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UNLV Continuing Education - University of Nevada, Las Vegas

CONTINUINGEDUCATIONDIVISION OF EDUCATIONAL OUTREACHCERTIFICATES IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTThe certificates, recognizing educational achievement in the humanresource management area, are awarded by the ProfessionalDevelopment Center, in the Office of Continuing Education and theSouthern Nevada Human Resource Association.• Basic Certificate (one required class; 4 electives)• Advanced Certificate (see inside for details)• Update your knowledge and skills• Classes scheduled each month• Industry professionals facilitating classeshttp://continuingeducation.unlv.edu/hr/

PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATES IN BASIC ANDADVANCED HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTThe Basic and Advanced HR Certificates are comprehensive programs whichaddress issues of concern and relevance to those who perform human relationsfunctions for their organizations. Courses are selected by Continuing Educationthrough consultation with human resource management professionals, humanresource consultants and business leaders. The certificates, recognizing educationalachievement in the human resource management area, are awarded by the Officeof Continuing Education’s Professional Development Center and the SouthernNevada Human Resource Association. Advanced courses may be taken toward theBasic Certificate requirements, but basic courses may not be used for the AdvancedCertificate. Both Basic and Advanced classes are appropriate for PHR/SPHRre-certification.CURRICULUMTo receive a Basic Certificate you must complete any four of the courses listed ineither the Basic or Advanced Course classes plus Essentials of Human ResourceManagement. Six additional classes earn the Advanced Certificate.You may enroll in individual courses without intending to complete the certificaterequirements. Each course will include an assessment, which could be a shortquiz, an individual or group project or a combination. A pass/fail or a grade will bereflected. The Employment Law and Nevada Employment Law classes do not haveto be taken in order; each stands alone. These employment law classes are taughtfrom the practical application of laws in an HR setting.INSTRUCTORSInstructors in this program are professionals in the industry. Many hold the PHRor SPHR designations and are members of the Southern Nevada Human ResourceAssociation. They bring to the courses a wealth of real world experience andknowledge.BASIC HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT PROGRAMRequired:* Essentials of Human Resource Management (two-day seminar)(Mar. 22 & 23)ELECTIVES:* Business Writing (Feb. 7- Mar. 13)* (New) Beyond Management to Leadership (June 15)* Employment Law II (Feb. 10)* Employment Law III (Mar. 9)* Managing & Supervising Today’s Workforce (July 12 & 13)* Strategic Management: The Role of HR (May 4)* The Central Role of HR in Organizational Ethics (April 6)

THE FOLLOWING COURSES ARE OFFERED INSPRING/SUMMER OF 2012:BUSINESS WRITING – B121GB6133Get it WRITE. No, get it RIGHT. This review of business writing will includesentence and paragraph structure so that they make sense and flow correctly.We will review grammar as we find it written and correct formatting for businessletters, memos, reports, and e-mails. This is a participatory class. You will havewriting assignments that will be analyzed, and they will be part of the requirementsfor successful completion of the course. 1.8 CEUsINSTRUCTOR: Jason ColeyDATES: Tue. 6-9pm, Feb. 7 - Mar. 13LOCATION: UNLV Paradise Campus (PAR) 107FEE:$260 Includes materials, and CEUs (6 sessions)EMPLOYMENT LAW II (Federal) – B121CP6133Employment Law II looks at the 33 major federal laws that govern the profession.You will study key aspects and points of the following laws and regulations:Title VII, Civil Rights Act of 1964, Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, AgeDiscrimination in Employment Act of 1967, and the Immigration and NaturalizationAct of 1996. You will receive a detailed summary of each law as part of the coursematerial. These law classes do not need to be taken in order; each stands alone. 0.6CEU (Approved for 6 recertification credits)INSTRUCTOR: Gary Cottino, SPHRDATES Fri. 9am-4pm, Feb. 10LOCATION: UNLV Paradise Campus (PAR) 123FEE:$315 Includes materials, refreshments, light lunch, and CEUEMPLOYMENT LAW III (Federal) – B121CP6106Employment Law III will look at more of the 33 federal laws which govern thehuman resource profession. As a business owner or human resource professional,do you understand these laws? Are you abiding by their direction? What are yourrights and responsibilities? In this course you will study key aspects: Immigrationand Naturalization Act of 1996, Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Fair CreditReporting Act of 1970, Privacy Act of 1974, Vietnam-Era Veterans ReadjustmentAct of 1974, Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1973. These law classesdo not need to be taken in order; each stands alone. 0.6 CEU. (Approved for 6recertification credits)INSTRUCTOR: Gary Cottino, SPHRDATES: Fri. 9am-4pm, Mar. 9LOCATION: UNLV Paradise Campus (PAR) 123FEE:$315 Includes materials, refreshments, light lunch, and CEUFor more information, contactPaul Carpino at 895-5441 or email him at: paul.carpino@unlv.edu

ESSENTIALS OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT – B121CP6113This course is for those just entering the Human Resources career field, linemanagers who have HR responsibilities, HR professionals who have been in a singlefunctional area and others who need a review of fundamental HR management. Youwill learn the basics of compensation, employment law, and effective recruitment,selection and training techniques. You will receive the materials (a $195 value)prepared for SHRM by the Holmes Corporation, the developers of the PHR/SPHRLearning System for HR Professionals. 1.2 CEUsINSTRUCTOR: MaryBeth Hartleb, SPHR, Prism Human Resources ConsultingServicesDATES: Thur. and Fri. 9am-4pm, Mar. 22 and 23LOCATION: UNLV Paradise Campus (PAR) 300FEE:$675 Includes SHRM text, refreshments, light lunches, and CEUs(2 sessions)THE CENTRAL ROLE OF HR IN ORGANIZATIONAL ETHICS - B121CP6132Human resource professionals play a central role in ethics management. Successfulethics management depends on employees’ fairness perceptions, ethical leadershipat all levels, and the alignment of multiple cultural systems to support ethicalconduct. This class will cover key areas of ethics development in organizations andthe new role of HR in ethics management. 0.6 CEUINSTRUCTOR: Sylvia Schaerer, SPHRDATES: Fri. 9am-4pm, Apr. 6LOCATION: UNLV Paradise Campus (PAR) 123FEE:$315 includes materials, refreshments, light lunch, and CEUSTRATEGIC MANAGEMENT - THE ROLE OF HR – B121CP6110In today’s intensely competitive and changing global marketplace, sustaining acompetitive advantage imposes a hefty premium on having a highly committedand competent workforce. As business conditions shift, HR practitioners arebecoming strategic partners in business operations, playing proactive roles,rather than serving as passive administrators. Strategic HR means accepting arole as a partner in the formulation of the company’s strategies, as well as in theimplementation of those defined strategies through HR activities. This session willinclude value-added tools that can be immediately put to use by HR practitioners.0.6 CEU(Approved for 6 recertification credits)INSTRUCTOR: Sylvia R Schaerer, SPHRDATES: Fri. 9am-4pm, May 4LOCATION: UNLV Paradise Campus (PAR) 123FEE:$315 Includes materials, refreshments, light lunch, and CEUFor more information, contactPaul Carpino at 895-5441 or email him at: paul.carpino@unlv.edu

PREPARE FOR THE PHR OR SPHRNATIONAL CERTIFICATIONPreparation classes startingTuesday, February 14thor Saturday February 18thRegister online http://continuingeducation.unlv.edu/hr/or call 895-3394REGISTER INFORMATION:MAIL-IN REGISTRATION FORMI wish to register for the following class(es):[ ] BUSINESS WRITING - B121GB6133$260, Tue., 6-9pm, Feb. 7 – Mar. 13 (evening class)[ ] EMPLOYMENT LAW II (Federal) - B121CP6133$315, Fri., 9am-4pm, Feb. 10[ ] EMPLOYMENT LAW III (Federal) - B121CP6106$315, Fri., 9am-4pm, Mar. 9[ ] ESSENTIALS OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT - B121CP6113$675, Thur. and Fri., 9am-4pm, Mar. 22 and 23[ ] THE CENTRAL ROLE OF HR IN ORGANIZATIONAL ETHICS - B121CP6132$315, Fri., 9am-4pm, Apr. 6[ ] STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT - THE ROLE OF HR - B121CP6110$315, Fri., 9am-4pm, May 4[ ] NEW - BEYOND MANAGEMENT TO LEADERSHIP – B122CP6119$315, Fri., 9am-4pm, June 15[ ] MANAGING & SUPERVISING TODAY’S WORKFORCE – B122CP6164$625, Thurs. & Fri., 9am-4pm, July 12 and 13For more information, contactPaul Carpino at 895-5441 or email him at: paul.carpino@unlv.edu

HUMAN RESOURCE CERTIFICATEALL CLASSES WILL BE HELD AT UNLV PARADISE CAMPUS, 851 E. TROPICANA AVE.Enclosed is my check for $___________ made payable to the Board of Regents.NAME_________________________________________________________________________LastFirstORGANIZATION_______________________________________ DAY PHONE____________ADDRESS:_____________________________________________________________________CITY/STATE______________________________________________ ZIP CODE___________EMAIL ADDRESS_______________________________________________________________(Confirmations and emailed to this address)VISA, Discover orfMasterCard#___________________________________________________________________Exp.Date________________Signature______________________________________________________________________MAIL TO:University of Nevada, Las VegasDivision of Educational Outreach4505 S. Maryland Parkway, Box 451019Las Vegas, NV 89154-1019BY PHONE: You may register by phone with VISA, MasterCard or Discover cardsby calling 895-3394. Please have class title, start date, credit card number, andexpiration date ready.BY FAX: Educational Outreach, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 702-895-4195.IN PERSON: UNLV Paradise Campus, 851 E. Tropicana Ave.: (southeast corner ofTropicana and Swenson)Course Title __________________________________ Course Number ________________ONLINE: http://continuingeducation.unlv.edu/hr/REFUND POLICY: All requests for refunds must be received in writing, prior to thestart of the class. They can be faxed to 895-4195, attention Paul Carpino, or emailedto Paul.Carpino@unlv.edu. A $25.00 adminsitrative fee will be deducted from requestsreceived 24 hours prior to the class, and no refunds will be issued after the class hasstarted.http://continuingeducation.unlv.edu/registration/refund/UNLV is an AA/EEO InstitutionFor more information, contactPaul Carpino at 895-5441 or email him at: paul.carpino@unlv.edu

CONTINUINGEDUCATIONDIVISION OF EDUCATIONAL OUTREACHBox 4510194505 S. Maryland ParkwayLas Vegas, NV 89154-1019CERTIFICATE PROGRAM INHUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENTUpdate your knowledge and skillsAdd this certificate to your resumeSPRING AND SUMMER2012Non Profit Org.U.S. PostagePAIDLas Vegas, NVPermit No. 200

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