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Jason P. Hayward - College of Engineering

Jason P. HaywardEducation2008 Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, University of Michigan,Ann Arbor, MIDissertation: Charge loss correction and inter-strip interpolation in a high-puritygermanium double-sided strip detectorChair: Professor David K. WeheCommittee: Emeritus Professor Glenn Knoll, Emeritus Professor Leslie Rodgers,Professor Zhong He2004 M.S.E. in Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, University ofMichigan, Ann Arbor, MI1999 B.S. in Physics and Mathematics, Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, INProfessional Experience2008-present Assistant Professor of Nuclear Engineering, University of Tennessee,Knoxville, TN2008-present Joint Faculty Appointment, Nuclear Materials Detection &Characterization group, Global Nuclear Security Technology Division,Oak Ridge National Lab, Oak Ridge, TN2004 – 2007 Graduate Student Research Fellow, Research Assistant, Instructor;Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, Universityof Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI2003-2007 U.S. Naval Reserve Officer, Office of Naval Research / Naval ResearchLab unit 109, Chicago, ILResearch liaison / administrator, Engineering Duty Officer2003-2004 Graduate Student Research Assistant, Department of Radiation OncologyPhysics, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI1999-2003 U.S. Naval Officer, Naval Nuclear Power Training Command, GooseCreek, SCInstructor of Reactor Dynamics & Core Characteristics, 2002-2003Instructor of Reactor Principles, 2000-2002Instructor of Physics, 1999-20001

Honors and Awards2011 The College of Engineering Research Fellow Award2011 College of Engineering nominee for Curtis W. McGraw Research Awardfrom American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE)2010 UT Nuclear Engineering Outstanding Researcher Award2009-2011 Dean’s Junior Faculty Research Excellence Award (recognizesextraordinary success in grantsmanship)2009 University of Tennessee Quest Scholar of the Week (recognizes outstandingwork regardless of discipline)2009-2012 Provost’s Junior Faculty Fellow (recognized as an outstanding tenure-trackfaculty member)2009 INMM Central Region Chapter Special Service Award (for organization,sponsoring, and mentoring new student chapter)2007 University of Michigan College of Engineering Distinguished AchievementAward (recognizes top graduate student in each department)2005-2007 NASA Graduate Student Research Program Fellow (about 100 fellowshipsgiven out nationwide per year)2005 Top 10% of College of Engineering Graduate Student Instructors2004-2007 American Nuclear Society Graduate Scholarship1999 Valparaiso University Christ College (honors college) Scholar (40 hours ofhumanities coursework required)Other Nominations: NSF Alan T. Waterman Award (2011), PECASE (2011), ASEE NewFaculty Research Award (2010, 2012), The Leon and Nancy Cole Superior TeachingAward (2009)Graduated studentsTim Margrave, M.S. student, “Enrichment measurements of uranium standards using aHPGe detector,” and “A summary and commentary on the Iranian nuclear situation,”completed degree in July 2010.Matthew Cook, M.S. student, “Fallout analysis to predict the radiological hazards ofimprovised explosive devices,” completed degree in April 2011.Joshua Cates, M.S. student, “Associated particle detector investigation for multimodalityimaging with a D-T generator,” completed degree in April 2011.Kirsten Pena, M.S. student, “Measurements of depleted uranium casting for timecomponents of prompt neutron time decay,” completed degree in April 2011.Clinton Hobbs, M.S. student, “Analytical Study of Parameters Affecting CherenkovLight Production in Optically Clear Glasses,” completed degree in August 2011.2

Graduate students supervised in researchEdward Darren Ellis, Ph.D. student, “Direct view scintillation detector to replace He-3detectors for neutron sciences,” began in Aug. 2009.Joshua Cates, Ph.D. student, “Associated particle detector investigation formultimodality imaging with a D-T generator,” began in Aug. 2009.Kirsten Pena, Ph.D. student, “Measurements of depleted uranium casting for timecomponents of prompt neutron time decay,” began in Aug. 2009.Clinton Hobbs, Ph.D. student, “Radiation characterization measurements andsimulations for Cherenkov glass detectors,” began in Aug. 2009.Alicia Swift, M.S. student, “Simulations of time-correlated measurements with detectorsystems for characterization of nuclear materials,” began in Aug. 2010. M.S. expected inMay 2012. (Nonproliferation Graduate Program Fellow; Passed PhD qualifying exam,and will move on to PhD work.)Mitchell Laubach, M.S. student, “Neutron block detector investigation for improvedperformance in imaging of fast neutrons and gamma rays,” began in Aug. 2010. M.S.expected in May 2012. (Passed PhD qualifying exam; will likely move on to PhD work.)Johnathan Sparger, M.S. student, “Data acquisition system and Monte Carlo simulationsfor ultrafast timing measurements in radiation detectors,” began in Aug. 2010. M.S.expected in May 2012. (Passed PhD qualifying exam; will likely move on to PhD work.)Samuel Donnald, M.S. student, “Scintillation detector growth, efficiency anddetectability simulations, and light output linearity characterization measurements,”began in Aug. 2010. M.S. expected in May 2012. (Passed PhD qualifying exam; willlikely move on to PhD work.)Benjamin Dabbs, M.S. student, “Characterization of portable gamma-ray imager fordetection of uranium in nuclear facilities” and “System integration for neutronbackground field measurements with a large area array,” began in Aug. 2010. M.S.expected in May 2012.Amanda Barnett, M.S. student, “Alternative gaseous detectors to replace He-3 detectorsfor neutron sciences,” began in Aug. 2011.Cole Lillard, M.S. student, “Enrichment Verification Station R&D at Y12,” began inAug. 2011.Brian Senter, M.S. student, “Charge collection efficiency mapping in a quasi-hemisphericalCdZnTe detector,” began in Jan. 2008. (studies on hold)3

Postdoctoral researchers supervised in researchBadri Rangarajan, “Fabrication of Cherenkov glasses to be used for detection ofpenetrating radiation,” Oct. 2009-Mar. 2010.Xiaodong Zhang, “Exploiting Time-Correlated Signatures and Directionality ofInterrogation to Detected Shielded HEU,” Aug. 2010-present.Birsen Ayaz-Maierhafer, “Simulations of hybrid detector plane for imaging andspectroscopy of gamma rays and fast neutrons” and “Evaluation of neutron response forCherenkov glass detectors,” Nov. 2010-present.Undergraduate students supervised in researchJames Bevins, Joshua Cates, Kirsten Pena, Meg Cunningham, John Ritchie, DavidVermillion, Sam Donnald, Ben Dabbs, Josh Carrigan, Mitchell Laubach, John Sparger,Austin Soplata, Mark Walker, Brady Miller, Rose Johnson, Brian Paul, Joshua Graves,John Maxfield, Elstein Wyatt, Cole Lillard, Franklin EpiepangSelected project titles are given below:James Bevins, “Monte Carlo Study of Feasibility of Passive, Time-CoincidenceMeasurements for Monitoring Large Fissile Storage Arrays,” May 2008-April 2009.Mark Walker, “Inelastic gamma scatter signature from time-correlated measurements ofnuclear materials,” September 2010 – present.Joshua Cates, "Quantifying uranium imaging using gamma ray holdup," May 2009-August 2009.Austin Soplata, "Image data processing for a combined gamma-ray and video basedportal-less portal monitor," May 2010-Dec. 2010.Rose Johnson, "Fabrication and characterization of glasses for detection ofpenetrating radiation via the Cherenkov Effect,” Aug. 2010-present.Meg Cunningham, "Image Data Processing and Distance Estimation for Passive,Ship-to-Ship Inspections,” May 2009-Aug. 2009.Joshua Carrigan, "Feasibility study of coded-aperture imaging and 3D-DIV for nuclearmaterials accountancy in enrichment plants,” May 2009-Aug. 2009.Additional undergraduate summer students assisted in research at ORNL: BradenGoddard, Najeb Abdul-Jabbar, Curtis Conchewski4

Professional Societies and ServiceNew programs, outreachLead for establishment and coordination of Graduate Certificate in Nuclear SecurityScience and Analysis (2009-2011); certificate began in Fall 2009Coordinator of NSF-funded outreach program with Prairie View A&M HBCU (2009-2011); program began in Summer 2010Lead for establishment of UTK-Fisk Dual Degree Program in Science and Engineering;Program with HBCU began in Fall 2011Student chapter faculty advisor and founding member, Institute of Nuclear MaterialsManagement (2009-2011); Student chapter started in 2009Professional societiesMember of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), 2006 – presentMember of American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE), 2008 – presentMember of American Nuclear Society (ANS), 2004-presentANS Arrangements Chair for Knoxville/Oak Ridge chapter, 2008-2010Member of Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (INMM), 2009-2011Journal and proposal reviewsReviewer for Nuclear Instruments and Methods A (2007-present, 23 assignments)Reviewer for IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science (2008-present, 6 journal papers)Reviewer for Nuclear Engineering and Technology (2008-present)Proposal reviewer for DTRA basic research program (2010-2011)Proposal reviewer for DOE NE-UP program (2009-2012)Proposal reviewer for DOE NNSA program (2010)Departmental and college-level serviceNE department lead for SAC accreditation (2010-2011)College of Engineering Secretary (2009-2010)NE department graduate student recruiting committee member (2010-2011)Service on Ph.D. Committees: Ted Nichols (2009), David Hooper (2011), James Henkel(2011), Johnathan Peak (Materials Science, 2010), Steven Padgett (2011, Physics), LuciaCartegni (2011, Physics), Sunghoon Ahn (2012, Physics)Service on M.S. Committees: Charles Denyer, Richard Hatcher, Carlos Gosselin, StephenJanson, Peter Fanno, John Ritchie, Hiraku Nakamura, Sam Morris5

Numerical evaluation summary for courses taught at UT-KnoxvilleInstructor’seffectiveness inteaching materialInstructor’senthusiasmAmount youlearned in thecourseStudents’confidence ininstructor’sknowledgeRelevance andusefulness ofcourse contentNumber ofstudents taughtNE 304 lab +lecture (Spring2008)NE 403 lab +lecture (Fall2008)NE 304 lab +lecture (Spring2009)NE 401 lab +lecture(Spring 2010)3.82 3.38 3.61 2.874.32 3.84 4.50 3.573.50 3.66 3.46 3.504.23 4.03 4.14 3.833.55 3.81 3.46 3.5036 36 38 39Instructor’seffectiveness inteaching materialInstructor’senthusiasmAmount youlearned in thecourseStudents’confidence ininstructor’sknowledgeRelevance andusefulness ofcourse contentNumber ofNE 401 lab +lecture (Spring2011)NE 532 lecture(Spring 2011)NE 697 lab +lecture (Fall2011)NE 401 lab +lecture (Spring2012)3.64 4.14 4.80 --4.09 4.86 5.00 --3.30 4.50 4.60 --4.45 4.71 5.00 --4.36 4.71 4.60 --51 11 11 53students taughtScoring system: Excellent (5), Very Good (4), Good (3), Fair (2), Poor (1), Very Poor (0)Departmental and college averages are not provided by the University of Tennessee.6

Course Titles and DescriptionsNE 304 # Nuclear and Radiological Engineering Laboratory I: Radiation detection andcounting instrumentation, counting statistics, half-life and decay schemes, gammaspectrometry, heat transfer experiments. (WC: communication through writing)NE 403 # Nuclear and Radiological Engineering Laboratory II: Cross-sectionmeasurements, diffusion properties of neutrons, shielding, dynamics and controls, alphaand beta spectroscopy, radiation fields and dosimetry.NE 401 # Radiological Engineering Laboratory: Radiation sources, detector types,radiation counting and spectroscopy, analog and digital electronics for detectors. (WC:communication through writing)NE 532 @ Advanced Topics in Nuclear Security Science and Analysis: Advanced topicsin radiation measurement science, nondestructive assay techniques, and nuclear materialsafeguards. Exercise on analysis of nuclear security data.NE 697 @ Advanced Topics and Laboratory Techniques in Radiation Detection andMeasurement: Advanced laboratory techniques and topics in radiation measurementscience, laboratory development, teaching techniques.# significant course revision (with external funding)@ new course developed (with external funding)Lab teaching assistants supervised (NE 304, 403, 401): Richard Bailey, Scott Wemert,Sergio Perillo, David Hooper, Laurel Helton, Matthew Beach, Brian Senter, AdamTerrill, Susan Parker, Catherine Frame, Johnathan Sparger, Mitchell Laubach, TreyKauerz, Clinton Hobbs, Sam Donnald, Michael Willis, Alicia Swift, Spenser Walsh,Clayton Atchley7

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