. The championshipgame is set for Sunday, Sept. 2.In the Bronx New York InternationalSoccer League, whichplays its games at EvanderChilds High School Field nearGun Hill Road and EastchesterAvenue in the Bronx, the semifinalfield is set to kick off onSunday, Aug. 26. Arantes takeson Upsetters at 5:00 p.m. andundefeated Havoc plays Kandiaimmediately after.

South Africa tops ICC Test StandingsSome useful all rounderperformances from theSouth African players propelledtheir team to the topof the ICC test standings.South Africa went passedEngland after they won thethird test match at Lordsby 51 runs. South Africaninform batsman HamishAmla scored a century in thefinal Test at Lords bringinghis total amount of test centuriesto 15 from 61 tests atan average of 49-61. OpenerRobin Peterson scored a centurythe second test, JacquesKallis scored a century inthe first test. Abde Villierscame on with some usefulscores as well.Eyes on CricketBy George H. WhyteSPECIALISTBOWLERS DID THEJOBSouth Africa has five specialistbowlers that can toppleand carry the challengeto many top batsmen in theworld. Morne Morkel, VernonPhilander, Dale Steyn,Jack Kallis and spinnerImran Jahir took the challengeto the English batsmenand won. These bowlerscapitalize on the conditionsand South Africa’s CaptainCraeme Smith never overused any of his bowlers. Heused them appropriately.Vernon Philander, the pacer,got the ball to move aroundfrequently along with someswing causing him to pickup five wickets for 30 runsfrom 14.5 overs. South Africastood to their task andtheir specialist bowlers didthe job. South Africa wonthe Three-Test series 2-0.Winning the Basil Doli Veiratrophy.INTERNATIONALCRICKET COUNCILTEST STANDINGSSouth Africa: 120; England:117; Australia: 116;Pakistan: 109; India: 104;Sri Lanka: 98; West Indies:90: New Zealand: 80; Bangladesh:0.INTERNATIONALCRICKET COUNCILONE-DAYINTERNATIONALSTANDINGSEngland: 121; South Africa:121; India: 120; Australia:112; Sri Lanka: 108;Pakistan:105; West Indies: 94;New Zealand: 74; Bangladesh:71; Zimbabwe: 50;Ireland: 35.ICC TWENTY20IN SRI LANKAWILL BE VERYCOMPETITIVEThe six top teams in Twenty20cricket are England infirst place, South Africa - second,Sri Lanka - third, Bangladesh- fourth, Pakistan -fifth and Australia - sixth.South Africa’s Jacques Kallis hits a ball from England’sGraeme Swann during the third day of the third Testmatch at Lord’s cricket ground, London, Saturday,Aug. 18, 2012. (AP Photo/Tom Hevezi) Tom HeveziWest Indies is at numbernine. Bangladesh, India andSri Lanka will be the teamsdesperate to move up the ladder.Sri Lanka will be playingat home under their customaryconditions. Bangladeshand India understand thoseconditions fully too. Indiawill be making every effortto move from the numbereight position. West Indieshave the batting but theirbowling may be in for someheavy battering. Captaincywill play a significant partin the series. How well SunilNarine, Kemar Roach, JinoBest and Dwayne Bravo bowlmay determine if the WestIndies win or lose. Their battingis destructive but theirbowlers will have to limit theruns scored. Andre Russellshould bat up in the order.He has proven repeatedlythat he has a huge appetitefor runs. He deserves toclimb the ladder and takecare of business. This competitionwill be rigorous andthe team that can containthe swash buckling of runswill win the competition.South African and Indianbowlers are good at containingruns. A fierce competitionis ahead.ICC TWENTY20STANDINGSEngland: 130; SouthAfrica: 122; Sri Lanka: 115;Bangladesh: 111; Pakistan:108; Australia: 107; NewZealand: 105; India: 103;West Indies: 103.Page 49 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Aug. 24-30, 2012

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Page 51 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Aug. 24-30, 2012

Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 52CROSSWORD BY STATEPOINT MEDIA, INC.Across1. Whatchamacallit6. Parabola, e.g.9. December 25th, for short13. Receive, as in debt14. Swedish shag rug15. Best of its kind16. Coffee burn, e.g.17. Came together18. *Used in art19. *a.k.a Reading, writing, and arithmetic21. *Elementary school supply staple23. Kum Ba ___24. Genghis or Kublai, e.g.25. Hexagonal fastener28. Private theater box30. Young urban professional35. Singles37. Hamlet or village in South Africa39. Cuts, as in hair40. Outside cover41. “_____ Last Night” starring Rob Lowe43. Regrettably44. Erasable programmable read-onlymemory46. Certainly47. Hatha or bikram, e.g.48. Stationary part of a motor around whichrotor revolves50. The A in the hit comedy “M*A*S*H”52. *Found in Kindergarten classroom53. Reduced instruction set computer55. Pimple fluid57. *______ plan60. *Student’s personal domain, pl.64. Less bright then supernovae65. Rocks in a drink67. Physicists Marie and Pierre _____68. Nancy _____ of “Entertainment Tonight”69. As opposed to don’ts70. Carl Jung’s inner self71. “The Way We ____”72. Half the width of ems73. Shot at summer OlympicsDOWN1. Essence of idea2. 1/36th of a yard3. Harry Potter’s mark4. Having no horns5. Trying experience6. Coat of ____7. It comes dark or marbled8. “____ 22”9. Roentgen’s machine10. Popular Japanese soup11. End of prayer12. Sun in Mexico15. Jimmy Carter farmed this20. Valerie Harper’s role, 1974-197822. Solar beam24. Beat Generation pioneer25. *Students must learn how to take these26. Unfit27. Earth in Latin29. Loads31. Elizabeth Gilbert’s “Eat, ____, Love”32. Sitcom trial33. Idealized image34. *English homework36. *Famous dog in basal readers38. Make like a cat42. Pace of music45. Breadcrumb, e.g.49. Site of next summer Olympics51. Popular North and Central American shrubs54. Like a hurtful remark56. Malodorous mammal57. Mother ____58. At any time59. *Popular seasonal lure60. Is it really more?61. One of Great Lakes62. Frost residue63. *Taken at teacher’s request64. Betty Friedan’s org.66. SwindleAnswers in Classified SectionGo towww.CaribbeanLifeNews.comfor the latest inCaribbean news,entertainment,sports, business,viewpoints, and more.North America’s Largest Caribbean Newspaper

Aug. 24-30, 2012 • Caribbean LifeQueens/Bronx/Manhattan/Westchester • Page 68

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