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EditorialOver to Americahe ravishing seaside city of SantaMonica, home to a plenitude ofTHollywood celebrities, is the meetingplace of the global film market in November'sautumn, every year. This is the time when theAmerican Film Market, the world's largestfilm market, transforms the city into the FilmCapital of the World. In 2011 between 2 – 9November, industry professionals will gatherat this elite film market to do the business ofindependent motion picture production anddistribution.AFM is about films of all genres from acrossthe world. It is produced by the IndependentFilm & Television Alliance, the trade alliancerepresenting the world's producers anddistributors of independent motion picturesand television programs. The event wasfounded in the year 1981 and before long,AFM evolved into the premier globalmarketplace, where production anddistribution deals are sealed.Over 8,000 key industry players rendezvousat the AFM and engages in screenings,conferences, networking, parties and trade.The AFM Conference Series, a five-dayprogram covering every aspect of cinema andfeaturing the industry's pioneers, decisionmakers and experts, is a lucky chance tolisten to intimate, interactive and informativeconversations by luminaries. With more than800 screenings of above 400 films, 30 filmsscreened every two hours and pacesettersfrom over 70 countries attending the event,AFM provides unparalleled access andopportunity for independent film makers andbusiness people from all over the world.All Lights makes its presence felt for the firsttime at the AFM and presents “All lights onAFM” as the spotlight of this issue. Discoverthe coverstory 'Saint Dracula', an upcomingflick that will acquaint the viewers with avirtuous Dracula, through “The DivineDracula”. Veteran Indian actor Om Puri talksto All Lights on cinema and his life in aninterview. Film festivals are what All Lightsthrives on and this issue, we have an articleon the “Festival of Festivals” TorontoInternational Film Festival. The contemplativecinema viewer will relish the piece onAmerican Independent Film Movement and ananalysis of the 83rd Academy awards. Forthose who get high on Harry Potter, All Lightsdishes out a complete report on all Pottermovies. Top Ten Picks – 2012 will give you aninsight into the movies you must look out forin the coming year. Enjoy reading our AFMspecial issue and we will be back with moreinteresting pieces in the next issue.Till then, happy movie-ing.Lakshmy RavindranEditorALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 201101

ContentsCONTENTSVOLUME 4 November 2011Spotlight03 All Lights on AFM-Features the highlights of the American FilmMarket (From Nov 2- 9 2011)Coverstory07 The Messiah called Dracula-An exclusive feature story on the upcoming 3Dmovie 'Saint Dracula’Filmosphere10 Cinema on an Independent Note-American Independent Film Movement- Aretrospective14 Top 12 Picks 2012-Chartbusters of 2012- the most awaited movies.16 Harry Potter- It All Ends Here-All Lights bids farewell to Harry Potter…20 Spotlight on Tiff International FilmFestival-Sept 8-18, 2011-A report on the 2011 TIFFBiz Notes onCinema24 Is 3D the new face of Cinema?-The changing face of world cinema 3D Technology.28 Revisiting the Oscars-Highlights on the 83rd Academy Awards and thenew set of rules for the 84rth Academy AwardsGet To Know IT32 A Veteran of Four Decades-A special interview with the veteran Indian actorOm Puri35 Fun Facts-Some interesting facts on the history of films.Publisher:All LightsEditor in Chief:Sumesh RamankuttyEditor:Lakshmy RavindranSub Editors:Neha Nair, Reshma Norbert, Ambika TMContributing Editors:Varun Prasad, Deepak Daniel, Teena Elizabeth,Lakshmi Atul, Arun M.S., Sean Mc ConvilleKevin Moore, Nichole LewisPublicityVarun Prasad, Deepak Daniel, Nisha JosephAdvertising & SalesLakshmi Atul, Sinseer Muhammed, Dilu VenugopalArt & Layout:Antony GeorgeTo subscribe, Call:Phone: +91 484 4066666Fax: +91 484 4055561Email: editor@alllightsfilmmagazine.comWeb: advertise,©All rights reserved.May not be reproduced in any form whatsoeverwithout express written consent of PublisherCopyright©201102 ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011

SpotlightAll Lights onAMERICAN FILM MARKETNov 2-9, 2011he business of independent motion pictureproduction and distribution reaches its peakTevery year at the American Film Market(AFM), the world's largest film market. Founded in1981, the AFM is a pivotal destination forindependent film companies and business peoplefrom all over the world. Each year, more than 8,000industry professionals converge in Santa Monica foreight days of deal-making, screenings, seminars,premieres, networking and parties.The 2010 American Film Market was wrapped upwith an overall attendance climbing 6% to 7,695,versus 7,246 the previous year. Buying companiesrose 1% to 664 from 658 in 2009, while buyingexecutives at the AFM remained nearly on par with2009 at 1,417. Attendance among Exhibitoraffiliatedparticipants including their executives,producers, talent and guests finished at 3,321,down 1% from previous year. Industry Attendees, acategory that includes all non-buyers/sellers,jumped 23% to a record 1,988. Rounding out theother categories are Guests mainly, governmentofficials, NGOs, AFI FEST filmmakers, etc., up 11%to 753, and Press, also 11% higher to 216.Countries with more buyers at the AFM last yearincluded Italy (+23%; 53 in 2010 vs. 43 in 2009),Sweden (+133%, 14 vs. 6), Russia (+31%, 42 vs. 32),China (+64%, 23 vs. 14) and Singapore (+32%, 25vs. 19). Fewer buyers came from Netherlands (-18%,27 vs. 33), Spain (-18%, 33 vs. 40), Argentina (-25%,18 vs. 24) and Brazil, (-19%, 26 vs. 32).ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011 03

SpotlightSellers, meanwhile, decreased 7% to 343, an acrossthe-boarddecline with no major shifts amongcountries.The 2010 AFM had 427 films from 36 countries, 43world premieres, 306 market premieres, 21 filmsscreened in 3D - a total of more than 700 totalscreenings.The 2011 American Film Market is launching a newfive-day conference program at the 2011 Market inSanta Monica. The inaugural AFM ConferenceSeries will cover five topics spanning from treatmentto screen. The AFM's 8,000 attendees will have therare opportunity to hear from the industry's globalthought leaders, decision makers and experts whoall converge annually at the AFM.The AFM Conference Series, scheduled for 9 a.m.-1p.m. daily from Friday, Nov. 4 - Tuesday, Nov. 8, willbe comprised of the Finance Conference, ProductionConference, Marketing Conference, DistributionConference and Pitch Conference. The AFMConference Series will greatly enhance theexperience for AFM attendees, offering tremendousvalue, knowledge, insight and direct access to globalluminaries whom they otherwise would not find allin one place. Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLPwill serve as the presenting sponsor of the AFMConference Series.In addition, AFM will introduce an IndustryConversations program comprised of 14 intimate,interactive and informative discussions led byvisionaries, trendsetters and experts, which will beoffered free to market attendees at 2:30 p.m. - 404ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011

Spotlightp.m. daily from Nov. 2-8.This year's AFM highlights include, around 800screenings of more than 400 films, 30 filmsscreened every two hours andmore than 400production/distributioncompanies exhibiting.AFI FEST 2011 presented byAudi will take place inassociation with the AmericanFilm Market in Hollywood,California at the historicChinese Theatre, the Chinese 6Theatres at the Hollywood &Highland Center, the EgyptianTheatre of the AmericanCinematheque and theHollywood Roosevelt Hotel.Since its launch as FILMEX in1971, Los Angeles' longestrunning international filmfestival has been bringing worldcinema to the city. This year willmark the 25th edition of theFestival as AFI FEST, the American Film Institute'sannual celebration of international cinema frommodern masters and emerging filmmakers thatfeatures nightly red-carpet galas, special screenings,conversations and tributes. The Academy of MotionPicture Arts and Sciences recognizes AFI FEST as aqualifying festival for the Short Films category of theannual Academy Awards. And AFI FEST is still theonly film festival in the United States to hold theprestigious FIAPF accreditation (,assuring a high standard of quality and reliabilityfor the international film community.Director Pedro Almodóvar willbe the Guest Artistic Directorfor this year's AFI FEST. AsGuest Artistic Director,Almodóvar will present ascreening of his 1986 film, LAWOF DESIRE, commemoratingthe 25th Anniversary of thefilm and his productioncompany, El Deseo S.A. He willalso curate a sidebar programof films that have inspired hiswork, and he will be featured inthe creative campaign of AFIFEST 2011 presented by Audi.Opening Night Gala will be theWorld Premiere of J. EDGAR,directed by Clint Eastwood! J.EDGAR stars Academy Awardnominee Leonardo DiCaprio inthe title role, along withAcademy Award nomineeNaomi Watts, Armie Hammer and Oscar winnerJudi Dench. It is produced by Academy Awardwinners Eastwood and Brian Grazer and Oscarnominee Robert Lorenz. From an originalscreenplay by Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black, thefilm explores the public and private life of one of themost powerful, controversial and enigmatic figuresof the 20th century, J. Edgar Hoover, foundingdirector of the FBI.ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011 05

Cover StoryA MessiahcalledDraculaIn the history ofliving horror, onename stands out asthe archetype ofevil… DRACULA!!!The thought ofDracula hashaunted millions ofhuman minds all over the world eversince Bramstocker created that immortal characterin 1931. No character of fiction has ever had such aRupesh PaulDirector - ‘Saint Dracula 3D’huge impact over such a longperiod.Deep inside the subconsciousmind of every person, there willbe vivid and colorful stampingscreated by childhood horrorstories. These impressions setup a platform of fascinationtowards ghost stories. The storyof Dracula became all the morefascinating mainly on twocounts. 1) due to itsmagnificent correlation withactual geographies andhistorical events. 2) Its strongreligious message of thetriumph of God over satan.The historical background of thestory goes like this. Dracula wasborn in 1431 in Transylvaniainto a noble family and was theson of Vlad Dracul. All themembers of the order had adragon on their coat of arms,and that is what brought him thenickname of Dracul (the Devil). Heused to sign himself Draculea orDraculya - the Devil's son -, a namewhich was distorted into Dracula.Dracula earned another nickname,"Vlad Tepes" (pronounced tsep-pesh), whichmeans "Vlad the Impaler." Dracula's favorite methodof torture was to impale people and leave them towrithe in agony.ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011 07

Cover StoryIn fact, Vlad was called Tepes (theImpaler) only after his death (1476). Heruled in Wallachia between 1456-1462and in 1476. In 1462, having beendefeated by the Turks, Vlad took refugein Hungary. In 1476, with the help ofthe Hungarian king Matia Corvin andthe Moldavian prince Stephen the Great,Vlad took over the Wallachian throneagain for a month. A battle followed,during which Vlad was killed. His bodywas buried in the church of the SnagovMonastery, on an island nearBucharest. His body lies in front of thealtar. In 1835, a richly dressed butbeheaded corpse was exhumed at Snagov, a fateknown to have overtaken Dracula, whose head wassupposedly wrapped, perfumed and dispatched as agift to the Turkish sultan.Based on his horrifying atrocities, books andpamphlets were printed that told about Vlad'scruelty. These booklets also reached Germany andWestern Europe, where Dracula became known as abloody tyrant.In 1897, the Irish writer Bram Stoker publishedDracula, which made Vlad the Impaler famousBram Stokerworld-wide. Stoker read the storiesabout Dracula printed in the 15th and16th centuries and was struck by hisacts of cruelty. In fact, Stoker used Vladonly as a source of inspiration, since inhis novel, Dracula is not prince Vlad theImpaler, but a Transylvanian countliving in a mysterious castle where helured his victims.Legend and true history about Draculaintermingled and are being kept alivethrough a series of movies based onDracula.An amazing number of movies have hitthe screen, illustrating the theme of vengeance andhorror that revolves around the evil persona, CountDracula. Till date the movies that have been filmedon Count Dracula, have portrayed on screen theatrocities inhered by the Count and his longing forrevenge.As a result of years of research in the historyassociated with Dracula, a new perspective hasevolved, which is the theme of the movie 'SaintDracula' soon to release. This 3D movie is filmed atthe serene countryside of England, its locations08ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011

Cover Story“There is a saying that history isalways written by the side whowins the war. Similarly personsare glorified and demonizedaccording to the fancy of thestory teller. Careful research andanalysis sometimes revealastonishing new concepts,smashing age old myths andbeliefs. 'Saint Dracula' is such arevelation by itself.”Sohan Roy-Executive Producer,Project Designer - 'Saint Dracula'being Wales, Manchester, and Liverpool. The scriptand direction is credited to Rupesh Paul and isbeing produced by BizTV Networks, the producer ofthe promising movie 'DAM 999' distributed byWarner Bros.real time 3D movie is shot with the help of talentedtechnicians from around the globe. The movie willbe ready for release in December 2011.This movie is absolutely different from the usualCount Dracula movies. This movie depicts therebirth of Dracula for love and not for vengeance.The director of the movie, Rupesh Paul istrying to create a new image for the legendaryantagonist, Dracula who is dignified throughthe movie. Unlike Bram Stroker's 'Dracula',which sends a chill through the spine, SaintDracula portrays a different dimension ofDracula, who holds a hero figure in the nationof Romania and is christened as a saint in theOrthodox congregation of the nation.The main cast of the movie is the British actor MitchPowell, playing the role of Dracula and Brazilianactress Patricia Duarte as Clara, his love interest inthe movie. The other cast of the movie includesDaniel Shayler; Suzanne Roche; Bill Hutchins. ThisALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011 09

FilmosphereCinema- on an Independent Note!If you look into the history of films, cinema wasconsidered as art in the rest of the world, except inAmerica. In USA, the major interest was in thebusiness aspect of the films and not the art. This wasevident from the era of D.W.Griffith who was sent toHollywood to find out new pastures for film making tothe present era. But in Europe and Asia, film makerswere more interested in the artistic possibilities ofcinema rather than the business viabilities."Nouvelle Vogue" from France, "Free cinema" fromBritain, "Neo Realism" from Italy, Film Theories fromRussia, and "New Wave" from India can be seen as aresult of this quest of the film makers for moreartistic and meaningful cinema, rather than churningLumiere Brothers“inema is an invention without future”,commented Louis Lumiere in 1895! For theCLumiere brothers Cinema was only anextension of photography. They couldn't foresee thestory telling capabilities of cinema. According tothem it was just a passing fad that was supposed tofade away once the initial curiosity withered away.But history proved that Lumiere's prediction wasutterly wrong. Cinema just took over the world by astorm. Once its story telling capabilities werediscovered and the entertainment value ascertained,various business models took shape in different partsof the world. The production and distribution systemswere invented and perfected by people around theglobe mainly by the Americans.Jean-Luc Godard'sout some formula based flicks just to spin money.Godard's famous comment, "I pity the FrenchCinema, because it has no money. I pity theAmerican Cinema, because it has no ideas!" came atthis juncture. For Hollywood, Cinema was alwayslarger than life and formulaic. This was what the filmmakers from other parts of the world tried to break.They believed that recreating the realities is whatmakes cinema magical. According Godard, cinema issomething in-between art and life.Cinema in America was always in the hand of majorstudios. The business model for film production anddistribution were formed as early as 1910's, just aftera decade of the invention of Cinema. The studiosystem became prominent and the 'Major 5 and little3' as they were known, started to rule the cinema10ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011

FilmosphereCinema in America wasalways in the hand of majorstudios. The business modelfor film production anddistribution were formed asearly as 1910's, just after adecade of the invention ofCinema. The studio systembecame prominent and the'Major 5 and little 3' as theywere known, started to rulethe cinema kingdom.kingdom. The creative aspects of film makingdiminished and Hollywood became factories thatchurn out films based on formulas and dimensions.But there were attempts to break free from theseclutches of the studio built, studio operated filmmaking modes from the early years itself. The roots ofindependent film making can be traced back from asearly as 1900s as a few film makers tried to breakfree from the patents of the Edison Motion PictureCompany. The term 'independent film started to beheard more frequently during the 1900s itself. Butduring the early days the term 'independent film'meant to be the films made against the patent rightsof the MPPC. But later on a group of film makers,inspired by the "art house" films of Ingmar Bergmanof Sweden and Federico Fellini of Italy started to takefilm making seriously and they wanted to come outfrom the paved ways of Hollywood film making whichwas profit oriented.The term independent film majorly meant any filmmade outside the major studios and with minimalbudget. This gave freedom for the film makers toALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011 11

Filmosphereexpress themselves and upheld the concept of cinemaas an art rather than a mere trading commodity.the independent film makers are more in control.They don't have to wait for major studios to financetheir production. The inexpensive Digital cameraswhich almost replicate the image quality of the 35mmfilm and non-linear editing suites has made the life ofthe aspiring film makers' easy. They can make filmsfor their satisfaction without any clutches from thestudios. Even though the film production is madesimple, the distribution of such films is still complex.Production and distribution has to be strong for suchfilms to exist. The distribution system has to be madestronger and the focus should be in this direction.Even though there are discussions happening on thepossibility of using Internet as an option fordistributing independent films, the success of such aventure has to be debated. Cinema is something thathas to be enjoyed in the darkness with a crowd notless than a few hundreds and the silver screen and aprojector. That's what makes the Cinema magical.The illusion of light that falls on to the darkness in12ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011

FilmosphereFederico Fellinithe theatre is what makes cinema a cinema! Now, themajor arena for the so called 'art films' are filmJohn Jonas MekasALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011 13

FilmosphereTop 12 Picks 2012The Dark Knight RisesCast : Christian Bale, JosephGordon-Levitt and GaryOldmanDirector : Christopher NolanWriters : Jonathan Nolan ,Christopher NolanProduction Co : Warner Bros. PicturesCountry : USAWorld wide Release : July 2012Storyline: Christian Bale returns asBatman.The AvengersCast : Robert Downey Jr, ChrisEvans ,Scarlett JohanssonDirector : Joss WhedonWriters : Zak Penn, Joss WhedonDistributor(s) : Walt Disney PicturesCountry : USAWorldwide Release : May 2012Storyline : The Avengers will bring togetherthe super hero team of Marvel Comicscharacters for the first time ever, includingIron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulkand more, as they are forced to band togetherto battle the biggest foe they've ever faced.Die Hard 5Cast : Bruce WillisDirector : John MooreWriters : Roderick Thorp, SkipWoodsDistributor(s) : Twentieth Century Fox FilmCorporationCountry : USAWorldwide Release : 2012Storyline : John McClane and his two sonstake on local forces in Russia.The Amazing Spider-ManCast : Andrew Garfield ,EmmaStone , Martin SheenDirector : Marc WebbWriters : Alvin, Sargent, Steve KlovesDistributor (s) : Sony PicturesCountry : USAWorldwide Release : July 2012Storyline : Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) isgoing back to high school when the next"Spider-Man" hits theaters in the summer of2012. The film will focus on a teenagergrappling with both contemporary humanproblems and amazing super-human crises.Clash of the Titans 2Cast : Sam Worthington, LiamNeeson , Rosamund PikeDirector : Jonathan LiebesmanWriters : Dan Mazeau , DavidJohnsonDistributor(s) : Warner Bros. PicturesCountry : USAWorldwide Release : March 2012Storyline : Perseus embarks on atreacherous quest into the underworld torescue Zeus, who has been targeted forcapture by his traitorous son, Ares, and hisbrother, Hades.Ghost Rider- Spirit ofVengeanceCast : Nicolas Cage, Ciarán Hinds, Idris ElbaDirector : Mark Neveldine, BrianTaylorWriters : David S. Goyer, Roy ThomasDistributor(s) : Sony PicturesCountry : USAWorldwide Release : Feb 2012Storyline: As Johnny Blaze hides out inEastern Europe, he is called upon to stop thedevil, who is trying to take human form.14ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011

Filmospherethe other character of the book.J.K. Rowling, the major theme of her novel is 'Death'since, the novel series opens with the death ofHarry's parents and also deals with Voldemort'sobsession to conquer death and his quest forimmortality for which he is ready to go to anyextent. Just like any normal person he is frightenedof it. The author also never defined a particularaudience for her book but surprisingly, individualsfrom all age groups identified themselves with one orHarry Potter series since the initial publication ofPhilosopher's Stone won various accolades whichincluded four Whitaker Platinum Book Awards (allof which were awarded in 2001), three NestléSmarties Book Prizes (1997-1999), two Scottish ArtsCouncil Book Awards (1999 and 2001), theinaugural Whitbread children's book of the yearaward (1999) and the WHSmith book of the year(2006), among others. In 2000, Harry Potter andthe Prisoner of Azkaban was nominated for a HugoAward for Best Novel, and in 2001, Harry Potter andthe Goblet of Fire won said award. Other honorsinclude a commendation for the Carnegie Medal(1997), a short listing for the Guardian Children'sAward (1998), and numerous listings on the notablebooks, editors' Choices, and best books lists of theAmerican Library Association, The New York Times,Chicago Public Library, and Publishers Weekly.After the book series soared to popularity its visualdepiction came as a joyful surprise for fansworldwide. The first book of the series was adaptedinto movie in the year 2001. The series was takenup for filming by Warner Bros. in the year 1999 for areported £1 million.The entire story of the series revolves around, Harry,whose parents were killed by an evil wizard, thedark lord - Voldemort when he was barely one. Hewas left at the doorsteps of his only surviving nonmagical relatives, the so called "Muggles" UncleALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011 17

FilmosphereVermon and Aunt Petunia at 13th Privet Drive. Hewas constantly nagged by his aunt, uncle andcousin Dudley in their pursuit to keep him"Normal". Despite all the protective measures by hisaunt and uncle, Harry on his 11th birthdaydiscovers that he is a 'Wizard' and is now qualifiedto enter the Wizarding School, the Hogwarts Schoolof Witchcraft and Wizardry led by ProfessorDumbledore, a respectable wizard of the magicalhim. But, what was thought to be long gone arriveswith much greater power and the dark time begins.Lord Voldemort's reign wreck havoc not only on thewizarding world but even cause grave destruction inthe muggle world and it is Harry, a true Gryffindor,the epitome of courage, who can save both theworlds from destruction. Harry vows to destroyVoldemort for good and his quest to retrieve theHorcrux begins. The war between the good and evilstarts and rest as you know is history.Besides Harry there are certain othercharacters which left spell binding charmon us. Some of the unforgettablecharacters which require a specialmention include Professor Dumbledore,Harry's teacher and mentor who helpedHarry to face his deadliest fears withcourage and faith. Hagrid, keeper of keysat Hogwarts and a lover of species whoare supposedly termed "Dangerous"; heis also a very good friend of Harry, Ronand Hermonie. Professor Snape is yetanother character who had been bashedby fans for his awful rude behaviortowards Harry but later did we realize hewas not that bad after all. The nextcharacter on my list is Dobby, the houseelf who in his particular obsession tosave Harry from threat at Hogwartscaused grave peril to his life himself.Harry's Godfather Sirius Black, hisgreatest enemy, Draco Malfoy, his otherfriends Nevile Longbottom, LunaLovegood, The Weasley family, RemusLumpin, Mad eyed Moody, Mrs. Norris,Mr. Filch all formed a perfect part of thestory which made our journey with thePotter boy At School, he finds Ron Weasley andHermione Granger (Muggle Born) who become hisbest friends for life. A single series chronicles a yearof Harry's life where he learns to overcome hisproblems be it magical, social, emotional oradolescent. At each stage he prepares himself for theconfrontations which lie ahead. Harry discovers thathis parents were brutally murdered by LordVoldemort who vanished after he attempted to killThe film franchise was produced byDavid Heyman and stars Daniel Radcliff,Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. Fourdirectors who worked on the series wereChris Columbus, Alfonso Cuaron, MikeNewell and David Yates. All the serieswere reportedly blockbusters at boxoffice, with a highest grossing of $6.9billion in worldwide receipts. The last epic fantasyfranchise was delivered to Potter fans worldwide in 2installments. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallowspart 1 was released in 2010 while Part 2, the first3D installment on July 15, 2011. The eighth partopened with universal critical acclaim and currentlyis the best reviewed films of 2011. Currently the27th highest grossing film of all time and the 3rd18ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011

Filmospherehighest grossing movie of 2011, Harry Potter andthe Deathly Hallows Part 2 grossed $483.2 millionsetting an opening weekend record in variouscountries breaking the previous record set by HarryPotter and the Half Blood Prince in 2009 ($394million). Within 10 days of its release, the Pottermovie made a whooping $7 billion, still counting,globally.Looking back at the series, if you ask me to sum itup entirely in one word, I would say 'Satisfying'. Theseries delighted me, the characters made me smile,made me cry and finally come to a fair end. It'sdisheartening to know that the green eyed lad won'tbe back again on the big screen but as we say "All iswell that Ends well". Here I pen down my finalfarewell to 'Harry Potter - The Boy who lived'.ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011 19

FilmosphereSPOT-LIGHT ONfrom GeorgeClooney: The Idesof March, in whichhe directed and costarredalongsideRyan Gosling, andThe Descendants,by Sidewaysdirector AlexanderPayne.ollywood took over the streets of Torontoonce again, as celebrities and stargazersHrolled into town for the TorontoInternational Film Festival. Famous familiar facesflood the streets for 11 days, along with thousandsof fans hoping to catch a glimpse of their favouritestars.This year's fest includes an extra day for even morefilms and star sightings, premium screenings withworld and North America premieres and red carpetevents. The lineup of films included DavidCronenberg's A Dangerous Method, the U2documentary From The Sky Down, and two entriesThe TorontoInternational FilmFestival, or TIFF asits widely known, isa massive,publicly-attendedfilm festival heldeach September inToronto, Ontario,Canada. Widelyconsidered thekick-off of theNorth American fallmovie season and the launch of many awardscampaigns, TIFF is essentially a must for anyone onall sides of the North American film industry - frombuyers and sellers to bloggers and critics andanyone in between.The festival was originally known as "The Festival ofFestivals," and began in 1976 at the Windsor ArmsHotel in downtown Toronto. At this point, it wasessentially a collection of the best films fromfestivals around the world, much like fests like NewYork and AFI are today. In the mid-1990s, though,the festival underwent a major transformation (anda name change), and with it became a big part of20ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011

FilmosphereBy 2011, those numbers havegrown to feature more than 300Hollywood's marketing machine. But with all of thestar-driven films getting the media attention,smaller films have to work even harder to gaintraction.Today, between 300 and 400 films are screened,many of them major world or internationalpremieres. In the past the large size of the programhad been critiqued as making the festival too big tonavigate, but with the opening of the "Bell Lightbox"in 2010 as the new festival hub, screenings nowoccur all around Toronto's downtown area.Many major sales tend to go down at the festival("The Wrestler", "A Single Man", and "The King'sSpeech," are recent examples), while dozens of filmsalready set for distribution use the fest as alaunching pad. Many an Oscar campaign hasstarted in Toronto, some of them quite successful(see "American Beauty," "Juno," "SlumdogMillionaire," etc.)The city itself is friendly, clean, and the often lowCanadian dollar can make it a much cheaperventure than European fests or even Sundance. Thefestival prides itself on Toronto's audiences, and theindustry generally agrees - part of the reasonToronto has been so successful as a major festival isits ability to work as a real test of audience reaction.TIFF began in 1976 as the "Festival of Festivals",collecting the best films from other film festivalsaround the world and showing them to eageraudiences in Toronto. That first year, 35,000enthusiasts watched 127 films from 30 countries.ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011 21

FilmosphereThe secret of the Festival'ssuccess is its uniquecombination of two parallelfestivals: one for a largeaudience passionate about filmand one for the world's pressand industry. The Festival alsomanages to be the launch padfor both big Hollywood filmsand art house cinemafrom around theworld.Piers HandlingTIFF has remainedcommitted toeducating andbroadeningaudiences, adding tothe cultural richnessof Canada'scommunity.Piers Handling22ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011

Mission Impossible- Ghost ProtocolGet to Know itAnd Tom Cruise is all set to deliver the lastest sequel of greatest actionhits 'Mission Impossible - 4'. From the very beginign of this series thestar made sure he sticked to be one of the producers and this time themovie sure seems more action packed than ever. The movie sticks tothe secret missions of an IMF agent 'Ethan Hunt' and his team. Thestunts often suprises the audience with a variety sequencialdestruction of what we see around everyday. This time the plotsthickens right from the start, when a terrorist bombing destroys theKremlin, the United States government initiates a black ops "ghostprotocol" and disavows the entire Impossible Mission Force. EthanHunt and his team are to be blamed for the attack, but are allowed toescape as part of a plan to enable them to operate in the dark, outsideof their agency. However, Hunt is warned that if any member of histeam is captured during their mission, they will be charged as terroristsplanning to incite global nuclear war. Ethan is then forced to work withex-IMF agent Brandt, who knows more about Hunt and his past thaneven Hunt himself. Tom Cruise is supported by Ving Rhames as LutherStickel, Jeremy Renner as Brandt and even an Indian actor Anil Kapooras Brij Nath. Seems like this would be the first time an Indian actorappeares in the MI series.Apart from Indian actors, India too has beenfilmed specifically Mumbai & Banglore along with other nations such asU.A.E , Czech Republic and Canada. This time agent Ethan Huntzooms down inside the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the worldlocated in U. A. E, the very first time a stunt of this sort is been donethere. The glimpse or the trailer sure has kept the expectations of theaudience high but then the question rises. 'would it be worth it?'. Wellback to the facts, the world wide distribution of the title would be byParamount pictures and is expected to hit the screens on dec 21st butIMAX gets a 5 day head start, and that sure doesn't need to bereminded to anyone based on the previous weekend box office charts ofMI - 3.The estimated budget is $140 million USD while the predecessorwas budgetted $150 million USD but sure brought in an whopping$395 million USD.With the growing audience for Hollywood movies andthis time you can count India and U. A. E too, the title does have thepotential to be listed among the most grossed movies of the year 2011.Looks like we have a winner on board!!!

Biz Notes on Cinemafirst introduced in 1915, 3D technology steadilyimproved and reached its peak in 2009 with JamesCameron's Avatar, the highest-grossing film of alltime.What makes a 3D experience different is the thrill itprovides. The images are sharper and muchintricate in details. 3D images not only tickle thesenses of its audience but also helps the filmmakers to expand their boundaries to the limits oftheir imagination. The entire picture seems so realand larger than life that you definitely can't resiststaying away from the visual treat provided to youon screen.According to a recent study, cinema goers believethat 3D makes a very little difference to the qualityof a movie. This year many movies were made usingthe 3D technology. Out of which Harry Potter andthe Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Transformers: Dark ofthe Moon, Pirates of the Caribbean: On StrangerTides, proved a big draw for audiences in 2011What makes a 3Dexperience different isthe thrill it provides.The images are sharper andmuch intricate in details.3D images not only ticklethe senses of its audiencebut also helps the filmmakers to expand theirboundaries to the limitsof their imagination. Theentire picture seems soreal and larger than lifethat you definitely can'tresist staying away fromthe visual treat providedto you on screen.making them the top three biggest earners at thebox office this year.Making a movie in 3D using 3D cameras is a toughprocess; instead film makers are trying to convert2D movies into 3D through "slapdash conversion".Some directors believe that this conversion processdoes not assure better quality.Avatar, which was a huge commercial success andreportedly the most expensive movie of 2009, wasfilmed entirely using a 3D camera system, whichALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011 25

Biz Notes on Cinemawas partly developed by director James Cameron.Some movies, including the Harry Potter finale, werebeing shot with regular cameras and converted into3D during post-production. Director Louis Leterrieradmitted that he had wanted to use 3D cameras toshoot his Greek mythology epic, Clash of Titans -but the technology was so new, the only ones inexistence had already been booked for Avatar.Leterrier had reservations about the conversionprocess - which, in essence, cuts the picture intolayers like a pop-up book - but ultimately, he wasimpressed with the result.Tim Burton, whose Alice in Wonderland movie wasconverted to 3D in post-production, believes thedifferences in quality are more about artistic visionthan techniques. "With all of these tools, you cansee good 3D, bad 3D, good conversion and badconversions," he said.Watching a 3D movie at the cinema costs you thesame as watching a commercial 2D movie - thedifference lies in the several ways of tricking youreyes into seeing that extra dimension and, accordingto some, the quality varies greatly. British directorMike Newell (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,Four Weddings and a Funeral) filmed the bulk of hisnew movie, Prince Of Persia, in 2008 and somecritics have expressed surprise that it was not givena 3D makeover on its journey to the big screen. Buthe was adamant that the film would be seen the wayit was shot.A 2D film can be easily converted to 3D as theprocess is much cheaper and roughly adds about30% to the budget, but the cost of conversion isunlikely to exceed $15m (£9.8m) dollars. Thesemovies are profitable for cinemas as they can chargehigher ticket prices and also sell the requiredglasses. With the extra bucks to be made at the boxoffice, and the popularity of 3D movies in thecinema industry, this technology at this momentdefinitely shows no signs of stopping.26ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011

Biz Notes on CinemaRevisiting theOSCARSo all good things come to an end? I wouldrather say no, as they all come again loadedDwith gleeful surprises and much more fun.Such is the legacy of one of the world's finest andmost anticipated award ceremonies of the world,THE OSCARS. Presented by the Academy of MotionPicture Arts and Sciences, the Academy Awardsstarted with the first award presentation in the year1929 at Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Havencompleted the 83rd year of honouring the best of theHollywood for the year 2011, the Academy is gearingup for its 84th year in 2012 at Kodak Theatre.83rd to 84thAcademy AwardsReminiscence of the pastThe 'Young Blood of the Hollywood Industry', AnneHathaway and James Franco co - hosted the 83rdAcademy Awards Saturday night LIVE event on 27thFebruary 2011 at Kodak Theatre, marking the firsttime a male - female duo had shared the sameOscar stage for hosting duties. The three hourbroadcast of the show was kicked off with the hostscomical journey through some of the year'snominated films, as they entered the venue stagewith a climatic spin. The dramatic projectionfocused stage designs later featured tributes to someof Hollywood's most enduring productions.The major surpriseelement of the eventwas the appearanceof the popular pasthost Billy Crystalwho presented atrip back in time tothe first televisedceremony (the 25thAcademy Awards in1953), with BobHope making a virtual appearance at the podium.Gwyneth Paltrow, Celine Dion, Florence Welch andcomposer A.R. Rahman, Mandy Moore and ZacharyLevi also showed some finest performances at theaward ceremony. Halle Berry also appeared for aspecial tribute to the late Lena Horne, legendaryactress, singer, and civil rights activist. Though,2011 Award ceremony as claimed, was quitepredictable and one seemed very sure as to whowould take the golden statute home, there wasabsolutely no doubt that the best of 2011 haveindeed been honoured.- A quick glance at the bygone and a preview ahead.28ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011

Biz Notes on CinemaHere is a quick glance atwho made it to the 2011 winner's list:Best Picture- "The King's Speech"Actor in a Leading Role- Colin Firth in "The King's Speech"Actress in a Leading Role- Natalie Portman in "Black Swan”Actor in a Supporting Role - Christian Bale in "The Fighter”Actress in a Supporting Role - Melissa Leo in "The Fighter"Animated Feature Film - "Toy Story 3”Art Direction- "Alice in Wonderland”Cinematography- "Inception”Costume Design- "Alice in Wonderland”Directing- "The King's Speech"Documentary (Feature)- "Inside Job”Documentary (Short Subject) - "Strangers No More”Film Editing- "The Social Network”Foreign Language Film- "In a Better World", DenmarkMakeup- "The Wolfman"Music (Original Score)- "The Social Network”Music (Original Song)- "We Belong Together" from "Toy Story 3" MusicShort Film (Animated)- "The Lost Thing”Short Film (Live Action)- "God of Love”Sound Editing- "Inception"Sound Mixing- "Inception”Visual Effects- "Inception”Writing (Adapted Screenplay) - "The Social Network”Writing (Original Screenplay) - "The King's Speech"ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011 29

Biz Notes on Cinemato the best-picture race, and "a new element ofsurprise" to its annual nominations announcement,which happens in late January. But the shift doesnot address what many critics say is the mostpressing problem facing the Oscar broadcast, whichfalls in late february after months of otherceremonies by various Hollywood guilds and groups:a lack of suspense and a general awards weariness.Sneak Peak into the FutureThe Red carpet was rolled, the winners took theirgolden man home and the lights were finallydimmed as the 83rd Academy Awards came to anend. But the award season is here again, a new yearwith a whole lot new intriguing movies and stars tobe honoured. The 84th Academy Awards isscheduled to take place at the Kodak Theatre onFebruary 26, 2012. The event will be hosted byOscar nominee, Eddie Murphy.The 84th edition is coming up with a lot newchanges in the rules for selecting the best. Being,repeatedly under criticism for the 'Best Picture'category the Motion Picture Academy has tweakedits rules again, switching to a more stringent,variable nominating system that will result inbetween five and 10 movies in the contest each year.Under the new system a film must receive morethan 5 percent of the first-place votes in thenominating process to receive a best picturenomination. Based on analysis of voting patternsover the past 10 years, the academy said, thischange would result in a slate of anywhere from 5 to10 nominees. This rule would ensure that onlymovies that are well-loved by the industry scorenominations.In announcing the rule change, the academy's boardof governors said the move would add "a new twist"In the animated feature film category, the need forthe Board to vote to "activate" the category each yearwas eliminated, though a minimum number ofeligible releases - eight - is still required for acompetitive category. Additionally, the short filmsand feature animation branch recommended, andthe Board approved refinements to the number ofpossible nominees in the Animated Featurecategory. In any year in which eight to 12 animatedfeatures are released, either two or three of themmay be nominated. When 13 to 15 films arereleased, a maximum of four may be nominated,and when 16 or more animated features arereleased, a maximum of five may be nominated.In the visual effects category, the "bakeoff" at whichthe nominees are determined will expand from sevento 10 contenders. The increase in the number ofparticipants is related to a change made last year inwhich the number of films nominated in the visualeffects category was increased from three to five.Previously, the Board approved changes to thedocumentary feature and documentary shortcategory rules that now put those categories'eligibility periods in line with the calendar year andthus with most other awards categories. The changemeans that for the 84th Awards cycle only, theeligibility period is more than 12 months; it is fromSeptember 1, 2010 to December 31, 2011.A few weeks ago the Academy advised members thatit would shift from paper ballots to an electronicvoting system as early as this year. Electronic voting30ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011

Biz Notes on Cinemaallows the academy to consider an earlier date for itsawards show, a change that might wake up theaudience and would almost certainly triggerrecalibration by organizations that give pre-Oscarawards. Those include the Hollywood Foreign PressAssociation, which gives the Golden Globes at aceremony in January. Other modifications of the84th Academy Awards rules include normal datechanges and minor "housekeeping" changes.With new rules effective for the Best Picturecategory, Academy has added a new twist to the pre- award movie campaign as well. Prohibition of paidforby the studio receptions featuring the consideredfilm's stars and filmmakers have been laid by theacademy this year to keep a check on the franticmovie campaigns. Of course, these events may stilltake place prior to the nominations beingannounced on January 24, 2012.Prior to that January 24 date, screenings and panelsessions with stars and filmmakers will still bepermitted, but after the nominations areannounced, nominated stars and films may onlyparticipate in two events before the big night.Reflective of the advent of social media, the Oscarshave also included a no social media campaigningclause in the new rules for after the nominees havebeen announced.With a lot new rules coming up, the academy isindeed dedicated to make the Oscar 'Prediction Pool'indefinitely tougher to predict. From 83rd to 84thyear a lot has been changes but the motive remainsstill the same, to celebrate and recognize the greatfilm contributions and collaborations from the pastyear.ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011 31

Get to Know itA Veteranof four decades..escribed as "the finest actorof the post-independenceDgeneration" by one expert onthe Indian cinema, no actor can evercome close to the diversity of hisperformance. He is an unparalleledactor with a powerful voice andmagnetic screen presence.Throughout his career he hasportrayed over 140 characters.“He is a versatile actor and handlesall kinds of roles with great ease. Heis one of India's most respected andprolific screen personalities."An overview of careerI studied acting in the National School of Dramaand then went and studied further in the Film &Television Institute of India. I first taught Speechand Movement in Bombay's Actors 'Studio andstarted my career in the art house cinema ofIndia having worked under directors like ShyamBenegal (A Discovery Of India, Aarohan), GovindNihalanai (Ardh Satya,Tamas), Satyajit Ray(Sadgati) and other such stalwarts. In the lateNineties I shifted to commercial Hindi cinema asthe art cinema movement had almost endedhere. The turn of the century saw me working ina number of international films, especiallyBritish cinema."Sadgati" and Experience workingwith Satyajit RayIt was a highly fulfilling experience as well aslearning opportunity. I was in awe of him when Iwas called to work with him. And he lived every32ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011

Get to Know itbit to that image. He was a hard task master and yetwas very open to ideas if the ideas made sense. Orelse he followed his storyboard to a tee. DuringSadgati I very hesitatingly made a suggestion whichwas deviated a little from the script. Ray looked at methoughtfully and later on incorporated the changes.Another time he told me that I was to enter aparticular house "gingerly". I was unaware of theword and I asked him the meaning. Instead of justexplaining the word in a synonym, he explained to mein an actor's language, visually.He said, "When a dog is quietly entering a newterritory, he walks slowly with a lot of caution and"hesitation. That is how you should walk.Brief on 'Hasari Pal' in City of Joy. Howdid it happen?Roland Joffe the Director of City of Joy happened tosee a couple of my films. He got in touch with hisCasting Director, Priscilla John who got in touch withme.Since City Of Joy was my first international projectwith a top star like Patrick Swayze, I was obviouslynervous to be pitted opposite him and a Hollywoodunit. But I prepared well for my role. I got into theskin of the character by learning to pull a handrickshaw bare foot on the streets of Calcutta with twopassengers in tow. I also lost weight to achieve thelean look of a rickshaw puller.In an interview you have said that youare 'Untouchable' for commercialcinema. Why do you feel so?Because I do not have the conventional good looks ofa lollypop hero of a commercial Bollywood film.Experience working in 'Gandhi' directedby Richard AttenboroughSince I had just one scene, a cameo literally, it wasmore an honor working in such a fine project andwith lord Attenborough rather than garneringexperience. The proud moment for me was when thescene (and the only one) in which I was with Sir BenKingsley, was the one shown at the Academy awards!You have become an internationallyacclaimed actor for starring in Britishfilms such as My Son the Fanatic, Eastis East, West is West and The ParoleOfficer as well as in Hollywood filmsincluding City of Joy, Wolf and TheGhost and the Darkness. How did allALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011 33

Get to Know itthis happen?As I said it all started with 'City Of Joy' and RolandJoffe. Mike Nichols (for Wolf) and Michael Douglas(for 'Ghost and the Darkness') saw me in 'City of Joy'and decided to cast me for their films. Then later,Priscilla John the casting director of 'City Of Jo'yhappened to recommend me to Jeremy Conway, myUK agent and soon films like 'Brothers In trouble','My Son The Fanatic', 'East Is East', 'White Teeth' anda slew of British films came my way. 'East Is East'perhaps is the film which made me a householdname in England as it was a huge success and sincethen I am perhaps the only Indian actor to haveimpacted British cinema. I have been awarded theOBE by Her Majesty the Queen. I feel very humbled.Your comment on the current state ofIndian CinemaI feel that because there are no sensible cinemasbeing made here. The art cinema movements of the'70s and '80s have died and most of the films aremade for entertainment. Out of the hundreds offilmmakers there are perhaps 15-20 directors who amake a little sensible films. The rest make littlesense.An outline on Ardh Satya and Aarohanwhich bagged you the National FilmAward for Best Actor?'Arohan' was a film by Shyam Benegal on landlessfarmers. I worked very hard and tanned myself andwalked with a limp whilst trying to essay thecharacter based on a real life person. Unfortunatelythe film despite winning a national award is yet to bereleased in India (except for west Bengal).As for 'Ardh Satya', it was the turning point in mycareer as it got me a lot of recognition and wascommercially very viable. I worked hard to get a leanand fit frame of a cop. For the first time my producersenrolled me in a gym and I also learnt to ride a bike. iwould borrow my friend's bike and ride all over thecity to get into the groove of the character. And mostimportant I tried not to over act, but underplay therole of a common ordinary citizen likeyou and me.Your upcoming projects'West Is West' by mike De Emmony, a sequel to eastIs east and Farhan Akhtar's 'Don 2',a sequel to hisearlier Don with Shaharukh Khan.34ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011

Get to Know itFun Facts— In Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man'sChest, In order to get an actual surprisedreaction, the small kissing scene betweenJack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann was cutout of Orlando Bloom's script.— In the movie Inception, a revolving corridorwas specially designed for its actionsequence.— King Kong was Adolf Hitler's favorite movie.— One of the Bond girls in the James Bondmovie, "For Your Eyes Only" used to be aman.— The producers of the movie Gone With TheWind were fined 5,000 dollars for allowingthe word "damn" to be heard within themovie's dialog.— The Godfather was the first movie in overtwenty years in which Marlon Brando wasrequired to audition.— After reading the script for Men in Black,Will Smith did not want any part of themovie. It was wife Jada that persuaded himto take the part.— In one afternoon's Casino Royale filmshooting, three Aston Martin DBS carsvalued at $300,000 each were destroyed forthe car roll sequence.— The word "actually" is spoken 22 times inthe film by various characters in LoveActually, film— In Pink Panther (2006. film) Jackie Chanwas considered for the part of Clouseau'sassistant, Kato.— Pulp Fiction cost $8 million to make - $5million going to actor's salaries.— Liverpool is the most filmed British city.— Bruce Lee was so fast, that they actually hadto slow a film down so you could see hismoves.— No one (that is still alive) knows whosupplied the voice of God in the epic The TenCommandments.ALL LIGHTS, NOVEMBER 2011 35


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