2010 Exhibitor Prospectus - International Association of Campus ...


2010 Exhibitor Prospectus - International Association of Campus ...

2010 Exhibitor ProspectusHYATT REGENCY ST. LOUIS RIVERFRONTSt. Louis, Missouri52 nd Annual ConferenceExhibit DatesJune 18-19, 2010

Floor PlanC = Corporate Partner BoothsHyatt Regency St. Louis Riverfront

WITH YOURON-SITE BOOTHIACLEA Virtual Expo on www.iaclea.orgFirmNameTitleTelephone Fax E-mailStreetCity State ZipProvinceNature of ExhibitCountryWWW Site Link AddressIACLEA Virtual Exhibition Center GuidelinesBooth InformationThe current rental period is August 1, 2010 to June 1,2011. Virtual “b ooths” in the IACLEA-VEC are limited tothose products and services that are directly related topublic safety, security or law enforcement on campuses.The contract for a virtual “booth” shall become a bindingcontract between the parties hereto upon its acceptance.Deadline for applications is July 1, 2010, to beincluded on the site by August 1, 2011.Rental FeesA virtual “booth” is complimentary for each boothexhibitor at the IACLEA EXPO 2010, June 18-19, 2010.The cost is $1,500 for all other firms that wish to exhibiton the IACLEA-VEC.Format for Submission of InformationData for inclusion on the IACLEA-VEC may be submittedvia a disc in any standard word processing program as atext (txt) file. Graphics or logos should be sent as aGraphic Interface File (GIF). All data must be in PC format,not Macintosh.Cancellations and IndemnificationsA virtual “booth” may be canceled at any time during therental period but no refund will be made on the unexpiredportion of the rental fee. The exhibitor agrees to protect,indemnify and hold harmless IACLEA, its officers, directors,members, agents and employees from any and allliability, loss, damage or expense resulting from exhibitoruse of the exhibition space. This agreement and therights herein granted to the exhibitor may not beassigned, sublet or otherwise disposed of by the exhibitorwithout the written permission of IACLEA.exhibitor will be permitted to place copyrighted materialon the site without presenting proof that the exhibitor hasthe appropriate licenses or that writtenpermission is not required.Libelous, Obscene or Offensive MaterialEach exhibitor is responsible for ensuring that no libelous,obscene or offensive material is included in the exhibitor’svirtual “booth” or elsewhere on the site. IACLEA reservesthe right to remove any and all such material it considersto have breached these rules and to remove theexhibitor’s “booth” without compensation or refund.General Contract InformationThe exhibitor agrees to adhere to all the rules and regulationsof IACLEA-VEC. IACLEA reserves the right to makealterations or improvements to the site at any time.IACLEA has the right to enforce any and all portions ofthese policies and rules. Ininterpreting these policies and rules, particular attentionwill be given to preserving the professional and educationalnature ofthe exhibit.Signature of ApplicantDateCopyrighted MaterialEach exhibitor is responsible for obtaining all necessarylicenses and permits to use any copyrighted material,including written, photographic or video images. No

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