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Exploded view - Great Hobbies


44:: Shocks21332315109105291053910549105591056910579105891059910609106191062910639106491065910669106791070Shock O-RingM2 x 4mm BHCS13x26mm Shock Kit, Blue13x30mm Shock Kit, BlueShock CartridgeShock X-RingsShock Rod EndsShock Shaft, 26mmShock Shaft, 30mmShock Piston Hardware KitShock Body, 26mm BlueShock Body, 30mm BlueMolded Shock CapsShock Bladders, SealsPistons, 1.1mmPistons, 1.2mm (Kit)Pistons, 1.3mmSpring Cups / CollarsShock Boots910622133231510910638611284221224444444910709105991059910659105991057 (F)91058 (R)9105491055910549105591054:: Gear Differential46759100591006910079100891157M2.5x6mm FHCS4X4 Gear Diff Case4X4 Gear Diff Outdrives4X4 Gear Diff Rebuild Kit4X4 Gear Diff Kit10x16x4mm Bearings46759100691006910079115791005910069100791007910079100791005910079100791007910069100591157910079100691006612112910679107091060 (F)91061 (R)910569105691067:: Turnbuckles910389103991051HD Turnbuckles, 65mmHD Turnbuckles, 80mmHD Ball Cups2212910519103891051:: Springs9107191073910749107591076910779107891079910809108113mm Front Spring Kit13mm Spring Front, 3.5LB Green13mm Spring Front, 3.9LB White13mm Spring Front, 4.3LB Blue (Kit)13mm Spring Front, 4.8LB Yellow13mm Rear Spring Kit13mm Spring Rear, 2.5LB White13mm Spring Rear, 2.8LB Blue (Kit)13mm Spring Rear, 3.1LB Yellow13mm Spring Rear, 3.4LB Red:: Shock Fluid542054215422542354245425542654275428542954305431543254335434543554365437543810 Weight Silicone Shock Fluid20 Weight Silicone Shock Fluid30 Weight Silicone Shock Fluid40 Weight Silicone Shock Fluid22.5 Weight Silicone Shock Fluid80 Weight Silicone Shock Fluid27.5 Weight Silicone Shock Fluid15 Weight Silicone Shock Fluid25 Weight Silicone Shock Fluid35 Weight Silicone Shock Fluid45 Weight Silicone Shock Fluid55 Weight Silicone Shock Fluid32.5 Weight Silicone Shock Fluid37.5 Weight Silicone Shock Fluid42.5 Weight Silicone Shock Fluid50 Weight Silicone Shock Fluid60 Weight Silicone Shock Fluid70 Weight Silicone Shock Fluid47.5 Weight Silicone Shock Fluid12222122222oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.2oz.:: Lubes & Adhesives / Decals / Misc.11051596159754505451545254535454545554565457545854596588659166366727716717381638203834911699105191039FT Green Slime Shock LubeFT Locking AdhesiveFT Tire Adhesive, mediumSilicone Diff Fluid 1000cstSilicone Diff Fluid 2000cstSilicone Diff Fluid 3000cstSilicone Diff Fluid 5000cstSilicone Diff Fluid 7000cstSilicone Diff Fluid 10000cstSilicone Diff Fluid 20000cstSilicone Diff Fluid 30000cstSilicone Diff Fluid 60000cstSilicone Diff Fluid 100000cstBlack Grease - 4ccS.Diff Lube - 4ccSilicone Grease - 4ccServo TapeReedy 2009 Sticker SetReedy Powered Logo DecalAmerican Bumper StickerAE Logo Decal SheetAE Blue Embossed Logo StickerSC10 4X4 Decal Sheet1111111111111111211112191051

46:: Front Clip96302519025191252152562089218892248922689454910049101491029Aluminum Ballstud WasherM3x14mm SHCSM3x18mm SHCSM3 Locknut, BlackM3x10mm SHCSM3x8mm WasherM3x16mm SHCSM3x26mm SHCSM3x12mm SHCS4X4 Inner Body Mounts4X4 Front Chassis Plate/Brace4X4 Front Arm Mount (A)1020202020101010101119100491014892248921825620251912519096309101489226910299102925215256208945489454:: Front Suspension2518725215252172523831510892028922391025910269102791028910309103591040910429104391044910489104991069M3x14mm BHCSM3 LocknutM4 Locknut w/Flange6x12x4mm BearingsM2x4mm BHCSM3x12mm BHCSM3x8mm SHCS4X4 Front Arms4X4 Steer/Caster Block4X4 Wheel Hexes / Pins4X4 Steel Hat BushingsFront Axle Crush Tube4X4 Inner Hinge Pins (Fr, Rr)4X4 Front CVA Bones4X4 CVA Axles4X4 CVA Pin Retainer4X4 CVA Rebuild KitHD Ballstuds, 8mmHD Ballstuds, 10mmShock Mount Pin, Steel20202026101022ea41022ea22218849104091044910359104491042910439104391025910269104825238910288922389202315108920291049252159102691030910279102725238252172518791069251879102891028

47:: Front Gearbox9630252383151089225910099101091011910129101791156Aluminum Ballstud Washer6x12x4 BearingsM2x4mm BHCSM3x24mm SHCS4X4 Front Gearbox4X4 Idler Gear4X4 Idler Gear Shaft4X4 Top Shaft, Front4X4 Top Shaft Spacers5x10x3mm Bearings1026101211229100925238910179101291156910109115691011910172523891009315109630963089225:: Front Belt Covers, Tensioners, Clicker Drive25215256203140231531892238952891013910889108991091911589115991167M3 Locknut, BlackM3x10mm SHCS4x8mm BearingsM3x6mm BHCSM3x8mm SHCSM2.5x5mm washer4X4 Pulley/Clicker Set4X4 Belt Covers4X4 Belt Cover CapBelt Tension HardwareM3x4mm BHCSM2.5x5mm SHCS4X4 Pulleys, Front & Rear202026101011ea2110101ea9108925620892239108891088895289109131531910919115991158314029101325215910919101391013910139116791013

48:: Belt, Center Belt Covers, Battery Strap92382520131532892188945491085910889109391152Foam Battery SpacersM3x8mm FHCSM3x8mm BHCSM3x8mm WashersM3x12mm SHCS4X4 Battery Strap4X4 Belt Covers4X4 Drive Belt4X4 ESC Tray/Battery Wall2206101011ea11252012520191088910939108589218315328945491085911529108889218315329238:: Chassis, Electronics Tray252018922389454910709108391084910869108791152M3x8mm FHCSM3x8mm SHCSM3x12mm SHCS13mm Shock Bumpers4X4 Chassis4X4 Nerf Bars4X4 Receiver Box4X4 Reveiver Box Seals4X4 ESC Tray/Battery Wall201010411ea111910848945491083892239108691087894548945491086911528945489454910849107091087911522520191152:: Slipper Gear Assembly / Pinions748596032521691090910929109491095910969109791161911629116391164911659116691167FT V2 Slipper HubsSlipper PadsM3 Locknut w/Flange4X4 Slipper Hardware4X4 Inner Slipper HubSpur Gear, 32P-62T (Kit)Spur Gear, 32P-60TSpur Gear, 32P-58TSpur Gear, 48P-93T (Kit)5mm to 1/8 Pinion Adapter11T 32P Pinion Gear12T 32P Pinion Gear13T 32P Pinion Gear14T 32P Pinion Gear15T 32P Pinion Gear4X4 Pulleys, Front & Rear12201111111111111ea9116791090960391092960391094 - 32P91077 - 48P91090748525216

49:: Motor Plate, Rear Belt Cover25190256583140231531892238952891013910189108891089910919115891159M3x14mm SHCSM3x6mm SHCS4x8mm BearingsM3x6mm BHCSM3x8mm SHCSSteel Washer 3x5.6mm4X4 Pulley/Clicker Set4X4 Motor Plate4X4 Belt Covers4X4 Belt Cover CapsBelt Tensioner HardwareM3x4mm BHCSM2.5x5mm SHCS2020261010111ea2110103153191159910188952891091910919109131402 91013911589108889528892232565889223910882519091089:: Rear Gearbox9630252383151089225910109101191015910169101791156Aluminum Ballstud Washer6x12x4mm BearingsM2x4mm BHCSM3x24mm SHCS4X4 Idler Gear4X4 Idler Gear Shaft4X4 Rear Gearbox4X4 Rear Top Shaft4X4 Top Shaft Spacers5x10x3mm Bearings10261021112289225892259630315109101525238910179101691156910109115691011910172523891015

50:: Rear Clip633896302519025191252158921989223892268922789454910199103491100Antenna Tube 12” & CapAluminum Ballstud WasherM3x14mm SHCSM3x18mm SHCSM3 Locknut, BlackM3x5mm SetscrewM3x8mm SHCSM3x26mm SHCSM3x28mm SHCSM3x12mm SHCS4X4 Rear Chassis Plate/Brace4X4 Rear Arm Mount (D)4X4 Rear Skid Plate1102020201010101010111892266338633889219892272519025191963025190910199101991034251902521525190892238945491100:: Rear Suspension252152521725238892188922391027910319103291033910359103691037910419104291044910489106991155M3 LocknutM4 Locknut w/Flange6x12x4mm BearingsM3x8mm WashersM3x8mm SHCS4X4 Wheel Hexes / Pins4X4 Rear ArmsRear Hub CarriersRear Axle Crush Tube4X4 Inner Hinge Pins, Fr & Rr4X4 Rear Outer Hinge PinsRear Hub Wheelbase Shim4X4 Rear CVA Bones4X4 CVA Axles4X4 CVA Rebuild KitHD Ballstuds, 8mmShock Mount Pin, Steel12x18x4 Bearings, Rubber202021010411ea22ea282228429104191044910449104291155910482521591032910339102791031892232523891069910359103625217892182521591037

:: Rear Bumper, Rear Shock Tower25190252152521725612256203153289218892248922789430894549100491021910229102391024910499106891099M3x14mm SHCSM3 Locknut, BlackM4 Locknut w/FlangeM3 Locknut w/FlangeM3x10mm SHCSM3x8mm BHCSM3x8mm WashersM3x16mm SHCSM3x28mm SHCSMud FlapsM3x12mm SHCS4X4 Inner Body Mounts4X4 Threaded Inserts4X4 Shock Mount4X4 Rear Shock Tower4X4 Body MountsHD Ballstuds, 10mm13mm Shock Cap Bushings4X4 Rear Bumper Set9102291068256128945489454202020202061010102101ea421484125620910242519091024910232521791004910499102125620910998945489224910992521525620894549109989218892279109991099892243153251892248922489430:: Wheels, Tires, Inserts980989413911019110291103911049110591106SC10 Tires w/Foam Inserts1/8 Molded Tire InsertsKMC Hex Wheels, Black (Kit)KMC Hex Wheels, SilverKMC Hex Wheels, ChromeKMC Hex Wheels/Tire BlackKMC Hex Wheels/Tire SilverKMC Hex Wheels/Tire Chrome2222222291101894139809

52:: Factory Team and Option Parts1654173417351736694374959787983698379838983998439844984598469847984898499862986325391253923128631550911089110991110911119111291113911149111591116911179111891119911209112191122911239112491125911269112791128911299113091131911329113591136911379116091161911689116991170FT Solid Axle PinsFT Body Clips, 4 Long, 6 ShortFT Long Body Clips, BlueFT Short Body Clips, BlueFT Blue 8-32 LocknutsVented Slipper Hub (fits outside only for 4X4)Chassis Protective SheetSC10 Clear BodySC10 09’ Championship Clear BodySC10 RTR Body, KMCSC10 RTR Body, Lucas OilSC10 RTR Decal Sheet, KMCSC10 RTR Decal Sheet, Lucas OilSC10 RTR Decal Sheet, BullydogSC10 RTR Decal Sheet, Pro CompSC10 RTR Decal Sheet, Team AESC10 RTR Body, Ready LiftSC10 RTR Decal Sheet, Ready LiftSC10 09’ Body, Rockstar-MakitaSC10 09’ Decals, Rockstar-MakitaFT 4mm Locknuts, BlueFT 3mm Locknuts, BlueAluminum Ballstud Washers, BlueM3 Aluminum Locknuts, BlueFT 13x26mm Shock Kit, HardFT 13x30mm Shock Kit, HardFT 26mm Shock Body, HardFT 30mm Shock Body, HardTi Nitride Shock Shaft, 26mmTi Nitiride Shock Shaft, 30mmBlank Shock Pistons, 13mmTi HD Turnbuckle, 65mmTi HD Turnbuckle, 80mmTi HD Turnbuckle Set, SC10 4X4Ti Nitride HD Ballstud 6mmTi Nitride HD Ballstud 8mmTi Nitride HD Ballstud 10mmTi Nitride HD Ballstud 12mmHard Anodized Hat BushingsFront Swaybar SetRear Swaybar SetHard Anodized Pivot BallsSwaybar HardwareTi Nitride Front Inner Hinge PinsTi Nitride Rear Inner Hinge PinsLight Weight Gear Diff OutdrivesLight Weight Top Shaft, FrontLight Weight Top Shaft, RearAluminum Idler ShaftFront CVA Bones, ShinyRear CVA Bones, ShinyCVA Pin Retainer, AluminumBody Clip, 1.3mm Thick5mm to 1/8 Pinion AdapterSC10 4X4 UnderbodySC10 4X4 Decal SheetHi -Torque Slipper Pad4104642111111111111111010261122224221222221141222111222101112:: XP Electronics291072912529126291412914229150291552915629158291602916129162291642916529166291772920929210292112921229221292222922329224:: Reedy Motors and ESC’s916917918919936937938939:: Reedy Batteries302303627628632633634637681682683684685686689693694695700709712713714723724725730731732S1903 Metal Gear SetS1903MG ServoS2008MG ServoXP SC450-BL Brushless ESCXP ESC Fan OptionXP RX/TX CHarger 110vXP3D FM Radio System 27mHzXP3D FM Radio System 75mHzXP3D 3ch Digital Transmitter Only27mHz Module AM for XP3D27mHz Module FM, for XP3D75mHz Module FM for XP3DMicro RX 3ch FM 27mHzMicro RX 3ch FM 75mHzXP DS1313 Digital ServoXP DS1015 Digital ServoGear Set, DS1313Gear Set, DS1015Servo Case , DS1313 / DS1015Accessory Pack, DS1313 / DS1015XP3SS 2.4GHz Radio SystemTRS401SS 2.4GHz 4Ch Receiver2.4GHz Module and RX (XP3D)2.4GHz Module (XP3D)540R Brushless Motor 3300kV540R Brushless Motor 3900kV540R Brushless Motor 4900kV540R Brushless Motor 6100kVXP SC450-BL/Reedy 540R 3300kV ComboXP SC450-BL/Reedy 540R 3900kV ComboXP SC450-BL/Reedy 540R 4900kV ComboXP SC450-BL/Reedy 540R 6100kV ComboAA Alkaline 1.5V (4)AA 2700mAh NiMH 1.2V RechargeableLiPo 60C 5200mAh 7.4V SPLiPo 60C 5500mAh 7.4VTX Lightweight Battery 1350mAh 11.1VTX Battery - 3PK, M11 3000mAh 11.1VTX Battery - Helios, Z1 2400mAh 11.1VTX Battery - M11X 2500mAh 7.4VWolfpack 2400mAh 7.2V w/DEANS® connectorWolfpack 3000mAh 7.2V w/DEANS® connectorWolfpack 3600mAh 7.2V w/DEANS® connectorWolfpack 4200mAh 7.2V w/DEANS® connectorLiPo 40C+ 5000mAh 7.4VLiPo 40C+ 4200mAh 7.4V SPR-Power 1700mAh 7.2V w/TAM connectorWolfpack 2400mAh 7.2V w/TAM connectorWolfpack 3000mAh 7.2V w/TAM connectorWolfpack 3600mAh 7.2V w/TAM connectorWolfpack 4200mAh 7.2V w/TAM connectorLiPo 5000mAh 7.4V 35C ROAR SpecLiPo 4200mAh 7.4V 35C SP EFRA SpecLiPo 2400mAh 7.4V 20C StickLiPo 3400mAh 7.4V 25C StickLiFe 4000mAh 6.6V 30CWolfpack 3000mAh 8.4V w/DEANS® connectorWolfpack 3600mAh 8.4V w/DEANS® connectorWolfpack LiPo 3000mAh 7.4V 25C w/DEANS®Wolfpack LiPo 3300mAh 7.4V 35C w/DEANS®Wolfpack LiPo 3400mAh 7.4V 35C w/DEANS®1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

:: Reedy Accessories604605606607610651652653654655656657658659660661662663664665666667716SP35MSP35LSP35XLSP35XXLSP35XXXLSP36MSP36LSP36XLSP36XXLSP36XXXLSP417526-S AC/DC 2S-6S LiPo/LiFe ChargerMotor Cooling Fans (2)Charge Harness 2S Saddle Pack 4mmCharge Harness 2S Standard Pack 4mm447-S AC/DC NiMH Peak ChargerBattery Bars (8)Battery Bars (30)Battery Bars (100)4.0mm plugs (2M, 2F)4.0mm plugs (2M, 10F)4.0mm plugs (10F)4.0mm plugs (100F)4.0mm plugs (10M)4.0mm plugs (30M)3.5mm plugs (3M, 3F)3.5mm plugs (10F)3.5mm plugs (100F)3.5mm plugs (10M)3.5mm plugs (30M)Single Cell Shrink - Clear (12)Single Cell Shrink - Clear (30)Single Cell Shrink - Clear (100)Reedy 09 Decal SetReedy Logo T-Shirt - White MReedy Logo T-Shirt - White LReedy Logo T-Shirt - White XLReedy Logo T-Shirt - White XXLReedy Logo T-Shirt - White XXXLReedy Logo T-Shirt - Black MReedy Logo T-Shirt - Black LReedy Logo T-Shirt - Black XLReedy Logo T-Shirt - Black XXLReedy Logo T-Shirt - Black XXXLFactory Team 1/10 Motor Storage Bag:: LRP Charger, Power Supply, Balancer, IronLRP41281LRP41555LRP43150LRP45200LRP65800LRP65802LRP65803LRP65804:: LRP Speed ControlsLRP80100LRP80150LRP80400LRP80905LRP80915LRP80955Quadra Pro 2 ChargerPulsar Touch Competition ChargerPower Supply CompetitionLiPo Parallel BalancerHigh Power Solder StationSoldering Tip 5mmSoldering Tip 1.2mmSoldering HandleAI Brushless ReverseAI Brushless Pro ReverseSPX Brushless Super ReverseSXX Competition V.2SXX Stock-Spec V.2SXX TC-Spec V.2:: LRP Brushless MotorsLRP50642LRP50652LRP50662LRP50672LRP50682LRP50687LRP50692LRP50702LRP50712LRP50722LRP50832LRP50842LRP50852LRP50862LRP X-12 9.5 TurnLRP X-12 8.5 TurnLRP X-12 7.5 TurnLRP X-12 6.5 TurnLRP X-12 5.5 TurnLRP X-12 5.0 TurnLRP X-12 4.5 TurnLRP X-12 4.0 TurnLRP X-12 3.5 TurnLRP X-12 3.0 TurnLRP X-12 Stock-Spec 10.5 TurnLRP X-12 Stock Spec 13.5 TurnLRP X-12 Stock Spec 17.5 TurnLRP X-12 Stock Spec 21.5 Turn11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111:: LRP Brushless CombosLRP80677LRP80678LRP80679LRP80694LRP80695LRP80696LRP80697LRP80698LRP80699LRP80790LRP80791LRP80792LRP80793LRP80794LRP80795LRP80796LRP80797LRP80798LRP80799:: LRP Misc.LRP50620LRP50621LRP50622LRP50623LRP50624LRP50625LRP50626LRP50632LRP50633LRP50634LRP80135LRP82511LRP82520LRP82530LRP82531LRP819307LRP819310LRP819315LRP819320:: ApparelSP35**SP36**SP58**SP59**SP62**SP63**SP64**SP65**SP66**SP67**SP100SP101SP102SP103SP411SSP411LSP416SP417SP420**715110684SXX Stock-Spec V2/ X-12 Stock-Spec 10.5 TurnSXX Stock-Spec V2/ X-12 Stock-Spec 13.5 TurnSXX Stock-Spec V2/ X-12 Stock-Spec 17.5 TurnSXX COMP v.2 / X-12 5.0 TurnSXX COMP v.2 / X-12 5.5 TurnSXX COMP v.2 / X-12 6.5 TurnSXX COMP v.2 / X-12 7.5 TurnSXX COMP v.2 / X-12 8.5 TurnSXX COMP v.2 / X-12 9.5 TurnSXX TC v.2 / X-12 3.0 TurnSXX TC v.2 / X-12 3.5 TurnSXX TC v.2 / X-12 4.0 TurnSXX TC v.2 / X-12 4.5 TurnSXX TC v.2 / X-12 5.0 TurnSXX TC v.2 / X-12 5.5 TurnSXX TC v.2 / X-12 6.5 TurnSXX TC v.2 / X-12 7.5 TurnSXX TC v.2 / X-12 8.5 TurnSXX TC v.2 / X-12 9.5 TurnX-12 Replacement Ball BearingsX-12 Optional Ceramic Ball BearingsX-12 Small parts SetX-12 PreciSensor UnitX-12 Replacement alum Front canX-12 Lightweight Alum CanX-12 Alum Rear CoverX-12 12.0mm sintered rotorX-12 12.5mm sintered rotorX-12 13.0mm sintered rotorBEC stabilizing capacitorBrushless Low Profile FanBrushless/Brushed Cooling SetPower Cap 3.7 - 4.8VPower Cap 6.0 - 7.4V70mm High Flex Sensor Wire100mm High Flex Sensor Wire150mm High Flex Sensor Wire200mm High Flex Sensor WireReedy 09’ White T-Shirt (M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL)Reedy 09’ Black T-Shirt (M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL)AE Logo Black T-Shirt (M, L, XL, 2XL)AE Logo Blue T-Shirt (M, L, XL, 2XL)AE Vertigo Long Sleeve T-Shirt (S, M, L, XL, 2XL)AE Vertigo White T-Shirt (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL)AE Vertigo Blue T-Shirt (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL)AE Vertigo Black T-Shirt (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL)AE Stencil Blue T-Shirt (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL)AE Stencil Gray Sweatshirt (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL)1/8 Inner and Outer Boxes Only, Set1/8 Inner Boxes Only, Set1/10 Inner and Outer Boxes Only, Set1/10 Inner Boxes Only, SetAE Hat 11’ Flatbill Black S/MAE Hat 11’ Flatbill Black L/XL1/10 Car Carrier Bag Only1/10 FT Motor BagAE Pit Gloves (M, L, XL)Reedy 2009 Track BannerTeam Associated Track Banner** Use part number plus the desired size when ordering!5311111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111Pr.11

54:: 1/18 Kits and RTR’s20100201012010320105201062011020115201182012020130RC18T RTR (ready-to-run)RC18T2 2.4ghz RTR (ready-to-run)RC18B2 - RC18T2 Team KitRC18B RTR (ready-to-run)RC18B2 2.4ghz RTR (ready-to-run)RC18MT RTR (ready-to-run)RC18R Kamino RTR (ready-to-run)RC18R Niteline RTR (ready-to-run)SC18 RTR (ready-to-run)RC18LM RTR (ready-to-run):: 1/12, 1/10 Kits and RTR’s203320424019702370277029703070327034703670377040704170437044708070928021903690389039906120515301053010630111:: 1/8 Kits and RTR’s205032050480902809048090580912809218092280923809248092580932FT Nitro TC3 KitNitro TC3 RTR Plus (ready-to-run)FT 12R5.1 KitRC10T4.1 FT KitSC10 2WD Short Course Race Truck KitSC10 Associated/RC10.com Truck RTR (ready-to-run)SC10 KMC Wheels Race Truck RTR (ready-to-run)SC10 Ready Lift RTR (ready-to-run)SC10 FT KitRC10T4.1 RTR 2.4GHz Brushed (ready-to-run)RC10T4.1 RTR 2.4GHz Brushless (ready-to-run)SC10 RTR, 2.4ghz Brushless Lucas Oil BodySC10 RTR, 2.4ghz Brushless Speed Tech/Bully Dog BodySC10 RTR, 2.4ghz Brushless Pro Comp BodySC10 RTR, 2.4ghz Brushless Rockstar / Makita BodyFT GT2 Nitro Truck KitGT2 RS Truck Nitro RTR (ready-to-run)FT RC10R5-OVAL KitRC10B4.1 FT KitRC10B4.1 RTR 2.4GHz Brushed (ready-to-run)RC10B4.1 RTR 2.4GHz Brushless (ready-to-run)FT B44.1 4WD Buggy KitMGT 3.0 Nitro Monster Truck RTR (ready-to-run)FT TC5R Rubber Tire Edition 4WD Touring Car KitFT TC6 4WD Touring Car KitTC4 4WD Touring Car RTR (ready-to-run)Limited Edition MGT 4.60 Nitro RTR, w/flag body(ready-to-run)Limited Edition MGT 8.0 Nitro RTR, w/flag body(ready-to-run)FT RC8B Nitro Buggy KitFT RC8Be Electric Buggy KitRC8RS “Race Spec” Nitro Buggy RTR (ready-to-run)RC8T Championship EditionSC8 Short Course Race Truck, Lucas Oil Nitro RTR(ready-to-run)SC8 Short Course Race Truck, KMC Wheels Nitro RTR(ready-to-run)SC8 Short Course Race Truck, Bully Dog Nitro RTR(ready-to-run)SC8 Short Course Race Truck, AE Team Nitro RTR(ready-to-run)SC8 Short Course Race Truck, Pro Comp Nitro RTR(ready-to-run)SC8e Short Course Race Truck Rockstar/Makita RTR(ready-to-run)111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111:: Tools1111144914501541154215431544154515461547154815511553155415611562156315641565156615671589159015921655165616571658165916601661166216631664166516661667166816691670167116721673167417191737371837193720398764296956770991107FT Turnbuckle WrenchOffroad Ride Height GaugeFT Ride Height GaugeFT Hex Driver Set, (7 pcs)FT .050” Silver Hex DriverFT 1/16” Black Hex DriverFT 1.5mm Purple Hex DriverFT 5/64” Blue Hex DriverFT 3/32” Gold Hex DriverFT 2.5mm Green Hex DriverFT 3mm Red Hex DriverFT Screwdriver SetFT Phillips Silver ScrewdriverFT Silver Spring Hook ToolFT Nut Driver Set, (6 pcs)FT 3/16” Black Nut DriverFT 1/4” Red Nut DriverFT 5.5mm Red Nut DriverFT 11/32” Green Nut DriverFT 7.0mm Silver Nut DriverFT 8mm Gold Nut DriverFT 5/64” Blue Ball Hex DriverFT 3/32” Gold Ball Hex DriverFT Ball Hex Driver Set, (3 pcs)FT 8-Piece 1/4” Hex Drive SetFT 1/4” Hex Drive Handle, without tipsFT 1/4” Hex Drive .050” TipFT 1/4” Hex Drive 1/16” TipFT 1/4” Hex Drive 5/64” - 2.0mm TipFT 1/4” Hex Drive 3/32” TipFT 1/4” Hex Drive 1.5mm TipFT 1/4” Hex Drive 2.5mm TipFT 1/4” Hex Drive 3/16” Nut Driver TipFT 1/4” Hex Drive 1/4” Nut Driver TipFT 1/4” Hex Drive 11/32” Nut Driver TipFT 1/4” Hex Drive 5.5mm Nut Driver TipFT 1/4” Hex Drive 7.0mm Nut Driver TipFT 1/4” Hex Drive 8.0mm Nut Driver TipFT 1/4” Hex Drive 5/64” - 2.0mm Ball End TipFT 1/4” Hex Drive 3/32” Ball End TipFT 1/4” Hex Drive Standard Screwdriver TipFT 1/4” Hex Drive Phillips Screwdriver TipFT 1/4” Hex Drive 2.5mm Ball End TipFT 1/4” 5 Piece Power Tool Tips Set (5/64-2.0mm,1.5mm, 2.5mm, 5/64”- 2.0mm ball, 2.5mm ball)FT Camber + Track Width ToolFT Body Scissors12 Inch Nylon Wire Ties6 Inch Nylon Wire Ties8 Inch Nylon Wire TiesFT Droop GaugeShock Building ToolMolded Tools, Set4 Inch Nylon Wire Ties13mm Shock Tools1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111121212111121

60:: Hardware - 1:1 Scale ViewCap Head (shcs) Flat Head (fhcs) Button Head (bhcs)2.5x5mm (91159)2.5x6mm (4675)2x4mm (31510)2.5x8mm (89222)3x8mm (25201)3x4mm (91091)3x6mm (25658)3x14mm (89208)3x6mm (31531)3x8mm (89223)3x10mm (25620)3x12mm (89454)3x14mm (25190)3x16mm (89224)3x20mm (25192)BallstudsHD 6mm (91047)Ti Nitride HD 6mm (91118)HD 8mm (91048)Ti Nitride HD 8mm (91119)HD 10mm (91049)Ti Nitride HD 10mm (91120)Ball Bearings3x8mm (31532)3x14mm (25187)3x8x4mm (91002)4x8x3mm (31402)Nuts (lock/plain)3x24mm (89225)3x26mm (89226)3x28mm (89227)Shims and WashersHD 12mm (91050)Ti Nitride HD 12mm (91121)2.5x5mm Washer (91091)5x10x3mm (91156)6x12x4mm (25238)M3 Locknut (25215)M3 Alum. Locknut, Blue (31550)M3 Locknut w/Flange (25612)FT 3mm Locknuts, Blue(25392)M4 Locknut (89216)M4 Locknut w/Flange (25217)FT M4 Locknuts w/Flange,Blue (25391)M3x5.6mm Washer (89528)3x6mm Washer (91091)3x8mm Washer (89218)Rear Hub Spacer (91037)Axle Shim (91043)10x16x4mm (91157)12x18x4mm (91155)Thrust Washer (91090)

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