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Gauss: N x (N+1) 2 Myth About Learning Brain ... - Sharon Bowman

Gauss: N x (N+1) 2 Myth About Learning Brain ... - Sharon Bowman


Pinky BrainReticular Activating SystemTriune BrainWhat TVHas TaughtUs AboutTeachingWorkbook Page 141. Chunk2. Ten-minute3. Close enough4. Change5. Images - concepts2122PostcardPartnersPostcardPartners• Take your postcard and pen.What did you learn from theScavenger Hunt that you didn’tknow before you participated inthe activity?• Stand and find 1 or 2 people from othertables who have the same postcard picture.• Discuss the question and write a shortsummary of your discussion on the back ofthe card. You will share this summary later.4

Concept CentersGeneral InstructionsConcept Centers• Activity instructions for each center are onHANDOUT pages 1 – 2.• Stay with your center group –work collaboratively to get the tasks done.• Rotate centers in order: 1, 2, 3, 4.• 8 minutes at each center.• Music signal to clean up and rotate.Center GroupDiscussion1. What did you learn about brain science andhuman learning from the content of thecenters?2. What were your observations about theprocess used to learn this content?3. How might you apply the content or processto your own instruction?Same-StyleGroups• How does your learning style affect yourteaching style?• What might you do in order to meet theother learning styles’ needs when youinstruct others?Find a NewHome!Trainer’s ToolbagPages 8 - 10• New table• at least three new faces• Mixed styles5

Gauss: N x (N+1) 2 Concept Centers - Sharon Bowman
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