annual report 2011 - Memphis Music Foundation

annual report 2011 - Memphis Music Foundation

annual report 2011

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Cover art: Nick Black plays guitar for MML Finalist Butta MD during the MML Showcase in July. Photo by

Michael Cardwell.

The Memphis Music Foundation Annual Report is published by: Memphis Music Foundation

431 S. Main St. #201

©2011 Memphis Music Foundation Memphis, TN 38103

Contents may not be reprinted without express written permission.

Al Bell


Memphis Music Foundation

Board of Directors

Memphis Music

Foundation Mission

To work with the

community to cultivate a

viable economic engine for

Memphis by providing

musicians and the music

industry with resources and

opportunities for growth and


From the Chairman

At this time last year I was preparing to receive the Trustee’s

Award from the Recording Academy® as a part of the

GRAMMY® Awards. Memphis was well represented as the

Music Foundation produced a breakfast honoring me and the

numerous Memphis artists and industry that were recognized

with nominations. This year the Memphis Horns will receive

the Lifetime Achievement Award. Once again, Memphis

nominees and music supporters will attend a special breakfast

event celebrating Memphis music. Memphis joins states like

Mississippi and Louisiana who honor their artists during the biggest

weekend in music. In fact, Memphis is the only city hosting such an

event. Congrats to the Memphis Horns for their outstanding contribution

to Memphis music and the global soundtrack.

Some things remained the same in 2011 -- the Memphis Music Resource

Center is still the country’s only full-access, fully staffed facility

for the professional development of musicians and music businesses.

Last year we presented 45 workshops and welcomed cutting edge

companies to Memphis to share music business trends and strategies

with our music community. Pledge Music explained how to raise

money for your projects while TopSpin and TuneCore talked tech, from

distribution to building a fan base, and artists like Wiz Khalifa and Martin

Atkins gave some tough love on secrets to a profitable career.

We introduced the Memphis Music Launch, an innovative music-based

career launch initiative. The Launch Memphis partnership is the first

music contest in the country to weigh business acumen equally with

talent. Not only did the program launch artists like The Delta Collective

and Arvada, it also spawned numerous collaborations. We’ll do it again this year with bigger and better

prizes guaranteed to help launch your music career!

Our Latin outreach continued through the Cante el Exito program. It offers a staff-guided track through the

MRC for three of our Hispanic acts. The goal is to raise their income by 20 percent but also give them the

foundation of knowledge required for operating as an entrepreneur in the music business. In October, we

expanded the city-wide Memphis Means Music Week to the entire month. We kicked it off with a partnership

combining our Plug In Music Expo and the Recording Academy®’s GRAMMY® GPS. The super conference

took place on the Stax campus where more than 400 attendees met local businesses, participated

in workshops and scheduled one-on-one mentoring with industry experts. We introduced GPS keynote

speaker Daniel Glass, founder of Glassnote records. I was impressed with his knowledge of Memphis music

and how our sound and process has influenced his vision for Glassnote.

One of my favorite projects of the year was teaming up with Indie Memphis in November. Our focus on

music in film manifested as an educational component with music showcases in front of film viewings. We

also debuted a Memphis music compilation and sent it to top music supervisors in film. This is a partnership

we will continue. As my friend and Ardent founder John Fry says, “music has no better friend than

film.” Memphis is music and what better film festival for music supervisors to attend than Indie Memphis?

We ended the year with a music community holiday party. The Blues Foundation, Beale Street Caravan,

Folk Alliance, Beale Street Blues Society, Memphis Songwriters Association, Nashville Songwriters Association,

Memphis & Shelby County Music Commission and the Foundation took over South Main for music,

food and connections. 2012 is going to be an exciting year for the Music Foundation!


Al Bell

Memphis Music Resource Center

The Memphis Music Resource Center is still uniquely Memphis

as the country’s only full-access, fully staffed facility

for the professional development of musicians and music

industry. We produced 20 workshops and 25 engineering/

production events in 2011. MRC staff secured events with

some of the nation’s most cutting edge music technology

companies like Top Spin and PledgeMusic, plus recognized

mavericks such as Tunecore’s Jeff Price and Wiz Khalifa.

Our community showcases reached over 6,500 music fans

through programs such as Memphis Music Launch. The

innovative, music-based career launch initiative was a

partnership with Launch Memphis. Read more about it

on page 6-7.


Memphis Music

Resource Center

(From left) Elizabeth Mongtomery Brown of Ardent,

Kat Sage of RedWax and Angela Green

2011 MRC Educational Workshops

Total number of attendees: 1,911

Plug In Memphis Indie Expo: 400

2011 In the Studio Workshops

Total Number of Attendees: 415

Local studios hosting the series: 8

John Miller

“Every time I sit on a panel for the Memphis

Music Foundation, I notice that the current

group of attendees are a little more knowledgable

than the last group. In a lot of cases

they already know the information that is

being presented, which is a good thing. As

Memphis artists become more business savy,

the future of the music industry in Memphis

looks that much brighter.”

Angela D. Green, Esq.

TITLE: Music Resource Center Coordinator

JOB DESCRIPTION: Works hands-on with MRC members in

individual assessments, coordinates workshops and oversees

developing music industry educational curiculum

HOBBIES: Discovering new music, reading, watching sports,


In 2011 the MRC continued its popular In the Studio series, offering regular sessions in recording

studios around Memphis and at the Resource Center using our digital audio workstation.

From basics to advanced techniques, some of the highlights of the year included workshops

at Sun Studios with Jeff Powell (pictured top right) and Matt Ross-Spang, and visits to Royal

Studios, Music + Arts, Ardent Studios and more.

The MRC also welcomed key industry experts for free workshops with members, including

CEO of TuneCore Jeff Price and Amy

Wallace of Pledge Music. It is sessions

like these that give our members

access to the newest ideas in music

business strategy, from promotion

and direct-to-fan marketing to fan

funding and digital distribution.

At the TuneCore workshop, Price

talked about the six rights embodied

within a copyright, which is essential

knowledge for any artist, allowing

them to control how their music is

used and how they gain revenue

from those uses.

Amy Wallace of Pledge Music introduced

MRC members to the Pledge platform,

a unique fan-funding service that works

hands-on with artists to determine

achievable goals for funding recording

projects. After the initial workshop,

Amy then scheduled a second visit to

Memphis with Pledge Music COO Jayce

Varden to meet more extensively with

artists, industry professionals like

managers, studios and publicists,

and non-profit partners like the

Memphis Music Foundation.

Pledge Music sees Memphis as a

key market to work with funding

independent artists and ultimately

moving the music community

forward. The MMF was

excited to play a central role in

bringing Pledge to Memphis

for the first time and sparking

what will hopefully be a long

and lucrative relationship for

Memphis artists.

(Top) Jeff Powell leads an In the Studio workshop at Sun Studios. (Middle) Jeff

Price, CEO of TuneCore. (Bottom) Larry Tolbert of the Householder Group discusses

financial planning for musicians.

Memphis Music Launch

In 2011, the Memphis Music Foundation

made history with the Memphis Music

Launch (MML): a creative and entrepreneurial

experiment that brought artists together with

just 48 hours to pitch song ideas, collaborate

and take a song from concept to completion

(with accompanying business plan). At

the conclusion of the Launch Weekend in

April, four finalists were selected to move

on to the July 8 MML Showcase at the New

Daisy Theater on Beale and one winner was chosen to

receive an industry prize package designed to launch a career.

That winner was rock-fusion act The Delta Collective. The band had one of the most unique projects to

emerge from the Launch weekend in April. No single band member had met another prior to arriving at

EmergeMemphis that day, but when presented with the rough draft of band leader Brad Riales’ song “Valley

of Kings,” the musicians contributed their musical backgrounds of rock, rap, jazz and Latin to come up

with the final product. The song was featured as the centerpiece of their set at the MML Showcase. Each

participating act was judged by a panel of industry experts on musicianship,

creativity, strength of performance and

strength of business plan. By taking the title, The

Delta Collective also took home $1,000, a marketing

package, photography, studio time and more. They

played the RiverArts Festival in 2011 and will see

more gigs in 2012 as a result of their MML win.

(From top) Joe Petrie of Kim Garmon the the

404s tracks drums during Launch Weekend. Roze-

lyn Welch of Sunny Uppercut hits a note during the

Archer Malmo photo shoot.

Over 1,300 people turned out to hear new music

and cheer for their favorite Memphis Music Launch

act at the July showcase, and their votes were

central to deciding the winner. Each attendee was

given a token to place in ballot box to vote for their

favorite act. The audience vote was combined

with the judges’ performance and business plan

scoring. We invited industry pros from Nashville

and Atlanta to evaluate the acts, including publisher

Anthony Corder, talent buyer John Jimenez,

and GRAMMY award winning songwriter/artist Nate Walka.

The performances were exceptional with Delta Collective and

Butta MD leading the pack by audience reaction.

But there was more than one winner of the Memphis Music

launch. The program launched the careers of several acts.

Since the Pitch Weekend, the Foundation has continued to

work closely with all of the eight semi-finalists. Butta MD has

been offered numerous paid performances and gained fans

from local industry and media. Pat 24/7 is preparing to release

a full length record that will include his pitched song from

Music Launch. Jozzy, of Pat 24/7’s writing team has been writing

with the hip hop dream team of Timbaland and Wiz Dumb.

She has also been in sessions for Cher and Michael Bolton. Kim

Garmon and the 404s are working on their first CD and have

amassed quite a following. CJ Tate received a management

deal as a result of the Launch Weekend and recently secured a

Converse endorsement deal.

(Clockwise from top) Rage of

The Delta Collective performs

at the MML Showcase; MML

Showcase poster; Butta MD

in her showcase set; Launch

Weekend poster; MML finalists

film an interview for WMC

TV-5’s Saturday morning show;

Wes Youngblood of Arvada

tracks guitar during the Launch






Success Stories



dodd trio

Patrick Dodd began

working with the Memphis

Music Foundation

in May of 2011. MRC

staff helped him and his

bandmates, drummer

Harry Peel and bassist

Landon Moore, in almost

every facet of launching

their widely praised

debut EP Future Blues.

Staff members assisted

the band with registering

all individual and

band material with the U.S. copyright office,

advised them on performance rights organizations,

helped them navigate digital distribution

options and set up a PayPal account to accept

online purchases, and connected them with a

bio writer and a publicist.

You can find out more about the Patrick Dodd

Trio at and catch them

several nights a week at The Blues Hall or Rum

Boogie Cafe on Beale Street.

vinyl the producer

“Working with the Music Resource Center staff has helped me

achieve huge gains for my career. The MRC has assisted me in

developing a solid online business structure for my music production

website, I’ve seen a $2,000 increase in

monthly profits for my production website and its list of services

since meeting with the MRC staff. Due to referrals and recommendations

from the MRC, my clientele has actually doubled.

During my initial artist assessment with Cameron Mann, we discussed

ways to increase revenue from the services that I offer. Since

then, I’ve successfully developed a second business that stemmed

from resources that were originally used promote my music production

website. The company has since (over the course of four

months) generated profits that range in the thousands. I’ve used

the printed information from the center to help develop a detailed

business plan, marketing strategy, and music production/publishing


Robert “Vinyl The Producer” Harris

2011 was another busy and successful year for Music Foundation programs. As

you read about in our summer newsletter, we took artists and teams to SXSW

in Austin, Texas and Tin Pan South in Nashville in March as part of our Memphis

Music Ambassadors program.

In October, we joined with the Recording Academy to host our third annual Plug

In Expo in conjunction with GRAMMY GPS at the Stax Museum of American Soul.

We brought together artists and music businesses and gave members access to

one-on-one time with industry pros. Also in October, we expanded the citywide

Memphis Means Music Week to the entire month. The month kicked off with

Plug In and continued with events celebrating our rich heritage and thriving current

music scene all across the city.

We continued our commitment to our Hispanic members in

2011 through several programs. The Cante el Exito program

has been working since last summer with three artists to offer

a staff-guided track through the Music Resource Center and

increase the acts’ income by 20 percent over a 12-month period.

These artists performed in a Latin heritage day celebration at the

Levitt Shell. We also partnered with the Day of the Dead committee

to present the musical performances for this special day of


Indie Memphis Festival teamed up again with the Music

Foundation to focus on music in film during November. The

fest included an education component, music showcases and live

performances in front of film viewings. 2011 debuted a Memphis

music compilation for music supervisors and music directors to

consider for their projects. To date the CD and digiytal release

gained a licensing agreement for one of the acts featured on it.

In November, we invited our friends and donors to celebrate

11/11/11 with Maximus Elevenus, and closed the year with a

holiday party that

brought together

all of Memphis

music community.

2011 Happenings

(From top) Scott Bomar gets interviewed at Plug In; Grace Askew, Elliott Morris and

Ron Franklin after sets at the Bluebird Cafe; MMF Latin Heritage Celebration at the

Levitt Shell; MMF Chairman of the Board Al Bell, Royal Studios’ Boo Mitchell, Glassnote

Records CEO Daniel Glass and The Bar-Kays’ James Alexander at Plug In.


Individual Donors

Adams, Ben

Alexander, James

Archer, Ward and Linda

Atkinson, Oscar and


Banks, Sebastian

Barnes, Jeff

Beasley, Phillip

Bell, Al

Bladon, Patty

Bojko, Scott

Bolding, Lamonte and


Boone Joe

Bowles, Jason and Leah

Boyd, William and Regina

Brashear, Linda

Bunch, James

Calandruccio, James and


Carvel, Randon and Lynn

Cates, G. Staley

Cawein, Elizabeth

Chambliss, Bonnie

Chandler, Paul

Chase, Barry and Susan

Clay, Bethell

Coe, Nancy

Coleman, Alex

Conn, Marie

Cushing, Richard

Dacus, Malcolm

Daniel, Isaac

Dehart, J.De

Dewey, Charles

Deyo, Dean and Kathy

Dickerson, Tony

Drewry, William

Dudley, Brown

Dulberger, Reid

Eddings, Alan

Edmonds, Dave

Farris, John M.

Ferguson, Kathy

Flinn, Dr. George

Foster, Lowell B.

Fry, John

Fuller, Nicholas

Futhey III, Malcolm

Galfsky, Ed

Gartrell, Dale

Gatlin, Wil J.

Gelfand, Lisa


Gupta, Hemant

Harris, Michael

Harrison, John

Hayes, Nancy

Hester, Deborah

Hunter, Jeremy

Jackson, Chris

Jalfon, Diane M.

Jamison, Roosevelt

Jason, Rothschild

Johnson, Sam

Kapone, Al

Katzerman, Bernard

Kay, Ronald

Keel, Dan

Kuczynski, Terri

Larue, Linda

Lattimore, Jim

Lightman, Michael and


Loeb, Bob

Long, Jean M.

Lusk, David and Hussong,


Lynn, Daniel

Mallory, Haley

Mann, Cameron and Amy

Marks, Dan

Matlock, Alex

Matthews, Eric

McCollum, Adam and Jill


McGehee, Stuart

Michot, Michael and


Miller, John and Jessie

Montgomery, Elizabeth

Morgan, Colby Shannon

Morris, Eliot and Lee

Moss, Phillip T. and Della

Murrah, John and


Newman, Bruce

Pardue, Tommie

Parker, Deanie

Phillips, Clifton

Phillips, Lorol

Pope, Daniel

Roberts, Christina

Rodgers, Roberta

Rouse, James E

Rudner, Lawrence

Rutledge, Chet

Saligman Lynn

Scheuner Kevin

Schrank, Melanie

Scoggin Andrew B

Segal Howard

Shea, Kevin

Shea, Sharon

Smith, Scott and Tran

Smythe, Ham

Spiro, Steven

Taylor, Blair

Taylor, Melody and Bruce

Thoda, Michelle

Traylor, Earl and Glenda

Trenary, Phil and Bridgett

Wallace, Jeffrey

Walter, Ronald

Watson, Bruce

Weber, Curry

Weiss, Dennis and JoAnn

Wilbourn, John

Willis, Amber Leah

Willner, Michael and


Winston, Robert

Wood, Rita

Word, Zach

Worley, Billie and Pat

Zafer, Ghany

The MRC makes CNN

In case you haven’t seen it, the MRC got a visit from

CNN’s Tom Foreman for a segment called Building Up

America. The CNN crew got a tour of the MRC from

Music Foundation President Dean Deyo and had a talk

with Board Chairman Al Bell, as well as MRC members

Skewby and DJ Charlie White. The longer segment

aired in a half-hour long special in May. Tom Foreman,

on his corresponding blog, wrote “We are in Memphis

as I write this, and I must say I am really impressed

with what they are doing here to try to bring back their

music industry… There, pretty much anyone who is

interested in music can come and learn more… It’s all

free. And it’s working… it was really uplifting.”

The Foundation is funded, in part, by public and private

funds provided through the Economic Development (MemphisED)

Plan, designed to ensure economic growth and

prosperity in Memphis and Shelby County. MemphisED is

part of a broader growth initiative called Memphis Fast

Forward, which also includes programs advancing workforce/education,

public safety, and government efficiency.

Corporate and Foundation Donors

AG Masterworks

Archer Records

Ardent Music

Arts Memphis

Beale St. Caravan

Beale Street

Blues City Cafe

Bluff City Sports Print, Inc.

BMI-Broadcast Music, Inc.

Burch, Porter & Johnson

Center City Comm.

Champion Awards

Community Foundation of Greater


Corporate Vending Service

Dean Film & Video LLC

Emerge Memphis


Fed Ex

First Tennessee Foundation

Ghost River Beer

Gibson Companies

Good Search

Independent Bank

J.R. Hyde III Family Foundation

Joey Miller Photography

La Prensa Latina

Laurelwood Shopping Center, Inc.

Living Blues Magazine

Lokion Interactive



Memphis and Shelby Co. Film


Memphis Charitable Foundation.

Memphis Convention and Visitors


Memphis Drum Shop-Myron


Memphis Flyer

Memphis Rock and Soul Museum

Memphis Songwriters Association

Memphis Studio Plus

Morgan Keegan & Company, Inc.

Music + Art Studio

Newman, Decoster

Orpheum Theatre

Peabody Hotel Group

REG/the Peabody

Resource Entertainment Group

River Arts Fest

Royal Studios


Select-O-Hits Music Distribution

Signal Flow PR

St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital

Stax Museum

Stratford Hall & Co., LLC

The Arcade Restaurant, LLC

The Assisi Foundation

The Blues Foundation-

The Grove Studio

The Hohenberg Charity Trust

The Memphis Chamber of


The Scheidt Family Foundation

The Stage Stop

Urban Outfitters

Visible School and Visible Media


Young Avenue Sound Studio

Music Foundation Expenses Music Foundation Income







Individuals &




Business Community

Earned Income

& Sponsorships





431 S. Main St. #201 | Memphis, TN 38103

photo by Michael Cardwell

Keia Johnson performs with Steve Selvidge at the Memphis Music Launch final showcase.

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