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newsletter - Pershore High School

newsletter - Pershore High School

PHS Students have their

PHS Students have their sayA group of twelve teenagers have got together toaddress problems affecting youngsters in the town.The newly formed Pershore Town Youth Councilcame together for their first meeting a few monthsago and is already making inroads in improving lifefor younger people. Alec Smith was elected YouthMayor and Emma Hawtree, Deputy Youth Mayor.The Mayor of Pershore, Chris Parsons, came upwith the idea and he was adamant that the youth ofPershore should have a say in what happens in thetown and approached Mr Corbett.Following a vote throughout the school, the YouthCouncil now hold meetings which are open to thepublic, and agendas are posted on the notice boardsat the Town Hall and at the school to maintain aclear and transparent democratic process.This year the Youth Council have organised a majoractivity to brighten up Christmas for the residents tomark the switching on the Pershore Christmas lights.Other ideas include putting up a notice board in townto deal with youth matters to keep everyone updated.There are also plans for a music festival in the spring.Mr Corbett is very proud of the achievements of thestudents in becoming involved within Pershore.Re-dedication of Roll of HonourFormer students of Pershore HighSchool who sacrificed their lives inWorld War II were remembered ata ceremony on Tuesday, 10 thNovember.The re-dedication of the Roll ofHonour was started in 2002 afterveteran and former student RayHeeks discussed the idea withClive Corbett following the school's70 th anniversary.Mr Heeks, who is a member ofPinvin Royal British Legion, saidthat he came to school with allthose who were on the list and thatmany of them were his pals.Pictured: PHS students Katie Baston and James Manning, and from left, standard bearer and chair of Pershore RBL PaulLewis, Clive Corbett, Mayor of Pershore Chris Parsons and Arthur Young from Pershore & District RNA.Tree Planting in Memory ofthe late Dennis AskewA tree has been planted in the school grounds inmemory of former PHS teacher, Dennis Askew, whopassed away last year.Mr Askew retired on 19 th July 1991 after 17 years atPHS as Head of Environmental Studies.He contributed enormously to the rich diversity of ourschool grounds, and in particular the splendid naturereserve.Pictured with Mr Corbett and Mr Booth, Mrs Askewthird from the right.6

ArtYear 12 Art Visit to the Regal Cinema, Evesham - Monday 23 rd NovemberEvesham's status as a cultural hubwas further galvanised by a Year12 Art visit to the Regal Cinemain Port Street. Disused andforgotten, the cinema is in theearly stages of a lengthyrestoration back to its former glory.Students visited The Regal inorder to create valuable resourcesto support their AS work, basedaround the theme of Archive.Once beyond its shabby exterior,the students were transportedback in time, surrounded bydecorative architecture andparaphernalia ranging fromoriginal fittings and equipmentfrom the 1920s, to remnants of itsfinal days way back in the 1980s.The restoration manager was ableto provide an overview for thefuture of the cinema (as acommunity arts venue) and alsoexplained the purposes of muchof its vintage equipment –highlights particularly being theoriginal projectors and electricitygenerators which looked asthough they had been takenstraight out of Back to the Future.Students had free access to allareas of the cinema and were ableto photograph and make drawingsof everything that it had to offer –from its vast seated auditoriumcomplete with worn seats anddecaying paint, to the faded gloryof its 1920s fittings…and muchmore besides.Photograph by Andrew Price, Year 12The restoration of the cinema isa long term project, but it is wellworth a visit to take a glimpse at arapidly disappearing architecturalhistory. Its patron, AlistairMcGowan will perform there inDecember and it aims to showWorld Cup football on the bigscreen next Summer.Drama and Performing ArtsWorcester Swan TheatreA meeting was held last week giving outinformation to anyone in Year 9, 10 and 11 whowished to take part in the Worcestershire TheatreFestival, to be held on the first weekend in March,2010. The play chosen is a Mark Wheeler playcalled 'Hard to Swallow'. A number of studentsfrom all the year groups showed an interest andwill be involved as long as they can commit to theperformance date and the (mainly lunchtime)rehearsals after Christmas. Please put a mark inyour diary – 6 th or 7 th March and I will confirmwhich day and times nearer the time.Year 10 GCSE Drama PantomimesOh no they're not…!Oh yes they are – back again.Both groups have workedextremely hard for the pastfew months to produce fun and laughter for allconcerned. Please support them by joining us onTuesday 15 th December at 7.00pm, in the Studiofor only £2 (for two). This year's shows are Aladdinand Robin Hood.Year 13 A2 Practical ExamsYear 13 worked very hard during and after schoolon their A2 Drama and Theatre Studies practicalexams. The Studio was open to the public onThursday 10 th and Friday, 11 th December.FAMERehearsals are going well, withsome fantastic dance routinesalready taking shape thanks toEmily Dickenson and Vicky Shone.Please ensure this show is even better than WWRYby ensuring you attend ALL rehearsals afterChristmas, and that all lines (songs too) are learnt.Then it will be GREAT!All the staff in Performing Arts wish youall a Merry Christmas and an injury-freeNew Year (we need you all in one piece!)7

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