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Smart Wiring Centre kit - PlumbArena.co.uk

Smart Wiring Centre kit - PlumbArena.co.uk


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Installation and Instructions for UseTo b e l e f t w i t h t h e u s e r<strong>Smart</strong> <strong>Wiring</strong><strong>Centre</strong> <strong>kit</strong>Part No. 0020059275www.glow-worm.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>uk</strong>

Please read these instructions and follow them carefully for the safe and e<strong>co</strong>nomical useof your boiler. On <strong>co</strong>mpletion of installation leave the instructions with the user.SECTION CONTENTS PAGE12345Important information1.1 Introduction 31.2 Kit <strong>co</strong>ntents 31.3 Recycling 3Safety Instructions2.1 Safety instructions 32.2 Regulations 32.3 CE label/<strong>co</strong>nformity 3Instructions for use3.1 Start -up 4Installation4.1 Location 54.2 Installation overview 54.3 Assembling the <strong>Smart</strong> <strong>Wiring</strong> <strong>Centre</strong> <strong>kit</strong> 54.4 Installing the <strong>Smart</strong> <strong>Wiring</strong> <strong>Centre</strong> <strong>kit</strong> 54.5 Electrical <strong>co</strong>nnection 64.6 Installing the the <strong>Smart</strong> <strong>Wiring</strong> <strong>Centre</strong> <strong>kit</strong> with (1) 3-port 64.7 Installing the the <strong>Smart</strong> <strong>Wiring</strong> <strong>Centre</strong> <strong>kit</strong> with (2) 2-port 6Fault finding and technical dataFAULT FINDING TABLE 8TECHNICAL DATA TABLE 8Customer Service:01773 828100Technical Helpline:01773 828300General and Salesenquiries:Tel. 01773 824639Fax: 01773 820569Benchmark places responsibilities on both manufacturers and installers. The purpose is to ensure that customers are providedwith the <strong>co</strong>rrect equipment for their needs, that it is installed, <strong>co</strong>mmissioned and serviced in ac<strong>co</strong>rdance with the manufacturer’sinstructions by a <strong>co</strong>mpetent person approved at the time by the Health and Safety Executive and that it meets the requirements ofthe appropriate Building Regulations. The Benchmark Checklist can be used to demonstrate <strong>co</strong>mpliance with Building Regulationsand should be provided to the customer for future reference.Installers are required to carry out installation, <strong>co</strong>mmissioning and servicing work in ac<strong>co</strong>rdance with the Benchmark Code ofPractice which is available from the Heating and Hotwater Industry Council who manage and promote the Scheme.Visit www.central heating.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>uk</strong> for more information.2

1 Important Information1.1 IntroductionThe <strong>Smart</strong> <strong>Wiring</strong> <strong>Centre</strong> is a wall mounted state-of-thearteBUS system <strong>co</strong>mponent which has been designed inac<strong>co</strong>rdance with re<strong>co</strong>gnised safety regulations.It allows the “Climapro or Climapro RF” to <strong>co</strong>mmunicatewith the traditional 230V zone valves and DHW storagecylinder. Information about the heat required by the cylinderis <strong>co</strong>mmunicated to the heating appliance. The heatingappliance (boiler) then decides whether a hot water requesthas to be fulfilled and sends a signal to position the 230Vzone valves.Any other use is <strong>co</strong>nsidered to be improper use and themanufacturer/supplier are not liable for any resulting damage.The following <strong>co</strong>mponents can be <strong>co</strong>nnected:230V 3-port mid-position valveor alternatively2 x 230 V 2-port zone valvesNOTES:1. Systems requiring more zone valves or a <strong>co</strong>mbinationof 3-port and 2-port valves are not possible.2. The <strong>Smart</strong> <strong>Wiring</strong> <strong>Centre</strong> requires a 230V supply.3. The heating appliance (boiler) also requires a 230V supply.4. The eBUS wiring will not provide 230V from one device tothe other!● Please read these instructions in <strong>co</strong>njunction with theinstructions supplied with your boiler.● You MUST <strong>co</strong>nform to all specified safety standards andregulations within the instructions.● Follow the instructions carefully for the safe installation ofthis <strong>kit</strong>.● This <strong>kit</strong> MUST be installed by a <strong>co</strong>mpetent person andunless stated all parts are replaced in reverse order toremoval.Installation and Instructions for UseTo b e l e f t w i t h t h e u s e r<strong>Smart</strong> <strong>Wiring</strong><strong>Centre</strong> <strong>kit</strong>Contents of Kit<strong>Smart</strong> <strong>Wiring</strong> <strong>Centre</strong>Installation and Instruction for Use ManualLink WireScrew packCable clamps pack1.2 Kit <strong>co</strong>ntentsPart No. 00200?????Refer to diagram 1.1. Kit part number 0020059275.1.3 RecyclingDiagram 1.1The <strong>Smart</strong> <strong>Wiring</strong> <strong>Centre</strong> <strong>kit</strong> <strong>co</strong>mprises many recyclableparts. The packaging and its <strong>co</strong>ntents should not be disposedwith domestic waste but disposed of ac<strong>co</strong>rding to the currentregulations.www.glow-worm.<strong>co</strong>.<strong>uk</strong>147722 Safety Instructions and Regulations2.1 Safety instructionsIsolate the mains power supply before working on the unit,and ensure that the power cannot be accidentally switchedon.The mains switch on the <strong>Smart</strong> <strong>Wiring</strong> <strong>Centre</strong> is not sufficientto isolate all terminals of the system or boiler.We accept no liability for damage caused by improper use.2.3 CE label/<strong>co</strong>nformityThe <strong>Smart</strong> <strong>Wiring</strong> <strong>Centre</strong>, in <strong>co</strong>nnection with the Flexi<strong>co</strong>m orUltra<strong>co</strong>m <strong>co</strong>ndensation boilers, fulfils the basic requirementsof the following guidelines:Electromagnetic <strong>co</strong>mpatibility directive(Guideline 89/ 336 EEC of the <strong>co</strong>uncil)Low voltage directive (73/23/EEC).2.2 RegulationsAll wiring must be in ac<strong>co</strong>rdance with BuildingRegulations Part P, IEE wiring regulations (BS7671) and mustbe carried out by a <strong>co</strong>mpetent person.3

3 Instructions for Use3.1 Start-upThe initial start-up of the <strong>Smart</strong> <strong>Wiring</strong> <strong>Centre</strong> <strong>co</strong>ntrols iscarried out together with the initial start-up of the boiler.NOTE: In the factory settings, the boiler operation is set toHot Water priority1. Flexi<strong>co</strong>m: Press “MODE” and “+” buttons simultaneouslyfor 5 se<strong>co</strong>nds. The display shows “0”.Ultra<strong>co</strong>m: Press “MODE” for 5 se<strong>co</strong>nds. The displayshows “0”.2. Use the “+” or “-” buttons (Ultra<strong>co</strong>m use the heating <strong>co</strong>ntrol“+” or “-” button) to scroll through to number 35.3. Press “MODE”.4. Use the “+” or “-” buttons to scroll through to diagnosticnumber d.70.DisplayMeaning0 Warm water priority- The 3-port valve is in the heating orhot water position depending on theoperating mode.- With 2-port valves, either the DHWvalve or the CH valve is open, bothvalves are closed on standby.1 Enable mid position- The 3-port valve is in the mid positionfor simultaneous heating and hotwater request, or in the heating orhot water position, depending on theoperating mode.- With 2-port valves, both valves areopen during simultaneous heatingand hot water request. Otherwise,only one valve is always open andboth valves are closed on standby.Factorysettingx144845. Press “MODE”.6. Change the setting using the “+” and “-” buttons. Refer toTable 1 Boiler settings, for the most appropriate setting for thespecific application.7. Save the new value by pressing “MODE”.2 Only heating mode (only for testoperation!)- Only the CH valve is activated.TABLE 1 Boiler settings8. To leave the diagnostic menu press and hold “MODE” untilthe running screen is displayed again.The following settings are possible, see table 1.4

4 Installation3-Port Valve Connection to <strong>Wiring</strong> <strong>Centre</strong>14773230 V~N LCYL.CHN onDHWoff onDHWN onBUS+ -DO NOTUSEAPPLIANCEClimapro orClimapro RFProgrammer230 V~230 V~3-PortMEARTHBLUEBROWN orWHITEGREYORANGE230 V wireseBUS (24 V)CYLINDERDiagram 4.4Connection of <strong>Wiring</strong> <strong>Centre</strong>APPLIANCE14774230 V~NLCYL.CHN onDHWoff onDHWNonBUS+ -DO NOTUSEClimapro orClimapro RFProgrammer230 V~230 V~2-PortMMCHDHWEARTHBLUEBROWNEARTHBLUEBROWN230 V wireseBUS (24 V)CYLINDER Diagram 4.57

5 Fault Finding and Technical DataWith the <strong>co</strong>ntrols housing <strong>co</strong>ver removed the green LED willbe illuminated if there is a 230V supply present.The mains ON/OFF switch will not isolate all 230V supply intothe unit, make sure all <strong>co</strong>ntrols and boiler are also isolated.FAULT FINDING TABLETECHNICAL DATA TABLEProblem Cause RemedyLED permanentlyoffLED permanentlyonLED flashes slowlyNo 230 V supplyavailable or fuse inappliance defectiveNo errorCommunication errorin eBUS proto<strong>co</strong>lto theheating appliance(boiler).- Check whether themains voltage cableis <strong>co</strong>nnected<strong>co</strong>rrectly.- Check the mainsfuse for the 230 Vsupply andre<strong>co</strong>nnect the mainssupply.- Replace the mainsfuse in the <strong>Smart</strong><strong>Wiring</strong> <strong>Centre</strong>(4A slow)- Normal operation- Inform Groupservice using thetelephone numberon the insidefront page.0020059272-04 07.0914776SMART WIRING CENTRE FEATURES Unit ValueOperating voltage V 230Power <strong>co</strong>nsumption VA 2Contact load of output relays (max.) <strong>co</strong>s > 0.6 A 2Contact voltage for DHW cylinder thermostat V 230Minimum cross-section of the temperature mm 2 0.75sensor cables, eBUS cablesMinimum cross-section of the power supply mm 2 1.5cable (rigid cable, NYM)Maximum ambient temperature °C 70Housing dimensionsHeight mm 174Width mm 272Depth mm 52Level of protection IP 20Protection classII14777Glow-worm, Nottingham Road, Belper, Derbyshire. DE56 1JTBecause of our <strong>co</strong>nstant endeavour for improvement, details may vary slightly from those shown in these instructions.8

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