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An Interview with The

An Interview with The Secret Garden’s Youngest Stars They say that if you have children onstage, they’re going to steal the show. The Secret Garden welcomes not one, but four young actors, who promise to do just that every night: Angelina Wahler and Rachel Sue (at selected performances) share the lead role of Mary Lennox, while Andrew Apy and Charlie Ibsen (at selected performances) play her newfound friend Colin Craven. TheatreWorks: How did you each get into acting? Angelina: My mom’s a singer and she did a lot of drama when she was a teenager, and she thought maybe she should share that with her kids. And I was like yeah, I definitely want to get into that. Andrew: I started theatre when my school did Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and all the fifth graders had to do that show. I was in it, I was Mike TV, and it was fun. But then another group was doing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and I thought, I’ll just go [to the audition], what are the chances? So I went…and I got Charlie! So that’s really what set me off. Charlie: My mom was a clown and she used to work with a little traveling circus. You know Ben and Jerry’s [ice cream]? They actually had a little traveling circus. And so she also did some theatre here and there. Then there is a local theatre company where I live, Children’s Musical Theatre of San Jose, and I went to see one of the shows with my mom when I was really little, like four or five, and she was like, “Do you want to do this?” And I said, “Okay!” Rachel: I was doing little church skits here and there when I was really little…and then my homeschool group kept taking field trips to go see these shows at Ohlone College, and I was always like, “I wish I was up there, I want to do that!” And so my mom signed me up for these camps and other shows and I really liked it. TheatreWorks: Do you have a dream role in a musical? Rachel: Whatever show comes up, if I like the show I just want to be in it. I don’t really have a dream role. Angelina: I’ve always really liked the movie and musical Angelina Wahler, Rachel Sue, Andrew Apy, and Charlie Ibsen Annie, and I’ve always wanted to be Annie. It just seems like a really fun role to play. Andrew: [When I was younger] I took a trip to Children’s Musical Theatre of San Jose, and saw 13. And ever since I saw that show I have wanted to play Evan in 13. Charlie: I guess one of the roles I would really like to play is Charlie in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. TheatreWorks: How was it going through the audition process? Angelina: My feelings were so pumped up, and at the same time I had butterflies in my stomach. I felt really excited that I got accepted [in] the role. [The audition] was a lot of fun and I’m excited to do the show. Charlie: When I came in here to audition, I was really nervous because it was my first time at a professional company. But I also had another problem, because Children’s Musical Theatre was doing their fall show, which was Seussical, and I didn’t know if I should do that show, or see what happened here, because it’s impossible to do both, right? Andrew: It was my first audition at a real professional company…so I was like, I’d better not mess this up! And actually, something like what [Charlie] said also happened to me and Rachel, because Starstruck [a youth theatre in Fremont] is doing Tom Sawyer and we had to decide which one to do. Rachel: I was really nervous, because like [everyone else] it was my first time at a professional company. They called me in to do another audition, and then another one. And then a couple days after they called and told me I got the part! Continued on page 3 For tickets, call 650.463.1960 For more info, visit

Youngest Stars Continued from page 2 TheatreWorks: Is this what you want to do when you grow up? Angelina: I definitely want to be an actor when I grow up, and a singer. I also have plans to be a marine biologist. Andrew: To be honest, I’m not sure. Charlie: Two words: Yes! Rachel: For now, yes, this is what I want to do, but we’ll see what comes up later. TheatreWorks: What would you tell your friends to get them to come see The Secret Garden? Angelina: I would tell them all the good parts about it. Actually, a lot of my friends are coming to see it, and I’m just trying to get them excited about it. Andrew: I usually send out a few emails to a bunch of my friends, telling them about the company, the show itself, and really advertising it, and then I send it to a lot of people and at the bottom I say, “Please pass on to five more friends.” Charlie: Oh no, like a chain text? Andrew: Yeah. Charlie: I would tell them that I’m one of the main parts and I’d tell them that it’s going to be really good, and tell them what it’s about. And then I’d tell them that I’d give them a free ice cream sundae if they came. Rachel: I would tell them, they should come, because it’s going to be good! And the director of Tom Sawyer has made a field trip for everyone to come see it. Come see Angelina, Andrew, Charlie, and Rachel in The Secret Garden all through December! You can watch the full video interview with the four of them on our website at H Syche Phillips The Secret Garden Plot Synopsis Mary Lennox is a young British girl living in colonial India at the turn of the twentieth century. When a cholera epidemic takes away her parents, she is sent to live with her wealthy uncle Archibald Craven at Misselthwaite Manor, his estate in Yorkshire, England. Still in mourning for his wife Lily, Archibald has no interest in Mary, leaving her care to his servants, especially a housemaid named Martha. With the help of Ben, an old gardener, and Martha’s brother Dickon, Mary finds her way around the vast house and grounds. In the process she discovers many secrets and creates a plan to bring the haunted house, a neglected garden, and herself back to life once again. THE CAST Mary Lennox Angelina Wahler Rachel Sue+ Lily Craven Patricia Noonan* Fakir Adam Theodore Barry* Ayah Mrigendra Steiner Albert Lennox Robert Brewer* Rose Lennox Sharon Rietkerk* Mrs. Medlock Leanne Borghesi Neville Craven Noel Anthony* Archibald Craven Joe Cassidy* Martha Courtney Stokes* Ben Weatherstaff Daniel Olson* Dickon Alex Brightman* Colin Craven Andrew Apy Charlie Ibsen+ Stage Manager Rebecca Muench* Assistant Stage Manager Janny Coté* + At selected performances * Member of Actors’ Equity Association, the Union of Professional Actors and Stage Managers in the United States Actors’ headshots and bios can be found on The Secret Garden webpage. Season Media Sponsor Season Sponsors For tickets, call 650.463.1960 For more info, visit

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