April 2012 - San Bernardino County Bar Association


April 2012 - San Bernardino County Bar Association

2San Bernardino County Bar Association April 2012...President’s Desk (cont’d from page 1)This practice then spread throughout the globe,taking on a particular reflection of taste for eachculture. In Scotland, such jokes are devoted to thebuttocks, where the original “kick-me” sign wascoined. In Portugal, flour is thrown on friends,while in India colors are smeared on one another.My favorite reflection of April fools day, however,actually happens on March 25 during the RomanFestival of Hilaria, or “The Roman LaughingDay”. A day dedicated to merriment, laughterand the appreciation of all that brings joy. Afterall, laughter is the best medicine for just about allthat ails us. It reduces the level of stress hormonesin our body, relieves pain through the release ofendorphins, provides a bit of a workout if it is agood belly laugh, and brings us all closer togetherin a positive way.Why then, is it so hard to laugh sometimes? Ithink the answer is easy, actually: We are out ofpractice. Children laugh easily and often; they telljokes about silly things, they make up rhymesand songs, and they giggle when things are funny(and sometimes when they are not). Many adultsneeds a good stiff drink before that same level ofmerriment can be achieved. And when was the lasttime any of us laughed until our eyes watered?So, in honor of April merriment, I say we all acta bit foolish. That we have a good stiff drink, tella silly joke and practice laughing. If laughing isuncomfortable or hard to achieve- the expertssuggest faking it! The more you pretend to laugh,apparently, the more easily laughter comes.Make a face at an unexpected moment to startlea co-worker, join in the potty jokes with yourkids, yell hurrah! with joy in your voice at agreat verdict (just don’t do it in front of opposingcounsel, please.)Celebrate life, celebrate spring and be grateful forwhat we have in between trying to figure out whatit is we need to get everything done. Be brave,be bold, and have a belly laugh. My only request,as someone with too little time and too much todo, is please don’t pull a prank - it just meansadding more laundry or another mess to clean upin an already busy day! Maybe write a limerickinstead!It is with some strong consternationAn associate tried to vacationThough to get out the doorHis work was much moreThan if he had simply remained at his station.For politician or driver or thiefThe Bar may oft’ provide some reliefThough some quite despairThere’s nary a drink thereOnly lawyers who talk naught but of briefs.LAW DAY 2012“America’s courtrooms must be open to keep the wheelsof justice turning.”- American Bar Association President Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson IIILaw Day is a nationally-recognized program, designated onMay 1st of each year, which encourages the legal communityto educate the general public about the practice of law inits community.The 2012 Law Day theme, “No Courts, No Justice, No Freedom,”underscores the importance of the courts and their rolein ensuring access to justice for all Americans.With the support of Public Defender Phyllis Morris, and inconjunction with the San Bernardino County Bar Association,the San Bernardino County Public Defender’s Office is sponsoringthe 2012 Law Day youth forum under the direction ofAssistant Public Defender, G. Christopher Gardner.Presently, the Public Defender’s Office is scheduling presentationsthrough the month of May, 2012. For information aboutLaw Day or to schedule a presentation at your school pleasefeel free to contact Acting Chief Deputy Public Defender, JennieCannady at 909.387.0569.For information about Law Day celebrations, go to the AmericanBar Association’s website at www.lawday.org.

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4 San Bernardino County Bar Association April 2012Tara Reilly... (continued from page 1)“I’m very proud; very pleased,” he said of her recognition.“She is most deserving of the recognition, and this is greatnews.”Reilly was born in Germany to a military family, and movedfrequently as a child. She finished high school in California,then earned her undergraduate degree from the University ofCalifornia, Los Angeles, with a double major in sociology andpsychology.After working in the hotel business, Reilly decided to followher brother into law school. She earned her law degree fromPepperdine University School of Law in 1989.She spent seven years practicing law with the firm thenknown as Gresham, Varner, Savage, Nolan & Tilden, beforeshe was appointed to the Municipal Court bench. She waselevated to the Superior Court by unification two years later.Roberta Shouse, director of the Legal Aid Society ofSan Bernardino, recalled Reilly volunteering there as a newlawyer.“The clients liked her very much,” she said. “She was verypolite, courteous, professional – a pleasure to have around.”Garza said Reilly is “a very good and kind-hearted person.”“She’s extremely intelligent, and has a quick wit,” he said.“She loves to talk.” He added that the jurist is “extremely wellrespectedamong her peers on bench.”Judge John Pacheco called Reilly “an extremely intelligentand dedicated jurist who possesses a special skill of makingsure that all who appear before her have their day in court.”“The family law judges in our county are all so overwhelmedwith huge caseloads, but Tara is, nonetheless, alwaysprepared,” he said. “She pays special attention to every detailand can quickly get to the heart of the issues. When you haveJudge Reilly assigned as your bench officer, you can be assuredthat you will receive a decision that is fair, impartial and just.Additionally, Judge Reilly is a great colleague whom you cango to for advice as her door is always open. She is a great rolemodel and we are all so fortunate to have her.”Judge Cynthia Ludvigsen said “it is wonderful they arerecognizing a judge who cares so much about those who appearin front of her; about doing what the law requires, and aboutdoing justice.”“Her dedication to her work – in Drug Court especially, butalso in her other assignments – makes her a wonderful choicefor the Kaufman-Campbell Award,” she opined.Judge Donna Garza described Reilly as “especiallyworthy.”“She does every assignment with gusto, and a desire to dothe best job she possibly can,” she said. “She never shied away,and has covered criminal, civil, dependency and family law.She’s such a team player for the courts.”Garza, who has known Reilly for about 16 years, said shethinks very highly of Reilly and her abilities on the bench.“I am very, very pleased she is receiving this award,” shestated. “She is truly deserving of it.”Attorney Khymberli Apaloo described Reilly as having “awonderful judicial temperament.”“She is interested, impartial, caring and concerned,” sheobserved. Describing family law as being like “sausagemaking”– an ugly process for which the general public doesnot have the stomach – Apaloo said Reilly does “an excellentjob” of putting things in a way that leaves litigants feeling “likethey’ve been heard.”“They understand what she’s talking about, and what they’reexpected to do,” she explained. “She’s very no-nonsense.Clients feel she is able to see beyond the facades they’re tryingto put up. It helps the process tremendously.”Reilly, she said, is “one of the people who truly exemplifies”the image of “a wonderful bench officer,” and is “highlydeserving of this award.”Attorney Janet Brandon said Reilly is “passionate about herwork,” and “compassionate to each litigant before her.”“She is prepared each and every day for what she is aboutto face knowing that she is dealing with some of the mostemotional litigants in the system,” she said. “She is fair handedand courteous to all.”Attorney Penny Alexander Kelley called the selection ofReilly, “marvelous.”“She’s got a natural talent to lay out to people the course theyneed to follow,” she said. “She’s got a good compass. …She isa really good choice. She’s done just remarkable things. She isan absolutely wonderful pick.”Attorney Michael Scafiddi called Reilly a “great choice.”“She has made a great impact on the citizens of our countyin every assignment she held, whether civil or criminal,” hesaid. “She treats everyone -- attorneys, defendants, witnessesand staff -- with respect and dignity. But for me, watchingher handle drug court with such strength and compassion foreveryone who appeared before her was amazing as she dealtwith individuals in the abyss of their disease, whether dueto substance abuse or mental health issues. She has helpedhundreds of people through her outstanding work.”Former Assistant District Attorney Jim Hackleman said hefound Reilly to be “one of the most personable judges on thebench.”“She is amongst those judicial officers who remain engagedwith their community through family and civic events,” he said.“I know she is greatly admired in her hometown of Redlands. Iam sure that type of active contact helps a judge in making thedifficult decisions they must face every day.”San Bernardino County Bar Association President JenniferGuenther said Reilly “approaches her work with humor andcompassion, and ensures that those who stand before her in thecourtroom are treated fairly and with an even legal hand.”“We are so proud to honor her with the Kaufman CampbellAward and feel Judge Reilly truly does offer an example ofjudicial excellence.”The San Bernardino County Bar Association will host adinner honoring Reilly May 17 at 6 p.m. at the Hilton Hotel inSan Bernardino.Past recipients of the Kaufman-Campbell Award includeFourth District Court of Appeal Presiding Justice ManuelRamirez in 2011; Judges James McGuire and J. Michael Welchin 2010; Margaret Powers in 2009; Michael Dest in 2008; BrianMcCarville, 2007; A. Rex Victor, 2006; Christopher Warner,2005; Bob Krug, 2004; Patrick Morris, 2003; Michael Smith,Jules Fleuret and Dennis Cole, 2002; LeRoy Simmons, BettyRichli and Joseph Johnston, 2001 and Rufus Yent, FrederickMandabach and John Ingro in 2000.J’Amy Pacheco is a free-lance journalist and former editor of the SanBernardino Bulletin, published by Metropolitan News Company. Shemay be reached at jamy.pacheco@verizon.net.

April 2012www.sbcba.org5The San Bernardino County Bar Association,the High Desert Bar Association,and the Joseph B. Campbell American Inn of Courtcordially invite you to attend the 13th AnnualKaufman-Campbell Awards Banquetto honor Kaufman-Campbell Award recipientThe Honorable Tara ReillyThursday, May 17, 2012San Bernardino Hilton Hotel285 East Hospitality Lane • San Bernardino, CaliforniaSocial 5:30 p.m. - Dinner 7:00 p.m.Net proceeds benefit San Bernardino County Bar Association’sPublic Service Programs. You may use this form to make a pledge or a reservationor go online at www.sbcba.org/kcI wish to reserve______ dinner tickets @ $65 each. OR... accept my sponsorship for (circle):Diamond$1,100 table for 10Silver$440 includes 4 mealsPlatinum$880 includes 8 mealsBronze$220 includes 2 mealsGold$660 includes 6 mealsSolo Sponsor$110 includes 1 mealIndicate the number of meals:Rosemary Crusted N.Y. Strip: _______Spinach-Mushroom Crepes (vegetarian): _______Seared Atlantic Salmon: _______Other (vegan): _______Special accommodations (allergies, access, etc.) _____________________Name(s)_________________________________________________________________Kindly list additional names on back of card.Phone___________________________ Amount Enclosed $___________________Please return this form by June 3, 2011 with your check made payable tothe San Bernardino County Bar Association (or SBCBA).

6 San Bernardino County Bar Association April 2012Michael B. Lynch, MPAPolygraph Examiner Since 1974(951) 529-2486mlynch@lawyerspolygraph.commlynch@lawyerspolygraph.net390 Orange Show LaneSan Bernardino, CaliforniaPositions Availablefor 2013 Commissionon Judicial NomineesEvaluationThe State Bar of Californiais accepting applications fromCalifornia lawyers, formermembers of the judiciary andmembers of the public interestedin volunteering to serve on the2013 Commission on JudicialNominees Evaluation (JNE).Commission members musthave the skills, background andexperience to assess candidates forCalifornia judicial appointmentsin a thorough, objective andprofessional manner. Lawyerapplicants must be in activepractice, and it is preferred thatthey have been in practice for atleast 10 years. The applicationdeadline is Friday, June 1, 2012.For full details about thecommission and the timecommitments, please visitonline or contact the State Bar’sappointments office at (415) 538-2370.

April 2012This Is“Project Graduate”By Lori Elinsky“Education is the most powerfulweapon which you can use to changethe world.” Nelson MandelaWe are proud to introduce andequally excited to share newsabout our newest collaborative effort- Project Graduate - formed to enhancethe self-esteem and academic successfor San Bernardino County FosterYouth. Our partners include SanBernardino Juvenile Dependency Court,San Bernardino Children and FamilyServices, Children’s Network and InlandEmpire Legal Associate of Women.Imagine you are a 16 or 17 year oldteenager with all the angst that this ageholds for youth - what do I want to bewhen I grow up; should I go to college,trade school, the military; what classesor testing should I be taking if I wantto go to college; how will I pay forschooling after graduation; what forms/essays do I need to fill out to continueon with schooling. But also envision,unlike a lot of your friends, you haveno parents in your life to guide youwith these critical decisions for yourfuture. Imagine you are a foster youth.You are more than capable and willingto graduate from high school, but youhave no one to show you the way and,whether real or perceived, you aren’tsure anybody cares.Now imagine a program that pairs youwith an adult mentor -- who is highlyeducated, highly skilled in a professionand who understands how to accessthe academic echelons available in oursociety; the result is a foster youth whohas the potential to succeed.Project Graduate addresses the sad factthat foster youth in San Bernardino donot fare well in high school graduationstatistics, nor is there a high percentagethat go on to pursue higher educationthrough college or trade schools. Wewould like our foster youth to have thesame or better educational opportunitiesas the general population in SanBernardino County. Thus, the birth ofProject Graduate.“The oldest continuously active bar association in California”With the help of volunteer mentorslike you, we can offer our local FosterYouth the opportunity to reach theirgoals of high school graduation and takethe first steps to being successful youngadults. Our goal is to impart the valuesof education and academic achievement,as well as thoughtful career planningand goal setting for our high school ageFoster Youth.The Volunteers mission will be toprovide mentorship, supportive guidanceand assistance to help the youth achievethat goal. Along the way, we will offeropportunities for the mentors andyouth to bond, and to enjoy activitiestogether as a group. Mentors will receiveorientation, training and guidelines,along with a ‘college guide’ to helpwith the readiness for post-secondaryeducation.Our project is looking for dedicatedindividuals committed to assistingthe youth effectively until the youthgraduates from High School. We arealso encouraging “Volunteer MentoringGroups,” where several individuals worktogether as a team to support one fosteryouth in the program. For example,an attorney and his paralegal or office7assistant acts as a team to mentor ayouth.The time commitment for VolunteerMentors will minimally includemeeting with the foster youth monthlyand monthly meetings held at SanBernardino County Superior Court withthe Juvenile Dependency Court to reporton status and share experiences with ourJudge, the Honorable Barbara Buchholz- who was instrumental in bringing thisprogram to our San Bernardino fosteryouth and supports this project.There are countless High Schoolaged Foster Youth in need of a mentor,someone to look up to and who isreliable. They need an adult to takeinterest in their future.Want to know more information?Please contact me, Lori Elinsky at (909)891-3610. We are planning our firsttraining session for Saturday morning,June 2, 2012. See next month’s barbulletin for more details of the upcomingtraining location and times.Please join us in our ambitious effortto mentor foster youth for High SchoolGraduation and achievement beyonddependency.

April 2012I,www.sbcba.orgFrom the Desk of the President of theHon. Joseph B. Campbell Inn Of Courtlike millions of others in the world, prefer not to thinkabout or admit that someday I will be old, maybe infirmor feeble, and even perhaps not capable of tending to myown affairs; essentially incompetent. Pushing aside my owninevitable lack of future immortality, as our large crush ofbaby-boomers reaches senior citizen status, I am mindful thatwe as practitioners and judges must be cognizant of the realitiesof this aging population and the impact it has now and willhave in the future on the practice of law. Our March program,excellently moderated by Jack Osborn, our program chair,addressed this ever increasing and highly specialized nuanceof the law in our evening Inn of Court presentation entitled:“Greed, Gold Diggers and the Golden Years.” The programfocused on both the criminal and civil implications of elderabuse.The evening program consisted of a group of informedpanelists, including the Hon. Cynthia Ludvigsen, ProbateJudge for San Bernardino County, Felix Martin of Cohen &Richardson PC, John Short of Brown, White & NewhouseLLP, and La Verne law student, Anthony DiBenedetto.Through the use of selected fact patterns, the panelistsfocused on 3 different perspectives: issues as they pertain tocapacity of your client to be a plaintiff or defendant in a case;undue influence from a caretaker on a party to act or foregoacting to the benefit of the caretaker; and the appropriate arenato pursue claims - civil or probate court.The group first tackled the issue of the client’s competencyto act either at the inception of a case or at some point in timeduring the litigation. All agreed that this can be a “touchy” areaof inquiry. Mr. Martin explained that the attorney needed todiscern this critical question; however, care needed to be takenthat the attorney did not act on his/her “diagnosis” of the client.Rather, that it should be generally suggested to the client ora family member that a doctor’s visit might be appropriateunder the circumstances. Mr. Short indicated that under somecircumstances, approaching the judge and opposing counsel inchambers might be advisable.Panelists also discussed the need for the appointment ofa Guardian ad Litem (GAL) if appropriate. Attorneys mustadvocate for their client and put forward their client’s positioneven if their client is perhaps wrong in their thinking. However,a GAL can speak to what is in the best interest of the person nomatter if it is adverse to what the client is requesting. Anothertool discussed was to have the client petition a conservator forhimself for the limited purpose of dealing with the litigation.In the event a client is placed in a conservatorship, attorneysmust be mindful that any settlement reached on their client’sbehalf must be approved by the probate court before moneysare paid and the case dismissed. Also critical is the impact ofattorney fees; the probate code clearly outlines how much theattorney can be paid for his services. This may be true even ifthe person is not conserved, but it is clear the person has a trueincapacity (e.g., traumatic brain injury).The next fact pattern addressed when the client during thecourse of litigation died, for example, a defendant in a civillitigation. Panelists agreed that in those circumstances a statuteof repose would control. In other words you would have 1 yearfrom the date of death to file a claim in the probate court againstthe estate. If you failed to do so, you would be precluded fromcollecting against the decedent’s estate if you subsequentlyprevailed in a civil action. Again the attorneys involved wouldbe subject to the probate court for approval of any settlementsand decisions regarding how much the attorney received in fees.Even if they were no family members to establish the estate, theinterested party would have to have a Personal Representativeappointed in order to proceed to establish the claim in probatecourt.The next fact pattern addressed issues of elder abuse, theremedies available under the statutes for violations and thebenefits and burdens of proceeding in probate court versuscivil. Our law student, Mr. DiBenedetto, explained the remediesavailable under both the Welfare & Institutions Code and theCivil Code and the availability of punitive and treble damagesfor certain violations.Judge Ludvigsen discussed the benefits of probate court inthat it can be expedient, there is no jury involved in the process,and the court has great latitude to fashion an appropriate remedyon behalf of the estate. She also discussed a procedure uniqueto probate known as a Citation. Essentially it is a process thatallows the court to conduct a deposition in the courtroom withthe power of the court to act immediately to fashion an orderif appropriate. For example if the estate is concerned that notall assets have been disclosed the court through the use of thecitation process can have the person who has knowledge of theasset, such as bank personnel, come to the court and be subjectto exam in front of the judge. Thereafter, the court can makean immediate decision that the asset belongs to the estate andorder that the asset be placed in the estate.Also discussed were issues of undue influence and theresulting presumption which might preclude a caretaker fromreceiving a gift from an elderly person.This month was yet another very informative presentationto our group. And, remember, MCLE credit is given for eachprogram. If you did not get to the March meeting, you missedanother great program. Next Month we have our Joint DinnerMeeting on April 3, 2012 at the San Bernardino Hilton, withCalifornia Supreme Court Justice Goodwin Liu speaking. Hopeyou are able to attend. Our next program, which will again beat the Arrowhead Country Club, is set for May 9, 2012 at 5:30 pm. The topic will be: “So You Think You Are a GoodNegotiator?”All membership questions should be directed to ourmembership chairman, Donna Connally. She can bereached at: (909) 758-5136 or you can e-mail her at:donna@noquitdefense.comUntil next time, Hon. Barbara A. Buchholz9

10 San Bernardino County Bar Association April 2012The San BernardinoCounty BarAssociation’sFee ArbitrationProgramneeds arbitrators!We have a need for feearbitrators practicing in thefollowing fields of law:Family Law, Criminal Law,Loan Modifications, andEmployment LawPlease call Claire at(909)885-1986 or send anemail to claire@sbcba.org.The San BernardinoCounty BarAssociation’sLawyer ReferralServiceneeds panel members!We have a need for panelmembers practicing in thefollowing fields of law:Social Security,Workers’ Compensation,Employment LawPlease call Tina at(909)884-0273 or send anemail to tina@sbcba.org.

April 2012“The oldest continuously active bar association in California”11All times Pacific DaylightTime (PDT), which is minusseven (7) hours from UTC(Universal Time Coordinated). Aprilwill be a great month for naked eyesky watching. Venus and Jupitershine brightly in the Western skyafter Sunset. Mars is in Leo andSaturn rises after 10:00 p.m. Nightsky viewing should be especiallygood later in the month, just beforethe New Moon on April 21, 2012, at12:19 a.m. Look for a tight groupingof the thin crescent Moon, Venus, andJupiter on April 22 and 23. The April Full Moon is called the “FullEgg Moon” and happens on April 6, 2012. The Full Egg Moon willrise at 7:37 p.m. after having gone full at 12:20 p.m., so it will bebright all night.AlmanacBy Tony SearsCooking Technique:1. Get the bacon going and preheatthe oven to 425F. Cook bacon inDutch Oven until crispy, drain onpaper towels and set aside for garnish(or snacking). Remove from heat(this means turn off the stove!) .Reserve about two tablespoons of thebacon drippings. Remove remainingbacon fat from Dutch oven anddeglaze with 1/4 cup of white wine.Set Dutch Oven aside.2. Wash, peel, cut, and boil potatoes in four (4) cups of water, untiltender. In this recipe, the potato cooking water forms the base for thesoup, which is why we measured it. In this recipe, you need to keepthe potato water, for the starch (which thickens the soup) and for theresidual heat.Garden Notes: Now this is the time to prep your tomato patch.Nothing, I mean nothing can match the flavor of a homegrownheirloom tomato. You should turn the soil and add any organicmaterial of your choice. Tomatoes seem to do best when they havetheir own space, either in a raised bed or container, which enablesa strong root system to develop. I have a dozen or so raised beds,so I plant two beds per month from April until September yieldingtomatoes from June through Christmas. I use cactus mix in largecontainers around the yard. This provides excellent drainage. It issimple to grow heirloom tomatoes from seed. If you want to giveit a try, check out Victory Seed Company, (victoryseeds.com) asmall seed company in Oregon. My favorites, so far, are “CherokeeGreen,” “Green Zebra,” and “Kellogg’s Breakfast.”Recipe of the Month:April Recipe: Remember the Leek, the King of the Soup Onion? Trymy Potato Leek Chowder. This is the detailed version because this isa great recipe to teach kids or novice chefs how fresh ingredients andgood technique yield tasty results. This soup goes really well with asour dough bread bowl. As always, if you have your pans, tools, andingredients set out, you can make it in a snap. Potato Leek Soup/Chowder Serves 4-6. Prep and cooking time: 30 minutes.Tools: Chef’s knife. Potato peeler. 4 qt. sauce or stock pan. This isfor boiling potatoes. Dutch Oven for making the chowder. Go ahead,drag out that La Crusette. What are you waiting for? This is forcooking the bacon and the leeks. Stick Blender. A regular blender isokay, just be careful you can only fill it 1/3 to 1⁄2 full, or else you’llhave a “hot soup incident” on your hands and a mess in the kitchen.Colander: for washing up your potatoes and leeks.Ingredients: 4 cups of water; 1 1⁄2 lbs Yukon Gold Potatoes, peeledand cut into chowder size chunks. Try to keep the chunks uniformin size so they cook evenly. 3-4 fat leeks. If you aren’t sure howto choose your leeks, ask the produce staff at your market. Bacon(or Olive Oil). Hmmmmmm. Cut up into 2 inch pieces and cookdown 10-12 strips of bacon in your Dutch oven. Plain bacon worksbest, rather than Applewood or Hickory Smoked. If you are not abacon person, olive oil works just as well to cook down the leeks.Two tablespoons will do the trick. 2 cups of heavy cream; and 1/4cup of White Wine. Sourdough Bread Rounds (for making bowls).Optional: Grated Sharp Cheddar Cheese.3. Wash, chop up, and cook down the leeks: Leeks get fat and tastybecause the edible (white) part grows in the dirt. So, you need toclean well. Cut the leek where the white turns to green. The leekleaves can go in your compost pile. Slice the leeks as you would anonion. Rinse thoroughly. You’ll be surprised how much dirt gets inthe leek as it grows. Cook leeks in the Dutch oven using bacon fat orolive oil until soft and translucent. If there is still too much bacon fator oil in the pan, you may dab it off using a paper towel.4. Optional Sour Dough Bread bowls: Get some sour dough rounds.You should have preheated your oven to 425 F. Gently cut a largehole in the top of the bread and carefully remove the bread inside,keeping the crust intact. Tear the removed bread into chunks. Placebowls and bread chunks on a cookie sheet and place in oven for 10-15 minutes.5. Now, here’s the finish: Separate out about a third of the cookedpotatoes and place in bread (or other soup bowls) to form the chunksof the chowder. Using your stick (or regular) blender, add remainingpotatoes and reserved potato cooking water to the cooked leeks (in theDutch oven) and puree. The soup should still be quite hot. Temperthe cream by adding and stirring in a tablespoon of the hot soup to thecream. The cream is now tempered and can be added to the hot soupand stirred in. Add soup to bread bowl and there you have it.6. Garnishes and sides: Grated cheddar and the Bacon! Also, aMeyer lemon zest is nice. Salad: Try a salad of baby arugula with avinaigrette of your choice. Wine pick: Sauvignon Blanc.7. Spring Holiday Feast Variation: This soup even better whenserved cold, as a starter for a spring holiday feast. It is amazing. Insuch an event, you may wish to tone down or even lose the bacon(cook Leeks in olive oil), drop the cheese, and puree all of thepotatoes. Finish the same way, but let the potatoes and reservedwater cool down first. This is much closer to a classic French coldpotato leek soup, rather than a dinner time chowder.8. Finally, remember this helpful hint for boiling potatoes: no potatowater down the drain, as the starch will go to about the exact middleof your plumbing system, re-solidify, and clog your drains at theworst possible time, like December 24, 2000, at 6:30 p.m. with ahouseful of company. If you are not using the water for your soup,then let the water cool down and use it in your garden.Buon Appetito! Tony Sears

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Call Shirley at Medeiros & Associates (760) 245-4034. 14390Park Avenue in Victorville. www.medeiroslaw.com.LEGAL DOCUMENT PREPARATION SERVICE, DOCUMENTSOLUTIONS INC. 3877 12th St., Riverside, www.yourdocsolutions.com. -Contract Attorney Services: Family law, Immigration, Medical Summaries,Trial Notebooks - Assistance at trial, Transcription and E-filing Assistanceand much more - Process Service (Riverside & San Bernardino Counties)- Notary Services. Licensed and bonded. Rush Service available (Same/Next day) (951) 684-8440GARRY GROTEWOLD PI Lic’d PI (No. 25957) & Reg’d Process Server(Lic. No. 1126) Crim. Def. Investigations, Civil Lit. Cases, Witness Locates,Interviews/Statements, Workplace/EEO Investigations, Skip Tracing, Prof’lService of Process – 35 years exp.– Retired Crim. Investigator (US DOJ).Providing prof. assist. to attys with complex cases, logistics. (909)979-7305 909/570-9191 fax website: www.GrotewoldPI.comTHE LAW OFFICE OF STEPHEN J. HANSEN, in Chino, handles FamilyLaw, Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and DUI defense. I am available for specialappearances at reasonable rates. My phone is 909/393-1876, Fax 951-270-1935.MITCHELL W. COX INVESTIGATIONS: Criminal Def. Personal Injury,Accident Investigation, Evidence Photography. Retired CHP. PI License#24367. 909/387-0077. www.coxpi.comCPA FORENSIC ACCOUNTANT, Howard E. Friedman. BusinessValuations, Cash Flow, Separate vs. Community Property Tracing. Court-Appointed Expert, Receiver, Special Master. Call 909/889-8819 Fax 909-889-2409 454 N. Arrowhead Ave., San Bdno, CA 92401.ALAN R. SIMS APPRAISING-Comml, Residential, Estates, Litigation,Divorce, Ins., M&E. 909/584-8820. Appraiser@alansims.comHI-CALIBER PRIVATE INVESTIGATIONS: State licensed/insured privateinvestigations firm. Located in downtown Redlands. Nat’l Board Certifiedin Crim. Defense. Family & civil law.(Ca Lic 23442.) 18 E. State St., #208,Redlands, CA 92373. Phone: 909/792-0999; www.hi-caliber.orgLAW OFFICE OF CHRISTIAN ANYIAM: Full service law practice handlingcivil, family, real estate, labor/emp., PI, immigration, and contract law. Wealso make special court appearances. Call 909/383-9500.JUDGMENT COLLECTION California courts have inherent and statutorypower to compel obedience to their judgments, orders & process. CCP128(a)(4), 177; Professional judgment enforcement since 1999. SteveAlldis, JD 760-946-5259. !"#"$%&'()**'(*"+,-. / .01'#"23*4+# +*ATTORNEY w/more than 10 years exp. in Civil Litigation, Real Estate, BusinessLitigation and Appeals. avail. for research/writing projects, law & motion, depos,discovery, and appearances. Glenn A. Williams - 951/817-7829.FAMILY LAW - CIVIL LIT. ATTORNEY avail. for contract work: courthearings, research, trial assist., prep of motions, mediations. Ugo-HarrisEjike: 909/890-9082.LEGAL SECRETARY, Ellie’s Legal Secretarial Service, 350 W 5th St.,#202, S.B. CA, 35 years exp. Prep of most court forms, Guardianships,Fam Law, Evictions, Grant Deeds, Restraining Orders, Notary Public.909/885-1725.CIVIL AND CRIMINAL APPEALS & WRITS. Stanley W. Hodge, Attorneyat Law. 15490 Civic Dr. #204 Victorville, CA 92392 760/951-8773.EXP’D FAMILY LAW PARALEGAL / Legal Secretary available on acontract basis. For immediate assistance, call (951)734-6524 or e-mailSlopez7267@aol.com.OFFICE SPACEFOR RENT: Directly across the street from the Victorville Courthouse.One-half of single -story building (1655 sq.ft.). Call 760/244-2740 or760/243-4135.ATTORNEY OFFICE DOWNTOWN SAN BERNARDINO - Executivewindow office available, across from courthouse. Fax, Photocopiesavailable, free parking. Secretarial bay available. Ideal for attorneyseeking cross-referrals from AV rated criminal/family law firm. CallSandy 714)730-5300OFFICE FOR RENT IN YUCCA VALLEY, CA: 700 sq. ft. with privaterestroom. Excellent location. Also available in Yucca Valley, office sharingopportunity for well qualified professional in existing law practice, withprivate office, support staff area, kitchen and waiting area. Call: (760)401-0783.OFFICE BUILDING FOR LEASE. 5200 sq ft, deluxe furnishings, 11 offices,2 large conference rooms, spacious kitchen, beautiful reception area, largeopen waiting area, storage, free parking. Lease whole or fraction of space.Some furnishings may be included. As low as $1.50/sq ft. Utilities included.1710A Plum Lane, Redlands. 951-544-0708REDLANDS OFFICE SUITES FOR LEASE / 1980 Orange Tree Lane,Redlands. Lease rate: $1.65 FSG. Suites available from: 1,492 sq. ft.to 12,305 sq. ft. Call Roger @ (909) 518-0343. /// Roger Thompson \CA. DRE 01310608.DOWNTOWN REDLANDS OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE. Office withview and receptionist/waiting room area available. Shared conferenceroom. Fully maintained building located in the Citibank Buildingdowntown Redlands. $850 per month. Great space for attorney,accountant, insurance, or commuting professional. Attn. OfficeManager, E-mail: lisa.stinson@verizon.net, Tel. (909) 792-5882; Fax:(909) 792-5150.OFFICE SUITES AVAILABLE: Riverside County Bar AssociationBuilding, 4129 Main Street, Riverside Downtown Justice Center.Contact Sue Burns at (951)682-1015.DOWNTOWN RIVERSIDE OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE. Officespace available in historic house in downtown Riverside within walkingdistance from the Riverside court houses. Asphalted parking availablein the back. Perfect for the new attorney or someone looking to start out.Reasonable monthly rates and no long term lease agreement required.Call (951) 686-1010 or email to FamilyLawCalifornia@yahoo.com.DOWNTOWN REDLANDS OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE. Officew/view & receptionist/waiting rm area avail. Shared conf. rm. Fullymaintained bldg located in the Citibank Building downtown Redlands.$1,500 per month. Great for atty, accountant, insurance, or professional.Attn. Office Manager, Betty Auton-Beck, APLC, 300 E. State Street,Suite 200, Redlands, CA 92373, E-mail: bauton.beck@verizon.net orlisa.stinson@verizon.net, Tel. (909) 792-5882; Fax: (909) 792-5150.BANKRUPTCY, CIVIL OR CRIMINAL ATTORNEYS: Need a placeto meet your high desert clients, but don’t need a full office? Singledesignated office avail. in small family law firm - reasonable monthlyrate.One block from V.V. Crthse. Secretarial services not inc. CallJenine at 760-245-3220.OFFICE FOR RENT- FURNISHED. Spacious Redlands office, furnitureincluded, kitchen/conference room privileges, internet access, fax/copieruse available. Secretarial space also available. Contact 909/798-7911.RANCHO CUCAMONGA OFFICE SPACE available. Walking distance tothe Ranch Cucamonga Superior Court House. The lease can be the firstfloor of approx. 3,500 sq. ft. or can be subdivided into 2 offices of approx.1,200 sq. ft. and 2,300 sq. ft. CONTACT Brit Barker at 909/980-1996.FOR SALE: Redlands Office Building, 1174 Nevada Street (off OrangeTree Lane). 8,344 Square feet, with 5,100 sq. ft available on ground floorfor owner/usesr occupancy. Asking $1,175,000. Will review all offers.Roger Thompson, Wallendar Commercial RE. 909/792-3550 X 2.COLTON PROF’L OFFICE BLDG. Exec. Suites avail. for lease on afull services gross basis. Lease inc. min. recept. duties. Great spacefor atty., accountant, ins., escrow, or prof’l user. 595 N. La CadenaDr., Colton, CA. Roger Thompson, Wallender Com’l Real Est. 909/792-3550 x2.I TOLD MY MOTHER-IN-LAW that my house was her house, and she said,“Get the hell off my property.” Joan RiversEMPLOYMENTI ALWAYS TRY to go the extra mile at work, but my boss alwaysfinds me and brings me back. - AnonymousCORONA LAW OFFICE has opportunity for law school studentlooking for internship in the area of probate and estate planning.Fax resume to Jo Ann (951) 278-8290.THE ELDER AND DISABILITY LAW FIRM, a leader in estateplanning and government benefit legal planning serving the elderlyand disabled, is seeking a highly motivated part-time estate planningparalegal. This will lead to a full-time position in the future. You musthave the following qualifications to apply:1. A Bachelors degree in accounting, business, computer, or anylegal studies; or a high school diploma with at least 4 years ofexperience working as an estate planning paralegal or estateplanning assistant;2. Be patient and able to work with the elderly and disabled;3. Be pleasant on the phone;4. Experience in Medi-Cal benefit planning and VA benefit planningpreferred, but not required.Please send your resume and salary requirement toestherwang@san-bernardino-elder-law.com, or to Esther C. Wang,The Elder and Disability Law Firm, 104 E. Olive Avenue, Suite 103,Redlands, CA 92373. No phone calls please.SEEKING ESTATE PLANNING/PROBATE PARALEGAL. PalmDesert law firm seeks an experienced estate planning/probateparalegal. Must be organized, conscientious, and detail-oriented,with excellent writing skills. Compensation commensurate withexperience. Please submit resume to Jeremy Ofseyer, Nethery &Ofseyer LLP, by email (jofseyer@nollp.com) or fax (760-346-7057)THE NUMBER ONE SIGN you have nothing to do at work: The 4thDivision of Paperclips has overrun the Pushpin Infantry and GeneralWhite-Out has called for a new skirmish. ~ Fred BarlingNOTICE FROMINLAND COUNTIES ASSOCIATION OF PARALEGALS.SBCBA MEMBERS! We want to notify you of a servicethat ICAP provides to attorneys. If you are looking fora paralegal/legal assistant or secretary you can contactICAP and they will send out a blast to their membershipadvising of the opening and will also post it on their jobboard.You will need to provide them with the job postinginformation, either just in an email or any prepared jobadvertisement flyer, including contact information forthe person to whom résumés and cover letters shouldbe sent. An email alert will then be sent to ICAP membersto notify them of the opportunity. The information will beplaced on their member’s job board. ICAP’s membersappreciate being notified of such opportunities.Should you have any questions, contact Director/VicePresident Connie S. Johnson at programs@icaponline.org.NOTICESCONFIDENTIAL HELP Judges & Attys in trouble w/alcohol, drugs.800/222-0767; 909/683-4030, 24 hours - 7 days a week.SBCBA Members: Advertise FREE for 6 mo. in Classifieds.Continue ad for $10 per month in advance. Non-members $10 amonth in advance. 909/885-1986 or email bulletin@sbcba.org.CONFERENCE ROOM AVAILABLE for depos, etc. at SBCBAoffice. 1 block from courthouse. $100 day; $50 half day. Discountrates to SBCBA members: 50% off day rate; free for conferences 1hour or less. Call 909/885-1986.SCIENTISTS TELL US that the fastest animal on earth, with a topspeed of 120 feet per second, is a cow that has been dropped out ofa helicopter.” Dave BarryHmm. Must be April.

April 2012“The oldest continuously active bar association in California”15Inland Valleys Justice Center (IVJC) andPepperdine Law School's Straus Institute for Dispute Resolutionare pleased to presentMediating the Litigated CaseJoin us for a sophisticated six-day Mediation & Conflict Resolution program forprofessionals, litigators, attorneys, in-house counsel, & other practitionersRegisterearlytoreserveyourspaceasthisprogramsellsout!Thurs-Sat, May 10-12, 2012 andThurs-Sat, May 31, June 1-2, 20128:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. each dayon the campus ofThe University of Redlands9680 Haven Ave, Suite 150, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730Tuition: $1,495 This specially-reduced rate is a $700 savings off the regular rate Nonrefundable deposit of $200 is due at time of registration to guarantee your space. Balance is due by April 26, 2012. Registrations received after April 26, 2012 will be considered on a space available basis.So please call to check availability.Tuition includes materials, plus continental breakfast and lunch each day.If you've paid and are unable to attend, tuition (minus the nonrefundable deposit) will berefunded; alternately, you may send another individual in your place.To Register: Make check payable to "IVJC" and mail to Inland Valleys Justice Center,Attn: Pepperdine, 1710A Plum Lane, Redlands, CA 92374 Include your name, address, email,and telephone number.MCLE:42 hours including 2 hours of legal ethics. (Pepperdine University School of Law is aCalifornia State Bar-approved provider of MCLE credit, and certifies that this activity is approved forMCLE credit in the amount of 42 hours including 2 hours of legal ethics)For additional information & any questions, contact Kym Adams, Executive DirectorInland Valleys Justice Center (IVJC), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization1710A Plum Lane, Redlands, CA 92374(909) 798-7117 (909) 660-0601kymadamsivjc@gmail.comVisitwww.IVJC.orgtoregisteronlineandtoviewtheprogramscheduleandtopics(Rev._4-2-12_esr)

16 San Bernardino County Bar Association April 2012BULLETINof theSan Bernardino CountyBar AssociationWorkers’ Compensation/Social Security Disability Issue?MAYBE WE CAN HELP!“California’s Oldest Continuously ActiveBar Association”Organized December 11, 1875In Affiliation with theHigh Desert Bar Association2011-2012 Board of DirectorsOFFICERSJennifer M. GuentherPresidentKhymberli S. ApalooPresident-ElectBradley R. WhiteVice-PresidentKevin B. BevinsSecretary-TreasurerJohn S. LowenthalImmediate Past PresidentDIRECTORS-AT-LARGEHon. Diane I. AndersonVictor J. HerreraBarbara A. KeoughJack B. OsbornJohn W. ShortM. Wayne TuckerSandy L. TurnerJohn R. ZitnyDonald F. Cash, Donna V. Siofele, Francisco T. Silva, Darla A. Cunningham, Scott M. RubelWe have over 70 years of experience in representing injured and disabled workers before theWorkers’ Compensation Appeals Board and Social Security Administration. If you have clients whoneed help with Workers’ Compensation or Social Security problems, please have them call ouroffice for a free consultation. We pay referral fees in accordance with State Bar Rule 2-200(A).WORKERS’ COMPENSATION LAW CERTIFIED SPECIALISTSSTATE BAR OF CALIFORNIA / BOARD OF LEGAL SPECIALIZATIONLerner, Moore, Silva, Cunningham & RubelPh: 909/ 889-1131• Fax: 909/884-5326141 North Arrowhead Avenue, Suite 1San Bernardino, California 92408-1024www.injuryatwork.comExecutive DirectorClaire E. Furness“The mission of the San Bernardino County BarAssociation is to serve its members andthe community and improvethe system of justice.”555 North Arrowhead AvenueSan Bernardino, CA 92401-1201(909) 885-1986 Fax: (909) 889-0400E-mail: bulletin@sbcba.orgWeb: www.sbcba.orgThe Bulletin of the San Bernardino County BarAssociation is published 11 times a year. Ourcirculation is approximately 1,100, including: our barmembership of 900, 95 state and federal judges, state&local bar leaders, legislators, media, and businessesinterested in the advancement of our mission.Articles, advertisements and notices should be receivedby the bar office no later than the fifteenth of the monthprior to the month of publication. For current advertisingrates, please call the number listed above. Please directall correspondence to the above address.

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