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THE FINEST WINES OFBORDEAUXIncludes an exclusive 1996 first growth mixed case,and 2001 ten years

The publication of a delightfuland highly informative new bookby James Lawther MW, The FinestWines of Bordeaux, has coincidedwith our Bordeaux offer this year,which includes several of thefine Clarets we and he regardmost highly.For hedonistic pleasure, there is awonderful collection of 2001vintage wines, many of which arenow in regrettably short supply.Also for drinking now, there isan eclectic mix from left and rightbanks, including magnums ofPey La Tour, 2005. Happy surprisescome in the quality, drinkabilityand potential of our 2007 vintageselections, a year not to beoverlooked, and we revisit thegreat 2005 vintage in the form ofBordeaux’s finest second wines.All this topped by an exquisite1996 first growth mixed case.James’s book is available to buyhere, or you can receive a free copyby purchasing the The FinestWines of Bordeaux Mixed Casefeatured on page 5. Some of thebeautiful photography by JonWyand which illustrates the bookis used throughout this offer.Joanna Locke MW,Society BuyerFIRST GROWTHS:1996 VINTAGE MIXED CASEThe early growing season was excellent in 1996, with optimal conditions for thegrapes. August was gloomy but then the sun came back in September. It was a yearthat favoured cabernet sauvignon-based wines, the best of which show the grape atits finest. They are balanced wines, with great complexity, length of flavour andstaying power. Starting to open up now, these still have a long life ahead.A Trio of 1996First GrowthsA three-bottle case containing abottle of each of the following:ref TC-MX1165 at £2,950One case per memberChâteau Lafite, 1996, Pauillac84% cabernet sauvignon, full andwith lovely silky, long-lasting flavour.Lafite enthusiasts have recognised theelegance of 1953 and the power of1959. Now to 2030. 13%Available only as part of the mixed case.Château Latour, 1996, PauillacExceptionally fine, ripe andconcentrated fruit, with depth andelegance. At Latour they say it’sreminiscent of their great 1966.Now to 2025. 12.5%Available only as part of the mixed case.Charles Chevallier – Lafite’s technical directorChâteau Margaux, 1996, MargauxMargaux has some of the finest cabernet vineyards in the Médoc and it shows in thefinesse and pure, aromatic cabernet fruit in this wine. Now to 2025. 12.5%Available only as part of the mixed case.The Finest Wines of Bordeauxby James Lawther MWThe latest in a series of illustrated guides createdby the editorial team at The World of Fine Winemagazine. James Lawther MW profiles his 90favourite producers and provides an informativehistory of the region and insight into localwinemaking techniques and the people behindthe wines. Members can order the book at thespecial price of £12.50 if ordered with wine, or£15, if ordered separately (including UK P&P),or receive one free of charge with The FinestWines of Bordeaux Mixed Case, on page 5.ref TC-BO6472

2001: A DELICIOUS VINTAGE TO ENJOY NOWOvershadowed by the much-lauded millennium vintage which preceded it, 2001 proved to be a great year for merlot and theright bank, and, although slightly more challenging on the left bank, it has turned out to be a lovely Claret vintage, and the winesare already delicious.Château Les Ormes de Pez, 2001,Saint-EstèpheOrmes de Pez is owned by the Cazesfamily of Lynch Bages and managed asprofessionally as all their properties.The 2001 is 57% cabernet sauvignon, 31%merlot and 12% cabernet franc. Now richand cedary, it is particularly successful in2001. Now to 2015. 13%ref TC-CM13591 £30 bottle £360 dozenAnthony and Lilian Barton of Langoa and Léoville-BartonChâteau Langoa Barton, 2001,Saint-JulienClassic, cedary, elegant Claret from AnthonyBarton’s home property, notable in Bordeauxnot least for being the longest in singlefamily ownership. Now to 2020. 12.5%ref TC-CM6691 £35 bottle £420 dozenChâteau Prieuré-Lichine, 2001,MargauxNew owners and winemaker StéphaneDerenoncourt have raised the bar atPrieuré-Lichine and this is a great successof the vintage. With 50% merlot, this hasconcentrated ‘fleshy’ ripe fruit and goodstructure. Now to 2020. 13%ref TC-CM6751 £35 bottle £420 dozenChâteau d’Issan, 2001, MargauxA true Margaux with fragrant bouquet andgraceful charm, from this beautiful, greatlyimproved classed-growth property in thesouth of the appellation. Now to 2017.12.5%ref TC-CM11711 £39 bottle £468 dozenChâteau Giscours, 2001, MargauxA magnificent property that has benefitedfrom the care and investment of its Dutchowner, and manager, since 1995. Elegant,full-flavoured Margaux. Now to 2017. 13%Available only as part of the mixed case TC-MX1160Château Léoville Barton, 2001,Saint-JulienJust starting to open up, in common withmany left-bank 2001s, this has LéovilleBarton’s classical, tight-knit structure andfine fragrance. Now to 2022. 12.5%ref TC-CM6681 £52 bottle £624 dozenChâteau Belair, 2001, Saint-EmilionPremium Saint-Emilion from a 12-hectareestate next to Château Ausone in the goldencore of the commune, since acquired by thevisionary Moueix family. Now to 2020.12.5% Six bottles only per member.ref TC-CS4051 £60 bottle £360 per sixChristian and Edouard Moueix – Hosanna, Belair andLa Fleur PétrusChâteau Gazin, 2001, PomerolGorgeous Pomerol from an outstandingvintage for the region with rich, opulent,already velvety palate supported by goodtannin structure. Now to 2020. 13.5%ref TC-CS6401 £65 bottle £780 dozenChâteau Pichon Comtesse deLalande, 2001, PauillacMadame May-Eliane de Lencquesaing maysince have turned her attentions to SouthAfrica, but she was still very much in chargein 2001, when only 37% made the grandvin. Remarkably sweet-fruited, rich andgenerous, with just a hint of Pauillac power.Now to 2020. 13% Six bottles only per member.ref TC-CM7071 £85 bottle £510 per sixComte Eric d’Aramon – Château FigeacChâteau Figeac, 2001,Saint-EmilionFrom one of the great estates in Bordeaux,a gorgeous Claret which is one of the greatwines of the vintage. Glorious aroma andsumptuous, fresh, long-lasting flavour.Now to 2025. 13%ref TC-CS7311 £80 bottle £960 dozen2001 ClaretsTen Years Onref TC-MX1160 at £385A six-bottle case containing a bottleof each of the following:Château Léoville Barton, 2001,Saint-JulienChâteau Giscours, 2001,MargauxChâteau Belair, 2001, Saint-EmilionChâteau Gazin, 2001, PomerolChâteau Figeac, 2001, Saint-EmilionChâteau Pichon Comtesse deLalande, 2001, PauillacFREE UK delivery when you order 12 bottles or if your order is £75 or more3

CLARETS FOR DRINKING NOWMagnum of Château Pey La TourRéserve, 2005, Bordeaux SupérieurPey La Tour is in grand company in JamesLawther’s book, praise indeed for thisproperty which performs consistentlyabove its appellation. A splendid example ofmodern Bordeaux at its best, full of generousripe healthy fruit. Now to 2012. 14%ref TC-CB2764 £21 magnum£126 per case of six magnumsPhilippe Blanc of Châteaux Beychevelle and BeaumontThe Society’s Exhibition Saint-Julien, 2006Deserving of its position here, we felt,given that it is Beychevelle’s second wine,Amiral. Lovely, welcoming, cedary fruit andmedium-rich flavour. Now to 2014. 13%ref TC-CM12901 £18.50 bottle £222 dozenThe Society’s ExhibitionMargaux, 2004One of the most elegant Clarets in ourrange, fine and suitably very stylish fromconsistently high performing Margauxdeuxième cru, Rauzan-Ségla, owned bythe Wertheimer family of Chanel.Now to 2015. 13%ref TC-CM12051 £20 bottle £240 dozenChâteau Clarke, 2005, ListracThe Rothschild family bought andreplanted this estate in the 1970s and themature vineyard and their commitment tohigh quality has brought its reward.Excellent full, ripe fruit with properMédoc structure and considerable finesse.Now to 2018. 14%ref TC-CM12271 £25 bottle £300 dozenChâteau Carbonnieux, 2005,Pessac-LéognanIn our opinion, the finest Claret thisproperty has ever made, with delicioussweet fruit and elegant balance. Now to2017. 13.5%ref TC-CM10261 £25 bottle £300 dozenChâteau Chasse-Spleen, 2006,MoulisThe outstanding property of Moulis witha classed-growth reputation for producingfull long-keeping wines. Since its purchaseby the Merlaut family in 1976, it has gonefrom strength to strength. Now to 2024.13%ref TC-CM12581 £26 bottle £312 dozenCéline Villars-Foubet – owner of Chasse-SpleenChâteau Brane Cantenac, 2004,MargauxA wine of great charm. Full, ripe andsupple with engaging bouquet and fruit.Approachable with pleasure young,middle-aged or old. Now to 2018. 13%ref TC-CM11121 £34.50 bottle £414 dozenHenri Lurton of Brane CantenacChâteau Giscours, 2004, MargauxNow with ripe, almost peppery fruit that isstill fresh and youthful, the palate is gentleand very well-balanced. Attractive, elegantmid-weight Claret. Now to 2018. 13%ref TC-CM11131 £39 bottle £468 dozenChâteau L’Evangile, 1999,PomerolPowerful and concentrated, but with thefragrance that comes with 25% cabernetfranc. Opulent and long on the palate.Now to 2020. 13%ref TC-CS3011 £75 bottle £900 dozenTo order ☎ 01438 7402224

2005 SUPER SECONDSLa Réserve de Léoville Barton,2005, Saint-JulienThe second wine of Anthony Barton’sLéoville reflects the quality of the grand vinin this exceptionally healthy, well-balanced,harmonious vintage. Now to 2017. 13%Low stock.ref TC-CM12071 £22 bottle £264 dozenLes Fiefs de Lagrange, 2005,Saint-JulienThe second wine of classed-growthLagrange. A more accessible wine thanthe grand vin, fruity yet full of style andcharm. Now to 2015. 13%ref TC-CM12211 £22.50 bottle £270 dozenLa Parde de Haut-Bailly, 2005,Pessac-LéognanHaut-Bailly made outstanding wine in2005, and this second wine has exceptionalfruit, lovely perfume and length of flavour.With more cabernet franc and less merlotthan the grand vin, this has a touch lessbody but wonderful finesse. Now to2017. 13%ref TC-CM11981 £24 bottle £288 dozenVéronique Sanders of Haut-BaillyLa Dame de Montrose, 2005,Saint-EstèpheSweet, elegant, charming fruit from 54%cabernet sauvignon and 46% merlot. Canbe drunk early but will keep. Now to 2018.13% Low stock.ref TC-CM10671 £29 bottle £348 dozenSégla, 2005, MargauxWonderfully expressive aromatic Margauxbouquet over sweet, ripe, well-defined fruit.This is classed-growth Rauzan-Ségla’sseriously good second wine from a greatvintage for the property. Now to 2020. 13%ref TC-CM12691 £29 bottle £348 dozenJohn Kolasa – Rauzan-SéglaCroix de Beaucaillou, 2005, Saint-JulienExpressive, finely-scented aroma and richimposing flavour from the second wine ofDucru-Beaucaillou, itself of classed-growthquality. 60% cabernet sauvignon and 40%merlot. 2013 to 2020. 13%ref TC-CM10171 £33 bottle £396 dozenRéserve de la Comtesse, 2005,PauillacFrom Pichon Lalande, a fine, elegant andaromatic Claret with delicately mineral,smoky, sweet fruit and soft tannins.Full of charm. Now to 2017. 13%ref TC-CM12161 £39 bottle £468 dozen2005 Super SecondsMixed Caseref TC-MX1161 at £165A six-bottle case containing a bottleof each of the following:La Parde de Haut-Bailly, 2005,Pessac-LéognanLa Réserve de Léoville Barton,2005, Saint-JulienLes Fiefs de Lagrange, 2005,Saint-JulienLa Dame de Montrose, 2005,Saint-EstèpheSégla, 2005, MargauxCroix de Beaucaillou, 2005,Saint-JulienThe Finest Winesof BordeauxMixed Caseref TC-MX1164 at £172A six-bottle case includingA free copy of James LawtherMW’s The Finest Wines ofBordeauxAnd a bottle of each of thefollowing:Château Clarke, 2005, ListracChâteau Carbonnieux, 2005,Pessac-LéognanChâteau Chasse-Spleen, 2006,MoulisChâteau Brane Cantenac, 2004,MargauxLes Fiefs de Lagrange, 2005,Saint-JulienChâteau Giscours, 2004, Margaux5 To order ☎ 01438 740222

2007: FOR DRINKING NOWChâteau Pey La Tour Réserve,2007, Bordeaux SupérieurA fine, modern style Claret with a lick ofsweetening, well-integrated oak, from amodel estate that thoroughly deserves itsrecognition in James Lawther’s book.Now to 2014. 13%ref TC-CB3221 £9.95 bottle £119 dozenChâteau Beaumont, 2007, Haut-MédocBeaumont has only honorary mention here,though it is a stable mate of Beychevelle andrun with equal care and commitment.Forward, elegant and charming, and adeserving members’ favourite. Now to2013. 12.5%ref TC-CM12281 £11.95 bottle £143 dozenClos Floridène, 2007, GravesThis Dubourdieu property at Pujols is onreddish clay sand over a subsoil of limestoneand well suited to cabernet, here 65%,adding greater finesse to this already silkytextured wine. Now to 2017. 13%ref TC-CM12701 £12.95 bottle £155 dozenChâteau Reynon, 2007, PremièresCôtes de BordeauxSister property to Clos Floridène andhome to Denis and Florence Dubourdieu,planted and blended predominantly tomerlot. A model estate producing modernbut beautifully balanced wine that is adelight to drink. Now to 2017. 13%ref TC-CB3161 £12.95 bottle £155 dozen2007 Clarets ForDrinking Nowref TC-MX1162 at £140A twelve-bottle case containing threebottles of each of the following:Château Pey La Tour Réserve,2007, Bordeaux SupérieurChâteau Beaumont, 2007,Haut-MédocClos Floridène, 2007, GravesChâteau Reynon, 2007,Premières Côtes de Bordeaux2007: FOR LAYING DOWN2007 Clarets For Laying Downref TC-MX1163 at £335A six-bottle case containing two bottles of each of the following:Château Léoville Barton, 2007,Saint-JulienAnthony Barton commented to us:‘The quality of the 2007 will give greatpleasure to those who appreciate eleganceand finesse in a well-balanced fruity wine.’With 75% cabernet sauvignon, this will bea lovely, classic Claret. 2020 to 2030. 13%Available only as part of the mixed case.Château Pichon-Longueville-Baron, 2007, PauillacPichon Baron is located on beautifulgravelly soil in the southern part ofPauillac next to Latour. Its wines aretypically muscular with great ageingpotential, but the 2007 has extra charmeven now. 2018 to 2030. 13%Available only as part of the mixed case.Château Ducru-Beaucaillou,2007, Saint-JulienDucru adapted brilliantly in 2007 tomake one of the best wines of the vintageusing 90% cabernet sauvignon to create aClaret with enormous charm and class.Perfumed, round and remarkably supple.2020 to 2030. 13%Available only as part of the mixed case.This offer is open until Sunday 10th April, 2011 while stocks last.To order ☎ 01438 740222The Society’s GuaranteeDrinking wine bought from The Wine Society should be a pleasurable experience. If at any timeyou are dissatisfied, we would like to hear from you. Contact us and we will be pleased to as: The International Exhibition Co-operative Wine Society Limited,Gunnels Wood Road, Stevenage, Hertfordshire SG1 2BTWebsite thewinesociety.comEnquiries 01438 741177Orders 01438 740222

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