Multiple approve It is possible to approve more files ... - Å koda Auto

Multiple approve It is possible to approve more files ... - Å koda Auto

Multiple approveIt is possible to approve more files then one together. If you select more items, clickon Multiple Approval in the ribbon in bookmark Documents.SearchSearch is also available in K2. Search field is located above Model navigation in allpages.First of all it is necessary to allow Search for whole Site Collection in ImporterProperties (located in Site Actions – Site Settings).Then you have to create Search Result page – create page, based on Search resultspage, where you have to insert webpart Search Results WebPart.RedirectsIt is possible to set all n redirects from your old web URL´s to K2.You can set this in Redirects list, what is placed in root site (same place as is placedCall To Action List).Is it necessary to set:· Title – original URL· Redirect URL – targetURL of redirectVideo Player webpartYou can display video in special Video Player webpart – it is available for FreeWebPart Template. If you insert this webpart into the page, you have to fill severaltext fields:1/4

· MP4 video file – URLaddress of video file in MP4format (obligatory field)· WebM video file – URLaddress of video file inWebM format (new popularvideo format for websites).If you link both formats,your video will be availableon almost all platforms.· Alternative image file –URL address of image, whatis displayed, when yourvideo is broken· Videoplayer size – size ofvideo in pageModel data administrationIf you are using your own data from CC or not, youare able to administrate your model data structurein Site Actions – Site Settings –Administration.You can see tree-structure of your model data. Ifyou click on right mouse button, you are able to seecontext menu, where you can choose:· Edit – edit item in proper list (Modeltypes in Model Type List, etc.)· Show model picture – preview ofmodel image, rendered by ŠKODArendering engine (only for ModelVariant and Colors)· Copy – copying of selected part ofmodel structure – it can be used foreasy creation of action or newmodels, based on previous models· Delete – delete selected part ofmodel structureIn case you are creating new model, you willneed PR codes for these models.You have always more possible ways how toget PR code for any model variant:2/4

· From ordering systems – all cars are ordered in special systems, where is PRcode used· From CarConfigurator – it is possible to export actual model data source fromCC and then just find PR code, what you need· In real car – PR code is printed on label, placed in trunk under reserve wheelFlash in model pagesYou can special flash video layer in Modelpages. Size of this video is 940x528 px.For that you need a .flv video file and .swfplayer, which is available on video into the K2 in few steps:· Prepare .flv video file – youcan store this on your serversor we can create for you SiteCollection Objects, where you can store your .flv videos· Create and upload to K2 (we recommend you site, where the page withvideo is located) default image and xml. file, which contain link to your.flv video file and default image image appears before video starts andafter end of video· Insert HTML code field Custom scripts in ŠKODA Page Properties.First part is link to SWF player, second part is link to your XML file.· Video will play automatically, only if you add after existing URL ?ff=1 (formodels, you can change it in list Model Variant).Car Configurator Model Selector WebpartThis chapter is relevant only for importers withCarConfigurator. Special homepage for CarConfigurator ispossible to use in K2 (XX). Page, based on Free Webpart3/4

Template, is using special webpart CarConfigurator Model Selector.Webpart is set up in Web Part Properties in Web Part Tools in the ribbon. Mostimportant setup is in section Miscellaneous (XX) – URL of data source. This URLleads to your car configurator web service.4/4

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