Momentum - Schreiner University

Momentum - Schreiner University


A Report for Our Friends

schreiner university • 2011

Mission Statement:

Schreiner University, a liberal arts institution affiliated by

choice and covenant with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.),

is committed to educating students holistically. Primarily

undergraduate, the university offers a personalized, integrated

education that prepares its students for meaningful work and

purposeful lives in a changing global society.

2 Schreiner university

Table of Contents 3 Greetings

7 Campus Development

11 Academic Offerings

17 Financial Strength

19 Planning for the Second

Century of Service

23 Honor Roll of Donors


Dear Friends,

That word “momentum” conjures up images of

football announcers soberly informing us that this

interception or that touchdown run had shifted

the momentum of the game from one team to

another. Dandy Don Meredith had more fun with

the concept, often referring to “mighty Mo” and

his effects. We do tend to personalize this concept

of a mounting juggernaut or an invisible flywheel.

Momentum” is truly an accurate title for this

update to our friends. The last three years have

been dynamic, with Schreiner University

improving visibly and in less tangible ways as well.

We invite you to campus to experience those

improvements firsthand. Until you can, we hope

this report will give you a glimpse of the ways our

campus is becoming more attractive and

functional as well as how our people and

programs are pushing Schreiner quality ever

higher. We would like you to know some of the

personalities—students, graduates, faculty and

staff—who give vitality and dimension to the

Schreiner story.

Purposeful change is fundamental to Schreiner’s

future. Please read about our new bachelor’s

degree in nursing and MBA initiative, as well as

our first three signature undergraduate programs.

We have embarked this summer on an ambitious

three-year technology plan—most of it invisible to

the eye—that is already transforming the level of

services we can provide and will in time

demonstrate how thoroughly at home Schreiner is

in the digital world of the 21st century.

Do we really address the “whole person”

educationally? See how our Mountaineer Fitness

Center serves the cause of health and wellness.

Burgeoning student participation in our campus

ministry programs, in intercollegiate athletics and

greetings from the President

in small living and learning communities offers

other measures of a robust campus life. Please take

time to marvel with us at our fine new student

residences, Faulkner Residence Hall and the Oaks

Apartment Complex. Now it is difficult to

remember life without them!

We must maintain and even increase our

momentum to face the challenges confronting all

of American higher education. An arena and event

center to serve student-athletes, the campus-atlarge

and the community is overdue. We recognize

an obligation to serve our students’ spiritual life

better through a chapel and worship facilities.

Music and theatre programs created a decade ago

deserve facilities to support the creative expression

now so much a part of campus experience.

As we manage the challenge of cost and access,

building our endowment resources to support

scholarships for deserving students is a necessity.

And, always, advancing learning opportunities

through talented faculty, vibrant academic

programs, creative technology use and engaged

learning keeps us free from any temptation to

become blasé!

We are grateful for all of the ways you encourage

us and our students. Our journey is more

productive and satisfying because you are part of

it. So read and enjoy. Be energized. Be proud that

you are a part of the Schreiner story. And believe

us when we say, “We’re just getting started!”

All the best,

C. Tim Summerlin


Momentum 2011 3

2011-2012 Board of Trustees

Officers of the Board

Chair: Mr. Michael Pate Washington, D.C.

Vice Chair:

Mr. Thomas Weir Labatt, II San Antonio

Secretary: Mr. Walter Dunlap Dallas

Term Expiring 2012

Mr. Atanacio Campos New Braunfels

Mr. Dean Krueger Spring Branch

Dr. Demmie Mayfield San Antonio

Ms. Nancy Paup Fort Worth

Ms. Jane Ragsdale Hunt

Dr. William Reid Horseshoe Bay

Mr. Robert Scott Falfurrias

Mr. Max Sherman Austin

Term Expiring 2013

The Rev. Dr. Stuart Baskin Tyler

Mr. Philip Hering Waco

Mr. Frank Maresh Hunt

Ms. Vicky Pappas Houston

Mr. Darrel Rice Dallas

Ms. Angie Richmond San Antonio

Mr. Charles Sapp San Antonio

Mr. Nicholas Serafy Brownsville

Mr. Brian Sullivan Austin

Mr. Billy Wilkinson Austin

Mr. Walter Workman Kerrville

Term Expiring 2014

Mr. James Alsup Midland

Ms. Nancy Anguish Midland

Mr. Tom Baldwin San Antonio

Ms. Susan Stephens Brooks San Angelo

Mr. Mark Clements Spicewood

Dr. Gary Allen Crozier Kerrville

Mr. Bill Harrison San Antonio

Dr. Richard Marrs Los Angeles

Ms. Janet McKinney Kerrville

Ms. Lea Nye San Antonio

Mr. Robert Parker Houston

Mr. Israel Pena Boerne

The Rev. Dean Pogue Katy

Mr. Stuart Sliva El Paso

4 Schreiner university

Advisory Trustees

Ms. Anne Compton Dallas

Mr. J. B. (Bubba) Coskey* Houston

Mr. Bill Wilson* Kerrville

The Rev. Dr. John Wurster Kerrville

* denotes inactive status

Trustees Emeriti

Mr. James Avery Kerrville

Mr. Peter Baldwin Dallas

University Officers

Dr. Tim Summerlin


Dr. Charlie McCormick

Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

Ms. Peg Layton

Vice President for Enrollment and Student Services

Mr. Mark Tuschak

Vice President for Advancement

and Public Affairs

Dr. Candice Scott

Chief Information Officer and Assistant

Vice President for Academic Affairs for

Library, Technology and Academic Services

Ms. Lane Tait

Assistant Vice President for Marketing


Dr. Diana Comuzzie

Trull School of Sciences & Math

Dr. David Smith

Cailloux School of Professional Studies

Dr. William Woods

School of Liberal Arts

Ms. Karen Davis Kilgore

Director of Development

a message from the Chairman of the Board

Dear Friends,

In some ways, Schreiner has changed dramatically since I

arrived in 1969 to prepare myself academically and to play

basketball. The campus is certainly transformed, and the

breadth of educational offerings far exceeds the young

Schreiner Institute I attended.

On the other hand, what made Schreiner a wonderful

school 40 years ago continues to make it a premier place of

learning now. Faculty take their teaching commitments

seriously; every student is known by name. Decade after

decade, graduates tell stories of how Schreiner personnel—

teachers, coaches, dorm supervisors—inspired them to aim

high and reach their potential; how Schreiner people would

not permit them to settle for less.

It is satisfying to watch SU grow as a baccalaureate

university thoughtfully led by President Tim Summerlin.

Schreiner University is carving out signature programs—

distinct areas of exceptional service—and its name is

becoming known in wider and wider circles.

I never dreamed that someday I would be “commuting”

from Washington, D.C., to Kerrville to serve my old school as

a trustee. And surely I did not envision a time when my peers

would elect me Chairman of the Board of Trustees. I look

forward to the challenges of helping Schreiner claim bold

goals and finding the human and financial resources to

realize them.

While serving as chairman is a daunting task, I have

observed skilled leadership to emulate. Just last May, Dr. Bill

Franklin retired as board chair. His persistence and patience,

his creativity and conscience, his personal generosity and

willingness to talk to anyone who would listen about our

college—all of these gifts of leadership have paved the way for

me. I am grateful for such a wise mentor.

I know I speak for all of my fellow trustees when I invite

you to stay connected, connected to an exciting educational

enterprise with a magnificent future.


Michael L. Pate

Partner, Bracewell & Giuliani

Washington, D.C.

Michael L. Pate

Chairman of the Board

Bill Franklin

Immediate Past Chairman

of the Board

Momentum 2011 5

The Pioneers:

Jubilant students gather

for a group photo in their

sparkling new dorm as

they conclude their first

semester of college life

in December 2010.

6 Schreiner university

Faulkner Residence Hall

provides a state-of-the-art

freshman environment

Momentum in Campus Development

Welcoming students last fall, the Faulkner

Residence Hall is a joint venture between

SU and the Austin family whose name it bears.

Royce Faulkner, ’49 alumnus, and his wife, Donna,

provided the lead funding that made the 170-bed

dormitory a reality. At a cost of approximately

$7 million, Faulkner offers first-year students a

modern, convenient and cozy environment for

Faulkner Residence Hall

Mountaineer Fitness Center

The Oaks Apartment Complex

sleeping, studying and enjoying fellowship with

one another.

Standing as a modern sentinel near the front

gate, Faulkner has 84 double-occupany rooms, six

study rooms, a central living room on each of

three floors and a huge multimedia meeting room.

Its only problem: Students do not want to move

out after their freshman year!

Momentum 2011 7

Mountaineer Fitness Center

is transforming campus life

Yes! Fitness, Wellness, Offices,

Lockers, Classes, Recreation

We are mightily pleased that the Mountaineer Fitness Center,

Cree Tennis Complex and athletic field improvements

contribute to campus life and to recruiting efforts every day.

From generous friends’ gifts, we have completed 27,000 sq. ft. of health and recreation space for our

students and staff. We have also rebuilt the tennis courts, revived the swimming pool area, renovated

Edington Gym, upgraded baseball, softball and soccer fields, and have created other recreational

spaces on campus.

Completed for Phase I: $10,984,233

8 Schreiner university


student athletes secured academic honors in the fall of 2010.

And one third of all athletes earned Dean’s List or President’s List

recognition last spring for their academic performance. Last year,

274 student-athletes represented the Mountaineers in 13 sports.

Philip Anderson Class of 2013

My experiences at Schreiner so far have already

given me a lifetime of memories. The soccer

program is great and I am making lifetime

friends. Each of my professors cares about me

and they do an excellent job of making sure you

get a good learning experience.

– Philip Anderson

Cypress, TX

Photo above:

Philip Anderson traveled to Brazil to play

as part of the Southwest Conference

Division 3 All-Star team. Barely 14 hours

after leaving the U.S., they played the

Piracicaba Futebol Club, with Philip

making the U.S. team’s first goal.

Momentum 2011 9

The Oaks Apartment Complex

helps students transition as young adults

Opening its doors in 2008,

the Oaks Apartment

Complex provides upperclassmen

with semi-private suites and an

adjacent community center with

large gathering and meeting

rooms, pool table and kitchen.

Completed this fall is Phase II

of The Oaks with an additional

96 beds – all four-bedroom/2 bath

units with full kitchens. Phase

II also includes a sand volleyball

court, gazebo and grilling area,

and more laundry space.

Completed: $8,200,000

10 Schreiner university

Peg Layton

Vice President of

Enrollment and

Student Services

Campus housing provides students the opportunity to

transition from living at home with family to living

independently as young adults. Our freshman-only

residence halls allow new students to make these

adjustments within a community where they can share

common experiences and begin lifelong friendships. Our

upperclass housing is designed to give older students

more privacy but still within a supportive environment of

friends and classmates with common interests and goals.

– Peg Layton


in construction projects has been completed in the last

three years. SU is proud to have boosted the local economy

with jobs, goods and services as these major campus

enhancements and refurbishments were accomplished.

Momentum in Academic Offerings

Beth Ann Strausburg Rafferty ’87

When I was a Schreiner student, Advanced

Composition was a required course. I kept

protesting to Professor Glen Lich (now

deceased) that I was an accounting major and

would never need to know how to write. After

graduation, when I was a public accountant,

I thought about Dr. Lich a lot because I wrote

audit report after audit report! And written

communication continues to be a major part

of my responsibilities today.

Accounting instructor Mary Harston also

comes often to mind. She used to tell us that

she was setting high expectations and that we

better rise to them. So we did! I look forward

to visiting with some current students to share

these observations and to tell them that

accounting is a wonderful field—packed with

variety and opportunity!

Masters of Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Signature Programs

– Beth Ann Rafferty, ’87

Beth Ann Rafferty ’87

CFO and Vice President,


Southwest Research


Ms. Rafferty began at Southwest Research Institute in 1991 and became

assistant treasurer and assistant secretary in 1997. Appointed Chief Financial

Officer and Vice President, Finance, in 2011, Beth Ann is responsible for

Accounting, Central Proposal Office, Credit and Collections, Contracts, Employee

Benefits, Government Property Administration, Information Technology Center,

Retirement Program and Risk Management.

Headquartered in San Antonio, Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is one of

the oldest and largest independent, nonprofit, applied engineering and physical

sciences research and development organizations in the U.S. In 2010, its total

revenue was $548 million.

Momentum 2011 11

Master of Business Administration

makes advanced education attainable

for working professionals

The brain child of Dr. Charles Torti (see page 16), Schreiner’s

MBA opened its doors and its Web presence in September

2011. The hybrid program combines campus and online classes

in a two-year degree program. Two courses each semester take

place on campus from 6 to 8:30 p.m., while students complete the

third course each semester online. All courses involve rigorous

problem solving, extensive business writing, computer literacy,

business simulations, empirical research and team projects that

mirror contemporary business challenges and opportunities.

• Decision Making

• Management Strategies

• Global Economics

Schreiner is a unique institution that speaks to what I value

and know to be true. ‘Learning by Heart’ is not just a feelgood

slogan to me; it is the essence of teaching and

learning. For me, learning and teaching has always been an

intellectual and a spiritual experience. If one fails to engage

the spirits of our learners, it is doubtful that they will

develop their full mental potential.

I chose to teach at Schreiner instead of one of the larger

institutions who have offered me employment because I

truly believe Schreiner is not in the business of education—

as many larger universities are—but is dedicated instead to

the art of teaching and the joy of learning.

– Charles Salter

12 Schreiner university

• Management Information Systems

• Advanced Organizational Behavior

• Borderless Marketing

2011 recipient of Schreiner’s Award

for Excellence in Research,

Scholarship and Creative Activity.





The number of

faculty and students

when Schreiner

Institute opened its

doors in 1923.

Charles Salter

Assistant Professor of Business

Charles Salter serves as faculty

advisor for the Mountaineer

Leadership Conference. Dr. Salter

has worked in upper management for

three Fortune 500 companies and

has owned three entrepreneurial

endeavors over the course of 30

years in business. Writing, research,

and speaking engagements keep him

abreast of the field of management

and leadership. He is currently writing

a leadership book on “The Sermon

on the Mount” and is conducting

research on moral development.





The number

of full-time

faculty and

students in


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

BSN degree launches, not a minute too soon

Photo above:

Elizabeth Ferry, an

emergency medical

technician (EMT) from

Boerne, intends to

be part of the 2013

nursing class and is

completing her prerequisites

this year.

Lena Rippstein


BSN Program Director

Vocational nurses have graduated from Schreiner

since 1976. These men and women have paved

the way for launching the BSN program this fall.

Twenty-six students begin upper-level

courses in September 2011 that will

lead to the first BSN graduates in May,

2013. After graduating and passing their

national licensure exam (NCLEX),

these SU alumni will be full-fledged

registered nurses.

BSN program director, Dr. Lena

Rippstein, points out that this new

program is the next step in academic

excellence that began for Schreiner

nursing four decades ago.

“The Texas Board of Nursing

Examiners approved Schreiner a year

ahead of our anticipated schedule. This

is in part due to the strong vocational

nursing program Schreiner has offered

for four decades. In other words, our

reputation preceded us, and I am


“Our national nursing shortage,”

explains Dr. Rippstein, “is expected to

intensify as baby boomers age and the

need for health care grows. Over the past

decade, both in Texas and nationally,

there has been an escalating demand for

RNs that exceeds the current RN-supply

— and that nationwide shortage is

expected to increase to approximately

260,000 RNs by 2025!”

Schreiner is proud to be part of the

regional and national health care solution.

Momentum 2011 13

Signature Programs

Life Sciences

Graphic Design

Integrity Ambassadors in Business

Signature programs reflect our intention to offer unique

learning experiences. In field biology, you will get out of

the lab and into a stream; in graphic design, you will build

a portfolio of client-based work; and in the integrity

ambassadors in business program, you will embody the

understanding that ethics and integrity are the essential

business skills and values in the twenty-first century. We

are offering one-of-a-kind opportunities for students who

want to be professionally prepared and who want to

develop the habits of mind that can only be cultivated in a

liberal arts institution. And they serve as models of the

engaging and experiential modes of learning that other

colleges and universities are beginning to adopt.

Building upon academic programs that already have strength and unique qualities, the Schreiner

faculty and administration recently named three signature programs to deepen students’ academic

experiences and to help Schreiner carve a more recognized academic niche. No longer adolescent,

Schreiner’s baccalaureate program graduated its 26th class in May, 2011.

14 Schreiner university

– Dr. Charlie McCormick

Photo above:

Student and mentor take a moment to celebrate Molly’s acceptance

into the doctoral program in chemistry at Baylor University.

Dr. Charlie McCormick

Provost and Vice President

for Academic Affairs

“Undergraduate research at Schreiner provides a unique

opportunity for students to form collaborative partnerships with

faculty members working on new discoveries and community

challenges in an interdisciplinary environment. It is invigorating

and illuminating for both the student and their faculty mentor.”

— Dr. Danette Vines,

associate professor of chemistry, is a member of

Schreiner’s Undergraduate Research Task Force

and is the 2011 honoree for the Elmore

Whitehurst Award for Creative Teaching.

“If I had gone to any other school than Schreiner, I would not have

been able to do as much research. And the research got my foot in

the door for the Ph.D. program.” — Molly Hutcherson ’11

Schreiner has a fine reputation for preparing students interested in

becoming doctors, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists and medical

researchers. Our science grads stretch from South Texas to Vermont to

Spain! Dean Diana Comuzzie says becoming a signature program has

enabled the department to offer a new course of study: field biology.

Students are enjoying the variety of hands-on learning and research

opportunities in conservation, ecology and management of Hill

Country flora and fauna.


In financial aid packages will assist 96%

of Schreiner’s students this year on their

journeys toward graduation.

Life Sciences expands offerings

to include field biology

Photo above:

Dr. Chris Distel,

assistant professor of

biology, enthusiastically

gives his biology

students Amber

Campillo, Brianna

Benzinger and Derek

Draper hands-on


Momentum 2011 15

Graphic Design

students create real projects for the real world

Graphic Design majors gain knowledge and experience by offering their

concept and design services to the nonprofit community instead of

“pretend” clients. One organization may need a poster campaign; another

requests a graphic makeover—from new logos to letterhead, business cards and

Web pages. Students learn how to conduct interviews, listen carefully, compete

for the business and work in teams to accomplish demanding goals. Along the

way, every student develops and fabricates a professional portfolio in original and

digital forms. When they graduate, these students are ready for the real world

because they have already created partnerships there!

Integrity Ambassadors of Business

Four-year program instills Life-Long Values

The Integrity Ambassadors in Business (IAB) program

involves students in Accounting, Business, Finance,

Information Systems, Marketing and Management for each

year of their college careers. They learn through a series of

online simulations, threaded discussions, formal lectures,

ethics debates and other class projects that emphasize that

integrity and achieving the bottom line are harmonious goals

of good business practices. Program creator Dr. Charles Torti

says that the comprehensive IAB curriculum helps students

make thoughtful decisions by understanding that different

individuals view the same set of facts through a variety of

ethical lenses or perspectives. Online case studies and

simulations require students to think deeply, to consult others

and to tackle increasingly complex situations as they progress

towards their degrees. Already, 179 students are in the program

and 300 are expected by the end of the 2011-12 academic year.

16 Schreiner university

Photo above:

Jennifer Edwards ’10

moved from student

intern to graphic


assistant at Peterson

Regional Medical

Center in Kerrville.

Dr. Charles Torti,

associate professor of business,

created the IAB program. He is the

2011 recipient of the Harriet Garrett

Award for Teaching Excellence.

Dollars, in Millions











Momentum in Financial Strength

Now 26 years old as a baccalaureate university, Schreiner is

committed to at least doubling its endowment to $100,000,000.

Endowment strength is a nationally understood indicator of an

institution’s ability to operate confidently in uncertain economic

times and to provide a reliable source of income to underwrite

important university initiatives.

Schreiner employs a 5 percent spend rate with its endowment.

This means any program or position that is endowed has a corpus

behind it equal to 20 times its annual budget. Schreiner actively

seeks endowment funds for the following important projects:

• The William Logan Library

• Nursing

• Campus Ministry

• Signature Programs

• Student Life Programming

SU claims ambitious goal to double

the endowment to $100,000,000.

Schreiner University, 2001-2011

Endowment records steady growth for the decade.

40 38


46.6 46.5

2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011

As the graph indicates, Schreiner has almost doubled its endowment

in the last decade, thanks in large part to estate gifts. (Please see

Schreiner Oaks Society information on page 32.)

• The Honors Program

• Buildings & Grounds

• Learning Support Services

• The Honors Program




Momentum 2011 17


Total assets surpass $100,000,000







2011 Revenues

18 Schreiner university



Net tuition

and fees




2011 Expenses



7% Student services


2010-2011 Selected Financial Statistics







Cash and cash equivalent $4,031,357

Accounts and pledges receivable 1,684,837

Other assets 1,923,466

Investments 53,929,211

Land, buildings and equipment, net 52,382,091

Total assets $113,950,962


Accounts payable $2,063,092

Deposits and deferred revenue 891,453

Notes payable 15,748,685

Total liabilities $18,703,230

Net Assets

Unrestricted $50,317,965

Temporarily restricted 9,263,590

Permanently restricted 35,666,177

Total net assets $95,247,732

Total liabilities and net assets $113,950,962

Frank W. Maresh


It is a pleasure to serve

as a volunteer for an

organization like

Schreiner, one that takes

seriously its financial

responsibilities. As

chairman of the Audit

Committee, I am proud

of the unqualified audit

opinions Schreiner

receives year after year.

– Frank W. Maresh


A resident of Hunt, Maresh is

the retired Vice Chairman of

KPMG, U.S. Operations, and

retired managing partner of

KPMG’s Houston office.

KPMG LLP is an international

audit, tax and advisory firm.

Maresh is also the retired

chairman of the Texas State

Board of Public Accountancy.


Schreiner is pleased to have 243 named

endowed scholarships and aspires to have

1,000 of these permanent family tributes.


Planning for the Second Century of Service

Schreiner holds sacred the Christian convictions

that each student is valuable and unique and

that the University’s purpose is to enable every

student to grow intellectually, physically and

spiritually. I am proud to serve a university

that values diversity of people and thought in

a setting of open, civil discourse.

– The Rev. Gini Norris-Lane

Campus Minister

The proposed worship center will symbolize our

covenant and support a bustling campus ministry.

Worship Center

Mountaineer Center

Campus Master Plan

Performing & Fine

Arts Complex


programs beckon

new facilities

Schreiner’s church-relatedness

is apparent in a vigorous

ecumenical campus ministry

program directly involving a

large percentage of our students.

Replacing the aged Dietert

Auditorium with a multi-use

and modern building in the

same location will symbolize

our covenant relationship

with the Presbyterian Church

(USA) and will encourage and

accommodate a lively campus

ministry program. New facilities

will offer quality space for people

of all faiths to gather, enjoy

fellowship, study, reflect and

worship. Wish List estimates

indicate a construction and 20%

endowment totaling $3,700,000.


Faith-based groups participate in

campus ministry, both in relationship

to specific denominations and in

ecumenical fellowship and service.

Momentum 2011 19

Mountaineer Fitness Center

Phase II

New Front Gate

“One chance to make a first impression”

20 Schreiner university

Mountaineer Center Phase II will complete

athletic and recreational facilities on

the east side of campus. This will include

approximately 31,000 sq. ft. gym and events

center, a baseball and softball field house,

and lighting for the outdoor baseball and

soccer fields. Estimated cost: $10,186,422.

Photo to left:

2010 Women’s Golf Team, in their second year of

competition, won the American Southwest Conference

Championship and advanced to NCAA D-III nationals.

Pictured (l to r): Simone Date, Ashley Hernandez,

Surraya Minhas, Katlynd Imbody (Front), Liz Calderon

(Back), Sarah Stillwell, Gabby Rosales and Rylie

Pankratz. Not pictured: coach Anna Macosko.

The proposed new front gate will help announce Schreiner’s presence from

the highway and improve traffic flow. SU’s consultants, Terra Design

Group of San Antonio, are developing plans for every area of campus, all

in harmony with responsible South Texas xeric considerations, of course.

Wish List estimate of construction and endowment costs: $1,000,000.

Photo above:

Artist rendering of

the proposed new

front entrance.

Photos above:

Artist’s rendering of proposed South Plaza, or

“Free Speech Court”—optimizing use of strategic

space between the dining hall, admissions

building and student activities center. With some

shade and shelter, this well-trafficked area could

be used for hundreds of social and academic

activities each year. Phase I, ground preparation,

began in the summer of 2011.

Enhancing a Welcoming Campus

Hill Country style


The number of acres Charles Schreiner donated

for the founding of Schreiner Institute. Today,

the campus encompasses 176 acres.

Although facilities built over the last dozen

years have achieved wonders for our

students, efforts to create a comprehensive

master plan have been piecemeal. Our goals are

that the Schreiner University campus will be

• welcoming from first appearance;

• friendly to pedestrians;

• suitable for outdoor gatherings;

• efficient in moving vehicular traffic; and

• aesthetically compatible to its

Hill Country setting.

Our campus master plan addresses the need to

achieve these goals coherently and it will guide

non-facility improvements for years to come.

Wish List estimate of construction and

endowment costs for this courtyard: $830,000.

Momentum 2011 21

Performing & Fine Arts Complex

modern spaces for life-enriching activities

22 Schreiner university

Photos above:

Artist’s renderings of proposed new facility

innovatively incorporate Rex Kelly Pavilion,

Hanzsen Fine Arts and new construction.

No college offers a holistic learning

program without providing for

the study and enjoyment of the arts.

Schreiner’s plans for suitable space

dedicated to the visual and performing

arts reaches back into the 1970s. The

growth of majors in graphic design

and music and the interest of students

in participating in the performing

arts have underlined the need for such

facilities. Our fine arts center will

complete the good work begun for

the visual arts in Cailloux Hall and

serve both campus and community.

Wish List estimate of construction

and endowment costs: $10,800,000.

4+1+1+1 and more

Four choirs and ensembles, one Symphony of the Hills, one university

drama group, one budding concert band, and countless fine arts and

graphic artists find their nourishment at SU (in a variety of buildings).

A3 Studio

Wynell & Quentin Aaberg

AAUW, Kerrville Branch

Brenda & James Abbatiello

Ann & Ray Abbott

Carol & John Aceti

Ella & Emmett Acker

Rosa & Brad Adami

Carol & Baxter Adams

Ione & James Adams

Sherrell & James Adams

Sandra & Brian Adkins

Aetna Foundation Inc.

Affordable Printing

Tish Aldridge

Alice Management Company LLC

All Caring Vet Clinic

Darleen Allan

Frances & William Allen

Joe Allen

Cynthia & Mike Allen

Carolyn & Arthur Allison

Mimi & Robert Allison

Sandy & James Alsup

Paulette & Wayne Alsworth

Janie Altgelt

Mary & Dionel Alves

Clarice & Willard† Amann

Elton Amburn

American Electric Power

Service Corporation

Bill Amerine

Yvonne & Gordon Ames

Courtney & Eric Amsler

Christina Anderson

Ruby & Kenneth Anderson

Janis & Paul Anderson

Glenn Andrew

Nancy Anguish

Walter Ard

Argo Group US

Ark Veterinary Hospital

Arkansas Community Foundation

Kristine Arlitt

Ann & Bill Armentrout

Amy & Mark Armstrong

Patricia & James Armstrong

Diane & Aaron Arnold

Betty Aronsen

Elizabeth & Joe Arp

Carrie & T.S. Arrington

Michael Arthur

Tommy Ashabranner

Marti & Terry Ashcraft

Mac Ashworth

Association of Presbyterian

Colleges & Universities

Richard Assunto

Carrie Astoria

Valinda Astoria

AT&T Foundation

ATEK Plastics

Cathy & Samuel Atkins

Vivian & Gene Atkinson

Nancy & Cecil Atkission

Robin & Michael Atteberry

Moira Attwell

Gaye & Paul Avery

Estela & James Avery

Beverly & Robert Avery

B B Ranch Resort LLC

Armen Babajanian

Jene & Jackson Babb

Michael Babb

Karen & Steve Backor

Lynn & Rodney Bacon

Debbie Bading

Baehre Real Estate

Denise & Russell Baehre

Ilse Bailey & Al Graham

Angela & James Bailey

Ney Bailey

Rena & Marshall Bailey

Joyce & Glenn Bailiff

Barbara & Robert Baker

James Baker

Rebecca Baker†

Sarah & Howard Baker

Stephanie & Michael Balderrama

Kathy & Conner Baldwin

Sue Dale & J.H. Baldwin

Teeka & Peter Baldwin

Eleanor & Ray Baldwin

Felicia & Thomas Baldwin

Mary & Frank Ball

Jeanette Ball-Reyes & Jose Reyes

Charles & Kathy Balser

Margaret & Billy Balthrop

Anne Baltuskonis

Darlene & Dewayne Bannister

Louise Barbee

Patricia & Mack Barham

Carol & David Barker

Elaine & Clyde Barlow

Frances & Robert Barlow

Linda & George Barnet

Theodore Barnett

Margaret Barnhart

Marcia & Andrew Barrientos

Alice & Norris Barry

Honor Roll of Donors

The Honor Roll of Donors salutes generous friends, trustees, parents, alumni, businesses, employees,

charitable foundations, organizations and neighbors. Schreiner honors our many generous friends

whose gifts enable us to provide a quality teaching and learning environment. This Honor Roll

summarizes gifts for all purposes received between 12/01/09 and 6/30/11.

We have made every effort to present our donors accurately. Please call us at 830-792-7201 if you have

questions and accept our sincere apology if we have made a mistake.

Courtney & Amos Barton

Joyce & Robert Barton

Halsey Bascom

Mary & Enricue Bascues

Amy & Stuart Baskin

Martha & William Bass

Baublit Jewelers

LaVerne & Dayton Baublit

Paula & Joel Baulch

Lois & Edward Bayer

Anne & James Beall

Anne & Currie Bechtol

Nell Beck

Cynthia & Mike Becker

Lawrence Becksted

Barbara & Adam Bedwell

June & Samuel Begeman

Jodi & Brian Behrens

Arthur Bell

Linda Bell

Nelwyn & Walter Belt

Katchen & Mark Benak

Nena & Juan Benavides

Lillian & Manuel Benavides

Candyce & Bruce Beneke

Verna & Joseph Benham

Particia Bennett

Mary & George Benning

Peggy & John Benson

Carolyn & Tarilton Benton

Jo & Judith Beran

John Berchelmann

Jennifer & Steven Bergman

Bonnie & A. C. Bering

Annette Berre

Ann & Ed Berrio

Luke Berry

Catherine & Barry Bettes

Kathleen & Winfield Betty

Helen & Richard Bialek

Kellie Bielke

Anita & Carlton Biermann

Patrick Biesiadecki

Elizabeth Bigelow

Karen & Lance Billingsley

Betty & Jack† Bills

Donald Bingham

Camila & John Binnion

Virginia & Lonnie Birch

Jacqueline & Arch† Bishop

Lacy & William Bishop

Cindy & Julian Bitner


Adeline Bizer

Candice & Kent Black

Deana & Bill Blackburn

Margaret & Edlar Blanton

Grady Spencer Blocker

Lynn & Theo Blue

Beverly & Paul Bobby

Sally & Roger Bobertz

James Boeker

Charlene & G.P. Bolden

Renee & Timothy Bolton

Jennifer & James Bone

Bethany & Christopher Borak

Ann & Larry Borchers

Michelle Borin-DeVuono

Jeannette Boster

Ben Boubel

Robert Bourquein

Zachary Bowen

Marianne & Robert Bowers

Bruce Bowman

Jan & John Bowmer

Shawn Box

Barbara & William Boyd

Gloria & Malcolm Boyd

Tracy & Raymond Brach

Linda & Jim Bradel

Mary & Chester Bradley

Ron Bradley

V. Bradley

Rosa Bradshaw

Ron Brandt

Patricia & Michael Brewer

Irene & Rudolph† Brewster

David Bright

Jay Bright

Logan Brinkley

Briscoe Hall

Bruce & Shelley Britton

Broadway National Bank

Broken Arrow Ranch

Nancy & John Broocks

Alice Brook

Brookhill Baptist Church

Barbara & James Brooks

Randy & Susan Brooks

Marcelette & Sexton Broussard

Sherry & Charles Brown

Patti & Dan Brown

Betsy & Douglas Brown

Louis Brown

Margaret† & Ollie† Brown

Nancy Brown

Natalie & Cody Brown

Stephanie & Houston Brown

Patricia & Tom Browne

Junie Ledbetter & Gaston Broyles

Momentum 2011 23 23

Charlotte Brundrett

Carolyn & Kenneth Bruner

Robert Brunk

Barbara Bruno

Toni Bryant

Vivian Bryant

Joan Bryson

Clyde Buck

Jannell & Jim Bullock

Merri & Dick Bundy

Danny Burda

Starla & John Burditt

Allison & Jason Burleson

Marla & Stuart Burleson

Karen & Gordon Burnap

Ann & Bradley Burns

Debbie & Caleb Burress

Lisa Burrow

Lucy Burrus

Betty & Allie Burton

Margurite & Robert Burton

Amy Bush

Marilyn & Larry Butcher

Suzanne & Jack Butler

Mary & John Butters

Byron Buzzini

Betty & William Byrd

Linda & David Byrne

The Cailloux Foundation

Calvary Temple Church

Margo & George Calvert

Paul Camfield

Camp Flaming Arrow

Camp La Junta

Camp Mystic Inc.

Camp Stewart for Boys Inc

Camp Waldemar

Juanita & Bur Campbell

Mary & Charles Campbell

24 Schreiner university

Mandy & Christian Campbell

Denise & Colin Campbell

Atanacio Campos

Mary & Rene Canales

Anne & Douglas Cannon

Douglas Cannon

Cynthia & William Cantrell

Helen Capps

Deanna & Steve Caraway

Kristen & Richard Carden

Corinne & Acree Carlisle

Michael Carlisle

Carole & Robert Carlson

Elva & Joaquin Carpenter

Karin & Richard Carpenter

Yvonne & Rafael Carrasco

Jami Carroll-Hinton

Carson Distributing Co Inc.

Melissa & Jarred Carter

Susan Carver

Helen & John Casbergue

Leo & Emogene Burton Case


Susan & Brian Casey

Patti Castellow

Joey Castiglione

Janda & Jose Castillo

Marilyn Cathey

Joseph Cavazos

Judy & James Cavender

Gladys Chamberlain

Boardman Chambers

Rose Chandler

Betty† & James Chaney

Diana Chaney

Dana & Roy Chapler

Martha Chapman

Cynthia & Steven Chapman

Beth & Eugene Chappell

Jenny & Dale Chase

Susan & J.M. Chastain

Sonia & Rogelio Chavez

Christine Chenoweth

Chevron Matching Gift Program

James Chiaro

Susan & Larry Chiaro

Lacy Chimney

E.J. & A.W. Christian

“My professors in the education department did a phenomenal job. I’ve used so many

of the skills they taught me, especially when I would get to the end of my rope and

think, ‘What do I do now?’”

– Melissa Frerichs ’09

is a fourth grade teacher at St. Francis of Assisi School,

Houston, TX

Church’s Fried Chicken

City of Kerrville Economic

Improvement Corporation

Peggy Clanton

Holly Clark

Patricia & John Clark

Meg & Clayton Clark

Ryan Clark

Virginia Ruth Clarke

Kimberly Clarkson

Erica & William Clarkson

Jerry & Mark Clements

Ardis & Roger Click

Andrea & Jamie Cobb

Carolynn & Stanley Cobbs

Vickie & Gary Cochrane

David Cockerell

Sylvia Coday

Coffee Homes

Margie Cole

Coleman & Company

Marge & Albert Coleman

Kathy & Chuck Coleman

Jude Gallik & Clinton Coles

Loyce & William Collenback

Howard Collier

Francelle & Dennis Collins

Roma & Howard Collins

Kathleen & James Collins

Rebecca & Paul Colvin

Comanche Trace Ranch & Golf Club

Commercial Realty Services

Community Foundation of

North Texas

Community Foundation of the

Texas Hill Country

Diana & Anthony Comuzzie

Scott Conard

Lindsay & Carson Conklin

Tony Conklin

Carol & Craig Conlee

Kaleta Conlee

Ellen Connelly


Barbara & Patrick Conway

Mildred & Edwin Cook

Joe Cook

Loring Cook Foundation

Michael Cook

Phyllis & Royce† Cook

Mary & Warner Corbin

Patricia & Nicholas Corona

Shirley & Julian Coskey

Julie & Thomas Coskrey

Mae Lindstrom & Dan Cotter

Beverly & William Counts

Candace & Mark Courmier

Martha & Frank Covert

Valerie & Mark Covey

Cowboy Steak House

Camilla Cowden

Mark Cowden

Joan & Thomas Craft

Neva Cramer

Stephanie & Ross Crane

M.E. Cravens

Debbie & Jerry Crawford

Jake Crawley

Frances Cree

Anne & Richard Cree

Brandon Creek

Crenwelge Motors

Timothy Crenwelge

Marguerite & Robert Crist

Grace & Neil Crites

Heather & Andrew Crocker

Robbie & Harold Crocker

Joanne & G.C. Crocker

Lauri & Robert Crockett

Coralie Croom†

Lila & Edward Cross

David Crotty

Janett & Harlan Crouse

Robert Crow

Priscilla & Gary Crozier

Katherine & Kenneth Cruce

Janey & Bill Crum

Pamela & William Crumrine

Katherine Culpepper

Elizabeth & Robert Cunningham

Ingrid & Stuart Cunyus

Anne & Dan Curran

Alicia & Christopher Currie

Peggy & Thomas Currie

Sharon & E.B. Curry

David Czarnecky

D. W. Electric

Carol & Sam Dalton

Mary & Harold D’Amico

Thomas Daniel

Amy & Steve Daniels

Carolyn & Henry Darden

Milton Dare

Beverly & Ralph Daugherty

Ruth Davenport

Kara David

Davidson, Freedle, Espenhover

& Overby PC

Rachel & Gary Davidson

Barbara Davis

Brenda & Clifton Davis

Deborah Davis

Jim Davis

Dolores & Leonard Davis

Peggy & William Davis

Rachel† & Clyde Day

Val & Douglas Day

Ramon De Leon

San Juana & Cleofas De Luna

Brenda & John Deer

Courtney & Antoine Dehoyos

Lena Del Papa

Denny’s Restaurant

Carol & William Dever

Cynthia Diaz de Leon &

Ruben Armendariz

Patricia & R. Dickey

Nancy & Philip Dickinson

Debra Dietz

Carol & Donald Diltz

Dian Dixon

Rebecca Dobie Stokes

Deborah & Richard Dobie

Wanda & James Dobie

Beverly & Alvin Dodds

Dell Dolce

Dominion Foundation

Drusilla Dommert

John & Karen Dooley

Marianne & John Doran

Marcia & Wesley Dorman

Linda & Lenard Dossey

Judith & Rogers Douglas

Janie & Robert Douglass

Fane Downs

Downtowner Pizzeria & Deli

Mary & Glen Doyen

Eleanor Dozier†

Jana & Stephen Drane

Betsy Drapela

Derek Draper

Tomas Duarte

W. Dubose

Debra Duecker

Lucille & Lindsay Duff

Staci & Terry Duff

Sandra & Donald Duiker

Jean & James Duncan

Julie & Frank Dunlap

Carol Jean & Walter Dunlap

Jodie & Jay Dunnahoo

Maria & Manuel Duran

Milda Durrin

Geraldine & Joseph Durso

Sue Dyke

Jeannette Early†


Kenneth Early

Tweety & Richard Eastland

Marci & Joseph Ecker

David Edington

Deborah & Carlton Edwards

Lana & Danny Edwards

Jessica & James Edwards

Helen Eisaman

Melinda & Samuel Elder

Earl Eldridge

Denise & Oscar Elizondo

Keith Ellis

Marsha & Dale Elmore

Teak & George Anne Elmore

Terri & Dennis Emerson

Sylvia & Murphy Emmons

Laura & Lawrence English

Ben Enslow

Donna & Gerry Enslow

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Carol & Woodrow Epperson

Carole Errett & Scott McCain

Jarett Ersch

Stephanie & Richard Ertel

Leticia & Jorge Escobar

Elizabeth & Joshua Eskew

Especially Yours

Francisco Espinoza

Euro-Tex Architectural

Engineering LLC

Linda & David Evans

Diane Evans

Joan & F.M. Evans

Karen & Bronson Evans

Kim Evans

Betty & Donald Ewan

Beth & Finley Ewing

Gail Ewing

ExxonMobil Foundation Inc.


Judith & George Eychner

Judy & Richard Fairchild

Families & Literacy Inc.

Jennifer Farhoudi

Kamron Farhoudi

Edward Farris

Fasken Foundation

Donna & Royce Faulkner

Bruce Faust

Elizabeth Fawcett

Janis & Charles Feazel

Beth & Richard Felner

Susan & Robert Fendley

Judith & C. Warren Ferguson

Peggy & Keith Ferris

Fidelity Abstract & Title Co.

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Julie & Scott Fiedler

Rudolfo Fierro-Stevens

Casey & Joseph Filippone

Julia Finger

First American Storage

First Presbyterian Churches of



Ft. Worth






San Antonio



First Presbyterian Church

Women of Lake Charles

First Presbyterian Church of

Dallas Foundation

Mattie First

Sondra & Charles Fischer

Karli Fischer

Ray C Fish Foundation

Michele & Trey Fisher

Diane & Dick Fitch

Five Star Cellular

Paula & Richard Flach

Nancy & Gary Fletcher

Judy & J. Fletcher

Suzann & Richard Fletcher

Ruby Fletcher

Kathy & Theodore Floca

Lucrecia & Danny Flores

Jo & Luis Flores

Ramona Flores

Foothills Mobile Home Ranch Inc.

Millicent Forbes

Judith & John Forister

William Forrest

Cynthia & Edmund Fort

Page Foshee

Norma & Stanley Foskett

Alta Foster


Penelope & Henry Foster

Kevin Foster

Judy & Russell Foster

Naty & Thomas Fowler

Foy Family Foundation Inc.

Martha Foy

Francisco’s Restaurant

Eddie Franco

Franklin Family Foundation

Sonya & Bill Franklin

Charlotte & Larry Franklin

Mignonne & Scott Frantzen

The Coin B Frederick & Erin

Frederick Powers Trust

Becky & Larry Freeman

Carolyn & Walden Freeman

Bonnie & Tim Friesenhahn

Katherine & Brian Frilot

Mary Froelich

Frontier Oil Corporation

Frost Bank

Frost National Bank

Brenda & James Fudge

Louise & William Furbush

Sandra Fusilier

Lorna & Charles Gaddy

Connie & Gregory Gaddy

Barbara Gainer

Loraine & William Galbreath

Thelma Gallant

Debra & David Galloway

Brenda & Fred Gamble

Laura Gamble

Helen & James† Gambrell

Jan Gambrell

Sabrina & Matt Garces

Cory Garrett

Donna & Logan Garrett

Susan & James Garrison

Dawna & Rusty Garvin

Cecilia & Ernest Garza

Fred Garza

Jesse Garza

Brandon Gaston

Laura & Jon Gaswick

Lory & Donald Gates

Donna & Creston Gay

Diane & Steve Gaydou

General Electric Foundation

Geraldine & Roy Gentry

Deborah & Ronald Gerth

Amy & Jeffrey Geurin

Alyson Geye

June & George Gibbons

Ann & James Gibbs

Gibson Discount Center

Dusty Gilliam

Sue & T.B. Gipson

Judith Glaze

Marie & Dennis Glenewinkel

Norman Glenewinkel

Lois & Gary Godfrey

Joan & Gary Goebel

Victoria & Stephen Goebel

Priscilla Goehring

Reuben Gold

Gold’s Body Shop Inc.

Myra & Steve Golemon

Rafaela & Louis Gonzales

Lulu Gonzalez

Millie & Dwight Goode

Susan & Roy Goodwin

Rebecca & Thomas Goodwyn

Gary Gool

The Goolsey Family Trust

Patricia & William Gordon

Betsy & Henry Gorman

Lucy & Tom Gould

Patricia Gournay

Mark Graff

Charles Granstaff

Debbie & Mike Graxiola

Suzanne & Doug Gray

Diane & Robert Green

Helen Green

Eric Greenfield

Vanessa & John Greenlee

Mary Greer

Cecilia Gregg

Claire & Joseph Gregorcyk

Theresa & David Gregory

Laurie & Heath Gregory

Darcee Grice

Mary Lou Grier

The Neil & Elaine Griffin


Brock Griffin

Sarah & David Grimes

Dorothy & Erwin† Grimes

Stacey & Johnny Grimes

Momentum 2011 25

Debra & David Grinnan

Jane & Dale Groll

Guadalupe National Bank

Vanessa & Mario Guevara

Maria & Reyes Guevera

Cimonnett Guilbear

Martha Guin

Mildred Guin†

Gulf-Tex Co. Inc.

Doris Gurd

Cassity & Abel Gutierrez

Zaira & Andres Gutierrez

Carlos Gutierrez

Jason Gutierrez

Lisa & Richard Guzman

P.A. & K.O. Haby

Gregory Hagen

Ruth & Hossein Hagigholam

Lorraine Haglund

Frances Hahn

Joyce Hahn

Lou Ann & William Hahn

Jean† & Earl Hale

Martha & Peter Hamel

Deryl & John Hamilton

George & Mary Josephine

Hamman Foundation

Pat & Philip Hamman

Gaylia & Thomas Hammond

Karen & Michael Hannasch

Margaret Harbaugh

Jane & Richard Harben

Michele & Shaun Hardimon

Jody Hardwick

Kelley Hargrave

Charlotte & Roy Harrell

Connie & James Harris

Caren & James Harris

Betty & John Harris

Novia & Ross Harris

Doris & Samuel† Harris

Betty & Otto Harrison

Brenda & Vernon Harrison

Rebecca & William Harrison

Harry A. Parrish & Associates

Carolyn & Houston Harte

Patricia Harte

Claire & William Hartman

Irene & Gerald Hartman

Suzanne Hartman &

Joe Atkinson

Nan & Bill Hatcher

Mark Haufler

Ann & Frederick Hausheer

Chaille & Freddie Hawkins

Angelina & Matthew Hawkins

Polly & Jack Hay

Kaki & Harrell Hayden

Mary & Rufus Hayes

Susan & John Hays

Patricia & John Hays

Hearing Care

Heart O’ The Hills Girls Camp


Sug & Don Hedgpeth

Margaret & Dale Hedrick

Joann & Kennith Hedrick

Susan & Joe Heffington

26 Schreiner university

Joanne & Doug Heitmiller

Elva & Charles Hellen

Grinstead Henderson Family L.P.

Elizabeth Henderson

Janice & Carl Hendrix

Janie & Marvin Henkes

Martha & Melvin Henkes

Denise & Frederick Henneke

Lesley & Robert Henneke

Teresa Henneke

Catherine Henry

Pat & Robert Henry

Ronald Henry

Martha & Billy Hensley

Helen Herd

Helen & James Herget

Deedie & Phillip Hering

Cara & Bruce Herlin

Colton Hermes

Maria & Ronald Hermes

Joe Hernandez

Johnathon Hernandez

Pilar Rivera & Jose Hernandez

Janet & John Hershner

Ruby & James Hesseltine

Lillian Heyen

Evelyn & Mike Hickey

Barbara Hickman

Laura & James Hicks

Evangeline & Bill Hilburn

Carolyn & Truman Hildebrand

Tracy & Harvey Hilderbran

Hill Country Arts Foundation

Hill Country Bluebonnet Home

Decor & Imports

Hill Country Dental Associates

Hill Country Telephone Co-Op

Anita & David Hinebaugh

Marcia & Noe Hinojosa

Marjorie & H.R. Hirsch

Tayler Hobberlin

Jane & Kyle Hobin

Christina & Robert Hobratschk

Susan & Robert Hocker

Julianne & William Hoegemeyer

Mary Beth Hoener

Marie & Richard Hoener

Richard Hoener

M. Hoffman

Cynthia & Mark Hoffmann

Ethan Hohmann

Herbert Holchak

Monica & Heath Holcomb

Jean & Lewis Holekamp

Leah Holekamp

Patsy Holekamp

Sandra & Bartley Hollander

Elena Hollinger

Liz & Michael Hollis

Robert Holloway

Robert L. Holloway

Wilba† & Wrather† Holmgreen

Anna & Joe Holston

William Knox Holt Foundation

Homegrown Energy-McBryde

Oil Company

Sheri & Gilbert Honea

Brenda Hoofard

Galina & George Hopkins

Michelle & Moton Hopkins

Miles Horton

Carole & Howard Hovde

Diana & Larry Howard

Mary Howard

Sheryl Howard

Sheila & William Howard

Judith & Robert Howden

Jane & Dick Howell

Janet Chene & Tim Huang

Robert Huckabay

Margaret & John Huddleston

Joann Hudson

Kathleen Hudson

Seth Huerta

Barbara Taylor &

Elton Gene Huey

Jeffery Huff

Charlotte & Mike Huff

Martha & Don Huge

Charlmaigne & Roosevelt


Baker Hughes Foundation

Elizabeth & D.M. Hughes

Mary & Robert Hughes

Betty Hughey

Donald Hulse

Linda & Robert Humphrey

Dee & Charles Hunt

Hunt United Methodist Church

Kathleen & James Hunter

Donn Huot

Kristine & Chester Hurst

Catherine & James Hurst

Shirley & Tom Huser

Judy & John Hutcherson

Cynthia & Samuel Hutchison

Nell & Gene Hutzler

IBM International

Foundation (IIF)

Independent Colleges &

Universities of Texas

Adelia Ingram

Joanna & Roland Ingram

Bobbye & Barlow Irvin

Linda & Donn Iverson

Trey Iverson

Izzi Bear

Carl Jackson

Henry Jackson

Ravyn Jackson

James Avery Craftsman Inc.

Diana James

Brittney & Keven Janda

Lesa Janica

Mary Jelley

Ashley Jemison

Dorothy Jenkins

Matthew Jepson

Tanya & Jessie Jimenez

JM Lowe & Company

John Calvin Presbyterian Church

Johnson Controls Foundation

Amy Johnson

Amy & Kyle Johnson

Betty & Andrew Johnson

Barbara & Charles Johnson

Cheryl & Roger Johnson

Edith & James Johnson

Debbie & John Johnson

Valra & John Johnson

Bonnie & Joseph Johnson

Judith Johnson

L. Beth & David Johnson

Priscilla & Gregg Johnson

Marguerite Scott &

Richard Johnson

Patricia & Richard Johnson

Mary & Sam Johnson

Janet & Gary Johnston

Sara & Robert Johnston

Virginia & Hamp Johnston

Anna Jones

Marilyn & Donald Jones

Fran & John Jones

Karen Jones

Shelby & Ward Jones

Diane Joppie

Miriam & Hugo Jorda

Kay & David Jordan

Elise & Russell Joseph

Jennifer & Ed Junker

Nancy & Edward Junkin

Don & Fred Junkin

Adele & Sam Junkin

Roberta & Glenn Jurek

Ellen Leonard & John


Virginia Kapchinski

Beverly & Fred Kapelle

Jonathan Kaulfus

Patsy & Kenneth Kaye

William Keaton

Donna Keeling

Tammy & Todd Keener

Elizabeth Keller

Lisa & Mark Keller

Carey & Stephanie Keller

Crystal Kelley

Ben Kelly

Linda & Arthur Kelly

Michael Kelly

Suzanne Kelsey

Kemmerer Family Foundation

Nonanel Kendrick

Ruthie Kendrick

Patty & William Kendrick

Kerr County Abstract Co. Inc.

Kerrville Automatic Auto

Repair Center

Kerrville Daily Times

Margaret & Gary Kersey

Megan & Jeremiah Kester

Ginger & Earl Kilgore

Karen Davis Kilgore

Charles Kimball

James King

Jennifer King

Kay King

Linda & Thomas King

Nancy & Terrell King

Renee Wash & Stephen King

Elsie Kinler

Roberta & David Kinneberg

Nina Kinney

Dana & Barbara Kirk

Gregory Kirkham

Brenda & Thomas Kirwan

Beverly & Henry Kitzman

Margaret & Gaynell Klaerner

Monte & Alan Klossen

Peggy & Richard Knight

Gerrie & Robert Knoll

Mary & Alfred† Koebig

Joni & Brian Koehler

Josephine & Preston Koehler

Nancy & Thomas Koger


KPMG Foundation

James Krauter

Ann Kretsinger & Joseph


Frances & Maurice Kroll

Kathy & Dean Krueger

Kirk Kuykendall

L. Duff Enterprises Inc.

La Hacienda Treatment Center

Laura & Weir Labatt

Marsha & Charles Laffoon

Laura & William Laing

Louise & Paul Lajti

Barbara Lakin

Elizabeth & Nicholas Landes

Carolyn & Kenneth Landrum

Mandy & Danny Langbein

Beverly Lange

Chrystal & Clinton Langford

Sandra & Chris Langley

Matthew Langston

Shirley & Howard Lanham

Martha & Samuel Lanham

Gale Laning

Esther & Robert Lannom

Jane & Lee Larkin

Bernadell & Stu Larson

Diane & Phillip Latham

Ann & James Laughlin

Rosa & John Lavender

Chad Laxson

Peg Layton & Steve Spahr

Louise & Robert Leahy

Melissa Lee

Mary & Walter Lee

Sherri & Stephen Leffingwell

Jennifer & Richard Leggett

Edwin Lehmann

Betty & Lloyd Leifeste

Michelle Leija

Teresa & Rafael Leija

Sandra & Charles Leinweber

Lemeilleur RV Center

William Lemoine

Lorraine & Ric LeMon

Maria & Mark Lenzo

Lynda & Craig Leslie

Joyce Lespreance

Margaret Letscher†

Ervin Lett

Jonathon Letz

B. Levy

Patti & Charles Lewis

Sandy & Peter Lewis

Helen & William Lewis

Caroline & Dennis Liebersbach

Carolyn Light

Irene & Randall Light

Diane & James Lindner

Margaret & William Little

Heather Logan

Elizabeth & Charles Loggie

Kelly & Mark Logue

Fred Lohmeyer

Kimberly & Robert Lohmeyer

Kathy London

Kay & Flynn Long

Cheryl & Robert Long

Susan & Kenneth Longacre

Richard Longbottom

Jean & John Longway

Michael Looney†

Leslie & Andrew Lopez

Michael Lopez

Nancy Lopez

Lisa & Rafael Lopez

Love Creek Orchards

Elizabeth & Jason Love

Tori Loveless

Laurie & John Lowe

Alfred Lowrey

Evelyn & Donald Luckemeyer

Rafael Luebbert

Yvonne & Cuney Luke

Jan & Mike Lundy

LVN Class April 2010

J.E. & L.E. Mabee Foundation

Sherman Macdaniel

Linda & Dwaine Machann

Sue & Douglas Maclay

Elaine Macon

Gerry & Robert Macosko

Anna & Ron Macosko

Dorothy Mahaffey

Christopher Mahr

Myrtle Maier

Melody Malone

Janet & Bob Malson

Janet Maltman

Mamacita’s Restaurant

& Cantina Inc.

Management Company At

Stone Oak-Sonterra Inc.

Cynthia & Rex Maner

Tammy & Joseph Mann

Sandra Mann

Lorraine Mannering

Mansfield Warehousing Service

Robert Mansker

Mollie & Frank Maresh

Richard Marhofer

Carolyn & Everett Marley

Mary Lynn & Richard Marrs

Elizabeth & Echol Marshall

Ann & Jerry Marshall

Faerie Marston

Molly Martin

Rhonda & T.R. Martin

Bitsy & Truman Martin

Abel Martinez

Cristina & Jorge Martinez

Lydia Martinez

Stella Martino

Linda & Larry Marwedel

Kathleen & Frank Mascaritola

Kimberlee Mascaritola

Elizabeth & Philip Masquelette

Masterson Insurance

Constant & Neill Masterson

Pamela & Neal Matthews

Tricia & William Matthews

D. Mattiza

Heather Mauze

Wanda Kemp-Maxson &

R D. Maxson

“I can’t stop raving about

Schreiner. The accounting

program is the backbone of my

career, preparing me for the ‘real

world’ by teaching me textbook

knowledge and by helping me

apply that knowledge in a work

environment. Prior to graduation

I had three fine job offers,

and I know I have chosen the

right profession. My Schreiner

experience is one that I will never

forget and is one of the best

decisions I have ever made.”

– Matt Bogler ’09

Staff Accountant

Davidson, Freedle, Espenhover

& Overby, P.C., Kerrville

The San Antonio CPA Society named

Matt the region’s Outstanding

Accounting Student in 2010.

Martha & H. D. Maxwell

Mary & James Maxwell

Barbara & Sam May

Mary Jane & Wendell Mayes

Demmie Mayfield

Susan Maziarz

Kristin & Joe McKinnon

Elizabeth & Ben McAndrew

Becky & R. McBryde

Trevor McCain

James McCall

Jennie & Harry McCament

Sally & Donald McClure

McCombs Foundation Inc.

Brooks & Mitchell McCorcle

Jay McCormack

Cayce & Charlie McCormick

Joe & Susan McCracken

Rhonda & Tracy McCuan

Marcia McCulley

Juanita McCulloh

Marie & Rayburn McCulloh

Mary Beth McCullouch

Denise & John McCullough

Jennifer & Richard McCullough

Alice McDaniel

Ann & Jack McDaniel

Joyce & Luther McDaniel

Momentum 2011 27

Thomas McDonell

James McElroy

Linda & Joe McGee

S.J. & Michael McGinnis

Sara & Tom McKeon

Janet & Kent McKinney

Barbara McLellan

Casey McMahon

Marilyn & Fred McMahon

Nancy McMillan

Patricia & Robert McMillan

Ruth McNay

Amy Shelton McNutt

Charitable Trust

Verla & Richard McTaggart

Nancy & Gary McVey

Nalga & Paul Mebane

Suzanne & Wallace Mebane

Joyce & Donald Mechler

Carrie & Andreas Mein

Alleen & William Meinecke

Kara Melton

Memorial Presbyterian


Laura & Charles Mendenhall

Stephen Mendoza

Theresa & Jimmy Menges

Joyce & Paul Mercer

Richard Mercer

William Meredith

Merrill Lynch Pierce, Fenner

& Smith Inc.

Jan & Earl Merritt

Stephanie & Melvin Merzon

Margaret & Robert Meyers

Laura & Snick Meyers

Theresa & Ryan Meyers

MG Building Materials

Martha Miesch

28 Schreiner university

Helen Miles

Miller & Astorial LLP

Betty Miller

Joan & James Miller

Brenda & John Miller

Pam & Randy Miller

Ray Miller

Laurie & Phillip Milton


Barbara & Roy Minton

Mission Presbytery

Gail Mitchell

Clovis & Theo Mitchell

Mary & William Mitchell

Jacob Mixon†

Barbara Mize

Sophie & William Mize

Betty & Tom Mobley

Leslie & Ben Modisett

Judy & Ricky Moellering

Carol & Robin Moffat

Nina Moller

Peggy Monroe

Jane & Scott Monroe

Jackie Montoya

Cheryl & Carl Moore

Marilyn & E.O. Moore

Rosemary & Steven Moore

Sally & Scott Mooring

Sandra & Rene Morales

Brenda & James Moran

Isidro & Maria Moreno

Matthew Moreno

Dinah & Isaac Morgan

Janet & Charles Morris

Antoinette & William Morris

Carol Morrow

Elizabeth Moseley

Susan & David Motley

Marilyn Moye

Patricia Moyer

Karen Mueller

Karen & Alan Muennink

Nancy & Robert Muil

Kathryn Mullen & Russell Scott

David Mulry

Sonia Munoz-Gill & Jeffrey Gill

“A good day for Greystone, a great day for America”

Greystone Academy students finish their mile runs and then return to encourage their

classmates as they complete their Candidate Fitness Assessments. Schreiner provides

the bridge between high school and enrollment in the U.S. service academies, offering

a rigorous academic schedule in an encouraging environment.

Bruce Muns

Marie Murnane

Adele Murphy

Linda & Henry Murphy

Caroline Murr

Lenore & Ken Murray

Sandra & John Murray

Liz & Patrick Murray

Catherine & Thomas Murray

Marilyn & Don Murrmann

Dale Myers

Julie Myers†

Rita & Daniel Myhaver

Michael Mynatt

Laura & Edward Myrick

Nagle & Nagle


Carol Nagle

Rose & Joe Nall

National Car Rental

National Shooting Sports


Nationwide Insurance,

Joe Cook Agency

Nationwide Matching Education

Gift Program

Diane Naylor

Kathy Naylor

Linda Neal

Noelle & Bradford Neely

Kathy & Don Neuenschwander

Janie & Julius Neunhoffer

Lois Newberry

Patsy & Larry Newbolt

Nick Newland

Frank Newman

Nexen Petroleum U.S.A. Inc.

Mary & Ferrell Nicholson

Lala & Vic Niemeyer

Carmen Nieto

Ann Nixon

Genevieve Nomer

Nancy & Robert Norris

Virginia Norris-Lane

& Wes Lane

Carolyn & Robert Northcutt

Northwood Presbyterian Church-

San Antonio

Violette Notis-Diamond &

Michael Diamond

Helen Nourse & Ray Mead

Joan & Chester Nowak

Joan & Michael Noyes

James Nugent

Patricia Nuss

Meleah & Edward Nye

Alice & Erle Nye

Mishael Ochu

Kathleen Ocker

Kathryn O’Connor &

Hewitt Foundation

Michelle & Mason Oehler

Misty & Patrick O’Fiel

Rebecca Ohnemus

Rose & A.M. Olander

Cornelius Oldenbroek

Gloria Olsen

Martha & John O’Neal

Theodore O’Neal

Dorothy & William O’Neal

Jean Onion†

Kerr County Optimist Club

Carolyn Osborn

Anna & John Osborn

Sylvia & Daniel Ostos

Elizabeth & Kelly Owens

Flo & Robert Pacharzina

Paula & Earl Painter

Bjoern Palm

Harold Palmer

Abigail & George Panayiotou

Jan Parker


Virgil Parker

Janet & Jack Parks

Parkway Presbyterian Church-

Corpus Christi

Teresa Parman

Debra & Robert Parmley

Dianne & Harry Parrish

Partain Photographs

Barbara & Michael Pate

Sheri & Pat Pattillo

Nancy & Ted Paup

Elaine & Sonny Payne

Jeanetta & Malcom Payne

Rolando Paz

Janet & John Peddy

Myra Peel†

Emily & David Peeples

Jade & Eric Pehl

Michael Peinemann

Elizabeth & Ralph Pelton

Patricia & Israel Pena

Sally Pena

Susan & William Penland

Patty & Paul Pennell

Janelle Peralt

Judith & Lino Perez

Paula & Michael Perich

LaRue & Brian Perkins

Rae & Jimmie Peschel

Peterbilt Motor Company

Hal & Charlie Peterson


Sally & Ronald Peterson

Charlotte & Larry Petty

Gerry & Barbara Pfeil

Gerald & Darla Pfiester

Pfizer Foundation Matching

Gifts Program

Charolette & George Phair

Aneta Phelps

Verne Philips

Margaret & Andrew Phillips

Claude Phillips

Jan & Lance Phillips

Scott Pichot

Wilhelmina Pichot

Pines Presbyterian


Rosalie & Eddie Pinson

Pipeline Skid Service Inc

Linda & John Pipkin

Christopher Pitcairn

Carol & Paul Pitts

Jewell Plangman

The Plant Haus 2

Tricia & Dean Pogue

Dorothy & Jimmie Pogue

Rebecca & Robert Poindexter

B.J. Polk

Sharon & Ed Pollard

Etta Poole

Jane & Dean Porter

Laura & Harry Portwood

Susan Posey

John Potts

Harriet & Harford Powel

Amanda Prehn

Thomas Prejean

Amber Pressler

Jane & Mark Price

Rebecca & Robert Price

Ruth Priest

Nelda & Todd Prince

Jane & Donald Priour

Tamara & Darrell Probst

Neita & Emil Prohl

Patsy Pruett

Carolyn & Thomas Pruett

Suzanne Prukop

Nelson Puett Foundation

Sandra & Michael Pursley

Charles Quereau

Claire & David Rabson

Sarah & J.D. Ragan

Carolyn Ragland

Jane Ragsdale & Dick Howell

Kathy & Silas† Ragsdale

Mitchell Raiborn

RAM Foundation

Rene & Deandra Ramirez

Bertha & Jorge Ramirez

Stephanie Ramirez

Sara Ramos

Shaun Randall

G. Randolph

Mary & Karl Ransleben

Lauree & Kevin Rasso

Barbara & Thomas† Ratcliffe

Janell Rath

Susie & Michael Ray

Deborah & Dan Rayfield

Nancy & Henry Read

Dalene & Robert Reagan

Lyndia & William Rector

Michael Redman

Hazel & William Reece

Katie & Michael Reed

Seth Reed

Joseph Reeh

Gloria Rees

Charlene & Jim Reeves

Louise Reid Foundation

Katherine & Douglas Reid

Cordelia & Michael Reid

Elise & William Reid

Joseph Remini

Mary & Domingo Rendon

Paula & Thomas Repka

Louise Reynolds

Janet Rhode & John Bailey

Elizabeth & Alton Rhoden

Rhodia Inc.

Rice Interests Ltd.

Ann† & Browne† Rice

Darrel & Jeffrey Rice

Janice & Alan Rich

Cheryl & John Rich

Cythina & Allan Richardson

Sid W. Richardson Foundation

Angeline & Edwin Richmond

Eloy Rico

Tommie & Charles Ridgaway

Debbie & Howell Ridout

Mary & Robert Rieke

J. Rink

Darla & Charles Ripley

Lena Rippstein

Rosemarie & H.L. Risinger

Sally & Andrew Ritch

Riverhill Women’s Association

Alice & Ronald Rivers

Renee & Joseph Roach

Roberts Auto Sales Ltd.

Debby & Gary Roberts

Stephenie & Randall Roberts

Jerre & William Roberts

Sue Robertson

Gertrude & Charles Robinson

Janet Robinson

Jennifer & John Robinson

Myra Robinson

Gerald Robison

Linda & Roy Rodriguez

Viola Rodriguez

Ilene & Walter Roemer

Susan & Charles Roetter

Emmy† & Moak† Rollins

Anita & J.R. Rollo

Rosemary & Louis Romero

Nancy & Robert Rooke

Katherine & Charles Roos

Ivalu & Randy Rose

Ann Ross

Elinor Ross†

Rotary Club of Kerrville

Lisa & Jessie Ruiz

Linda & James Runkel

C.J. & E.R. Russell

Donetta & Aubert Ruth

Elizabeth Ryan

Lois Rye

Safari Club International Hill

Country Chapter Inc.

Steven Saide

Amanda & Tino Salazar

Alicia & Ruben Salinas

J.B. & Kathryn Sallas

Charitable Foundation

Kathryn Sallas

SALT Group

Kelle & Charles Salter

San Angelo Area Foundation

San Antonio CPA C.E.


San Antonio RCTG BN

San Pedro Presbyterian Church-

San Antonio

Norma Sanchez

Melinda & Ricardo Sanchez

Richard Sanchez

Susan Sanders

Patia Sandifer

Karyn & William Saner

Jean & Edgar Sanford

Lorraine & Charlie Sapp

Saunders Foundation

Midge & Clyde Saunders

Gayle & Fredric Saunders

Edwin Sawyer

Candace & Charles Scarborough

Tracy Andrews &

Hale Schaleben

Barbara & Walter Schellhase

Cynthia Schiavo

M. Schlechte

Esther Schlortt

Marian Schlunegger

Luanne & Ivan Schmedemann

Marium Schmerbeck

Shirley & Robert Schmerbeck

Rolinda & Arthur Schmidt

Elizabeth & Kenneth Schmidt

Loretta & Charles Schmidt

Janice & Robin Schmidt

Sara Schmidt

Vicki & Dorman Schmidt

Dorthy & Wildon Schmidt

Melissa & Richard Schneider

Suzanne & Victor Schneider

Ellen & Paul Schoenfeld

Carolyn & Walter Schulle

Catherine & Stephen Schulte

Margaret & Manfred Schulz

Joyce & Charles Schupp

Carla & David Schuster

Maria & Thomas Schwennesen

Elaine Scogin

Kristen & Taylor Scogin

Patrick Scogin

Lyane & Robert Scoskie

Anita Scott

Mary & J. Scott

Lo-Rena & Kelly Scott

Neel & Robert Scott

Nancy & William Scott

Cathy & Mark Scozzari

Gerry & Frank Seaman

Anne & David Seidensticker

Cynthia Sengel

Mary & William Sentesi

Serafy Foundation

Viveca & Nicholas Serafy

Oscar Seth

Jan & William Setzler

Phyllis & Peter Shaddock

Margaret & Edward Shaifer

Eugenia Sharp

Mary Sharpless

Barry Shaw

Susan & Jerry Shaw

Nancy & Milton Shaw

George Shea

Barbara & Eldon Sheffer

Audrey & Dell Sheftall

Fronie Shelton

Carol Shepherd

Susan & Randall Shepler

Gene & Max Sherman

Jerold Shetler

Maxine Short

Laura & Scott Short

Laura & Greg Shrader

Abigail Shupe

Lindsay Shupe

Mary Helen & Randall Sibley

Jim Siebenthal

Aleis Silva

Alice Simmons

Wyona Simone

Marvin Singleton

Sisters Four Charity Inc.

Sylvia & Sidney Skinner

Marlyss & Walter Skipwith

Dianne & Chip Slade

Leigh & Dufford Slade

Susan & Charles Slaughter

Jennifer & Stuart Sliva

Susan & William Sliva

John Smalling

Judy & John Smalling

Jill & Peter Smetek

Mimi & Allen Smith

Cheryl & Blake Smith

David Smith

Anna & David Smith

Diane & Ricky Smith

Joanna & Eugene Smith

Sharon & Ford Smith

Momentum 2011 29

Patricia & George Smith

Sandra & J. Fort Smith

Jean Smith

Jill & John Smith

Paul & Kacy Smith

Mathew Smith

Roberta & Harold Smith

Rosabel Smith

Michele & Rufus Smith

Tamatha Smith

Linda & Terry Smith

Charlene & Thomas Smith

Virginia Smith

Ward Smith

Sodexo Inc. & Affiliates

Lester Solomonsz

Linda & Donald Somerville

Annette & Larry Sondock

Sonterra Property Owners

Association Inc.

Martha & John South

Lois & R.D. Sowards

Donna & Kenneth Spahn

Dorede & John Speaker

Gibi & Frank Speakmon

Emma Spearman

Lee & Luke Speckman

Sandra Speed & Frank Stafford

Josh Spencer

Richard Spencer

Wanda Spivey

Sports Medicine & Physical


St. Mark Presbyterian


Peggie Stacy

Barbara & David Staggs

Dian Stai

Christine & Mason Standley

Mary & Russell Stanger

State Farm Insurance

Stacy & Michael Stavinoha

Jan & Ed Stearns

Marissa Stearns

Sue & Jack Steele

Mariann & Paul Steldt

Christy & Nicholas Stepchinski

Ernest Stephens

Pollyanna & F.L. Stephens

Sterling-Turner Foundation

Nancy & Alan Stevens

Bart Stevens

Pat Chastain & Fred Stevens

Frances & Jack Stevens

Shelby Stevens

Clarence Stewart

Marilyn & Donald Stewart

Gloria Stewart

Sandy & John Stewart

Susan & James Stinson

Norma & Wayne Stockseth

Janice Stolle

Pat Stone

Patricia & William Stone

Pat & Thomas Stoner

Stephen Stout

Vernell & Clifton Stribling

Mildred & J.A. Strickland

30 Schreiner university

Kassaundra & Tyler Strickland

Carrie & Joe Stromberg

Annette & Steven Sudyka

Cynthia & Brian Sullivan

Carmen & Charles Sullivan

Sheila & Danny Sullivan

Charis Sultemeier

Mary Ellen &

C. Tim Summerlin

Hatton W. Sumners

Foundation Inc

Cori & Zach Sumrall

Minniemae Sunday

Shelley Swan

Katy & Arlo Swanson

Nancy & Don Swanson

La Nell & Dick Swantner

Nell & Francis Swayze

Florence Swientek

Joyce & John Swift

Ruth Swift

Tracy & Shane Sykes

Keiko & Michael Sykos

Synod of the Sun

Financial Services

Lane Tait

Caryn & Jeff Talarico

Lynn Tandy

Samuel Tannenbaum

Karen & Stephen Tanner

Karen & Louis Tanner

Tapatio Ladies Club

Carlos Tapia

Linda Tarrant

Tanelly Tate

Marda & Jerry Tayloe

Ann Taylor

B. Taylor

Erica Taylor

Judith & Roy Taylor

Linda & Roy Taylor

Samantha & Jeremy Taylor

Sherry Teel

Mary & Charles Teeple

Carol Teich

Terminix/ABC Pest Control

Jeanne & Philip Terrell

Elaine & Thomas Terrell

Laura Webb & Vernon Teves

Texas Independent

College Fund

Texas Pioneer Foundation

Texas Presbyterian Foundation

Blythe & Bill Thomas

Billie Thomas

Irene Thomas

Carolyn & James Thomas

Deeanna & William Thomas

Brenda & Curtis Thompson

Charlotte Thompson

Liquita & Lawrence Thompson

Loretta Thompson

Lynda & Ray Thompson

Roy Thompson

Danetta Beaushaw &

Andrew Thomson

Katherine & Win Thurber

Lois & Jack Thurmond

Sue Tiemann

Marcia & Maurice Tinsley

Mary & Joseph Tisdel

Martha & Jimmy Tom

Chrissie & Brandon Tomchuk

Carrie & Charles Torti

Felipe Tovar

Connie Townsend

Cloyde & Ethel Lee Tracy

Foundation Inc.

Tessie & John Trappey

Sugie & Charles Travis

Marie & Edmunds Travis

Aaron Treanor

Victor Trevino

Jil Treybig

Trinity Presbyterian Church-

Flower Mound

Jean & David Tritenbach

Joyce & Walter Troegel

Kerri & Randall Truelock

Trull Foundation

Robbie Trussell

Tucker Foundation

Margarete & Bill Tucker

Dorothy Tucker

Stephanie Tudyk


Maxine & Doyle Turnipseed

Shannon & Mark Tuschak

Carolyn & William Twyford

Janice & Kenneth Tyler

Amy & Busty Underwood

Union State Bank

Unitarian Universalist


Donor Unknown

Nan & James Vaden

Kathy & Adrian Van Dyke

Margaret Van Landingham

Janise Van Tassel

Keely & Billy Vanacker

Marion Vance

Kristy Vandenberg

Melissa Vanderkam

Jane & Edward Vandorn

Sandra & Robert Vandorn

Melissa & Raymond Vasquez

Jeanette & Gary Vaughan

Todd Vaughan

De’Andre Vaughn

Judith & Graydon Vaught

Melissa Vela

Verizon Foundation

Betty Vernon

Jerrelyn & Richard Verrett

Vicksburg Village Clubhouse

Deborah & Lance Vieau

Vision Source

Gabrielle & Aaron Vogler

Phyllis & Frederick Vogt


Lorna & Alton Vrana

Wachovia Wells Fargo


Catherine Wahrmund

Toni & David Wahrmund

Betty & Jack Walcher

Kathleen Walker

Leslie Walker

Stuart Walker

Wallace Jackson & Lohmeyer

Janice Wallace

June Wallace

Nancy & Edgar Wallace

Nancy & Robert Wallace

Sana & Bob Waller

Marla & John Waller

Carol & James Walls

Barbara & Robert Walther

Melissa & David Wampler

Elaine & Martin Wardlaw

Emily & James Ware

Jean & Stephen Ware

Nancy & Bill Warren

Marie & Wayne Warren

Deborah Wartko-Conner

Sylvia & Phineas Washer

Water Street Chiropractic

Yolanda & Brent Watkins

Rebecca Watson

Michael Watters

Tina Watters

Michelle & Arthur Wavell

Cynthia & Del Way

Bill Webb

Jean & Thad Weber

Mary & Dave Weekley

Darryl Weidenfeller

Welch Foundation

Lisa & Andy Welch

Wells Fargo Banks

Marion & Fred Wells

Lori Mayles-Wells &

Thomas Wells

Mary & Christopher Wendel

Meredith Wendele

Freya & Jeffrey Wendling

Steve Wentz

Alice & Alan Werchan

Linda & Kittredge Werlein

Jeanne West

Barbara & Kenneth West

Joe Westerlage

Westminster Presbyterian

Church, Austin

Westminster Presbyterian

Church, Beaumont

Carole Wever

Carolyn & Danny Wheat

Melinda & James Wheeler

Whelan Plumbing Co. Inc.

James Whetstone

Ed Whitacre

Betsy & Ed Whitaker

Marilyn & Allen White

Nichelle White

Ruby White

Wilberta White

Monica Whitehurst &

William Newcombe

Olin Whitescarver

LaShelle & Russell Whitmore

Larresia & Lewis Whitten

Kristine & Greg Whittington

Ann Wickham

Jeffery Wiede

Irene & Leroy Wiese

Mary & Travis Wilcox

Ann & William Wilde

Rhonda Wiley-Jones

& Bert Jones

Lucretia & Carrell Wilferth

Elizabeth & Eric Wilfong

Lucy & Kenneth Wilke

Raynell Wilke

John Kerrigan &

William Wilkinson

Brenda & Bryant Williams

David Williams

Dominique & Lamar Williams

Amanda & David Williams

Debbie & Keith Williams

O’Gene & Lewis Williams

Leslie & Stockton Williams

Skipper & E.C. Willmann

Wilson Family Chiropractic

Andrea & Keith Wilson

Deborah & Hiram Wilson

Carrie & Jim Wilson

Elizabeth & Reginald Wilson

Claudie & Stanley Wilson

Gail & William Wilson

Marion & William Wilson

Patrice & John Wilton

Joseph Winger

Rey & Joe Winsky

John Winslow

Debbie & Bert† Winston

Wisconsin Energy Corporation

Foundation Inc.

Mary & Bertram Wood

Mark Woodhull

Sue & James Woods

Christine & John Woods

Mary & Larry Woods

Stephanie & William Woods

Deirdre Workman

Jerri & Walter Workman

Worldwide Tubulars

Ida Worthington

Marsha & Kenny Worthington

Cherry Wright

& Jim Bradford

Harry Wright

Connie Wunderlich

Judy & Harold Wunsch

Deborah Burks & John Wurster

Sabrehna Wyche

Craig Yaros

Vicki Yates

Jerry Yencharis

George & Fay Young Foundation

Barbara Young

Barbara & Darrel Young

Phyllis & Robert Young

Jan Zenner

Katherine & Theodore Zgourides

Paul Zoch

Patty & Paul Zohlen

† - deceased

Mountaineer Fitness Center

Phase I

Mountaineer Fitness Center,

Phase I, would not have

been possible without the

enthusiastic and generous

support of the following friends,

foundations, alumni, parents,

businesses and organizations.

Together, they have enabled SU to

transform campus recreation and

fitness and significantly improve

recruiting efforts.

Patricia & Martin† Allday

Traci & Daron Allen

Sandy & James Alsup

Nancy Anguish

Argo Group U.S.

Nancy & Cecil Atkission

Estela & James Avery

Teeka & Peter Baldwin

Carol & David Barker

Patricia Barnhill

Chelsea Barrington

Amy & Stuart Baskin

Lea† & Arthur Bell

Nelwyn & Walter Belt

Patrick Biesiadecki

Lloyd Brinkman

Susan & Randy Brooks

Charles Browning†

Kennon & James


Marilyn & Herman Buchholtz

The Cailloux Foundation

Effie & Wofford Cain


Camp Verde General Store

Patti Castellow

Laverne & Fred Chovanetz

City of Kerrville Economic

Improvement Corporation

Loyce & William Collenback

Community Foundation of

the Texas Hill Country

Frances Cree

Sue & Harold Cree

Anne & Richard Cree

Richard James Cree

Revocable Trust

Priscilla & Gary Crozier

Anita & Robert De Kock

Linda & Ronnie Denker

Carol & William Dever

Ruben Armendariz &

Cynthia Diaz de Leon

Eleanor† & William† Dozier

Carol Jean & Walter Dunlap

Nancy & Leon Etzler

Linda & David Evans

Judith & C. W. Ferguson

Ray C Fish Foundation

Page Foshee

Alta Foster

Martha & Joe Foy

Sonya & Bill Franklin

Linda & Javier Gutierrez

Novia & Ross Harris

Mary & Rufus Hayes

Deedie & Phillip Hering

Carley Hermes

Colton Hermes

Evelyn & Mike Hickey

Jane & Kyle Hobin

Kristin & Michael Huffman

Elizabeth & D. M. Hughes

Barbara & Charles Johnson

Kathy & Mike Johnson

Charlene & Francis Klekar

Ruth & Eugene Koncaba

Ronnie Koncaba

KPMG Foundation

Kathy & Dean Krueger

Laura & Weir Labatt

Carolyn & Kenneth Landrum

Peg Layton & Steve Spahr

Charlene Leopold

Michael Looney†

J.E. & L.E. Mabee


Van & Joe Mabee

Anna & Ron Macosko

Mollie & Frank Maresh

Mary Lynn & Richard Marrs

Sharon & Ronald Mascheck

Mary Jane & Wendell Mayes

McCombs Foundation

Betty & Tom Mobley

Jo & Haskell Monroe

Gloria Olsen

Sylvia & Daniel Ostos

Barbara & Michael Pate

Carrie & John Pesek

Nelson Puett Estate

Nelson Puett Foundation

Jane Ragsdale & Dick Howell

Dalene & Robert Reagan

Elise & William Reid

Angeline & Edwin Richmond

Patricia & Charles Robb

Stephenie & Randall Roberts

Elinor Ross†

Kelle & Charles Salter

San Angelo Area Foundation

Lorraine & Charlie Sapp

SBC Foundation

Shirley & Robert Schmerbeck

Kathryn Schutts

Neel & Robert Scott

Jennifer & Stuart Sliva

Mimi & Allen Smith

Sandra & J. Fort Smith

State Farm Insurance

Sue & Jack Steele

Pollyanna & F. L. Stephens

Mary Ellen &

Charles Summerlin

Marylee & Wilbert Supak

Jeanne & Philip Terrell

Liquita & Lawrence


Carrie & Charles Torti

Betty Tucker

Dorothy Tucker

Anne & Don Turner

Kim & David Ulcak

Nancy & Edgar Wallace

Wells Fargo Banks

Ann & William Wilde

John Kerrigan &

William Wilkinson

Jerri & Walter Workman

Elaine & Johnny Woytek

Phyllis & Robert Young

† - deceased

Momentum 2011 31

Evelin Abernathy Estate

Carol & Baxter Adams

Linda & Don Adams

Traci & Daron Allen

Clarice & Willard† Amann

Autie M. Anderson Estate

Tiffany Andresen

Ima Andrews Estate

Nancy Anguish

H. C. Arbuckle

Carrie & Scott Arrington

Mardi Ashley Estate

Richard Assunto

Jeff Austin Estate

Estela & James Avery

Teeka & Peter Baldwin

Darlene & Dewayne Bannister

Louise & Jack† Barbee

Corey & Raymond Barker

Richard Barnes Estate

Fred Barttlingck Estate

Lea† & Arthur Bell

Joyce A. Bellomy Estate

Verna & Joe Benham

Billy & Francis Benton Estate

Marion Bergin Estate


Anita† & Spencer Blocker

Lynn & Theo Blue

Chica Greenlee &

Allen Boatwright

Martha & C. W.† Bocock

Marianne & Robert Bowers

Cheryl & Chris Bratton

Lloyd Brinkman

Pat & Tom Browne

Barbara & Earl† Bruno

Hazel Anne Burnett

Debbie Burress

Betty & William Byrd

Elaine Byrd Estate

Kathleen & Floyd Cailloux


Cecilia Shepherd Cambias


Paul Camfield

William Campbell

Atanacio Campos

Isabel & Carlos Campos

Mary & Rene Canales

32 Schreiner university

Schreiner Oaks Society

helps SU build a strong future

The Schreiner Oaks Society recognizes those friends who have included

Schreiner in their estate plans. While most of these commitments

will not be fulfilled for many years, our entire learning community is

encouraged by the knowledge that Schreiner’s financial future grows

stronger by each gift. If you have included Schreiner in your will or

other means—or if you would like to know how to do so—please call

830-792-7205. You do not have to disclose specific details of your plans

to qualify as a member of the Schreiner Oaks Society.

Missy & Jarred Carter

Susan Carver

Helen Hagens & John


Joseph Cavitt Estate

Howard Chamberlain

James Chamlee

Beth & Eugene Chappell

Dale “Chip” Chase

Jewel Childs Estate

Virginia Ruth & Jack† Clarke

Dollie Cline Estate

Carolynn & Stan Cobbs

Ellen Connelly

Shirley & Julian Coskey

Martha & Frank Covert

Anne & Richard Cree

Coralie Croom Estate

Janett & Harlan Crouse

Priscilla & Gary Crozier

Beverly & David† Cummings

Elizabeth & Robert


Peggy & Thomas Currie

Virginia & Randall Cutlip


Estha Davis Estate

Jonnie R. Davis Estate

Gloria & Ralph Davis

Rachel† & Clyde Day

Nancy & Ralph† Denham

Lyde & Charles Devall Estate

Cynthia Diaz de Leon

Alma Dietert Estate

Doris & Clarence Dietert


Merle & Raymond Dietert


Joan Dell Dolce

Karen & John Dooley

Eleanor & William Dozier


Carol Jean & Walter Dunlap

Jeannine & Patrick Dunn

Laura Lewis Duty

Jeannette Early Estate

Carlton Eaton Estate

Julie & Wayne Eberly

Marguerite & Andrew

Edington Estate

Rosemary Egan Estate

Linda & David Evans

Ruth Fagan Estate

Jennifer Farhoudi

Kamron Farhoudi

Donna & Royce Faulkner

Gladys & Ralph Fawcett Estate

Frances & Marion Ferguson


Judith & Warren Ferguson

Gordon Findlay

Page Foshee

Alta & William† Foster

Doris Fowler Estate

Martha & Joe† Foy

Marcia & David Frank

Sonya & Bill Franklin

Mignonne & Scott Frantzen

Carolyn & Wally Freeman

Mike Frick

Joann & John† Furman

B.K. & Fred Gamble

Nancy Nixon Garcia

Dixie Garison Estate

Jessie & Victor Earl† Garrett

Mary Florence & Daniel Garza

Donna & Creston Gay

Patsy & William Goertz

Elizabeth & John† Goforth

Helen & Daniel† Goodwin

Louise Gorelick

Averill Gouldy Estate

Agatha & V. J. “Tex” Graham


Joan & Carroll† Griffin

Neil & Gena Griffin

Susie & John Grimes

Mildred & Fred† Grinstead

David Guin Estate

Mildred & Walter Guin Estate

Zaira & Andres Gutierrez

Peggy & John Hainey

Elizabeth Hall

Elizabeth Halm

Jane & Richard Harben

Zelma Hardy Estate

Charlotte & Roy Harrell

Novia & Ross Harris

Inez & Frank Harrison Estate

Claire Hartman

Florence Hayes Estate

Mary & Rufus Hayes

Grinstead Henderson Family, L.P.

Jean Herlin Estate

Carolyn & Kelly Hildebrand

Robin Hill

Mary & Jerry Hilton

Jane & Kyle Hobin

M. Frances Hoffman

Herbert Holchak

Patsy Holekamp

Ann & William Hollocher Estate

Wilba & Wrather Holmgreen


Elsa Hopkins-Calvin

Margaret & Richard Hosler Estate

Kathleen Hudson

Ben E. Jackson Estate

Dolores & Johnnie† Jennings

Maud Jennings Estate

Beth & David Johnson

Edith & James Johnson

Aileen & Arthur Jones

Fran & John Jones

George Junkin Estate

Nancy & E. Dixon Junkin

Don Beth & Fred Junkin

Adele & Sam Junkin

Susan Junkin

Carole & Fred Kelly

Patricia Van Reet† & Robert Kelly

Karen Davis Kilgore

Isabelle Kitch Estate

Robert Knight

Nell Schreiner Labatt Estate

Laura & Weir Labatt

Judy & Jack Lander Estate

Carolyn & Kenneth Landrum

Louise & Garland† Lang

Missie & Sam Lanham

Ann & James Laughlin

Fern Laughlin Estate

Peg Layton & Steve Spahr

Elizabeth Ledyard

Bill Lemoine

Henry Lewis Estate

Elizabeth† & Charles Liggett

Luise Livingston Estate

Charlene & William Logan Estate

Michael Looney Estate

Rachael Luna Estate

Gill & Michael MacGregor

James Thurman Mackey Estate

Sue & Doug Maclay

Mollie & Frank Maresh

Carolyn & Everett Marley

Richard Marrs

Ann & Gene Marshall

Lorraine & Bill Marten

Ruth Marten Estate

Mae & James Martin Estate

Tricia & William Matthews

Gail & Mark Maxwell Estate

Demmie Mayfield

Mary Margaret Mayfield

Karen & Maurice McAshan

Cayce & Charlie McCormick

Carol McDonald

Aileen & Kingsley† McHenry

Edna Ann McMurray Estate

Annmarie & Douglas Miles

Evelyn & Leon Miller Estate

Robert Glenn Miller

Luella Milner Estate

Oleta & Jacob Mixon Estate

Betty & Tom Mobley

Ida Rose Dietert & C. E. Moore


Daisy Morris Estate

Joanne & James† Mosley

Modene & Douglas† Motley

John Moyer

Linda & Leland Murphy

Julie & Park Myers Estate

Carol Nagle

Bennett Nance Estate

Nancy Neal Estate

Beryl & Erwin Nevill Estate

Lois & Harvey† Newberry

Jean Nixon

Lawrie Nomer

Nancy & Robert Norris

Gini Norris-Lane & Wes Lane

Lea & Kyle Nye

Kathleen Ocker

Gloria Olsen

Dot & Bill O’Neal

Me-J. & John O’Neal

Jean Onion Estate

Jane & Joe Owen

Lucy Page Estate

Louise Paine Estate

Wilma Palmer Estate

Lucile Pampell Estate

Ernest† & Josephine† Parker


Barbara & Mike Pate

Laura Patton Estate

Lillian Peek Estate

Betty & Ralph Pelton

David Perry Estate

Lavon† & Verne Philips

Susan Philips

Suzy & Richard Pollard

Alpha Mae Pollock Estate

Kathryn & Robert Porcher Estate

Harriet & Harford Powel

Ray Presley Estate

Paul Prestwich Estate

Caroline & Harwood Puett

Ruth & Nelson† Puett

Charles Quereau

Lou & Henry† Quinius

Sara & Tom Ratcliffe Estate

Dalene & Robert Reagan

Elise & William Reid

Ann & Browne Rice Estate

Angie & Ed Richmond

Hazel Richmond

Clara Rickbeil Estate

Herbert Rigsbee Estate

Stephenie & Randall Roberts

Betty Robinson Estate

Janet Robinson

Myra Robinson

Mary & Raymond Roche Estate

Carolyn Roden

Gary Rodriguez

Lillian Rogers Estate

Mary & Bernard Rohe Estate

Emmy & Moak Rollins Estate

Josephine Romero Estate

Louis Romero

Caroline Ross Estate

Elinor & Robert Ross Estate

Eloise & Ruben Rusche Estate

Elizabeth & Richard† Ryan

Jonathan Sallas Estate

Ammie Rose & Forrest† Salter

Edith Schmerbeck Estate

Shirley & Bob Schmerbeck

Elaine & Garland† Scogin

Neel & Robert Scott

Sharon & Loren Scribner

Gerry & Frank Seaman

Beulah & Creighton Secor


Cindy Sengel

Betty & Joe Sheeler

Barbara & Eldon Sheffer

Fronie & Robert† Shelton

Susan & Randy Shepler

Mary Frances Sherlock Estate

Shirley Sherman

Abby Shupe

Marvin Singleton

Mary Sivley Estate

Betsy & Gary Slade

Susan & Bill Sliva

Jeanne & Robert Slobod Estate

Rita & Bob Smith

Janet & Tom Smith

Helen Snow Estate

Marty Sorell

Lois & Dan Sowards

Bernice Springall Estate

Mary & Walter Springall

W. C. Steed Estate

Sue & Jack Steele

Pat Chastain & Fred Stevens

Jean† & Ralph Storm

Hettie Streithoff Estate

Claudia Sullivan

Mary Ellen & Tim Summerlin

Lane Tait

Mark Talbot

Mary Galen Thomas Estate

Lois & Jack Thurmond

Ethel Lee Tracy Estate

Robert Trull Estate

Betty & Gordon† Tucker

Dorothy Tucker

Anne Turner

Laverne Turner

Lisa & David Turner

Shannon & Mark Tuschak

Roberta Van Alstyne Estate

Barbara Von Brandt-Siemers &

Paul Siemers

Mary Wagoner Estate

Danny & Ed Wagoner

Catherine Wahrmund

Betty & Jack Walcher

Kathie Walker

Margaret & Dayton Walkup


Barbara & Barton Wallace

Nancy & Ed Wallace

Eva Wasson Estate

Linda Wattonville

A former student,

Rick Cree has just

completed a nine-year

term on the Board of

Trustees. The Cree

family consistently

shares their time,

wisdom, leadership

and resources,

assisting with projects

that require travel

throughout the state

on Schreiner’s behalf.

“If we truly care about the direction of our nation, we must also care about higher

education. When young people graduate from Schreiner University, they are wellrounded

and thoughtful citizens who understand they must also be leaders—in

their communities, their workplaces, their families.

Schreiner is exactly the kind of higher educational institution we are proud

to support. We happily made the decision to create an estate plan that includes

Schreiner because we know our resources will continue to open up opportunities

for young people—forever! And those graduates will be the kind of people our world

needs. It’s a win/win combination.”

– Anne and Rick Cree, Dallas

Rebecca & Scott Weaver

June & George Weitz Estate

Gordon Wellborn Estate

Kit Werlein

Caroyl & Cleve† Wheelus

Ruth Whitehurst

Duane Whitlow

Mary Wight Estate

Ann & Bill Wilde

Billy Wilkinson

L. A. Wilson Estate

Marion & William Wilson

Patrice & John Wilton

Jane & Ron Woellhof

Marianne Wofford

David Wolff

Linda & Louis Womack

Mary & Larry Woods

Louise & Stan Woodward

Jerri & Walter Workman

Bob Wright

Toddie Lee Wynne Estate

Robert Young

Ron Zarychta

† - deceased

Momentum 2011 33

Endowment Matching Program

doubles donors’ impact

“We cannot imagine living anywhere but Kerr

County, close to Schreiner University. The

quality of life a university brings to a community

is creative and enduring. We were pleased when

Schreiner asked us to help build its endowment

through the trustees matching program for new

scholarships. Endowment is very important

to any university, and especially to one with

ambitious plans. It’s a lot of fun watching

Schreiner grow up!”

– Nancy and Philip Dickinson, Hunt, TX

34 Schreiner university

Carrie Astoria

Jerry & Mark Clements

James Avery Craftsman

Anne & Rick Cree

Nancy & Philip Dickinson

Donna & Royce Faulkner

Sonya & Bill Franklin

Mary Lynn & Richard Marrs

Demmie Mayfield

Lea & Kyle Nye

Barbara & Michael Pate

Nancy & Ted Paup

Dalene & Robert Reagan

Myra Robinson

Serafy Foundation

Dorothy Tucker

I have the best position in the world—helping

build a fine university by working with donors

who care about the future, who believe Schreiner

is a great place and who want to make a difference

in the world by encouraging our students to

realize their dreams. Thank you for taking time to

read this first issue of MOMENTUM and thank

you for your incredible support of our work.

– Mark C. Tuschak

The Trustees Endowment Matching Program began

in 2010 to inspire families to consider creating

named endowments. When a family pledges a single or

multiyear commitment of $25,000-$100,000 for

current scholarships and grants, the process begins.

When at least $25,000 has been received, the Board of

Trustees authorizes a matching endowment in the

donors’ or their loved ones’ names. For more

information about this program, please call


Endowment-Level Scholarships

Donors Pledges

Sandy & James Alsup

Nancy Anguish

Nancy & Cecil Atkission

Susan & Randy Brooks

Laurie & Mike Lowe

Janet & Kent McKinney

Barbara & David Staggs

Mark Tuschak

Vice President for Advancement

and Public Affairs

“Here, Everything’s Better”

Photo above:

About 30 SU students comprise

a significant part of the local

HEB’s workforce. Some return to

their hometowns in the summer

and work in their local stores,

too. These students work hard

and enthusiastically to balance

academics with their jobs.

Some are baggers and checkers,

others work in the pharmacy and

floral departments, and several

are perishable specialists. One

accounting major is a bookkeeper.

(Three additional employees are

new Schreiner graduates who

want to stay with the company.)

“The Schreiner students who work for us are

enthusiastic, hard-working and a lot of fun. I depend

upon them for our workforce. I am proud that the

company I serve recognizes the importance of

helping Schreiner students and has made a long-term

commitment to the Hill Country College Fund.”

– Greg Nichols

Unit Manager, Kerrville HEB

This charter issue of Momentum is a publication of the

University Relations Office and will be distributed to

friends of the University once a year.

If you have a change of address or any other questions,

please call the Office of Advancement and Public Affairs

at 830-792-7201.

Schreiner University is an independent liberal arts

institution related by covenant and choice to the

Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)

Schreiner University does not discriminate in admissions, educational

programs, extra-curricular programs or employment against any individual

on the basis of that individual’s race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion,

age, disability, veteran status or ethnic origin. Inquires/complaints should

be forwarded to the Director of Human Resources, at 830-792-7375.

Momentum 2011 35

CMB 6229

2100 Memorial Blvd.

Kerrville, Texas 78028-5697

“We cannot hold a torch

to light another’s path without

brightening our own.”

– Ben Sweetland





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