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The People who use Sources . . .And what they’re saying about itLike many journalists, I turn to Sources on aregular basis. It’s a great way to findexperts quickly without a lot of hassle. I can’ttell you how many times I’ve gone to thetrouble of tracking down an amazing expertvia the Internet or through word of mouth,only to find that they are unwilling to speakto the media. Sources saves me times byproviding me with leads on experts who arenot only willing to be interviewed; in mostcases, they’re downright eager!— Ann Douglas, AuthorShortly after the Summer Issue [of Sources]came out, I received a call from a freelancewriter. She writes for the Globe and Mail.Weekly, there is a personal financial profileof an individual and an expert is asked tocomment. Well, I was the expert (she foundme in Sources) and the article was publishedon September 14. This article led to mereceiving two calls from prospective clientswho have substantial amounts of money toinvest. Am I convinced about the merits of listingin Sources? That goes without saying.— Dick M.A. Haas, B.A.,Haas Financial ServicesI created Reginald, the broadcast producersoftware, because I believed our industryneeded a tool imagined by and engineeredfor actual working broadcasters. There isn'ta feature in this software that wasn't askedfor by a working producer. That’s why Iincorporated the entire Sources directorydatabase directly into Reginald.— Andy Barrie, Radio host and‘Reginald’ software creatorI can honestly attest: a listing in Sourcesworks! My listing recently brought me threeinquiries in one week. These led to me:(1) being quoted nationally by TheCanadian Press news service, including areference on the Web site; thesubject was computer generated ads duringthe Super Bowl; (2) being heard locally onMajic 100 in Ottawa on the future of Artsfunding; (3) helping an entrepreneur decideher future in the hot beverage industry inVancouver. My specially tailored listing forIndividuals has proven that an “expert”doesn’t always need a huge companybehind them to be helpful and credible tomedia. I can strongly recommend, with noreservations whatsoever, a listing for anyindividual who possesses expertise andwants to share it in a way that will generatefavourable and priceless publicity.Thank you Sources!— John Corcelli, B.A.A.We’ve recently launched a Web-basedassignment management system acrossCP and one element in the service isaccess to the Sources directory. Bybuilding a direct connection to theSources database of PR contacts in ourassignment system reporters can quicklyand easily locate contacts for their stories.It’s a very productive fit.— Dwayne Desaulniers, Canadian PressWhen I’m researching anything ... I visitthe office of the head honchos and seewhat they’re thinking, reading, saying anddoing. I’ve visited hundreds of offices inmy personal and business life and the onefamiliar fixture has been Sources. At firstI didn’t know what Sources was. I justknew it was in everyone’s office.— Paul C. Nazareth, Scarboro MissionsThrough my listing in Sources I’ve been featuredin a full-length article in CanadianLiving Magazine, been interviewed byCanada A.M., and an Ottawa radio station– not to mention acquiring long-term clients.It’s been a wonderful investment for me personallyand my bureau, Speakers Gold.— Cathleen Fillmore, Speakers GoldWhenever I’m dealing with the unfamiliar –and that seems to be happening more asnew specialties emerge – Sources invariablyputs me in touch with the people Ineed to speak with. A service worth manytimes the cost of subscription.— William Shields, Editor,Masthead magazine

Our business is getting your story acrossSources puts your organization’s contact persons, contact numbersand areas of expertise on the desks and computers screens ofjournalists coast to coast.When a journalist or producer needs someone to interview,Sources instantly tells them about your organization’s expertise —and tells them how to reach your media contact persons.Journalists across Canada use Sources constantly. More than12,000 use the print version; more than 900 a day use the SourcesWorld Wide Web site.Sources has a proven record of success. It has been helpingCanadian journalists find experts and spokespersons since 1977.Companies, organizations, and individuals listed in Sources getmore calls from the news media and, as a result, more mediacoverage.The Sources World Wide Web site has won recognition as apremier resource for journalists. More than 600 sites devoted tojournalism, public relations, writing and research from around theworld, have established links to the Sources Web site.Journalists use Sources because they know that with more than1,000 organizations, more than 5,000 contact people, and morethan 16,000 topics, Sources will almost certainly come up with theinformation and contacts they are looking for. When you list withSources, you ensure they will also be able to find you.Journalists’ organizations consider Sources to be so vital they makeSources a benefit of membership. The Canadian Association ofJournalists, the Periodical Writers Association of Canada, theEditors’ Association of Canada, and the Canadian Science Writers’Association have all arranged distribution of Sources to all theirmembers.Journalists consider Sources to be so vital,they make Sources a benefit of membership.

Don’t just Read the News.Be the News!Be where the action is.Be in SourcesDo you want to get your organization into the news or giveit a voice in public debate? Then be where journalists go:Get listed in Sources.Be heard. Be quoted. Be seen.When a journalist or a producer needs a comment,an informed perspective, or a guest to appear on theirshow, they go in search of a knowledgeable source.If you want them to call you, you should be in Sources.Sources works.Put it to work for you.Sources489 College St., Suite 305, Toronto, ON M6G 1A5Phone: 416-964-7799 FAX: 416-964-8763E-mail:

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