Weather and Climate

Weather and Climate

Notes• Enter forecasts this week for TUS (Tucson,AZ) before 6PM• Enter forecasts for ACY (Atlantic City, NJ)before 7PM starting on Monday• Please verify that your forecasts arecorrect• Continue to fill out forecasting logs (forextra credit)• Reading: Martin (pages 33-35)

Weather and Climate(Lecture 13)Instructor: Prof. Michael C. MorganTeaching Assistant: Dianna N. Nelson

Map discussion

Questions from last lecture

Water vapor is important to the earth'satmosphere for which of the following:A. energy source for stormsB. absorbing and re-emitting IR radiationC. controlling rates of evaporationD. providing a source for clouds andprecipitationE. all of the above

Relative humidity isA. a measure of the water vapor content ofthe air.B. a measure of the vapor pressure.C. a measure of how close to saturation anair parcel is.

Relative humidity• The relative humidity can be changed bytwo methods:1. Change the air’s water vapor content2. Change the temperature• Relative humidity does NOT give you anidea of the actual amount of water vaporin the air.

Saturation vapor pressure is a function ofA. temperature only.B. the number of water vapor moleculesonly.C. the number of water vapor moleculesand temperature.D. the pressure of the dry air.

Clausius – Clapeyron relation for e sSaturation vapor pressureabove water is greaterthan the sat. vaporpressure above ice – why?

Thermodynamic Diagramsdry adiabatSkewedTemperature

Thermodynamic Diagramsdry adiabatsat. mixing ratioSkewedTemperature

Thermodynamic Diagramsdry adiabatsat. mixing ratio3.815SkewedTemperature

Thermodynamic Diagramsdry adiabatsat. mixing ratio3.815SkewedTemperature

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