Microbial Genetics Microbial Genetics


Microbial Genetics Microbial Genetics

Microbial GeneticsI. Structure and function of DNA and genesII. Gene expression in bacteriaIII. Mutation and variationIV. Horizontal gene transfer in bacteria

cleotides of of __________________ ___________ (RNA

Nucleotides of of ____________________ Acid (DNA)Note the numbering of the carbon atoms

“Growth” (__________________________) of of asingle DNA strand5’3’5’5’3’3’Note: this is __________But RNA alsopolymerizes like t

___________” arrangement of of the the two strands of of a DNA molec5’ end3’ end3’ end5’ end

The ‘base’ component of a nucleotide -- --________________AdenineAGuanineG

The ‘base’ component of a nucleotide -- --_________________CytosineCThymineTUracilU

or _______Note that this is ribose. . What would deoxyadenosinetriphosphate (dATP)) look like?

The amount of adenine = the amount of___________ and the amount of cytosine = theamount of ____________ in a cell

DNA Secondary StructureSee text, Fig. 9.4


DNA replication

Replication of the bacterial ________________

DNA Replication -- First Steps

DNA Replication -- -- First Steps (cont)

DNA structure and replication

Flow of genetic information in cells

Information processing in _____________

Information processing in _____________

Text, Fig. 9.18

Promoter region -- where RNA polymerase bindsto initiate _____________________One gene ---> one _______________


Transcription Animationhttp://www.microbelibrarymicrobelibrary.org/ .org/FactSheet.asp?SubmissionID=378

Text, Fig. 9.13

Text, Fig. 9.13

Text, Table 9.3

Translation: tRNA________________ RNA (tRNA(tRNA)

Prokaryotic TranslationAnimationhttp://www.microbelibrarymicrobelibrary.org/ .org/FactSheet.asp?SubmissionID=379

Translation: the ribosome

Translation: _______________

Translation: Elongation (cont.)

Translation: Elongation (cont.)


Text, Fig. 9.17

Replication problemve the sequence of the strand replicated from thefollowing strand:- GTT ATT CCC GTA ATC GGC TAG - 3’swer:- __________________________________ - 5’hich direction relative to the original strand, left orright, would the polymerase move as it makes thisstrand?swer: _____________

Transcription Problemssume that the strand just produced is the sense strand(the strand encoding the mRNA):’- CAA TAA GGG CAT TAG CCG ATC - 5’hat would be the sequence of the mRNA transcript ofthis portion of the gene? Be sure and include 5’-3’orientation.nswer:____________________________________

Translation problemTranslate your transcript using the following codon table

’- GUU AUU CCC GUA AUC GGC UAG - 3’nswer:____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____

Problemere is a portion of the sense strand of a gene:5’ – T A C C G A C C T T T G A G A A C T T G A – 3’) What would be the sequence of the strand which is replicatedfrom this strand (be sure to note the 5’-3’ orientation of thestrand)?) Which direction would the DNA polymerase move as itreplicates this (sense) strand:a. Right) What would be the sequence of the mRNA transcript of thisportion of the gene (include orientation)?) Translate using the codon table.

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