Electrical Distribution Services for MMM - Schneider Electric


Electrical Distribution Services for MMM - Schneider Electric

Electrical Systems areSerious Business.You need serious professionals who can provide solid advice andrecommendations to promote safety and to help ensure reliableand continuous power.2

Engineering ServicesThe power system engineering team from Schneider Electrichas the knowledge and experience to get the job done.We are focused on helping facilities manage their energyand solve complex power system issues that may involveequipment, automation, the electrical system, or the utility.Power System Assessment and Design ServicesSchneider Electric Engineering Services provides industry-leading expertiserequired to complete the most challenging design and upgrade projects, includingturnkey solutions and brownfield projects. In addition, we offer power systemstudies and assessments to enable you to make more informed decisions whenmanaging your electrical equipment. Our power system engineering services areperformed in accordance with IEEE, ANSI, NEC and OSHA/MSHA standards.Our nationwidenetwork of registeredprofessional engineers,collectively registeredin every state of theU.S., are recognizedas industry experts inpower system analysis,design, and codesand standards.Power Quality CorrectionTechnologies designed to lower energy costs could cause unexpected powerquality disturbances. To reduce the number and severity of these disturbances,Schneider Electric provides cost-effective solutions that include power factorcorrection and harmonic mitigation equipment, installation, and commissioning.System Analysis including Arc Flash Studies(NFPA 70E Compliance)Schneider Electric is a recognized leader in promoting Electrical WorkplaceSafety and NFPA 70E compliance. Identifying the electrical hazards andtraining employees how to recognize and protect themselves from thosehazards are vitally important and part of the NFPA 70E compliance requirements.An arc flash analysis, performed by Schneider Electric professional engineers,will identify approach boundaries and appropriate levels of personal protectiveequipment (PPE).Did you know?Schneider Electric offers additional products and services to promote workplacesafety, including:NFPA 70E TrainingEquipment LabelingArc Flash Mitigation SolutionsInfrared Viewing WindowsRemote Racking Systems for MV Circuit BreakersWireless Temperature Monitoring System3

New Installation ServicesReduce risk and help ensure reliable installation andequipment performance.Start-Up and CommissioningProtect your new equipment investment with our start-up and commissioningservices. Qualified service representatives will confirm your equipment is installedproperly, meets factory standards, and passes stringent performance tests tominimize future downtime delays.Turnkey SolutionsReduce costs and the duration of an electrical installation project with a turnkeysolution from Schneider Electric Services. We offer complete management ofan installation project when supplying new Schneider Electric equipment andservices in an engineered package. Engineering resources are also available forcustomized solutions.According to IEEE,the rate of electricalcomponent failures isthree times higher infacilities that do notperform preventivemaintenance on theirelectrical systems.Also AvailableExtended warranties allow you to protect your investment for years to come.Customer training on equipment operation and maintenance by qualifiedfactory-trained technicians.Site measurement services are ideal for large and/or complex jobs where thereis an increased potential for measurement errors.Maintenance & TestingIf your power equipment isn’t performing, your plant isn’tperforming. To help ensure the reliable operation of yourelectrical equipment, periodic maintenance, cleaning,and lubrication is needed. Failure to do so could result incostly downtime.Preventive Maintenance and TestingPerformed by qualified field service representatives, our comprehensive onsitemaintenance and testing services are available anywhere in the United States forany manufacturer’s equipment.Maintenance Records ServicesTo help minimize downtime and extend equipment life, Schneider Electric offersMaintenance Records Services, which features a robust software package, securecentralized data storage, field evaluation, and engineering analysis.Service AgreementsOur custom service agreements and facility-wide outage management serviceshelp ensure your equipment is maintained properly year-after-year.5

Modernization & UpgradeSpending too much time and money on aging equipment?Modernization solutions from Schneider Electric will upgradeyour existing switchgear or motor control centers tocurrent technology. We bring together exceptional designengineering and installation expertise in complete solutionsthat are designed to minimize downtime, improve reliability,and extend the life of your equipment.Switchgear Modernization SolutionsFor existing switchgear line-ups, we offer new custom-engineered, low-voltage(LV) or medium-voltage (MV) circuit breakers which are designed to fit into theexisting switchgear cell with minimal modification and downtime. Our upgradesolutions utilize the:Masterpact NT/NW circuit breaker for LV systemsMagnum circuit breaker for MV systemsDesigns are available for most manufacturers’ switchgear.Direct Replacement Units for Low-Voltage (LV)Motor Control Centers (MCCs)Upgrade your motor control centers with industry-leading components, withoutreplacing the structure and bus. New direct replacement MCC units are availablefor most major brands of motor control centers for both vintage and current styles.A direct replacement unit can be supplied as a new branch feeder, full-voltagestarter, solid-state starter, or variable frequency drive unit (bucket). To bettermanage critical processes, increase productivity, and save energy, upgradeyour existing MCC to an intelligent MCC.Additional Modernization Solutions AvailableCircuit Breaker ReconditioningTrip Unit RetrofitVacuum Starter ConversionRelay and Metering RetrofitsEAF (Electric Arc Furnace) Circuit BreakersMasterpact and Magnumreplacement circuitbreakers for switchgearare installed, tested,and commissionedby Schneider Electricfactory-trained servicetechnicians andare backed by aone-year warranty.Masterpact Low-Voltage Circuit BreakerMagnum Medium-Voltage Circuit BreakerEAF (Electric ArcFurnace) Circuit BreakerSquare D replacementMCC unit installed inGeneral Electric 7700Series structure7

Substation SolutionsSchneider Electric sets the standard in quality for the electricindustry and serves utilities with highly reliable productsand services.Design and Construction ServicesCovering all aspects of substation construction, our capabilities range from smalljobs to turnkey design and build contracts, and include:Design and construction services for jobs ranging from 15 kV to 765 kVExpert Engineering Services– Project management and design– Studies and grounding– Utility coordination– Regulatory complianceDesign and constructionservices for jobs rangingfrom 15 kV to 765 kVSubstation Service and RepairPowersub Medium-voltage (MV)Vacuum Substation BreakersBy combining the latest developments in circuit breaker technology with worldrenownedquality, Square D Powersub circuit breakers are the most advancedMV circuit breakers available and feature:Compliance to ANSI Standards– Designed and tested to comply with or exceed ANSI and IEEE standardsfor outdoor circuit breakersISO 9001 Certification– Designed and manufactured in a facility that is quality system certified byUnderwriters Laboratories, Inc. to ISO 9001PowersubType EVRPowersubType FVRCustom SolutionsDo you have unique product requirements or complexpower issues?Regardless of the application or location, our engineering, manufacturing, fieldservice, and project management teams can evaluate your situation and proposea cost-effective solution that minimizes downtime or lead-times. From customswitchgear to renewable projects, Schneider Electric Services is your partner forall phases of your project.9

Service SolutionsSupport the life-cycle of your electrical distribution system.Engineering ServicesPower System Design and Upgrade Projects» Turnkey solutions, including solar andbrownfield projects» Electrical design for relay upgrades» Design for generator and synchronous motorexciter packages» Grounding system evaluation and designPower System Assessments» Circuit loading study» Power system assessment and code audits» Harmonics assessmentPower Quality Correction» Power quality analysis» Power factor correctionArc Flash Analysis» Short circuit study» Time-current coordination study» Mitigation solutionsNew Installation ServicesStart-Up ServicesProject Management» Installation coordinationTurnkey SolutionsSite MeasurementExtended WarrantyCustomer Training CoursesMaintenance & TestingPreventive Maintenance and TestingMaintenance Records DocumentationService AgreementsRelay and Metering CalibrationInfrared Viewing WindowsWireless Temperature MonitoringRemote Racking Systems for MV Circuit BreakersModernization & UpgradeReplacement Circuit BreakersRetrofill SolutionsMCC Direct Replacement UnitsCircuit Breaker ReconditioningVacuum Starter ConversionTrip Unit RetrofitRelay and Metering RetrofitsSubstation SolutionsSubstation Design and Construction» 15 kV to 765 kVPowersub MV Substation BreakersSubstation Service and RepairCustom SolutionsSpecial-Application Switchgear» Expansions and upgrades» Non-standard dimensions or ratings» Custom wiring requirementsSolar Power SystemsTurnkey InstallationsLegacy Equipment & ServicesPower-Zone (PZ 1, 2, 3) LV SwitchgearBolt-Loc SwitchesDrives/Soft-StartsSchneider Electric Circuit Breaker SupportEmergency ServicesProject ManagementEquipment ReconditioningReplacement Parts1-888-778-2733» 24 hours a day/7 days a week11

Why Choose ElectricalDistribution Services fromSchneider Electric?Schneider Electric USA, Inc.1415 South Roselle RoadPalatine, IL 60067Tel: 847-397-2600Fax: 847-925-7500www.schneider-electric.usDocument Number 1910BR1202As part of Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energymanagement , the Electrical Distribution Services group offersengineered solutions designed to promote workplace safety,lower life-cycle cost, and increase power system reliability toindustrial, utility, and commercial customers throughout the U.S.Our commitment is to provide you with innovative solutions, bestin-classcustomer service and project management, advancedtechnical knowledge, and exceptional quality in everything we do!For more Information888-778-2733www.schneider-electric.us/go/servicesAny engineering services referenced herein shall be provided by Schneider ElectricEngineering Services, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Schneider Electric USA, Inc.This document is for information purposes only and is not meant to be construed asan offer to provide engineering services.January 2012©2012 Schneider Electric. All Rights Reserved. All trademarks are owned by Schneider Electric Industries SAS or its affiliated companies. 998-6248_US

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