A552 Example 3 - Linux.bideford.devon.sch.uk


A552 Example 3 - Linux.bideford.devon.sch.uk

3 Decision Time!Your Design BriefI am going to design and make a ...Snetrel -thatmove OS"C)\)("\d12~r~'-'.) \ \\ t:.e. ob"le-toC\ ~\~k:\ a.t~~M:.Sd~. It.. I.-.)~11p,ovlde snelt-ef~rom OWl ~~~ ~ ~ ,rc..\Il:I-''''S S0\\ i'-'Ctm qn c\ w\1l0 fbrthe- ~\Jd-::f~m9hcvt..-thed~.-. -••-.-•...-----,\Curinul" Hud,un JMy intended clients/usersare --; the .j~c:'::'Sor -t:ea.cre5 he\f'\~ p.e.e.p .:role..~ a..U -&Ie.. \Q.Ce~-to.~~ p\ace-tho..t ct~. ~My intended design will be used in ... S0{)\),-\ orrQ\f'lj \>..J.eQ.tner rnovIIl-3 o..(bI.)'tl~Q 0e-\o {C>\ Sfbrts ~ . ROlft15-t:\1e(() "'-.)I"th ollo.de or 5'f'.ettef.Your Design SpecificationTo be successful my product must ...o ea.~ i:P Q. sa:rnb\e..••I~\I-c.l>-J~ht_/•••••I~ 1J0~f>\Q s\"t..• prov\de srace tbr th~ ~\,)~••a.cc~ -to e...1~ ICP--\. SLl pf>lj.• eo..s~ -to c..Q.I~ Cl\Du ("\Q t\"e.~\tlcr-:-tt.\COCA20tOA552 Jun10\

4AdditionalSpace• d-eveJ~Q ~('Om ~ t-~€ stile.•• .s\0t'ed r~ IClCO.5e CfrC4.~n .• ~fXCQ.f"• 51'2:)1e t:o Ie ." po.p- \Jf""proy(de';;) ~heA -\ef *C

6AdditionalSpace-- -COCR 2010A552Junl0

77 Reflect and RecordUse the space below to plan what youwill say.. how It loU\ \\ I::;e Ossem'D• w ~ ;-t \'5 dl

911 List the materials/ingredients you havechosen to make your prototype.Material/IngredientP;\X-C\c.C>.(H:,rS\\Session 2Complete Box 13 on page 74 'Go make'How could these componentscombined together?be joined or-"\n::'j roO ~ io\oed ip ~,

11Evaluation17 What did you want to achieve but have not been able to?I wooteN to bl.l\ lei 4< To.b\-e 000 CbOlCS -ro-8 l.,)ty\

I123 Decision Time!Your Design BriefI am going to design and make a ...~f~6hel:rer -thnt \J>..)\ \\ b:- abe-tomove OSC)u("\e\ C\ {l-I-€-Ic\ a:t~yo(t.sd~. It. vv~II provIde :5Y1e1.t-ef~rcm 0Jvl ~e.,::> ce ~ ,rc.t\l\-''''.:) S0\\(-'~;Yl ctnd vv\nofbrthe- j\.JCi~~ ~9hcvt-thed~.My intended clients/users are ..; tr)e .Ju~C'.:'sor -1:eQ.c.he-:Sne\f'\~ .Q.eep .:JJ)fe..~ o....U tvle...\O..~e~-tn,etr:5 p\ace.thQt ctue'~•";.I:'.".....~"",,, ~.Your Design SpecificationTo be successful my product must ...•.eQ.~ i:P ctseemb\e.••I~'t'yt~~rrt•• lNo./ter r'I'Cl

2Time to ReflectUse this page to review your ideas and put forward any further suggestions you may have to improveyour product further.This can only be completed during the period 24 hours after and within 72 hours of the completionof the challenge. No other pages of this workbook can be added to, or amended during the30 minute reflection time.COCR2010A552 Jun10

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