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When should I take it? How? In conjunction

with which types of training? For what purpose?


Bodybuilding is a sport that builds muscle and burns body fat. Training, nutrition and regeneration

are all of key importance.

The workout is the driving force and motor behind muscle growth and fat burning. Consequently,

it’s understandable that bodybuilding is all about the muscle-building and definition phases.

Nutrition has to be adapted to the training phase in question, and protein in particular plays an

enormously important role.

Over the past 70 years, WEIDER has continued to work on analysing bodybuilders’ nutritional

needs in order to develop products that comply with their particular requirements. The result

is a range of products that covers just about every area. WEIDER has just the right protein for

every phase of your training.

Modern processing technology has enabled us to harness the nutritional and physiological benefits

of various proteins for athletes. The production of proteins with different nutritional and

functional benefits is enabled through the use of various raw materials and special manufacturing

processes. WEIDER uses cutting-edge technology for the manufacture of its protein concentrates,

isolates and hydrolysates in order to achieve the highest levels of quality.

Benefit from the research undertaken by the WEIDER Research Group and find the ideal combination

of products for you. Make full use of what’s available!

This flyer aims to show you what specific benefits the individual products in the WEIDER protein

range have to offer. To support you in your quest for training success, we have also developed

various specific training plans for the muscle-building and definition phases and linked these with

a practical dosage regimen.


... Muscle-building No.1

Product Raw material Composition Best for

Amino Drink Whey protein 100% Hydrolysate Muscle growth /

Powder Definition

Fruit Isolate Whey protein 100% Isolate Definition

CFM Whey Whey protein 100% Isolate Definition


Premium Whey Whey protein 80% Concentrate Muscle growth /

20% Isolate Definition

Gold Whey Whey protein 100% Concentrate Muscle growth /


Soy 80+ 100% Soy protein 100% Isolate Muscle growth /

Protein Definition

Protein 80 Plus Casein, Whey protein, 80% Isolate Muscle growth /

Milk protein, Egg 20% Concentrate Definition


100% Casein Casein 100% Isolate Muscle growth /





Protein 80 Plus – The basis for muscle growth

Protein 80 Plus is the basic product for solid protein supply during the muscle-building phase.

It is ideal for boosting protein levels in your basic diet to bodybuilding levels.

Short description – (characteristics)

It combines the positive characteristics of milk protein (caseinate), whey protein concentrate,

milk protein isolate and albumen protein isolate. The perfect blend of these four high-quality

sources of protein makes Protein 80 Plus an all-round excellent provider of this key nutrient,

supplying the muscles with the material they need to grow. Owing to the low levels of carbohydrate

and fat, the body is able to build pure muscle without any extra body fat. When choosing

the ideal basic protein, it’s important that you find a product that tastes good too. With

13 delicious flavours, WEIDER offers a wide range so that you can add a bit of variety to your

diet. If you alternate between flavours, you’ll find that taking protein supplements doesn’t get

boring – something that is essential if you want to see long-term success in your nutrition strategy.

Make full use of what’s available!

Best time to take it

Protein 80 Plus is ideal as a snack in order to boost the body’s supply of high-quality proteins

between main meals. Take a look at our protein supplement regimen for muscle building and

you’ll know when the best time is for you to take Protein 80 Plus.

Specific benefits

Thanks to the specific combination of the four raw materials,

the muscles are supplied with a fast and lasting source of

amino acids. This is of great benefit in the muscle-building

phase if your daily routine makes it difficult for you to enjoy a

protein-rich meal every two to three hours.


Photo: © Alex Ardenti


Supplement facts Chocolate Vanilla Strawberry Lemon- Toffeeper

100 g Curd Caramel

Protein 81,1 g 83,6 g 83,9 g 83,6 g 82,1 g

Carbohydrates 7,1 g 6 g 4,5 g 5,5 g 6,1 g

Fat 2,5 g 1,8 g 1,7 g 2 g 1,7 g

Enery kJ / kcal 1612 / 380 1590 / 375 1570 / 370 1603 / 378 1565 / 369

Supplement facts Banana Cappuccino Pistachio Wildberry- Coconut

per 100 g Yoghurt

Protein 82,6 g 82,3 g 83,8 g 81,8 g 82,2 g

Carbohydrates 7,6 g 6,8 g 5,7 g 7 g 3,3 g

Fat 1,7 g 2 g 1,8 g 1,8 g 4,8 g

Energy kJ / kcal 1600 / 377 1589 / 374 1588 / 374 1580 / 372 1639 / 387

Supplement facts Tiramisu Cookies & Pecanper

100 g Cream Nougat

Protein 81,8 g 82 g 81,5 g

Carbohydrates 7 g 7,2 g 6,8 g

Fat 1,6 g 1,8 g 2,1 g

Energy kJ / kcal 1569 / 370 1585 / 374 1580 / 372




Premium Whey – Protein for a fast, anabolic metabolism

Premium Whey is the ideal protein for providing the muscle cells with a fast source of amino

acids. Shortly after taking it, your metabolism goes into anabolic mode, which is essential when

your free amino acid pool is depleted.

Short description – (characteristics)

Premium Whey is a blend of high-quality whey protein concentrate and isolate that is characterised

by its very low fat and carb content. It also contains a naturally high level of BCAAs and added

free L-glutamine.

Best time to take it

The best time to take it is in the morning when you get up, as well as immediately after training. In

the muscle-building phase, you should prepare it with low-fat milk in order to stimulate insulin

production and thus the muscle cells’ absorption of the amino acids in particular at the time you

take the supplement.

Specific benefits

Whey proteins allow fast digestion and an instant boost of amino acids in the blood. After taking

it, your body will quickly have an excess supply of amino acids, which does not last long. For this

reason, you should quickly take more protein soon afterwards.


Supplement facts Vanilla-Caramel Chocolate- Strawberryper

100 g Nougat Vanilla

Protein 82 g 76 g 82 g

Carbohydrates 6,5 g 10,3 g 6,5 g

Fat 4,4 g 5,2 g 4,4 g

Energy kJ / kcal 1668 / 394 1692 / 400 1669 / 394

Supplement facts

per 100 g

Banana Stracciatella

Protein 82 g 82 g

Carbohydrates 6,8 g 5,3 g

Fat 4,4 g 4,5 g

Energy kJ / kcal 1679 / 396 1650 / 390

Photo: © Reiner Dahms

AST growth



Gold Whey – All the power you need for continuous growth

Gold Whey is a whey protein concentrate for bulking up muscles quickly.

Short description – (characteristics)

With 80% protein, the product contains pure whey protein and is absorbed very quickly by the

body. Whey proteins enable the muscles to build new tissue almost immediately after consumption.

It also contains bio-active substances such as globulins and glycomacropeptides, which

boost the body’s immune system. Taking this product thus helps you to avoid overtraining when

your workout regime gets tougher. It tastes great, can be mixed easily, does not go lumpy and

doesn’t thicken after preparation.

Best time to take it

Gold Whey enables you to build plenty of muscle within a short period. The most effective way of

doing this is to take Gold Whey in short intervals throughout the day. It is particularly beneficial to

take it in this way in the muscle-building phase with a training routine of four workouts per week.

Specific benefits

Whey protein quickly provides everything the body needs to build more muscle and

has a strong anabolic effect straight after consumption. However, it does not offer a longterm

supply of amino acids and should therefore be taken at regular intervals.


Supplement facts Chocolate- Raspberry- Cherry- Fresh Latte Stracciatella

per 100 g Peppermint Yoghurt Chocolate Bottermilk Macchiato

Protein 76 g 80 g 76 g 80 g 76 g 80 g

Carbohydrates 8,2 g 8,5 g 9,6 g 6,3 g 6,4 g 6,3 g

Fat 8,5 g 8,4 g 8,9 g 8,5 g 8,1 g 5,9 g

Energy kJ / kcal 1764 / 418 1819 / 431 1791 / 424 1784 / 422 1702 / 403 1686 / 399

Supplement facts Coconut- Vanilla Milk Strawberry- Banana Mangoper

100 g Cookie Chocolate Cream Split Maracuja

Protein 76 g 80 g 80 g 80 g 80 g 80 g

Carbohydrates 7,8 g 7,2 g 8,6 g 7,4 g 7,2 g 6,1 g

Fat 8,2 g 5,9 g 6 g 5,8 g 5,9 g 5,8 g

Energy kJ / kcal 1728 k / 409 1705 / 403 1735 / 410 1703 / 402 1700 / 402 1684 / 398

Photo: © Reiner Dahms


uscle Growth



Fruit Isolate – The ideal isolate for the definition phase

Fruit Isolate is a high-quality whey protein isolate with a fruity flavour that has been specially

developed for mixing with water.

Short description – (characteristics)

This product offers a very high protein content (more than 80%) and is also very low in fat and

carbs. Most protein concentrates and isolates are made to be prepared with milk, meaning that

if you prepare them with water, they don’t always taste that great. However, particularly in the

definition phase, going without milk can make a major difference when it comes to achieving an

exceptional figure. Weider’s Fruit Isolate sets new standards in terms of the taste of whey protein

isolates that are prepared with water. Particularly after training, it is a refreshing alternative

to the milky, creamy products on the market, and brings variety to the strictly regulated diet of

the definition phase.

Best time to take it

The amino acids from pure whey protein isolate are absorbed very quickly and enter the muscles

almost immediately. The best time to take it is in the morning and straight after training. When

taking Fruit Isolate as a snack, it should be taken at regular intervals throughout the day.

Specific benefits

Fruit Isolate provides muscle cells with amino acids quickly, enabling the effective reduction of

body fat while simultaneously maintaining muscle mass. It is not suited to the long-term supply

of amino acids over several hours.

Supplement facts

per 100 g

Red Fruits

Protein 81,5 g

Carbohydrates 3 g

Fat 1 g

Energy kJ / kcal 1557 / 366

Photo: © Matthias Busse


ardcore Defi



CFM Whey Protein – The professional whey protein isolate

CFM Whey Protein is a high-quality whey protein isolate for the professional definition phase.

Short description – (characteristics)

It contains a very high level of protein for maintaining muscle mass and bioactive whey peptides

and vitamin B6 for optimising the metabolism. CFM stands for cross-flow microfiltration, the

process that enables the manufacture of pure whey protein isolate with an exceptionally high

protein content. At the same time, it contains less than 1 g fat and carbs per 100 g. In combination

with bioactive whey peptides, whey protein is absorbed incredibly effectively by the body.

Best time to take it

CFM Whey Protein is ideal for taking in the morning on waking and straight after training. It is the

perfect source of protein throughout the day in the definition phase. You should take it at regular

intervals because it is processed very quickly by the body.

Specific benefits

By taking CFM Whey Protein, you will provide your muscle cells with a fast source of amino acids,

enabling them to burn body fat effectively. The use of CFM Whey Protein in the definition phase

enables you to burn body fat while simultaneously maintaining muscle mass.

Supplement facts

per 100 g

Strawberry Chocolate Vanilla Natural

Protein 87 g 82 g 88,7 g 90 g

Carbohydrates 2,7 g 6,2 g 1 g 1 g

Fat 1 g 2 g 1 g 1 g

Energy kJ / kcal 1566 / 369 1598 / 377 1562 / 368 1584 / 373



ardcore Defi



Amino Drink Powder –

The professional whey protein hydrolysate

Amino Drink Powder contains a high-quality whey protein hydrolysate with free amino acids and

a refreshing peach flavour.

Short description – (characteristics)

This product offers you the quickest possible supply of amino acids from whey protein, thus

providing the ideal amount of amino acids with a very high biological value. With the addition of

the branched-chain amino acids L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine in an effective ratio of 2:1:1

and L-glutamine, your muscle cells are given all they need to build bulk after training. One portion

gives you 19500 mg of fast-release amino acids, which combat the breakdown of the body’s

own proteins in order to supply the body with energy, and are the perfect way to support

the creation of new muscle mass. Taking Amino Drink Powder accelerates regeneration

times and has a positive influence on protein synthesis, enabling your body to make the most of

your training.

Best time to take it

The best time to take Amino Drink Powder is immediately before and after training in order to

provide the muscles with a source of amino acids as quickly as possible.

Specific benefits

Thanks to the high levels of amino acids and its very low

fat and carb content, Amino Drink Powder is ideal for

supplementing your protein intake during the definition

phase. Its flavour has been specially developed for preparation

with water and offers a great, mild peach flavour.

Supplement facts

per 100 g


Protein 78,1 g

Carbohydrates 4,3 g

Fat 1 g

Energy kJ / kcal 1477 / 353

Content of added free amino acids

L-Glutamine 3000 mg

L-Leucine 1000 mg

L-Isoleucine 500 mg

L-Valine 500 mg

Photo: © Claus Willemer OWDER





100% Casein –

Lasting source of protein, throughout the night

100% Casein is a protein powder with calcium caseinate that supplies the body with amino

acids over a period of several hours.

Short description – (characteristics)

WEIDER 100% Casein allows you to make the most of a good night’s sleep in terms of building

muscle. Its high protein content of over 84% comes from pure casein and it enables an

ongoing supply of amino acids over a period of up to seven hours. Casein’s good water-binding

properties give a great creamy consistency so that you feel fuller for longer. In combination

with its great taste, 100% Casein is the ideal alternative to low-fat quark and cottage cheese.

Now you can make use of all the advantages of casein without having to forfeit the flavour.

Best time to take it

There’s no better time to take 100% Casein than immediately before going to bed.

Specific benefits

In combination with water, pure casein leads to low insulin release and has an anticatabolic

effect over a long period. This means it is unsuitable when you need a fast supply of protein,

even if it is prepared with milk.

Supplement facts Chocolate- Vanillaper

100 g Coconut Cream

Protein 83,7 g 84,8 g

Carbohydrates 2,5 g 3,2 g

Fat 1,4 g 1 g

Energy kJ / kcal 1550 / 370 1549 / 370

Chocolate- Red Berry-

Cream Cream

77,9 g 83,6 g

4,8 g 3,1 g

2,1 g 1 g

1529 / 365 1547 / 370

Photo: © Reiner Dahms


vernight Protein

SOY 80+


Soy 80+ Protein –

The isolate from purely vegetable sources

Soy 80+ Protein is a high-quality vegetable-based protein isolate for the definition phase.

Short description – (characteristics)

Soy 80+ Protein is a soy protein isolate with a protein content of over 90% in dry weight and

offers an exceptionally high biological value. Thanks to its low fat and carb content, your fat metabolism

can work at an extremely high rate. This product is purely vegetable-based and is both

lactose-free and gluten-free. Consequently, it is ideal for vegans, people with lactose intolerance

or coeliac disease.

Best time to take it

It is perfect for taking during the definition phase, particularly as a snack throughout the day.

Specific benefits

Soy 80+ Protein is a vegetable-based alternative to protein concentrates using animal

by-products. It is often used to prevent water retention under the skin.

Supplement facts

per 100 g

Vanilla Chocolate Strawberry

Protein 84,1 g 80,1 g 83,2 g

Carbohydrates 1,5 g 4,9 g 2,9 g

Fat 2,8 g 3,4 g 2,8 g

Energy kJ / kcal 1580 / 373 1608 / 380 1591 / 375



Photo: © Matthias Busse

Definition Protein




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