2. Preliminary work of cutting branches - Paper Minis


2. Preliminary work of cutting branches - Paper Minis

7. Frank puts on his treeclimbing equipment8. Getting ready to leave the ladder 9. Securing while on the top rung.10. First Foot up. 11. Frank’s cleats aren’t able to diginto the meat of the treeand the bark breaks loose.12. Frank confers with Maya.13. Here comes the next goodidea...Scotty in hisbucket truck!

15. How is he going to get higher than the bucket?14. Yes! The Truck is on the dock!16. Ladder in the bucket?Not a good idea guys!17. We have lift off. 18. The bucket gets about 40 feet upof the 57 feet required.

24. Pulling it tight and in position. 25. Frank prepares to shimmy down the rope.25a. I was slow and so wasthe shutter speed. Drat!26. Frank climbs up to the bucket because the bucket decentcontrols are only in the bucket. Just kidding Frank!27. Mission accomplished

28. Frank takes the first swing.29. Going30. Going31. Gone

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