2-day auction


2-day auction

700,000 Sq. Ft.Factory& DistributionCenter2801 Court StreetSyracuseNew York 13208DATE: Wednesday& Thursday,June 24th & 25thTIME: 10:00 A.M.INSPECTION:Monday & Tuesday,June 22nd & 23rdBeginning at9:00 A.M.2-DAY AUCTIONAUCTIONMAJOR MANUFACTURER OF CERAMIC TABLEWAREHIGHLIGHTS:n 2001 Riedhammer Fast Firing Kiln With Auto Loading & Racking Systemn Pressure Casting & Jiggering Machinesn Vacuum Plaster Mixing Systemn Clay Mixing Equipment & Filter Pressesn Spray & Dip Glazing Lines, Finishing& Back Stampingn Decal Printing & Decorating Equipmentn Prototype Mold Shop & Lab Equipmentn Forklifts & Material Handling Equipmentn Machine Shopn Air Compressors, Package Steam Boilers, Water Treatment Systemn Packaging Equipment, Pallet Racking, & Warehouse Equipmentn Complete Cafeteria With Full Commercial Kitchenn Executive Offices, Conference Rooms, Hospitality Suites, Sales Offices2001LIVEON-LINE BIDDINGAVAILABLE!ValuableReal EstatePackageAvailableRIEDHAMMER TSR 8-64FAST FIRING KILNPlus: New Parts & Stores Inventory Including Motors, Pumps, Valves, Actuators, PillowBlocks, Bearings, Sprockets, Copper Tube, Pipe, Bushings, High & Low Pressure Fittings,Electrical Supplies, & More!For complete catalogcrgauction.com1.800.300.6852BID ONLINE ATAuction Specialists • Appraisal Experts • Online or On-site1654 King Street, Enfield, Connecticut 06082(860) 623-9060 • (800) 300-6852 • Fax: (860) 623-9160Bill Firestone, President

DAY 12005AUCTION2001LIPPERT VACUUM PLASTER MIXING SYSTEMLIPPERT DIP GLAZE-BACKSTAMP LINE2003RIEDHAMMER TSR 8-64 FAST FIRING KILN –TOP VIEWSPECIAL HIGHLIGHTS2001 RIEDHAMMER TSR-8-64/230/60–G ModularGas-Heated Fast-Firing Tunnel Kiln, completelymodular construction, table conveyance, natural gasfired,(8) heating zones, 56-burner with Honeywelldigital controls, (5) cool-down zones, Lippert autoloadingand racking system including twin loadingstations, center robotic shelf loader, multi-tier holdingracks, Reidhammer tunnel four fan cool down tunnel,with over $1,000,000.00 in cost of assorted kilnfurniture.2005 LIPPERT AV152/32L Vacuum Plaster MixingPlant, all stainless steel touch parts, (4) 32-literstainless steel buckets on auto index rotary carousel,multi-recipe programmable PLC controls, dry plasterhopper with 78" x 4" diameter stainless steel screwauger feed, Anver vacuum lift on Gorbel 250-lb.aluminum bridge crane, Demag 125 Kg capacitycircular crane.2003 LIPPERT BRG 4/4 Automatic Turntable DipGlazing and Back Stamping Machine, auto indextable, automatic vacuum loading and unloading,vertical spindle guides, polypropylene glaze mixingtank with sweep agitator, diaphragm pumps, PLCcontrols, dual back stamping system with Allen BradleyCAT 140 PLC control system, auto load to Elmecermfour pass overhead dryer, auto conveyor system, ABBALS/300 conveyor controls.Do you want to hold an auction but don’t have enough equipment?Please visit crgauction.com or call 1.800.300.6852for more information on holding an on-line only auction.2


(1 OF 40) SWECO VIBRATORY SIFTERS STAINLESS STEEL JACKETED MIXING TANK 815-GAL. STAINLESS STEELMIXING TANK(1 OF 2) DGM80 TOGGLE STYLE PRESSURE CASTING MACHINESMIXING EQUIPMENT& FILTER PRESSES(2) PERRIN 366" Long 48" x 48" Filter Presses With FerroFilters 75 Slip Feeders, 5 HP pressure washers, safety lightcurtains, PLC controls.(2) 2001 WAHLCO XN4612B Wad Mills, stainless steel lined,dual 12" diameter stainless steel augers, 60 HP drives.(4) SHAR 508 BN Vertical Mixers, 50 HP drives, hydraulicdown stroke, stainless steel mandrels with tungsten steelblades, PLC controls.2005 ERIEZ 200-25 Hi-Filter Flow-Through Liquid MagneticSeparator With PLC Controls.1995 FELDMEIER 1,200-Gal. Hot/Cold Water DimpleJacketed Mixing Tank.PERRY 860-Gal. Stainless Steel Steam Jacketed MixingTank With Lightning Mixer.(19) SWECO 18"–48" Diameter Stainless Steel ScreenDouble Deck Vibratory Screens.ABBE 48" Diameter Ballmill, 15 HP drive, Flexcon T-Hopperstainless steel feed hopper with 3" diameter x 30' incline screwauger conveyor Anver vacuum lift, Gorbel jib crane with 250-lb.capacity chain fall hoist.PRESSURE CASTING& HOLLOW FORMING MACHINES1998 DORST DGM 80 ZD Pneumatic Drive Toggle Style TwinCavity Pressure Casting Machine, 36" x 30" platens, 100-tonclamping force.(2) 1995–96 DORST DGM 80 Pneumatic Drive Toggle StyleSingle Cavity Pressure Casting Machines, 36" x 30" platens,100-ton clamping force.(5) SERVICE ENGINEERS and WAHLCO Automatic RotaryHollow Form Jiggering Machines, including flatware, bowl,and cup lines, Browning and Wahl stainless steel lined twinspindlepug mills – 30–50 HP DC drives, 8"–12" diameter stainlesssteel barrel extruders, Siemens 15 HP – 30 DC drives with GordonProxagard PC 100D controls, all with programmable PLCcontrols, and complete inventory of roller tools and chucks.DORST DGM 80 ZD TWIN PALLET PRESSURE CASTING MACHINE4LIVEON-LINE BIDDINGAVAILABLE!

WAHLCO ROTARY FORMING MACHINE –DETAIL VIEWWAHLCO ROTARY FORMING MACHINE – WIDE VIEWDo you have one pieceof equipment or anentire plant that youwould like appraised?Please visit our website atcrgauction.comor call 1.800.300.6852for more information.BROWNING PUG MILL WITH PLC CONTROLSSPRAY GLAZING LINEGLAZING, FINISHING,& BACK STAMPING MACHINESLIPPERT Plate Edge, Cup, and Bowl FootFinishing Machines, multiple vacuum spindle, allauto index, vacuum load and unload, auto throughconveyor to back stamping, all PLC controlled.(2) LIPPERT Double Maker’s Mark BackStamping Lines, auto feed conveyor, auto centering,CCTV camera systems, auto discharge and directfeed to kiln loading rack.(4) Custom Spray Glazing Lines, pre-heat,stainless steel spray booths, multi-spindle conveyorsystems, multiple spray guns, polypropylene andfiberglass glaze tanks, stainless steel mesh barrelfilter, high-pressure diaphragm pumps, multi-passsystem with PLC controls.For complete catalog and more information visit crgauction.com or call 1.800.300.68525

2005CLEAVER BROOKS 350 HP CB-LE BOILERCLOSED LOOP WATER TREATMENT SYSTEMWITH FILTER PRESSFLEX-CON 10,000 CFM 84 BAGDUST COLLECTOR(1 OF 2) QUINCY 125 HP AIR COMPRESSORS (1 OF 30+) PORTABLETORIT DUST COLLECTORSTORIT 2DF4 DUST COLLECTORDo you have one pieceof equipment or anentire plant that youwould like appraised?Please visit our website atcrgauction.comor call 1.800.300.6852for more information.AIR COMPRESSORS, PACKAGE STEAM BOILERS,WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM1999 CLEAVER BROOKS CB1700-350-150 350 HPGas-Fired Package Steam Boiler CB-LE LowEmission Package.GREAT LAKES Environmental Closed Loop WaterTreatment System, with 3 compartment carbon steelreceiving tank with oil separator, 3-compartmentsteel agitation tank with flash and flocculationmixers, Edwards & Jones 48" x 48" x 25' hydraulic filterpress, carbon steel 2-compartment sludge/clean watertank, HACH surface scatter 6 6 turbidimeter withprogrammable digital controls.2005 FLEX-CON Model 84 WSBC-169 Bag HouseDust Collector, steel tower mount, pneumatic pulsecleaning, with New York Blowers Series 20 GL 10,000CFM 40 HP drive.TORIT 2DF4 Cartridge Dust Collector, steel towermount, with Torit Checker Board PLC controls.(1 OF 20) MOVIN COOLPORTABLE AC UNITS(8) MOVIN COOL Portable Air ConditioningSystems.(2) GARDNER DENVER Model FAO99K Skid-Mounted Rotary Screw Air Compressors, 125 HP.(2) SULLAIR Model 25B Skid Mounted RotaryScrew Air Compressors, 150 HP.QUINCY Model OSI 500 125 HP Air Compressor.SULLAIR Model 16BS 75H ACAC Vacuum Pump.ZEKS Model 2400HDF Refrigerated Air Dryer,S/N 144409.(20+) TORIT 1-1/2–3 HP Portable Canister andCyclone Dust Collectors.MARATHON V60 60" Vertical Down Stroke Baler.For complete catalog and more information visit crgauction.com or call 1.800.300.68526

MOFFIT 1000 WICKET GAS DRYERGENERAL–REVOLUTION 30ES SCREEN CYLINDERDECAL PRINTING PRESS(1 OF 2) CERICO SD STRIPE LINING MACHINESCHALLENGE 305 SXD HYDRAULIC PAPERCUTTER WITH PROGRAMMABLE BACK GAUGE(1 OF 2) THURINGIA NETZSCH DECAL APPLICATORSPRINTING & DECORATING EQUIPMENT2001 BEC MAR General Revolution 30 ES Rotary Cylinder Silk Screen Press,200–3,250 IPH, auto registration, vacuum stream feeder, auto sheeter, with Allen Bradley PLCcontrols, auto take-off conveyor to Moffitt 1000 wicket dryer, 25' gas-fired single zone – 25'ambient air, with out-feed stacker.CHALLENGE 30SXD 30.5" Hydraulic Guillotine Paper Cutter, with CNC backgage.(2) THURINGIA Netzsch 268 Automatic Hot Stamp Decal Transfer Presses, vacuum holddown,pneumatic down stroke, Allen Bradley PLC controls, conveyor take-off.(2) 2002–03 CERICO SD Model 4A Automatic Rotary Lining Machines.Rotary Circle Hydraulic Die Cutter, with butcher block bench and assorted dies.(2) GENERAL Model 30 Silk Screen Cylinder Presses, with vacuum stream feeders, take‐offconveyors, gas-fired wicket dryers.Complete Screen Pre-Press and Cleaning Department Including AGFA Advantra 300 LP PlateSetter, KAS 48" x 72" rotating vacuum frame with exposure light system, MRM squeegee sharpener,and related screen printing supplies.Proxy Bidding: If you cannot attend the auction in person or participate on-line we will be happy to bid for you.Visit our website at crgauction.com for complete details and to download a proxy bid form. 7

DAY 2AUCTIONCLARK 10,000-LB. LP FORKLIFTWITH SIDE SHIFTYALE 5,500-LB. LP FORKLIFTWITH SSCR-6 ATTACHMENT(1 OF 12) GORBEL JIB CRANES WITHANVER VACUUM HOISTSSWIFT 1,000 KG. ELECTRIC WALK-BEHIND REACH TRUCKSFORKLIFTS & MATERIAL HANDLING EQUIPMENT2003 YALE GTO80L Solid Tire LP Forklift, 5,500-lb. capacity, 181" mastwith side shift.(3) 2003 YALE ERP040 Solid Tire Electric Forklifts, 4,000-lb. capacity,179" mast with side shift.2003 YALE NR035 Narrow-Aisle Reach Truck, 3,500-lb. capacity, 24V,261" mast.(3) CROWN RR5010 Electric Single Reach Truck, 3,500-lb. capacity,198" mast.(8) Multi-Ton SWIFT EMB 22-62 2,200-Lb. Electric Walk-BehindPallet Lifts, 114" masts.(2) 1997 CAT EP18-T Solid Tire Electric Forklifts, 3,500-lb. capacity,171" mast.2006 BT Prime Mover WSX 25 2,500-Lb. Electric Pallet Stacker.(2) 2003 BT Prime Mover WSX 25 2,500-Lb. Electric Pallet Stackers.(3) 2005 BT Prime Mover PMX 45 4,500-Lb. Electric Pallet Jacks.(3) 1999 CROWN 40 GPW 4,000-Lb. Electric Pallet Jacks.JLG 1,000-Lb. Electric Telescoping Boom Man Lift.2006 TAYLOR DUNN SCI-59 Electric Stock Chaser.2001 BARRETT SG-1-24 Electric Bulk Train Tug.(20+) SOUTHWORTH PPALA 4,500-Lb. Hydraulic 44" DiameterRotary Lift Tables.(1 OF 2) HI-VACINDUSTRIALBLOWER S YSTEMSWITH SELF-DUMPING HOPPER(1 OF 2) EZ-OFF 2,500-LB.HYDRAULIC LIFT TABLES(75+) STEEL FRAME PNEUMATIC TIREWARE CARTS(300+) 5-TIERWARE CARTS(3 OF 25+) SOUTHWORTH 4,500-LB.HYDRAULIC LIFT TABLES(75+) Pneumatic Wheel 96" x 40" x 36" Steel Frame Wood Deck RollingWare Carts.(300+) Steel 5-Tier 80" x 26" x 72" Ware Carts.Extensive Selection of GORBEL Aluminum Free-Standing Jib CranesWith Anver Vacuum Hoists, Hydraulic Pallet Jacks, 1/2-Ton to 3-TonElectric Hoists, Rolling Boom Cranes, Barrel Dollies, 2- and 4-WheelHand Trucks, and Related Material Handling Equipment.(2) HI-VAC 310 Portable Blower Systems.(2) EZ-OFF Hydraulic 2,500-Lb. Capacity Hydraulic Lifts, 40" rotarytables, 48" reach.BENJU 2,250-Lb. Electric Rechargeable Boom Lift.For complete catalog and more information visit crgauction.com or call 1.800.300.68528

LATHESLEBLOND REGAL ENGINE LATHEMONARCH TOOL ROOM LATHECHAVALIER VERTICAL MILLINGMACHINE WITH DROJET 20" DRILL PRESSJET RADIAL ARM DRILLMACHINE SHOPLEBLOND Regal Engine Lathe, 24" swing overbed x 144" between centers, Aloris compound toolpost over cross slide, (2) steady rests, 16" 3-jawchuck.LEBLOND Regal Engine Lathe, 20" swing overbed x 72" between centers, Aloris compound toolpost over cross slide, steady rest, 40–1,600 RPMspindle.MONARCH Engine Lathe, 24" swing over bed x60" between centers, 12–1,500 RPM spindle, Aloriscompound tool post, with Tru-Trace attachmentand tooling.MONARCH Engine Lathe, 20-1/2" swing over bedx 48" between centers, 12–1,500 RPM spindle,Aloris compound tool post, with Tru-Traceattachment and tooling.DOALL Engine Lathe, 16" swing over bed x 64"between centers, 40–2,000 RPM spindle, inch/metric threading, (2) steady rests.JET 1660 PGH Engine Lathe, 16" swing over bed x 60" betweencenters, inch/metric threading, 74–1,500 RPM spindle speed,10" 3-jaw chuck.MONARCH 10X20 Tool Room Lathe, 12-1/2" swing over bed x24" between centers, inch/metric threading, 2,500 RPM spindle.MONARCH Engine Lathe, 20" swing over bed x 96" betweencenters, steady rest, 16" 3-jaw chuck.JET JRD-750 Radial Arm Drill, 7-1/2" diameter column x 36"arm, 88–1,500 RPM spindle speed, servo-drive power feed withreverse, 30" x 24" T-slot table with side table.CHEVALIER FM3VK Vertical Milling Machine, 10" x 50"servo-drive T-slot table, 50–4,500 RPM spindle, with SonyMillman DRO.HITACHI SEIKI 4MK-V Universal Milling Machine, 16" x 92"T-slot table, 12–1,425 RPM spindle, with 40 taper spindle, andtool holders.ELB SCHIFF 12" x 24" Hydraulic Surface Grinder, Walkerelectromagnetic chuck with Neutrofier II chuck controller, autoincremental power down feed, coolant system, over wheeldresser.DOALL 26 26" Vertical Band Saw, with FBW-72 portable bladewelder.DOALL 36" Metal Cutting Vertical Band Saw.WYSONG 1096 8' x 10 Gauge Mechanical Power SquaringShear.Bid On-Line at9

ORTON DILATOMETER MICROMETRICS SEDIGRAPH 5100 MICROMETRICS ACCUPYC 1330(1 OF 4) TUFFLEX BOX TAPERS (1 OF 8) POTTERS BENCHESWHEELCHAIR ACCESS ELEVATOR, 700 LB.MACHINE SHOP, continuedCHICAGO PO 812-6 8' x 12 Gauge Hand Brake.JET 20" Variable Speed Drill Press.HYPERTHERM 1000 G3 Series Plasma Cutter.RIDGID 535 Power Pipe Threader With Tooling.Extensive Selection of Tool Holders, Chucks, Machine ToolAccessories, Vises, Perishable Tooling, Tool Cabinets, WorkBenches, Bench Grinders, Pedestal Grinders, and RelatedSmall Machine Tools.PROTOTYPE SHOP & LAB EQUIPMENT(7) Steel Frame Butcher Block Top Potters Benches, withErvin 20" wheels, 2 HP drive motors with Motor Master 20000Series adjustable drive speed controls.ORTON 1600D Automatic Recording Dilatometer.MICROMETRICS Sedigraph 5100 Particle Size Analyzer.MICROMETRICS Gemini Surface Analyzer, with Flow Prep060 sample prep-degasser.MICROMETRICS Accupyc 1330 Automatic Density Analyzer.ACCULAB Digital Lab Balances and Scales.Extensive Selection of Lab Cabinets, Furniture and Fixtures,Stools, Glassware, Fume Hoods, and Related Lab Equipment.SAMPLE PALLET RACKINGLANTECH Q-SERIESAUTOMATICPALLET WRAPPERPACKAGING & SHIPPING – WAREHOUSE RACKINGARPAC Model 108-20 S Packaging Line, including carton former and over wrapperwith sealer, conveyor and box taper.(4) TUFFLEX Model TF3225B Automatic Top and Bottom Carton Tapers.LANTECH Q Series Automatic Pallet Wrapper.(520 Sections) EXTRA HEAVY DUTY Pallet Racking, 12'–16' high uprights,(2,500) 8'–12' cross beams.Hydraulic Wheelchair Accessible Lift, with safety locking door system.For complete catalog and more information visit crgauction.com or call 1.800.300.685210

OFFICE FURNITURE & FIXTURESExecutive Office Furniture and Fixtures Including Conference Rooms, Panel Systems,Upright and Lateral Files, Desks, Credenzas, Multi-Task and High-Back Executive ArmChairs, and Related Furniture and Fixtures. Copiers, Fax Machines, Network Laser Printers,Telephone System, Computers, Security System.Completely Re-Created Olde-English Pub–Dark Wood Paneling, Bar, Back-Bar, Beams,Stringers, Tables and Chairs, All Original, Un-Assembled and Re-Assembled, On-Site.VIDMAR TOOL CABINETSSAMPLEKENNEDYBUTCHERBLOCK TOPTOOL CHESTNEW PUMPNEW MOTORSNEW PARTS,SUPPLIES, & STORESParts Cribs and Motor Rooms LoadedWith VIDMAR Tool Cabinets andShelving, Completely Stocked WithTIMKEN, SEALMASTER, BOWER,DELCO, FAFNIR, SKF, LINK-BELT,REX Roller Bearings, Insert andSpherical Bearings, Pillow Blocks,GOULD and NASH Stainless SteelPumps, Stainless Steel Gate and BallValves, Valve Actuators, VacuumPumps, Diaphragm Pumps,Sprockets, Chains, Belt Take-Ups,Belts, Tensioners, Gear Boxes,Complete Electrical Crib IncludingPLC Drives and Controls, Highand Low Pressure PlumbingConnections and Supplies, andMore!SAMPLE BEARINGS SAMPLE VACUUM PUMPS SAMPLE DIAPHRAGM PUMPS640,000+ SQ. FT.MANUFACTURING, WAREHOUSE,& RETAIL BUILDINGON 110± ACRESPlease visit crgauction.com for completedescription of real estate package11

auctioneersa p pra i s ersa d v i s o r sLIVEON-LINE BIDDINGAVAILABLE!PresortedFirst Class MailU.S. PostagePAIDEugene, OregonPermit No. 1716 5 4 K i n g S t reetEnf i e l d , CT 0 6 0 822-DAY AUCTION700,000 SQ. FT.FACTORY &DISTRIBUTION CENTERSyracuse, New YorkDATE: Wednesday & Thursday,June 24th & 25thTIME: 10:00 A.M.INSPECTION: Monday & Tuesday,June 22nd & 23rd Beginning at 9:00 A.M.crgauction.com2-DAYAUCTIONMAJORMANUFACTUREROF CERAMICTABLEWARESyracuse, New YorkDATE: Wednesday &Thursday, June 24th & 25thTIME: 10:00 A.M.INSPECTION: Monday &Tuesday, June 22 & 23Beginning at 9:00 A.M.crgauction.com1.800.300.6852QS-0000752HIGHLIGHTS:n 2001 Riedhammer Fast Firing Kiln With AutoLoading & Racking Systemn Pressure Casting & Jiggering Machinesn Vacuum Plaster Mixing Systemn Clay Mixing Equipment & Filter Pressesn Spray & Dip Glazing Lines, Finishing & BackStampingn Decal Printing & Decorating Equipmentn Prototype Mold Shop & Lab Equipmentn Forklifts & Material Handling Equipmentn Machine Shopn Air Compressors, Package Steam Boilers,Water Treatment SystemDIRECTIONSFrom Syracuse Hancock Int’l Airport (SYR): Start outgoing west on Col Eileen Collins Blvd. toward ColombiaLane. Merge onto I-81S toward Syracuse/Thruway.Take the 7th North St. exit, Exit 25, toward Liverpool.Turn left onto 7th North St./CR-45. Continue to follow7th North St. Turn left onto Court St./NY-298. Continueto follow NY-298. End at 2801 Court St.AUCTION700,000 Sq. Ft. Factory & Distribution Centern Packaging Equipment, Pallet Racking,& Warehouse Equipmentn Complete Cafeteria With FullCommercial Kitchenn Executive Offices, Conference Rooms,Hospitality Suites, Sales OfficesPlus: New Parts and StoresInventory Including Motors,Pumps, Valves, Actuators, PillowBlocks, Bearings, Sprockets,Copper Tube, Pipe, Bushings,High & Low Pressure Fittings,Electrical Supplies, & More!TERMS OF SALETo be sold in accordance with CRG Terms ofSale as published on our website and in theauction catalog. A buyer’s premium will apply.American Societyof Appraisers

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