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Introduction to the QUAD Report - CloverSoft

QUAD ReportProduct Quality & Design Intelligence fromConsumer Generated Web ReviewsBlog: a web note that serves as a publiclyaccessible personal journal … blogs reflect thepersonal opinion of the authorDynamic: Learn from the internet generation… they are proactive consumers who shareproduct knowledge through the webSmart: Extract product intelligence from blogs …improve designs … get marketing

Product development and marketing professionalsare constantly challenged to learn what theconsumer product experience really is.Traditionally, they have utilized market surveyinstruments, field testing methods, andindependent assessment companies. Typically,these are push-forward product reviews wherepre-formatted evaluation templates are used toextract consumer feedback.Today the internet provides a new medium forrecording consumer behavior. It is uninhibited,self-policed, consumer driven, and enormouslyinfluential, it is the world of Web Blogs!Using the QUAD Report you can extractvaluable and actionable product intelligencefrom these Web Blogs.QUAD INTELLIGENCEThe QUAD Report focuses exclusively on the Qualityand Design dimensions of a product. Web reviews areextracted from hundreds of websites from all overthe internet. The reports are developed using aunique and proprietary analytical method whichutilizes expert knowledge and special cognitiveprocessing skills.The premise is that embedded in the CGWreviews is product intelligence that can bedirectly related to design evaluation and qualityevaluation metrics.Normally, such intelligence can only be collected viaan extensive (and costly) field testing and marketsurvey exercise.CONSUMER GENERATED WEB REVIEWSA subset of blogs can be described as “productreviews”, where the author is the user of a specificproduct and is recording an opinion or experience.Collectively these are called "Consumer GeneratedWeb” (CGW) reviews and they are becoming awidely accepted expression of consumer feedback.DATA MAPPING AGAINSTSPECIFIC PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES& CONSUMER METRICSDesign - Ergonomics& Ease of UseConsumer GeneratedWeb ReviewsDesign - FunctionalCGW reviews are now playing in an important rolein consumer purchase decisions, and productsuccess. Why ?Quality - ReliabilityQuality - Form Factor& Perception► Consumers place far more trust in their fellowconsumers than advertisers.► CGW reviews are consumer pull-backs (basedon consumer emotion) as opposed to pushforward(based on what the manufacturerbelieves is important to the consumer).► CGW reviews are real time, in that consumersprovide an immediate review which is thenimmediately available to other consumers.PRODUCT INTELLIGENCEThe QUAD Report process analyzes the CGWReviews and dynamically maps them to productattributes that are important to actual users.This creates the raw knowledge database. Statisticalanalysis is then used to extract the productintelligence from this

The QUAD Report identifies what design/quality features and attributes arebeing reported as strengths and weaknesses by the consumerEVALUATION METRICSThe analysis of the CGW Reviews is structured intofour evaluation categories, and these serve as thefour intelligence directions in the QUAD analysis.Design – Functional (DF): Relates to specificfunctions and utilities of the product.Design - Ergonomics & Ease of Use (DE): Relates tointeractions between the product and user.Quality – Reliability (QR): Relates to functionalfailures or problems with the product.Quality - Form Factor & Perception (QF): Relatesto the product configuration to quality link.The QUAD Action Matrix classifies productattributes as a function of strength and frequency.BENEFITSThe Blog Strength Profile graph provides anaggregated view of consumer opinions as expressedin the blogs. This intelligence identifies whichdesign and quality directions have made a positiveimpact on product users.The QUAD Report provides marketing anddesign professionals with reliable productintelligence from a new and novel sourceSpecific benefits and outputs of the report include:► Get immediate product feedback informationfrom a large group of actual product users, witha focus on design and quality issues.► List of product strengths that can then be used toplan marketing strategies and/or be incorporatedin new product offerings.► List of product weaknesses directly linked toconsumer metrics and product attributes.► Isolate and proactively solve consumer reportedquality problems.► Library of significant blog clippings to knowexactly what the consumers are reporting.QUAD Report

Consumers ► Blogs ► Intelligence ► ActionQUAD Report: Reliable and actionable productquality & design intelligence synthesized fromconsumer generated web reviewsYou may commission a QUAD Report for any product thatyou produce and market or even a competitor’s products.Our team of experts will search the world of blogs to createa confidential report exclusively for your use.Please contact us to learn more about the QUAD Report orto receive a sample QUAD Report.US and Canada call: (908) 244-6581Send a message to: Quad@Cloversoft.netVisit: Inc.Bridgewater, New Jersey, USAinfo@cloversoft.netwww.cloversoft.netThis document is for information purposes only.CloverSoft make no warranties, express, implied or statutory, as tothe information contained in this documentMOTOROLA and the Stylized M Logo are registered trademarksof the Motorola Corporation© CloverSoft Inc. 2006CloverSoft

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