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you - Eqology

The industryNetwork marketing is one of the world’sfastest growing industries. The industry has aturnover of over 130 billion dollars worldwide.The timing has never been better for success.

The companyEqology is a Norwegian company that developsnatural health supplements and skin care products.The company was established in 1998.• Listed company• Operates in all of the Nordic countries• Strong growth• International growth plans

Our productsWe have more than 50 products withinhealth supplements, nutricosmetics and skin care.• Pure natural products• Documented effect• GMP standard

The best nature has to offer. These products provide theproper nutrition you need and a balanced energy- every single day.

LifeforceFor heart, blood vessels, brain andstronger bones.Vitamin K2, omega-3 og hytolive- with documented effect.VitastrongVitamins and minerals.Vitastrong contains therecommended amount of vitaminsand minerals your body needs everysingle day.

MultichiMultichi Energy is a unique herbaldrink that can provide energy,cleanse and balance the body.LifeforceVitastrong

Research &DevelopmentDr. Vik has, as a doctor and professor, publishedover 80 international scientific articles including onesaddressing allergy and dietary supplements . Vik hasworked in management and product development ininternational companies thatspecialize in supplements and pharmacy.

The systemOur system is based on some simple steps that will allow you tomake money on your own and others’ effort in the future.1 2 3Aquire 3 customers, andget your products forFREE every month.Recruit 3 new distributorsand become a TeamLeader during your first 30days.Help your 3 distributors withstep 1 & 2.

Join Eqologystart Kit1 EQ Everyday, 5 Ambition, 5 EQ Magazine,5 First Look, 1 Start Smart, 1 notebook, 1 pen,1 Go Pro – Eric Worre, 1 welcome folder.Premium Business Kit1 EQ Everyday PLUS, 3 EQ Everyday, 20 Ambition, 5 EQ Magazine, 10 First Look, 5 Start Smart,1 notebook, 1 pen, 1 Go Pro – Eric Worre, 1 Active Collagen 2 , 1 Energy Bar (6-pack), 4 Shacai,1 Daily Herbal Shampoo, 1 Daily Strenght & Repair, 1 welcome folder.EUR64,5 – 1 PointsEUR 657,90 – 500 Points

Premium Plus Business Kit3 EQ Everyday PLUS, 3 EQ Everyday, 40 Ambition, 10 EQ Magazine, 10 First Look, 10 Start Smart, 1 notebook, 1 penn, 3 Go Pro – Eric Worre, 2 Active Collagen 2 ,2 Energy Bar (6-pack), 4 Shacai, 1 Daily Herbal Shampoo, 1 Daily Strenght & Repair, 1 Pure Body Oil, 1 Organic Jojoba Oil, 1 Active Foot Cream, 1 Facial Kit: MoistureDefence System, 1 welcome folder.EUR 921,10 – 600 Points

EQOLOGY car bonusin 30 days

Step 1: 48 hoursyoucustomercustomercustomerEQ everyday PLUSfree of chargeauto orderauto ordrerauto orderEveryday PLUSEveryday PLUSEveryday PLUS

Step 2: 30 days500gsvyou2.000osvfast TL bonus1.250500gsv500gsv500gsvBecome Fast Team Leader (TL) in 30 days – receive your 1.250 EUR Fast TL bonus.

Step 3: 30 days500 gsvyou500gsv500gsv500gsv6.000OSV500gsv500gsv500gsv500gsv500gsv500gsv500gsv500gsv500gsvHelp those you sponsor to become Fast Team Leaders during their first 30 days.

Step 4: Full-time incomeyou20.000osvHelp 3 persons to achieve car bonuses, and you will have an incomebetween 3.125 - 7.500 EUR per month.

Eqology’s income scalePer monthNok, DKK, SEK 95 – 625Nok, DKK, SEK 625 – 3.125Nok, DKK, SEK 3.125 – 7.500Nok, DKK, SEK 6.250 – 10.000Nok, DKK, SEK 8.750 – 12.500Nok, DKK, SEK 12.500 – 37.500Nok, DKK, SEK 37.500

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