Spring 2014 - Frances Lincoln


Spring 2014 - Frances Lincoln

• Hardbacks •• Hardbacks •Counting ChickensPolly AlakijaI Am Cat, miniature gift bookJackie MorrisFebruaryTobi has a hen, and his friends each have their own animals, too. Theother animals give birth to their babies: one calf, two lambs, three kids,four kittens, five puppies and six piglets. But Tobi’s hen sits on the seveneggs she laid, waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting.At last, the eggs hatch and Tobi has a brood of seven beautiful chicks.By the following year, he has more chickens than he can count.Can you help Tobi count his chickens?• An unusual African counting story up to 50• The atmospheric African setting is based on the author’sfamily village in NigeriaA cat sleeps and, while it sleeps it dreams . . . of being a tiger, flame catof the forest; a cheetah - fast as the wind on the African plains; a jaguar,camouflaged deep in the jungle. When Cat wakes, he tells his dreams tothe child stroking him. Ten wild habitats and cats are dramatically andbeautifully portrayed in this unique celebration of the cat.A bestselling book in miniature format for all cat lovers to treasure.• With jacket and gold foil, a perfect gift for cat lovers of all ages• New miniature edition of bestselling book from celebrated author/illustrator• With fact page about wild catsFebruary275 x 240mm • 32pp • Hardback • £11.99ISBN 978-1-84780-437-2 • A Janetta Otter-Barry Book140 x 103mm • 32pp • Hardback • £4.99ISBN 978-1-84780-507-2 • A Janetta Otter-Barry BookPOLLY ALAKIJA divides her time betweenGloucestershire and her family’s farm in Nigeria.Her paintings have been widely and successfullyexhibited throughout Africa, Europe and the UK.Polly’s first book for Frances Lincoln wasA Stork in a Baobab Tree, an African versionof The Twelve Days of Christmas.JACKIE MORRIS lives in Wales where she writesand paints. She has two children, a small pack ofdogs and a small pride of cats. She exhibits herpaintings in galleries nationwide. Her internationallybestselling picture books for Frances Lincoln areTed Hughes’ How the Whale Became; Mariana and theMerchild; The Snow Leopard; Can You See a Little Bear?;The Snow Whale; Lord of the Forest; as well as those shehas both written and illustrated, The Seal Children;The Time of the Lion; Little One We Knew You’d Come;Tell Me a Dragon; The Cat and the Fiddle: A Treasury ofNursery Rhymes; The Ice Bear. She has also writtenand illustrated a critically acclaimed novel for olderchildren, East of the Sun, West of the Moon.2 3

• Hardbacks •• Hardbacks •The Strongest Boy in the WorldJessica SouhamiBoom, Baby, Boom Boom!Margaret Mahy and Margaret ChamberlainFebruary275 x 240mm • 32pp • Hardback • £11.99ISBN 978-1-84780-411-2 • A Janetta Otter-Barry BookKaito is stronger than all the other boys in his village. Becauseno one there can beat him at wrestling, he sets off to the city tocompete in the world-famous Sumo wrestling tournament. But onthe way he meets a girl called Hana, who is even stronger. Hanaoffers to train Kaito – with amazing results.• Challenges gender stereotyping• Witty, humorous story• Powerful illustrations capture the action of the words275mm x 240mm • 32pp • Hardback • £11.99ISBN 978-1-84780-410-5 • A Janetta Otter-Barry BookWhen Mama tells Baby that she’s made a lovely lunch for her, shedoesn’t know that the animals are listening at the window. And theyare much hungrier than Baby. While Mama bangs on her drums –boom-biddy-boom-biddy-boom-boom-boom – the yellow cat, thebrown dog, the red rooster, the black-faced sheep and the brownand-whitecow eat titbits, thrown on the floor by Baby.Good Baby gets a banana for pudding and, this time, she eatsit all up. Boom-biddy-boom-biddy-yum-yum-yum!• By the creators of bestselling The Man Whose Motherwas a Pirate• Newly illustrated version of a much-loved story• Joyous read-aloud, with a unique blend of fantasyand humourMarchJESSICA SOUHAMI studied at the Central School of Artand Design in London and went on to set up a travellingshadow puppet company, with music and a storyteller.She is internationally acclaimed for her folktaleretellings, bringing some of the world’s great stories to ayoung audience. Her previous books for Frances Lincolnare Baba Yaga and the Stolen Baby; In the Dark, DarkWood; King Pom and the Fox; The Leopard’s Drum; TheLittle, Little House; Mrs McCool and the Giant Cuchulainn;No Dinner!; Old MacDonald; Rama and the Demon King;Sausages; Piglet’s Picnic; The Sticky Doll Trap; Foxy!Jessica lives in north London.MARGARET MAHY, the bestselling and much-admiredchildren’s author who, sadly, died in 2012, wrote morethan 200 books for children and is considered one of theoutstanding children’s writers of the twentieth century.She was given the Hans Christian Andersen medal, thehighest international recognition granted for children’sbooks, and also won the Carnegie Medal, twice. Herother picture books for Frances Lincoln include DashingDog, illustrated by Sarah Garland, and Down the Back ofthe Chair, Bubble Trouble and The Man from the Land ofFandango, all illustrated by Polly Dunbar.MARGARET CHAMBERLAIN is a respected bestsellingillustrator of children’s books. Her books for FrancesLincoln are Has Anyone Seen Jack?; Look Out He’s BehindYou; Tales from Grimm; My Two Grannies; My Two Grandads;Made by Raffi. She lives in Dorset.45

• Hardbacks •• Hardbacks •Goal!Sean Taylor and Caio VilelaSeb and HamishNiki Daly and Jude DalyMarch235 x 278mm • 40pp • Hardback • £12.99ISBN 978-1-84780-454-9 • A Janetta Otter-Barry BookSEAN TAYLOR is a children’s author and storyteller,with wide experience of teaching creative writing.His books include The Great Snake, the Purple Class series;The Grizzly Bear with the Frizzly Hair; Crocodiles Are theBest Animals of All; Who Ate Auntie Iris?; We Have Lift-Off!;the multi-award-winning When a Monster is Born.He lives in England and Brazil.CAIO VILELA is a photographer and journalist whohas travelled to more than 60 countries, producingstories for newspapers and magazines such as theBrazilian editions of National Geographic, Rolling Stoneand Elle. He has also worked as an international tourguide, and takes Brazilian trekkers on the EverestBase Camp trail twice a year. Goal! is his firstchildren’s book.Where there’s a ball . . . there will always be someone who wantsto play football.This book celebrates a hugely popular game, played all over theworld – sometimes on a top quality football pitch, sometimes inthe desert, sometimes on the street. With action photographsfrom 15 countries, this uplifting book shows the joy of football,wherever it is played, as well as its ability to unite children acrossthe globe.• Shows children from 15 countries including North andSouth America, Europe, Asia and Australasia playing football• Exciting, action photographs• Portrays the universality of football and its potential to bringpeople together and cross barriers• With football facts about each country, highlighted on a map• Inspirational text by a well-known picture book author252 x 260mm • 32pp • Hardback • £11.99ISBN 978-1-84780-412-9 • A Janetta Otter-Barry BookNIKI DALY has won many awards for his work. Hisgroundbreaking Not So Fast Songololo, winner of a USParent’s Choice Award, paved the way for post-apartheidSouth African children’s books. Since then, Niki has beenwidely published and has spoken in several countries.Among his many Frances Lincoln books, Once Upon aTime was an Honor Winner in the US Children’s AfricanaBook Awards. Jamela’s Dress was chosen by the ALA asa Notable Children’s Book and by Booklist as one of theTop 10 African American Picture Books of 2000. It alsowon both the Children’s Literature Choice Award and theParent’s Choice Silver Award. Niki lives with his wife, theillustrator Jude Daly, in South Africa.JUDE DALY is an internationally renowned illustrator,whose books for Frances Lincoln include The Gift of theSun; To Everything There is a Season; Let There Be Peace;The Faraway Island; Sivu’s Six Wishes. Seb and Hamish isthe first book she has written for her husband, Niki Daly,to illustrate.Seb and Mama go to visit Mrs Kenny, who has a dog called Hamish.“Woof woof,” says Hamish.“Home,” says Seb, in a little voice.A story of trust and friendship, portrayed through the classiccharacters of a little boy and a dog.• A young child overcomes a common childhood fear• Straightforward, appealing story, perfect for reading aloud withgentle, humorous illustrations, by internationally acclaimed creators• Praise for No More Kisses for Bernard: “Wittily illustrated, this is a storyfor everyone.” – Independent on Sunday.• “Engaging and uplifting.” – School LibrarianMarch6 7

• Hardbacks •• Hardbacks •Tell Us a Story, Papa ChagallLaurence AnholtWhen Angus Met AlvinSue Pickford“Tell us a story, Papa Chagall!” the twins beg their grandfather,Marc Chagall – the man who told stories in paint. And Chagallrelates the extraordinary rags to riches journey of his life throughfour magical stories.Angus is a gentle alien who loves to grow things in his space garden.But his world is disturbed when Alvin, a boastful alien from anotherplanet arrives – until Alvin’s clever tricks misfire and he turns toAngus for help. Maybe the two aliens will be friends, after all.March290 x 230mm • 32pp • Hardback • £12.99ISBN 978-1-84780-339-9 • A Janetta Otter-Barry Book• Over one million copies of this classic series introducing childrento art sold worldwide• Based on a true story• With reproductions of Chagall’s paintings and biographical page• “If you believe in the power of picture books to hook children bothon stories and on art, then Laurence Anholt’s series on the greatartists is for you.” - Daily Telegraph270 x 215mm • 32pp • Hardback • £11.99ISBN 978-1-84780-304-7 • A Janetta Otter-Barry Book• Classic friendship and problem-solving themes• Popular subject• Slapstick humour• Vibrant, contemporary graphic art styleLaurence Anholt has created over 200 books forchildren, published in over 30 languages. He hascollaborated on numerous picture books with his wife,artist Catherine Anholt, including the Chimp and Zeeseries, also published by Frances Lincoln. Laurenceand his illustrator wife, Catherine, have won numerousawards, including the Smarties Prize. They live in Devon.SUE PICKFORD worked as an Art Director in theadvertising industry for 10 years. She now writesand illustrates children’s books full time; FrancesLincoln published her first book, Bob and Rob.Sue lives with her husband and son in Dorset.April978-0-7112-2156-7 • 978-1-84507-910-9 • 978-0-7112-2157-4 • 978-0-7112-2132-1 • 978-1-84507-632-0 • 978-1-84507-136-3 • 978-0-7112-1177-38 9

• Hardbacks •• Hardbacks •Zeraffa GiraffaDianne Hofmeyr and Jane RayThis is the astonishing true story of Zeraffa, a giraffe who wassent as a gift from Egypt to France in 1826.A young boy, Atir, takes care of Zeraffa on her epic journeyand the sailors sing songs as she gazes down at them. In France,Atir leads her through the countryside, and thousands of peoplemarvel at Zeraffa.Paris falls in love with Zeraffa. The King builds her a specialhouse in the Jardin des Plantes. On warm nights, the youngprincess visits, while Atir whispers stories to Zeraffa of a hotland far away.The amazing story by an award-winning author of a giraffe’sextraordinary voyage from Africa to Paris.A Day I RememberProdeepta DasThis is a day that Chintu will always remember: he’s going to be‘Markundi’, the boy who keeps his bridegroom uncle companythrough the wedding preparations. Readers join in the celebrations,dancing, fireworks and music through the colourful photographs.• Photographs capture the excitement, colours and atmosphere• Authentic description of a Hindu wedding in India, told from achild’s point of view• Praise for I is for India: “Beautifully photographed pictorial alphabetwith vibrant images of contemporary Indian life.” – The IndependentApril275 x 240mm • 40pp • Hardback • £11.99ISBN 978-1-84780-344-3 • A Janetta Otter-Barry BookDIANNE HOFMEYR grew up on the tip of SouthernAfrica. An art teacher, she has written teenage novelsand picture books, and has won the M-Net Award forfiction, as well as two IBBY Honour Books. Her othertitles for Frances Lincoln are The Faraway Island;The Star Bearer; The Magic Bojabi Tree.JANE RAY began her career as a designer butdiscovered a love for children’s book illustration,especially fairy tales, mythology and folktales. Jane’sfirst picture book for Frances Lincoln was Jinnie Ghostwith Berlie Doherty, shortlisted for the Kate GreenawayAward. Her other acclaimed picture books includebestselling The Twelve Days of Christmas; The King ofCapri with Jeanette Winterson; Romeo and Juliet withMichael Rosen; The Dolls’ House Fairy and Snow White,which she both wrote and illustrated; Greek Mythsand Ahmed and the Feather Girl for Frances Lincoln.She lives with her family in North London.• Beautifully illustrated by a bestselling illustrator, whose artis as captivating as this story• Will encourage discussion about conservation and animalsin captivity• With historical background• Praise for Greek Myths, illustrated by Jane Ray: “Luminouslylovely.” – The Times270 x 215mm • 32pp • Hardback • £11.99ISBN 978-1-84780-446-4 • A Janetta Otter-Barry BookPRODEEPTA DAS was born in eastern India.He is a freelance photographer and authorwhose pictures have been published in over20 children’s books. His book Inside India wonthe Commonwealth Photographer’s Award.Prodeepta’s books for Frances Lincoln areB is for Bangladesh; I is for India; J is for Jamaica;K is for Korea; P is for Pakistan; P is for Poland;R is for Russia; S is for South Africa; T is for Turkey;We are Britain!; Geeta’s Day; Kamal Goes toTrinidad; Prita Goes to India.May10 11

• Hardbacks •• Hardbacks •MAY JUNE270 x 215mm • 40pp • Hardback • £11.99ISBN 978-1-84780-433-4 • A Janetta Otter-Barry BookCRAIG POMRANZ is a well-known cabaret singer, songwriter and actor inNew York, with a wide range of performance venues and a lively website.This is his first book.Made by RaffiCraig Pomranz and Margaret ChamberlainMARGARET CHAMBERLAIN is a bestselling illustrator of children’s books.Her books for Frances Lincoln are Has Anyone Seen Jack?; Look Out He’s BehindYou; Tales from Grimm; My Two Grannies; My Two Grandads. She lives in Dorset.270 x 215mm • 32pp • Hardback • £11.99ISBN 978-1-84780-431-0 • A Janetta Otter-Barry BookRaffi is shy. He doesn’t like noisy games and is teased at school. But when he decides tomake a scarf for his dad’s birthday, he is full of enthusiasm, even though the other childrenthink a boy shouldn’t knit. His classmates have to change their minds when Raffi rescuesthe school pageant from disaster with a cape that he makes.• Shows that being ‘different’ is positive and being creative is cool• Highlights classic issues of teasing and bullying• Affirming and inspirationalA-Maze-ing MinotaurJuliet Rix and Juliet SnapeFollow Theseus on his quest through the Labyrinth, to spot where King Midas’ dangerousbeast, the Minotaur, is lurking. Can you help Theseus escape?• Exciting storytelling combined with a real maze puzzle• A favourite Greek myth told in a new way• The illustrator’s previous book,Amazing Mazes, was aninternational bestseller270 x 215mm • 40pp • Hardback • £12.99ISBN 978-1-84780-434-1 • A Janetta Otter-Barry BookANTHONY ROBINSON has lived and travelled all overthe world. He now lives and teaches in Cambridge.He is keen to give a voice to people who need aspokesperson – refugees, or children living in difficultcircumstances.JUNE ALLAN was born in Edinburgh. She hasillustrated many children’s books. She lives inEdinburgh with her husband, two children,three guinea pigs and lots of goldfish.Street ChildrenAnthony Robinson and June AllanThis sensitive and poignant portrayal, with photographs andillustrations, tells the real-life stories of six courageous childrenand their families who live and work on the streets in Zimbabwe,Mozambique and Guatemala. Their resilience and hope for thefuture shine through the hardships.• Written from children’s point of view• By the same creators as the ground-breaking RefugeeDiaries series• Endorsed by Street Child Africa and Streets Ahead charities• With information about street children across the worldZimbabweWellingtonI am 12. I was born in Hwang,near the Zambian border,a long way from Harare,our capital city.My mum ran away when I was two. My dad worksnear the airport, outside Harare. So my granny tookme in, but she didn’t have enough food for me.So I went to my dad in Harare when I was ten.I soon ran away because Dad didn’t do anything for me.I went alone onto the streets. I was there for nearly two years.Sometimes my dad came looking for me and took me home.But I just ran away again.On the street I begged for food and money. I slept with otherpeople in Harare Gardens. The police came a lot, but we justrun away and then came back. It was good in the gardens.We used to make fires and cook stuff. Sometimes bigger guysmade us give them money to sleep there.JuneJULIET RIX is an award-winning freelance writer and broadcaster.She writes for the Guardian, Times, Telegraph and Independent as well asmagazines and websites. She lives in north London.JULIET SNAPE has illustrated and written many picture books, includingover 30 books with her husband, Charles. She lives in north London.12 13

• Hardbacks •The Classics a new series of gift books to treasureEach: 265 x 240mmHardback with jacket • £12.99ISBN 978-1-84780-508-9Greek Myths: Stories of Sun, Stone and SeaSally Pomme Clayton and Jane RayAtalanta, Medusa, Perseus, Pandora, Pegasus – the very names conjure up intriguing stories.These 10 amazing and entertaining tales from Greek mythology, filled with wonder, are perfectfor reading aloud to younger children. Sally Pomme Clayton has written spellbinding stories,depicted with glowing illustrations by the award-winning Jane Ray. Notes and a map showplaces in Greece that are connected with the stories.• Ten classic Greek myths retold by a celebrated performance storyteller• Stunning illustrations by bestselling Jane Ray• Inspiring action stories for children to listen to or read by themselves• With map showing story-settingsTales from Hans Christian AndersenNaomi Lewis and Emma Chichester ClarkA wonderful story collection, with the warmth and wit of the 19th-century originals.Emma Chichester-Clark’s magical, colourful images, combined with Naomi Lewis’beautiful writing, make this an anthology to treasure.• Perfect gift to capture children’s imaginations and develop a love of story-telling• Much-loved and entertaining stories for a new generation• Magical pictures by award-winning illustrator• “A must for any fan of fairy tales, told with rare and often heart-stopping elegance,and luminously illustrated . . .” – Sunday TimesNaomi Lewis who, sadly, died in 2009, was a leading authority on the writing of Hans Christian Andersen.She was also a distinguished children’s writer, poet, and much-respected reviewer of children’s books.Emma Chichester Clark won the Mother Goose Award for her first book, Listen to This!.She is now a bestselling illustrator for writers such as Roald Dahl and Margaret Mahy.• Hardbacks •ISBN 978-1-84780-510-2JuneSALLY POMME CLAYTON co-founded The Company of Storytellers with Ben Haggarty and Hugh Lupton,spearheading UK storytelling. She tours Britain and other countries, as well as writing for BBC Radio andtheatre. Her other Frances Lincoln books are Tales Told In Tents; Amazons!; Rama And Sita.JANE RAY began her career as a designer but discovered a love for children’s book illustration, especiallyfairy tales, mythology and folktales. Jane’s first picture book for Frances Lincoln was Jinnie Ghost withBerlie Doherty, shortlisted for the Kate Greenaway Award. Her other acclaimed picture books includebestselling The Twelve Days of Christmas; The King of Capri with Jeanette Winterson; Romeo and Julietwith Michael Rosen; The Dolls’ House Fairy and Snow White, which she both wrote and illustrated;Ahmed and the Feather Girl for Frances Lincoln. She lives with her family in North London.ISBN 978-1-84780-509-6Tales from GrimmAntonia Barber and Margaret ChamberlainClassic, much-loved and universal fairy tales from the brothers Grimm, retold witha contemporary approach for today’s children, while retaining all the magic of the originals.Snow White, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel – they’re all here in a gift book to read overand over again.• The popular Brothers Grimm fairy tales in a gift book collection• Splendidly re-told by a renowned bestselling author• Sparkling illustrations capture the magic of the words• “A delight . . . freshly retold, warmly embracing the magic, the humour and the romance.With airy, entertaining illustrations . . .” – The GuardianANTONIA BARBER is a well-respected writer for both adults and children. She has been shortlisted forThe Kate Greenaway Medal and the Smarties Prize, was runner up for the Carnegie Medal, andThe Mousehole Cat was chosen as The British Book Awards Best Illustrated Children’s Book of the Yearin 1991. Tales from Grimm was selected for Child Education Best Collections of the Year in 1993.JuneMARGARET CHAMBERLAIN is a respected bestselling illustrator of children’s books. Her books forFrances Lincoln are Has Anyone Seen Jack?; Look Out He’s Behind You; Tales from Grimm; My Two Grannies;My Two Grandads; Made by Raffi; Boom Baby Boom Boom. She lives in Dorset.14 15

JanuaryFebruary• PAPERbacks • • PAPERbacks •235 x 278mm • 32pp • Paperback • £6.99ISBN 978-1-84780-501-0Off to MarketElizabeth Dale and Erika PalELIZABETH DALE was inspired to write Off to Market when she visited a daughterin Uganda and experienced the joy of riding on a matatu – an African minibus –crammed in with every imaginable type of animal and possession. The author ofmore than 20 children’s books, Elizabeth lives in West Sussex.When ERIKA PAL was a little girl in Budapest, she often sat on her grandma’s lapon crowded buses. If there weren’t any seats, she demanded that someone give uptheirs, and they did! Erika’s other titles for Frances Lincoln include Azad’s Camel;I See the Moon; Little Lion. Erika lives in London.Hop on board the market bus! Everyone wants a ride, so the bus is soon full. But whenit reaches a steep hill, it just can’t go any further. How will they lighten the load? LittleKeb has the answer, proving that even the smallest person can make a big difference.• Lively rhyming text, great for reading aloud• Vibrant cast of characters in a colourful African setting• “Wonderfully colourful . . . abundant things to explore.” – Reading ZoneThe Herd BoyNiki DalyAn African herd boy from the Transkei region of South Africa watches over his flockall day. On his way home, a car carrying Nelson Mandela stops. He asks the boywhat his dream is and the boy says, to be President.275 x 215mm • 120pp • Paperback • £9.99ISBN 978-1-84780-497-6 • A Janetta Otter-Barry BookELIZABETH LAIRD is the author of Kiss the Dust,The Garbage King and A Little Piece of Ground, and hasbeen shortlisted five times for the Carnegie Medal.She has a longstanding interest in Persian literature. Herother books for Frances Lincoln are Pea Boy: Stories fromIran; A Fistful of Pearls: Stories from Iraq; The Ogress andthe Snake: Stories from Somalia. She divides hertime between London and Edinburgh.ShahnamehElizabeth Laird and Shirin AdlThe Shahnameh is a collection of stories and myths from ancient Iran,filled with kings, heroes, princesses, magical animals and demons.Written as an epic poem by the poet Ferdowsi in the 10th century,it is one of the great classics of Persian literature. The tales includethe Simurgh, the giant bird who brings up an orphaned king in hernest on a craggy rock, wicked King Zahhak with his man-eatingsnakes and the story of the great hero Rustam and his son Sohrab.Elizabeth Laird is passionate about bringing this great epic poemto the children of western cultures, as well as retelling it for Iranianchildren living in the West.• First children’s book retelling in English of ancient Persianepic poem• One of the great classics of world literature• With approval and backing of the Iran Heritage Foundationin London• “Elizabeth Laird is a natural storyteller. She has kept a strongnarrative thread throughout and the level of accuracy isremarkable.” – Professor Robert Hillenbrand, Scholar of Persian ArtFebruary250 x 260mm • 40pp • Paperback • £7.99ISBN 978-1-84780-494-5 • A Janetta Otter-Barry Book• Aspirational story about a South African herd boy who meets Nelson Mandela,who was also a herd boy from the Transkei region• With glossary of African words• Resource Black History MonthSHIRIN ADL is an Iranian illustrator who studied atLoughborough University, and was the winner ofthe Hallmark M&S Talented Designer Award. She wasBooktrust’s official illustrator for Children’s Book Weekin 2010. The books she has illustrated for Frances Lincolninclude Pea Boy: Stories from Iran; Ramadan Moon;Let’s Celebrate: Festival Poems from Around the World;Let’s Play: Poems about Sports and Games from Aroundthe World; Book of Dreams, which she both wrote andillustrated. Shirin lives in Oxford.NIKI DALY ‘s ground-breaking Not So Fast Songololo, won the US Parent’s ChoiceAward, leading to post-apartheid South African children’s books. Once Upon a Timewas an Honor Winner in the US Children’s Africana Book Awards. Jamela’s Dress was anALA Notable Children’s Book and was chosen by Booklist as a Top 10 African AmericanPicture Book. It also won the Children’s Literature Choice Award and the Parent’s16Choice Silver Award. He lives with his wife, illustrator Jude Daly, in South Africa.17

Untitled-2 20-21 24/06/2013 18:01• PAPERbacks • • PAPERbacks •Ahmed and the Feather GirlJane RayEddie’s KitchenSarah GarlandAhmed, a poor orphan boy, lives with a travelling circus, workingfor the owner, cruel Madame Saleem. But his life is changed foreverwhen he finds a beautiful egg in the forest. An original story ofhope and dreams in this beautiful tale of magic, enchantment andfreedom, from a bestselling illustrator.It’s Grandad’s birthday and Eddie is helping Mum make a birthdaytea – with Lily’s help, of course! Baked apples from their appletree, eggs from their chickens - soon the table is filled with yummybirthday treats. But what did Lily do with the carrots? Includesrecipes for delicious and nutritious treats for all budding chefs.March275 x 240mm • 32pp • Paperback • £6.99ISBN 978-1-84780-353-5• Internationally acclaimed award-winning children’s illustrator• Enchanting story and stunning illustrations• “One of the most beautiful picture books of the year.”– The Independent• “A wonderful fairy tale like story . . . a lovely book for the schoollibrary and for a child to own.” – School Librarian270 x 215mm • 40pp • Paperback • £6.99ISBN 978-1-84780-003-9• Continuation of a successful series• Portrays warm, loving family relationships with traditionalillustrations• With four yummy and nutritious recipes• “Garland is an expert at depicting cosy, chaotic, loving and, inthis case aromatic, family homes.” – Books for Keeps• “The perfect way to introduce a five or six year old to helpingmake a few simple but satisfying dishes.” – SpectatorMarchJANE RAY began her career as a designer butdiscovered a love for children’s book illustration,especially fairy tales, mythology and folktales.Jane’s first picture book for Frances Lincoln wasJinnie Ghost with Berlie Doherty, shortlisted for theKate Greenaway Award. Her other acclaimed picturebooks include bestselling The Twelve Days of Christmas;The King of Capri with Jeanette Winterson; Romeoand Juliet with Michael Rosen; The Dolls’ House Fairyand Snow White, which she both wrote and illustrated;Greek Myths for Frances Lincoln. She lives with herfamily in North London.Sarah Garland is a much-loved author/illustratorwho has published more than 40 books. The daughter ofa publisher and illustrator, she trained as a typographerat the London College of Printing. Frances Lincolnhas published Eddie’s Garden; Eddie’s Toolbox; Going toPlayschool; Doing the Garden; Going Swimming; Comingto Tea; Going Shopping; Doing Christmas; Having aPicnic; Doing the Washing; Billy and Belle; Dashing Dog;Polly’s Puffin; Pass It, Polly; Zoom; Azzi in Between, winnerof the first Little Rebels Award in 2013. Sarah lives inGloucestershire.Eddie ran inside.Mum had finished talking to Martinand was grating carrots for the salad.“Three eggs is better than no eggs,”she said. “Let’s get on with the cake.”Together, they weighed the butter and sugar,and Eddie mixed them up in his bowl whileMum grated the orange peel.Next, Mum showed Eddie how to crackeach egg on the edge of his bowl, and open the eggwith his fingers, and tip it into the cake mixture,and mix them in one at a time. One – two – three.“If we only had just one more egg,” said Mum.They were so busy, they never looked out of the window to seewhat Lily was doing in the garden.Lily was playing with her doll,Bobo Angela.She thought she wouldtake her for a walk.She put her in the pramand pushed her down the garden.CLUCK! CLUCK! CLUCK!Out flew a hen.And when Lily lookedinside the pram,what did she find?A warm white egg!20 PB978-1-84507-089-2978-1-84780-377-118 19

• PAPERbacks • • PAPERbacks •Goldilocks on CCTVJohn Agard and Satoshi KitamuraThe Ice BearJackie MorrisApril250 x 180mm • 64pp • Paperback • £8.99ISBN 978-1-84780-499-0 • A Janetta Otter-Barry BookJOHN AGARD is one of the most popular and highly-regarded poetswriting in Britain today; he was awarded the Queen’s Gold Medalfor Poetry in 2013. His poem Half-Caste is on the GCSE syllabus andhe performs at Poetry Live events throughout the country. His adultcollection, We Brits, was shortlisted for the 2007 British Book AwardsDecibel Writer of the Year Award. His book for teens, The YoungInferno, won the CLPE Poetry Prize Award in 2009, was nominatedfor both the Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Awards in 2010 andshortlisted for the 2010 UKLA Award. John lives in Sussex withhis wife, the poet Grace Nichols.Thirty poems, rooted in the world of fairy tale and legend, with Goldilocks,Cinderella and Puss in Boots, among others, represented. Wickedly witty,deliciously subversive and utterly modern, the poems are also affectionateand big-hearted tributes to the original tales. This is a sizzling new collectionfrom a master poet, portrayed with verve.• Contemporary, streetwise collection by a prestigious poet for today’s children• Traditional fairy tales in a new light• Award-winning illustrator• Shortlisted for the CLPE Poetry Award• “A brilliantly subversive series of poems for teens from the pen of awardwinningpoet Agard . . . Kitamura’s distinctive illustrations complete thishighly original, clever book.” – Daily MailSATOSHI KITAMURA was born in Tokyo and started work inadvertising as an artist before moving to London. He has writtenand illustrated 20 of his own books and illustrated many more.He has won a number of awards, among them the Mother GooseAward, Bronze Winner and a shortlisting for the Smarties Prize,a National Art Library Award and The New York Times NotableBook of the Year Award.300 x 220mm • 40pp • Paperback • £7.99ISBN 978-1-84780-457-0 • A Janetta Otter-Barry BookJACKIE MORRIS lives in Wales where she writesand paints. She has two children, a small pack ofdogs and a small pride of cats. She exhibits herpaintings in galleries nationwide. Her internationallybestselling picture books for Frances Lincoln areTed Hughes’ How the Whale Became; Mariana and theMerchild; The Snow Leopard; Can You See a Little Bear?;The Snow Whale; Lord of the Forest; as well as those shehas both written and illustrated, The Seal Children;The Time of the Lion; Little One We Knew You’d Come;Tell Me a Dragon; The Cat and the Fiddle: A Treasury ofNursery Rhymes; The Ice Bear. She has also writtenand illustrated a critically acclaimed novel for olderchildren, East of the Sun, West of the Moon.Long, long ago, in the icy lands of the far north, Raven the mischiefmakertakes a bear-child from his mother. A hunter and his wife findthe child and, wrapping him in sealskin, they sing him songs of theice, the wind and the great white bears. But the child wanders off,with consequences for both animals and people. Set in the pristinepolar regions of the Arctic, Jackie Morris reminds us in this lyricalstory of trickery, loss and restoration, that we are caretakers of wildcreatures, and our actions directly affect their future.• Bestselling Jackie Morris has a large international following• Atmospheric watercolour paintings of the Arctic and its wildlife• Inspired by Inuit mythology, with environmental concerns• “This touching and thought-provoking narrative isaccompanied by stunning watercolour illustrations, and servesto remind us that all of our actions have consequences.”– Child Education• “One of the most wonderful picture books of the year.”– The Times• “Visually stunning.” – Kirkus ReviewsApril20 978-1-84780-109-821

• PAPERbacks • • PAPERbacks •First Words and Pictures with Chimp and ZeeLaurence and Catherine AnholtS is for South AfricaBeverley Naidoo and Prodeepta DasApril270 x 230mm • 32pp • Paperback • £5.99ISBN 978-1-84780-473-0Point to everything you see! This first words book, with charming, humorous illustrations by abestselling, award-winning creative team, will delight children and their parents. Concepts of colours,counting, food, animals, vehicles – they’re all in this busy book.• Colourful and energetic first words from award-winning creators• Features key early learning concepts• “Jaunty, satisfying rhymes, a joyful use of colour . . . a delightful bookto share.” – Booktrust’s Best Book GuideLAURENCE and CATHERINE ANHOLT are a husband and wife team whose books foryoung children have won many major awards, including the Smarties Prize. Among theirpopular and much-loved books are published throughout the world is the Chimp and Zeeseries. They have three grown-up children and live in Devon.A Song for JamelaNiki DalyThe summer holidays have arrived in the South African township, and all Jamela can think aboutis the Afro-Idols TV final. So, when she gets a job at Divine Braids hair salon, she can’t believe hereyes to see Afro-Idols celebrity, Miss Bambi Chaka Chaka, in the salon. But a buzzy fly threatensto ruin everything. Can Jamela save the day?215 x 270mm • 32pp • Paperback • £6.99ISBN 978-1-84780-502-7BEVERLEY NAIDOO was born in South Africa. Her first book,Journey to Jo’burg, won The Other Award in Britain. It openeda window onto children’s struggles under apartheid. It wasbanned in South Africa until 1991, the year after NelsonMandela was released from prison. It took 26 years forBeverly Naidoo to be able to return to her country to researchfreely. In all her stories, young characters from differentbackgrounds face tense conflicts and choices. Beverley choseLondon as the setting for her first novel set outside SouthAfrica but the issues are just as dramatic; The Other Side of Truthwon the Carnegie Medal.“S is for South Africa where two oceans meet,cold Atlantic from the west and warm Indian from the east.Our country stretches wide over Africa’s southern shoresfrom golden beach to misty mountain, desert sand to grassy plainin a land of contrasts where we praise the sun – yet pray for rain!”From Cricket to Madiba, from Bunny Chow to Kubu, thisphotographic alphabet celebrates everything wonderful aboutSouth Africa. Set at the southern end of Africa, South Africa isa beautiful land with many different plants, animals, peopleand languages – a true rainbow nation, striving to make thecountry a fairer place for everyone.• New title in the popular World Alphabet series• Supports the national curriculum for Citizenship andPeople and Places• Beverley Naidoo is a distinguished South African writerwith a history of fighting racism and apartheid• Photographer Prodeepta Das has extensive experience• “A welcome addition to the highly acclaimed WorldAlphabets series . . . apartheid and promotes a positivevision of the future.” – School Librarian280 x 214mm • 36pp • Paperback • £6.99ISBN 978-1-84780-429-7• Fifth book in the highly successful Jamela series about a little girl with a big personality• More than 42,000 books in the series sold in the UK• Award-winning author-illustrator• Humorous illustrationsPRODEEPTA DAS was born in eastern India. He isa freelance photographer and author whose pictureshave been published in over 20 children’s books.Inside India, which he also wrote, won theCommonwealth Photographer’s Award. Prodeeptais the author of numerous books for Frances Lincoln,including A Day I Remember.June22NIKI DALY ‘s ground-breaking Not So Fast Songololo, won the US Parent’s Choice Award,leading to post-apartheid South African children’s books. Once Upon a Time was an HonorWinner in the US Children’s Africana Book Awards. Jamela’s Dress was an ALA NotableChildren’s Book and was chosen by Booklist as a Top 10 African American Picture Book.It also won the Children’s Literature Choice Award and the Parent’s Choice Silver Award.23

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