GREENSTAR HEATSLAVE 12/18, 18/25, 25/32kW - BHL.co.uk

GREENSTAR HEATSLAVE 12/18, 18/25, 25/32kW - BHL.co.uk

GREENSTAR HEATSLAVE 12/18, 18/25, 25/32kW - BHL.co.uk


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CONTACT INFORMATIONUSER INSTRUCTIONS &CUSTOMER CARE GUIDEWorcester, Bosch Group:Service call centres:UK TEL: 08457 <strong>25</strong>6206FAX: 08457 757536SCOTLAND ONLY FAX: 01506 441687Other enquiries: TEL: FAX:MAIN RECEPTION: 01905 754624 754619TECHNICAL: 08705 266241LITERATURE: 01905 75<strong>25</strong>56SALES: 01905 752640WEBSITE: www.worcester-bosch.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>uk</strong>WATER TREATMENT:FERNOX 01799 550811www.fernox.<strong>co</strong>mPLEASE READ THESE INSTRUCTIONSCAREFULLY BEFORE OPERATING YOURAPPLIANCE.THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE APPLICABLETO THE WORCESTER, BOSCH GROUPAPPLIANCE MODEL(S) STATED ON THEFRONT COVER OF THIS MANUAL ONLY ANDMUST NOT BE USED WITH ANY OTHERMAKE OR MODEL OF APPLIANCE.IF YOU ARE IN ANY DOUBT CONTACT THEWORCESTER, BOSCH GROUP TECHNICALHELPLINE.PLEASE KEEP THESE INSTRUCTIONS WITHTHE INSTALLATION AND SERVICINGINSTRUCTIONS IN A SAFE PLACE OR WITHTHE APPLIANCE AFTER INSTALLATION ORSERVICING.DO NOT INTERFERE WITH ANY SEALEDCOMPONENTS.SENTINEL 0151 420 9595www.betzdearborn.<strong>co</strong>m/sentinelFLUE TERMINAL GUARDS:WORCESTER, BOSCH GROUPABBREVIATIONS:SEDBUK Seasonal Efficiency for DomesticBoilers in the United Kingdom.OFTEC Oil Firing Technical Association for thePetroleum Industry.OIL FIRING TECHNICAL ASSOCIATION:OFTEC 0845 6585080www.oftec.orgUSER INSTRUCTIONS &CUSTOMER CARE GUIDE<strong>GREENSTAR</strong> <strong>HEATSLAVE</strong> <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> - <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> - <strong>25</strong>/328 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)

CONTENTSINTRODUCTIONSAFETY PRECAUTIONS 2EXCELLENCE COMES AS STANDARD 3GENERAL INFORMATION 4-6USING YOUR APPLIANCECONTROLS 7OPERATING THE APPLIANCESwitching the boiler on/off 8Setting the heating temperature 8Controlling central heating 8Setting the hot water temperature 9Frost protection 9Pressure gauge 10Filling loop 11Fault <strong>co</strong>nditions <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> and <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> models <strong>12</strong>Fault <strong>co</strong>nditions <strong>25</strong>/32 model 13ENERGY SAVINGTIPS ON ENERGY SAVING 14-15MAINTENANCEMAINTAINING YOUR APPLIANCE 16FAULT FINDING 17FAULT OR BREAKDOWN <strong>18</strong>GUARANTEEYOUR GUARANTEE 19GUARANTEE REGISTRATION 20INTRODUCTIONUSING YOURAPPLIANCENOTESENERGYSAVINGMAINTENANCEGUARANTEE<strong>GREENSTAR</strong> <strong>HEATSLAVE</strong> <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> - <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> - <strong>25</strong>/328 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)CONTENTS1

EXCELLENCE COMES ASSTANDARDThank you for purchasing a Greenstar oil fired<strong>co</strong>ndensing boiler from Worcester, BoschGroup. The <strong>co</strong>mpany prides itself onmanufacturing boilers to the strictest quality<strong>co</strong>ntrol standards throughout every stage ofproduction.Worcester, Bosch Group has led the field ininnovative appliance design and performance formore than 40 years. This heritage means allproducts are of exceptional quality and provenreliability.INTRODUCTIONThe <strong>co</strong>ndensing range in particular, is extremelyenergy efficient, <strong>co</strong>nverting more of the fuel<strong>co</strong>nsumed into heat offering you e<strong>co</strong>nomicalrunning <strong>co</strong>sts and value for money. It sits inSEBUK band A, at the top of the energy ratedappliances available.There is also the assurance of our no-nonsenseparts and labour guarantee - backed up by anoptional servicing and maintenance <strong>co</strong>ntract tokeep your boiler operating at peak <strong>co</strong>ndition andefficiency.To find out more about Worcester, BoschGroup, use the 'Contact Information' shown onthe inside front <strong>co</strong>ver.<strong>GREENSTAR</strong> <strong>HEATSLAVE</strong> <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> - <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> - <strong>25</strong>/328 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)EXCELLENCE COMES AS STANDARD3

INTRODUCTIONRead these instructions carefully to get the bestfrom your appliance.CENTRAL HEATING SYSTEMS:During the first few hours of operation of thecentral heating system, check that all radiatorsare being heated at an even rate.If the top of a radiator is at a lower temperaturethan the bottom then it should be vented byreleasing air through the venting screw at the topof the radiator. Ask your installer to show youhow this is done. Repeated venting will reducethe quantity of water in the system and this mustbe replenished for safe and satisfactoryoperation of the appliance.When excessive venting or water leaks are foundin the system you must <strong>co</strong>ntact a serviceengineer to inspect the installation and rectifyany fault.Only use additives <strong>co</strong>mpatible with the applianceand system. Use of in<strong>co</strong>mpatible additives cancause damage and will invalidate the applianceguarantee.Sealed heating systems:Where the appliance is fitted to a sealed heatingsystem your installer will inform you of theminimum and maximum pressure which must beindicated on the pressure gauge.Regularly check the pressure is maintained and<strong>co</strong>ntact your installer or maintenance engineer ifthere is a noticeable, permanent drop inpressure. If the system loses pressure it shouldbe repressurised and the cause of the lossinvestigated.CONDENSATE:This is a high efficiency appliance using<strong>co</strong>ndensing technology which will under normaloperation produce a regular discharge of<strong>co</strong>ndensate to drain and at times, give out aplume of water vapour from the flue terminal.GENERAL INFORMATIONROOM THERMOSTAT:A room temperature <strong>co</strong>ntroller must be fitted to<strong>co</strong>ntrol the central heating. Refer to instructionssupplied with the thermostat for information onsiting and setting.THERMOSTATIC RADIATOR VALVES:It is re<strong>co</strong>mmended that this type of valve is fittedto all but one of the radiators (or at least those inthe sleeping ac<strong>co</strong>mmodation). The remainingradiator, which must be where the roomthermostat is located, should be un-<strong>co</strong>ntrolledand must be left open.SHOWERS, BIDETS, TAPS/MIXING VALVES:Standard hot and <strong>co</strong>ld taps and mixing valvesmust be suitable for operating at the water mainssupply pressure. Only thermostatically <strong>co</strong>ntrolledshowers are suitable for use with this appliance.Hot and <strong>co</strong>ld mains fed water can be supplieddirectly to an over-rim flushing bidet subject tolocal water <strong>co</strong>mpany requirements.WATER FLOW:With all mains fed systems the flow of waterfrom individual taps will vary with the number ofoutlets operated simultaneously and the <strong>co</strong>ldwater supply pressure to the property. Flowbalancing using 'ball-o-fix' type valves isre<strong>co</strong>mmended to avoid an excessive reduction inflow to individual outlets.The flow of water demanded from both hot and<strong>co</strong>ld service outlets is dependent on the mainswater supply, it may not be possible in someinstallations to operate all outlets simultaneously.MAINS WATER FAILURE:Central heating:The appliance will operate in central heating mode.Hot water will not be available until the watersupply is restored.4GENERAL INFORMATION <strong>GREENSTAR</strong> <strong>HEATSLAVE</strong> <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> - <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> - <strong>25</strong>/328 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)

GENERAL INFORMATIONUSE IN HARD WATER AREAS:In exceptionally hard water areas a device toprevent scale formation may be fitted. Installationof a scale inhibitor assembly should be inac<strong>co</strong>rdance with the requirements of the localwater <strong>co</strong>mpany. An isolating valve should befitted to allow for servicing.INTRODUCTIONCIRCULATING PUMP:The pump is pre-set and must not be adjusted.SERVICE CLEARANCES<strong>12</strong>00mm530mm300mm**1155mm5mm*5mm*600mmBOILER LOCATION:This boiler is only suitable for installing internallywithin a property at a suitable location onto afixed rigid non-<strong>co</strong>mbustible surface at least thesame size as the boiler and capable ofsupporting the boiler weight.Roof space installations must fully <strong>co</strong>nform toBS 5410 part 1 section 4.6.9.**The boiler can be installed under a worktop aslong as: The worktop above the boiler is removablefor maintenance. There is at least 10mm clearance above theboiler. The front of the boiler is not enclosed.The boiler is not suitable for external installationunless a suitable enclosure is provided.VENTILATION:Air vents must be functional at all times and theair supply must not be restricted or<strong>co</strong>ntaminated.The appliance clearances must meet theminimum shown opposite for servicing andventing purposes.* If this clearance is less than 75mm the flue'knock-out' panel sections must be removed toimprove air circulation and <strong>co</strong>oling.Do not place clothes or objects to hinder the aircirculation required by the appliance.<strong>GREENSTAR</strong> <strong>HEATSLAVE</strong> <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> - <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> - <strong>25</strong>/328 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)GENERAL INFORMATION5

INTRODUCTIONConventional flued appliances:Minimum area of of air inlet for <strong>co</strong>mbustion:kW Area (cm )2<strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> 99<strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> 138<strong>25</strong>/32 176GENERAL INFORMATIONConventional flue appliances require anadequate supply of fresh air which must bedelivered to the boiler for <strong>co</strong>mbustion purposesthrough a permanent inlet, such as an air brick,into the area where the boiler is situated.If a cupboard or <strong>co</strong>mpartment which is to beused for storage or airing is built around theappliance after installation there must be anon-<strong>co</strong>mbustible partition around the boiler.Further information can be found in BS 5410which also describes venting requirements.MINIMUM AIR VENT AREA (cm 2 ) FORAPPLIANCES INSTALLED IN A COMPARTMENT:1 Internal air to and from a space/room inside the building.2 External air to and from directly outside the building.Conventional flue:kW<strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong><strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong><strong>25</strong>/32Room Sealed flue:kW<strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong><strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong><strong>25</strong>/32Internal 1 ventilationHighLevelLowLevelInternal 1 ventilationHighLevelLowLevelExternal 2 ventilationHighLevelLowLevel198 279 99 198275 413 138 275352 528 176 352External 2 ventilationHighLevelLowLevel198 198 99 99275 275 138 138352 352 176 176Venting <strong>co</strong>mpartments: Ventilation must be provided for boilers fittedinto <strong>co</strong>mpartments as described in BS 5410 A minimum of 2 air vents must be fitted, oneat low level and another at high level ontothe same wall using the same air forcirculation. Combustion air must not be taken from aroom or internal space <strong>co</strong>ntaining a bath orshower and must not <strong>co</strong>mmunicate with aprotected area such as a hall, stairway,landing, <strong>co</strong>rridor, lobby, shaft etc. Air vents must allow access for clean free airand must be sited to <strong>co</strong>mply with the flueterminal position requirements. Air ducting runs must not exceed 3m. Low level air vents must be less than450mm from the floor. A warning label must be added to the ventswith a statement to the effect: ''Do not blockthis vent. Do not use for storage''.6GENERAL INFORMATION <strong>GREENSTAR</strong> <strong>HEATSLAVE</strong> <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> - <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> - <strong>25</strong>/328 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)

OFFTIMEDONCEONHOT WATEROFFTIMEDONCEONCENTRAL HEATINGADVANCE SET ? ADVANCESELECTYESSELECTCONTROLSABC D E FAHot water temperature <strong>co</strong>ntrol.BCentral heating temperature <strong>co</strong>ntrol.CLock-out indicator.DPower on indicator.G H J K LbarEFGHeating system water pressure gauge.Optional programmer (see instructionssupplied with programmer for details).Reset button - lock-out (behind frontpanel)* for <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> and <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> models only.*On the <strong>25</strong>/32 model the reset isaccessed by removing the top panel onthe appliance and pressing the resetbutton on the <strong>co</strong>ntrol box of the burner(see diagram below).USING YOURAPPLIANCEHReset button - flue thermostat (behindfront panel).JReset button - heating (behind frontpanel).KHolder for User Guide.LFront panel.Lockout reset button locations<strong>25</strong>/32 ModelRemove top panel to access BurnerReset Button (A).<strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> and <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> ModelsRemove front panel (pull bottom ofpanel out and lift to remove) toaccess Burner Reset Button (A)Thermostat Reset Buttons (B andC) are <strong>co</strong>mmon to all models.<strong>GREENSTAR</strong> <strong>HEATSLAVE</strong> <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> - <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> - <strong>25</strong>/328 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)CONTROLS7

OPERATING THE APPLIANCEUSING YOURAPPLIANCESWITCHING THE BOILER ON/OFF: To switch on the boiler; turn on the water,oil and electricity supply to the boiler. Check the programmer/timer is <strong>co</strong>rrect andit is set to ON. Set the room thermostat to the desiredsetting. Open and set thermostatic radiator valves asrequired. Turn the boiler water temperature <strong>co</strong>ntrol tothe required setting. To switch off the boiler; turn theprogrammer/timer to OFF for heating andhot water. If the appliance is left unused andexposed to freezing <strong>co</strong>nditions; shut off allthe mains supplies, isolate the boiler anddrain the system and boiler.CENTRAL HEATING TEMPERATURE CONTROL:SETTING HEATING TEMPERATURE: Turn the <strong>co</strong>ntrol clockwise to increase thewater temperature. Turn the <strong>co</strong>ntrol anti-clockwise to reduce thewater temperature.The minimum and maximum ranges of theheating <strong>co</strong>ntrol positions are approx. 55°C to81°C.CONTROLLING CENTRAL HEATING: Set the programmer/timer to the <strong>co</strong>rrect timewith the required ON/OFF periods. Turn the room thermostat to the temperaturerequired. Set thermostatic radiator valves to therequired temperature for each room.8OPERATING THE APPLIANCE <strong>GREENSTAR</strong> <strong>HEATSLAVE</strong> <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> - <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> - <strong>25</strong>/328 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)

OPERATING THE APPLIANCEHOT WATER TEMPERATURE CONTROL:SETTING THE HOT WATER TEMPERATURE: Turn the <strong>co</strong>ntrol clockwise to increase thewater temperature. Turn the <strong>co</strong>ntrol anti-clockwise to reduce thewater temperature.A high setting will give a higher hot watertemperature and greater quantities of hot water.WARNING: care should be taken whenwashing your hands as the <strong>co</strong>mbinationof low water flow rate and high setting ofthe hot water <strong>co</strong>ntrol thermostat canresult in very hot water at the tap.USING YOURAPPLIANCEFROST PROTECTION: A frost thermostat can be wired into theappliance. Frost protection should be fitted to thesystem where the system is most exposedand at risk of freezing.<strong>GREENSTAR</strong> <strong>HEATSLAVE</strong> <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> - <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> - <strong>25</strong>/328 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)OPERATING THE APPLIANCE9

OPERATING THE APPLIANCEPRESSURE GAUGE:The pressure gauge indicates the boiler/heatingsystem water pressure and has two pointers:USING YOURAPPLIANCE102bar34Red (external) pointer is set manually to indicatethe normal system pressure (1 to 1.5 bar forsealed systems, 0 to 0.5 bar for open ventsystems).Grey (internal) pointer shows the actual systempressure (on sealed systems the pressure willrise when the boiler/system heats up from <strong>co</strong>ld).Please check with your installer what type ofsystem you have.Sealed System pressure whenboiler is operating CHOn sealed systems the red pointer should be setto the normal operating pressure (1 to 1.5 bar)and the grey ponter will fluctuate around thispressure depending on whether the system ishot or <strong>co</strong>ld. If a sealed system pressure dropsbelow 1 bar the system should be repressurisedto between 1 and 1.5 bar and the cause of thedrop investigated. If the pressure rises to morethan 2.5 bar please <strong>co</strong>ntact your installer foradvice.Regularly check that the pressure is maintainedand <strong>co</strong>ntact your installer or maintenanceengineer if a permanent significant drop inpressure occurs.On open vent systems the pressure gauge is notused and the grey needle will remain at thebottom of its scale. If the presure rises to morethan 1 bar please <strong>co</strong>ntact your installer foradvice.10OPERATING THE APPLIANCE <strong>GREENSTAR</strong> <strong>HEATSLAVE</strong> <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> - <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> - <strong>25</strong>/328 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)

OPERATING THE APPLIANCEFILLING LOOP: Sealed systems onlyA filling loop is a set of manually operated valvesand a flexible pipe that allow water to be addedto the system when the valves are opened. Thisdevice must be WRAS approved. To <strong>co</strong>mply withlocal water authority by-laws the flexible pipeshould only be <strong>co</strong>nnected when topping up thesystem and dis<strong>co</strong>nnected when not in use.Should the sealed system pressure within yoursystem have dropped to below 0.5 bar (shownon the pressure gauge) you will need to increasethis to ensure your boiler <strong>co</strong>ntinues to runwithout problems.Your installer should have informed you whereto find the filling system and instructed you inits use.USING YOURAPPLIANCEShould this have been overlooked you canincrease the pressure by following theseinstructions:1. The boilers integral pressure gauge should bevisible from the filling link.2. Connect the flexible hose across the twovalves, one leading from the boiler and the otherfrom the mains supply. The <strong>co</strong>nnecting nuts needonly to be hand tight.3. Slowly open both valves ensuring that waterdoes not leak from either end of the flexiblehose.4. You will start to hear water passing across thehose and valves and the grey needle on thepressure guage will rise.5. When the needle rises between 1 and 1.5 barclose both valves, the needle should now remainfixed.<strong>GREENSTAR</strong> <strong>HEATSLAVE</strong> <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> - <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> - <strong>25</strong>/328 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)6. The hose should then be dis<strong>co</strong>nnected fromat least one valve, a small amount of water willemit from the hose, this is normal. If water<strong>co</strong>ntinues to issue from the hose the valve hasnot been fully closed or is passing. If it ispassing you will need to <strong>co</strong>ntact your installer toresolve the problem.OPERATING THE APPLIANCE11

OPERATING THE APPLIANCE(1) NORMAL OPERATION:FAULT CONDITIONS: <strong>25</strong>/32 MODELThe Power on and Lockout lights can indicatesome basic fault <strong>co</strong>nditions”(2) BOTH LIGHTS ON:(3) POWER ON LIGHT ON LOCKOUT LIGHT OFF:(1) Normal operation:Light ONMains power supply to boiler.(2) Both lights on:Boiler not firing Check the level in the oil tank. Remove the top panel on the appliance andpress the Reset button (A) on the <strong>co</strong>ntrolbox of the burner (see E below). If there is no response, wait 2 minutes andpress the Reset Button (A) again. If Lockout light stays on, do not attemptfurther resets. Contact your serviceengineer for advice.(3) Power on light on lockout light off:Boiler not on -No heating/hot water Check the programmer is set to ON androomstat is calling for heat. Press Reset Button (B), press Reset Button(C) both are below the fascia, behind thefront white panel (see E below). If the boiler remains off, <strong>co</strong>ntact your serviceengineer for advice.USING YOURAPPLIANCE(5) ACCESSING RESET BUTTONS:<strong>GREENSTAR</strong> <strong>HEATSLAVE</strong> <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> - <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> - <strong>25</strong>/328 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)(4) Both lights off:Boiler not on -No heating/hot water Ensure there is power supply to the boiler. If there is power supply to the boiler <strong>co</strong>ntactyour service engineer for advice.(5) Accessing Reset Buttons: To access the Reset Button (A) remove toppanel. To access Reset Buttons (B) and (C) pullthe bottom of the front white panel and lift toremove.OPERATING THE APPLIANCE13

TIPS ON ENERGY SAVINGHeating e<strong>co</strong>nomically:The boiler is designed to provide a high level of<strong>co</strong>mfort while keeping oil <strong>co</strong>nsumption and theresulting environmental effect as low as possible.The central heating <strong>co</strong>ntrol on the boiler shouldbe set as low as possible while still maintaining a<strong>co</strong>mfortable room temperature.ENERGYSAVINGThe temperature of each room can be setindividually using the thermostatic radiator valves(except the primary room with the roomthermostat).Roof insulation:Around 30% of the heat loss from a property isthrough the roof. Replace any old insulation withnew insulation, preferably to a minimumthickness of 200mm.Window frames:Single glazed windows, particularly those withsteel frames, can lose a great deal of heat.Consideration should be given to replacementwith PVCu or wooden framed double glazedunits.Curtains:Lined curtains, or heavier full length curtains canprovide excellent insulation. However, alwaysensure that the curtains do not drape overradiators.Draughts:Try to ensure that draughts around doors,windows, letterboxes and keyholes etc., arereduced by using a suitable draught excluder.Warning: do not block or seal any air ventsthat are installed to ensure the centralheating boiler (or other appliance) operatesafely.14TIPS ON ENERGY SAVING <strong>GREENSTAR</strong> <strong>HEATSLAVE</strong> <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> - <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> - <strong>25</strong>/328 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)

TIPS ON ENERGY SAVINGRoom thermostats:Reducing the setting of the room thermostat by1°C can reduce fuel <strong>co</strong>nsumption by up to 10%.New <strong>co</strong>ntrol systems:Upgrade your heating <strong>co</strong>ntrol system with thelatest equipment available. The minimum level of<strong>co</strong>ntrol for a heating system is a programmer,interlocking room thermostat and thermostaticradiator valves.Radiators:More often than not radiators will be sitedunderneath a window, so the warm air from theradiator heats the <strong>co</strong>lder in<strong>co</strong>ming air from thewindow.ENERGYSAVINGThe performance of the radiator will be affectedif the curtains are allowed to drape over theradiator or shelves are fitted above it.The positioning of furniture and tables in front ofthe radiator should also be avoided.It is advisable to manually adjust all radiatorvalves every 2-3 months to prevent them fromsticking. It is also important that the plastic topsof all valves are always in position and notcracked or damaged to help prevent accidents.Care should be taken when vacuum cleaningcarpets to avoid damage to valves and pipework.The heating system and the outputs of theradiators have been carefully selected by yourinstaller. The temperature obtainable in any givenroom is dependent on all radiators beingoperated at the same time. If you decide to turnoff radiators in unused rooms, spare bedroomsetc., you may experience slightly lower roomtemperatures in rooms adjacent to unheatedrooms.<strong>GREENSTAR</strong> <strong>HEATSLAVE</strong> <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> - <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> - <strong>25</strong>/328 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)TIPS ON ENERGY SAVING15

MAINTAINING YOUR APPLIANCEYour new appliance represents a long terminvestment in a reliable, high quality product.In order to realise its maximum working life andto ensure it <strong>co</strong>ntinues to operate at peakefficiency and performance, it is essential thatservicing and maintenance checks are performedat least once a year by a <strong>co</strong>mpetent person.If you would like to know more about sevicingoptions from Worcester, Bosch Group, pleasevisit www. worcester-bosch.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>uk</strong>. Please tickthe appropriate box on your warranty registrationcard for further details of the Worcester, BoschGroup Service Contract .When your appliance requires servicing please<strong>co</strong>ntact a Worcester, Bosch Group <strong>co</strong>ntactcentre (see inside front <strong>co</strong>ver for details).MAINTENANCEIn addition to the service <strong>co</strong>ntract we arepleased to offer a one-off annual service orbreakdown <strong>co</strong>ver.Maintenance tips:Regularly check the oil level in the tank.Regularly check the system pressure, ask yourinstaller for guidance.Do not obstruct the flue outlet or the air inlet.16MAINTAINING YOUR APPLIANCE <strong>GREENSTAR</strong> <strong>HEATSLAVE</strong> <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> - <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> - <strong>25</strong>/328 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)

FAULT FINDINGProblem Cause RemedyDesired room temperatureis not reachedThermostatic radiatorvalve(s) set too lowIncrease thermostaticradiator valve setting(s)Room thermostat set toolowIncrease room thermostatsettingTemperature <strong>co</strong>ntrol forCH flow on boiler set toolowIncrease CH flowtemperature <strong>co</strong>ntrolsettingAir trapped in heatingsystemBleed radiators, if fitted toa sealed system rechargeheating systemDesired room temperatureexceeded by large amountRadiators are too hotTurn down thermostaticradiator valves / room statMAINTENANCETemperature rises insteadof fallingClock is in<strong>co</strong>rrectly setCheck settingNo display or display unitdoes not respondMomentary power failureSwitch off appliance atmaster switch, wait a fewse<strong>co</strong>nds then switch onagainHot water temperature toolowHot water temperature settoo lowCheck settingHot water not in timedperiod on the programmerCheck programmersettings<strong>GREENSTAR</strong> <strong>HEATSLAVE</strong> <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> - <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> - <strong>25</strong>/328 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)FAULT FINDING17

MAINTENANCEFAULT OR BREAKDOWNThis appliance is supported in the UK byWorcester, Bosch Group, part of BBTThermotechnology UK Ltd.Specialist factory trained Service Engineers areavailable to attend in the unlikely event that abreakdown occurs on this appliance.No charge will be made for parts and/orlabour providing: An appliance fault is found and theappliance has been installed within the past24 months. Reasonable evidence of thismust be supplied on requestA call-out charge will be made where: The appliance has been installed for over 24months. OR Our Field Service Engineer finds no faultwith the appliance (see Note). OR Evidence cannot be provided that the firstyear service inspection has been carried out.(i.e. an entry in the service interval re<strong>co</strong>rdfound at the rear of the appliance installationand servicing manual). OR The cause of breakdown is misuse or withother parts of your plumbing/heating system,or with equipment not supplied by BBTThermotechnology UK Ltd.days (excluding weekends) for prioritybreakdown situations (no hot water and/orheating).Invoices for attendance and repair work carriedout on this appliance by any third party will notbe accepted.APPLIANCE DATA LABELThe data label can be found on the inside of theappliance on top of the <strong>co</strong>ntrol box.To access: Lift top panel to release lugs.To replace top panel: Replace the top panel and gently push down(from the edges so as not to damage thepanel) until it clips back into place.APPLIANCEDATA LABELNote: NO APPLIANCE FAULT IS FOUND ONOVER 30% OF ALL SERVICE CALL OUTS.Please read this guide carefully to gain a goodunderstanding of the operation of your appliance.In the case of a suspected fault, refer to the faultfinding section of this guide.If in doubt <strong>co</strong>ntact Worcester, Bosch Groupquoting the boiler serial and model number.These numbers are printed on a Data Labelwhich is located as shown opposite. (You canre<strong>co</strong>rd this information on the inside back <strong>co</strong>verof this manual.)In the unlikely event of an appliance fault orbreakdown please call the <strong>co</strong>ntact centre (seeinside front <strong>co</strong>ver for details). Your serviceadministrator will arrange for an Engineer to callwith the minimum of delay. Under normalcircumstances this will be from 1 to 3 working<strong>18</strong>FAULT OR BREAKDOWN <strong>GREENSTAR</strong> <strong>HEATSLAVE</strong> <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> - <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> - <strong>25</strong>/328 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)

<strong>GREENSTAR</strong> <strong>HEATSLAVE</strong> <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> - <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> - <strong>25</strong>/328 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)YOUR GUARANTEEThis appliance is guaranteed against faultymaterials or workmanship for a period of 24calendar months (60 months for the primary heatexchanger) from the date of installation subjectto the following <strong>co</strong>nditions:That during the period of this guarantee any<strong>co</strong>mponents of the unit which are proved tobe faulty or defective in manufacture will beexchanged or repaired free of materialcharges and free of labour charges ifrepaired directly by BBT ThermotechnologyUK Ltd. Please be aware that invoicesfor attendance and repair of thisappliance by third parties will not beaccepted for payment by BBTThermotechnology UK Ltd.That the householder may be asked toprove, when requested, the date ofinstallation, that the appliance was <strong>co</strong>rrectly<strong>co</strong>mmissioned and, where appropriate, thatthe <strong>12</strong> month service inspection has beencarried out to the satisfaction of BBTThermotechnology UK Ltd, when requested.The guarantee card must then be returnedwithin 30 days of installation.That any product or part thereof returned forservicing under the guarantee must beac<strong>co</strong>mpanied by a claim stating the Model,Serial Number and Date of Installation.That BBT Thermotechnology UK Ltd will notaccept responsibility for damage caused byfaulty installation, neglect, misuse oraccidental damage and non-observance ofthe instructions <strong>co</strong>ntained in the Installationand Users Instructions leaflets.That the appliance has been used only fornormal domestic purposes, for which it wasdesigned. That this guarantee applies only toequipment purchased and used in mainlandGreat Britain.This guarantee is given in addition to all yournormal statutory rights.Worcester, Bosch Group is a trading name ofBBT Thermotechnology UK Ltd.YOUR GUARANTEEGUARANTEE19

GUARANTEE REGISTRATIONYou should <strong>co</strong>mplete and return the postpaidGuarantee Registration Card within 30 days ofinstallation.Returning your card will register you as theowner of your new appliance and will assist us inmaintaining an effective and efficient customerservice by establishing a reference andpermanent re<strong>co</strong>rd for your boiler.This does not affect your statutory rights.For your own re<strong>co</strong>rd:GUARANTEEModelSerial No.(See identity label inside appliance casing)Type / sizeDate of installationInstaller details20GUARANTEE REGISTRATION <strong>GREENSTAR</strong> <strong>HEATSLAVE</strong> <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> - <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> - <strong>25</strong>/328 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)

NOTESNOTES<strong>GREENSTAR</strong> <strong>HEATSLAVE</strong> <strong>12</strong>/<strong>18</strong> - <strong>18</strong>/<strong>25</strong> - <strong>25</strong>/328 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)NOTES19

If in the unlikely event the boiler fails togive <strong>co</strong>mplete satisfaction, please checkthe following before calling for a serviceengineer:-General checks1. Oil level in the tank2. Power to the boiler3. All <strong>co</strong>ntrol settings3. The system pressure is appropriate for your system(see page 10)CONTACT INFORMATIONWorcester, Bosch Group:Service call centres:UK TEL: 08457 <strong>25</strong>6206FAX: 08457 757536SCOTLAND ONLY FAX: 01506 441687Other enquiries:TEL:MAIN RECEPTION: 01905 754624TECHNICAL: 08705 266241LITERATURE: 01905 75<strong>25</strong>56SALES: 01905 752640WEBSITE: www.worcester-bosch.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>uk</strong>USER INSTRUCTIONS &CUSTOMER CARE GUIDEEXCELLENCE COMES AS STANDARDWorcester, Bosch GroupCotswold Way, Warndon, Worcester WR4 9SW.Tel. 01905 754624 Fax. 01905 754619www.worcester-bosch.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>uk</strong>Worcester, Bosch Group is a trading name of BBT Thermotechnology UK Ltd.8 716 106 <strong>25</strong>3c (11.07)

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