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VOLUME17 | September 15-30 | 2010FROM THE EDITORHello Abu Dhabi,Remember the recent Mindlist survey that revealed that the current crop of youngstersentering university in the US “can’t write in cursive, think Michelangelo is a computervirus and that Beethoven’s a dog?” Tempo recently chatted with a dozen or souniversity-ready students in Abu Dhabi and found that… a little over half can write incursive (whatever that’s worth, since all of us type these days), that almost all know thatMichelangelo was at one time a computer virus, but is first and foremost a famous artist/sculptor (he was also an architect, poet and engineer—but really, who cares about that?)and that Beethoven is a classical music composer (for some reason few actually sawthe dog film—thank God for that). This finding proves one of two things: that eitherschooling in Abu Dhabi is good, or that young minds here are less affected by popularculture….(yeah right).So with good intentions in mind, we want to see if people out here know enough aboutAbu Dhabi, or would offer dumb answers like those in the Mindlist survey. Initially wewere tempted to go out and lay bare the truth, but decided not to embarrass y’all.Instead we are offering a grace period, and a quiz in this issue, to help you prepare. Our“how well do you know Abu Dhabi quiz’ works for all—with questions on real facts andquirky hearsays--whether you’re a teenager or a thirty-something, a long term residentor an off-the-plane newbie. Just be ready for the day of reckoning, when someone,somewhere comes up to you and says….(you’re on candid camera?? No:) ’Are you braveenough to take the Abu Dhabi quiz??’And so, smarten up Abu Dhabi, and bone up on your facts,EditorSana Bagershfeatures editoralma kadragicEDITORIAL coordinatorElLAINE FATIMAMagazine DesignPraveen prabhakaranWeb DesignRizwan pERvaizMarketing CoordinatorManjul AbhishekProduction CoordinatorRizwana Shahideditorial@abudhabitempo.comDistribution coordinatormelaku mulunehEditorial ContributorsMAXINE GUARNIERIRandy parkerNeena RaiSithara sethumadhavanAddressTo reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email: editorial@abudhabitempo.comIf you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call: 02 6673349 or check out the list ofTempo distribution points on our website.Note to Advertisers: Advertisers can request brand tagging with all advertisements. To reachadvertising call 02 6673349 or email: advertising@abudhabitempo.comDisclaimer:Tempo is a publication of BrandMoxie. Although Tempo Magazine does its best to ensure theauthenticity and accuracy of its contents, the publisher cannot accept any responsibility forerrors, mistakes and inaccuracies. The publisher reserves the rights of this product and no partof this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the permission ofthe publisher.CONTENTSENTERTAINMENT4 USPACE6 WHAT’s HOT8 Beat with SIth10 Tamakkan11 Tech TalkFASHION12 TRENDSETTER13 MY STYLE BLUEPRINTFOOD14 CITY BITESLIFESTYLE15 MOVIE WATCH19 PEOPLE METER20 TIME CAPSULE22 MAKING A DIFFERENCE23 Around theneighbourhood24 My abu dhabi26 know your city27 Abu dhabi quiz pageARTS28 ARTICULATE29 YANK IN SANDLAND30 CLASSIFIEDS31 FUN PAGEPublished by:Media Licence No. 1/105866/242953 easy steps to use mobile tagsDownloadwww.gettag.mobito your smart phoneRunApplicationClick on tag besideeach article to havefun with onlinecontent, videos andcool tags!Visit abudhabitempo.comon your mobile phone.Download www.gettag.mobito scan this tag on your mobile.3

What’sHOTThe Internet Show 2010Internet Savvy for Individuals and BusinessesSeptember 21st and 22nd, ADNECThe Middle East’s only internet business event is happening inthe city. The Internet Show presented by Maktoob from Yahoowill have a series of free seminars and an exhibition. The event,which is open to all by registration, promises to bring togetherbig, medium and small business from all industries along withgovernment entities.ABU DHABI CLASSICS RUNRoll Over Beethoven!29th – October 1st, Abu Dhabi CornicheThis is a charity event benefitting music education and diabetesprevention programs. This year the composer selected is Beethovenand the event will use his Fifth Symphony, which is about 32 minuteslong, to meter the race. Three fitness events planned will challengethe participants: the 3 km Family Walk, 1.5 km Supervised Children’sWalk and the 6 km Elite Run (for the serious ones) will run to beatthe time it will take to play the symphony. In addition, the eventwill have health and music awareness booths such as “Are you fitfor Music” and on how to choose the right foods for healthy living.A classical concert will be given by local young artists on Thursdayevening, and sponsor booths will offer lots of information andgiveaways.For more information, visit http://www.abudhabiclassicsrun.comHunting andEquestrian showSeptember 20th – September 25th, ADNECThe Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition(ADIHEX) promises to offer residents of Abu Dhabi a completehunting and equestrian experience. Featuring camel and horseauctions, saluki shows, art competitions, and traditional huntingactivities, the event hopes to be a dynamic platform to learn aboutthe UAE’s deep-rooted traditions, culture and heritage.6Tempo September 15 - 30, 2010

Up Close and Personal25th September to 4th October, National TheatreUp Close is based upon the personal experiences of participatingartists. The exhibition promises to be unique as all the exhibitingartists will be giving demonstrations and talks about their art. Eachartist is set to hold two such workshops. The workshops are free ofcharge and everyone is invited. For art lovers and aspiring artists,this is an opportunity to meet the artists in person and discusstheir techniques or ideas behind their work.photography timeSnap Happy Time for Photography FansAbu Dhabi launches its annual photography competition “Abu Dhabi through your eyes. “Citizens and residents are invitedto take photographs that they feel reflect the real essence ofthe capital. Entries can be submitted up to 31 December 2010through Office of the Brand of Abu Dhabi (OBAD) ’s website;or can alternatively be dropped at 40 locations in the capital.For further information contact: 800 555Visit OBAD’s websiteon your mobile phone.Download www.gettag.mobito scan this tag on your mobile.Children’s Run17th September 2010, ADNECAloft Abu Dhabi is hosting its first indoor charity run. The run isto raise Dh 75,000 towards Starwood’s Road to Awareness charityinitiative supporting UNICEF and its education work in SouthAfrica. The run will take place from 7 am to 7 pm and is open forteams and individuals. The objective of the run is to complete 12hours of running, but participants can run any distance that theywish. The participation charges would be:Individual participant fee: Dh 60Team fee up to 7 persons: Dh 350Team fee up to 15 persons: Dh 675Team fee up to 25 persons: Dh 1000Visit Website:http://www.aloftabudhabi.com/roadtoawareness7

Beat withSITHBy Sithara Sethumadhavandj TiËstoa kaleidoscope of his worldDutch musician, DJ, and a recordproducer... who are we talking about?Well its Tijs Michiel Verwest, or it’sDj Tiësto to you and me.Tiësto is among the top tier crop of world renownedDJs. But what is it that makes him one of the mostdemanded DJs?“When you see me, you know I feel it and I lovewhat I do. It is the real thing. When you see me playyou know you are seeing someone who plays notbecause he has to, but because he loves it”,says Tiësto.Tiësto showed an interest in music from the youngage of twelve. He began professional DJing at theage of 14 at school parties and later moved on to bea regular DJ at clubs in Netherlands. He continuedhis career producing hardcore/ gabber tracks whichearned him the great success.His fame continued to skyrocket through the early2000s following his six-hour “Tiësto Solo” sets whichhe performed without other DJs or opening acts.This idea: of one DJ playing alone to a large crowd,was brought to its pinnacle when Tiësto becamethe first DJ to hold a solo concert in a stadium; onMay 10, 2003 - he performed for over 25,000 peoplein Arnhem’s GelreDome. This concert, which was aroaring success, was later called Tiësto in Concert.In 2004 the Athens Organizing Committee for theOlympic Games (ATHOC) asked Tiësto to perform atthe Olympic Games, making him the first DJ to playlive on stage at an Olympic Games. By late 2004,Tiësto began touring the world with his music.In an interview in Cliché Magazine’s February2010 issue, Tiësto said, “Well, my plans for 2010 aredefinitely to keep touring! I hit Australia in January,then February, then the UK in March!” He hasperformed in five UK arena shows in March and onein Dublin, Ireland. Tiësto has added UAE to his busy2010 tour schedule and will perform at ADNEC on1 October 2010.Watch out Abu Dhabi, DJ plays for one night only!8Tempo September 15 - 30, 2010

My Style BLUEPRINTTempo spots fashionableand smart dressers aroundthe city.Name:NarghizaNationality:UzbekistanAge: 28Baby:AdnanAge: 4 monthsGold ChainDh 1, 050Shirt (Origin)Dh 175Belt (Splash)Dh 100Outfit (Mothercare)Dh 247What do you do?A full time homemakerYour most valuedpossessions?My baby AdnanTrousers (Salsa)Dh 700The one thing I regretbuying:Nothing as of nowThe one thing I dreamof buying:A boatStyle inspiration:Well groomed womenMy style philosophy:Be classy!ShoesDh 144OUR FASHIONEXPERT SAYS:Your baby boy will lookback at this picture oneday and say ‘what a coolmom’. Tempo’s staffthink baby looks prettydashing as well. Preparefor his question: “Mom,was I an England fan?”13

City Bitesby Sithara SethumadhavanFoodlandsGreat value buffetFinding a multi-cuisine restaurant in the city cansometimes be a bit challenging, especially when youhave family members each fancying a different kind offood. This is where Foodlands (on Airport Road) comesto your rescue, with its wide array of cuisines: French,Italian, Spanish and Chinese. Suprisingly each cuisinemanages to deliver an acceptable level of authenticity.Tempo tried the international lunch buffet and istastefully pleased. The buffet table was well laid withthe right combination of veggies, poultry, meat and fish.Though the biryani could have been done better, theseekh kebabs and drums of heaven pamper your tastebuds. The star of the day is the vegetable shashlik, honestto goodness veggies. The desserts section, however, ismore limited and India-centric, but theres usually cremecaramel and a fruit basket on the side. The best thingabout this restaurant is the prices -- fill up the tummywithout emptying the wallet.A meal for two (including drinks) will cost – Dh 130Kabab RollsSizzling quick eatYou can never get fed up of certain things in life, like kababs.Inour search for some good kababs, Tempo found this new kababstall in Khalidiyah Mall which serves delicious, juicy kababs in anumber of dish options.The menu has a variety of kababs to offer in chicken and lambversions. We started our meal with some chicken kabab rollsfollowed by a sizzling plate of “yum chicken boti kabab”, whichwas done just right - cooked just right and with juices intact! Aswe were about to wind up our kabab feast, we were served withcomplimentary watermelon juice (with a generous helping offlavored rose syrup) - a sweet way to end a meal.Along with kababs, the place also serves some Indian snacksand chats (fruit salads) along with samosas and pav bhaji (avegetable sauce tossed with fresh onions, tomatoes and ginger,served with bread).A meal for two will cost – Dh 6014Tempo September 15 - 30, 2010

Your one-stop shopfor corporate giftswww.brandsouq.comPULLOUTA division of BrandMoxieSeptember 15 - 30, 2010GuideChildren’s Run (17 September 2010) at ADNECThe Internet Show & Social Media Event (21- 22 September 2010) at ADNECHunting and Equestrian Show (20- 25 September 2010) at ADNECThe Emax Sing like a Star- Karaoke Competition (23 September 2010) at Emax HamdanUpclose and Personal (25 September - 4 October 2010) at National TheatreTamakkan (29 September 2010) at Al Mamoura AuditoriumAbu Dhabi Classics Run (29 September- 1 October 2010) at Abu Dhabi CornicheTiësto Concert (1 October 2010) at ADNECYour shortcut to what's going on in Abu DhabiIf you are a hospitality or entertainment business and want your event listed, email: advertising@abudhabitempo.comMovieWatch UpcomingTheAmericanThe AmericanAcademy Award winner George Clooney stars in the title role of this suspensethriller, filmed in Italy. Alone among assassins, Jack (played by Clooney) is amaster craftsman. When a job in Sweden ends more harshly than expectedfor this American abroad, he vows to his contact Larry (Bruce Altman) thathis next assignment will be his last. Jack reports to the Italian countryside,where he holes up in a small town and relishes being away from death fora spell. The assignment, as specified by a Belgian woman, Mathilde (TheklaReuten of ‹In Bruges›), is in the offing as a weapon is constructed. Surprisinghimself, Jack seeks out the friendship of local priest Father Benedetto (Italianstage and screen veteran Paolo Bonacelli) and pursues romance with a localwoman Clara (Italian leading lady Violante Placido). But by stepping out ofthe shadows, Jack may be tempting fate.MacheteMacheteRobert Rodriguez makes good on expanding his Grindhouse fake trailerMachete into a feature film with this Overnight Productions picture. DannyTrejo will once again star as the knife-wielding vigilante who nearly dies in anassassination conspiracy, only to return later on and seek vengeance againstthose who wronged him. Robert De Niro, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Alba, StevenSeagal, Don Johnson, and Jeff Fahey fill out the supporting cast.Kings ofpastryKings of PastryWitness 16 of the world›s most talented pastry chefs in action as filmmakersD.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus showcase the intense preparations forthe three-day competition known as the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France. Stagedjust once every four years, the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France represents thepinnacle of a pâtissier›s career. Those who win the competition are awardedthe prestigious «Collar,» a distinctive red, white, and blue collar that singlesthem out as true masters of the culinary arts. As the harried chefs race toperfect their elaborate, delectable creations, judges study their every movewith intense scrutiny.15

USSAFAH BRIDGEV W X Y Z AA BB CC DD EE FF GG HH II JJ KK LL MM NN OO PPnaratadiyatDpulloutmapYasIslandallMosquearkultural Site & Art GallerySports Centre &ClubHotelealth ClubCinemaCinemaAS SAMMALIYYAHISLANDAL DANALADIES BEACHUMM AL NARPOWER STATIONSHEIKH ZAYED BRIDGEABU DHABINATIONAL OILCOMPANYSas AnNakhl IslandABU DHABI DUBAI RDMADSARCITYMAQTA BRIDGEMADINATKHALIFAH AUMM AL NARMANGROVEVILLAGEOFFICERS CITYa International Bowling Centre-15S:03 4650habi Health & Fitness Club-12K:3 6333d Forces Officer’s Club-16U: T. 02 441 5900Club-5J:T. 02 644 6666habi Combat Club-10K: T. 02 443 0355& RESORTSes Palace-8C: T. 02 690 9000International Abu Dhabi-7F:6 6888n Abu Dhabi Resort & Towers-4I:7 3333idien Hotel-4J: T. 02 644 6666l Meridien Hotel-5I: T. 02 674 2020abi Airport Hotel T. 02 575 7377ium Hotel-5H: T. 02 626 2700ntinental Abu Dhabi-9E: T. 02 666 6888otel-6I: T. 02 633 5335Rotana Hotel-6K: T. 02 644 3000tel-7LL T. 02 696 4444Beach Hotel-12HH: T. 02 508 055513. Shangri-La Hotel-16X: T. 02 509 888814. Fairmont Bab Al Bahr-15X: T. 02 654 333315. One-to-One Hotel-8K: T. 02 495 200016. Oryx Hotel-8G: T. 02 681 0001CINEMAS1. Grand Abu Dhabi Mall-5K: T. 02 645 89882. CineStar Marina Mall-7C: T. 02 681 84843. Grand Al Mariah Cinema-5I: T. 02 678 5000,4. National Cinema-5I: T. 02 671 17005. Eldorado Cinema-5I: T. 02 676 35556. Al Raha Cinema-12HH: T. 02 556 20087. Cine Royal Khalidiya Mall-8H: T. 02 681 9444www.abudhabitempo.comEmergency NumbersAmbulance: 998 or 999• Fire Emergency: 997• Police: 999• Coast Guard: 996• Water and Electricity: 991 or 992• Municipality: 993• Weather Forecast: 02 666 7776 ext. 221• Directory Enquiry ServicesEtisalat: 181 • Du: 199Address:To reach editorial at Abu Dhabi Tempo email:editorial@abudhabitempo.comTo reach advertising call 02 6673349 or email:advertising@abudhabitempo.comIf you need to find out where you can pick up your copy call:02 6673349 or check out the list of Tempo distribution points onour website.

PeopleMeterPeople Meter is an offbeat way to learn more about our community and our people, all of whom comefrom different backgrounds, cultures and walks of life.Jeannette JefferyNationality: South AfricanTime in Abu Dhabi: 2 yearsOther places lived: Florida, South AfricaQuick hitsShawarma or falafel? ShawarmaBeaches or sand dunes? Sand dunesDates or chocolates? ChocolatesDo you speak Arabic? No (I’ve tried)What brought you here?My husband, and the idea ofexperiencing new placesWhat were your firstimpressions of this city?Extreme humidity, interestingpeople, so many nationalities, andhow the city was so busyWhere can we find youhanging out?The malls, beach, pool and desertHow has living herechanged you?I have become more aware ofother culturesIf Abu Dhabi were a coffee, whatkind would it be?Double espressoAny advice to a new arrival?Don’ t take the gold taxis!Barsha ShaikhNationality: BangladeshiTime in Abu Dhabi: 6 yearsOther places lived: Bangladesh, UKQuick hitsShawarma or falafel? Both!Beaches or sand dunes? Both are fun tobe in!Dates or chocolates? ChocolatesDo you speak Arabic? Just a bit! Shukhbarekh! =D (Tempo: Arabic, huh???)What brought you here?The Islamic culture and familyWhat were your firstimpressions of this city?Neat and less crimeWhere can we find youhanging out?Mostly in the mallsHow has living herechanged you?The way this country is wellsupplied and has great hospitality.living life here has transformed mepositively.If Abu Dhabi were a coffee, whatkind would it be?A Turkish coffeeAny advice to a new arrival?None.19

What is your idea of a perfect weekend?A perfect weekend for me would perhaps be a day at the beach with acouple of friends, followed by a trip to the cinema to watch the newest boxoffice hit in the evening.If today is the last daywhere would yourush to go?To my loved ones, to spendmy last day with them .The person who inspires youthe most?I don’t exactly have one person in mind,there’s way too many to mention. But thekind of people who inspire me the most arethe ones who are never afraid to speak theirmind and fight for what they believe in.What car would like to own?Not too particular with cars, but a Jeep Wranglerwould be cool.Describe a typical dayin your life, in 2-3 sentences.If you could associateyourself with a drink/snack- what would it be?McDonald’s french fries, becauseeveryone loves them!It’s not much but when I’m not working Iusually like to spend a lot of time to myselfsurfing the net, reading a good book, or workingup a sweat by going for a run in Corniche.Occasionally I like to get together with friendsover a cup of coffee and catch up on things.Tempo readers: put on your creative caps and send us your own ‘Time Capsule” to: editorial@abudhabitempo.com2121

Making a DifferenceBy Sithara SethumadhavanSo what is new on the Corniche? “ Nothing much except for the Beethoven run... Yep, you heard right, Abu DhabiClassics’ first charity event is themed “Beat Beethoven”. Tempo catches up with Pam Simmons, the event coordinator tofind out more.Tempo: Tell us something about Abu Dhabi ClassicRun 2010.Pam: Can you beat Beethoven! That’s what the theme ofthis year’s Abu Dhabi Classic Run. This is a charity eventbenefitting music education programs and diabetesprevention programs. This year the composer selected isBeethoven and the event will use his Symphony #5, whichis about 32 minutes long. Each of the three fitness eventsplanned will challenge the participants of the 3 km FamilyWalk, 1.5 km Supervised Children’s Walk and the 6 km EliteRun (for the serious ones) to beat the time it will take toplay. This is approximately 32 minutes. In addition, theevent will have health and music awareness booths suchas “Are you fit for Music” and choosing the right foods forhealthy living, a classical concert by local young artistson Thursday evening, and sponsor booths with lots ofinformation and giveaways.Tempo: So this is a walkaton with music?Pam: It’s not a walkathon. In fact, it is not typical of mostwalks and runs in the UAE. It’s different. We are combiningclassical music with health awareness activities. Beethovenis this year’s composer. Next year we will select anothercomposer to educate the public about classical music,which helps Abu Dhabi move I the right direction of beinga cultural capital.Tempo: Who can take part in this walk?Pam: People of all ages that live or are in the UAE cantake part in this event. Babies can be pushed in strollers(no charge), children can walk in the supervised eventand families and interested others can join the walk routefor the Family Walk. We have added an Elite run for theserious runners. The overall goal is to have fun and useBeethoven’s music to set the mood to have fun and at thesame time challenge ourselves.September 25th will have to pay an extra of Dh 10. Theregistration fee for the Family Walk is Dh 40 per person,Elite Walk is Dhs. 100 per person and the Children’s Walkis Dh 20 per person.Tempo: What happens to the proceeds from the event?Pam: This year the proceeds will go towards musiceducation programs of the Abu Dhabi Classics and thediabetes prevention programs of Imperial College LondonDiabetes Centre.Tempo: What are the other highlights of this event?Pam: The classical concert with primarily young peopleis not to be missed. We have a few surprises and theymust be left for the event day. There will be music playingmost of the time for this event, which will add to theatmosphere.Tempo: Reasons why one must not miss the classic run.Pam: It’s the first! It’s for everyone! It’s fun! It supports twoworthy charitable projects that benefit those in the UAE.It has some surprises! You have all the reasons to be there.Visit the site for theAbu Dhabi Classic Run 2010on your mobile phone.Download www.gettag.mobito scan this tag on your mobile.Tempo: How can one register for the Abu DhabiClassic Run?Pam: Anyone who wishes to take part in the event canregister online, http://www.abudhabiclassicsrun.com.( Scan tag) Registration is open up to half an hour ofthe event but anyone who registers for the run afterMaking a Difference is a celebration of good people and good deeds.Please share with us your ideas, activities, and communitypublic-good stories. Send them to editorial@abudhabitempo.com22Tempo September 15 - 30, 2010

So they were assigned to the Education department andintroduced to “inquiry based teaching and learning.”This is the approach taken at the Guggenheim: visitorswho join a tour participate in an interactive experience.To learn how that works, Afra and Amal attended severalintensive training sessions at the Guggenheim to preparethem for their final assignment - to conduct a discussionof art works with viewers.The students learned more about how to do that duringthe 5-day workshop led by artist Karen Finley at theexhibition Haunted: Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance that ran from March 26 – September 6at the Guggenheim. Afra noticed Finley was “almostinvisible” during the workshop. “This was more about usthan about her.”The 12 women who attended were of varying ages andbackgrounds. Amal found that Finley seemed to “havea different plan” for each participant. “It almost feels likeshe doesn’t have an objective.” The group discussed theirreactions to a specific work, then, expressed themselvesin writing and later created something inspired by thatwork. The goal, said Kanatani, is “to make the exhibitioncome alive.”Near the end of the internship, Kanatani and her teamplus guests gathered at the Guggenheim to participatein Afra and Amal’s final teaching presentations. Amalfocused on photographs and began with Her, Her, Her,and Her by Roni Horn, a work that combines 64 blackand white photographs taken in different parts of alocker room showing glimpses of female faces andbodies. She led the guests in a discussion with wildlyvarying reactions to the work and even allowed her owninterpretation to be influenced by the remarks.Afra focused on sound with LacrimaCorpus - whichmeans body tears – by Janaina Tschape, a video of awoman in a romantic castle like chamber, twirling in timeto music that goes faster and faster. Starting gracefully,the dancer becomes more and more erratic and finallycollapses. Afra’s body language changed as she bent overthe seated guests and asked for opinions, sometimessuggesting another interpretation, both guiding andpatient.Just days before heading back to Abu Dhabi, thestudents were already thinking about what they woulddo next. Afra said, “I’m looking forward to sharing whatI’ve learned about inquiry based teaching.” Amal said,“There’s a lot of intimidation in art. I want to break thoseboundaries, make things simple and casual, and get tothe personal level.”25

Know your cityBetterBy Sithara SethumadhavanDid you know thatAbu Dhabi...• Is located on a T-shaped island, jutting out in theArabian Gulf.• Is one of the largest oil producers in the world andsignificantly contributes to the world’s economy.• Is one of the wealthiest states in the world.• Has nearly 200 islands fall under theAbu Dhabi territory including Das, located170 kilometres northwest of Abu Dhabi city,and Mumbraz and Bani Yas, which are locatedapproximately 180 kilometres westof the capital.Tell us about...your Abu DhabiDid you know that Abu Dhabi produces 10 times morewaste per capita than the Czech Republic and six timesmore than France?Did you know thatAbu Dhabi topsworld list for privateparking fees?Did you know that inAbu Dhabi only30 percent of theEmirate is inhibitedrestis covered bydesert?1. The quirkiest fact you have heardabout Abu Dhabi.2. The most unusual story you haveheard Abu Dhabi.3. The most interesting person you havemet in Abu Dhabi.4. The most unique experience youhad in Abu Dhabi.5. The most fascinating place you havefound in Abu Dhabi.Tell us about your Abu Dhabi. Send your photosas well. Write to ellaine@abudhabitempo.com26Tempo September 15 - 30, 2010

Art-ICULATEBy Neena RaiUp Close and PersonalHaving just wrapped up the ‘Ramadan Art Bazaar’ at Ghaf Gallery where I was exhibitingsome of my latest works, I am now gearing up for the next exhibition opening at theNational Theatre on 21 September. This time around, I am exhibiting with a group of locallybased artists. This is my third group show with the same group, and it is entitled ‘Up Close’.The exhibition is being held through Abu Dhabi Authorityof Culture and Heritage (ADACH). It is quite an honour tobe one of the select few who get to do this show. As theexhibition title suggests, ‘Up Close’ is inspired by personalexperiences. I will be showcasing artworks on canvas;my style can be categorised as ‘Abstract Expressionist’.Technically speaking, ‘Abstract Expressionist’ as a style laysemphasis on spontaneous, automatic or subconsciouscreation. This style favours large canvasses, dramaticcolours, and loose brushwork.Organising and preparing for the show was a combinationof hard work and fun. I attended a lot of Art Meets at otherartists residences and hosted a few in my home too. Overnumerous cups of tea, coffee, cookies and brownies, wemulled over possible names for the exhibition, discussedhow we can make it a success, what should be the contentfor brochures, etc. We have been working together for thelast seven months to make this a success.‘Up Close’ promises to be quite unique and I amtremendously excited about this show because, for thefirst time, I and fellow artists will be interacting withviewers by giving workshops in person. For art lovers,enthusiasts and aspiring artists alike, this is a fantasticopportunity to meet the artists in person and discuss theirtechniques or ideas behind their work.To many of you the workshops may not seemextraordinary, but let me explain, we artists are intenselyprotective about our creative process. Strangers aregenerally not welcomed in artists’ private studios whereartworks are created. One writer put it aptly when shesaid ‘The relationship of an artist and his or her studiois reputed to be like one between possessive lovers; astranger in the middle is always an intrusion’. Therefore, Iam sure you can fathom what a giant leap it is for me, asan individual artist, to reveal my creative process.My workshop is on Abstract Expressionism, and I willcreate a new piece of artwork on canvas. I will use acombination of acrylics and oils for the painting. Thedays and times for the workshop are, 28 September and2 October, between 4pm-6pm.Visit neenarai.comon your mobile phone.Download www.gettag.mobito scan this tag on your mobile.28Tempo September 15 - 30, 2010

Yank insandlandby Randy ParkerHitting the RoadPiloting your own car in Abu Dhabi is not substantially different than in most westerncountries. The roads are in excellent shape, well lit at night and the numerous signs arebilingual Arabic/English. Traffic follows the U.S.A. convention of driving on the right. Mostcars on the road are of a newer vintage and in excellent repair. Many are worth much morethan most upper-middle class annual salaries! However, there are some unique differencesthe visitor, short or long term should be aware of:1. Stay out of the left lane onmulti-lane highways. Some driversconsider this as their own personalracetrack and speed limits are rarelyenforced. You could end up with adriver on your rear bumper, furiouslyflashing his headlights, in seconds.2. The city center is very congestedso expect to sit in gridlockfrequently. Keep a pocketful ofpatience at all times, you will get toyour destination eventually. Don’trun red lights!3. Free parking in the city is hard tofind. Think Manhattan. Best to finda municipal pay lot. The city hasinstalled some pay meters lately thathas eased this problem insome areas.4. Street addresses are notcommonly used in Abu Dhabi sonavigation can be a chore. Streetsare designed in a grid with anumber assigned each street, butsome streets also have names andsometimes these change along thelength of the street. Still with me?Just get a good detailed map.Abu Dhabi is a melting pot ofcultures and the many differentdriving styles range from amusingto maddening. If you encounterthe latter type keep your middlefinger retracted, it is illegal to wavean extended one around, you couldland in jail.Renting a car for a road trip is finebut if most of your journeys arewithin the city, save some frustrationand take one of the numerous andcheap taxis29

tempofunpageSUDOKU 14Strange FactsDid you know that...LincolnLincoln was elected to Congressin 1846Lincoln had a secretary namedKennedyHis wife lost a child while livingin the White HouseHe was shot on a FridayKennedyKennedy was elected toCongress in 1946Kennedy had a secretary namedLincolnHis wife lost a child while livingin the White HouseHe was shot on a FridayBooth shot Lincoln in a theaterand fled to a warehouseOswald shot Kennedy from awarehouse and fled to a theaterSUDOKU14ANSWERFUNNYQUOTESAnalyzing humor is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested andthe frog dies of it.E. B. WhiteHappiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.Dalai LamaStudy nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.Frank Lloyd WrightREACH FOR THE STARSAries (March 21- April 19)Ignore the tiny details — you’ve got to focuson issues of great importance, and you’vegot people who can take care of the smallstuff for you. It’s a really good phase for youto think big!Taurus (April 20- May 20)Reach out to someone close and let themknow what’s going on inside your heart. Thatmay be a surprise to them — and to you,as well, as you start to spill secrets even youdidn’t know about.Gemini (May 21- June 20)You’re as busy as you’ve ever been — andit’s all awesome! You can multi-task with thebest of them, and your great energy shouldhelp you rack up new accomplishments withgreat ease.Cancer (June 21 – July 22)You aren’t in the best of moods — and ifanyone deigns to cross you, they shouldfigure that out pretty quickly! You mightnot literally bite their head off, but they mayactually wish that you would.Leo (July 23 – August 22)You’re making a great first impression — andare likely just as impressed with the peopleyou meet. It’s an excellent time for you tobuild teams and forge lasting partnerships.Virgo (August 23 – September 22)You can see the heart of the matter withfrightening speed — so much so that yourpeers might start to see you as some kind ofmachine. Let them think what they want, aslong as they know you’re right!Libra (September 23 – October 22)You can see both sides of almost any issue— and while it might exasperate your friendsand lead to a few Hamlet moments, you’reperfectly happy with your broad perspective.Put it to good use!Scorpio (October 23- November 21)Business matters are much tricker than theyappear — probably because your competitors(or clients, even) are engaging in someseriously complicated chicanery. Step backand wait for them to fail!Sagittarius (November 22- December 21)Your friends and family have a lot to say —too much, most likely! That doesn’t mean youshould blow them off, but at some point yourimpatience is sure to show through. Then it’stime to act!Capricon (December 22- January 19)Get rid of anything holding you back —though you may want to think two or threetimes about losing any people who seem likedead weight. Emotional baggage, physicaldetritus and dead-end projects can go.Aquarius (January 20- February 18)Your big brain is on of your most attractivefeatures — though it’s got some seriouscompetition! Though, it leads the pack, andshould help you rekindle your love life in abig way.Pisces (February 19 – March 20)Don’t let yourself get nailed down to anythingtoo specific — your energy is better for youif it’s loose and free-flowing. You can handlebig-picture stuff, but the nitty-gritty eludesyou for now.Please recycle this magazine: locations include Spinneys, Al Mamoura Building and behind Riyada Clinic.31

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