Eyre Peninsula Destination Action Plan - South Australian Tourism ...

Eyre Peninsula Destination Action Plan - South Australian Tourism ...

Eyre Peninsula Destination Action Plan - South Australian Tourism ...


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<strong>Eyre</strong> <strong>Peninsula</strong><strong>Destination</strong> <strong>Action</strong> <strong>Plan</strong> 2012-2015<strong>Destination</strong> <strong>Action</strong> <strong>Plan</strong> 2012-2015Drafted by: SATC and the <strong>Eyre</strong> <strong>Peninsula</strong> <strong>Tourism</strong> Target Team with theinvolvement of <strong>Eyre</strong> <strong>Peninsula</strong> Local Government Association councils andRDA Whyalla <strong>Eyre</strong> <strong>Peninsula</strong>Agreed and Minuted by all parties on 17 July 2012Updated July 2013

Note Timeframes: Immediate (Under 2 years) Medium term (2-5 years) Long term (5+ years)Item<strong>Action</strong>s DAPRankExperiences 11 Develop 1 newcommercialexperience peryear for the next 3years in thefollowing themes: Cruising /sailing;packagedtours;Culinarytourism; Fishing /watersports;Aquaculture /marinetourism; Hiking /walking; Educational /interpretation; Selfdrive.2 Developexperiences andpackagestargetedespecially at theconference andincentives marketTimeframeResponsibleorganisation1 Immediate SATC ExperienceDevelopment/Strategy team: Testconcepts and case manage priorityprojects that deliver in this area inconsultation with the regionaltourism manager, as appropriate.EPLGA (Councils): Ensure there areno impediments to gaining approval(positive policy environment).1 Immediate TTT: Conduct study on pre-postconference packaging opportunity.StatusRodney Fox NPSP commenced(year 1 of 3 years).AAH Best of Breed Investor Familconducted and new product (Seafoodlovers Experience) launched.Touring Routes – Renewed focus onexperience based touring routes withthe ferry to be actively considered asa key asset.Conference and Corporate WebsiteLaunchedConference and Corporate <strong>Plan</strong>nersGuide nearing completionCommentExplore the option of the DD teamworking with the regional industry tobuild new experiences based onregional priorities and undertake agap analysis.

<strong>Action</strong>sand based aroundsignificant accesspoints (2, 3, 4 dayitineraries)DAPRankTimeframeResponsibleorganisationStatusCommentAccess 23 Increase cruiseships in <strong>Eyre</strong><strong>Peninsula</strong> waters:with a focus onmaximisingeconomic impact,and a potentialPort Lincoln-Ceduna groundtransfer leg2 Medium SATC, Business Manager Access:lead growth of cruise ship and shoreside tour offeringsTTT: support SATC in deliveringlogistics and work with localstakeholdersSATC has worked with Brad and localoperators to facilitate best-possiblewelcome for cruise lines andpassengersSATC has brought two famils forcruise companies to Port Lincoln tobuild future callsTTT has prepared a cruise shipstrategy to guide the growth of cruisetourismPort Lincoln’s place in a cluster of SAcruise arrival ports is assured. RoyalCaribbean program booked for 14/15.This will be the first 2000-plus paxship to visit Port Lincoln.4 Port LincolnAirport terminalupgrade,5 Support the longterm viability ofthe Spencer Gulfferry in 20126 RV-friendly towns& facilities - fillstrategic gaps2 Immediate DCLEP finish project 2013 Supported by the SATC’sInfrastructure & Investment Unitthrough <strong>Tourism</strong> DevelopmentSupport Program. Completionexpected in the near future.2 Immediate SATC Experience Developmentteam: - work with operator tomaximise market penetration quickly(new product support program)2 Medium SATC, Business Manager ProjectsAccess: lead plan to ensureinfrastructure is in place; EPLGAmembers to liaise with SATCFerry service itself is reported asenjoying good patronage.Famils/PR to work with Sea SA andEP and Yorke <strong>Peninsula</strong> RTOs tohighlight the ferry as part of theexperience journey. Meeting heldJune 2013.Trade Marketing to assist Sea SAwith establishing and maintaining aSea SA holiday program.Waste water dumps to be installed atElliston and Lock by June 2013 withSATC funding supportSATC to determine which unit fromAccess, Trade Marketing and<strong>Destination</strong> Development will workwith TTT on the best means of drivingincreasing market share for flights toand from Port Lincoln.For discussion to clarify the wayforwardNo more points under consideration.Lock and Elliston cover the moststrategic gaps in the network.Review Ceduna- 2 Revised SATC, Manager Access: follow up No action to date For discussion to clarify the way4

<strong>Action</strong>sADL air services(air/busopportunities)DAPRankTimeframefromImmediateto MediumResponsibleorganisationon potential to increase services.SATC marketing/PR/TradeMarketing to identify ways to supportgrowth of EP as an RV-Friendlydestination with CMCA.Statusforward.Comment5

18 Increase thenumber of <strong>Eyre</strong><strong>Peninsula</strong> tourismoperators listedon ATDW from191to 200 overnext 3 years.19 Develop thecapabilities andsustainability ofthe region’s VICs20 Educateoperators/relatedindustry aboutwhat's on offer intheir own region6 Medium TTT: develop target list forintegration into ATDW; provideregional operator information onusing MyATDW and monitor (SATC,TTT).6 Medium TTT and SATC IndustryDevelopment to collaborate6 Immediate TTT to develop in-regionalcommunications planMy ATDW launched and promoted toindustry late 2012TTT and SATC to discuss waysforward.<strong>Action</strong>sDAPRank<strong>Action</strong>s CompletedTimeframe Responsible organisation & position Current Status Status9

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