Bilangan 03/2010 - Ministry of Housing and Local Government
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Bilangan 03/2010 - Ministry of Housing and Local Government


OSC Online to go AIImprovements to the Ministry of Housing and Local Government’s 24/7 One-Stop-Centrewill include use of artificial intelligenceExecution of OSC Online in phases by city/town/district councilsOne definition ofartificial intelligence(AI) is “the abilityof a computer or othermachine to perform thoseactivities that are normallythought to require intel -ligence”.The OSC Online system– the web-based optionof the physical One-Stop-Centre to fast track approv -al – is a Ministry of Housingand Local Government(KPKT) initiative to enhancethe service delivery systemin the property sector byfurther expediting thedevelopment proposalapplication process.The physical One-Stop-Centre was launched inApril 2007 followed by theOSC Portal in January 2008and the RM3.8 millionOSC Online in Februarythis year. KPKT’s LocalGovernment Department(LGD) carries out the initia -tive.KPKT Minister Datuk WiraChor Chee Heung disclosedthat LGD has envisagednext-level improvements toOSC Online.These include theArtificial Intelligence AutoChecker System that readsdigital plans and automati -cally yields the percentageof compliance accordingto the requirements of therelevant laws.He expects this improve -ment to enhance the qual -ity and speed of decisionmakingon an application.Essentially, OSC Online isan innovative single gate -way 24/7 online eSubmis -sion system complementedby different modules toexpedite the approval pro -cess.Standardisation andtransparency are built intothe system.An applicant is onlyrequired to submit andupload one set of plans anddocuments to the system.Circulation to varioustechnical agencies is alsodone online.Following that, techni -cal officers can log in toOSC Online and view thetechnical drawings onlineand type comments in thedesignated boxes withoutdamaging the drawings.Also, applicants canview the comments online,To the investor, speedy results translate into savings in hiddencosts … OSC Online fulfils the objectives of speedy, quality,secure and customer-friendly service and is expected to helpimprove Malaysia’s current global ranking in ease of doingbusiness, says Chor.amend drawings andresubmit online.Another benefit of OSCOnline is it promotes asingle eSubmission systemfor all local authorities withuniform procedures andprocesses pertaining todevelopment control.It is equipped with apredefined checklist thatguarantees a speedier andtransparent system.Incomplete submissionwill be automatically storedin the system or rejectedshould the applicants failto reactivate applicationwithin the stipulated time -frame.Furthermore, standardi -sation of requirements andformats will reduce errorswhich in turn will result inspeedier decision on devel -opment proposal applica -tions.Hosted at LGD, the OSCOnline portal allows theapplicant to do a one-timelogin from anywhere inthe world and submit thedevelopment proposal toany local authority in thecountry.Similarly, the technicalagencies can view andcheck the technical draw -ings anytime and any -where.These local technicalagencies and govern -ment-linked companiesinclude Indah WaterConsortium, Departmentof Environment, Fireand Rescue Department,Public Works Department,Minerals and GeosciencesDepartment, Departmentof Town and CountryPlanning, Departmentof Irrigation andDrainage, District andLand Office/Land andMines Office, MalaysianCommunications andMultimedia Commission,Tenaga Nasional Bhd andWater Authority.The portal also per -forms centralised realtimeverification of the appli -cant with the boards ofarchitects, engineers andplanners; so disqualifiedpersons are easily trackedand verified.On the targets for OSCOnline, Chor said the planis to have 60 local authori -ties adopt it by Decemberthis year ( see tables 1, 2and 3 ) and another 39 byJuly 2011 ( see table 4 ), bywhich time a total of 99Table 1FIRST PHASE1. Kuala Lumpur City Hall2. Johor Bahru City Council3. Kuala Terengganu City Council4. Petaling Jaya City Council5. Alor Gajah Town Council6. Kuantan Town Council7. Sungai Petani Town CouncilTable 2SECOND PHASE8. Melaka City Council9. Shah Alam City Council10. Muar Town Council11. Jasin Town Council12. Nilai Town Council13. Temerloh Town Council14. Manjung Town Council15. Kuala Kangsar Town Council16. Pulau Pinang Town Council17. Ampang Jaya Town Council18. Kajang Town Council19. Klang Town Council20. Selayang Town Council21. Subang Jaya Town Council22. Sepang Town Council23. Kerian District Council24. Kampar District Council25. Marang District CouncilTable 3THIRD PHASE26. Batu Pahat Town Council27. Johor Bahru Tengah Town Council28. Kluang Town Council29. Kulai Town Councillocal authorities will haveadopted it.Meanwhile, he said, thecurrent manual processrequires a bulky set ofdrawings and documentsto be submitted to localauthorities and to beredistributed to at least 11external agencies for com -ments.Also, different agen -cies may require differentnumber of sets of draw -ings; hence, the high useof paper; while throughoutthe approval process, morefresh copies are requiredfor the checkpoints incompliance checking andto replace the overusedplans.The minister furtherpointed out that manualsubmission provides theopportunity for additionalconditions to be imposedTable 3 (continued)30. Pasir Gudang Town Council31. Alor Setar City Council32. Langkawi Town Council33. Kulim Town Council34. Kota Bharu Town Council35. Seremban Town Council36. Jelebu District Council37. Jempol District Council38. Kuala Pilah District Council39. Rembau District Council40. Tampin District Council41. Bentong Town Council42. Ipoh City Council43. Taiping Town Council44. Teluk Intan Town Council45. Gerik District Council46. Batu Gajah District Council47. Lenggong District Council48. Pengkalan Hulu District Council49. Perak Tengah District Council50. Selama District Council51. Tanjong Malim District Council52. Tapah District Council53. Kangar Town Council54. Seberang Perai Town Council55. Hulu Selangor District Council56. Kuala Langat District Council57. Kuala Selangor District Council58. Sabak Bernam District Council59. Kemaman Town Council60. Dungun Town CouncilTable 4FOURTH PHASE61. Kota Tinggi District Council62. Labis District Council63. Mersing District Councilon the applicants and thattends to frustrate the sub -mission experience.There are also instancesof applicants not comply -ing fully with the prede -termined requirements butmanaged to overcome thefirst few checkpoints.However, when suchsubmissions reached thetechnical compliancechecking checkpoint, itwas then realised thatcertain information wasmissing and that furtherdelayed the whole processwhen additional informa -tion was to be furnished.And to submit a devel -opment proposal, theapplicant must be a validqualified person registeredwith the respective profes -sional board.Chor said manual veri -fication with the variousTable 4 (continued)64. Pontian District Council65. Segamat District Council66. Simpang Renggam District Council67. Tangkak District Council68. Yong Peng District Council69. Baling District Council70. Bandar Baharu District Council71. Kubang Pasu District Council72. Padang Terap District Council73. Pendang District Council74. Sik District Council75. Yan District Council76. Ketereh District Council77. Tanah Merah District Council78. Bachok District Council79. Gua Musang District Council80. Jeli District Council81. Dabong District Council82. Kuala Krai District Council83. Machang District Council84. Pasir Mas District Council85. Pasir Puteh District Council86. Tumpat District Council87. Hang Tuah Jaya Town Council88. Port Dickson Town Council89. Bera District Council90. Cameron Highlands District Council91. Jerantut District Council92. Lipis District Council93. Maran District Council94. Pekan District Council95. Raub District Council96. Rompin District Council97. Besut District Council98. Hulu Terengganu District Council99. Setiu District CouncilSource: Ministry of Housing and Local Governmentboards is susceptible tohuman errors and inaccura -cies.For example, an unreg -istered qualified personcould be noted only late inthe application process ormight have been blacklistedby a regulatory body butallowed to submit at localauthority.Other issues are manualsubmission is restricted tooffice hours and the factthe applicant must be phys -ically present at the localauthority.Chor said while run -ners submit most submis -sions, technical details andconsultation are betterobtained from the appli -cants themselves, addingthat for applicants who pro -vide services countrywide,submission can then betedious and taxing.24

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