Research Fellow (Public Wiki Content Coordinator), Cerebral Palsy ...

Research Fellow (Public Wiki Content Coordinator), Cerebral Palsy ...

ROLE DESCRIPTIONRole:Reports to:Research Fellow (Public Wiki Content Coordinator), CerebralPalsy Alliance Research InstituteHead of Research, Research InstituteRole Family: Research Level: AH5Organisational ContextCerebral Palsy Alliance is the largest non-government provider of disability services in NSW,providing a range of services to people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. Theseinclude accommodation, therapy, technology, employment, community access and support.Services currently operate in a highly decentralised model through 70 separate outlets.Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s corporate offices are based at Allambie Heights. Their primaryfunction is to provide the organisation with the necessary resources and support that willassist all operational areas to achieve Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s overall mission and strategicdirection.The Research Institute is the research unit of Cerebral Palsy Alliance. The ResearchInstitute’s purpose is: research development and dissemination, leading to prevention, andreduction of adverse effects for those living with cerebral palsy now and for futuregenerations. The Research Institute is responsible for the operation of the Australian andNSW Cerebral Palsy Register; coordination of the Research Foundation of Cerebral PalsyAlliance’s grants program and conducting new cerebral palsy research initiatives.Purpose, Nature and Scope of the RoleThe Research Fellow is responsible for all operational aspects of the Public Evidence AlertWikipedia offered by Cerebral Palsy Alliance. The core skills of the Research Institute relateto epidemiology of cerebral palsy focussing on cause and prevention, the conduct of clinicaltrials investigating effective interventions for those at risk of the condition and living with thecondition as well as translation of findings into practice. This role will specifically contribute tothe coordination, synthesis and translation of evidence for use by clinicians, people withdisability, families and the general public. This will be achieved via actively working withinternal and external subject matter experts.Organisational Relationships & Staff Establishment:This role reports to the Head of Research. The Head of Research reports to the Chair ofCerebral Palsy, who reports to the CEO.

AccountabilitiesCoreCompetenciesOrganisationalKnowledgeLeadership/TeamworkCompetency Descriptors Has a thorough workingknowledge of the missionand values of Cerebral PalsyAlliance and the ResearchFoundation of CPA. Has a thorough workingknowledge of Key ResultAreas and Strategies ofCerebral Palsy Alliance andthe Research Foundation ofCPA. Has a thorough workingknowledge of sector, state,national and internationalissues that impact onservices. Has thorough workingknowledge and applicationof, CPA policies andprocedures. Provides formal supervisionto staff and modelsbehaviours that support afirm commitment to researchand evidence basedpractice. Provides leadership oncomplex policy or practiceissues.Performance Outcomes Understands and demonstrates through their behaviour, the rationaleand intent of the organisation’s mission and values. Demonstrates an understanding of the organisation’s Strategic Planthrough the implementation of appropriate strategies that reflect the KeyResult Areas. Participates in the development of Strategic Plan and subsequent actionplans as required by the Chair of CP/Head of Research Is able to demonstrate comprehensive working knowledge of the trendsand issues relevant to children and adults with disabilities and theirfamilies Has a thorough working knowledge of the organisation’s policies andprocedures and implements such policies and procedures Able to list key research and evidence issues in own professional fieldfrom a national and international perspective Advises research staff on organisational, policy, clinical, and legislativeissues relevant to the research evidence, to assist in the preparation oforganisational responses and policies to demonstrate awareness of allrelevant research literatureActively promotes the organisation as a leader in information oncerebral palsy and disability through sound project management,presentations and participation at appropriate internal and externalgatherings and through supporting research staff to developpublications in relevant journals and newslettersIdentifies opportunities for contributing expert research knowledge andadvice to the workplace and to organisational education activities incollaboration with research staff

CoreCompetenciesInterpersonalSkills/CommunicationCompetency Descriptors Is aware of, and maintainsappropriate communicationchannels with all key staff,clients/families andstakeholders both within andoutside CPA, ResearchInstitute and ResearchFoundation. Drafts reports onsensitive/complex issues orprojects. Builds on establishednetworks, both internally andexternally. Able to negotiate effectivelyon a wide range of issues. Positively identifiescommonalities anddifferences and reconcilesconflicting priorities andobjectives. Takes responsibility for thetimely provision of advice andassistancePerformance OutcomesPromotes cooperative strategies between researchers and policymakersEstablishes high standards around data integrityAbility to coordinate managing changes in data collection policy and inthe data items when there are a number of stakeholders holdingdivergent views. Demonstrates emergent expert knowledge of and specific skills in areaof research specialty

CoreCompetenciesProblem Solving/Decision Making/ResearchCompetency Descriptors Identifies operational and/orstrategic issues that impactwidely across theorganisation. Uses advancedprofessional/technicalpractices to identify andresolve problems Develops and implementsstrategic solutions. Evaluates alternatives andprovides appropriatereports/recommendationsPerformance OutcomesDocumented evidence demonstrates active support of research projectsas agreed with the Research InstituteManages and coordinates day to day activities including prioritisingworkloads, directing workflow and reallocating resources to meetcompeting needs.Documented evidence demonstrating liaison with relevant staff atCerebral Palsy Alliance, researchers and consumers

CoreCompetenciesLegislation/Standards/PracticeCompetency Descriptors Maintains a detailed workingknowledge of all standardsand relevant governmentlegislations e.g. OH and S,Disability Services Standardsand Disability Services Act,NHMRC National Statement Advises on relevantalignment of changes inpractice at across regionand/or relevant strategicissuesPerformance Outcomes Demonstrates working knowledge of DSS and DSA, NHMRC NationalStatement and Privacy laws and conducts and promotes research thatreflects these standards Works within OHS requirements, policy and procedures e.g. attend firedrills, manual handling training, uses accident and incident report forms. Documented evidence of supporting the development and usage ofEthics Committee policies and procedures reflecting NHMRC NationalStatement. Accurate log generated of approved research activities to promotesound ethical and liability monitoring, to promote the principle of ‘do noharm’. Actively participates in working parties, relevant professional groups/external groups and provides organisational feedback in collaborationwith research staff to improve research and ethics standards as arepresentative of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Supports research staff with preparing advice for senior management onorganisational, policy, clinical, and legislative issues relevant to theresearch evidence, and organisational responses and policiesdemonstrate awareness of all relevant research literature. Supports research staff with gathering relevant information to preparefor the interpretation of various Government policies and regulations andensuring the Research Institute’s work practices comply with theserequirements.

CoreCompetenciesQualifications/ExperienceCompetency DescriptorsHas a doctoral degreeDemonstrates experienceand personal commitment todelivering and participatingin ongoing professionaldevelopment activities.Actively participates in andhas links with relevantprofessional body.Performance OutcomesHas completed doctorate qualifications or is in the process orcompletingHas working knowledge of the impact of disability on people’s quality oflife and participationHas strong track record in randomised controlled trials and clinical trialcoordinationDocumented evidence of attendance in professional developmentactivities, including at least 2 conferences/courses/seminars annuallyDocumented evidence of involvement in special projects and qualityimprovement activities.Ability to meet the continued demand for improved data quality in shorttimeframes.Membership and/or registration with professional bodies are maintainedand documented.Knowledge of and conforms to own professions’ ethical code of conduct

CoreCompetenciesService Delivery /ManagementCompetency Descriptors Establishes the cerebral palsyresearch to support the ResearchInstitute strategic plan and ensuresprofessional practices are properlyintegrated. Provides expert level advice andservice to other professional staff ona range of areas within the disabilityfield and specifically cerebral palsy. Employs the principles of evidencebase practice to initiate systematicreviews and critical appraisals toprovide clinical practice guidelines topractitionersPerformance OutcomesCoordinates the provision of research advice and mentoring in a flexiblemodel that reflects the needs of stakeholders, researchers, policymakers and CPA staff.Coordinates research using a person centred and interdisciplinaryapproach.Supports the identification of service improvement opportunities areprovides support to action these recommendations within a bestavailableevidence framework.Coordinates research activities in a way that that reflects a worldview ofpromoting optimal quality of life for people living with disabilities.Contributes to a culture of research and information sharing.

Unique role requirements:We are seeking a highly motivated researcher with research higher degree qualifications whois interested in pursuing a career in cerebral palsy research that: Coordinates and oversees the co-operative development of a high quality research translationplatform for cerebral palsy. Builds and enhances the evidence base and its knowledge translation of cerebral palsyresearch nationally and internationally in collaboration with senior clinicians andresearchers. Enhances research utilization and promotes evidence use amongst cerebral palsyservice providers and service users. Devises knowledge translation products that enhance the utilization of researchunderpinning consumer service delivery choices and disability policies. Encourages greater collaboration between Australian and international researchers,including the development of international research linkages. Fosters strong collaborative linkages between research and services at Cerebral PalsyAlliance, creating networks of researchers, service providers and decision-makers. Transforms clinical or management questions into research questions. Guides decision-makers in accessing, appraising, adapting and applying researchevidence. Helps decision-makers find, develop, or commission synthesized research and developtailored messages. Assesses barriers to evidence translation and formulates strategies for knowledgetranslation and exchange. Develops, implements, and evaluates knowledge transfer plans. Establishes knowledge management systems.General Participates in and contributes to the ongoing work of the Research Institute researchprojects. Makes independent and original contributions to research, which would result inpublications in refereed journals. Prepares research proposals, either as a member of a team or individually, forsubmissions to external funding bodies. Engages in professional activities including presentations conferences and seminars inthe field of expertise. Supervises research-support staff. Communicates with and promotes research links with external bodies. Attends meetings associated with research or the work of the Research Institute towhich the research is connected.

Ethics Prepares submissions for appropriate Human Research Ethics Committee’sconsideration. Keeps all relevant Ethics Committees updated on any project related developments,protocol amendments and progress reports as required. Liaises with Human Research Ethics Committees at collaborating sites as relevant.Communication Ensures timely and accurate study-related communication to key stakeholders (e.g.,internal/external study teams, consultants and investigative site personnel). Prepares and disseminates correspondence and assists with the creation of projectspecificmanuals, tools, and templates. Coordinates team meetings for any studies by arranging logistics, preparing necessarymaterials and recording and distributing minutes. Establishes and maintains direct communication with all stakeholders. Maintains knowledge of contemporary trends and developments in the field of datacollection, reporting and their application to the project.

Summary of knowledge, skills, experience and valuesEssential: Doctoral qualification (or in the process of completing) in healthcare, e.g. allied health,nursing, medicine, epidemiology. Demonstrated understanding of the necessity for sound research practice underpinnings. Experience in evidence based practice and knowledge translation leadership. Experience in fostering co-operative activities among stakeholders (e.g. researchers,clinicians, universities, donors) that lead to sustainable partnerships between collaboratorsand institutions. Experience in commencing, leading and completing projects that work towards realizinginstitutional missions and goals. Experience in building research capacity. Experience in designing, coordinating and analysing randomised controlled trials. Proficient scientific writing skills with a publication track record that includes randomisedcontrolled trials. Experience in grant writing and successful grant acquisition. Excellent oral and written communication, consultation, presentation and public speakingskills. Experience working independently and as part of an interdisciplinary team. Ability to negotiate and communicate at all levels with key stakeholders effectively. High-level organisational skills the capacity to successfully manage competing prioritiesand deadlines. Demonstrated understanding of the NHMRC National Statement. High-level proficiency in computer literacy in word, power point, excel, SPSS and EndNote. Current unrestricted driver licence and willingness to travel.Desirable Active involvement in cerebral palsy research. A track record in obtaining research funding. Experience in co-operative development of national and international linkages Experience in managing research teams and projects. Experience in PhD student supervision.

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